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Lois Smith

Lois Smith (November 3, 1930 is an American actress whose career in theater, film, and television has spanned five decades.

James Dean Character Actress Margo Martindale Annie Baker

Humans causing climate to change 170 times faster than natural forces
Jonathan Smith, 30, saved ~30 people last night before he was shot in the neck. He might live w/the bullet for rest of h…
How many Americans have to die before we stop the killing?. 154,330 since FIFTY TIMES the number of Americans killed…
Republicans were too busy trying to take away 30 million people’s health insurance to notice they were taking healthcare fr…
To everyone in Trump's White House: Yes, what you're doing now WILL be the 1st line of your obits, in 4 years or 40. htt…
Congrats to Jennifer Noble, Jenni-Emily Smith, Hailey Spencer, Lois Francis, Nicole Auger the (5) winners of our…
Wentz hits Smith up the seam and and it’s dropped. It’s like J-Matt’s still here
Yup, for 9,000,000 children expired tonight, went unaddressed by media all week thanks to
JW is fighting Trump's DOJ & IRS for docs. Trump should order review of IRS scandal & IRS Commish should be removed. htt…
46% of Likely U.S. Voters believe Trump is a bigger danger to America than Kim Jong-Un.
This is your periodic reminder that more than 74 million people voted for someone OTHER than Donald Trump.
Take this crazy and amplify it a millionfold over social media and bot networks and you have an entire nation…
The assumption has been that no votes were changed through the hacking of electoral systems. Is that changing?
will they make it to October - still a few Red Admirals around on the last day of September...
There is no snooze button on a hungry cat! ~Anonymous
Upper meadow in morning mist, goldenrods as high as the bluebird box, as September turns to October in the
White-tailed eagle entertaining our clients on our Summer Photo Tour
I LOVE her, she was on golf channel once, her swing is 10X better than mine - the Lois & Clark guy was Bruce Smith (VA Tech guy)
I asked people to share what it's like to live in a country with universal health care. The responses that came in were inc…
I'm in PR reporting from where I grew up. Every person I've spoken to, military included, has expressed dismay at the Trump…
Great site. Save it to your favorites.
If you don’t like the way things are going, this is pretty much the only way to change it. Change the congress, change dire…
Letting "implode on its own" by defunding it is like calling getting smothered by a pillow dying of natural…
East of Eden screen test of James Dean and Lois Smith
This whole Clustrefuk Gong Show of an administration is a putrifid nauseating pile of 😁
Can't afford Meals on Wheels but Jets on Nets is fine.
AARP applauds Senate for passing a bipartisan bill aimed at improving care for millions of beneficiaries. http…
During trump's primary and campaign Senator Graham publicly said his GOP party had "gone bat-…
Flying this flag spits on the graves of Ohio's Union soldiers who died fighting against it.
If you want to know precisely whose bidding Price was doing as HHS Secretary watch who he works for after leaving offi…
Greta Gerwig greets Lois Smith, a highlight of her film, Lady Bird: .
Graham admits he had ‘no idea’ what he was doing on the failed healthcare bill he sponsored
Air Traffic: 5,000 aircraft in the sky at any given time, 43,684 average daily flights ✈️🌏 htt…
'Not enough' troops, equipment in Puerto Rico, says general in charge of relief
Let's not forget - Crooked Tom Price was confirmed as HHS Secretary on a party line vote 52 to 47. Republicans - You Built Th…
The next time you hear someone say we need to cut taxes on the wealthy and corporations, mention these 7 economic fundamentals…
Loved the appearance of the great Lois Smith in an episode of from season 3. She was utter stone.
Dr. Seuss is trending but expiring on 9/30 isn't. Healthcare for 9 million kids is in jeopardy!. Call Senators- 202-…
The Supreme Court is supposed to be ABOVE partisan politics. That’s not stopping Justice Gorsuch.
"Rejected friend requests" and "Friend lists." Here are some examples of the information the administration wants:
DOJ is not there to investigate the President's political opponents. Abuse of power.
Amy, would u please add the USVI to your otherwise outstanding work? please don't forget P…
Unreal: new investigation finds VA chief went to Wimbledon and on a European river cruise, all on taxpayer dime. .
I see some people denying that Trump tax cut wld give 80% of benefits to top 1 percent. That's true: Tax Policy Center est…
Republicans to put Russian bank lawyer in coveted DoJ position via
The difference between sitting in jail or not before trial should be based on the risk you pose to the community, not how…
I can't wait for Tom Price to steal Ann Coulter's seat on a flight.
Russia is down to its D-class trolls and operatives. No extra vodka and pickle for you!
1st rule of "Never trust your taxes to a guy that won't show you his.".
Republican Congress will allow funding to lapse on children's health, safety-net health programs
Up to 23,000 voters in 2 counties alone were deterred from voting. Trump won WI by 22,000 votes. This is calculated.
Unable to win his ideological trophy from Congress, is systematically destroying our health care system f…
I didn't realize until recently that Oregon had a lot of white supremacists. This story broke m…
They were ignorant. There are more books in the library than you will have time to read.…
The crowds have shown up in We have the numbers, they don't!. This is a sea of against hate. And yes,…
See Lois Smith's work at every opportunity (and meet her if you ever can – she's a delight).
Marjorie Prime review – melancholy sci-fi offers poignant tale of love after life
"That's what evil people tell themselves when they do evil things." Heard on interview with Lois Smith
The legendary Lois Smith joined us - here's the trailer for her new film, Marjorie Prime
Thanks for interviewing the wonderful Lois Smith - a fan of hers since the 70s. Hope comes to Pittsburgh!!!
Ahead: the eclipse falls on Carbondale IL; & a great Nigerian novelist; & the peerless Lois Smith on being a star in her 80's.
Genteel yet formidable: That’s Lois Smith, as she demonstrates anew in ‘Marjorie Prime’
Would really like to see this movie - ‘Marjorie Prime’: Lois Smith Soars
Morning glory in the glorious morning sunshine!😊
Lois Smith is always perfect. Does she ever speak of James Dean?
Deadline Hollywood features the premiere of Sidemen - Long Road To Glory, presented by Abramorama. Catch a...
Genteel yet formidable: That's Lois Smith, as she demonstrates anew in 'Marjorie Prime'
Smith has been acting for more than 60 years, and she's earned rave reviews for her performance in Marjorie...
284 days after the election the President is still name-calling, once again labeling his defeated opponent "Crooked" http…
I first saw you in Please Give, and Lois Smith saw me in Die Fledermaus.
"By harnessing your energy and ideas, we can solve many of the problems we face." —
For Palin, two-time loser, (resigned gov,lost VP election),. Bannon trumpeted his biopic film of her “Undefeated." .
"Water enforcement under has dried up to 'almost undetectable levels'"
Celebrate with all cats big and small!
We can't let become our next president.
Thought I'd share a pic of my black beauty, Ninja.
JimCrowism redux. Austerity as an excuse for racism in form of No no
White women? Blk women have been carrying the dem vote. Ck primary exit polls for 2016
assuming everyone at his rally is A) registered to actually vote and B) not there ironically
You are assuming no one goes to a Trump rally twice.
Newton Leroy Gingrich, total expert on the black vote, approves.
Yup. And the last thing they want to hear is TelePrompTer Trump.
I'm imagining the Clinton campaign combatting that with "competence and incremental progress."
Right. Because the campaign was too soft before and not racist enough.
This 2006 interview shows how full of you-know-what is when it comes to ISIS and nat. security.
Gosh I hope we didn't pay for that study.
bigotry, racism, even hatred are generational. It's learned.
Luke Jerram's 27-metre-long E. coli is swimming its way to London - catch it at
The world's largest offshore wind farm is given the green energy green light
read on Bannon from last October, prescient... .
When I see children at his rallies my heart hurts.
Not often do we get a orphan baby White Winged Dove. This little one will eventually have bright…
Most things worth doing don't come easily.
In another brilliant strategic move, decides the best way to court the black vote is by addressing an all w…
I understand Marge Simpson is sad but using your logic, what about Lois Griffin & Francine Smith?
Donald Trump Lies About NATO change and his role in it.
DEMS no overconfidence, winning not good enough.We want senate/house back.RT
No whining, please. didn't start in 2016! http…
If you have not registered, you can here! Your vote matters.
Every day I breathe out enough oxgen for four people. Are you sure you want to cut me down.
Donald Trump calls for “Extreme Vetting” for immigrants. A standard that should be used for would-be presidents.
The British cycling team are just amazing... you beast!
Not to mention a massive source of mischief, cheaper to hire them to rake leaves.
Youth unemployment is a massive waste of resources
is that the one with Lois smith in the repair shop?
thanks for the recent follow. Much appreciated :) (Want this? It's FREE!
Always so proud when listening to Alex chat about London . A lot has happened in those 4 years. 😊
If you haven't seen it yet, watch Usain Bolt's stunning gold in the 100m here
on anytime now. Chatting about the olympics 4 years on.
All good in the woods. Plenty of shade to be found while out surveying.
Republicans got totally scammed by Trump’s creation myth ➡️ by # via
Jesus, what a story. No wonder Trump lost it today.
People have dreamed of this, for so long. From the Curiosity rover on Mars, yesterday.
Woman in critical condition after alligator nearly bit off her hand in the Everglades
RW CONGRESS HASNT WORKED SINCE 2010 but we still pay their SALERY + benifits ! WHOS TO BLAME ! RW THATS WHO
Study: Jokes with too many mind-twists found unfunny because of cognitive constraints
Wonder if the numbers increase smoothly or exponentially the more I read
I had a quiet moment of zen with this cute Sonoran whipsnake (Masticophis bilineatus) at Bear Canyon, AZ
Actually, it's worse, The controls BOTH sides of Congress; not only is nothing getting done, th…
What a beautiful photo of the great Lois Smith and her equally great daughter
Police recover 145 guns from home of Michigan man after he attempted to shoot his wife
The combination of message and face makes this a prize-winner (and my sentiments exactly) h/t
.Imagine hiding under an auditorium table aiming your pistol 100 feet away at assailants wi…
If you're not weekly, paramilitary trained, your CC is not stopping an attack.
I've hear lots of people brag about what they would do in an active shooter situation. Many talk about their Xbox successe…
.As Trump “fires up the crazies” Psychologists discuss their profile:.
"Whoever kills an innocent person it is as if he has killed all of humanity". (Quran 5:32).
How about liability insurance for gun owners?
The problem with the conservative rhetoric about Planned Parenthood: it’s all lies.
It's not prayer shaming It's shaming the idea that prayers justify inaction in the face of atrocity https…
Easy for you to say Ian Duncan Smith
My colleague on the even scarier gun problem that nobody is talking about:
In case you read that violence against abortion providers was mostly a thing of the 90s https:/…
I think former SCOTUS Chief Justice Warren Burger would agree that https…
"Man found with over 8,300 rounds of ammunition, body armor and an assault rifle in backseat" https…
Checking out the legendary Lois Smith in
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Dear & Your & I will not judge you kindly. Love,. History.
There are 7,000 species of amphibian. They're all endangered.
Detroit Academy of Arts & Sciences Choir react as PBO & First Lady arrive for Xmas Holiday reception
From 2004-2014, more than 2,000 people on the terror watch list were able to purchase guns: https:/…
Having voted in favor of terrorists buying guns, GOP shifts focus to destroying the planet https:…
.offers to buyback in East Flatbush today, $200 each for working handguns.
just saw jordan harrison's marvelous MARJORIE PRIME - big ups, all. lois smith, you are a boss.
Sometimes you just gotta have potato smiles and chicken pops for tea!
Here is every senator who voted against expanding background checks following this year's 355th mass shooting:
Here's some for you. Yes, that includes you, conservative. And you, liberal. And you, moderate. Pass it on ht…
Wow. New York Times is running a Page One editorial for the first time since 1920, calling for more gun regulation.
James Dean and Lois Smith on the set of East of Eden.
Warren Forensics is looking for an Engineer with Forensic experience. Learn more:
. "Gun and self-defense statistics that might surprise you -- and the NRA
There?s an order to the universe: space, time, Lois Smith. Just kidding, Lois Smith is first. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Lois Smith and James Dean on the set of "East of Eden" (Elia Kazan, 1955)
Anne Kauffman directs Lois Smith in the NYC debut of Jordan Harrison’s new play at
Character Actress Margo Martindale deserved it for season 1. Lois Smith was ROBBED this year.
As great as Character Actress Margo Martindale is she shouldn't even have been nominated, especially not over Lois Smith for The Americans.
are you telling me that aren't giving the British record holder private medical care??
yeah hopefully I can get that sorted if it comes to it! Fingers crossed NHS will be quick
oh no - hope they hurry! If not, you should go private to see the extent of the soft tissue damage ASAP!
I had it yesterday, but have to wait on the NHS to get the results back
Ha-ha! Pretty dang sexy, now that you mention it. Wonder if Georgia O'Keeffe knew about these.
whenever I see an argument like this, I'm all like, right, cause medieval bestiaries were so much better.
In 1921, T.S. Eliot explained the central problem with the Information Age.
Lois Smith, correctly identifying Biebs in under 5 secs, but wonders "why he has to dress like a bum."
Wise men learn more from fools than fools from the wise. -- Cato the Elder
It started with the Know Nothings and lives on.
30 Donald Trump supporters explain why they back the billionaire real-estate developer:
VIDEO: A nuclear physicist explains the science behind the Watch and share.
There are so many blazes all across the West that there aren’t enough firefighters
"To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing." . -Aristotle
There is a long, sad history of extolling nativism coupled with anti-intellectualism in this country as if paranoia & igno…
One of the fullest lives on this planet just ended. Learn what you can from him http:/…
Half of all Americans live in the red counties, half live in the orange counties
Me, neither. I've seen very few this year, tho, compared to previous years. :-(
I never tire of watching their amazing transformation.
Robert Frost, "Something there is that doesn't love a wall..."
he NEVER campaigned for DEMS ever, in fact he isn't a DEM himself! WHAT AN ARROGANT FRAUD!
STOP disrespecting president Obamas historic wins and turn out
The cub at is doing well and growing. See (and hear) for yourself in video from last night http:/…
On this day in 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. delivers his "I Have a Dream" speech via
Al is making us bacon sarnies to eat in bed! Happy Anniversary to us. ❤❤❤
Here's another cute campus squirrel... just because.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
North Carolina officer who fatally shot unarmed black man won't be retried
I'm on my way. & a word to the wise, Mexico doesn't want Texas back, won't take it even giftwrapped.
How Koch brothers-linked groups tried to hijack the electoral college. via
Mayor Lois Smith says although the town of 1,300 is not in debt, future projects may put them in the red.
Take heart: All things fall of their own excess. (We may be seeing that excess on the RW side right now.)
... but it doesn't work - GOP have sided with hard RW for good now & they are a DANGEROUS threat to the USA/world
That's the sad part + we see where ppl get so sick of it they don't vote or vote 4 GOP just to shut them up...
It's tiresome, wastes resources defending against it, destructive and divisive. We don't have real issues?
I agree; we've seen it from the start -- one RW Clinton conspiracy hysterical moment to the next. 20+ yrs
Sentimentos: Chewy candy infused with depressants or stimulants.
Ashley Madison but for currently employed job seekers.
Yes. Thank you. That was the context
I'll say! Again, makes me wish I could paint.
Liked the reminder, took it to mean that we're each more than just the struggle, and that governs what we can bring to it.
.Self government, vigilance, noticing the drive to weaken democracy, is hard. We have to be citizens, defined as.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Oh, well in that context, I understand what you're saying. You're an activist, and that's admirable.
.I struggle for the gutted of Rights, I struggle to make democracy strong, its who I am.
.My struggle, and most of my friends struggle, for our kids, our country and our environment. Its who we are.
It means don't let your difficult circumstances or experiences define who you are as a person.
It's 663m people do not have access to clean drinking water:
There are disturbed people willing to kill in every country.Only in US they have easy access to guns.http…
Let's start treating guns like cars.
"I have lived with hate but not in terror" | An Arab-American on race in the US
.trip will highlight challenges of climate change in Alaska's Arctic:
Heavy use is common among gun owners who carry "for protection" & those w/ an unlocked, loaded @ home.
For every act of violence and evil, there are billions of acts hourly of kindness and love. Don't let evil get you down.
Great 2 meet one the biggest fans Lois Smith who can't wait for puck drop at Oct. 1
"John" is really special. Lois Smith & Georgia Engel are excellent. Annie Baker & Sam Gold are a formidable team.
It does waste Nick Nolte, Bruce McGill, and Lois Smith. They completely feel like victims of the cutting room and that's a shame.
GIRLS’ Christopher Abbott, Tony nominee Lois Smith & more tapped for Annie Baker's JOHN off-Broadway:
About to see my idol Lois Smith in conversation with the wonderful James Grissom at the National Arts Club!
My luck..extends The Herd but no performances on the 2days I'm in Chicago😢 I really wanted to see John Mahoney & Lois Smith
The scenes with Keri Russell and Lois Smith. Brilliant, beautiful, and heartbreaking--unforgettable!
Guest actress category this year better include Marla Gibbs, Cicely Tyson, and Lois Smith...
Lois Smith's IMDB entry goes back to 1951! I remember her guest turn on "ER" with, I think Louise Fletcher?
ohhh good it was so much fun I thought the girls should experience it! :D
Watch vs. at at 5 p.m. PT Thursday, March 19 on
omg. i remember John's Bar with the massive straws! Have fun!
are you getting lots of training in amongst the cocktails? :P I'm so excited!
we do love cake!! It's really good thanks were having a good time, can't wait for Sunday
Will have to be ordering more later on in the week. We cant stop eating them.
So excited for George's naming day on Sunday. Cant wait to see the cake
Blondie, Snuffy Smith, Beetle Bailey, Hi and Lois. They make Garfield look like high art.
SMS Knight Lois Batu complementing her fellow classmates today! TY for making Smith a better place!
George just bashed me in the eye with his rain maker!
We're unable to call you Lois but if you fill in our support form we can explain this further >S
your other contract account. I'm afraid there's no other way to transfer a contract number to another contract > SE
turning it into a PAYG account. Once that's done you can then request for the number on your PAYG account to be transferred to
Hi Lois, there is a way you can keep your initial number but it will involve closing your contract account (contract 1) &
as soon as my contract finishes I will be changing!
. the gentleman has mis-sold something and now ita going to cause me a HUGE hassle.
... but aparently thats not possible. I wouldnt have taken out the 2nd contacr if i'd have known this all along ...
... same number. Contract 1 has now come to an end so i wanted to transfer my number to contract 2 so i dont have to change
last year i dropped my phone and broke the screen on it. So i took out a 2nd contract with 3 but continued to use the ...
Oh no, that's not what we like to hear a all Lois :-( Can you tell me what happened? >GG
Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate.
over earlier tonight. A first for me. Awesome!
Cannot say I'm sad to miss this one! Ha!
A crumby thing to do. Please don't feed bread to ducks. It’s not good for them. via
Giant explosions from the sun hit Earth today, causing a severe OSU astronomy prof weighs in:
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Yay! it's just the SEVERE Everything should be back to normal in a few hours! Just hang in there! lol
sometimes, going through the motions can be a life saver; if you don't feel like it, DO just go through the motions.
Glad to see at the Texas Capitol today!
Obama: "it's disturbing" that an *** is now chairing the Senate Environmental Committee
Happy These arthropods were an early dominant form of complex life on earth
I thought I was done with my tribute to Sue Eves until her longtime friend Lois Smith posted two wonderful videos...
Aw they look so cuddly, but them crazy things will throw pieces of themselves right onto you. Swear they jump!
Cant wait for daddy to get home from work!
It's almost spring! 5 places to plant your urban garden:
"70-year-old Joe Meeks from knocked out 4 of 'em in 15.3. Scored a 154 on the WOD." (H/T http:…
Some have stripes, some don't. Color varies, too. They can change it like chameleons, in a limited way, green to brown.
Is the stripe down the back juvenile? I don't remember.
Ain't she adorable...looks just like her mother.
Guess we can finally say spring has sprung here. Here's a little anole, about 3 inches long from nose to tail.
FT: SWFC 1-1 FFC. Matt Smith's goal secures a valuable point for the Whites after Stevie May put the Owls ahead.
Smithy, Pearson and Lois all looking more like their old selves this afternoon. Smith getting some good deliveries in. 1-0
Collected my box of today. Great flavours. My favourite is the cacao & macedemia.
My daughter was asked in school today to name a disaster and she said "the newspaper that fired all its photographers".
Australia Uses the Motion of the Ocean to Generate Zero-Emission Electricity and Desalinate Water Simultaneously
Is it weird that I didn't know Will Smith is mixed?
Got a passcode lock that takes a picture whenever someone tries the wrong code. I now have fifty pictures of drunk me.
Calling the 47 ‘traitors’ goes too far. There is a more appropriate word for their stunning breach of protocol.
Agreed. While we're wishing, I wish we had 66 to EXPEL them. But... arithmetic. I'm just gonna sign the petition.
The chances of censure are slim to none, but criminal prosecution is totally out of the question.
Could censure them, but then wouldn't the consider that a badge of honor? And imagine the waste of time, money.
Gary and Lois Smith have been added to the Lead Team as Care Leaders. They are assisting Pastors Jerry and...
The essential guide to dim sum for the Chinese New Year:
California lawmakers introduce major package of bills to tackle climate change
5 worst right-wing moments of the week: Fox News goes ballistic after Obama says "Yolo" via
Meet Vivian Maier, the famous street photographer no one actually knows (via
Cant wait to go to the alvarge at the end of April on our family holiday.
They sold themselves. Let's see if they ever get free of Kochs.
Join me, Lois Smith, Kathleen Chalfant, and the members of The ReGroup Theatre Company, Inc at The Barrow Group...
doesn't get better than this. The stunning Horseshoe Bend in by Sylvia Zarco.
I'm going to guess Adams and Washington.
I can not deal, Dan is going to wash Lois' hair 💆 I'm so jel 😩
"Out of Unravelings and a Loss, a New Star" by LOIS SMITH BRADY via
Funny what happens after lowest voter turnout in 72yrs. Govt Shutdown Pending Via GOP Congress ht…
Two white men attack Muslim man, taunt daughter in hijab at Dearborn Kroger: Not grocery dispute. A h…
If you do not believe that dissent is the way? Then what is, submission, more submission, more silence, more acceptance?
Not gonna lie, Dan and Lois are basically relationship goals 👫
SHE'S DONE IT! is your new high jump record holder! What a clearance at 1.97m
Love is this much happiness every day. 😍 Big Al 💖
I suspect you're just kidding, but I've actually done this. Also I feel an impulse to press pause when I'm at the movies. Smh
Reet looking forward to tomorrow night ... might have a cocktail or two!
Highchair shopping tomorrow. Our boy is growing so quickly
Boyhood was such a good movie that my mom stayed awake for the whole movie
just finished your book Being Mortal. Will change the way I practice medicine forever. Thanks for writing it…
"The first thing we can all do to help the food system: Stop wasting food" -
A lovely mountain encounter today. Fancy coming next year ? See here for more info http:…
Matt Smith filmed his scene for Deep Breath in early October, 2013, during the shoot for The Time of the Doctor.
Watch: Angry hippo charges tour boat in Zambia
Ebola cases drop off in West Africa:
Internet connectivity = reduction of the spread of Ebola. explains:
There's no place in the world like in pic by Jenn Bonk-Brown
Scientists: Human activity has pushed Earth beyond 4 of 9 ‘planetary boundaries’ (Via
2014 Was the Warmest Year in the Modern Record via
Five months set new records for warmth in 2014: May, June, August, Sep, and Dec. | Read more: http:…
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