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Lois Griffin

Lois Griffin (nΓ©e Pewterschmidt) is a character from the animated television series Family Guy.

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Evidence uncovered during our investigation into abuses of power at the IRS shows Lois Lerner may have broken the law
I want 2 announce my new relationship!! I'm in love with Lois Griffin. Her and Peter r separating. Yea me!!
3:38am my brother pissing me tf off...oh *** naw don't have me wake the boss lady up (MAMA!).Lois Griffin OKAY
When Lois griffin starts laughing really hard it's the funniest thing ever lol
Its nice to make new friends, but none of them are worth it if your going to lose the best friend you've ever had. -Lois Griffin
"Any of you kids made any pot connections at school?"-brian griffin. "Yea"-Meg. "hey lois meg is going to take me outside to poop."-brian
Guess what I did Lois griffin as my ice breaker ur fave show
No one at my table on retreAt knew who Lois griffin was, you can imagine I was livid
I don't normally fancy cartoon characters but Lois Griffin is a proper sort !.
"Okay Lois, remember to feed the cat and remember to get a cat." - Peter Griffin
Last night, I had an extremely visceral dream about the Zombie Apocalypse, in which I had to kill Lois Griffin and Joe Pesci from Goodfellas
I am working on being Lois Griffin and it's not going well
lmao if you was a cartoon who would you date Marge Simpson, Peggy Hill, Lois Griffin, Donna Tubbs, Francine Smith, Linda Belcher
I want a woman like Lois Griffin! She's smart, strong, pretty and she puts up With all of peter's stupid crap but she's still with him. Because she love's him!
"Everything Fox News says is a lie. Even true things, once said on Fox News, become lies." - Lois Griffin
Lois griffin fell on her tittie... "ahh, ahh, ahhh"
Lois griffin is definitely a butter face
"Lois why do all the people in here look like Emperor Palpatine" . - Peter Griffin
Family Guy - Stewie Griffin says wil wheaton to his mom lois griffin
Lois Griffin is the definition of a "through thick and thin" type of woman. I would've divorced Peter season 1 episode 1
wow, Peter and Lois Griffin really did not age well
Think I fancy lois griffin of Family Guy
shows us what it would look like if Peter Griffin had an Instagram. Poor Lois.
is Emily Maitlis. Not exactly a bloke, granted but my wish list will be a broad church. And to give another example is Lois Griffin.
"Even after having three kids, I bet Lois Griffin still has that good good." you're not alone!
When it comes to being with somebody I ain't looking for a Gina, Gabriel, or Beyonce. I straight looking for Lois Griffin.
you now Lois Griffin from Family Guy right? What if spritzee were to be orange?
Me n my mom Lois Griffin watching this here show.
Watching Family Guy. As far as animated 40 year old mother of 3s go, Lois Griffin is about as good as they get...
Lois Griffin "The army are weak, the Marines now they are the guys you want to f**k."
So... Lois Griffin and Lorretta (Cleavland's ex wife) is the same voice. 3 in the morning realizations. o.o
Does it blow your mind knowing that she's the voice of Lois Griffin?
Peter Griffin has a stroke from eating hamburgers and then Lois and Chris have a conversation and on the table are... Voila! Hamburgers.
Trying to decide who I fancy most: Lois Griffin, Daphne from Scooby Doo or Leela from Futurama. No, you're weird.
Just reading 'Killing Mr Griffin' by Lois Duncan (1978). Much names also appear in 'Family Guy'. Mr MacFarlane, I see wat u did there.. :I
Family Guy: Lois Griffin gets light blue semen ejaculated on her back
Lois is too fine for Peter Griffin..
Okay, is it just me or does Bruce Jenner look like Lois Griffin?
Ok Lois Griffin is a total milf. Just saying
I hate migraines. Every time I can't help but think of Lois griffin and the peter tumor. Then to Schwarzenegger as kindergarten cop :/
"Lois, men aren't fat, only fat women are fat." - Peter Griffin
"You'd better watch who you're calling a child, Lois. Because if I'm a child, you know what that makes you? A Pedophile." - Peter Griffin
The sun is out and so are the sundresses and sandals
"I don't need honey Peter, I need a husband who will spend time with me." - Lois Griffin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I feel like Brian Griffin ... the majority of America is Peter and lois the next generation is stewie ,Chris and meg ... anyone else?
Peter Griffin: "Nobody wants to be Peter Chris Lois, Even Peter Chris doesn't want to be Peter Chris!"
Shout out to my main squeeze Lois Griffin!
I see Marge Simpson and Lois Griffin as them safe white people parents.
ally calls me Lois Lane, way better than Lois Griffin
"I wanna do a keg stand!" This girl sounds like Lois griffin
I'd smash Lois Griffin if she was real.
wife is a live action, Lois Griffin.
is doing his best Lois Griffin imitation.
Diane Simmons is Lois Griffin twin sister given up for adoption
My mum and dad remind me so much of Lois & Peter Griffin
If you're a chick from New England, you sound like Lois Griffin until I hear that you don't πŸ˜†
Swear to god I only hear my name on TV, Lois on doctors, Lois lane, Lois griffin and Lois off Malcolm in the middle xD
Yo Lois griffin's head looks like a *** head! Never noticed this lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Wanna relationship like peter and lois griffin when im older.
When you see someone with the exact same nose as Lois Griffin
great minds! I also don't mind a bit of Lois Griffin when she gets down to her undies πŸ˜―πŸ˜πŸ˜„
Lois Griffin's voice makes me want to die.
"A culture fixated on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty, it is an obsession about female obedience." -Lois Griffin
Lois and Peter Griffin are the perfect couple
Hate my name I either gets called lois griffin or lois laneπŸ˜’
Why does Lois Griffin have earings but no ears
If Lois Lerner doesn't want to answer questions of the American people, cut off her 6-figure taxpayer-funded pension. Bet sh…
& let me tell you, she's nothing like the cartoon Lois Griffin. Lol.
I'll have dressed up as Lois Griffin and chained myself to Broadcasting House by then, they'll have locked me in BBC4 jail
She looks like one of the girls in Frozen. *Lois Griffin eye roll*
β€œI bet having sex with a chick that sounds like Marge Simpson would be annoying af!” And Lois griffin
I hope the last episode of is the death of Peter Griffin by asphyxiation from a pillow in the hands of Lois.
Lois Griffin's dad: I'm gonna *** away 20 grand. . Quagmire: What are you gonna do, bet on the Kincks?. Lmfao
"Brian Griffin's House of Payne" (S8) When Lois reads Brian's pilot script, she falls in love wi...
Lois Griffin: Chris go stand in the 10" or less line. Peter (imitating Archie Bunker): Stop with this (points 2 Lois' mouth)
my *** Why you sound like Lois Griffin when you talk?
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So how come all the wives of cartoon oafs are Marge Simpson, Lois Griffin, Blondie Bumstead, Wilma Flintstone...
A threesome with Lois Griffin and Francine Smith would be just the ticket.
Dedicated to Philip Seymour Hoffman Quoted from Family Guy S06E04 Peter Griffin: Boy this is romantic, isn't it, Lois? Lois Griffin: It sure is, sweetie. I feel like that fat *** British girl from Titanic. Peter Griffin: What girl? Lois Griffin: The *lead* in Titanic. The one opposite Leonardo Di Caprio. Peter Griffin: Sweetheart, that was a guy. Lois Griffin: What? Peter Griffin: That was a guy. That was Philip Seymour Hoffman. Lois Griffin: No it wasn't! Peter Griffin: Yes it was, honey. It was Philip Seymour Hoffman. Look at you out here on a big trip.
I'm pretty sure Seth Macfarlane just sits around on stacks of money and jacks it while drawing dirty pictures of Lois Griffin.
Fact: Stewie Griffin is actually *** His confusion over his sexual orientation is what fuels his aggression to destroy Lois.
Tom Hanks not being even nominated for an Oscar makes me not want to watch the oscars. (Probs still will...)
I've had my past I admit I used to be a total jerk and think to highly of myself and not about anyone else. But god forgave me. Not only I ask him for forgiveness but I pray for everyone in the world. Even if I am hated... life ain't just about living its about learning and sharing... I just wanna thank everyone that's apart of my life. Yukon Jack Renee Arp Angie Arp Lois Griffin and my wonderful baby Keri Nunley... love you all
Peter Griffin was like "woah woah, back it up. You have a sister?!". You've been married to Lois for however old Meg is!!
Me and Kyle are Peter and Lois Griffin. Like I've never seen a better comparison in my life.
If your voice is whinny maybe don't speak as much as you do? You're not Lois Griffin
What I would do to have Lois Griffin offer me angry sex..
The one on the right looks like a young Lois Griffin.
I have just said the words "for a cartoon Lois Griffin has a pretty tidy body" featured in NBC s Science of Love
Lois Griffin: Hey everybody. Wait til you see this. Peter Griffin: Oh my God! Movable printed type. We must keep this from the serfs, lest they gain literacy and threaten the landed gentry. Serf: What have you got there, my lord? Peter Griffin: Nothing! Back to your turnips!
Megan just sent me a snapchat of her sounding exactly like Lois griffin ly
I just heard a page for Lois Griffin and Peter Griffin overhead. it's cracking me up!
Lois Griffin mom ur the best mom ever love u to the moon and back;-)
"I want that b*tch Snow White to just admit she had an abortion"- Lois Griffin as Cinderella
When I have kids, I may or may not take all of my parenting advice from Lois Griffin... I'm going with may.
I will literally parent my children like Lois Griffin.
I try and do voice impersonations when I'm alone and I'm just terrible at them. It's embarrassing. I can only do a good Lois Griffin
Derrick and I are Peter Griffin and Lois Griffin in real life.
Just found out Lois Griffin and Ms Swan are the same actress :o
Kid sitting Infront of me has a bigger nose then Lois Griffin
.What are my fantasies then as you seem to know them? . Aside from the one with the Lois Griffin, don't go there!
Here is Obamas speech from today in case you missed it. . Lois Griffin 9/11: via
I wanna find a Lois griffin rper so I can ram her >:3
Family Guy dropped knowledge. "If your community has problems, you don't abandon it; you stay and help fix those problems."- Lois Griffin
I hope my future wife is as forgiving as Lois Griffin
The real question is why aren't my parents Lois and Peter Griffin?
When you realize that the voice of Lois Griffin is Ms. Ungermeyer from the Lizzie McGuire movie.
I know I'm late but my is lois Griffin if I was a cartoon character ill smash lol
I'd love to do impressions for the variety show but my only good one is Roz from Monsters Inc. And maybe Lois Griffin if I work hard.
"A million bucks ? No deal , Lois may mean a million bucks to you but to me she's worthlessπŸ™…" -Peter GriffinπŸ˜‚
"I'm like one of those bald eagles you see on the Discovery channel. Beautiful to look at but if you mess with one of my chicks I'll use my razor sharp talons to rip your *ing eyes out." Couldn't of said it any better Lois Griffin. Lol ;)
I want to apologize to everyone that has sent messages, and pokes, I'm really sorry, and feel awful, I don't use this page very often, when I opened the account I lost my password, and opened a new account, so I have 2, if you want to please friend my on my regular page, it has a picture of Marge Simpson, and Lois Griffin, all bondaged out, lol but it says lives in Las Vegas, and from California, so the information is just about the same, just doesn't say my high school, or where I work, sorry for any confusion, or if anyone thought I was ignoring them, I wasn't, I just forget about this page sometimes, again deepest apologies, and I sincerely hope that you will friend me on my other page, thank you so much, have a terrific evening, huggs, love, and peace all, Traci x β™₯β™₯β™₯ :)
If my mom had the voice of Lois Griffin I'd move out...
Peter Griffin to Lois: " no Lois, I have friends, and you have groceries and those rusty pink razors in the shower" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
"Someone should write 'Wash Me' in the dust on that flat *** ". - Lois Griffin
Peter Griffin said to Lois "you know, it's hard for me to take the things you say seriously when I know what's been in that mouth of yours"
Pretty sure Lois Griffin's sister is running our webinar.
Yea Tiny aint attractive but she the poster child for a woman that holds a man down Lois Griffin the 2nd best example
...and he fell down just like Peter Griffin did when Lois had the stairs waxed...
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"That's the beauty of World War V, Lois. It's so intense, it skips over the other two." -Peter Griffin (from
If Peter Griffin can pull Lois, I know my time coming..
Am I the only one that thinks Lois Griffin is bum
Best quote ever! "Peter I want you to do me so hard we have to change churches." -Lois Griffin.
"What's the use of praying to God for help if you're only going to wipe your butt with his answers?" :Lois Griffin / "Family Guy".
Lois Griffin: (bursting through the front door) Guess what?! Peter Griffin: OH MY GOD, groceries and tampons!?! Lol... Oh Family Guy.. Love that show
Well i suppose it was only a matter of time until she found out about the whole Lois Griffin thing
Lois Griffin: What's going on down here? Stewie Griffin: Oh, we're playing house. Lois Griffin: That boy's all tied up. Stewie Griffin: Roman Polanski's house.
Breakfast for dinner it's anarchy Lois Griffin
Lets See what color was Lois Griffin hair orginally going to be in the show?
I think Alex Gutkin is gunna be getting a call from lois griffin tonight
My new cold voice allows me to imitate Lois Griffin to a tee!
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I swear down i just didn't have a power *** over lois griffin
I know she's a cartoon ... but Lois Griffin is HOT !
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
There's a real life version of Lois Griffin on E4 just now...
Jodie Lois Griffin this would make my life! If it happens we HAVE TO GO. No excuses! Start saving!
Watching Despicable me 2 and realizing the character Lucy looks exactly like Lois griffin ...Hmmm
Lois Griffin just got a new Stop and Shop?!
I seen who does the voice for Lois Griffin and I am now crushing on Lois Griffin XD
My sweeping generalization of the day: every female in Rhode Island sounds like Lois Griffin
If you get WGEM You need ro turn on the late news. The anchor looks and sounds just like Lois Griffin from Family Guy.
My mantra for this past Thanksgiving... *sobbing like Lois Griffin* "WHAT DID I DO?!?!!???"
Listening to Lois Griffin rip on Kristen Stewart about how some one should "write "wash me"... "In the dust on that flat *** ...(lol) Because she's really a "bath person that really needs a showwa!" Has somehow made my evening of studying and cleaning much more tolerable and happy go-lucky! ;)
Crab and Irish butter With Hannah and Dalen Smith. Thank you Grandmom and granddad Lois Griffin for a Christmas gift of crab this year!
8yo: you shaved off your beard. Me: yeah, is that ok. 8: yeah, and Lois Griffin doesn't like beards. Me:. Me: good
I want to know how everyone feels about this list of people who i define people as David Christian Hamblin - dennis quade (if my dad has hair) hill billy (bald) Aunt lou - bakery employee Sam Coulidge - lawyer Ben Coulidge - Ben Stien or Dudley from harry potter Grandma Nancy - Everybody loves raymonds mother or queen elizibeth Grandpa Jim - looks light someone from a commercial I cant remember who though. Jordan Robertson Coulidge - Apple employee or martian luther king jr Debby Paine - Lois Griffin but with slightly longer hair Terry Paine - doctor or billy fuesillo (car dealer ship salesman) Jake paine - someone british but i cant remember exactly who Robb Paine - lea's dad from rochester a few houses down as one of my neighbores Greg Dermitty - some guy from a youtube video who i think was a member of the army although there was the song 'its not unusual' playing in the video So far this is all i can think of as far as people go off the top of my head
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her voice reminds me of Lois Griffin from Family Guy strangely enough
''hey Emily, have you heard from Lois Griffin lately?'' -- ''Griffin?!''
My Lois Griffin impression. Just bringing this back...
I'm watching Family Guy and I thought you looked liked lois Griffin
"Would you please sign the guest book on your way out?" "Lois Griffin. Peter Griffin. We. Heard. A Loon"
This girls sounds like lois griffin
Lois Griffin your mouth is horrible at times.
Yeah of course, I knew that. I had this thing about Lois Griffin, . caused some problems at home, but it's all fine now. Honestly.
I Know what you did last summer or Killing Mr.Griffin by Lois Duncan
I would like to wish my beautiful wife Lois Griffin a happy anniversary, 1995 and still going,she makes this old phatboy fell good. I love you!!!
Kristen Schaal reminds me of a real life Lois Griffin
Who would win in a fight between Francine Smith and Lois Griffin?
I want a relationship with my husband the way Peter and Lois Griffin do
"You don't need to change the way you look. You know, most of the world's problems stem from poor self-image." (Lois Griffin)
Peter and Lois Griffin on Family Guy have a better love story than I ever will.
Love you Lois Griffin and Lillian Griffin you both are in my heart and prayers.Love Elizabeth and forever
Mam is less than impressed that I think she looks like Lois Griffin.
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Dunno why Lois griffin thinks she can sing.. It's a no from meβœ‹
Sexy, free, red hot head Lois Griffin. She do what she want with her body... what will do you with it? More Family Guy's videos at ...
lacking without Russell Brand and what's the deal with the real life Lois Griffin
Lois Griffin showing off her perfect boobs.
My voice is a combination Fran Drescher and Lois Griffin with a mix of Marge Simpson dissapointed moaning.
If I ever get married I want my marriage to be like Lois and Peter Griffin. Someone who accepts my stupidity
I get this weird Lois Griffin voice when I talk to my dog πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚
Why does every woman here sound like Lois griffin.
Lois Griffin: Come on Stewie, don't be afraid. It's just water, it's not gonna bite. Stewie Griffin: Shut up! I know it's not going to bite, stupid! What a stupid thing to say. You drown in it you moron! It doesn't have to bite you!
It can't be just me that thinks and Kristen Schaal on look like a real life Peter and Lois Griffin...
If I was Lois Griffin I would've divorce Peter a long time ago...
"Wait Lois! This meth lab is the best chance for our family to make meth in a lab" Peter Griffin
"Guys it's a tornado!!" - Lois Griffin // "C'mon guys, it could just be the Tasmanian Devil" - Peter Griffin
To me Lois Griffin was never wearing pants until I was about 13. Then I figured it out
Ill bet lois griffin doesnt even live on the southside of town. Which is for some reason important now.
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"As I always tell my kids, 'A quitter never wins' and 'Don't trust Whitey.'"-Lois Griffin
Lois Griffin's voice suffered some serious changes since the first season of Family Guy.
"Men aren't fat Lois only fat women are fat" - Peter Griffin
The best of lois griffin Origional video : All Video Credits go to the "Twentieth Century Fox" Film Corporation.
Every time Katniss says Peeta's name in Catching Fire I think of Lois Griffin yelling Peter's name in Family Guy
Got squished twice last night while I was sleeping I felt like Lois Griffin lmao
I better see Brittany Bobian and Lois Griffin before i leave Cali!
I'm giving away: Family Guy Comic Book 10 ways to Kill Lois by Stewie Griffin. Check it out -
She said he looks like Lois griffin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I liked a video Lois Griffin from Family Guy impression! MUST WATCH- Courtney Penry
I just need a Lois Griffin type of woman in my life.
Lois griffin would get it for a ginger piece!
"Quitters never win and don't trust Whitey." Lois Griffin
Before you decide where to eat check out the apathy of "Rex Whitney and "lois Griffin on Pizza Huts Face book page
Is that Lois griffin on the big fat quiz of the year ?
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Here's some more cool stuff from my collection. A comic centered around the villain Two Face signed by Aaron Eckhart who played him in The Dark Knight, a picture of Lois Griffin signed by Alex Borstein, a picture signed by Bradley Cooper, and a playbill signed by the cast of The Addams Family!
Lois Griffin the hottest tv mom to ever do it.
Mrs Griffin; What are your plans for cleaning up our environment??. Lois : 9/11 . And crime in the city? . 9/11
I will never understand how Peter Griffin got Lois.
Just noticed my 80 yo mother dresses just like Lois Griffin
Your nearest and dearest tell you your laugh is pure Lois Griffin. Discuss?
More excited about the downton abbey season finale than I was for my 21st
Dan just told me that global warming is not a myth and he knows that for a fact because Lois griffin said so
My mums shadow looks like lois griffin xD
I don't think anyone knows who Peter is :') MARRY FIONN! YOU'LL BE LOIS GRIFFIN THEN! ;)
can't believe I had the pleasure of lois griffin at my house last night
"Lois we disgusted this when we lose a child we take meg"-Peter Griffin
your son = the worse version of you aka the real life Stewie Griffin aka my favorite Nephew 😌 aka you're Lois
I want to be married to a woman just like Lois Griffin
Lois Griffin is in this movie, probably because of the sense of gravitas she brings to the table
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How did Peter Griffin manage to pull Lois? He must be hung like a horse
I think of Lois Griffin now every time I hear "Rock and Roll All Nite" by Kiss.
Can't believe I've just mate the actual Lois Griffin.
C'mon now own up. Hauns up if ye'd blaw the back off Lois Griffin.
Shout out to lois griffin admittin she's had black ***
Samantha Cameron is a dead ringer for a non-ginger Lois Griffin.
My sinuses are all congested and I sound like Lois Griffin.
remember we argued whether it was lois or louis (griffin) llfFfff u were right but
Alex Borstein is the voice for Ms. swan and Lois Griffin
Distraction boards now include Lois Griffin, Adam Sandler and Kanye West.
Look at Lois griffin what are you doing at chipotle
Peter & Lois Griffin in an argument:. Lois: Oh no you wouldn't!. Peter: You've seen Family Guy, you know I would!.
Does every Of Monsters and Men song sounds like Peter and Lois Griffin (Hand Full of Peter) singing Noble Indian Chief in the talent show?
Preview of the new comedy starring wifey
id tell Lois Griffin *** to stay up in the kitchen if she knew what's good for her
"I think I'm going through a phase where I'm only attracted to handsome men" - Lois Griffin
Lois Griffin as Princess Leia- Jaba's lair scene "I wasn't raped, okay!" I hope you've seen the family parody of Jedi.
Peter Griffin and Lois are Aric and Sarah when they get old.
"I love you Lois. You let me be mahself."-Peter Griffin
IT mean all I'm saying is Blake Griffin is hot. You are gonna watch the Lakers game after right?
"Lois I bet I can drink more bleach than you" - Peter Griffin
"I bet you taste like Mountain Dew and Starburst"
well.. I'll come see you soon and make you feel better with my Lois Griffin voice yeah?
Why does Ms. Lofton's avatar look like a slutty Lois Griffin?
nearly as remarkable as simulating a sex scene between Peter and Lois Griffin. Now that's an achievement and an honour!!
Also many thanks to Chris Griffin and the Alternative Landscaping team. Local champions of this project!
"no p. Next tym ampa. Hmmm."lmao.makes u sound like Lois griffin
*** .. Had a dream I was Peter Griffin and I had sex with Lois
I call my mom Lois and talk to her in my Peter Griffin voice
Lois Griffin is a pretty hot cartoon mom
"Lois, it's called the Poop Deck. That is why I pooped there" -Peter Griffin
I want nudes too! Doesn't have to be from y'all, it could be Lois Griffin nudes for all I care πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This dude's voice is the male equivalent of Lois Griffin.
quite like Peter vs Lois Griffin in the Quahog, RI race
Lois Griffin's got a proper tight body. Bit of a nose on her, but I could get past that.
Lois Griffin (Family Guy) "politics makes good people do bad things". . Comedy cartoon show - but valid point.
I would pay to see you go and audition with your Lois Griffin...
The fact that name is now lois griffin just made my day
Exactly. Most disingenuous.Reminded me of Lois Griffin's repeated use of "9/11" during debate for mayor of Quohog
Lois Griffin or Wilma Flintstone? Compare and contrast to support your argument.
They should do wife-swap with Lois Griffin and Marge Simpson. Imagine...
who ya got in a Greenwich street fight? Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin
So am I the only one who thinks Lois Griffin is sexy orrr nah?
Unfortunately, he looked like Lois Griffin in the first. RTRobert Griffin looks like Robert Griffin in this second half.
Buzz has it the new Wendy's girl is young Lois Griffin, but I cannot confirm.
I forgot which season it was but I started to have a dislike towards Lois Griffin. She gets on (
Lois Griffin is the sexiest cartoon character .. Don't @ me
Lois Griffin women are such teases:
Lois Griffin with that sandwich nose
At least that Lois Griffin went to Paris once with the pregnant neighbour. But Marge... Billy Nomates that girl!
You never know who will grow up to be famous. So keep your options option. "Lois griffin]"
I'd ride Marge Simpson,Lois Griffin,Lela from futurama and the mam out of the Rugrats within a blink of an eye
From what I can tell: Jason, Dwight and Aiden are arguing about Lois Griffin vs that woman who played Belatrix Lestrange in Harry potter
Why do I find Lois Griffin so attractive? She's a cartoon ffs!
Lois Griffin, how wide is your, you know, lady hole?
how bout you as Lois Griffin from Family Guy?
If you could shag any cartoon in the world, who would it be? β€’ Lois griffin
I need a girl like Lois Griffin. No matter how stupid the things I do are, I gotta know you're always gonna be by my side and not leave me.
I want a wife like Lois griffin I love her sense of humor>>>😍😍
Lois Griffin from Family Guy, definitely the sexiest cartoon MILF
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I have now mastered an excellent impression of Lois Griffin. You may all lick my shoes.
"can somebody please think of the children!" - Lois Griffin
I do the best Lois Griffin impression, me and ricardo aka Cleveland can work in partnership
"Oh, Peeta!" -Lois Griffin, while eating a gyro and describing her favorite Hunger Games character to a man who lays moss for a living.
not at all. Lois Griffin, Leela from Futurama. I would destroy them all.
have I giving you any indication that I care? like at all? I'm sitting here looking like Lois Griffin, NOT caring TF at all
Don't know what it is about lois griffin which really turns me on
*** yea. straight worked her Lois griffin looking ahh.
No lie, my flight attendant looked like Lois Griffin
I have a confession for you guys: I have a family member that basically is lois griffin
it's clearly Lois Griffin with a dye job
Carmella from the Sopranos has the exact same voice as Lois Griffin
Robert Downey Jr. is the voice actor of Lois Griffin's brother on Family Guy.
had a dream Lois Griffin was my mom okay why
gives hair advice to Lois Griffin on Check it out:
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"Politics does bad things to good people" - Lois Griffin
"Jack you've got lois griffin's nose in your throat" . WOW NATHAN. ADAMS APPLE ISN'T THAT BIG
We all want a relationship with a person that has the same loyalty that Lois Griffin has.
I can actually do a pree sick Lois Griffin voice from Family Guy!
The teacher from the Lizzie McGuire movie plays Lois Griffin? Sorry, what?
oh your Italian? you look more like Lois Griffin with that nose
What sound annoys you the most? β€” Lois Griffin's voice, Chanel West Coast's Laugh, and the Annoying Orange Carto...
Lois griffin has a really annoying voice
DID YOU KNOW the voice of lois griffin also played miss ungermeyer in the Lizzie McGuire movie
If your voice sounds like a cross between Lois Griffin, Fran Drescher, and Roseanne, you might be a Bremelo.
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