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Lon Chaney Jr

Lon Chaney, Jr. (February 10, 1906 – July 12, 1973), born Creighton Tull Chaney, was an American character actor.

Bela Lugosi Boris Karloff John Carradine Claude Rains Glenn Strange Peter Lorre Spider Baby Basil Rathbone Larry Talbot Costello Meet Frankenstein Sid Haig Jack Pierce Burgess Meredith Count Dracula Universal Studios Lon Chaney Sr

Strangely, this was actually a tribute issue to the great Lon Chaney Jr. but I'll wait til one of his m…
I felt like this was a late career redeeming movie for Lon Chaney, Jr.
Really sad that Lon Chaney, Jr has gotten zero love.
I can't pick just one - The Shining, the 78 Dawn of the Dead, the 1940s Lon Cha…
Otto Kruger, Thomas Mitchell, Gary Cooper, Fred Zinnemann, Grace Kelly and Lon Chaney Jr. on the set of High Noon,…
'The Mummy's Ghost' starring 'Lon Chaney Jr.' and 'John Carradine', was released this day in 1944
Reminds me Lon Chaney Jr as werewolf that little black nose
Lon Chaney Jr stars as an attorney who is the chief suspect when his wife is murdered.
The Defiant Ones (1958) Magnificent the role of Lon Chaney Jr. (Sam) demonstrating that we must have lived to und…
I mostly know the Lon Chaney Jr cover, but Pickett has a Monster's Holiday song, and while he's listing off the presents each monster gets--
Okay,who let Lon Chaney Jr. on the ship?
And Lon Chaney Jr is going on a bar crawl
Did you know? In 1941's The Wolf Man starring Lon Chaney, Jr., all of the church scenes were filmed on the old set……
I almost corrected you on The Wolf Man. I think of that as a Lon Chaney Jr film, not a Claude Rains film.
Lon Chaney Jr, relaxing on the set of Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man with his friend Moose the alsatian.
Tonights horror classic is The Son of Dracula starring Lon Chaney Jr
Lon Chaney, Jr.’s Trifecta of Terror: During the Golden Age of Horror, Universal…
My take on Beverly Garland, George Macready & of course Lon Chaney Jr. meeting up with THE ALLIGATOR PEOPLE
ronaldcmerchant:. Lon Chaney Jr. and Evelyn Ankers on the set of the WOLF MAN (1941)
And he pointed someone out the other day there and said "Dad, don't you think he looks like Lon Chaney Jr? Y'know? Larry Talbot?"
Remember Lon Chaney had a JR follow him... Hillary has her "jr" too... the horror may never leave us…
Blood Drive Lon Chaney Jr and The Woolly Mammoths at 8pm tonight!
The Gryphon is what would happen if Lon Chaney Jr. had played a feathery were-devil.
they've yet to make a movie that captures The Wolfman w/ Lon Chaney Jr. it's heart and soul
I'm with you; Burgess Meredith and Lon Chaney Jr. really make it a great read!
I added a video to a playlist THE MUMMY'S TOMB Lon Chaney Jr
THE WOLF MAN The "wolf" that Larry Talbot fights with was Lon Chaney Jr.'s own German Shepherd
Man Made Monster (1941) directed by George Waggner and starring Lon Chaney Jr. in his horror film debut
you and Lon Chaney Jr have a lot in common, you've both at one point played almost all the famous monsters of your time
you thought you were James Dean, but you are really just a Lon Chaney Jr.
I am SO looking forward to Lon Chaney Jr. and John Carradine in 1945's "House of Dracula" on Sven this wk. That's more like it!
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I feel the same way about Lon Chaney, Jr.
Lon Chaney, Jr.: "All the best of the monsters played for sympathy. That goes for my..."
I am a mental case. I am the Mummy, like Lon Chaney, Jr. I am the Phantom of the Opera (1925), Lon Chaney. I am coming to get you!
Donald Trump: I'd like to thank Vice President Lon Chaney Jr. for endorsing me. He was great in The Wolf Man.
What about the old Universal Horror films Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney Jr etc, you like them Jayne?
Has Josh Hartnett been watching Lon Chaney JR? His wolfman has all the sadness & vulnerability as well as horror.
Even a Man Who is Pure in Heart, or Thoughts on Lon Chaney Jr. in The Wolf Man.
, fairly certain that Lon Chaney Jr. was trying to steal Whisperin' Bill Anderson's act with his internal dialogue
Poor Lon Chaney, Jr. always plays the saddest characters
Gilbert Gottfried has a great Podcast, and is probably the only one where they talk about Lon Chaney Jr
Wow, who knew Lon Chaney Jr was such an influence on The Beatles?.
Having to listen to Lon Chaney Jr's thoughts is enough to drive me to drink.
Its cool to see a film for the first time starring an actor or actress you like. Lon Chaney Jr. seems just as good in mystery as in horror.
I saw Lon Chaney Jr. walking with the Queen, doing the werewolves of London.
Captain Skyhook and I are watching the 1943 mystery Calling Dr. Death, starring the great Lon Chaney Jr.
It was with this role that Lon Chaney Jr. became certain that one day he would star in "The Alligator People."
Say what you want about but Lon Chaney, Jr. could portray anguish like no one else in
Lon Chaney Jr was a real handsome man before time and the booze took hold.
Mostly Lon Chaney Jr. inner's monologue about his lousy marriage.
Lon Chaney Jr now thinks he's Remington Steele don't stand Too Close to the Mirror because he may kiss himself
Calling Dr. Death - Taking a break from politics. Watching an old Lon Chaney Jr movie. On MeTV.
The tension between Lon Chaney Jr and the candles he is talking to is palpable
Does Lon Chaney, Jr walk with the Queen in this film?
We're out & about but should get back in time for &Calling Dr.Death(Lon Chaney Jr.'43)&Gilbert Gottfried ht…
You're thinking Lon Chaney Sr., I presume. Lon Chaney Jr.'s Wolfman was created by the great Jack Pierce.
Bela Lugosi (center) is welcomed back to Hollywood by co-actors Basil Rathbone (left) and Lon Chaney Jr. (right)...
The only movie with Merle Haggard, Basil Rathbone, Lon Chaney Jr., Molly Bee and a gorilla.
Guys!! I found my Lon Chaney Jr. autographed photo! Along with some other autographed pics. Happy day!! :D
Saw play @ Darlington Civic. Wanted to see play since the Burgess Meredith, Lon Chaney Jr film & to play Lennie
Lon Chaney Jr in the makeup chair for 'Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein' (1948)
Bela Lugosi Jr. and Lon Chaney Jr. on the set of "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein".
Lon Chaney Jr and the great Jack Pierce if memory serves me
Bela Lugosi & Lon Chaney Jr are in it, but Boris Karloff isn't? boo :(
Lovingly stroking his Lon Chaney Jr life mask
Today's work break: A well~deserved breather for Andy Devine and Lon Chaney Jr. on 'Ghost Catchers' (1944).
Lon Chaney Jr, Tor Johnson, John Carradine, and Beli Lugosi reading a Donald Duck comic. Like you do.
Agreed on John Carradine. Clearly I love Lon Chaney Jr, but he was just awful in his turn as Dracula.
I like old school horror. Movie monsters like Lon Chaney Jr., Christopher Lee, and Bela Lugosi. The original Dawn of the Dead
Lon Chaney Jr. as Count Alucard (Dracula spelled backwards) and his dog Moose on the set of 'Son of Dracula'.
Seems worth mentioning Lon Chaney Jr. was an Okie.
A fog has settled in, making the Super Blood Moon even creepier. We're in a Lon Chaney Jr situation here.
Martin Milner and George Maharis (Buzz and Todd) with Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, and Lon Chaney Jr.
Here's an old drawing I did back in 2013 of Lon Chaney Jr from the movie "London after Midnight"…
I was hoping for some kind of Lon Chaney Jr on live TV -level disaster...
Tonight's films were The Cyclops with Lon Chaney, Jr. and Trog with Joan Crawford. Perfect Friday films.
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The Wolf Man! (1941) the original with Lon Chaney Jr. and Claude Rains!
Dying to see The Crawling Eye with Forest Tucker and The Indestructable Man with Lon Chaney Jr. Can ya hook me up Sven?
Just finished Spider Baby and I feel bad for Lon Chaney Jr. That movie was awful and he seemed embarrassed to be a part of it.
That's the way Lon Chaney, Jr., started out. Probably.
Lon Chaney Jr. as Bruno and some twisted siblings from 'Spider Baby'. Yes, that's young Sid Haig between the girls. http:…
By the pic, I've gotta go old school with Lon Chaney Jr. (with a close second of the reluctant wolfing by Dee Wallace).
The Son's Victim It's Louise Allbritton after she has meet Lon Chaney, Jr. in "Son of Dracula".
Frankenstein (Glenn Strange) and The Wolf Man (Lon Chaney, Jr.) find a couple of girls to dance with
His alternate is obviously Lon Chaney Jr.: Lon Chaneyer. And bam, there's your Frankenstein.
The Monster Did Not Agree with the Verdict!: Lon Chaney, Jr. and Sir Cedric Hardwicke from "Ghost of Frankenstein".
Bride of the Gorilla, 1951, Starring Barbara Payton, Lon Chaney Jr., and... on
...Lon Chaney, Jr. goes south of the border for: Face of the Screaming Werewolf (1964):.
Hey...this is the one with Lon Chaney Jr!
I liked a video from Lon Chaney Jr Documentary
Benicio del Toro just got the Wolfman gig because he looks like Lon Chaney Jr
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Plan 9 Crunch: All About Cult Films: A so-so biography of Lon Chaney Jr., but at least ...
I'm not entirely sure what's going on in Spider Baby but I'm pretty sure Lon Chaney Jr. has been drunk the entire time.
so I've read & had NO time for Lon Chaney Jr , lol
Lon Chaney Jr. in The Wolf Man (1941) - Universal originally planned the project for their horror su
All about Lon Chaney Jr. ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
i love that it is the only other time Bela Lugosi played dracula AND they got lon chaney jr
The Wolfman (1941). Lon Chaney Jr. Plays a man with a curse. He embark on a mission to get rid of his animal within.
Here's Lon Chaney Jr and Walter Matthau arguing over money.
I read that the werewolf was the favorite creature of Benicio (just like you) & that he inspired himself about Lon ­Chaney Jr. :D
Lon Chaney Jr. was very upset his hair sucked!
They're Sheffield FC compared to the Cosmos. But Lon Chaney and Lon Chaney Jr. have separate IMDB pages, so
Lon Chaney Sr and of course Jr were awesome :-)
Those days you see me in the office looking like Lon Chaney Jr.? You've just described exactly how I felt.
Regis Toomey and Lon Chaney Jr featured as detectives although Chaney was gone almost before I noticed him.
Lon Chaney, Jr in his Frankenstein costume, with baby Bela Lugosi, Jr! Amazing peice of smoking hot history!
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Lon Chaney Jr. played the most universal monsters, no? Frankie, Drac, the Mummy, and of course the Wolfman.
Much weirdness and Lon Chaney Jr. Excellent a must see!
Hawkeye and Last of the Mohicans by John Hart, Lon Chaney Jr.
10pm est on MEtv's Svengoolie: Son of Dracula 1943 w/Lon Chaney Jr. drac in the south. Tennesse Williams it ain't
Lon Chaney Jr. as the Wolf Man and Glenn Strange as the Frankenstein
Jack Pierce's first werewolf design for Henry was identical to the one used later for Lon Chaney Jr.
Spider Baby is now on Blu-ray, thanks to It stars Sid Haig from and Lon Chaney Jr.
"Lon Chaney Jr and Universal Studios maintain that's the mark of the Wolfman!"
It has also become a famous line for Lon Chaney Jr to say in a terrified voice, "tonight the moon will be full!"
It took 6 hours for Jack Pierce to apply the Wolf Man makeup to Lon Chaney Jr's face. And 3 hours to remove it. http:/…
Does Fraser Foster remind you of Lon Chaney Jr, aka the wolf man?
Saw Shatner with Apparently he fought Lon Chaney Jr on live TV in the 50s? Kirk vs The Wolf Man!
Lon Chaney Jr becoming the for Abbott and Costello Meet 1948.
Lon Chaney Jr.'s werewolf makeup in "The Wolfman" will always be my favorite look for a werewolf.
Watching the Wolfman with Lon Chaney Jr. Claude Rains,Bela Lugosi.My grandson's been sick today.I guess the kids...
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The Wolf Man boasts one of the most stellar casts ever to grace a "B" picture: Lon Chaney Jr., Claud
In case you were curious, Lon Chaney Jr is my phone's lockscreen and Vincent Price is my phone's wallpaper. Dreamy and spooktacular.
I have an easier time believing that BUTLER is Lon Chaney Jr's father.
Lon Chaney Jr sitting down is still taller than Claude Rains.
At home in my comfy chair watching 'The Wolf Man' with Lon Chaney, Jr. on Svengoolie!. :-)
The Wolf Man is the only classic Universal horror creature played by one man—Lon Chaney, Jr.
Lon Chaney Jr and Claude Rains - best casting of father and son characters since... um... . . um... . .
I went to watch Netflix but The Wolf Man (1941) with Lon Chaney Jr. came on. I love horror classics.
The best monsters are the tragic ones. Catch Lon Chaney, Jr. as "The Wolf Man" on MeTV right now. Thx,
Tonight, we show our love for Lon Chaney Jr. by tearing his wonderful film a new one.
I love The Wolfman but I liked Lon Chaney Jr. even more so as Lenny in Of Mice And Men.
THE MUMMY'S CURSE 1944 - Because who WOULDN'T enjoy watching the great Lon Chaney, Jr. as a vengeful mummy with a beer belly?
my all time favorite creature feature when I was a kid is on Svengoolie tonite. The Wolf Man with Lon Chaney Jr.
I'm not going to get stuck listening to Lon Chaney, Jr. chew the scenery am I?
Why isn't Dracula or The Wolf Man on Netflix anymore? Where are the Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney Jr. films?
Full Moon...Lon Chaney Jr.what could go wrong?
RON CHANEY, grandson of Lon Chaney Jr. bestows the "Curse Of Kharis" on BILL DIAMOND for disturbing the tomb of...
Hunger, confusion,'re describing symptoms of hypoglycemia. Someone get Lon Chaney, Jr. a sandwich!
For example: Lon Chaney, Jr. in "Son of Dracula." Or Nicolas Cage in "Seeking Justice." Bonus points if they also look really hungry.
Son of Dracula has Lon Chaney, Jr. constantly confused, easily defeated by some suddenly-evil lady, and does not actually have Dracula's son
Old collage of Lon Chaney, Jr. getting ready for his big debut as the Wolfman, 1941
Sat nite on Sven- the original Lon Chaney Jr "Wolf Man"! Watch for new segments, including a visit from Rick...
I really like Lon Chaney Jr. a lot. Speaking of rabbits...
Tod Browning - Born in 1882, was raised in Louisville Kentucky. A career Director who brought both Lon Chaney Jr. and Bela Lugosi to their first vampire roles and is remembered today for his work on the famous 1931 film Dracula.
Glenn Strange and Lon Chaney Jr. on the set of Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein.
"The Alligator People" This is a 1959 science fiction horror film directed by Roy Del Ruth which stars Beverly Garland, Bruce Bennett, and Lon Chaney Jr. The Lizard, a Marvel Comics character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1963, has an origin which is nearly IDENTICAL to the Alligator Man's origin in this film. (Marvel Comics is not nearly as original as their propaganda would have you believe.)
A Shemp update for my Indiegogo campaign, including photo with co-star Lon Chaney Jr. - the film San Antonio Rose -
Working on budgets and Michigan tax incentive for *** MICHIGAN. Watching "The Wolf Man" 1941 version with Lon Chaney Jr and Claude Rains!!
Mummy s Ghost 1944 another good entry and good year for John Carridine and Lon Chaney Jr
Lon Chaney Jr. as the Monster and Béla Lugosi steals the showinThe Ghost Of Frankenstein (1942) trailer: via
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Raoul Walsh (March 11, 1887 – December 31, 1980) was an American film director, actor, founding member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) and the brother of silent screen actor George Walsh. He was known for portraying John Wilkes Booth in the silent classic The Birth of a Nation (1915) and for directing such films as The Big Trail (1930) starring John Wayne, High Sierra (1941) starring Ida Lupino and Humphrey Bogart, and White Heat (1949) with James Cagney and Edmond O'Brien. His last directorial effort came in 1964. Selected filmography The Pseudo Prodigal (1913), directorial debut The Life of General Villa (1914) The Mystery of the Hindu Image (1914) The Birth of a Nation (1915) Regeneration (1915) Carmen (1915), with Theda Bara The Silent Lie (1917) (aka: Camille of the Yukon) Betrayed (1917) The Woman and the Law (1918), with Jack Connors, Miriam Cooper and Peggy Hopkins Joyce The Prussian Cur (1918) Evangeline (1919), with his wife Miriam Cooper The Deep Purple (1920) Kindr ...
Didn't Lon Chaney Sr. play the original Frankenstein.or was it Lon Chaney Jr.? Either way, the Chaney's had the handle on horror. Avie.
Drew these sketch cards of Lon Chaney Jr as The Wolfman and Goldar from The Space Giants
PICTURE OF THE DAY: FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN (1943) – Lobby Card Even the Wolf Man has to deal with the snow this winter! Love this lobby card from the Universal classic FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN, showing the Wolf Man (Lon Chaney Jr.) in… [ 323 more words. ]
It's a little known fact, that Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney Jr. were friends in real life. Once a month they'd get together..and kill someone.
Lon Chaney jr and the worst proposal in movie history in our review of THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN!
How the *** does Vince McMahon have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame and Lon Chaney Jr doesn't???
Mine the Wolfman with Lon Chaney Jr Still a classic
Lon Chaney, Jr on the set of The Wolf Man, 1941
The inks on my upcoming print of Lon Chaney Jr.
Foto: drpretorius: Lon Chaney Jr. hanging out with his dog Moose on the set of the wolf man. Note, this is...
Fantastic work! I think Lon Chaney Jr. would be very proud. 👍
Happy birthday to Chloë Grace Moretz, Elizabeth Banks, Laura Dern, Robert Wagner, the late Lon Chaney Jr, & the late Jimmy Durante! .. And I missed it over the weekend while in Atlanta but a special belated birthday to the god of mischief himself, Tom Hiddleston!
Just realized I share my awesome birthday with: the great Robert Wagner, the beautiful Laura Dern, Chloe Grace Moretz & Elizabeth Banks and Lon Chaney Jr.! WOO!
Lon Chaney Jr in Spider Baby. Man on the left is a young Sid Haig!
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Check out House of Frankenstein (VHS, 1992) Lon Chaney Jr., Boris Karloff on via
Fun Fact Friday: Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948): Even though actors Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney Jr. and Glenn Strange all reprise their roles from earlier films this particular film is not considered to be part of the continued storyline set forth previously. The reason why is so that no explanation would be needed to explain, for example, why Larry Talbot is still a werewolf after being cured in House of Dracula (1945).
Bela Lugosi has won or Hall Fame poll, beating Lon Chaney Jr. by two votes! Our new poll will open soon.
Actor STERLING HOLLOWAY (1905 – 1992) was born on this day. He moved to Hollywood in 1926 to begin a film career that lasted almost 50 years. His bushy red hair and high pitched voice meant that he almost always appeared in comedies. His first film was The Battling Kangaroo (1926), a silent picture. Over the following decades, Holloway would appear with Fred MacMurray, Gene Autry, Barbara Stanwyck, Lon Chaney Jr, Clark Gable, Joan Crawford, Bing Crosby, and David Carradine. Holloway's voice work in animated films began in 1941, when he was heard in Dumbo (1941), as the voice of Mr. Stork. Walt Disney considered him for the voice of Sleepy in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), but chose Pinto Colvig instead. Holloway was the voice of the adult Flower in Bambi (1942), the narrator of the Antarctic penguin sequence in The Three Caballeros (1944) and the narrator in the Peter and the Wolf sequence of Make Mine Music (1946). He was the voice of the The Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland (1951), the nar ...
Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney Jr, Billy Connolly and Mickey Rourke would have to be some of the hottest men to have walked this Earth. Judge me all you want, I like em older :P
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The Wolf Man (1941) Lon Chaney Jr. with Evelyn Ankers. -Nice,perfect big *** brings out the wolf in all of us...
Lon Chaney jr in the Inner Sanctum, enjoyable B movies, I talk about 1/2 of series for Chaney blogathon
Just shaved, reducing my resemblance to Lon Chaney Jr.'s classic Wolfman role from "uncanny" to "passing".
I walk how I walk. Sometimes it's like The Mummy (Lon Chaney Jr vintage), others it's Dr Strangelove
Nice overview of these movies - Lon Chaney, Jr. in the Inner Sanctum: via
Speakeasy Lon Chaney, Jr. in the Inner Sanctum: “This is the Inner Sanctum, a strange, fantastic world…” says ...
Reading about the life of Lon Chaney Jr. Incredibly sad, but his work remained poignant.
but the fact that Claude Rains is Lon Chaney Jr.'s father? Totally convincing.
We just witnessed Lon Chaney Jr's transformation from mild-mannered citizen to vaguely-miffed scouring pad.
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Well, now we know. If Lon Chaney Jr. wants to get rid of this chick. All he has to do is have a hump. She HATES those.
Tonight's classic horror film is House of Frankenstein. Boris Karlof, Lon Chaney Jr., and John Carradine.
"I think Lon Chaney Jr. will portray Max. lol
Lon Chaney, Jr is the only Wolfman for me. *swoons*
Can't wait for Dracula to eat these irrelevant humans so we can get to the sweet Lon Chaney Jr shlubbery
Although it advertises Frankenstein, Dracula and Wolf Man HoF is mostly about how Lon Chaney Jr and a hunchback named Daniel hate each other
Photo: Peter Lorre and Lon Chaney Jr knock Bob Hope silly in My Favorite Brunette, reviewed by The Wife at...
I am watching the 1943 monster crossover film starring Lon Chaney, Jr. & Bel...
Great writing celebrating the films of Lon Chaney, Sr. & Jr. from
Tonight, 9pm, metv, Svengoolie.. The House of Frankenstein. "After escaping from an asylum the mad Dr. Niemann (Boris Karloff) and his hunch back assistant (J. Carrol Naish) revive Count Dracula (John Carradine), the Wolf Man (Lon Chaney Jr.) and the Frankenstein monster (Glenn Strange) in order to extract revenge upon their many enemies."
My contribution to the great Lon Chaney Blogathon going on this weekend For more info see
"..i saw Lon Chaney Jr walking with the Queen.."
Stay up late tonight with ME and Svengoolie! Boris Karloff stars as mad scientist Dr. Niemann, John Carradine is Count Dracula, Lon Chaney Jr. is the Wolf Man, and Glenn Strange is the Frankenstein monster in “House of Frankenstein” tonight at 10pm. Please click LIKE, COMMENT, or SHARE if you’ll be watching!
LON CHANEY JR. - Lon Chaney Jr. is the only actor to portray all four of Universal's major monsters: the Wolf...
gives us an affectionate ode to Lon Chaney Jr's wonderful performance in High Noon.
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Lon Chaney Jr is in Big House USA & is there to cover it for the Chaney Blogathon!.
Don't miss day one of the Lon Chaney (Jr & Sr) Blogathon hosted by &
The 4-day LON CHANEY BLOG-A-THON begins today. Enjoy articles & photos by respected bloggers on Chaneys, Sr. and Jr.
takes us back in time with a collection of Lon Chaney Jr clippings!
I got the # 9 1. My favorite place to pray is at the beach. 2. My favorite authors are Stephen King and Anne Rice . 3. I am a dog lover . I have two dogs, but want 4 more... 4. Someday , I will own a pot bellied pig !! 5. I have always wanted to go on a missions trip , and adopt a child from over seas. I am proud to be part of DUCKOIL 131 , which is helping me do both :) 6. I love 80's heavy metal ! Queensryche is still my favorite band !! 7. My celebrity crush is Clay Matthews ♥♥ 8. My favorite place as a child was my grandparents grandpa was my hero , I loved watching him tinker around in his garage, listening to his words of wisdom :) 9. I love scary movies ! And I am a descendant of LON CHANEY and LON CHANEY JR...
Lon Chaney Jr. with his stand in Walter DePalma, House of Dracula (1945)
I liked Hans Larsen status and he gave me the things you may not have known about me. 1. James have known each other for 24 years & have been married 22 years. 2. I believe Friday the 13th is a lucky day because Jim and I met on that day back in 89. 3.My family has moved 9 times in the last 20 years. 4. My favorite movie is Somewhere In Time with Christopher Reeve. 5. I have a horrible memory and I call all girls Chick because half the time I forget their names. 6.I am terrified of Lon Chaney Jr.'s Werewolf thanks to my Dad ( He scared me as a kid) 7.My favorite Holiday is Halloween and my least favorite is Thanksgiving. 8. I was born missing some cartilage in my fingers. Like my status and I will give you a number.
Welcome to the Monster Kid Club House! Its a full evening of 'The Master Character Creator' as we throw the spotlight on Lon Chaney, Jr.!!
Question by Marie Taylor: What are some awesome sci-fi movies and scary movies for freshmen in high school? I already have the Lake Placid movies but I want to know some more movies because I'm planning a sleepover. Best answer: Answer by doowopper1952The ORIGINALS: Dracula w/Bela Lagosi, Wolfman w/Lon Chaney Jr., Frankenstein w/Boris Karloff, The Mummy also w/Boris Karloff. The Exorcist, Time Machine (original), Saw 1, 2, 3, 4, Carrie, Freddie Kruger movies, War of the Worlds w/Gene Barry (original). Hope that helps. Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
any one remember this one? "The Indestructable Man" with Lon Chaney Jr. ? i just finished it...i remember watching these as a kid. and actually being afraid.memories,huh? time is flying
A real color photo of Lon Chaney, Jr. as the Wolf Man!
I forgot that The Haunted Palace was based on Lovecraft's The Case of Charles Dexter Ward and it has Lon Chaney Jr in it.
Foto: torontocrow: Scream Queen Evelyn Ankers and Lon Chaney, Jr. in Monster gear pose to promote The Ghost...
Watching a very angst ridden Lon Chaney Jr movie ~when wasnt he angst ridden ~
No, not that movie. Another movie. *** Lon Chaney, Jr. I'll get back to you.
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Answer 7) Lon Chaney Jr. Though its kinda cheating since he was called "The Son of Dracula" but I am sure they shared the same name. Unless of course he was named Fred but that doesn't really have the same kind of creepiness to it. Just Fred. You can't even sorta rhyme it with anything to make it sound creepier - plain old Fred. Oh sorry I'm ranting - back to the answers.
Countdown to the Chaney Blogathon! This Friday. and I will be celebrating all things Lon Chaney (Jr & S…
Ghost of Frankenstein is on right now...Lon Chaney Jr as monster,Bela Lugosi as Ygor,.Weird vers. of the Frank franchise.A few of the cast were in The Wolfman w/ Chaney - and some of the incidental background music from that movie is in this one.Bela refused to play monster in orig Frankenstein - which is odd because in THIS flick, he briefly becomes the monster (sort of) when Ygor's brain is transplanted in the monster. - the scheming Dr Boehmer does this & the plan backfires because some genetic screwup & after a few moments of ultimate power, the monster goes blind.Its a very odd scene - Chaney as the monster with Lugosi's voice dubbed in freaks out & says: " Boehmer, you played me a trick!,,,WHAT GOOD IS A BRAIN WITHOUT EYES TO SEE? " He gets mad, stumbles around the lab starting fires, .Annnd of course death, mayhem & explosions ensue as they roll the closing credits.He played him a trick? LOLOLOLOL,,..But I say the only decent Frankenstein films worth watching at all, are the ones w/Karloff as the . ...
Watched "Ghost of Frankenstein". At the end the monster (Lon Chaney Jr) yells "I'm blind! I can't see!" His eyes were closed. Nobody in the room, including a doctor, thought to tell him to open his friggin eyes. Ted Cruz could reprise that role...
"Ghost Of Frankenstein"- Lon Chaney Jr as the Monster, and Bela Lugosi as Ygor. Nutty.
Count Alucard was the daytime character of the movie, "Son of Dracula" filmed in 1943. It starred Lon Chaney Jr. as the Count, who is the son of Count Dracula.
I saw Lon Chaney walking with the queen, doing the werewolf of London. I saw Lon Chaney jr. Walking with the queen, doin the werewolf of London. Aho werewolves of London... Awo!!
Born on 2day are Mike Brady from winter park florida!!-Roy Rogers-Kris Jenner-Kevin Jonas-Bryan Adams-Vivien Leigh-Ike Turner-Peter Noone-Art Garfunkel-Judy Reyes from Scrubs-Bill Walton-and Robert Patrick-George Foreman becomes the oldest boxing heavyweight champion in 1994-Boris Karloff stars in The Mask of Fu Manchu in 1932-Lon Chaney Jr. stars in son of Dracula in 1943-Stanley Kubrick's Killer's kiss in 1955-Liam Gallagher of Oasis arrested in 1998- Ol' Dirty *** arrested in 1998-Chuck Connors of the Boston Celtics became the 1st person to break the backboard in 1946-and on the day Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra is arrested in 1999 and that itiz 4-2day!!
Tonight's October Horror movie suggestion is "Hillbillys in a Haunted House". It's the 1967 follow-up to "The Las Vegas Hillbillys". This one has John Carradine. Also Lon Chaney Jr. and Basil Rathbone each in one of their last performances. George Barrows, who is in the gorilla suit, wore the same suit in "Robot Monster" with a fake scuba diving helmet. He also wore the suit in TV shows like The Beverly Hillbillies, The Lucy Show and The Addams Family. The link has the whole movie. I suggest you watch at least the first 5 minutes.
Yes but do you know the origins of this? The original film starred Lon Chaney Jr. and Burgess Meredith.
I will be doubling up again on my horror movie lists - I've been really busy writing articles for MPN that required a lot of research. Additionally, I'm still dealing with the aftermath of my muscle biopsy (over two and a half weeks later my arm is still swollen and a bruise that is 8 inches long and 6 inches wide). So here's the list for yesterday: Classic Universal Studio Horror Movies 6. The Mummy (1932): Historically inaccurate piece of movie fare, but gets my vote for one of the most suspenseful classic horror movies ever. On a side note... great guy to have around if you need gauze. 5. The Bride of Frankenstein (1935): One of the greatest sequels ever made. Elsa Lanchester's performance as the Bride was classic. 4. The Wolf Man (1941): Lon Chaney Jr's tortured portrayal of the cursed lycanthrope Larry Talbot was hauntingly sympathetic. 3. Dracula (1931): Though cheesy at times, Bela Lugosi created a blueprint that many Dracula films tried to follow - the dashing, unapologetic vampire. 2. The Invisib ...
Perfect day for my floating Holliday. I've got a date with Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney Jr. And Bella Lagosi.
Cartoon take-off of "Of Mice and Men" based on a book by Steinbeck in 1937, and one of the best plays of 1938. Film versions starred Burgess Meredith and Lon Chaney Jr. in 1939 and Gary Sinise and John Malkovich in 1992. I've read it a few times Norma Geane Crain.
What do you get when you combine Basil Rathbone, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney Jr., John Carradine and Tor Johnson in a single spookfest? Well, perhaps less than you might have hoped, but still not a bad little outing. The film really belongs to our Mr. Rathbone, who dominates the story with his suavely sinister singleminded dedication to his work. Poor Bela, who might have at one time played that role, is here as his mute servant in what, at age 74, would be his last film role. (Though Bela Lugosi would "appear" a few years after his death in Ed Wood Jr.'s PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, that footage had been shot sometime prior to BLACK SLEEP.) Still, our dear Mr. Lugosi fares better than his old colleagues, all of whom are, alas! victims of Basil's experimentations. Brilliant surgeon Dr. Cadman has learned the secret of "The Black Sleep" and uses it in his brain research, all in a quest to restore his comatose bride--but his experiments have dire consequences...
If you're one of those dudes who grows hair ON your *** and you don't nickname it "Lon Chaney Jr," you're missing a huge opportunity.
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This guy is way better than Lon Chaney Jr.
I love how Lon Chaney Jr used to stand up for older actors who he felt didn't have enough respect.
Lon Chaney, Jr. sits in the make-up chair for his transformation into the Wolf Man for an episode of “Route 66.”
I got 2 dvds of lon chaney jr as the wolfman & 2010 dvd The Wolfman.
LON CHANEY JR dressed as Frankenstein on the set of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA 1925 ~ USA 1940s.
My only two points of reference for drawing werewolves are Lon Chaney Jr. and WereGarurumon. :(
Channeling his inner Lon Chaney jr. again!
Who was better Boris Karloff as The Monster, Bela Lugosi as Dracula or Lon Chaney Jr as The Wolfman.
We have a winner! for Lon Chaney Jr. Ramon, please DM your email address to receive your prize!
The best special effect in The Wolf Man is making you believe Claude Rains is old enough to be Lon Chaney Jr.'s father.
This sounds so much like Lon Chaney Jr, the Wolfman!
I dreamt I met Benicio del Toro and complimented him on his portrayal of Lon Chaney Jr.'s character in The Wolfman.
Lon Chaney Jr. as the Wolfman, giclee canvas print by Daniel Horne.
So funny watching superior swamp horror "The Alligator People" (Lon Chaney Jr, Beverly Garland, 1959) after all the trashy b movies of late
I'm a day late but I'm going to change profile pic in honour of Lon Chaney Jr. 40 years since his passing.
Ha. Thanks for the RT! It totally happened! Like when you see John Prescott's butt and you think of Lon Chaney Jr.
Dude, we really should watch a Lon Chaney Jr movie. It was the 40th anniversary of his death on 12th July!
Tonight's first creature-feature brought together two Hollywood veterans who never could have foreseen themselves undertaking such a project. The first was director Roy Del Ruth, who had been a gagman for Mack Sennett comedies before going on to direct many of those ubiquitous lavish musicals of the 1940s. Partnered with him for this flick was cinematographer Karl Struss on what would be his last film. Struss is best remembered for working his cine-magic on Rouben Mamoulian's 1932 classic DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE--a far cry from low-budget drive-in fare indeed! Pity our poor heroine Beverly Garland, about to find that the experimental cure for what ails her beau (Richard Crane) comes with a lot of (alligator) baggage, not to mention a mad Cajun (Lon Chaney Jr.) who'd like to make gumbo out of him!
The Old Corral: via from 1936, starring Gene Autry and Lon Chaney Jr.
Coming up at 6:00 PM (ET) BRIDE OF THE GORILLA (1951) Directed by Curt Siodmak. Starring Barbara Payton, Lon Chaney Jr., Raymond Burr, Tom Conway. This takes place in South America, which does have some monkeys, but no Gorillas. However one can speculate that there is a small, furtive population of people in gorilla suits.
It always seems really odd seeing Lon Chaney Jr without the Wolf make up on.
The voice that was used for this character was an impersonation of the character Lenny in Of Mice & Men. Lon Chaney Jr played the the role & did so well that people thought he really was "Simple minded" & that since he had played monsters in all his other roles that nobody had noticed. It pretty much stalled his career. Many actors have taken on the roles of mentally ill characters but only a few have done it well. Lon, Hoffman, Penn & Sally Field would probably be my short list. With a special nod to Penn for really playing a character so well I swear I knew that person in several friends I've had in my lifetime of dealing with the stigma of mental illness. In group therapy situations they used to have problems with me taking over. I have a habit of coming out of left field with odd ideas & I'm really good at finding co-conspirators. Especially when it comes to fellow wing-nuts.
On Kirkwood After Midnight we air three very cool films to start your Memorial Day off right -- "My Son, the Vampire" 1952 with Arthur Lucan and Bela Lugosi, "Spider Baby" 1968 with Lon Chaney Jr. and Sid Haig, and "Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla" 1952 with Bela Lugosi, Sammy Petrillo and Duke Mitchell (and both Ray "Crash" Corrigan and Steve Calvert as the gorilla, and Ramona the chimp was played by 'Cheeta' from Tarzan).
Youtube comment just said I look like Lon Chaney Jr. I'll take it.
You know what movie's really depressing? MAN MADE MONSTER. 90 minutes of Lionel Atwill slowly electrocuting Lon Chaney Jr. to death.
So who knew Lon Chaney Jr. was from Oklahoma City?
wow this is good "The Mummy's Curse" Lon Chaney Jr as of course the mummy Virginia Christine the dialogue acting is amazing its on Metv stn
The versatile Lon Chaney Jr in The Mummy's Curse on on now!
Tonight, Svengoolie is showing "The Mummy's Curse" on channel 21.2, 9:00 pm. It stars Lon Chaney Jr. in his last role as the mummy. It also co-stars Virginia Christine who was later known as Mrs. Olsen, The Folgers's Coffee Lady, a real hot number when she was young. Svengoolie will have a blast satirizing her as the coffee lady and the mummy's main love interest.
Being that there is a full moon out,getting ready to watch "Frankenstein meets the Wolfman",(featuring Lon Chaney Jr. and Boris Karloff) in black and white,of course!
Watching The Wolfman, via 1941, with Lon Chaney Jr, while doing some chores. Classic film! The remake isn't too bad, but this is when Universal Studios was at there best.
Not a bad afternoon. whist the rain played, I caught " Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein ", "Dracula Vs Frankenstein " (The one with Lon Chaney Jr. and the inimitable Zandor Vorkov ) and " The Man From Planet X " thanks to the second-tier digital channels Cozi and THiS.
*** Yeah! Lon Chaney Jr in Dracula vs Frankenstein. it just started. this will be a excellent way to kill 2 hrs
One of the first films to inspire me. Will never forget seeing it as a little boy on WDCA-Ch 20 Creature Features back in the 1970s. Lon Chaney Jr. & Evelyn Ankers in the Antique Shop scene is one of the most romantic scenes on Universal Horror.
Tim Hudson got more hits than Bryce "Lon Chaney Jr." Harper did in this series.
Has there ever been a beter Wolfman than Lon Chaney Jr.
There should be a star on Hollywood for Lon Chaney Jr: he is my favorite actor from the past.
Buy A Stranger in Town Movie Online A Stranger in Town movie download Actors: Lon Chaney Jr. Lance Rosel
only talking picture remake of an earlier film FYI: Lon Chaney Jr birth name was Creighton Chaney
tonight for - High Noon. Can I handle Lon Chaney Jr. & Lee Van Cleef in the same film?
Just got through watching DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN (1971) on YouTube. I saw it a couple of times on Channel 17 when I was a kid; it's been at least 30 years since I last saw it, and it's just as craptastic now as it was then. Terrible special effects, awful makeup, and dialogue so risible Ed Wood would have rejected it are just some of the psychotronic delights of this flick (the score by William Lava is pretty good, however). See J. Carroll Naish and Lon Chaney Jr. in their last, lamentable film roles! Witness pointless guest appearances by a pre-DALLAS Jim Davis as a cop and Russ Tamblyn, looking like he really misses those WEST SIDE STORY royalty checks, as the wussiest biker in cinema history! Gasp at Forry Ackerman, Mr. Sci-Fi himself, as one of the monster's victims! Stare in wide wonder at the joy that is Angelo Rossito, a veteran of Tod Browning's FREAKS, as a grumpy dwarf! Marvel at electrical gizmos courtesy of Ken Strickfaden, who provided similar gadgets for the original FRANKENSTEIN an ...
Born Creighton Tull Chaney the son of Lon Chaney , but best known as Lon Chaney Jr. Though a fine character actor he will always be remembered as Lawrence Talbot or The Wolf Man He is the only person to have played all four of the classic movie monsters: The Wolf Man (1941) (Larry Talbot/Wolf Man); The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942) (The Frankenstein Monster); The Mummy's Tomb (1942) (Kharis, the mummy); Son of Dracula (1943) (Count Anthony Alucard, Dracula's son). As a young kid Lon gave me the shivers on so many weekend nights while I watch him in black and white on our television set back in the 1950s. I loved his films. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lon!
Ohmmm. 1906 – Lon Chaney Jr., American actor who appeared in more films (NOT movies, I'm not from the USA and I've actually got over the fact that they're moving pictures!) than most people have had hot dinners (if most people have had less than say 100 hot dinners). Played The Mummy, The Wolf Man and Frankenstein's monster. yes the monster, Frankenstein was the (fictional) bloke who invented him. FFS don't make me slap you! 1939 – Peter Purves, English actor and TV presenter. An early companion of Doctor Who and the subject of a great joke seen in series 2 of I'm Alan Partridge. Also presented Blue Peter (that's the punchline of the aforementioned joke), Crufts and Kick Start. Dammit they should bring Kick Start back. Anyway Purves is mostly a panto director now... works lots with the Chuckle Brothers! Also, he had a fling with Blue Peter co-presenter Valerie Simpleton. 1955 – Greg Norman, satchel faced Australian golferist. Got wood (and irons, I'd imagine) with Sue Barker and Chris Evert... he mu ...
My day remains disturbed when I wake up late and Lon Chaney Jr beats me to the breakfast table.
Had a GREAT Time helping Nathan with his model of Richard Petty's Super Bird. Went out to eat with Nathan Becky and Travis. Then on the way home we saw a LARGE Full Moon! So load your 6 shooter with Sliver Bullets and get the Wolfsbane out. Tonight's movie will be a break from those good looking girls of the 50's and 60's. Instead we will see Lon Chaney Jr. in "The Wolf Man"(1941). (Didn't we just have a full moon last month?) But first, I've got to find Ken in "Where the Boys Are".
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Well in case any of you missed it??? There "is/was" one heck of a beautiful full moon tonite! So much so that..."I saw Lon Chaney Jr. walkin' with the queen!"
it is a Masterpiece even to this day. Horror and Terror the day it was released.Always and Forever this Movie will stay in My Vault. The Wolfman-1941 Lon Chaney Jr
The Wolf Man is definitely my fave. Creepy atmosphere and heartbreaking performance by Lon Chaney Jr.
"The Following" is one of the bloodiest, gruesome and intense programs I've ever seen on broadcast TV. It's a long way from the days of Bella Lugosi, Boris Karloff, and Lon Chaney Jr. Unstable minds should not view.
I made this for my other page... with regards to both Warren Zevon and Lon Chaney Jr.
Did you know the Hoberg family opened a resort outside of Palm Springs in 1947? It's true, the grand opening of the Hoberg Desert Resort was New Year's day 1948. The idea was to shift Cobb's employees to the desert for different vacation seasons. Lon Chaney Jr., Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable all stayed at Hoberg's desert resort. It's still there in Borrego Springs CA. and at one time boasted the largest privately owned pool in California 42'X109'. Cool huh?
"In the 1941 'Wolfman', Lon Chaney Jr. gets bitten by Bela Lugosi and turns into a werewolf, right? But when Lugosi bites him, he's an actual wolf..." "Whereas when Chaney transforms, he turns into a hairy biped in shirt and pants." "Yep. Instead of changing into a wolf at the full moon, he turns into a wolfMAN." "So we should actually classify him as a were-wolfman?"
More debunked (but still believed) show business legends (sorry if these aren't as funny as the one I posted yesterday, but they can't all be gems): If you listen closely at the end of ABE LINCOLN IN ILLINOIS, you can hear an extra shout "Goodbye, Mr. Massey." Lon Chaney Jr. was never really in the Universal "Mummy" movies. A stunt man always played the part and Lon just took the screen credit. Frank Sinatra's mob buddies arranged for JFK to win the 1960 election. Louis Mayer ordered that the soundtrack of John Gilbert's first talkie be distorted so that Gilbert's voice would sound ridiculously high-pitched. William Haines' movie career came to a screeching halt when it was revealed that he was *** Abbott and Costello's first starring picture BUCK PRIVATES cost less than $100,000 to make. The ghost of a dead child can be seen in some scenes of THREE MEN AND A BABY. Fidel Castro is an extra in CARNIVAL IN COSTA RICA (1947). All prints and negatives of the lost WB film CONVENTION CITY were immediately dest ...
Sitting here watching Dracula (1931) staring Bela Lugosi in HD off a Blue Ray disk. Thank you to my youngest daughter and son-in-law for getting me the Universal Monsters Collection. Brings back fond memories of staying up late at night in my home on Pine St. in Kannapolis, NC and enjoying these classics. Next will be the Wolf Man (1941) with Lon Chaney, Jr. It takes so little to make an ol' man happy!
Lon Chaney, Jr. always took his dog with him to the set.
I know I like hairy guys, but the one of This Morning is a bit to hairy for me, but not his fault, its in his genes
Still of Lon Chaney Jr. from Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)
Another pic if Lon Chaney Jr and his German Shepherd Moose 💜💚 it's like me and Zero 😁😁😁#
Lon Chaney Jr had to have his face combed between takes, such was his voracious appetite for Wotsits.
Cavalleria Rusticana may have been like Tosca, a you, your Mom and your Dad triangle! I try hard not to acknowledge this. I also tried hard not to get the song Werewolves of London, but Lon Chaney Jr. was me! Or Placi, Jr. Or both. Too much in one lifetime, I'm afraid.
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Its dated but has a fantastic make-up design. In some ways I slightly prefer it to the Lon Chaney Jr Wolfman.
Just got through watching "Route 66" and Boris Karlof, Peter Lorre and Lon Chaney Jr were on it. Most of my favorite actors from the old horror movies. All they needed was Vincent Price! Love the show and was so surprised to see them on it. I need to get this show on DVD! Have a good night and day all. Heading to bed :)
Me TV. Rte 6. Peter Lorre, Lon Chaney Jr., and Boris Karloff are guests. So bonus! Thank the universe for this. Awesome!
The trio of Robert Englund, Kane Hodder, and Tony Todd is a modern day Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, and Lon Chaney Jr.
Today OutLived Lon Chaney Jr, who played The Wolf Man in several films. Two wild and crazy guys; only one met Frankenstein.
Real life should have real werewolves for amazing fog such as this and by real werewolves I mean the ones that look like Lon Chaney Jr
I vote Bram as an option.. What about Creighton? Lon Chaney Jr.'s real name
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