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Lois Lerner

In May 2013, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) revealed that it targeted certain conservative groups for closer scrutiny.

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All of them .. throw in Lois Lerner, Rham Emanuel, *** how about everyone in Obama’s ad…
But they're not doing their job. Look what happened w/ Lois Lerner & the slaps on the hand g…
That's a real case of Rich getting unfair tax cuts. Time to bring Lois Lerner to public Cong…
Unless you're tea party groups with Lois Lerner at the IRS
Nor has he pursued indictments of: -Lois Lerner. Samantha Powers. Patrick Kennedy. James Clapper. James Comey. Ben Rhodes
Jeff Sessions, time to get him out. Will not prosecute Lois Lerner, Hillary, Loretta Lynch, Comey, Rice... Corrupted and worthless. Resign!
It appears that no matter who is President, Democrats are above the law!. Lois Lerner cleared by DOJ. Outrageous!. htt…
Robert Mueller, not interested in prosecuting Lois Lerner, calls on IRS to help get Trump.
“The decision not to prosecute Lois Lerner is a miscarriage of justice,”
But she isn't, her crimes are out for all to see,as are Lois Lerner's,Comey,Holder & Rice. Two t…
He was an *** but they can do this and not Lois Lerner?
Blog: GOP angry at DoJ for refusal to prosecute Lois Lerner
I'm shocked you're letting Lois Lerner off the hook, *** Why hasn't the head of the IRS been fired yet?
Why most Republicans need to go away!.
GOP, and I would say the base specifically, is upset about Session's DOJ's failure to prosecute Lois Lerner.
Huge mistake by AG Sessions. Lois Lerner should not be above the law.   10% Off
I'm so disgusted with our Government Lois Lerner should be in JAIL..
GOP Justice Dept. sends bureaucrats a message with latest decision in Lois Lerner probe
Today’s decision does not mean Lois Lerner is innocent. It means the justice system in Washington is deeply flawed. ht…
Lois Lerner weaponized the IRS. Lois Lerner belongs in Jail. Period.
I was upset with the decision not to prosecute Lois Lerner. Thank you for giving me a new outlook…
Lois Lerner represented a TOTAL abuse of power & EVERYTHING wrong in DC Her actions MUST be reexamine…
Above the law... Dept of Justice will not prosecute Lois Lerner. Source:
Justice Dept refuses to prosecute Obama's IRS henchman who illegally targeted Conservatives. Still above the law!. http…
What is wrong with Sessions. No Lerner, Comey or Hillary indictment. Is Sessions a covert swamp creature?
Agree with pardoning Bundy, but please also push for Lois Lerner investigation. Both are Obama government illegal overreach!
ARE YOU KIDDING ME👉DOJ declines to charge Lois Lerner in IRS scandal |
4 years later ---> Trump caves on debt ceiling and refuses to prosecute Lois Lerner.
Outrageous! Trump DOJ Won't Prosecute Lois Lerner. We have no rule of law. | The Daily Caller
She turned the IRS into a weapon to target her political enemies. She should absolutely not be let off the hook.
BREAKING: JW has no confidence that DOJ adequately reviewed the scandal - b/c the FBI collaborated w/ the IRS.🔎. htt…
Hamilton Collection
Please explain to Americans why Lois Lerner is off the hook.
Considering that collaborated w it's unlikely to investigate itself. should order a complete review
I have zero confidence that the Justice Department did an adequate review of the IRS scandal.
Trump's DOJ won't go after Lois Lerner. Big mistake. She committed crimes against Americans. She should be in jail. http…
DOJ sends ltr saying they are denying a request from House GOPers asking for former IRS official Lois Lerner to be prosecut…
How Do You Feel about AG letting Lois Lerner off the hook for IRS Scandal?
Lois Lerner should be prosecuted for using the IRS to target conservatives. She is a criminal.
Lois Lerner is a criminal who weaponized the IRS. She belongs behind a prison cell.
I'm just a nobody, so I may not see the 4th Dimensional Chess advantage to not prosecuting Lois Lerner and Snakelord Koskininen.
We have a Two Tier Justice System👉Lois Lerner is Not Going to be prosecuted for using the IRS against Conservatives . http…
Eric Bolling gets fired. . Lois Lerner gets off. . When does the Obama era end?.
Fox reports DOJ has declined to prosecute Lois Lerner in IRS scandal. . Translation: Hillary and Comey will also be…
Running out of patience waiting for Lois Lerner, James Clapper, Hillary Clinton, Clinton Foundation, Susan Rice-to name a few
Let's not leave out Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes and the ever lovable "I take the 5th" Lois Lerner.
Where is Lois Lerner, John Kostinen, the IT guy who violated the preservation order of HRC e mails, C…
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BO, you have your own 'Brown Shirts' to apologize for. Lois Lerner, Sussn Rice. (Who's exploiting women, here?)
The networks are insane for covering Comey's hearing this way. I don't remember them covering Lois Lerner this way, do you?…
forked tongue mark Warner was very ugly today in DEMANDING answers. He conveniently forgot how Lois Lerner was treated. Hypocrisy
Presidents do get away with certain things. Just ask Lois Lerner, Loretta Lynch, and Eric Holder.
He'll probably take the 5th just like . Lois Lerner. John Bentel. Paul Cambatta. Che…
Lois Lerner and Loretta Lynch plead the - Fifth Amendment - and the media protected them. Michael Flynn pleads the 5th…
Lois Lerner & now Loretta Lynch. Everyone with initials LL must do this. Enlist in our patriot army at
The SAME reason Lois Lerner isn't...or Eric Holder...or Hillary Clinton...or Valerie Jarr…
Same thing I said for last 8 years. Prosecute one, just one! Lois Lerner, Loretta Lyn…
Lois Lerner lacked no boldness in her targeting of our movement. Now that it's time for accountability, she's…
Lois Lerner to retire from IRS with full pension via old article but proves my point about pension.
Top tax-writing Republicans renew call for DOJ to investigate Lois Lerner over IRS scandal
House GOP Pushes Trump Administration to Prosecute Lois Lerner and Get to the Bottom of the IRS Scandal
GOP wants Donald Trump to reopen criminal probe into IRS’s Lois Lerner - -
GOP wants Trump to reopen criminal probe into ex-IRS exec Lerner. Good‼️ That puts JUSTICE in the DOJ via
Lois Lerner used power of the state to suppress free speech and freedom of thought. No threats. She did it!
Lois Lerner says she faced death threats over IRS tea party targeting - -
As w IRS Lois Lerner, Rice will take the 5th and all of this will fade away. Great example for millennials…
The Obama Admin burried too many scandals. But we the people didn't forget: re-investigate former IRS Lois Lerner. http…
Republicans asking the DOJ to take a fresh look at evidence against Lois Lerner, the former IRS employee accused of targ…
FRESH LOOK: House GOP leaders want DOJ to re-investigate former IRS employee Lois Lerner
💥BAM...KARMA. House GOP leaders want DOJ to re-investigate. IRS & LOIS LERNER. .
GOP lawmakers ask AG Sessions for 'fresh look' at Lois Lerner case
This smug liar helped to abuse citizens, because of their conservative views. Lois Lerner and others…
left says Susan Rice probs because she's black. it's because she's criminal. Will be Lois Lerner again,take the 5th,ret…
Lois Lerner got off Scott free for attacking law abiding American citizens.
Actually she could have honestly reported on Elijah Cummings helping Lois Lerner persecute Conservative groups w/IRS
Send your complaints to Lois Lerner and John Koskinen, buddy.
Lois Lerner will not face charges in Department of Justice investigation
Oh, is that obstructionist Elijah Cummings, D-GA who should be in jail with Lois Lerner for his crimes to weaponize the IRS
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Ur disgraceful Elijah Cummings though Emails on over sight committee was leaking INFO 2 Lois Lerner he was facing 5yrs Bitc
Cruz would have totally destroyed Clinton as he has Obama, Jeh Johnson, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, et al.
. Fast and Furious gun running. never prosecuted Lois Lerner. never prosecuted Black Panthers voter intimidation case. M Rich pardon
you mean like Obama used Lois Lerner and Rep Elijah Cummings to target Tea Party groups?
If Trump vowed to indict Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner, John Koskinen and Eric Holder on his first day in office...
Lois Lerner and John Koskinen of the IRS are more
It's Day 1154 of The Obama Scandal. Looks like John Koskinen & Lois Lerner are still not in jail or even indicted. Right
Obama's admin has been the most corrupt in history,IRS scandal,F and F scandal,Benghazi,Lois Lerner,the EPA etc.all exposed
in the first 100 dys have your atorney Gen charge Holder, Lois Lerner & th rest of the Obama/Clinton thief , lying, crooks
Hillary Clinton & Lois Lerner need to be cell mates send to everyone! Justice for all!
So Brian Williams, Jonathan Gruber, Katie Couric, Lois Lerner, John Koskinen all walk into a bar. Wait. What? Well they said they did.
Does Darrell Issa want to put Lois Lerner behind bars?
Hillary and Lois Lerner screw the American people then laugh all the way to the bank with OUR money. This system has got to change!
I hate Media, mostly ,for what they Omit not how they treat repub. See any deep dives on Clinton cash, Lois Lerner?
Alan, all tax lawyers know the privacy laws on non-final documents. FYI, NAACP Vs. Alabama didn't stop Lois Lerner :)
Lisa Jackson and Lois Lerner also craved Privacy. Prezzy decided not to prosecute his own.
just like the Black Panthers..Lois Lerner..and Fast & Furious
Resolution filed ordering arrest of Lois Lerner via
I have not done anything wrong. I have not broken any laws. I have not...
Noonan on Hillary, Lois Lerner, and the Decadence of Washington's Civic Culture. via
. Can Hillary "plead the 5th out of trouble" with the FBI like Lois Lerner did with IRS scandal? Is that likely/unlikely?
Lois Lerner pleaded 5th. went on leave_RETIRED w full pension & benefits_instead of PRISON_
Don't forget horse faced Lois Lerner , she is just an atrocious human being .
... dining with Lois Lerner Monday's, the right Rev. Wright Tuesdays, old commie Angela Davis Wednesdays, the Ayer's on..
Lois Lerner and Hillary Clinton have much in common. They got caught telling lies to the American people.
Absoulutely, nothing ever happened to Lois Lerner or Eric Holder. They targeted white conservative non-profits.
Lois Lerner loaned her hard drive to JFK Airport! Yikes!!
This is what Lois Lerner of the IRS told the American people.She retires with fat pension and we get ignored.
Is he going to hire Lois Lerner to help with that?
John Koskinen, IRS chief: I've never spoken to Lois Lerner 🤔 Just like Ted Cruz never knew John Boehner?!? 🙄 https:…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Mark Zuckerberg is the Lois Lerner of tech.
as Lois Lerner and Rep. Elijah Cummings walked away free 😡
Sung to tune of "Just like Buddy Holly" by Weezer. Oo-ee-oo I act just like Lois Lerner,. Oh-oh, and you're Larry Page and Brin. --Lyin' Mark
I think Lois Lerner and IRS denied any anti-conservative bias...but we know they were hindering conservative groups. Lying Mark!
"..unearthed IRS emails revealed that McCain joined Democrat Senator Carl Levin to pressure Lois Lerner and the IRS (wait for it)
Remember the Obama DOJ let Jon Corzine go Scot-free. Same thing with Lois Lerner. I'm betting no indictment. 1/2
Never politics in AG well then what about Lois Lerner & General Petraeus? He might have said his old stand by Bush did it.
Ha! A Trump AG will look like a Chris Christi. Someone who WILL prosecute Hillary, head of IRS, Lois Lerner. Justice!!
Ted Kennedy, Lois Lerner, Obama, Holder, Lynch, Hillary etc etc...not one day in jail (yet).
This is what Obama's admin Lois Lerner did. Guess as long as it is your side and Trump doing it is ok for Trumpers
Lois Lerner & Eric Holder both in contempt of Congress. I sure as *** couldn't be & ignore it like they did.
I'm angry Lois lerner gets to retire with benefits after breaking the law, thumbing her nose at congress &nothing is done.
Sounds like Trump will recall an expert in weaponizing the tax code from retirement: Lois Lerner
Lois Lerner was almost two years ago. The IRS still doesn't back up its data. Via
unless we speak out like Trump our country is lost its over,Hillary.Lois Lerner,Eric Holder,Bengazhi All lies, no justice
Why isn't Lois Lerner in prison? I don't nor believe anything from Speaker Ryan!
I bet Lois Lerner knows what's in Trumps Tax returns.
Lois Lerner and Eric Holder. Their fighting was more insidious than literal.
Maybe Lois Lerner will shut them down for you?
I hope you are right Gezzoo, but Americans never got to see the FBI report about Lois Lerner & nobody walked.
Just imagine if someone like Lois Lerner were in IRS - wait a minute . . . not defending Trump, just a reminder of this POTUS
So we're going after FIFA with everything we have. . Meanwhile Lois Lerner runs free.
Lois Lerner cackles at you from Corzine's hot tub out in Hamptons as she sips margarita on her 6-figure pension
I love the judge but fact is: the DOJ has become politicized and will not indict. And. like Lois Lerner, we won't see FBI report.
Lois Lerner wasn't charged with anything after two years of investigations
I hope he prosecutes Lois Lerner and others for targeting and abuse of power, too!
Justice Dept. is Obama's CYA dept. Otherwise Lois Lerner and other IRS officials would have been charged.
Why is Lois Lerner not in jail then?
I will believe they are cleaning up when Lois Lerner and friends are in handcuffs and perp walked on TV
Hillary Clinton and Lois Lerner not wearing orange jump suits shows that we are in a post Constitutional era.
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still waiting for the felony indictment of Lois Lerner and her IRS conspirators against conservs
it was in lois lerner's hard drive. Oh well.
Recall how POSITIVE Obama knew Lois Lerner would be charged w/ NOTHING for IRS crimes? Loretta Lynch whispered that to him?
Hillary won't get charged...Just like Lois Lerner who used federal power to target conservatives. The Party of Governm…
The Republicans, who own the Senate, will give in 2 BHO on a SCOTUS vote forgetting Lois Lerner/IRS. Put process in sleeper mode
GOP was furious at government when Lois Lerner and IRS was in the headlines, and creating a growing distrust in government.
The Gov. can't be trusted. Can we all say Lois Lerner. I support Apple on this one
"Trust us with your data" says Feds who gave 20M files to China, Lois Lerner & IRS. Yea, they need a backdoor
maybe Mr. Gowdy should do better at his job Lois Lerner still free after 5 years
If U think the Obama regime wouldn't use a "back door" into the if provided, U have never heard of Lois Lerner.
If the FBI wants to hack some phones why don't they hack Obama's phone ?? Lois Lerner's phone ??
. The Same that cant put away Lois Lerner, Find the IRS Deleted Files or Hillarys treason ...
. Where is R they completely Corrupt now. Lois Lerner ~ IRS Destroyed Files ~ Hillary Traitor &NOTHING
. This is the Same that cant find Lois Lerner or IRS deleted Files or Hillary or . This Corruption just Never ends these days
It is shocking that ppl like Lois Lerner who pled 5th 4 IRS scandal not annihilated by media. They have power 2 focus corruption
If that doesn't bring a smile to your face, you have a problem. Where's Lois Lerner?
Absurd tbat IRS Lois Lerner can "lose" emails & Hillary Clinton can do Rose Law Firm to Benghazi and STILL you pay & vote.
Here's an argument supporting Apple not creating S/W for FBI to access phones: THIS ISN'T A POLICE STATE YET! LOIS LERNER!
re apple debate..Do u want corrupt people like Lois Lerner 2 have access to all your digital files? Govt is corrupt
the apple debate..Do you want corrupt people like Lois Lerner to have accress to all ur digital files?
Apple to Judge: Drop Dead! . Less worried if govt could be trusted to act with integrity unlike say, Lois Lerner.
Where in the *** is Lois Lerner? Is she enjoying her tax payer finaced leave of absence? She is deplorable and should be behind bars!
I don't often agree with but Lois Lerner and the IRS PROVED government can't be trusted.
I agree with Apple, Lois Lerner PROVED the gov. can't be trusted. Why Apple won’t unlock your iPhone for the police.
After about 2 minutes he'd clam up like Lois Lerner. Never before seen.
Lois Lerner gave herself raises, targeted, refused to testify, and STILL got her full pension after she left the IRS https…
Apple ordered to create S/W for FBI access. So are you OK w Lois Lerner being able to access your phone?
if thinks he's done a good job of Cyber Security, he forgot about Lois Lerner and the IRS. Dolt!
Kimberly could not be more incorrect re Apple. . Govt Agency>IRS>Lois Lerner? used against citizens . re: Apple>biggest invasion
Trumpsters wonder. Why win - but lose. Why Lois Lerner retires with pay. Why ObamaCare is legal. Why Hillary laughs.
. ANOTHER Cover UP When does it end? . Lois Lerner, Muslim Attacks, Hillary it just never ends now.
WE KNOW the government can be trusted, ask Lois Lerner, she never did anything wrong and the DOJ agees.
Would this mean that Lois Lerner and her cronies @ sri would have to find new jobs ? YES !!!
I said with proof. Lois Lerner doesn't work for law enforcement. She works for a corrupt administration.
allowing Lois Lerner types to peruse folks' iPhones, that's the solution? Gov't won't abuse power?
Convenient, like evidence on Lois Lerner's crashed HD, Hillary's emails all gone. dems no how to handle evidence
Then u'r an *** Law is part of govern & Lois Lerner should have taugh U telling govern like telling dems
When people say Obama admin has been scandal free what they mean is they don't see what Lois Lerner did as a scandal https…
Fast and Furious, Lois Lerner, Ben Ghazi, etc. Why is your head so firmly planted in your nether orifice?
Kenneth Lay. Oliver North. Mark McGwire. Jack Abramoff. Lois Lerner. Martin Shkreli is in some "good" company isn't he? Bye.
If Hillary Clinton escapes arrest for security breaches and lying like Lois Lerner, this will be the corrupt government since "Teapot Dome"
"We live in a Country where Dinesh D'Souza goes to jail,,and Lois Lerner walks free…" —
A republican Pres should immediately arrest Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, and dozens of others who have obstructed justice for 8 years.
. Could mean a number of people in gvmt are bad & he fit right in. eg Lois Lerner would kill GOPers to reduce votes
Issa the man who let Lois Lerner off the hook & failed @ Benghazi endorses man-child amnesty rubio! Won't help rubio
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
. Hillary Clinton. Harry Reid. Elijah Cummings. Charlie Rangel. Lois Lerner. This would be a good start. A…
Lois Lerner and the IRS: Why we need a special counsel now more than ever
Via Pat Caddell, democrat, after Lois Lerner - "There is no justice in the country". . So TRUE. Under obama, there is lawlessness!!
Scooter Libby & Martha Stewart imprisoned for less than Killary did. Lois Lerner skates.
Former IRS official Lois Lerner will not face charges for targeting political groups - TAX…
The same FBI director that persecuted Scooter Libby gives a pass to Lois Lerner.
Beginning this scandal Lois Lerner admitted to targeting Conservatives still Just-us could find no wrong doing, Justice is blind
America, there's one lesson you better learn *** quick from Lois Lerner's free pass
Rod Blagojevich is going to need a padded cell. DOJ clears Lois Lerner & Hillary out walking free. Should have put on his team
Justice is blind, yeah right. First Jon Corzine then Lois Lerner. I guess it's all about which political party you donate to.
Lois Lerner or Vlad Putin: Which the bigger Obama-enabled criminal on the loose?
Lois Lerner should be in jail no prosecution republicans congress and senate have no bal)s
And are you defending Boehner's gutless pass on Lois Lerner's contempt charge, reckless wait to form Benghazi select committee?
Massive IRS hack & Lois Lerner have made me yearn for the bygone era of Taxpayer Privacy.
and if true I would love to know how many of these letters went out? Are they signed by Lois Lerner?
"I want to hear about this use of resources when Hillary & Lois Lerner are in jail & the Billary Foundation is dissolved for tax evasion."
HRC could care less would be my bet. I expect BO to grant a bevy of pardons prior to 1/20/17. See Lois Lerner, et al.
Priceless payback! Lois Lerner ambushed by reporter, begs neighbor who wonAa‚¬a„t let her in
Lois Lerner's Blackberry deliberately destroyed after start of congressional probe: IRS lawyer via
" not a smidgeon of corruption " -POTUS to OReilly about Lois Lerner investigation... Tell Marah she has a short memory
DOJ is forming a spin-off of the Lois Lerner IRS directorate! Designed to attack Patriots, encourage enemies!
Did he also put in a good word for Lois Lerner?
neither did Lois Lerner! -- no one put in a good word for that great womyn
Bowe Bergdahl, Lois Lerner, Hillary Clinton, Mayors of sanctuary cities won't go to prison. . Kim Davis did.
I was surprised that Bernie didn't put in a good word for Lois Lerner.while he was at it.
That is exactly where she belongs! Needs to take Obie and Lois Lerner with her.
Have we just given up holding Lois Lerner and the IRS responsible for influencing the election of Obama to a second term?
Why the delay? Surely not because finding an example is like finding a Lois Lerner email?! lll
Conservative? Oh, wasn't that lovely when the IRS was targeting conservative groups? Why did Lois Lerner plead the 5th?
Missing millions,emails, at this point what difference does it make?! Tobey, I mean Lois Lerner do u know anything?!
Prison? Nah let's really punish her with a fat retirement.
any government employee except her and Lois Lerner would be fired for doing the same thing
Kennedy sees McCarthy tactics: "What is your relationship with Lois Lerner?" Kapenga, R-Delafield, asked Kennedy...
Better question is "Why do you think Lois Lerner might be interested in Wisconsin campaigns?"
What is it exactly you lunatics believe Lois Lerner brought to the table?
"Lois Lerner is a slimy person" who abused IRS to attack conservatives. "Rel w/ Kevin Kennedy is relevant."
You probably think Lois Lerner lost her emails and Iraq has wmds too. You are the perfect voter for our corrupt system.
"That is like right out of the McCarthy era to ask about that" -- Kevin Kennedy, when asked about his relationship to t…
Yes, GAB's Kevin Kennedy really did just compare Sen. Kapenga to Joseph McCarthy for asking Kennedy about his relationship…
Ask Lois Lerner. She did nothing wrong, but needed to plead the 5th anyway.
Kevin Kennedy is an atrocious GAB director, but his relationship with Lois Lerner has nothing to do with that fact.
If Kevin Kennedy doesn't like questions about Lois Lerner, he has no business asking anyone else about "coordination."
Disgraced IRS official Lois Lerner’s old boss is a friend of Kevin Kennedy.
Heated exchange between GAB director Kevin Kennedy & Sen. Chris Kapenga, who asked Kennedy about his relationship to Lois Lern…
‘Brought BOOM to the ROOM!’ Trey Gowdy dismantles Lois Lerner ‘like a boss’ 
Is Trey Gowdy just putting on a show?? ~ Or Is he really gonna put Hillary Clinton and Lois Lerner behind bars??
So what if Koskinen is found in Contempt of Congress?. So was Eric Holder. So was Lois Lerner. No consequences with a c…
The Justice Department has declined to pursue contempt of Congress charges against Lois Lerner for her refusing to testif…
Very much so. Kim Davis is in jail right now instead of Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner...
How screwed up is our country? Clerk Kim Davis is in jail, and Lois Lerner is not. Tyranny.
Kim Davis goes to jail !!...Lois Lerner found in contempt ...Eric Holder found in contempt ..they walked free...laws are for …
So Kim Davis goes to jail for contempt of court, but Lois Lerner & Eric Holder still /Sanctuary stat…
Lois Lerner goes on paid administrative leave from the IRS, but KY clerk goes to jail?
Hey, innocent people plead the Fifth all the time. Like that Lois Lerner woman.
Probably the same as the Lois Lerner (IRS) investigation. *Michelle Bachmann was right."Gangster Gov't"
Today, I went on to talk about Lois Lerner using a secret personal email address. Click here to watch -->http:/…
is this what the leader of the free world does? What about Benghazi, Lois Lerner, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton.
For the same reason Lois Lerner and Jonathan Gruber aren't in jail: They're Democrats.
Lois Lerner: public records destroyed. . Hillary Clinton: public records destroyed. . I feel like there should be a law...wai…
The president who Lois Lerner helped re-elect has labeled Derek Jeter a cheater. Wonder if he thought that through.
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SO in order to justify Hillary's email crimes, Lois Lerner, and Now Carolyn Kennedy used private emails to communicate Govt secret business.
IRS: Lois Lerner had another private e-mail account used for official business … as “Toby Miles”
What does Lois Lerner think is the "worst" thing to ever happen in America? Not 9/11. Not slavery. Citizens United!
Late Edition with Tim Constantine (July 30, 2015): Tim reports on the latest ruling involving Lois Lerner's IR...
Tom Brady gets in more trouble for destroying his own cell phone than Lois Lerner did destroying IRS hard drives...
what about Hillary Clinton and Lois Lerner damaging, destroying hard drives computers and those mass deletions investigate those crooks
Also sent from Lois Lerner to Kevin Kennedy: a 16-pg email forward w/ pics of deer and albino moose in northern Michigan.
Lois Lerner to the Investigative Committee Chair: "Come at me, bro."
.And you believe all Directors that serve at the President's leisure? Lois Lerner, Julia Pierson, Katherine Archuleta, etc.
The Wisconsin DA who helped coordinate SWAT raids on conservatives is also close friend with (of course) Lois Lerner. ht…
Lois Lerner met with Eric Holder's Justice Dept officials to plan prosecution of conservatives - hello
This is SERIOUS! IRS, Obama, Lois Lerner & Justice Dept tried to prosecute Conservative Orgs! No mention by .
Will our Justice Dept. investigate & Lois Lerner? Will our new US Attorney Gen. stand for the or corruption?
Why is Killery, Lois Lerner, Holder and Al Sharpton walking around like rock stars when they belong in federal prison? Take that on Trump.
AG Lynch, do your job...investigations & indictments of Lois Lerner, Clinton Foundation, Al Sharpton etc
employees deleted hundreds of backup tapes containing over 20,000 Lois Lerner e-mails:
Religious freedom is one thing, but the First Church of Cannabis? Now that Lois Lerner is gone, is the IRS confusing communion with commune?
The Treasury Deputy IG has confirmed what most suspect re: Lois Lerner: "There is potential criminal activity." http…
... Accountability? Sounds like another Lois Lerner moment is forthcoming
Race Dolezal, Susan Rice, Lois Lerner, and Hillary Clinton all have something in common. LYING.
DC District Court: IRS has until Friday to provide answers about Lois Lerner's emails.
TIGTA's J. Russell George says they hope to produce final report by end of month on Lois Lerner's emails, but still conducting interviews.
This person would likely give Lois Lerner the Public Service Employee of the Year award.
This is true... but then there would be no IRS, no Lois Lerner. The original tax for Federal gov was tariff much like sales tax.
Let me see...u have to refile yrs of taxes because u got caught.Where is Lois Lerner when u need her ? Vote for u ?
Jon Corzine level. Unless you work for U.S. govt where the bar is much lower (see Lois Lerner).
-Ex2: Lois Lerner. Ex3: Can't remember his name right now, but a former Goldman Sachs exec. admitted stolen 4b (1/2)
.says without Lois Lerner, Barack Obama would not be President today. Details 8PM on
You mean like a committee to overlook campaign fraud? Maybe the DOJ? IRS? Lois Lerner to look into it
# of Conservative groups actually forced to disclose donors & lose tax exempt status by Lois Lerner - Zero. Still.
“Get rid of your personal documents safely at the NBC4/Allstate Community Shred. It starts at 8 a.m." attn: Lois Lerner!
Hillary took email deleting classes from Lois Lerner.
Why isn't Hillary in jail? But then again, why isn't Lois Lerner in jail? Why isn't Al Sharpton in jail? Why isn't . . .
Can't believe Netanyahu won! They must not have a Candy Crowley of Lois Lerner over there.
First it was Lois Lerner's vanishing emails, now Hillary's--seems this is the LEAST transparent govt we've had
Washington can't be fixed by voting. The corruptness runs deep within departments run by Civil Service employees like Lois Lerner & others.
When you read more about how Lois Lerner has used her public offices as partisan weapons, criminal prosecution seems appropriate.
She's a Lois Lerner clone. But with a big bank account from Arab donors
First Lois Lerner losing her emails, now Hillary making sure there was no track of hers while at state dept.
IRS watchdog reveals Lois Lerner missing emails now subject of criminal investigation
Karma is about to catch up with Lois: | She deserves nothing less than life.
So now we have had issues with Lois Lerner AND Hillary's emails. They aren't accidental. This is corruption.
now the real fun comes. Her emails will be demanded, and if she pulls a Lois Lerner "hard drive failure" she's done.
REVEALED: DOJ Shut Down Search For Lois Lerner's Emails and IRS never looked at all!
relax everyone, Hillary has hired Lois Lerner to find her private State Department emails.
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5) Of course, the IRS secret/lost/resurrected emails are in a category all their own ==>
Lois Lerner wondering why she ever used her IRS email account in the first place.
Lois Lerner will be at the center of an Internal Revenue Service inspector general’s criminal investigation into...
Lois Lerner: “No one will ever believe that both your hard drive and mine crashed within a week of each other.”
If you can believe it, here's an actual email sent by Lois Lerner:
Breaking: Lois Lerner's emails were found on back-up tapes. Back-up tapes were never even requested by the per IG…
. Trying to imaging Lois Lerner going over the tax returns of Sam Adams or Paul Revere.
Wonder how Brother, Malik Obama, a Terrorist FUNDER, got clearance 4 IRS tax exempt status in 30 days, by Lois Lerner?
than Do not allow Hillary Clinton too make use of the 5th amendment like Lois Lerner did JFK 2
State of the Union: What we didn't hear in the State of the Union speech: The USA is now $18 trillion dollars in debt. Obama admit he added more debt than all the Presidents who came before him together. ISIS now controls a third of Syria and Iraq. Iran's goal is nuclear weapons. Lois Lerner. Jonathan Gruber. An apology for ObamaCare lies. That the economy is beginning to recover because of lower gas prices and the private sector. What we did hear: I'm right and everyone else is wrong.
The IRS just relented and will release ALL of Lois Lerner's emails. Good.
I'd like to see Lois Lerner sitting next to Obama while he talks about raising taxes.
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