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Lois Griffin

Lois Griffin (née Pewterschmidt) is a character from the animated television series Family Guy.

Marge Simpson Peter Griffin Francine Smith Family Guy Peggy Hill Lois Lane

I want a Lois and Peter Griffin type of relationship
Fun fact the milley, meely idk how to spell her name in the movie is the voice of Lois Griffin in FG.
Gambling with the Blue Jays future - "Spin the wheel raggedy man!!"-Lois Griffin  Call the cops! Call ...
I'll tell Marge like tell Lois Griffin, "You married this guy so who really failed here? Lol.
Lois Griffin knows that the less clothes she has – the more chances to hook up somone in the bar: Here are a few…
Sharing Bath Luxuries: Which couple are you? The romantic advert couple or Larry and Lois Griffin from the ‘Fa...
Lois Griffin raping Hitler with a talking Jewish strap-on for example. could be deemed offensive on many fronts... . a) Why ?. . b) Who to ?
If lois griffin was a real person she would get boomed
Who got that body out chea, Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin? Lmao
Lol no lie if I was a cartoon, Lois griffin is mine 😂😂😂we'd just have to do something about that voice
Lois, it's called the poop deck. That is why I pooped there. - Peter Griffin
I prefer Lois Griffin's rendition of that song. It should be the official version. More work friendly for the avg joe.
Ok Lois remember to feed the cat, and to get a cat - Peter Griffin
I love Demi Lovato but sometimes she sounds like Lois Griffin
I can't complain though. Where I live a lot of ppl sound like Lois & Peter Griffin.
I can do a sick Lois Griffin and Bonnie Swanson accent
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- "Lois, we're going to live in a farm". - "What?". - "It's where vegetables live". Como não amar o Peter Griffin?
for some reason Stewie Griffin popped in my head "Lois! Lois! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mommy!" .
Who would you pick. Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin??
"What's the point of praying if you're just going to wipe your butt with God's answers?" - Lois Griffin, Family Guy - Wisdom to live by!
I'm on the same plane as the lady who does the voice for Lois Griffin on Family Guy 😎
did anyone else listen to Anaconda for the first time and think that Nicki Minaj sounds exactly like Lois Griffin...
I'm looking for a wife like Lois Griffin
I need a wife like Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin 😂
Who is way hotter Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin
Signing the guest book at the river "we heard a loon. Peter and Lois Griffin."
Lois Griffin, the girls from Totally Spies, Francine Smith, Daphne Blake, Cinderella, Dawn, Korra, Wonder Women I'll also be,
Peter and Lois Griffin are literally the worst parents ever, it literally makes me physically sick to watch them.
Prices are the lois like misses griffin
I've been a fan since Lizzie McGuire.. And just Loved you as Ms Swan and Lois Griffin.. Your fabulous.
Ok I won't go into details but who would you rather do: Marge Simpson or Lois
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" no matter what you do for the rest of your life, you'll always be garbage " . — Lois Griffin 😏
"Lois, in my defense, I have nothing to back up the beginning of this sentance" - Peter Griffin
You know what Lois, I am not comfortable talking about this amelodically. - Brian Griffin
You Are Lois Griffin Even though you're getting older that doesn't stop you from living the life you want to live. You have to be a patient person because you're constantly surrounded by ***
Prices at their lois like mrs griffin
Lois Griffin is my favorite cartoon milf
like lois griffin, have I touched a nerve em? 😂
"Look, I'm all for equality, but if you ask me, feminism is about choice". -Lois Griffin
she was on coke that's why she sounds like Lois griffin
Nikki need to blow her nose Lois griffin sounding *** 😂😂
I wish I was good at voice impressions. It's such a cool skill to have ha :) Lois Griffin is just not enough imo
"hi, I'm going door to door to campaign on behalf of Lois Griffin, may we count on your vote?" "...Chris this is our house"
Peter and Lois Griffin are the worst parents. They always leave a dog to babysit their kids
Price are the Lois like mrs griffin
Who would win out of a fight between Lois Griffin and Marge Simpson
Photoset: rule34andstuff: Rule 34 Babe(s) of the week: Lois and Meg Griffin(Family Guy).
I'll do that for you since I'm working on being a VoiceOver artist. Remind me to show you my impression of Lois Griffin.
Nick told me I sound like Lois Griffin and is now scrambling to turn that into a compliment
"So two straight people who hate each other have more of a right to be together than two *** people who love each other?" - Lois Griffin
Had to turn off Jake Bugg at glasto. He sounds like Lois Griffin.
Wait, I think you missed the Lois and Peter Griffin *** vore! Here, let me show you it!
On a non-football note, there's Shrek vore on FA today. The other day it was Lois Griffin and now this. I'm sticking to football.
yo you getting elder scrolls online... If not then you Lois Griffin lmao.
I liked a video Best of lois griffin
Someone needs to call the children's agency on Lois & Peter Griffin.
Lois Griffin: Peter, I told you about Jerome!. yeah, Peter, I remember Jerome!. (She thinks she is in Family Guy.)
Is Peter Griffin can get Lois then dammit I should be able to get any girl I want
The bassist from haim looks like lois griffin from Family Guy
Already looking forward to a Mexican food eve with the bestie
"If there was a god, why would He give you a smoking hot mom like Lois and then have you grow up looking like Peter?" - Brian Griffin 😂
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I just realized I was accidentally dressed as Lois Griffin yesterday
"I'm sorry Lois, I thought if I shook him enough he'd stop crying. I was sorta right" -Peter Griffin (while stand'n over Peter Jr grave)
Yes! Oh so great!! Watching the opening of this, can't help but think Ali looks like Khal Drogo & Olive sounds like Lois Griffin!
Lois Griffin, is such a Milf. My type of woman.
Peter Griffin brings hope to all men, if he can bang lois then anything can happen.
I cannot read this word without hearing Lois Griffin's voice in my head.
"You have an eye for horses Lois, this horse is retarded." ~Peter Griffin
"A person's sexuality is no more a choice than their skin color." LOIS GRIFFIN on Family Guy said this. Some people should let tht sink in.
Lois Griffin is the definition of a RIDE OR DIE!!!
but they have cute girls tbh meanwhile the guys be having Lois Griffin noses and resemble ratatouille
Lois Griffin: "I want your blessing, Peter.". Peter Griffin: "You'll get my stool in your eye, and that's all you'll get!"
If we being real, Lois Griffin a thot too
My prices are the lois like mrs griffin🔊
My prices are the lois like mrs griffin 😱
My prices are the Lois like mrs griffin
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Oh lord just realized tom and I share too many similarities with peter and lois Griffin. Ugh
"It's a solid gold tuxedo, Lois. I had to fight off three rappers down at the Nonsense Store to get it.". - Peter Griffin
which character do you love playing more Lois Griffin or Bunny Swan?
This lady sitting next to me sounds exactly like Lois Griffin.
Pretty dumb, Peter Griffin didn't kill himself when he found out Lois slept with Gene Simmons. But then, KISS rules!
Oh the guy in the Hunger Games is actually named 'Peeta' not Jennifer Lawrence doing Lois Griffin voice. Makes a little more sense.
your Lois Griffin impression caught me off guard and made me choke on my water and yeah you pretty much almost killed me.
"This is mine! This is where my babies come from." - Lois Griffin
fat guy - "mrs griffin what do you plan to do about traffic " . Lois - "9 .. 11" . *audience claps * . lmao there stupid 😂😂
Sounds like Lois Griffin can count on your vote
' are you aware that Lois griffin plans to cut taxes in half by the end of her two year term '
Vote for Lois griffin. Unless you're *** Ok even if you're *** No Jews though. Ok Jews
It's not that I want Lois dead.I just don't want her alive..anymore - Stewie Griffin.
Many nights I lie in bed pondering the many questions of the world whose answers evade without any further ado, I bring you the Curiosity Killed My Sleep Edition of Random Thoughts... - How do you tune a fish? - How do you milk an almond? - Why is it so difficult to get through the checkout at Wal Mart without some *** having a problem? - What would some people do if we took their cell phones away? - Where ARE you going? - What would life be like without bacon? - How much is TOO MUCH cowbell? - How many references of me marrying Erin Andrews is too many?  Did I pass that number a long time ago? - Whatever happened to the "entertainment" part of Entertainment & Sports Programming Network?  Is it the same place that the "music" from Music Television went? - Whatever happened to Pink Panther Flakes?  They made your milk pink! - Hey Billy Joel, if we didn't start the fire, who did? - Am I smarter than a 5th grader? - Is someone getting the best of you? - Who can it be now? - What did we do with .. ...
sometimes I get insecure about my nose but then I remember Lois Griffin has a big ugly nose and everyone loves her so I feel better
Our smoke free workplace lasted 5 days. Lois Griffin, Shauna Hankins, Wendy Comstock we are smoking easy again:)
The girl across from me while waiting for service on my car sounds just like Lois Griffin
I liked a video Lois Griffin does what she want with her BODY
Listen to this interview with about her appearance at the in Omaha on 6/6 w/
"Lois I am obligated to keep loving you so I will take my rage out on my body...let's go to Denny's" -Peter Griffin . 😂😂😂😂
Is really weird to think that Lois Griffin's hair isn't really orange :/
Glenn Quagmire: I'll do anything to you. Lois Griffin: what?. Glenn Quagmire: I'll do anything for you. LOIS...
"Of course a man made it, Lois. It's a commercial -- not a delicious Thanksgiving dinner." -- Peter Griffin
The question that's plagued mankind for years! . Who is then best cartoon wife?!. 1- Lois Griffin. 2- Francine Smith. 3- Marge Simpson.
All I send on snapchat is videos of me impersonating Peter Griffin.
And I've said it before but Lois griffin is fit
'Lois remember how you said you always wanted a diamond ring.thats right I bought a horse' Peter Griffin ha
"Lois, i know this may come as a shock. But, I think I'm Jesus Christ. Bow before Christ." - Peter Griffin.
'We're not bad people Lois. Horses are bad people' - Peter Griffin
Aaww. I miss Stewie Griffin and his hatred towards Lois.
I added a video to a playlist LOIS GRIFFIN PLAYS BLACK OPS 2
" Close your purse, I can see your tampons. And why do you need 6? What happens to you? " . - Stewie Griffin to Lois Griffin
I want a relationship like Peter Griffin and Lois... Peter is fat, stupid, and annoying as *** and Lois loves him unconditionally..
Lois Griffin's voice goes through me. Gross.
'Maybe I can be your superman'. 'Maybe I could be your Peter Griffin'. Do you know how many times people have used these on me 😂😊😂
Exam person- how do say your name?. Me- Lois as in Lois Lane or Lois griffin
Oh I was not aware that you can see the future Lois, can I go ahead and get tomorrow's lottery number. - Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin's wife's name, Lois, is not pronounced Louis
Carnegie Mellon may have Tony nominees but Salve has Lois Griffin
so glad! This show *** more than Lois griffin on her honeymoon.
who?!? Lois griffin? Cause it looks like peter taught you much more 😂😂😂
I wanna relationship like Peter and Lois Griffin
"If I'm a child, do you know what that makes you Lois? A pedophile. And I'd be damned if I'll sit and listen to a pervert." - Peter Griffin
there are other Lois' in this world including Lois griffin x
I bet you taste like Mt Dew and Starburst!!! Lois Griffin !!!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
My Lois Griffin impression is something I'm proud of
Lizzie McGuire's crazy high school principal is also the voice of Lois Griffin 💥
Peter Griffin: Eh, you're overreacting Lois and you can't spell overreacting without ovary... 'cause you're a girl 😂
Lois Griffin is phenomenal. Up there with Rapunzel from Tangled.
You'd better watch who you're calling a child, Lois. Because if I'm a child, you know what that makes you? A Pedophile. -- Peter Griffin
Ha ha! Yesterday, I was accused of channeling my inner Lois Griffin upon yelling at Kerrie to put a tire she found back by neighbor's door!
I don't think any tv moms compare to Linda Belcher. Not Marge Simpson, Lois Griffin, Francine Smith...especially not Peggy Hill.
"It's like our privates were shaking hands at a very important business meeting in a swamp," -Lois griffin
"Awkward moment? I'll give you an awkward moment. One time during sex I called Lois, Frank." - Peter Griffin
"Dance with me Lois . Dance the dance of life" - Peter Griffin
"Lois.. You can't spell love without LO you can't spell is without IS" Peter Griffin
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I can't believe Antonio Banderas and Lois Griffin are divorcing.
"Lois they were outta KY jelly at the store so I bought Smuckers" -Peter Griffin
Am I the only one that prefers Marge Simpson over Lois Griffin
Miss Ungermeyer from the Lizzie McGuire Movie voices Lois Griffin so let that sink in.
Leah Andrea Wells Ellen Moore Metoyer Jarrad Metoyer Leila Lewis Darrell Lance "Me likey bread sticks, me likey bread sticks! Stop it you're a big girl now" --Lois Griffin- Family Guy
Peter Griffin on 9/11 to Lois: Must have been a women pilot, eh
I love when people shove their big Lois Griffin noses into my business. I would really appreciate of you could keep your greasy hair and abnormally large nose out of other peoples business. ~ wormtail, Mooney, padfoot, prongs
I guess Lois Griffin is one lucky lady 😂😂😂
If you can't tell the difference between Lois griffin and every mother of everyone you grew up with.
“My mother in law's name will be Babs” so Lois Griffin the bae?
Flipping through the channels and see Lois Griffin singing "Steam Heat". Missing Drama Club days!
Lois Griffin can really be a pill sometimes.
In TOW The Soap Opera Party the lady in the 1 woman play is Alex Borstein, who plays the voice of Lois Griffin on Family Guy.
If i was a cartoon id pound lois griffin
Noticed Lois Griffin from Family Guy is in FHM top 100 this year! What type of freak votes for a cartoon girl? Where's spot?
sixpoint, do not change a thing. signed Peter Griffin dictated but not read. Lois read that back to me
Joseph (Peter Griffin) just got tickets to a Cher concert in Bethlehem…He's taking Mary (Lois Griffin)…
My mom makes her self sound like Lois griffin sometimes and it makes me just wanna out my own head through a wall
every time I tell people my name i become either . Lois Lane / Lois Griffin
Lois griffin is the hottest cartoon character!!
"You're not gonna kill yourself are you? That would be a severe black mark in my record as a mum" Lois Griffin
Dnt be hatin cos I'm perf *flips hair* *trys to strut out room then fall on da floor and start doin a Lois griffin boob hug* ha
"Sexy Lois Griffin Busy girl. Awww look, her cheeks are rosy from all the excitement.
I don't know who's more annoying: Peggy Hill, or Lois Griffin. 😒
I want that Peter Griffin and Lois relationship bruh, she will never leave that *** ✊😂
Just freaked out my roommate with a dead-on Lois Griffin impression. Still got it
Back to the gym tomorrow. My wife and I are starting to resemble Lois and Peter Griffin.
Thinking 'Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope' in your head. And now only hearing it in Lois Griffin's voice.
lmao they all sound like Lois Griffin from Family Guy
I cant believe lois griffin is actually nominated to be the sexiest woman in the world 😂😂
Time to watch some Family Guy and laugh. And listen to Lois Griffin's sexy voice
stories by the sticks video is hilarious! The "ma, mum, Lois" Stewie griffin! Definitely got that reference!😉
"Lois this family believes in Easter. The Easter bunny died for our sins in that helicopter crash" - Peter Griffin 😂👏
My brother just asked me if I wanted to "slam clam" with the real life Lois Griffin 😒
Lois Griffin in that discussion “Worst TV wife? Nancy Hicks-Gribble. Peggy Hill is in the top 5.”
It going on a bottle; trying to 10, I'd rate Lois Griffin around a different time.
People often wondered why someone as fat and stupid as Peter Griffin, has a wife like Lois. . Well, she's Ginger.
I should have to 10, I'd rate Lois Griffin around a constant marathon of these: up at BABScon.
Lois griffin followed me on instagram??? Had to follow back just because I love Family Guy. Think I'm lying on ig now
"Lois, men are not fat, only fat women are fat" - Peter Griffin
I took Zimbio's TV Mom quiz and I'm Lois Griffin! Who are you?
My Dad said yesterday that he would take Lois Griffin out on a date. He.hes something sometimes :p
You have to be like Lois Griffin. She stood by that *** through EVERYTHING he does lol
The wendys spokeswoman reminds me of lois griffin
if Peter Griffin were here I'm sure Lois would raise his hand for him... 😋😂
This lady is 48 with a 14 year old mind...voice sounds like Lois Griffin AND she's loud! !!
In case you didn't know, Lois griffin when to Kent State
Lois Griffin. The originator of thot headbands. 😂
Lois Griffin let Peter hit raw THREE TIMES. Y'all females need to lower your standards
A person's religion is no guarantee of success -Lois Griffin- (at GKII Pniel) —
Anyone else think Lois Griffin would be a dime in real life?
So I just found out that Peter and Lois griffin are 48 this year.Wow
I rate Peter Griffin , got more time for his *** cleveland than lois!
Cartoon crossover. Lois Griffin and Francine Smith are about to get there freak on. http:…
Mike nose shaped like Lois Griffin nose
Maybe it is because I secretly picture her as Lois Griffin because I have no idea what she looks like.
Lois Griffin "Tricia Takanawa My daughter needs a makeover like there's no freckin' tomorrow!"
Evidence uncovered during our investigation into abuses of power at the IRS shows Lois Lerner may have broken the law
I want 2 announce my new relationship!! I'm in love with Lois Griffin. Her and Peter r separating. Yea me!!
3:38am my brother pissing me tf off...oh *** naw don't have me wake the boss lady up (MAMA!).Lois Griffin OKAY
When Lois griffin starts laughing really hard it's the funniest thing ever lol
Its nice to make new friends, but none of them are worth it if your going to lose the best friend you've ever had. -Lois Griffin
"Any of you kids made any pot connections at school?"-brian griffin. "Yea"-Meg. "hey lois meg is going to take me outside to poop."-brian
Guess what I did Lois griffin as my ice breaker ur fave show
No one at my table on retreAt knew who Lois griffin was, you can imagine I was livid
I don't normally fancy cartoon characters but Lois Griffin is a proper sort !.
"Okay Lois, remember to feed the cat and remember to get a cat." - Peter Griffin
Last night, I had an extremely visceral dream about the Zombie Apocalypse, in which I had to kill Lois Griffin and Joe Pesci from Goodfellas
I am working on being Lois Griffin and it's not going well
lmao if you was a cartoon who would you date Marge Simpson, Peggy Hill, Lois Griffin, Donna Tubbs, Francine Smith, Linda Belcher
I want a woman like Lois Griffin! She's smart, strong, pretty and she puts up With all of peter's stupid crap but she's still with him. Because she love's him!
"Everything Fox News says is a lie. Even true things, once said on Fox News, become lies." - Lois Griffin
Lois griffin fell on her tittie... "ahh, ahh, ahhh"
Lois griffin is definitely a butter face
"Lois why do all the people in here look like Emperor Palpatine" . - Peter Griffin
Family Guy - Stewie griffin says wil wheaton to his mom lois griffin
Lois Griffin is the definition of a "through thick and thin" type of woman. I would've divorced Peter season 1 episode 1
wow, Peter and Lois Griffin really did not age well
Think I fancy lois griffin of Family Guy
shows us what it would look like if Peter Griffin had an Instagram. Poor Lois.
is Emily Maitlis. Not exactly a bloke, granted but my wish list will be a broad church. And to give another example is Lois Griffin.
"Even after having three kids, I bet Lois Griffin still has that good good." you're not alone!
When it comes to being with somebody I ain't looking for a Gina, Gabriel, or Beyonce. I straight looking for Lois Griffin.
you now Lois Griffin from Family Guy right? What if spritzee were to be orange?
Me n my mom Lois Griffin watching this here show.
Watching Family Guy. As far as animated 40 year old mother of 3s go, Lois Griffin is about as good as they get...
Lois Griffin "The army are weak, the Marines now they are the guys you want to f**k."
So... Lois Griffin and Lorretta (Cleavland's ex wife) is the same voice. 3 in the morning realizations. o.o
Does it blow your mind knowing that she's the voice of Lois Griffin?
Peter Griffin has a stroke from eating hamburgers and then Lois and Chris have a conversation and on the table are... Voila! Hamburgers.
Trying to decide who I fancy most: Lois Griffin, Daphne from Scooby Doo or Leela from Futurama. No, you're weird.
Just reading 'Killing Mr Griffin' by Lois Duncan (1978). Much names also appear in 'Family Guy'. Mr MacFarlane, I see wat u did there.. :I
Family Guy: Lois Griffin gets light blue semen ejaculated on her back
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Lois is too fine for Peter Griffin..
Okay, is it just me or does Bruce Jenner look like Lois Griffin?
Ok Lois Griffin is a total milf. Just saying
I hate migraines. Every time I can't help but think of Lois griffin and the peter tumor. Then to Schwarzenegger as kindergarten cop :/
"Lois, men aren't fat, only fat women are fat." - Peter Griffin
The sun is out and so are the sundresses and sandals
"I don't need honey Peter, I need a husband who will spend time with me." - Lois Griffin 😂😂😂
I feel like Brian Griffin ... the majority of America is Peter and lois the next generation is stewie ,Chris and meg ... anyone else?
Peter Griffin: "Nobody wants to be Peter Chris Lois, Even Peter Chris doesn't want to be Peter Chris!"
Shout out to my main squeeze Lois Griffin!
I see Marge Simpson and Lois Griffin as them safe white people parents.
ally calls me Lois Lane, way better than Lois Griffin
"I wanna do a keg stand!" This girl sounds like Lois griffin
I'd smash Lois Griffin if she was real.
wife is a live action, Lois Griffin.
is doing his best Lois Griffin imitation.
Diane Simmons is Lois Griffin twin sister given up for adoption
My mum and dad remind me so much of Lois & Peter Griffin
If you're a chick from New England, you sound like Lois Griffin until I hear that you don't 😆
Swear to god I only hear my name on TV, Lois on doctors, Lois Lane, Lois griffin and Lois off Malcolm in the middle xD
Yo Lois griffin's head looks like a *** head! Never noticed this lol 😂😂
Wanna relationship like peter and lois griffin when im older.
When you see someone with the exact same nose as Lois Griffin
great minds! I also don't mind a bit of Lois Griffin when she gets down to her undies 😯😏😄
Lois Griffin's voice makes me want to die.
"A culture fixated on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty, it is an obsession about female obedience." -Lois Griffin
Lois and Peter Griffin are the perfect couple
Hate my name I either gets called lois griffin or Lois Lane😒
Why does Lois Griffin have earings but no ears
If Lois Lerner doesn't want to answer questions of the American people, cut off her 6-figure taxpayer-funded pension. Bet sh…
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& let me tell you, she's nothing like the cartoon Lois Griffin. Lol.
I'll have dressed up as Lois Griffin and chained myself to Broadcasting House by then, they'll have locked me in BBC4 jail
She looks like one of the girls in Frozen. *Lois Griffin eye roll*
“I bet having sex with a chick that sounds like Marge Simpson would be annoying af!” And Lois griffin
I hope the last episode of is the death of Peter Griffin by asphyxiation from a pillow in the hands of Lois.
Lois Griffin's dad: I'm gonna *** away 20 grand. . Quagmire: What are you gonna do, bet on the Kincks?. Lmfao
"Brian Griffin's House of Payne" (S8) When Lois reads Brian's pilot script, she falls in love wi...
Lois Griffin: Chris go stand in the 10" or less line. Peter (imitating Archie Bunker): Stop with this (points 2 Lois' mouth)
my *** Why you sound like Lois Griffin when you talk?
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So how come all the wives of cartoon oafs are Marge Simpson, Lois Griffin, Blondie Bumstead, Wilma Flintstone...
A threesome with Lois Griffin and Francine Smith would be just the ticket.
Dedicated to Philip Seymour Hoffman Quoted from Family Guy S06E04 Peter Griffin: Boy this is romantic, isn't it, Lois? Lois Griffin: It sure is, sweetie. I feel like that fat *** British girl from Titanic. Peter Griffin: What girl? Lois Griffin: The *lead* in Titanic. The one opposite Leonardo Di Caprio. Peter Griffin: Sweetheart, that was a guy. Lois Griffin: What? Peter Griffin: That was a guy. That was Philip Seymour Hoffman. Lois Griffin: No it wasn't! Peter Griffin: Yes it was, honey. It was Philip Seymour Hoffman. Look at you out here on a big trip.
I'm pretty sure Seth Macfarlane just sits around on stacks of money and jacks it while drawing dirty pictures of Lois Griffin.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Fact: Stewie Griffin is actually *** His confusion over his sexual orientation is what fuels his aggression to destroy Lois.
Tom Hanks not being even nominated for an Oscar makes me not want to watch the oscars. (Probs still will...)
I've had my past I admit I used to be a total jerk and think to highly of myself and not about anyone else. But god forgave me. Not only I ask him for forgiveness but I pray for everyone in the world. Even if I am hated... life ain't just about living its about learning and sharing... I just wanna thank everyone that's apart of my life. Yukon Jack Renee Arp Angie Arp Lois Griffin and my wonderful baby Keri Nunley... love you all
Peter Griffin was like "woah woah, back it up. You have a sister?!". You've been married to Lois for however old Meg is!!
Me and Kyle are Peter and Lois Griffin. Like I've never seen a better comparison in my life.
If your voice is whinny maybe don't speak as much as you do? You're not Lois Griffin
What I would do to have Lois Griffin offer me angry sex..
The one on the right looks like a young Lois Griffin.
I have just said the words "for a cartoon Lois Griffin has a pretty tidy body"
Lois Griffin: Hey everybody. Wait til you see this. Peter Griffin: Oh my God! Movable printed type. We must keep this from the serfs, lest they gain literacy and threaten the landed gentry. Serf: What have you got there, my lord? Peter Griffin: Nothing! Back to your turnips!
Megan just sent me a snapchat of her sounding exactly like Lois griffin ly
I just heard a page for Lois Griffin and Peter Griffin overhead. it's cracking me up!
Lois Griffin mom ur the best mom ever love u to the moon and back;-)
"I want that b*tch Snow White to just admit she had an abortion"- Lois Griffin as Cinderella
When I have kids, I may or may not take all of my parenting advice from Lois Griffin... I'm going with may.
I will literally parent my children like Lois Griffin.
I try and do voice impersonations when I'm alone and I'm just terrible at them. It's embarrassing. I can only do a good Lois Griffin
Derrick and I are Peter Griffin and Lois Griffin in real life.
Just found out Lois Griffin and Ms Swan are the same actress :o
Kid sitting Infront of me has a bigger nose then Lois Griffin
.What are my fantasies then as you seem to know them? . Aside from the one with the Lois Griffin, don't go there!
Here is Obamas speech from today in case you missed it. . Lois Griffin 9/11: via
I wanna find a Lois griffin rper so I can ram her >:3
Family Guy dropped knowledge. "If your community has problems, you don't abandon it; you stay and help fix those problems."- Lois Griffin
I hope my future wife is as forgiving as Lois Griffin
The real question is why aren't my parents Lois and Peter Griffin?
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