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Lolo Jones

Lori Jones, more commonly known as Lolo Jones, (born August 5, 1982) is an American track and field athlete who specializes in the 60 and 100 meter hurdles.

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The more pictures added to the unspoken connection between Rih and Drake, the more attention they receive. Most of it could be unwanted, to say the least, however, an Olympian recently proved that point. Lolo Jones who is best known for her athletic… [ 216 more words. ]
Lolo Jones, the most amazing athlete, my inspiration, just raw feminine beauty who can run like a cheetah in the jungle! I'm gonna get me these abs, eat right, run fast, & work out hard= Rewards!! SUMMER TIME BLUES!
I was chilling till LoLo Jones walked in my job.
Ever wanted to know how Lolo Jones feels about Rihanna? The 31-year-old Olympic track and field s...
I'll have a chance to meet Lolo Jones, Kikkan Randall and Julie Chu (3 olympians) on Wednesday. Let me know if you have something you want signed and I'll try and get an autograph for you
It's amazing that Drake is hosting the but it's gonna be tough for him to hand out all those awards to Rihanna's ex boyfriends — Lolo Jones (April 10, 2014
I don’t look at hurdles as obstacles blocking my path but as opportunities to overcome. --Lolo Jones
Lolo Jones Comes For Rihanna Don’t come for me unless I send for you! Olympian runner and bobsledder Lolo Jones (who is known to say…
She was preppun to get her lolo jones on ... they was just quicker
Next Racial Draft, can we trade Lolo Jones for Michael Phelps?
If there were a Racial Draft today who would take Lolo Jones?
Rickie Fowler hung out with Lolo Jones and friends on South Beach. LOUD COLORS ENSUED.
Lolo jones is one of the baddest girls on the track
“Lolo Jones will be my wife 💍👰” what bout Ann Taylor from nationals
Former U.S. Olympian's criticism of Lolo Jones is misplaced
Lolo Jones sporting our beautiful necklace.
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Olympian LoLo Jones talks about the best way to get her to notice you.
"the one and only Lolo Jones FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WORLD
Correction: I won't be fat this summer. I just won't look like Lolo Jones, as anticipated.
Star Athlete Lolo Jones rocked our Goddess necklace while enjoying some beach time on vacation. We couldn't have asked for a better model! — with Lolo Jones.
Sprinting through the airport at full speed has taught me that if you pretend you're Lolo Jones, anything is possible.
American bobsledder Lolo Jones complains about Olympic cafeteria food
I didn't know lolo jones has the American record in the 60hurdles
It looks like the competitors in Sochi is not too stiff.The Olympic bobsledding events do...
. Just watch the front bends of Labour having a *** about Mr. Jones. It'a the same thing Lolo
Lolo Jones built like a preteen boy
Tim Tebow. Lolo Jones. Lakita Garth-Wright. All 3 are waiting until marriage or have waited (Lakita)…
If you cared even a lil that Lolo Jones could gave been picked for the bobsled team soley based on media appeal, you are a huge tool
"There are going to be a lot of times that you want to give up in your dream, but if you get at it you will get it" -Lolo Jones
,Training done, racing starts for real for Lolo Jones
Had a dream that my grandpa, on his deathbed, said I need to "grow up to be like Lolo Jones bc she's such a straight-laced girl"
My whole snap story last night was all lolo jones
“Think I might just take up bobsledding.” Lolo Jones lookin..
Olympic athlete Lolo Jones at the track
Deja turn into Lolo Jones in the bedroom
,Lolo Jones handles the heat over bobsled selection
I added a video to a playlist Lolo Jones Training
Late for practice but I was watching the Lolo Jones documentary so I get a free pass right?
Lolo Jones showed up at Anthony Davis' 21st birthday party for some reason
"Parks & Rec" made the Rashida Jones/Lolo Jones connection - maybe they'll cast the Olympian for a cameo?
My friend, Mary Watson Hamilton's son, is trying to get Lolo Jones to go on a date with him. Check out this video.
I think you may be more sensitive. Because just think of non blacks too... That girl on that long flight. Lolo Jones etc.
I am on to you Rashida Jones. Your character Lolo Jones is hilarious!
Nobody gon say anything about Lolo Jones becoming a bobsledder like she Derice Bannock?
New post: No medal in Sochi, but Lolo Jones is satisfied - Washington Post
Lolo Jones failed to medal in the Olympics. Rachel Jeantel laughs.
US's Lolo Jones and Lauryn Williams aren't only Olympians jumping from the summer to winter games
Rachel Jeantel looked so irritated during the cross...that I burned it on DVD and I’m going to sell it as Madea goes to court. --Lolo Jones
New post: "Lolo Jones hopes this Olympics stays 'weird'"
Lolo Jones hopes this Olympics stays 'weird'
Lolo Jones not minding underdog role in Sochi - Krasnaya Polyana, Russia (AP) — Lolo Jones knows weird things can happen at an Olympics.
Jazmine Fenlator, right, and Lolo Jones of the United States prepare for a heat race of the women's bobsleigh com...
Jazmine Fenlator and Lolo Jones of the United States take a turn during a training session for the women's bobsle...
Bobsledders Jazmine Fenlator and Lolo Jones had the eighth- and fifth-fastest times in their two…
Lolo Jones does look like Rashida Jones, though.
Krasnaya Polyana, Russia — An American track star will be in the top U.S. women's bobsled, and it won't be Lolo Jones. Brakeman Lauryn Williams, a two-time Olympic medalist in track, will race with pilot Elana Meyers — even though they raced together just once this season — when the women's event begins Feb. 18. Jones, as expected, will race with pilot Jazmine Fenlator, who finished seventh in the World Cup behind Meyers and pilot Jamie Greubel, who is paired with brakeman Aja Evans. After two days of suspense waiting for the announcement — previously scheduled for Thursday — the U.S. Bobsled and Skeleton Federation named the teams, and it's a shocker Williams, and not Evans, ended up on Meyers' sled. Meyers and Evans not only have had strong results, they have a strong rapport. In the six times they raced together this season, Meyers and Evans medaled five times — three first-place finishes and two-second place finishes. Meyers and Evans won silver on this track a year ago in a World Cup even ...
BHM are five African-American athletes to keep an eye on during the 2014 Winter Olympics at Sochi in Krasnodar Krai, Russia. Speed skater Shani Davis, along with women’s bobsled members Lolo Jones, Lauryn Williams, Aja Evans and Jasmine Fenlator, are each in position to help make American history in the Winter Olympics. Davis, 31, already made history by becoming the first Black male athlete to win a Winter Games Olympic individual sport medal when he won gold in the 1000-meter speed skating event at the 2006 Olympics at Turin. He won gold in the same event at the 2010 Winter Games at Vancouver, and could become the first American to ever win three straight Winter Games Olympic gold medals if he wins the 1000-meter again in Sochi.---and he did!!!
Close Ad theGrio NEWS From Shani Davis to Lolo Jones: Which black stars will shine at Sochi Olympics? Opinion by Stefen Lovelace | February 7, 2014 at 9:05 AM Comments Print Shani Davis USA competes in men 1000m during Essent ISU World Sprint Speed Skating Championships 2014 at M Wave on January 19, 2014 in Nagano, Japan. (Photo by Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images) Related Posts Shani Davis comes up short at Sochi Olympics Where's the diversity at the Winter Olympics? Speedskater Shani Davis may skip 2014 Olympics Shani Davis takes home silver in speedskating 1,500 Lolo Jones and Lauryn Williams make US Olympic bobsled team The 2014 Winter Olympics are underway, featuring elite snow sports athletes from all over the globe taking center stage for the next three weeks. Of those athletes, very few are black, and even fewer are African-Americans. Black athletes have never been a dominant presence in the Winter Olympics, and Sochi will be no different. But with Lindsay Vonn’s injury, and Shaun White drawing more ...
United States bobsledder Jazmine Fenlator will be competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics with one of the most notable athletes on Team USA, Lolo Jones, and the pair seem to be getting along just fine during their time in Sochi. On Wednesday, Jones shared a Vine video of Fenlator dancing around town i...
From the looks of bobsledder Lolo Jones' latest Vine, the Olympic Village seems like one awesome party. While the first women's Olympic bobsled event doesn't st...
Less then a week away before Jazmine Fenlator and Lolo Jones do there thing! Jan 18th and 19th
Waiting on the Wolfpack. The U.S. Women's Bobsled team of Jamie Greubel aka Dragon, Elana Meyers aka E Money, Jazmine Fenlator aka JWoww, Lolo Jones aka Honey Badger and Lauryn Williams aka Wildebeest. You go girls. Also looking forward to seeing Cool Runnings, Jamaica's Bobsled team.
wonders if LoLo Jones quarantine was caused by the Ebololo virus? That's 4 u Steve Stephen Walski
SOCHI, RUSSIA—Once again attracting widespread attention in the media for her looks, U.S. Olympic bobsled team member and track star Lolo Jones has become the first American to be objectified in both the Winter and Summer Olympics.
Just found out LOLO Jones is on the bobsled team. hopin the Winter Olympics will send her home with a medal
Lolo Jones was quarantined in the Olympic Village after getting sick.
Lolo Jones wants a stray Russian dog for company -
I love it when professional athletes are real role models! Now Olympic bobsledder, Lolo Jones is 29 and still a virgin! She is saving herself for marriage! Great example of how God can keep someone even though they are famous (and gorgeous)!
LoLo Jones want an olympic medal so bad I hope this is her year.
anyone think it is weird that Lolo Jones is now at the Olympics for bobsled?
Lolo Jones: Out of Sochi quarantine: It's no fun getting sick during the winter. When you are in Sochi, the at...
The Onion takes aim at Lolo Jones' portrayal in the media: Des Moines native Lolo Jones is once...
Lolo Jones, Olympic hurdler, in her Silver earning debut in Bobsledding Huge milestone for any athlete
We could talk Sam Michael and GayGate, Lolo Jones and her quest for a climactic Olympic experience, or Putin's Olympic potties.
Mike Balke pulls a Lolo Jones to try and win the Gold.
I'm curious how Lolo Jones and USA bobsled will do though...
I've made the same commitments as Lolo Jones...but I'd make an exception for you.
New Nude Stars video launch on Lolo Jones - Lolo Jones shows the fantastic Babes scenes! The Nude...
Krasnaya Polyana, Russia — U.S. bobsledder spent the past couple of days stuck in her room bothered by
Lolo Jones says she's out of 'quarantine' after battling cold
U.S. bobsledder Lolo Jones was temporarily placed in a "quarantine room" after exhibiting cold and flu symptoms in Sochi.
Lolo Jones has a cold. According to a recent report by Nick Zaccardi of NBC Sports (h/t Cork Gaines of Business Insider ), the U.S. bobsledder has been dealing with an illness featuring flu-like symptoms...
Laura Okmin brings you the latest news regarding the status of Olympic bobsledder Lolo Jones. | News & Entertainment
Right now Russia is leading us in the medal count.. No, not in the Gold count, in the medal count. We currently don't have any Silver medals. We are leading Russia by one Gold, we currently have 2 Golds and 3 Bronze. We need to step it up.. Lolo Jones just got released from being sick.. Russia is also locking our US team in elevators and bathrooms and not doing a very good job on making the slopes safe or adequate. But, we will
How will Lolo Jones' track experience help her complete in bobsledding? Hear from her coach, tonight at 9!
Big fan of Lolo Jones after learning more about her journey!..
Lolo Jones is on the mend! That's good news, of course, seeing how the U.S. bobsledder revealed o...
African American Olympians in Sochi-Team USA--Shani Davis, Long Track Speedskating and the Bobsleigh Team of Lolo Jones, Jazmine Fenlator, Elena Meyers, Lauryn Wiilims and Aja Evans.
So a football player comes out and says he is *** and he is treated like a hero big whoop.Yet they treated Tebow like garbage,as well as lolo jones and other upstanding people.Well where is the tolerance and inclusion from the left hm?The double standard is really telling isnt it?You can only love God and Christ if you accept the homesexual life style because God is love right?I really dont care about *** peoples lives but DO NOT FORCE the issue on the Church or on me.Some folks keep attacking my family( the Church)yet i dont know of anyone i know that hates anybody we just disagree with the lifestyle.My opinions are mine alone and i dont represent anyone so if you have an issue with take it up with me.If you want to go brokeback moutain,enjoy yourself, but also keep it to YOURSELF.
Lolo Jones is known for her hurdling, but this winter in Sochi, Jones will go for gold as a member of USA Bobsled. Peter Schrager sits down with Jones to tal...
Lolo Jones, the U.S bobsledder and former track star, isn't feeling too well, as she's come down with cold symptoms, and the timing couldn't be …
Lolo Jones a virgin, struggling 2 maintain her virginity? U go Girl!
LoLo Jones story on ESPN is a must see TV. Not just another pretty face but a fierce fighter of her dreams.
Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics: Lolo Jones wants a stray dog to keep her company
US bobsledder Lolo Jones fighting off cold, flu
Satire website The Onion is poking fun at Olympian Lolo Jones. The hurdler and bobsledder is used to facing controversy over the media coverage she receives, which some say is more focused on her a...
Events that I love in the Winter Olympics: 1.) Curling 2.) Ski Jump 3.) Luge 4.) Lolo Jones
Lolo Jones is the only reason I'd watch the Winter Olympics. She's a multiracial goddess.
Dear Lolo Jones, When The Olympics are over, please feel free to find me, punch me in the face, then give me a kiss. That would be super rad. You are totally cute. Thank you for your time, your friend, sKot.
I so want to meet lolo Jones for various reasons lol we have so much in common and she's a hurdler. Would love to train with her
still waiting for Lolo Jones and Tim Tebow to somehow get married and have babies. Their kids would be some mythical ubermensch evangelical athletes...
American bobsledder Lolo Jones is back with her teammates (including Rochester's Lauryn Williams) after being quarantined with cold & flu symptoms.
There has been considerable focus on Lolo Jones, an already well known Olympic athlete who has joined the Olympic team this year.
Why Lolo Jones was sent to a quarantine room in the Olympic Village
Watch the video Lolo Jones Trivia on Yahoo Sports . Yahoo brings you little known facts about Olympian Lolo Jones.
I love it! US bobsledder Lolo Jones exercising resilience at the U.S. Olympics!
Bobsledder Lolo Jones had to get quarantined because of cold and flu-like symptoms. She is still practicing today. Anytime you get the cold it is inconvenient but when is the worst time you have come down with the sniffles? Wedding day: Producer Tyson Graduation day: Producer Kristine Finals week: Producer Jessica
Lolo Jones will be in Team USA's third sled when the women's bobsled team kicks off competition Feb. 18. It seems that Jones has been lonely in Sochi in the days leading up to her event, and she's ...
Don't miss our local athletes Katie Uhlaender (Skeleton) and Lolo Jones (Bobsled) . See when they perform here:
Lolo Jones could be the breakout star of the Sochi Winter Olympics. It wouldn’t surprise U.S. men’s bobsled coach Brian Shimer.
Douglasville native Elana Meyers will drive USA-1 in bobsled competition, with Lauryn Williams — along with Lolo Jones, one of two Olympic sprinters on the American team — at the brakes. Click to learn more about this Olympic bobsled team.
I'll give Lolo Jones a gold Medal if she lets me eat her ***
time to relax... Best wishes to Elana Meyers, Jazmine Fenlator, Lolo Jones and all of the other US Bobsledders!
There has never been a bobsled team with an African-American driver and brakeman. This year Team USA has 2 such teams (Elana MeyersLauryn Williams & Jazmine Fenlator/Lolo Jones).
I'm rooting for the US hockey team, Lolo Jones, the Jamaican bobsled team, the Bermudan Rhodes Scholar, Lolo Jones and Lolo Jones.
Lauryn Williams in USA-1 at Sochi Games: Lauryn Williams paired with Elana Meyers, Lolo Jones to push Jazmine Fenlator at Sochi Games    
Competition in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi begins today. Good luck to the Black athletes representing Team USA including: Shani Davis (gold medal winning speed skater), and the women’s bobsled team which features six athletes and five of them are African-American: Elana Meyers, Jazmine Fenlator, Aja Evans, Lauryn Williams, and Lolo Jones.
Can't wait to watch Julia Mancuso, Ted Ligety, Aksel Lund Svindal, Petter Northug, and Lolo Jones rip up their competition in
Here are the female athletes we're looking out for in the 2014 Winter Olympics. Lolo Jones should be a familiar name when it comes to premier athletes -- she not only competes in the summer Games as a track and field athlete, but also in the Winter games in bobsled. Jones was a favorite to medal in ...
If the manage to keep Lolo Jones in Russia and never allow her to come back to America then I will consider them a success.
"Some people say they don't believe, Lolo Jones is on Americas bobsled team"
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Pitiful Lolo Jones is competing in the Winter Olympics. She'll do anything for a medal
Lolo Jones is on the U.S. Olympic bobsled team. Huh?
Lolo Jones, oh man, is so gorgeous.
Over/under on how many days before a Lolo Jones controversy.
Lauryn Williams and Lolo Jones became the 9th and 10th (based on an agreement the two made for an apple)...
Someone tell me why Lolo jones is so *** sexy
Lolo Jones has a striking resemblance to Rashida Jones.
Lolo Jones competes in both the summer and Winter Olympics?? Too tough
Shut out to Lolo Jones now a Bob slider
There was controversy that the US bobsled team chose Lolo Jones for their last slot because NBC wanted it. Better story/ratings.
Since when does Lolo Jones do bobsled...
I could careless about the Olympics but I still want to see Lolo Jones grain on that bobsled
Thank god for this morning - caught up on the Winter Olympics and learned that Lolo Jones was bobsledding.
Can't wait to see my girl LoLo Jones
Why Lolo Jones will walk, not run at Sochi Olympics - USA TODAY
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I'm rooting for an Apolo Ohno Lolo Jones hookup
Brush up on Des Moines' favorite bobsledding Olympian... Lolo Jones
Dear can keep LoLo Jones if you want. I'm just saying.
How Olympic athletes turn their bodies into the right tool for the job: Lolo Jones packed on muscle.
Listen. Lolo Jones doesn't medal and she might as well stay in Russia.
Lolo Jones as a bobsledder, that's awesome
yeah Lolo Jones! Speed and strength is so key in bobsled.
Time out. Lolo Jones made the US Olympic Bobsled Team?!! Girl is a stud
Its pretty bad *** that lolo Jones went to the Olympics for hurdles and now is there for bobsled
So we can all agree Lolo Jones is the hottest bobsleder EVER, right? Gonna start calling her "Drool Runnings!"
Lolo Jones had a problem: her body didn't fit the sport
Just how many track athletes are going to be in the bobsleigh? Jana Pittman, Lolo Jones, Craig Pickering's just pulled out...
.I'm actually gonna try to catch women's bobsleigh 'cuz Lolo Jones is on the team.
Still think it's badass that Lolo Jones is now a Summer Olympian and a Winter Olympian
Lolo Jones on why she uses humor and social media to talk about her virginity. For more information on HBO Sports, visit Watch HBO Spo...
I'm pretty sure that Lolo Jones is the only one that can make Team USA's navy blue and stars motif look good
Lolo Jones is freaking amazing! Who goes to the Summer and Winter Olympics and is still an athlete to watch out for either on the track or snow! So inspiring, luv her determination and talents :)
Y'all know Lolo Jones is on the bobsled team now
Can't wait to see Lolo Jones compete in bobsled at Sochi. Mad respect for a dual olympian.
Most people know Lolo Jones as the Olympic hurdler who tripped in Beijing and failed to medal in London. With Rio years away, she is using the interim to train as one of six pushers vying for three spots on the U...
I'm watching for our gorgeous black women USA BOBSLED team! Includes Lolo Jones.
Lolo Jones just sent out this Vine video of the U.S. bobsled team trying on their super tight uniforms. Georgia's Elana Meyers and Lolo have very different reactions. READ about the women behind the video: a great video to SHARE on the opening day of competition!
In honor of the 2014 woman crush Lolo Jones 🇺🇸 competing for USA in both the summer AND…
I had no idea Lolo Jones was in the Winter Olympics until I read this morning. Thanks for all the knowledge you provide me with!
Which black stars will shine at Sochi Olympics?
Feb. 3, 2014 at 10:00 AM ET Still on a high from last month's World Cup victory, the women on the American bobsled team said Monday they feel prepared to take on expectations for a similar win at the Winter Olympics. Lolo Jones, the hurdler-turned-bobsledder competing in her first Winter Games, said...
How Bode Miller, Sara Takanashi, Yuna Kim and Lolo Jones overcome less-than-ideal physiques for their sports.
I just found out lolo jones is also on the bobsled team...😍😍
Does anyone else think that putting Lolo Jones on the USA Bobsled Team is just market research for "Cool Runnings 2"?
THE TOP REASONS YOU AREN'T INTO THE Winter Olympics The opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics from Sochi is tonight. Find out why you couldn't care less with The Top Reasons You're Not Into the Winter Olympics. That event where they ski, then shoot a gun. As an American, you've just never understood the skiing part. You think the only thing people should be doing in the snow is trying to get the *** OUT of it. Anything that requires Lolo Jones to be covered from head-to-toe can't be a good thing. You don't support anything that comes from Russia except vodka and Anna Kournikova. You don't want your wife to get the idea that she's special just because she knows how to use a broom. That's two weeks you could spend logging onto Obamacare. It features ice skating. And you're allergic to sequins. Bob Costas' intricate sweaters trigger your epilepsy. Unfortunately, no one took you up on your suggestion to replace the biathlon targets with Kardashians. You live on the East Coast, so you already have your ...
Lolo Jones.she can ride in my bobsled anytime she wants.
I guess the Winter Olympics have started. If anyone knows when I can see Lolo Jones it would be appreciated.
Well everybody, here we are at the Olympics again. Kinda cool, I guess. The physical talents and gifts some people have are amazing, and what fun it must be. I'm liking some the of the newer events, like the snowboard racing and some of the skiing and ice skating stuff. And a definite interest for, ummm Lolo Jones to take a bobsled medal. And maybe a date... But to stay on point, the Olympics have been a great human achievement spectacle for a long time. The Russians have put more into hosting it this time than anyone else, surpassing the Chinese several years ago during the summer. In my opinion, it's an undertaking well invested. After all, you are hosting the world. And people come together in unity unlike any other event. I believe God smiles, seeing his masterpiece (people) accomplish such things. After all, he is our Creator - we are in his image. Eric Liddell won his event in the 1924 Summer Olympics - a man who was very faithful to God - his story is seen in the movie Chariots of Fire. He once sa ...
Lolo Jones wanted to become a push athlete in Olympic bobsled competition. She knew her ambition would require a big dose of courage. It's no secret bobsledding can be perilous. She also knew her ambition would require a more enormous version of Lolo. Jones had made her name as a slim 130-pound worl...
Winter Olympics lets get the figure skating over with and bring on Lolo Jones and the bobsled.
I think the whole start to this crazy Sochi Olympics was when lolo jones decided to join the bobsled team... C'mon lolo, don't give us hurdlers a bad wrap... Your crazy self...
Eating bomb food when you're sick is depressing. Curry chicken taste like paper. On a side note lolo jones is a bobsledder? Cool Runnings America
There is no question that the Summer Olympics tend to receive more hype and coverage than their winter counterpart, but if Lolo Jones is able to qualify for the United States bobsled ...
U.S. Olympic bobsledder Lolo Jones stops by McDonald's Cheers To Sochi display in the Athletes Village to read good luck messages from fans ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics on February 6, 2014 in Sochi, Russia.
Lolo Jones is competing in the Winter Olympics?
Lolo Jones is a 31 year old virgin. . .Jesus that woman has resolve.
Although I'm against Americans being in Sochi for the Winter Olympics, I'm looking forward to seeing Lolo Jones compete in the bobsled. That woman is cold.
After months of waiting and soul searching the Winter Olympics are here. As a life long friend of the LGBT community, watching the crimes against humanity taking place in Russia are revolting to say the least. I will never go to Russia, I will not buy Russian products, or support their country in anyway. However, as a life long Olympic junkie I cannot abandon my beloved Team USA. And now my Olympics 2014 most looked forward to things: 1. Bob Costas in my living room every day. 2. The new Ralph Lauren Team USA uniforms that are actually made in the USA this year. 3. Shawn White being an *** while kicking some *** 4. Figure Skating 5. Johnny Wier commenting complete with mascara and a Hermes bag for every day of the games. 6. The Jamaican Bobsled Team. 7. Lolo Jones going on and on about Jesus 8. The Black Widow successfully killing one person and one person only: Putin. 9. The Barnes sisters 10. Team USA as usual being amazing and bringing me to tears again and again.
(AP) - Lolo Jones showed up in Lake Placid three weeks ago, unsure where her first foray into bobsledding could lead...
just wondering if anyone else had noticed.LoLo Jones is kinda smokin hot. that is all.
Keep your eyes on Lolo Jones!! What a great athlete representing the United States :)
I hope I catch the women's Bobsledding race. I love Lolo Jones!!! Does anyone know when it's scheduled for??
Vdladimir Putin announces he will be the one who will deflower Lolo Jones
LoLo Jones is the real life "Cool Runnings" First running track now pushing a bob sled!! Go head and get your medal girl... I'm not mad at yah!
"Nyet, for realsies. I dreeled the Lolo Jones! Like oil pipeline! She get the bubbling crude like Beverly Heelbeelies!" --- Vladimir Putin
Nothing inspires me more than The Olympics. I've been a diehard fan since early childhood and I sincerely look forward to them every two years!! I'm totally cheering for Lolo Jones, who competed at the London games in track and field, and is now on the bobsled team!! And I love watching Apollo Ono fly on the ice as well as the awesome acrobatics of Shaun White in the snowboarding events. What sport are you looking forward to? Who are you cheering for?!
"Olympeecs be most premium. All the bathrooms they working. I make hot love with Lolo Jones, so cross that off my bucket leest. The *** are my friend here no *** " --- Vladimir Putin
It's that time again when we remember there's a person named Lolo Jones.
Devin on LoLo Jones being a bobsledder: "It's like Cool Runnings, but in the corn."
Enough with the Sochi hotels already. More coverage if Lolo Jones' bobsledding bodysuit, please.
Olympics 2014 has started.Please give your support to a true American, Miss Lolo Jones and her bobsled team! You may remember her from the 100m Hurdles. She is a friend of mine on FB (only because of the Olympics). Look for her, support her and GO USA!
Still not feeling Lolo Jones and not afraid to say it!
Just heard Lolo Jones say she just weighed in as the most she has ever weighed and she is so excited! Yup - just what I was thinking this morning!
Lolo jones casually competing in the summer and Winter Olympics
...Lolo Jones is too thirsty for a gold medal
Sometime after midnight, after the U.S. Olympic bobsled team was named, Lolo Jones updated her résumé. The blinking cursor danced across the screen...
USA Olympian Lolo Jones is a girl, but every guy should use her as a role model.
Brandon Harkins thank you for that lovely mention about that Lolo Jones article lol
go Lolo jones I predict she wins gold…girl got persistence!love her
...I wonder. Who exactly is going to watch the Winter Olympics? I mean really. Other than seeing Lolo Jones in a tight outfit, who's really tuning in?
The U.S. Bobsled and Skeleton Federation is defending Lolo Jones' selection to the team picked to compete in the Sochi Olympics, saying it relied on data, results and nothing else.
Tonight is the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics, so here are some fun facts about the Winter Olympics. 1. The Winter Olympics aren’t as major as the Summer Olympics. There are only 15 sports in the winter games, as opposed to 41 in the summer. 2. These are the most expensive Olympics in history, at around $51 billion—just a bit over Russia’s original $12 billion budget. By comparison, the last Winter Olympics, in Vancouver, cost around $8 billion. 3. There have never been more countries involved. A total of 88 countries will be represented. Welcome to your first Olympics, Paraguay and Zimbabwe! 4. Size matters. The biggest countries are sending the most athletes this year. The United States will send 230 athletes to Sochi, while Russia will have 225, and Canada will have 220. The next closest is Switzerland, at a mere 168. 5. There are three mascots for these Olympics, as voted by the Russian people: a polar bear, hare, and leopard. 6. Lolo Jones is back. After she didn’t medal in Beijing and Lon ...
Hey my fellow WWHS Track and Field Alumni just wanted to say that if you didn't know the Womens 2014 US Olympic Bobsled team has two Summer medal winning sprinters this Winter olympic year, and they are Lauren Williams and Lolo Jones... they will soon be added to the 17 other olympians whom have competed in Summer and Winter Games. OUTSTANDING, Of those past 17 olympians only 4 of them have medaled in both Summer and Winter Games.
When it comes to athletes at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, it’s a safe bet that none have taken more flack than American bobsledder LoLo Jones. After a difficult break in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Jones moved from track and field over to the bobsleigh. While this seems odd at...
Crown’s Crush [Olympian Lolo Jones]Feb. 6, 2014 by Jackson SchniedersLeave a Comment Pin ItThe Crown wants your sports photos!Send us your hottest, funniest, and award winning Sports Photos! Every photo will have a chance of being seen in one of our many different albums.Submit a PhotoClick on any p...
Lolo Jones has put on 20 pounds since she took a hiatus from the track. But now, the Olympic sprinter hasn't been sitting on the couch eating cheesy poofs all day. She's been training for the 2014 Olympic games with the American bobsled team.
Photo credit: Charlie Niebergall, 2012 So, in case you haven’t heard the news, Lolo Jones has joined the U.S. Olympic bobsled team. There has been some hoopla over whether her popularity rather than...
LOVE the Olympics!!! So many inspirational stories. I always love figure skating, skiing & speed skating. This year I'm pretty excited to see Lolo Jones rock the bobsled! :-) What event are you most looking forward to???
Powered by RotoExperts For those of you who will be watching women?s bobsledding during the upcoming Olympics because you heard Lolo Jones ?
Lolo Jones (yes THAT Lolo Jones !!) makes US bobsled team for Sochi Olympics . Gotta admire her determination to win an Olympic medal at any cost !!
Dear White Friends: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, we get all like to save some things for yourselves, hence The Winter Olympics-Sochi is finally here. But seriously, how long do you think it will be before you see a brother from Jamaica "getting it" down the slopes wearing a scuba suit, rocking a tam, some sunglasses, a pair of Size 22 dress shoes, (shout out to holding two sugar canes with a big smile on his face while smoking a "J"? Don't trip, you know that it is bound to happen. I know that you all realize that this IS happening. LoLo Jones has crossed over and is hurling herself down a mountain in a aerodynamic sled; Zimbabwe, Togo and Morocco are representin', even India has 3 athletes in the games, and India doesn't have a committee--they ain't even got snow! These Cats are practicing on sand dunes and falling on rocks! When they hit that "powder" (once they get used to that EXTREME COLD) it is going down. Maybe not in the "They really won a medal" way, but in a *** I can't b ...
Read the inspiring journey of Olympic hurdler turned bobsledder Lolo Jones in our newest 4:13 Blog: "Perseverance & Redemption"
The interest I have in the Winter Olympics minus hoping Lolo Jones finally gets a gold medals is Russia being on the world stage and the stories that will come of that.
Who's ready for Lolo Jones to bring home the gold? ;)
Love the Olympics and what it stands for. Hate the politics involved when it comes to scoring. Of the 12 new events 9 of them are judged which means controversy. Like events that are timed or meassured so judging is not an issue. Another figure skating event. Team skating. I liked skating when it was womens mens and couplrs. Then came ice dancing now team. The overkill has ruined it for me. Lolo Jones back in Olympics on Bobsled team. I really like her competitive nature. Curling I could watch for hours. Biathlon may mean break time for me I hope all goes well and the concerns about Socchi remain just that concerns. Enjoy the Olympics a showcase for many of the best.
A generation ago, you'd be hard-pressed to find elite runners paying attention to their abs. Today, it's practically mandatory. "Our coaches drill the importance of core conditioning into our heads," says world champion hurdler Lolo Jones. "We're at it all the time."
BP celebrates the energy Lolo Jones, Heath Calhoun, Tatyana McFadden, Kikkan Randall, Ashley Wagner, Julie Chu - USA Women's National Ice Hockey Team and all of Team USA will bring to the Sochi 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The athletes' commitment to their sport is why we're a proud sponsor of Team USA.
Lolo Jones wants the world to know that her teammates have her back and she's grateful. They took her under their wing, she said, and told her she was one of them. Jones choked up in the telling, tears
Did Lolo Jones, one of the most popular and recognizable Olympians heading to Sochi, have some extra help in making Team USA? In a story on the websit...
I'm looking forward to watching the Winter Olympics and cheering my track family on! Lolo Jones, Lauryn Williams, Commentator and HSI brother Ato Boldon and Commentator Lewis Johnson GO TEAM USA
With the Winter Olympics fast approaching, USA TODAY Sports highlights athletes to watch in Sochi. American bobsledder Lolo Jones has been a lightning rod for criticism, but she remains focused on chasing her Olympic dream.
Lolo Jones and All Jewish pros are pretty smart
Former AAU member and US Olympian Lolo Jones joined the US Olympic bobsled team for the Winter Olympics coming up in Sochi, Russia! READ MORE HERE: LIKE to wish her luck!
Anyone else as excited as I am for the Olympics to start! Gonna watch fellow Iowan Lolo Jones go for gold and some curling and some HOCKEY!
Cheering and Looking forward to great things from jones
I'm already tired of Lolo Jones, and the Olympics haven't even started yet.
Has social media become a detriment to the selection of the US women's bobsledding team?
Lolo Jones is on the Olympic bobsled team?? Go girl.
Lolo jones was a summer Olympic athlete, took up bobsledding and is a now a winter Olympian. HOW?!
Lolo Jones let America down in two different Summer Olympics and now she is sledding for a gold in Sochi.
*addendum* Lolo Jones is saving herself for me.
SOCHI, Russia - Lolo Jones began to cry Monday while talking about how U.S. women’s bobsledders immediately had embraced her after what she described as being thrown under the...
Lolo Jones’ likability causes some to hate her | NBC Olympics via
You know US media will go ape again w/coverage of Lolo Jones' bobsled runs. Summer games, winter games: can't avoid Lolo.
Tim Tebow may not be the only football player Lolo Jones was anxious to meet after returning home from the London Olympics. As we all know, the personal
Lolo Jones be bringing on herself man.
Did you know that the American Women's Bobsled team has three track & field athletes on it? Lolo Jones Lauryn Williams Ava Jones
Olympic athlete Lolo Jones speaks on bobsledding | McClatchy -
You guys may be a bit off regarding the rooms in Sochi. The rooms in London were smaller.
Two-sport star Lolo Jones cherishes time as Winter Olympian:
Little Giant Ladders
Lolo Jones believes setbacks can give rise to success. She removitated herself after a couple of close finishes and has set her sights on dominating the bobs...
Just when you feel like having the Winter Olympics in February is a shot at black Americans, they put Lolo Jones in tights.
Let the Lolo Games begin: Lolo Jones' critics can sound like jealous middle schoolers, but then she often brin...
Lolo Jones will be the first African American Olympic athlete Black people root against
espnW -- Julie Foudy's five storylines to watch at the 2014 Sochi Olympics: . From Lolo Jones and the U.S...
Why Lolo Jones is crying about bobsledding in Sochi - SOCHI, Russia — Lolo Jones is...
Couple more days till the return of LOLO JONES DA CORN GAWD
Lolo Jones ... Can she get that Olympic medal she's always wanted? might know
Wait a minute lolo jones is bobsledding now instead of running track? *** Smh...
10 athletes to watch at the Sochi Olympics: Lolo Jones, Patrick Kane and Shaun White lead the prominent Americ...
The Olympics are screwing up Archer. I hope LoLo Jones loses her virginity to a stray dog.
Formr star was on w USA Bobsled teammates! Watch: …
"I truly believe that your greatest failures or mishaps in life can have the best motivation for you to do something amazing." Lolo Jones
Gary Smith . Lolo Jones is in the olympics...
As the Winter Games get ready to kick off in Sochi later this week, Team USA has landed and the practice runs are...
Lolo Jones is getting a new start, and it's not without some tears. The U.S. track and field star who failed to win a medal in London is back at her third Olympics -- but this time in a bobsled.
Wait, I seriously thought Lolo Jones was just in Sochi to fulfill a role like Nastia's for NBC, I had NO IDEA SHE BECAME A BOBSLEDDER!
Lolo Jones gets a fresh start as an Olympic bobsledder.
Them chicks hoop at Kansas huh...lemme check they status. Hope they're not two lolo jones.
Tim Tebow is an ESPN analyst, and Lolo Jones is pushing a bobsleigh in Russia. But still the majority of Americans believe G…
Didn't click but Lolo Jones needs to be there
You know I have to say. As much as I want Lolo Jones to win a medal, bob sledding is a ridiculous way to do it. She could be training for Summer Olympics right now, like everyone else out there winning gold medals. But hey, good luck to her. Go USA.
Don't give up!! "It took Dan Jansen, the speed skater, four Olympics to win a medal - a gold one at that! -- but he never gave up. I won't either." - Lolo Jones
If you have ever felt like a failure. Plz realize failure is when you fail to continue. Fail to try again. It's not when you fall short of your goals or aspirations. If you need inspiration .look up Lolo Jones! It's amazing! Her story is such an encouragement on your own journey of chasing your goal!
Lolo Jones is now training in the same weightlifting room as I'am )))
Lolo Jones we really have a serious problem now !
Lolo Jones is telling the story about how she became a bobsledder, her words becoming difficult to decipher as she tries to keep herself from crying.
It's clear Lolo Jones is enjoying her trip to the Sochi Games more than anyone would have guessed when she showed up in Lake Placid, N.Y., for a tryout in the fall of 2012.
Lolo Jones, it's my birthday. Let's get married maybe? Birthday wish?
Sportvantgarde's blog.: Winter Olympics: Lolo Jones thankful for support from US bobsleigh team
Money comin fast out the bloccs call it lolo jones -YungNaj
A failure isn't a failure if it prepares you for success tomorrow. ~Lolo Jones
Lolo Jones brings celebrity factor to U.S. Olympic bobsled team
Feeling unwanted after the 2012 London Olympics, Lolo Jones says she has felt at home with the members of the U.S. bobsled team.
U.S. Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones talks about what goes into visualizing the perfect race. For live streams and highlights of every event at the London Olympic...
Dear friends, please refrain from sending me sports related texts ... unless it's pictures of Lolo Jones.
The controversy over her selection to the U.S. women's bobsled team, Lolo Jones said, has galvanized her and five teammates.
Here are 4 things on my mind going into this week: 1. Bruno Mars’ performance at the Super Bowl was awesome. He’s a mix of 2 different musical eras. 1950s era + Modern Era. Perfection for fans of that style. 2. This is Jay Leno’s final week at the Tonight Show. I'm a HUGE fan of his. He’s been in the ratings pretty much the entire 20+ years, including right now. He’s leaving at the top. My favorite of all time. I’m going to buy 2 tickets to see his stand-up show in Las Vegas during one of my concert road trips this year. VIP concert one night + Jay Leno the following night. 3. The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics start this week!!! I’m beyond excited for this!! GO LOLO JONES!!! She is only the 10th US Olympian EVER to participate in both the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics! GO TEAM USA! 4. My Lakers still suck! They lost again. They’re so bad, that I programmed my DVR to record the latest episode of The Biggest Loser and my DVR got confused by the title and recorded the Lakers game inste ...
Considering Lolo Jones' career, she is definitely living her life. YOLO LOLO! Enjoy the ride!
Artesia News - Lolo Jones back at Olympics, savoring the moment
I hope Lolo Jones finally gets her gold medal. Love her never surrender attitude.
Oh look they're already touting Lolo Jones.Just what I want to hear about during this entire Olympics.
LOLO Jones makes the 2014 - 6 women bobsled team - ch10 liasophia family Tymeka Hurst
Just found out that Lolo Jones is on the US Bobsled team!! Yay!!
I'm gonna watch me a lil Cool Runnings, I got the Olympic and Lolo Jones vibe going! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Lolo Jones had two disappointing appearances in the Summer Olympics as a hurdler. Now she is in the Winter Games on the U.S. Bobsled Team and not without controversy. AccessCode: Q18B
Everyone is excited for the Winter Olympics and trust me so am I, but really all I care about seeing is LoLo Jones in her bobsled uniform. WOW
Seriously why is Lolo Jones so gorgeous!! Can I please be her omg 😍😩
I am getting pumped for the Olympics! I am especially excited to watch Lolo Jones make her transition to bobsledding. Go USA! :) :) :)
Tomorrow's bag is one of my favorite female athlete; Lolo Jones. She is an Olympic runner but is on the Olympic bobsled team this year. She has an amazing story of over coming poverty and becoming a professional athlete with her own foundation to give back to people like her own story. So with this week's theme of female athletes, here you go.
Ok I admit it. I'm seriously in love with Lolo Jones. I mean really??
Can't wait to watch LoLo Jones in the Olympics. :)
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