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Lois Griffin

Lois Griffin (nΓ©e Pewterschmidt) is a character from the animated television series Family Guy.

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Tryna model pretty sure this was early 2015 (me n my Lois Griffin nose)
I'm crying I'm really the real life Lois Griffin
I was Lois Griffin for mad long lol
"Why do I ever try to be friends with other women?" - Lois Griffin.
I want someone to love me just like Lois Griffin loves Peter πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
Lois Griffin is a horny fox in a bar looking for excitement.
Well, now that this Johnson thing is over people can go back to concentrating on Drumph and Lois Griffin...oh, I mean Trump and Hillary
People beating their meat to Marge Simpson and Lois Griffin I'm sick
People really watching Lois Griffin and Bonnie Swanson get it on?
"Hey, Lois! Look, the two symbols of the Republican Party: an elephant and a big fat White guy who's threatened by change" - Peter Griffin πŸ˜‚
Lois Griffin or Trump? Who Said it?. We have intelligence that suggests that Hitler is plotting with the Legion of Doom to assassinate Jesus
Watching speech reminded me of Lois Griffin running for mayor : 911 911 911
Ted Cruz's press conference is like when Lois Griffin when she ran for Mayor πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lois Griffin's campaign speech and the crowd reaction was supposed to be wasn't supposed to predict the future!
This reminds me of when Lois Griffin ran for mayor and was like, "9/11 was bad."
Does Hillary's speech remind anybody of Lois Griffin in Family Guy when she ran for office? Waiting for her to throw in a "911"..
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Hillary Clinton's victory speech reminds me of Lois Griffin when she became mayor.
I added a video to a playlist Sexy Scene Lois Griffin and Marge Simpson
The first word of Stewie Griffin that Lois understood was *** .
The greatest thing ever would be editing every single Hunger Games movie so every "Peeta" is edited to Lois Griffin shouting "Peeta" lmao
cats searching cartoon like: "I bet Lois Griffin got some good sloppy" lol
yeah Lois griffin is a squeaky tart to be fair
"Peter, I am not a sideshow attraction. At least not anymore...". -- Lois Griffin
2nd most popular question in Nebraska behind "How's the weather?" is "Lois Griffin or Marge Simpson?"
. KILLING MR. GRIFFIN by Lois Duncan. Tell us what you think about it!
I finally figured out who Lady Gaga looks like. Its Lois Griffin.
's campaign reminds me of when Lois Griffin was running for mayor of Quahog
but I want to see Brian griffin railing Lois
Everyone's disappointed about the South Carolina results, but I, for one, welcome President Lois Griffin
Is it bad that I REAAALLLY wanna have 1 night with lois griffin
A vote for Hillary is a vote for Lois Griffin in that one Family Guy episode.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Everything Fox News says is a lie. Even true things, once said on Fox News, become lies. ~ Lois Griffin
Watching Unique Sweets and I realize there are 2 redheads I'm infatuated with, and Lois Griffin from Family Guy. So Dreamy!!
I'm speaking in historical context. LOL. If so, I'll just do what Lois Griffin did and reply with 9/11 to every answer or.
I think that Peter Cancel the Movie Zapped with Lois Griffin. And have a party at the Bar with Cleveland Brown.
I bet you taste like Mountain Dew and Starburst.-Lois Griffin
Tom Tucker: "Mrs. Griffin - what do you plan to do about garbage pick up in Quahog?" . Lois Griffin: "A lot." *crowd cheers .
Lois Griffin, how will you fix this issue... "9/11"
All I know is when I get home Monday I get to chill with the homies Freddie Scott-Miller, Liam Bagnall & Jodie Lois Griffin.
Terri Coverley from The Thick Of It and Alex Borstein who voices Lois Griffin are inducted into…
We've just found someone on Linkedin who looks like Lois Griffin for Family Guy! Now to find the rest of the family!
Am I the only one who noticed that Lois Griffin Cooks the same meal every night on Family Guy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Just off to see the voice of Lois Griffin tell some jokes.
Lois Griffin from 'Family Guy' sounds like Janice from 'Friends' .
I lowkey always had a thing for Lois Griffin. Honestly wanted to shove my *** through my tv and poke her ***
I liked a video from How To: Lois Griffin (Family Guy) Impression -
Nothing ruins your Friday more than realizing it's only Monday
You know what I'm just gonna let him drive home.
most definitely serious. Oh wait he's trying to unlock his car now.
I just want a wife like Lois griffin!
this debate is literally Lois Griffin repeating "9/11" over and over on stage against Mayor Adam West
Quoting Star Wars to look good is as naff as unnecessarily invoking 9/11. Lois Griffin level politics.
Bernie Sanders becomes the new voice of Lois Griffin on Family Guy.
Alderaan was the Mississippi of the galaxy according to Lois Griffin
I can't answer this question myself. Who is hotter? Lois Griffin or Francine Smith?
So the Republicans are Peter Griffin and the Democrats are Lois.
O'Malley just brought up the Lois Griffin 9/11 mentions
One day, Lois griffin is gonna kill peter and I'm not gonna be surprised
tonight I met this old lady named Lois griffin and it literally made my entire night
Oh my god please stop this is like lois griffin running for mayor
you sound like Lois Griffin with empty platitudes and rhetoric. "9...11" -Lois Griffin.
"Omg can we talk about Latina Lois Griffin" -on Ana Navarro
Hillary Clinton is using the Lois Griffin campaign strategy. (Vine by
Tuning in for the in 40 mins. Hillary is always a show *snort* Someone compared her to Lois Griffin on FG
"The secret to happiness is burying all your true feelings and living a life of bland compromise". -Lois Griffin. LMAO
9/11 Is the Answer to Everything, According to Hillary Clinton and Lois Griffin via
OMG have u lot heard voice omg it is litterally lois griffin. How tf can i *** to that...
I liked a video Lois griffin hits peter
Another typical night in with Peter and Lois Griffin
who would have thought that you and make such a fine double act. Carmen Electra and Lois Griffin!
I added a video to a playlist Lois griffin hits peter
I added a video to a playlist Best of lois griffin
I would bang lois griffin any given time
I'm getting sick.. So you know what that means. *lois griffin voice*
I wonder is 'Lois Griffin' her natural voice?
Just found a friend of a friend on FB is called Lois Griffin. . I honestly don't know where to start.
Hilary Clinton is starting to remind me more and more of Lois Griffin running for mayor
Peter Griffin: "Ok Lois, I dabbed some toothpaste on the inside of my nose, so I'm willing to take the old 'nesty plunge'". Wonderful.
why not? After all it did help Lois Griffin get elected Mayor on Family Guy. πŸ˜…
So. Chris Christie is only using the same debate points that Lois Griffin used when she ran for mayor of Quahog.
When any candidate takes the Lois Griffin Mayoral Debate platform, it's a problem...
Chris Christie: In the great words of Lois Griffin "9.11"
Chris Christie used the Lois griffin approach
pulling a play out of Lois Griffin's playbook "and 9 11"
Republicans really think they're Lois Griffin, throwing out 9/11 everywhere just to win an election.
Did Chris Christie just go all Lois Griffin on us? (Watch @ 1:30)
Ugh... How many candidates' closing statements are going to be like Lois Griffin's?
Chris Christie at every Debate is like Lois Griffin when she ran for office in Family Guy. 9.11... *crowd cheers*
Did Chris Christie just close with the Lois Griffin defense?
Christie channeling Giuliani / Lois Griffin with his closing statement: "Ahem... 9/11."
I see we're going with the Lois Griffin "9/11" strategy with these closing remarks here
Chris Christie closing with the Lois Griffin strategy
And Carly Fiorina doesn't miss a beat in following up with her own Lois Griffin impression
TIL: Christie is taking the Lois Griffin tack in debate finales.
I remember when Lois Griffin ran for Mayor of Quahog.
Christie closing with the Lois Griffin method
Christie going with the Lois Griffin strategy tonight
Chris Christie just pulled the Lois griffin
Lois, Chris Christie: 9/11 was bad! Vote for me!
Sounds like Lois Griffin is running for mayor again...
Mayor West vs Lois Griffin had a better debate
Donald Trump sounds like Lois Griffin when she running for mayor.
Chris Christie is channeling the Lois Griffin strategy 9.wait for it, wait for it.11
In my best Peter Griffin voice..."OMG Lois if you wear this dress I'm gonna lose it!!
Christie really running as Lois Griffin is my favorite running subplot of these stupid debates.
.is using the Lois Griffin campaign strategy.
Clinton sounds like Lois Griffin running for mayor against Adam west
I've seen Lois Griffin's boobs but what I really wanna see is a Minion's ***
Superman realizes that he cannot "Thor hammer" Lois like she wants. *Thor is fictional..and thinks he's a god*
Prices are the lois like mrs griffin
Photo: classicmeevs: smelku: "I'm just so sorry.." -Peter Griffin im just so friggin sorry lois
Anyone else as excited about Halloween as I am? Lois and Peter Griffin was a good year. Stayed in…
Lois Griffin nearly always wears the same thing. No one really notices.
Her Lois Griffin impersonation is spot on!
Family Guy - Stewie griffin says wil wheaton to his mom lois griffin via
One of the managers here has put up a new picture on his wall. It's a cartoon version of himself being kissed on the cheek by Lois Griffin.
"Lois, everybody has their sanctuary. Catholics have churches, fat people have Wisconsin...". -Peter Griffin
livi can impersonate Lois Griffin a little too well
Is it weird that Lois Griffin looks hot when she's bald??
Donald Trump sounds like Lois Griffin's mayoral debate speech on Family Guy
Reading this article made me sick to my stomach. Btw, why is he dressed like Lois Griffin?
I've never really had a talent but if I had to actually choose one, it'd be impersonating Lois Griffin from Family Guy, try me πŸ‘©πŸ½
Charlotte trying to quote her father is like Lois Griffin trying to sing KISS lyrics.
I just had a random flashback to that picture of Lois Griffin 😐
What if you sound like Lois Griffin? πŸ˜‚
Based on nose shape alone, you'd have to assume that Boy George and Lois Griffin were siblings
Peter Griffin bangin Lois's box like a champ!
Who does Hillary Clinton souds like: Lois Griffin 9/11 via
I want that Peter and Lois Griffin type of relationship/marriage.
Carly Fiorina looks like Lois Griffin from Family Guy. Kinda/Sorta no?
The best thing about The Lizzie McGuire movie is that Mrs Ungermyer is the same actress who plays Mrs. Swan and Lois Griffin.
His name is Peter and I feel like screaming his name "Peta" thanks to Lois Griffin
I'm not sure how she did it, but Mara Liasson apparently interviewed Lois Griffin.
Anytime I see Donald Trump on TV I think of Lois Griffin .
I just realized Lois Griffin's face is the same as mine... :^(
That's good, I've only tried to do Lois Griffin's voice before for girls
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
How about Phyllis Diller or Lois Griffin? Both more deserving to appear on US notes than Thatcher IMHO.
So Rosemary the telephone operator from Hong Kong Phooey is Lois Griffin from Family Guy's AUNT?!
I find it weird that Lois Griffin dated enough that "Loose Lois" was a nickname Peter wasn't aware of, but they dated since high school.
Christie does the Lois griffin 9/11 tactic in the debate. Where's his involvement in a terrorism case?
Lois Griffin is hot and has a rockin bod
.this is how Lois Griffin got elected Mayor of Quahog too.
Chris Christie would put his wife, Lois Griffin on the $10 bill
Ted Cruz is running on the Lois Griffin method of "America. 9/11. Terrorist are bad."
Why haven't we discussed how much Carly Fiorina looks like Lois Griffin?
out of the Lois Griffin play book. 9...11...
Lois Griffin should be in this debate. She's got it all down.
If you've seen it (and I won't elaborate for those who haven't), Christie went all Lois Griffin with his latest answer.
Basically the last 10 minutes of the | Lois Griffin 9/11 via
Chris Christie taking a page from the Lois Griffin playbook.
His entire campaign is like Lois Griffin on Family Guy. NINE. ELEVEN. *APPLAUSE*
Christie pulling the Lois Griffin move now. 9 -GASPS- 11. *Applause*
I added a video to a playlist Family Guy Online- How to make a Lois Griffin (look-alike)
Ib4 Lois Griffin ("Supreme...Court") and Jim Kramer (Put all Karma to Supreme Court posts)
Peg Bundy Marge Simpson & Lois about single mom Bonnie Franklin
will there be a Lois Griffin singing in the background to?
I'm the worst singer ever - like if Lois Griffin and Linda Belcher morphed into one nasally songbird.
"It's hard to take anything that comes out of your mouth serious after knowing what's been it" - Peter Griffin to Lois lmao
"I can't take you seriously knowing the stuff you put in your mouth." -Peter Griffin to his wife, Lois Griffin.
Lois Griffin married to Peter gives me hope that I can overachieve.
What if Peter Griffin, Stewie, Brian and Lois from the cartoon "Family Guy" drove their car to Winston-Salem, Nort...
Peter griffins a big fan . Of baylor of robert griffin of lois of . Monical lewinsky . Of blues traveler . Of geddy lee
Lois Griffin is hot. But no female animated character will ever be hotter than Jessica Rabbit.
Ever been doing laundry and suddenly think you're Lois Griffin.
Dormtainment: Marge Simpson is loyal but Lois Griffin is bad 😭😭
I liked a video from The BEST LOIS GRIFFIN Impression - Family Guy - Philip Green
β€œI want you to do me so hard we have to change churches.” - Lois Griffin. . I have no idea why but I am laughing hysterically at that.
Join us Sun. 2-3 live on The Linwood Jackson Radio Show-
She's the voice of Lois Griffin in Family Guy.
There is a battle in my mind reading "There you are Peter". It's The voice of Wendy vs Lois Griffin. *brain ex…
I'm obviously too much into if I actually thought that this said "Lois" as in Lois Griffin. lmfao
situation Dante Gaines Lois Griffin Fattz Love Word of city we hot now
it's actually Lois like Lois griffin
Saw this trending and thought it was about Lois Griffin. Can't say I'm not disappointed.
your avi looks like a black Lois Griffin.
Our camping neighbor sounds EXACTLY like Lois Griffin.
As if they make Steven Buntings walk out girl dress up as Lois Griffin πŸ˜‚
Why we play golf, explained by Peter and Lois Griffin (Family Guy):
Me trying to do a Lois Griffin reaction.
I have a voice like Lois Griffin when I yell.
Steven bunting's walk on song of "bird is the word" and the walk on girl dressed as Lois griffin is just amazing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I can't believe they make Buntings walk on girl dress as Lois Griffin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ what's gan on??
Loving the walk on girl dressed as Lois Griffin for walk on music tonight. The Bird is The Word
A green button up and khakis, I call this look "The Lois Griffin".
"Jews are gross, Lois. It's the only religion that has the word 'ewww' in it." - Peter Griffin.
For everyone who doesn't believe I have a Lois Griffin nose or have never seen it, here you go you…
Peter and Lois Griffin are relationship goals.
Wish would do her Lois griffin impression on the phone
Peter Griffin (sarcastically) "I'm here to save the unborn Lois. Once they get out of their mothers *** I don't give a fcuk"!
"Ok Lois, remember to feed the cat, and remember to get a cat". Peter Griffin. .
Can you be my Lois to my Peter griffin
Woman behind me at the baseball that laughs like Lois Griffin off Family Guy but nowhere near that attractive.
When you turn into a 40 year old suburban mother turning into Lois Griffin>>>>
Peter Griffin: "Look Lois, I don't mind you ageing and that, but just stop with shoving it down my throat." AHA :D lol
VIP on voice acting, fans, and the inspiration for Lois Griffin’s voice:
Ralf is the best :) And his missus gets more like Lois Griffin every week.
*** it ever since you said Lois Griffin i got Peter stuck in my head telling her he's gonna eat her nose.
Talking to my Grammee on the phone aka the voice actress for Lois Griffin
"They're just as good. Some women prefer them." -Lois Griffin
Lois Griffin from Family Guy was voted the 89th sexiest woman in the world on 😐 πŸ˜‚
Mr. Mcloughlin and I had a conversation where he imitated Peter Griffin and I was Lois. πŸ˜‚
Yeah Alf is just a puppet but Lois Griffin and Marge Simpson are just cartoons that people sexualize for xvideo banner ads
"I'm going through a phase where I'm only attracted to handsome men." - Lois Griffin
When I'm 30 I'll probably look like Peter Griffin, and if I have a Lois I'll be pretty proud of myself
When Katniss says Peeta it just reminds me of Lois Griffin saying 'Peter' πŸ˜‚
that Family Guy scene where andy capp does a 'capp smear' on lois griffin by smelling it. ROTFL
is lois griffin ready to join the WWE and quit her role in
Lowkey, if Lois Griffin was a real person.I'd clap her cheeks πŸ‘πŸΎ
[link removed] The Family Guy star explains the origins of Lois Griffin's voice, and discusses her new HB…
Brian Griffin to Lois- "oh, are they having a award ceremony for how well you did the dishes last night" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
"Besides the Army is weak, the Marines are the ones you really wanna f*** " -Lois Griffin
Today's aesthetic: Lois Griffin punching Peter in the face . I aspire to be a woman like her
*continues to do impressions of both Stewie Griffin and Lois Griffin interacting with each other*
some ppl still think that LOIS GRIFFIN is a real person
β€œdude. what. everyone just start handing over their Oscars... Lois griffin??? Is that u???
Movies with in them annoy me, he sounds like the male version of Lois Griffin.
"Lois, this family believes in the Easter Bunny, he died for our sins in that helicopter crash." - Peter Griffin
Accidentally drew Lois Griffin as an 8 year old
pretty sure your just Lois Griffin.
you look like Lois Griffin. Not that there's anything wrong with that ;)
have peter griffin put me in his mouth like he did Lois!
I think you should make a Simpsons episode where Marge beats up Lois Griffin
This was why I love . Voiced a villain before Lois Griffin on . Lucky girl!
Stephen Bunting and walk on girl dressed as Lois Griffin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
one day I hope to have a relationship like petter griffin and lois griffin
Just saw Stephen Bunting's walk up girl dressed as Lois Griffin last night...genius!
. Purna?. I'll add her to the list with Jessica Rabbit and Lois Griffin
"Remember: If she smokes, she pokes.". -Lois Griffin
I want that Lois and Peter Griffin relationship...
Maybe it's the fact that I should be sleeping but I just became acutely aware of Lois Griffin's earrings
Just realising now that yer woman with the red hair accompanying at the darts was supposed to be Lois Griffin. Bloody ***
seen better days, Lois. Seen better days. _Peter Griffin voice
Lois Griffin is a seriously hot chick - I've seen some dodgy cartoons of her ..
Must be a vine of Bunting walk on with girl dressed as Lois Griffin?
Check out Lois and Brian Griffin by Sparkru-chan on
S Bunting's walk-on girl at darts dressed as Family Guy's Lois Griffin (he looks like Peter). Whatever they get paid, it's not enough
Love Stephen Buntings walk-out, Bird Is The Word music and the walk-out woman dressed like Lois Griffin from Family Guy!
Ha ha love that walk on girl dressed as Lois Griffin! Quality :)
Stephen Buntings walk on girl dressed as Lois Griffin
Bunting's walk-on girl dressed up like Lois Griffin from Family Guy. Brilliant
Hah love the Lois Griffin walk on lass for bunting
Just noticed they drew Bunting’s walk on girl like Lois Griffin, should guessed sooner tbh
if that's Lois Griffin I'm called John mate
Lois Griffin is actually such a milf πŸ‘Œ
My voice is so nasally, I hate it. I sound like a mixture of Ray Romano and Lois Griffin - How devastating.
"I'm going to pound you until you look like an exploded Hot Pocket." -Peter Griffin to Lois before sex.
He said I look like lois griffin like *** no I dont?
Lois griffin is the perfect example of wife material
hopefully Lois griffin does beat you to the point
The lady behind him sounds like Lois Griffin
"Everything Fox news say is a lie, even true things once said on Fox news become lies" -Lois Griffin
Lois Griffin called, she wants her shirt back.
Sat next to alex bornstein on my flight back from LA. She's the voice of "Lois griffin in Family Guy"…
I know it's a cartoon but I honestly don't know how lois griffin puts up with Peter
In the wise words of Lois griffin "what's the point in praying to God if you're just going to wipe your butt with his answers?"
Gaga looks like Lois Griffin tho... Am I tripping or..?
She reminds me of Lois Griffin without the annoying accent when she sings.
Lois Griffin is the most hold you down girl ever
PHOTO: Peter and Lois Griffin walk on at the Premier League in Leeds this evening!
if you have a crush on Lois Griffin.
Other than someone that doesn't resemble Lois Griffin?
I think Peter and Lois Griffin are actually relationship goals
I saw the real Lois Griffin from Family Guy πŸ˜‚
60?? You really think GPs will work on till they're 60? Seriously? ( Use Lois Griffin voice for maximum effect... )
.Ha! Side note, make sure you have safesearch on before you image search "Lois Griffin brownie day"...
Just refinanced my car and I swear the girl on the phone sounds EXACTLY like Lois Griffin from Family Guy!
I'm thinking more Lois griffin and sometimes Marge Simpson. Someone at work admits to *** fantasies about Bambi's mum.
The only person that can wear blue eyeshadow and get away with it is Lois Griffin
Literally cracking up at my Lois griffin accent
Meaning he wasn't actually related to Nate Griffin, so he's not actually part black, and Lois's dad's family didn't 'own' Peter's family
I don't know what the big deal is ladies. Lois Griffin has had 3 kids and is still the same size she was in high school.
Changed my thingy to "Lois griffin" because I have a pointy nose like her .. That's my mom
I wanna have phone sax with Lois griffin.
Can't help you with the smoking but I can help you get pregnant ;-) You have to dress up as Lois Griffin though.
A smart man would have said: "Lois... you're my GOLD medal!!!" However, Peter Griffin, as we ALL know, can be a dolt!!!
Me and are a bit like peter n lois griffin as she's a fit read head with great *** n I'm a fat moron
Can't get enough of Peter Griffin "Lois, Do you, see wheel chair under Mark Harmon" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Peter and Lois Griffin are the real relationship goals let's be honest here
Sure, Kate Upton is hot, but how 'bout that *** on Lois Griffin?
Lois Griffin gives me the weirdest ***
"... they don't have to do drugs to be popular" . -Lois Griffin
So is Lois Griffin from Family Guy, Marge Simpson from The Simpsons, and Francine Smith from American Dad..
She is my Lois Griffin! I work very last bit of her nerves but yet she still love me unconditionally and I love her for that
Idk what Lois sees in Peter Griffin and I never will .
"Seems to me, that all you see, is violence In movies and sex on tv" -lois griffin
I learned that I can do a Lois Griffin impression today.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Peter, Lois and Stewie Griffin talks like Magic Mouths from LBP series. Watch on Netflix!
Random info: I do impressions of Lois Griffin from Family Guy.
Lois Griffin is da most down wife ever.
Marge Simpson, Lois Griffin, Wilma Flintstone... Marry one, bang one, kill one... GO!
My boyfriend has a crush on Lois Griffin..πŸ˜‚
Some of these comments remind me of Lois Griffin berating Peter for not understanding the language of subtlety in Godfather.
Peter and Lois Griffin from Family Guy having sex lmao
I'm just a Peter griffin looking for a Lois b
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