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Loco Moco

Loco moco is a traditional meal in Hawaiian cuisine. There are many variations, but the essential loco moco consists of white rice, topped with a hamburger patty, a fried egg, and brown gravy.

This loco moco may be mini-sized but don't let that fool you. This little guy is packed with a ton of flavor. . Wher…
Ok. You're in Honolulu eating Loco Moco and the sirens start. Guess it's time to guzzle the beer, fire up the flip…
Making myself loco moco because my family didn't leave me any last night 😋😋
To celebrate the beauty and continued existence of Hawaii I am making moco loco for dinner.
Gardena is a great places to go to for Loco Moco in LA county.
Oh *** it's Loco Moco pizza? Pass (also reminds me I need an L&L barbecue location in my life again)
A vegetarian, but delicious, version of loco moco. Check out the blog for fun recipes that lack…
The crave & search for hella good loco moco in Houston is real. 😥. Sadly, not achievable.
My diet this week consisted so much of poke, açaí, & loco moco 😂
On the bright side, tonight’s sunset in will be the most beautiful the resident’s there have ever seen. And…
I'm waiting to see people evacuating to a shelter but holding a plate of "Loco Moco" (the taste of Aloha).
We don't eat that. Yuck. Try a loco moco. Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice. Poi and Laulau. Shoot, even…
for this weekend is HERE!!! 😋 Don’t forget that we are also serving Brunch for MLK DAY (1/15) . “Loc…
Weekends from 10AM-1PM, join us for brunch for Hawaiian favorites like our famous Loco Moco: two perfectly poached…
Try one of our fan favorites, the Loco Moco!
I had a dream about Loco Moco and I haven’t been able to think about anything else
Check out the cholo gta funny moments guys on you tube oh and just so you know it’s not lil moco it’s LOCO U KNOW F…
Ah, loco moco, breakfast of champions, how I love you.
Honey, .let's go have a delicious breakfast at Loco Moco or whatever it's really called.
Strip steak happy hour isn't bad, the loco moco sliders are really good! tiny little mini burgers with quail egg, it was yum!
Fresh poke, spam misubis and loco moco. My tastebuds are already tingling from excitement.
Watched this vid like 4 times, really enjoyable when working or playin something else
Jonesing for Loco Moco, where are you going to be on Saturday???
Shweta Tiwari. Urvashi . Gauahar . Karishma . Bani . Lopa . These are all strong minded women who've won BiggBoss or audience…
Make sure to start the day with a Loco Moco. Nothing gets things rolling like eg…
Double . Made loco moco for lunch. .
Weekend Specials. Jan 13th and 14th. Breakfast Loco Moco. -Hawaiian dish with a bed of Pineapple/Red Pepper Rice...
CA📍: I'm seriously going loco because all of this (the Loco Moco and Burger), and actually the…
If you go there again, get a Loco Moco! 🤙
She's definitely mowin' down a Loco Moco Burger. You can see it in those 'Loco" eyes.
Aloha & thanks for checking in at How was everything? Did you try our famous Loco Moco, o…
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House of Pain followed by Loco moco.
She wasn't sure whether they were not perfect or the time wasn't right.
There was a war inside her eyes but peace within her smile.
"Beauty is a radiance that originates from within and comes from inner security and strong character." ❤️👑😍. Look At Her…
You're so beautiful that I lose sleep dreaming about you. So breathtaking that I lose brain cells every time I look at you.
If you need a smile today, just watch Einstein the parrot ❤️☺️. 📹credit ZOO KNOXVILLE
Definitely allowing my husband to work after marriage. I'm such a progressive woman 🤷
So am I wrong for thinking that we could be something for real?
Craving some loco moco like a MF rn😩😔
I guess Moco is loco and he cause trouble no mo! He's been nabbed by the popo. He's just been !
At you can expect practical advice and strategies from & from all over the world.…
Ksenia Peguero, Sr. Research Lead will be speaking Register now!
Trying the new J's Korean at SALT. Had the meat jun bbq chix yesterday and loco moco today 💯
I had to take a pic of the demo food because I was making the loco moco to order
Excited for to begin this Friday! Try the Loco Moco with Hambagu steak, brown gravy, rice, sunny side egg, and pickled…
How do you feel about gravy? Loco Moco is my jam when eating Hawaiian food!
Today I am grateful for the time Hubs spent in Hawaii, where he learned to make Loco Moco.
Boozy, warm and wonderful. Especially on a crappy freezing rain sort of day. - Drinking a Loco Moco by…
We're big fans of Loco Moco... Who's joinig us for brunch today?
Hey, at least one more Loco Moco thanks to airline vouchers. Mahalo
Loco Moco is on top of my breakfast list or any list for that matter.
Loco Moco is a Hawaiian dish of 2 scoop rice, hamburger Patty, fried eggs and brown gravy. Replace the b…
Have you ever tried a spam Loco Moco? (Me either, makes me gag just thinking about it)
Gift wrapping time. Great for the job. One of the best I’ve ever had! - Drinking a Loco Moco by
Taste the delicious Loco Moco at and transport yourself to a beach in Maui
While on the 9th island one must have a Loco Moco! @ Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino
Oh allright! Well, I can't wait new videos of you from Hawaii. For a delicious Loco Moco, go to 'Am…
You made it to Friday! Reward the crazy week with a Loco Moco! @ Sam Choy's Poke To The Max
Also makes me think of food. Doughnuts, Spam, Loco Moco and, oh, right, road trip today, so I can't actually make any of that right now.
Pics from Hawaii my niece has sent me: mickey shaped spam musubi, kahlua pork flatbread, fruit platter, loco moco, dole whip, a giant snail.
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you're the only person on earth in general that hates Loco Moco. Its the greatest.
I am from MoCo! Go MD! Re-loco'd to CA a while ago. Favorite annual event the fair in Gaithersburg - animal heaven, yay
Moco Loco. no chili crab fajitas yet, but darn close. dwaynej0hnson…
We are all crazy about the Loco Moco bowl from Amazing Cafe!
Friday's specials Corned Beef Hash stuffed with mozzarella cheese Loco Moco, Grilled Opah with garlic butter and...
"Amadeus and I will be having Loco Moco."
"Whenever I eat loco moco I go loco because da faka is ono" 💀
I love the Gardena Bowl diner! Loco moco + bowling are two of my favorite things.
Loco Moco, Best Hawaii local food I had on this trip. …
You like gravy? You need to step up and try a Loco Moco from
You can't go wrong with our classic Loco Moco.
📷 Loco moco plate and Spam musubi at L&L Hawaiian.
I'm pretty sure this is way too much loco moco for lunch because if I'm watching the Rumble, and I'd rather AJ Styles debut tomorrow 😰
I added a video to a playlist Loco Moco
Moco Loco in honor of dwaynej0hnson. Because like him we are the people's champion. Thanks…
lol I clearly can't spell, but I miss L&L I get the loco moco 🙏🏽👌🏽
Guess we are having Loco Moco for lunch
Drove through the old hood.(not much has changed) now some loco moco action — eating Hawaiian food at Hawaiian...
I want some poi or Loco moco or even seeds. 😩
from is having some Hawaiian breakfast, loco moco new at
We are getting with Loco Moco for breakfast!
My beautiful acai bowl ! Peanut butter loco moco ! Yum made at push fitness with love !! @ Push…
aint want no sandwich want some Poke or Loco Moco lmao
I didn't eat anything all day so when I got home I ate the last piece of spam musubi and a 3/4 eaten loco moco from L&L
My mom tells me I needs lose weight, but then makes loco moco 😭
//I finally finish my Twitlonger for this acc feel free to check it out and learn about my main characters for Loco…
Last full day in Hawaii and I'm full of relaxation and inspiration. And Kona coffee. And Loco Moco. And Spam Musubi.
Idk what looked better, my breakfast date or my short rib loco moco 😍😭
Tonight you can get Loco Moco, Chicken Katsu, Lumpia and more at our tasting room care of the
You're on your way here, but not sure what to order. . Ok, how about this? Spam musubi loco moco?
Okay will keep sending whatever I find. Eat some malasadas and loco moco for me :)
I can now cross off eating loco moco in hawaii off my list
L&L Hawaiian Barbecue on The food was pretty good (loco Moco and katsu) both plates were assumed regular and…
Geeks... I like the moco loco brah. Mac salad mad delicious... Dats all I'm sayin. We oughta go. Mahalo yall!. H
I had moco loco and spam musubi for lunch.
the loco moco! Love it! I've got a couple of color schemes I want to try
Great place in humble. Dish had nice flavor. (Loco Moco @ Hawaiian Grill)
It looks like some kind of Loco Moco..? But it doesn't look like it's made with hamburger steak.. o_oa
//For now I'm just gonna take a break on Loco & Moco's SLs and I'll take a break on Lapis's SLs too cause whoa that was a lot of work😅
Manny and Janelle ordered something that's officially going to be on our menu tomorrow: Loco Moco - a traditional H…
Made chicken alferado yesterday, chicken katsu today, and teriyaki pati loco moco tomorrow... this is why I'm fat. I can only cook fat foods
Someone deliver me a LOCO MOCO with extra gravy
//Yep that's right guys Moco & Loco fuse together to become Locomoco PERMANENTLY until I reach to Chapter 15 which is going to be a while😃
How to make Loco Moco with for Dinner
If you’re at a Hawaiian place, get the Loco Moco as well! Sooo good.
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Heya, please eat a Loco Moco this week, it's great.
Happy Birthday to this guy : we love our big bro & he loved the cake & Loco Moco
📍me & baby sis dropping off a cake & Sweet's Loco Moco plate to big bro
Loco Moco, patties marinated overnight in some goodness, and the gravy has a sweet yet peppery kick to it.…
at Loco Moco with Lemon pancakes and hot cocoa TAT
It's my birthday next year, can you bring Loco Moco back to the menu to celebrate? Please and thank you xxx
Go Loco for our Loco Moco - recently included by San Francisco Magazine as one of their to…
Which would you pick? Loco Moco with Portuguese Sausage fried rice or Biscuits and Gravy? …
*Moco and Loco eats at the restaurant together enjoying the evening*
I'll see if can bring malasadas but loco moco is kinda loco lol
Loco: Hey sister we should be normal like this for now on🎶. Moco: Only when things are peaceful sister we fuse together for combat
I don't think I'm a spam account... As much as I love a moco loco.
I checked in at Loco Moco Drive Inn on
The loco moco I made for dinner is bomb af omg 😋
2 patty loco moco with Mac salad, 2 homemade Hamburger steak with Mac salad and homemade H…
Great loco-Moco and Musubi. really brought back memories!
I miss real loco moco the most. Had some in San Diego last summer and it was trash...
Skipped the pancakes this morning and went with the Hawaiian food truck's breakfast version of Loco Moco: sausage gravy, rice, and eggs.
boom! Have a piece of pie from Teds for me and tell me how good it is... Then moco loco from Haleiwa Cafe please...
Roast pork with Chow fun, quart boneless hekka, 2 patty loco moco all rice by marklauhee
Thinking about Hawaiian breakfasts. Need some moco loco or at least some musubi
Traditional Loco-moco Hawaiian Dinner. I should have gone with the fish and chips after the dish…
Can never have too much loco moco too!
1 patty loco moco with Chow fun, homemade Hamburger steak with fried rice and mac salad, b…
Last day eating rice & no other way to go out than having a loco moco! 😋
Any Monday with a Loco Moco is a good Monday.
3D Printed Tactile Picture Books for Blind and Visually-Impaired Children by Caleb Hsu via LOCO Submissions
We're back at 1st and Howard today till 2pm. Come start your week off right and try our new moco loco Hurrito!
I understand...Outside of the occasional omelette and loco moco, I'm not a big fan of eggs.
Could definitely go for loco moco for dinner
This week's special!. Loco Moco. (Bed of rice topped with a savory patty topped with a fried and...
For first timers, *** yeah it is. If you want a good chaser, get th Moco Loco Monster. It realy helps,
My first Loco Moco. Not a bad call before embarking on a long day of hiking.
at least he won a championship with the anarchy in the Moco Loco league
Loco Moco for lunch in Hawaii. What could be better!
it was okay... I like loco moco better lol
Today's special is the FOIE GRAS-SPAM LOCO MOCO and yes, it is as good as it looks!!
Ha! Having some mean loco moco cravings right now. :) Enjoy your weekend too!
just a heads up...todays special is a Foie Gras- Spam Loco are going to want this. NEED this!!
Just tried a loco moco for the very first time in my life... LOL 😂
That and the sad loco moco is just F'n disgusting 🙅😷
I think I'm gonna get the loco moco
The best thing I've had this year loco moco inari
Prime rib loco moco from Yogur Story plz...
📷 - Loco moco time! Come join us for brunch open daily 7:30am-2:30pm
where can i get me some deeericious LOCO MOCO?!
OTP Loco Moco...grilled ham, over rice with a fried egg and mushroom and onion cream sauce...Off The Puff Cooking
Get your weekend started with our take on a Loco Moco! Nashville hot chicken served over New…
This is the Hawaii foodie starter pack aka Loco Moco from
Shoyu chicken with fried rice, loco moco, sweet and sour spare ribs and boneless hekka by …
You need to get some loco moco at some point.
Everyone please go follow Moco and Loco
Breakfast: Loco moco and eggs benedict with kalua pork and taro English muffin. Ah, Hawaii, you're making it hard to leave...
Ok, well technically I guess it's the pig. But the loco moco goes hard, too.
One of the designs I made specifically for amigurumi exhibit this year is a loco moco…
COALESCE by TOMASenWIES is based on geometric and constructive shapes. via LOCO Submissions
I'm getting Loco Moco from Da Kitchen the moment I get to Maui.
What a timing speaking on radio about garbage. Huh :/
So much unbearable filth on road in lieu of yesterday's puja. What are the local authorities doing?
Curry Cafe on Not really sure what I expected getting a Loco Moco from a curry place. Needless to say, it wa…
I suddenly remembered the time we got loco moco burritos.
From to Loco Moco, uncovers the oddest things that Hawaiians love to eat.
We're just cuckoo for this Loco Moco burger! Let loose and join us for Tiki Night tonight.
I wonder what a loco moco pizza would taste like.
Moco: Okay I'm gonna say this only once so listen up and clear your ears for a moment.. Loco is straight and I like girls so there done!
sweet Crom, is that Loco Moco I see?
What exactly is smart work? It's mostly a buzzword that means little.
uncle, so many mosquitoes spreading their threat in Be it any time of the day, we get hathi and gendaa machars too
Smart work wins over hard work in India. Mostly opposite in foreign countries. *Suni sunayi baatein*
I may not like guys with loud music in cars, but music is an exception .
Everyone else is catching fish and I'm sitting here mastering bait
Start your weekend right with a Loco Moco, Haupia Mac Pancakes and Eggs Benedict!. 📸:
Moco: Such an exciting battle now to deal with Ashura next. Loco: We'll be ready this time sister we're stronger now🎶
I can't wait to do another RP battle on my Loco and Moco acc again a shame no one saw me RP on my other acc it was fun to do it again😊
*Moco and Loco starts to vanish into the glowing blue light once again returning back to Gromtull Desert* -Chapter 7 end-
*Moco appears in front of Fiebee as Loco appears behind Fiebee they swing their katanas and cuts Fiebee's chest and back*
*Fiebee reappears again and stands guard waiting for Moco and Loco to reappear again as the wind blows around her*
Loco: "Hāmonī Majikku"! *Loco and Moco warp again into the wind dodging the big column of blue flames 3 times*
*the wisps and Fiebee reappears around Moco and Loco again as Fiebee points her katana at them* Fiebee: "Eien no Yami"!
Loco: "Hāmonī Majikku"! *Loco and Moco vanish into the wind and instantaneously warp 20 yards out of the wisp's circle*
*Moco and Loco counter Fiebee's attack and knock her back as they dash forward and attack at high speed in flurry of slashes*
Moco: Alright you fake wannabe goddess it's time we finish this fight for good! Loco: Yeah! *the wisps vanishes again*
Moco: It's my power.. it finally awaken at long last same for Loco too hehehehe!
Moco: Finally we gain the true power of a grim reaper! Loco: We are strong now sister🎶
Fiebee: I sense power! *the flames were extinguished Moco and Loco now both hold dual katanas*
Moco: Gyūkī! Loco: Guhin! *Moco and Loco's mark on their right hand glow red as spiritual energy gathers in their mark*
*the words echoes in Moco and Loco's head* Fight. Win. Kill. Call our power. And become strong. Fight! Win! Kill! Survive!
Fiebee: Those that lack the will to wield their power will get scorch in my flames. *Moco and Loco endure the flames in pain*
*all the wisps cast their spell and a big pillar of blue flames bursting Moco and Loco into flames*
Moco: Not this again! Loco: Which o which is the real one? * Moco and Loco stand guard while the wisps circle around them*
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Fiebee: "Hōrō Tamashī"! *Fiebee backflips and vanish in flame again the 5 wisps reappears and circle around Moco and Loco*
*Fiebee slashes at the sisters with her katana while Moco and Loco blocks with their staff and counter at high speed battle*
*Moco blocks Fiebee's katana with her staff as Loco counterattack by stabbing Fiebee with her tanto but Fiebee dodge it*
*Fiebee reappears and dash towards Moco and Loco in high speed and swing her big katana at fast pace*
A Loco moco right now, would hit the spot
Hawaii’s answer to the classic greasy spoon hangover breakfast! Loco Moco by |
[mis]Adventures in Loco Moco in Hilo: Indian Trips for hipsters
tell that Luke guy you're sitting next to that Matt says, Loco Moco!! Oh, and SKOL Vikings!
Loco Moco - This time with Kalua pork fried rice!
Nothing says 4th of July like Loco Moco.
Cooking a Hawaiian dish called Loco Moco for lunch today. So help me God.
Who's in for Loco Moco on Sunday? . Bypassing Hangovers one Fried Egg at a time
Go loco over our Loco Moco! At in Mahalo for posting this onoliciou…
This is Hawaii's ultimate comfort food
Throw another loco moco on the fire!
Breast Cancer Awareness
hey remember this place sitting here now, Aloha! And yes Loco Moco & the gravy!!
LOCO MOCO just changed my life you guys by bridgetthegreat
Dat Kalua Pork and dat loco moco doe! 👌
Idk what it is about loco moco. I could eat this everyday.
Loco moco brings me so much happiness
Smiley's Local Grinds on I wanted to get Moco Loco since I've never tried it, and I thought Smiley's would be…
Sporty Planter, a fresh take on the jock strap cup via LOCO Submissions
Someone take me to Hawaii so I can get some Loco Moco and Spam Masubi
Just in: Kalaheo Coffee Co.'s Loco Moco can't be denied
Kalaheo Cafe and Coffee Company on Loco moco and veggie Benedict. Totally amazing!!!
Nobody is more real than my coworkers because they brought me loco moco to work 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Everyone at my house is still asleep. This is basically a miracle but I want loco moco.
Might be slacking being past noon, but how 'bout some loco moco for breakfast?
Loco moco before the trip to Wrestlemania!
Alvin says our loco moco is winnas' !
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Brick is a minimal lamp that works with no switch, no shade and no wire. | MOCO LOCO
"Really made me the best Loco Moco ever 😂" currently craving loco moco
had never had Loco Moco before, so we made it!! Pretty dang good for a first try, I…
We couldn't leave without trying some local cuisine. Loco Moco, at the famous Rainbow Drive-in!! :)…
Really made me the best Loco Moco ever 😂
Steve and I tried our first Loco Moco plate. omgosh it is delicious!
If you're eating anything but Loco Moco for am extended brunch then you're doing it wrong.
thanks my dearest loco moco amigo! Hehe Still working towards achieving more ~ let's! how's u? Ure in Boston?!
Lawd have mercy. This loco moco is pretty much gravey soup.
Guest what's our Brunch Special for tomorrow? Wagyu Loco Moco, hawaiian inspired dish
I hear what you're saying. But can your lady loco moco like my lady? because come on!…
so disappointed with Da Kitchen's loco moco 😪
Loco Moco = excuse to have an entire years' worth of brown gravy in a single afternoon.
Brown rice/Quinoa fried rice Loco Moco to start this Saturday!
less hike, Moar walk. There are some stairs and it gets a bit steep tho. I'd opt for a plate lunch. Loco Moco is always 👍
When in Loco Moco-- fried egg, hamburger, steamed rice, and Aloha!
I went majorly loco over this authentic Hawaiian braised beef Loco Moco by chefatabura 😝 Thank you…
Loco Moco for those that don't awesome!!
Whale Pie . Like a Loco Moco - ham, egg, and hashbrowns with gravy. …
Ok now that my day is finally coming to an end I need to announce the winners of a Loco Moco to be picked up...
It's gonna be a beautiful Thursday and we're serving up perfection on a plate. Try a Loco Moco, it's…
Looks good but sorry if you're not in Hawaii it's not Loco Moco.
Missing Hawaiian food lately so I cooked us some Loco Moco tonight. Not bad for a haole.
I'll prolly eat a Loco Moco when I get to work.
Late Sunday start. Getting some Loco Moco breakfast at in the Palazzo, then more booth…
Crazy night last night? In need of a food cure? Sounds like you need a Loco Moco. Come by today for…
Do we make you Hungry? . Get this delicious Loco Moco at your closest L&L!
One of my favorite things to do is revive leftovers from when I go out to eat. I got a plate of Loco Moco over...
Build your own Loco Moco's at the pad tonight. My build: teriyaki burger, teriyaki spam, & mushroom…
A meal you can't miss in Hawaii..the Loco Moco, a top a bed of pork fried rice sits a fr...
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from ---. All grass fed seasoned Loco Moco with homemade…
A classic dish originating in 1949, we bring the Loco Moco: a bed of Jasmine Rice with a…
Loco Moco sounds really good right now
Loco Moco at Pelly's! Love Manhatten chowder but adding the Spanish rice is awesome! Thanks Dad!…
At -- Loco Moco over Fried Rice. It's what breakfast should be.
Pakė from Chinaman's Hat, HI showing you how a Loco Moco should be devoured. DESTROYED! Mahalo braddah!...
Loco Moco remains my all time favorite post workout meal 🍳🏄🌈. (cc: Manti Te'o, Marcus Mariota)
Fine dice and sautee some Garlic. Toss in some OVERNIGHT Rice and "fry". Then put your Loco Moco on top. MOST ONO!
Loco Moco and fraction IPA, and two for three in the game and ran from first home, good night! :)
Aloha Food Factory on This is definitely an upgrade from L&L's Hawaiian BBQ. I got the Loco Moco breakfast wh…
Always gotta make sure to eat at Saimin Says in Kent when I'm in the area! Loco Moco for Dinner.…
My wife made me a Loco Moco for lunch (gravy on eggs on burger on burger on rice).
Supported the Mongolia team with a Loco Moco plate and now at the beach
Agreed! Always trying the diff benedicts. Smoked salmon and Loco Moco one are my faves!
Have fun. Try some Loco Moco for breakfast.
Aye! Come and help support the Mongolia team by buying Loco Moco plates! It's only $10 and…
Can't wait for the weekend to start?. Bring on the Loco Moco and get the party started!
Moment: That Aha! moment when you realize, that 4 fried eggs can turn meatloaf night into Loco Moco night. That's Aloha!
very true!! They got.this plate dish Loco Moco and Siamin 2 Hawaiian mainstays!!
Made myself some Loco Moco miss these like crazy
Lunch at Kapolei golf course. Loco Moco and Salmon Alfredo on ramen noodles.
Nice shot from Laie Point! Go visit Hukilau Cafe and have the Loco Moco.
Congratulations to The Barracuda swimmers beating second-place Needles Sandsharks 1,007-903 during the Bullhead City Barracudas Invitational on Saturday. Fun facts of the day... The average person laughs 10 times a day, so don't forget to do your part. Many people may remember today as the day millions of people were glued to there televisions watching as a white ford bronco led a slow speed chase across the Los Angelas ending in his arrest 20 years ago today. Come in to Mason Jar today and try our Loco Moco breakfast. It's a traditional Hawaiian breakfast!!! A bed of rice, all natural beef patty, Caramelized onions and brown gravy topped off with an egg for $7.99. Don't forget Tuesdays Kids 12 and under eat free at Mason Jar (one free kids meal with the purchase of an adult entree.) Come in and see us today!
Back by popular demand...these guys! Island Loco blew everybody's mind last week with their Loco Moco and Fusion Tacos and their preparing to do it again tonight. So come on down to the Four Peaks Tasting Room for some grub and a deliciously newly tapped Lagunitas Night Time Black IPA! BOOM!
What started out as meatloaf turned into Loco Moco a la Scoobs. .
Loco Moco on special, Stoke City v Liverpool on now, both NFL playoff games on later... Happy Sunday!!!
Pacific Fusions mobile Lunch Wagon is making our debut in American Samoa on Monday December 23 from 9-4p at Lyons Park. PF will be serving some of your favorite Plate Lunchs' like Fried Saimin, Spam Musubi, Kalua Pork, Chicken katsu, Loco Moco, and BBQ Chicken. Share the news with your family and friends. If you're interested in PF setting up at your business or next family function, please email Shareen @ pacificfusions Stay tuned for further dates and locations.
How do they not have Loco Moco here, they said they dont sell only Locals order them (@ Aloha Hawaiian Grill)
if just saying Loco Moco made your mouth water! :D
I'm gonna try that Loco Moco dish today... Two burgers, rice, fried egg and gravy mixed together
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Pick WR Greg Jennings MIN...DC next with pick 108. Loco Moco in the hole with 109
Man that Loco Moco made my belly feel all sorts of good! YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY I GOT SPARKLES IN MY TUMMY!
I just saw a clip of Paula Deen's "Today Show" interview, and I swear she attempted to essentially blame her situation on "haters" (in other words)... Sounds like she took a que from a lot of you rappers! Her career is in the toilet because of her choices/actions, just like yours is! Happy Hump Day... See ya at the Ave for Island Paradise tonight! Im ready for my Loco Moco dinner...
Thanks to Fred, I'm now craving island food. Poke, Loco Moco, Kalua Pork... I could go native easily in Hawaii. Then again, thanks to my stomach, I could go native in a LOT of places.
No sleep last night and going through coffee withdrawals. Needless to say, I'm not a happy camper. And thanks to Lani's post I'm now craving Loco Moco.
Our adventure today. Daniel eating "Loco Moco", Marissa getting a shark tattoo and relaxing by the pool, doesn't get much better than this.
Job Description of Rahul Gandhi- "You will get paid in millions to speak non sense,with exemption from taxes too"
All those who are here only to please celebrities and ask them to wish them on their b'day ;p
Gareth Q.'s Review of Hawaiian Grindz - Oviedo (3/5) on Yelp: Loco Moco all day! Spam Musubi too!
Loco moco...when ur mom orders something better than u do..
Can't get enough of Loco Moco's garlic chicken
happened for the first time. Ok,will visit doc in a while
good news? Oh..i mean ok..i mean will update later :p
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