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Local Election

Local elections vary widely across jurisdictions. In electoral system that roughly follow the Westminster model, a terminology has evolved with roles such as Mayor or Warden to describe the executive of a city, town or region, although the actual means of elections vary.

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Talking local elections at Colora do Election Summit.
Back on the stump! May hits the local election campaign despite cough via
This is a "change election"...and it comes down to leadership, maturity, integrity, lawfulness:
See why local teachers are supporting Democrat Manka Dhingra in the Special Election for State Senate.
Candidate for Council cannot offer one benefit the Edmonton Annexation agreement h…
Labour 5 point ahead of Tories as new poll shows voters prefer Corbyn over May
Roy Moore is the "New GOP" and they are going to make Cruz, Rubio and Rand Paul look like liberals. I…
It's the last week to vote in the AAP National Election! Voting is open now & available until 10/15 at
I'd rather see another election so the can sort out their local difficulties in opposition.
There was a yogathevote event happening re: the local election. Would've been cool to attend!
ICYMI: Horicon man appears on election fraud charges
MUST GET OUT THE VOTE in every election - local, state and federal. 2018 is the best chance to turn the tide.
Election 2017: Bellbrook voters to decide on new tax in November
But I’ve voted in every election local and national since I was feet don’t hurt then remarkably
native wants to flip after years of Republican control.
. Wisconsin Websites hit by Russian Activity from March before the election to well after it. .
Reporter Elise Stolte explains what to expect in the 2017 Edmonton election
But LDP have some strong local barons. And they have Komeito support. Komeito supported Koike in last Tokyo local election.
Luxembourg: LSAP (S&D) with major losses in today's local election.
Interaction Program on 'Youth Leadership in Local Election' in Kathmandu with Youth Leader of Nepali Congress...
Clever people? Being a local election, did President Zuma have anything to do with outcome (preliminary though patterns…
It was a only a matter of time >> ANC faces worst election loss in 20 years
Not in a federal election. Local maybe. Gov moonbeam needs to go home to momma for retraining.
you seem to be evolving into Local election achievement unlocked. US presidential bunfight should be fun
Heads up, subscribers! Your papers may be a bit late Sunday, Monday and Wednesday
"Members of a political group went undercover at Tuesday's primary election"
has struggled to shake off its HISTORICAL ties to apartheid...skewed view that ...
Here are the people I met at the rally in Green Bay today.
The EFF has emerged most victorious in this Local Government Election!
was a terrible local election performance. Terrible
A leadership election should be the moment when a party gets rebooted but Labour faces mort...
Prison not recommended for Rep. Bera’s dad in election fraud sentence
every election is important moron if local body elections are not important than why 86 yr old RSS is taking part in it
I'm surprised Hlaudi Motsoeneng is allowing the local election results to be aired, given the ANC losing some major metros
Yukoners Concerned ask voters to question party stance on Oil and Gas during election campaign
I saw a Green Party presidential election commercial on our local station. Where the heck are the ads?
We got them under 50% in Ekurhuleni (48,6). In the previous local election they had 62%. ! ANC 4 seats short...
All the hype about the general election is taking away the significance of local elections; they affect our communities more drastically
So this wag tells me, "if ANC cannot steal a small local election, how can they run Africa's most advanced economy?" I give up
wow what a rollercoaster week it has been with the local elections. Thank God for a peaceful election process. Well done South Africa.
# concedes local election defeat in key S Africa city: . Sout...
The presidential election doesn't affect the black community nearly as much and local elections. We need to pay more atte…
South Africa's local election shock down to anger and apathy - The Guardian
South African election shock is not about supporting opposition but about signalling to ANC
Local House candidates now focusing on general election Looks like a 'Win-Win' for DG voters. (Not counting JR).
I really would have liked to see him as president, but this election has made me realize the importance of local elections.
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Trump sullies Wisconsin with his vile name-calling of Hillary. He is a thug!! Shame on Trump!
DNC Staffer Seth Rich Murdered before testimony on Election Fraud by Hillaru Clinton via
Trump spoke in a cavernous hall where the sound of Port-a-Potty doors thudding shut...
EFF should be begging to be in coalitions to drive clean local govt,provide housing & create jobs.Then build base to fight general election
. EFF did well in these local gov. election. They can only grow from here. The leadership need to be humble.
Here is what the world is saying about South Africa’s local election results
ANC concedes local election defeat in key South Africa city via
Here is a what the world is saying about
Donald Trump supporters in Green Bay share hatred of Hillary Clinton, love for Packers
After Troy Kelley trial, a battle for who will take over State Auditor’s Office: Kelley didn’t file for re-election…
Just saying you should ALWAYS vote. In every election. Up and down the ballot. Federal, state and…
.as the local MP, can your constituents on expect to see you this election campaign?
Coverage of the trial continues today. brings you up-to-date on what's up:.
Filing for positions on the local election ballots wound up Friday with contests for commission seats. Filings...
17 states have new voter ID laws that may disenfranchise non-white voters. Of these 17, seven are swing states
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Checkout this great local video about how Ada County, ID voters enjoyed faster processing time with Verity!
You should find your local voting reg. office before the election and make sure they stock up on stickers
Local election commercials are honestly the worst
"People have powerful feelings about what’s happened in this country. Corporations have taken over our democracy,... h…
Obsessing over some local election results 4 yrs before the real one is defeatist & pointless.
In federal court, Wisconsin DMV administrator outlines challenges in issuing voter IDs
Do not assume Trump will lose b/c of demography -- especially when new ID laws block voters http…
B.C. government opens the taps on craft breweries - Time was, pre-election beer politics involved Bill Vander Z...
Not sure whether to blame or for this: Tax Commissioner sues to stop election
school board amalgamation following budget? Seems like an election issue
Angela Corey campaign manager faces lawsuit for filing write-in candidate in state attorney election: via jaxdotcom
I voted today in the state and local general election and party primaries. Things that actually affect you more than President.
khan sahib.. Make a committee to watch over the local govt money distribution and progress.its foundation for election
When called for a he meant a revolution in Local, State & Federal government! Eve…
The local election results in perspective. Jeremy Corbyn represents an academic elite, not the people.
ICYMI: How state politicians are quietly working to steal the US presidential election
First results are coming in for the Local Election at North Tyneside Council. Labour have held Chirton, Howdon, Riverside and Valley wards
Can anyone advise me when I should expect to see Local Election results? Police and Crime, City Council and Parish Council.
Activation of Muncipal Joint Scurity Cntrol Center ths mplty for the upcming National&Local Election
Albemarle prosecutor, court clerk see election challengers: While there are no open constitutional officer sea...
Texas city commissioner charged w/16 counts of in overturned election via
Please note: this year, Tuesday, November 3rd is not a state or local election day, and Oak Ridge Schools will be in session.
About one-third of newly elected MPs in BC have local government experience.
MCPS uses phone system to send election reminder from mayor
Local government polls in Karachi on December 5: Karachi . The election commission secretary sa...
Before & After: New local election law distributed by to parties competing in Oct25 election
Meanwhile in Nigeria ... a state elections tribunal orders elections in EIGHTEEN local areas be rerun
Students get taste of democracy: ... to vote in the referendum to secede from the United Kingd...
Grand jury to investigate claims Eatonville mayor rigged election:
Candidates in all 4 Puyallup council races address homelessness
10/21/2015 PSINSP MARZAN JR.OIC,disseminate on Prohibition acts in nat'l & local election
Best wishes to two of my Henry Alexander Hunt High School classmates: Kenneth Hill and Marvin Crafter; and my...
We must vote, even if we think we'll loose. Every election, local, state, national, we vote, it matters.
Cape Breton veteran thrilled with federal election results
Election 2015: Would Prop I slow gentrifcation in the Mission?: If you live in San Francisco, you’ve got local…
My local political Dems are facing a critical election this year. They need to stay in power. It's important to vote on off yrs!
I have confidence you will be a strong, educated and persevering voice for your riding
Video: Govt of Sindh engaged in pre-poll rigging for local bodies election:
Ya'll we gotta start checking these local *** politicians that come to our hood passing out flyers around election time for our vote.
Local Election winner in Calgary, Canada: And this is just Calgary. Sikhs are all around Canada, callin...
before voting for local bodies Election do remember these false promises.
Akwa Ibom tribunal orders re-run election in 18 Local government Areas
What does the national press think of Scott Walker's chances in 2016?
Running after the local election candidates car, while he rallies for votes through a loud hailer
Some more dim views on candidacy, as if there aren't enough to go around.
Corey Atkins files for City Council, other candidates for Woodfin, full list:
More than anyone would ever want to know about from
reports that Dems are accusing of being divisive. Where would they get that idea?
Tories cynically withheld decision not to upgrade railways - taken in March - to win votes in May.
‘Ministers cynically hid rail delays before election’: Ministers are facing accusations they “cynically” hid d...
No, absolutely not. This would be a general election not a local one.
Well he'll be out in his next local election the stupid ignorant fool as they voted for him to represent them!
Announcement today from months in the making, since soon after re-election:
We tell is "one of the most divisive politicians our state has ever seen.”
Democrats accuse Scott Walker of divisive politics ahead of presidential announcement ¤
Democrats accuse of divisive politics ahead of presidential announcement
The first election for local officials in Basilan was held on November 8, 1955.
.has raised more than $1 million for reelection in 2016. Great news for
Right Now: Meeting regarding party reorganisation and upcoming local bodies election is underway.
That's a pity.. I think that my local TD should stay and contest the next General Election!!
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‘Ministers cynically hid rail delays before election’
Kazmi also briefed the chairman about preparation about upcoming local bodies election in division.
Virginia's Rep. Barbara Comstock has raised $1 million for reelection - Washington Post
Winston-Salem at center of debate over race and state’s election law during federal trial via
D's are targeting NoVa R for defeat in '16, but she's harder to beat w/ $1M head start in fundraising
Mayoral candidates report more than $7M in campaign cash, far outpacing last open race in 2009 by
Historic federal trial on NC voter suppression law starts in Winston-Salem h/t
With Local Government Election beckoning they had to pacify them
After 5 p.m. today, you'll be able to check who has filed papers to run in the local races for the November election.
President PTI Karachi meeting with District Malir Team regarding the upcoming local bodies election.
Ian Anderson, Returning Officer for Hull's Local Election, 'I unreservedly apologise to all of the candidates and electorate for.
We're supporting Help Chris Stone get funds for the Local Election for the St. Thomas Ward of Exeter City Council!
We feel the BBC News coverage of the European and Local Elections has, to date, been unfairly biased against the Green Party. This bias is not only evident in the almost complete absence of coverage of the Green Party during the European and Local Election results, but also prior to this during the…
BBC continues its relentless attack on the party leader who turned in the best local election results
I think stepping up from Local to General election.. Is like transiton from junior to senior school. >>> you'd prob be alright but >>
“Injured friend (war wounded) voting for first time today in Misrata for local council election. Way to go
The local election count seemed like being in a junior school playground..Davey and Berry turned up.. like kids coming back from Big school.
A look at the elections from a different point of view to that of and mainstream media
Great example of media agenda being utterly wrong. .
Eight things we learned from the local election results
Fine Gael loses 2 seats in Castlebar as elected indep says people there 'go to bed hungry' (via
Here in my small Lower Austria local election district, we had 8 out of 612 voters already. ;)
Many Austrian local election board members will be reporting their experiences of as Join in!
the odds for the Roscommon by election
Local elections: Labour look set to hold in London boroughs of Islington and Hounslow
Britain's Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg came under pressure Sunday to step down as leader of the Liberal Democrats after the centrist party took a pounding in local elections.
The local election results are still coming in, showing gains for UKIP across the country see them here:
BBC & mainstream media have huge case of bias, inaccuracy& false conclusions to answer on elections
To all defeated candidates. First time i ran in local election I bombed. 380 votes. 12 years later appointed to cabinet…
Govt to follow due process in local bodies' election: Deputy PM Singh
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Press and TV wrong to see so much in Local Elections.
Day two of NI election counts 'A second day of counting in the local government elections is due to get under way...'
The DUP and Sinn Fein are confirmed as Northern Ireland's biggest parties as counting in the local election comes to an end.
nbanews Local Elections Results, 1. Parties can win an election without winning. On paper, Labour clearly won. They have gained more than...
NI election count nears completion: Counting in the local government elections in Northern Ire...
How can learn from how to win in the South & counter UKIP
AAV: A different look at the 2014 local election result...
Local election results 2014: Nigel Farage hails Ukip's 'political earthquake' and vows more to come
I will be back online tomorrow at 9am with European Election coverage and Local Election coverage from
Lib Dem candidate in Winchester calls on party leader Nick Clegg to stand down after English local election results http:/…
Grad 2009 from Cork and Local Election 2014 with He's now a cllr and I'm a party VP! Mad!
Election fall-out and cheap holidays - front pages 'The fall-out from the local elections, and bargain holidays, ...'
Full coverage of local election results (EU results follow on Sunday)
Great to see doing well in local elections. Hopefully the European Election will prove successful
An excellent analysis of election performance by main parties and UKIP and greens. An ABC for
A different look at the 2014 local election results
Might be able to watch the sun rise in Carlow at the local election count! Lol
UK local elections: Don't believe everything you read in the newspapers!
Problematic how local govt results are seen by Westminster-centric press as just tests for general election, rather than end… Máire Devine has topped the poll in Tallaght Central with big personal vote Charlie O'Connor in 2nd place . h…
Nigel Farage sets out UKIPs aims as campaigning for Thursdays local and European election enters its final stage.
Early voting is now open on the weekends in Santa Clara County for the June 3 primary election.
Co Leitrim is the first to completely finish their Local Election - yay us! Now goodnight.
Best wishes to presidential candidates, election workers, and the local & international election observers htt…
While counting has finished for the night in the local election, it's still continuing in the by-election. It's down to the final two candidates - Fine Gael's Gabriele McFadden and Aengus O'Rourke of Fianna Fail - and a result is expected shortly. Stay tuned!
The way people vote in local elections, and their motivations, have, changed considerably, and it is a trend mainstream parties need to take heed of.
Excellent analysis of the local elections results cutting through the media spin.
Final part of the count for Derry Strabane for the Moor Ward local election count is now under way. Latest is that leading member of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement has topped the poll in that DEA effectively doubling his vote from his last attempt. He has beaten former mayor, SF Cllr Kevin Campbell into second spot. Last remaining intrigue for that ward will be to see which SDLP candidate will get a seat, either veteran Cllr Sean Carr or new comer Emmett Doyle.
Plenty of updates on the Local Election tallies in Clare. Counting has started in Ennis and Killaloe.
Breaking.Independent candidate and prominent member of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement Gary Donnelly has been elected in The Moor Ward in the Derry Strabane local elections.
I won't be leaving the Offaly local election count centre anytime soon. While I'm waiting for the first official count, indulge me and tell me what you're doing with your Saturday instead of being a local election anorak!
All the latest as the last votes are counted in the local elections, and politicians prepare for the European results
NAAS LOCAL NEWS Local Elections: 20% of the Naas vote counted sees James Lawless (Fianna Fail) and Sorcha O'Neill (Sinn Fein) leading. Gardai warn drivers to reduce speed: Naas Gardai have warned motorists to reduce speed after a number of accidents on the M7 & N7 Dublin bound. Overnight rain has caused water pockets which are hazardous especially on the motorway. No reports of any injuries. Weather: Showers will clear with some bright spells developing for a while but rain will move into most parts of Leinster later this afternoon and the evening. Temps will range from 12- 16 degrees. Competition: We have two pair of tickets up for grabs (worth €25 each) for the upcoming REELING IN THE SIXTIES SHOW at the Moat Theatre on Sunday the 1st of June. Starring Ronan Collins, Karen Black, Simon Casey, The Sugar Cubes, The Swarbriggs, Tony Kenny and many more. Comp details will be posted tonight at 7pm.
It is a shame that more people don't base their vote on local issues when deciding who to support in a local election. Me and Anthony James are now represented by three councillors who don't even live in the area and therefore don't experience first hand the problems that their electors face. My vote was all about the local candidates and nothing else...
Local election latest According to the tally, FF have exceeded everyone's predictions in Mullingar Kilbeggan. Avril Whitney is on almost 15%, followed by Paul Daly and Ken Glynn. John Penrose (10%) is in fourth place, while despite having a low key campaign Sinn Fein's Sorcha Clarke is on 9.6%. Andrew Duncan is on 7.2%, while his party colleague Cllr Colm Arthur is on 6.3% and has a real struggle on his hands to be re-elected. Cllr Detty Cornally (Labour) also looks as if she will relinquish her seat.
The Green Party has gained 23 seats at the Local Elections as it continues to go from strength to strength. Greens are now installed as the official opposition in Liverpool and Solihull, Islington and Lewisham in London, and remain the official opposition in Norwich.
Ukip won hundreds of seats in the local elections, but that may not mean the party will cruise into Westminster in 2015.
Sinn Féin Dublin Director of Local Elections says Lynn Boylan polling strongly across the city
Local elections: Earliest indications are that Sinn Féin have made huge gains in both Mullingar East/Coole and Mullingar West/Kilbeggan. Stay with us for updates
Now here's some unpalatable facts about our voting system First Past The Post from yesterday's Local Election results in the borough of Hackney: 1) The Tories came 4th in the borough and had 4 councillors elected 2) The Lib Dems came 3rd in the borough yet had only 3 councillors elected 3) Out of 21 wards in the borough the Green Party came a clear second 17 seventeen of them, yet had absolutely NO councillors elected. Go figure!
The new state of the Council following the local elections on 22 May 2014 is Lib Dems 28, Lab 22, Con 10, Ind Ratepayers 3
Follow Kildare local election count live from Punchestown this weekend at
Well UKIP certainly seem to have upset the political establishment both locally and nationally. Why has the happened and what will the long term effect be? repost from Kevan: So Crawley had local elections and UKIP polled 23% of the vote the Lib Dems only getting 3% and the Conservatives and Labour getting 35 and 37% each, I wonder how the vote would have gone against our beloved councellors considering the things that are going on with all thats going on in the district. repost from Geoff: Now that Crawley has kicked out it tory councillors how will that affect the relationship between HDC and CBC, and to the future development of Horsham. discuss..
Commenting on the local election results in England today, SNP Business Convener Derek MacKay MSP said: "What we are seeing south of the border is the Lib Dems disappearing from the political picture in many places - reflecting their experience in Scotland in 2011 - and Labour failing to make the breakthrough. The Tory-led government and entire Westminster system are paying the price of pandering to the UKIP agenda. "We are now seeing more people in the Tory party calling for an electoral pact with UKIP, and more people in Labour demanding a commitment to an in/out EU referendum. "We now also have the ridiculous spectacle of Lib Dem Treasury Minister Danny Alexander preparing to lecture people in Scotland about our economic viability as an independent country - when his party has been stripped of any electoral credibility both north and south of the border. The Lib Dems pretend to be guarantors on the constitution in Scotland, but they are in no position to guarantee anything given the terrible drubbing t ...
THE leader of Worthing Borough Council expressed his ‘delight’ at the local election results as the votes were counted in Lancing earlier this afternoon.
Nigel Farage's Ukip made its strongest performance in local elections in its twenty year history, raising expectations that the anti-EU party is poised to win Sunday's European elections.
Nigel Farage has claimed his party is a serious player for 2015 after UKIP made significant gains in the local elections, leaving main party leaders admitting the public was voicing its discontent.
A total of 90,620 people living in Clare are entitled to vote in the local election which sees 69 candidates battle it out for 28 seats. Among them was 82-ye...
David Prever is live with a local election special. UKIP has made big gains across the country. But David is asking: Why didn't UKIP win a single seat in Oxfordshire?
Citzens in Ukraine will take to the polls on May 25th to vote in the presidential elections and in a number of local elections against the backdrop of growing tensions and political uncertainty. However, libraries in Ukraine continue to play a critical role in bridging the communication gap between…
Happy to say although I came fourth in Hillmorton Ward in the Local Election the greens received a respectable 197 votes. Cheers guys and on we go. :) Only a handful of votes behind Lib Dems too.
Ukip appears to have made strong gains in the UK local elections 2014 - but its support is split across the country. Channel 4 News looks at where Ukip have been gaining influence.
Results are coming in across Oxfordshire in the local elections. Kat Orman wants to know if you turned out to vote .36% of the county did which was slightly up on the last local elections. .If you did why and if not why not?
Okay - election day's finally here. Give us your predictions of which candidate will top the local elections in each of Cavan's three constituencies - and here's the trickier one - who will claim the sixth and final seat in each of the three constituencies?
Our interactive map shows the results of the local elections in the UK Image by Getty
John Harris: The local election results show that Nigel Farage's party is a force to be reckoned with, and the two-party system in crisis
COUNTING is underway at the Metrodome following the local elections in Barnsley yesterday.
No local elections in Dartford, but results for Wards in the London Borough of Bexley
Morning all. Nihal is asking: Is the perception that UKIP is racist unfair? Results for local elections have been coming in and it's been a good night for UKIP. Does that surprise you? Or can you actually see why they've got so much appeal?
It's Election Day, I want to sincerely thank all those who sent me messages of support, however as most of you know unfortunately I have decided not to contest the Local Election and for the moment to retire from public life, as I am at a stage in my career where I would not be able to give it my full commitment. I enjoyed my time as a public representative; it was an honour to serve my town and its residents, and I hope that in the future I can again contribute to public life. I want to thank all those who supported me during that time. I would respectfully ask all of my friends in Thurles/Templemore to vote for my hardworking Fianna Fáil Council colleagues Seamus Hanafin, John Hogan, Michael Smith, and my cousin, first-time candidate Jackie Cahill. Please give your No.1 vote to the local Fianna Fáil team. If your No.1 vote is committed to another candidate we would be most grateful if you could split the difference and ask another member of your household to give them their No.1 vote; or give your nex ...
ELECTION RESULTS: * It's looking good for UKIP as the results from yesterday’s local elections continue to come in this morning. Nigel Farage said his party were “serious players” after the three main parties are on course for disappointing results. * Nigel Farage’s party still does not control any councils. * Experts say if the public voted the same way in next year’s 2015 General Election, Labour would be the largest party but would be well short of a majority – meaning they would be likely to form a coalition with the Lib Dems. * So far: Labour have gained 101 council seats and three councils. The Conservatives have lost 94 council seats and eight councils. The Lib Dems have lost 99 council seats and one council. UKIP have gained 87 council seats and have no councils. Your comments may be read out on air.
Early results from local elections across England show UKIP has made major gains at the expense of both Labour and the Conservatives. As the counting of votes continues for 161 English councils, UKIP has so far seen a net gain of 71 seats. The first council to change hands was at Castle Point, in Es…
Keep up with the results of the local election for Reading Borough Council here
WELCOME to our live coverage of the 2014 local election results.
COUNCILLORS and nominees for seats on Worthing Borough Council are waiting on tenterhooks this morning awaiting the results of this years local elections.
UKIP's support surges, with Labour also making gains as Tories and Lib Dem lose seats in the English local elections, with most results still to come.
The Havering local election count is due to start this morning after voting closed at 10pm yesterday.
Local Election latest. UKIP have won Nick Robinson from the Tories
day42 no picture as phone battery died but so happy Local Election results here in Mid Dorset & North Poole shows good news for Lib Dems. We held Wareham and we gained Lytchett Matravers from Tories with my great friend Martyn Colvey . In Bere Regis John Phelps did us proud taking over 30% vote against a previously independent cllr who we had not opposed for many years! Thanks to all who voted and have their time to volunteer in any way! Purbeck council is no longer Tory and is no overall control - off to bed for 3hrs!!!
This is my speech from the recent Labour Party conference 2014. This Friday is Polling Day in the Local Elections, this is to vote for decent hardworking representatives on to Dublin City Council . I've personally as a local councillor for the past 5 yrs and community activist for over 41 yrs in Finglas championed Choiced Based letting - renovating & opening boarded up houses in Finglas for much needed social housing in our area. I secured funding for the Finglas Suicide Network, campaigned for our Post Office to remain in Finglas Village. Don't forget a multi million euro new Primary Health Care centre which is also planned for Finglas. The list of good goes on. I'm proud to have served my community for 5 years and if you would like me to continue my hard work in our community this Friday Number 1 in our Local Election.
Atheist Ireland is asking European and Local Election candidates to support this Secular Statement -
“Local Election posters should not distract from Tidy Towns / Villages excellent work” Martin Lo
Leitrim Sinn Fein Candidates, for 2014 Local Election. Vote Sinn Fein on the 23rd of May and make a change to Leitrim Co Council. Padraig Fallon in Manorhamilton Area Martin Kenny in Ballinamore Brendan Barry in Ballinamore Maureen Martin in Ballinamore Seadhna Logna in Carrick on Shannon
Sinn Fein are aiming to return eleven Councillors to Donegal County Council in May. This strong team can provide real leadership in Lifford and break the stranglehold of Fianna Fail and Fine Gael in Donegal. You can send a real message to the establishment parties that we have had enough of their austerity and cronyism. We always need volunteers especially ahead of an election. Please do get in touch if you would like to help Sinn Fein win seats in this Local Election.
PERFORMANCE OF THE LGU OF PANGANIBAN DURING THE 1ST TERM ADMINISTRATION OF HON. MAYOR ROBERT A. FERNANDEZ On May 13, 2013 National and Local Election, It was the very first time in the political history of the municipality of Panganiban that an incumbent mayor who ran for his second term got no opponent. Political analysts say, it happened because of his incomparable performance leading to outstanding governance. Out of the very limited sources from the municipal development funds, he implemented several tangible projects funded by the local and external sources that really improved the municipality of Panganiban, to wit: 1. Installation of Additional Pipelines for Panganiban Municipal Level-III Potable Water System 2. Completion of Road Opening (Access Road to Landfill Site) 3. Construction of Ponds for Fish Breeding and Crab Grow-Out Industry 4. Rehabilitation and Improvement of Municipal Plaza Stage 5. Improvement of Municipal Plaza Flooring 5. Improvement of Farm to Market Road (Sam Miguel and Sara-Sa ...
GENERAL PROVISIONS Section 1. Title. - This Act shall be known and cited as the "Omnibus Election Code of the Philippines." Sec. 2. Applicability. - This Code shall govern all election of public officers and, to the extent appropriate, all referenda and plebiscites. Sec. 3. Election and campaign periods. - Unless otherwise fixed in special cases by the Commission on Elections, which hereinafter shall be referred to as the Commission, the election period shall commence ninety days before the day of the election and shall end thirty days thereafter. The period of campaign shall be as follows: Presidential and Vice-Presidential Election - 90 days; Election of Members of the Batasang Pambansa and Local Election - 45 days; and Barangay Election - 15 days. The campaign periods shall not include the day before and the day of the election. However, in case of special elections under Article VIII, Section 5, Subsection (2) of the Constitution, the campaign period shall be forty-five days. Sec. 4. Obligation to reg ...
ATTENTION: BEIs (FSES TeacherS) According to our Principal Mrs. Rosalia Labay-Morit, there will be a Re-training on PCOS for 2013 National & Local Election, it will be held @ Parañaque National High School-Main starting April 22, 2013 onward. Please wait for exact date for District II. Thank you very much & God bless.
Local Election results: far it says nothing, but will check back later... watching these close)
(Local Election - Why I voted FOR Amendment 1 – “Charter Schools”) – This one is easy. The movement against Amendment 1 is centered around "fear" NOT giving the state (Gov. Deal) the ability to approve new charter schools. The campaign goes: “I don’t trust Nathan Deal” to make that decision. Great, here is my position. I have seen what Clayton County school boards can do (lose SACS accreditation). I have also seen what APS can do (fight, use credit cards, fight, and come very close to losing SACS accreditation while fighting). YES, YES, YES I trust Nathan Deal more than APS….. You have to be kidding me…. You actually TRUST a school board that jeopardizes accreditation… The mayor almost had to step in over at APS so YES I do not mind the Governor creating “another” channel for education in addition to what is already in place.
Sunday was my last day of knocking on doors. That has been the most enjoyable part of campaigning. Thank you to all of the residents that listened to me and a special thanks to those that engaged in conversation with me. This whole process has been very interesting. Daryl Penix gets a big thank you for give me a book called, "How to Win a Local Election". I read the whole book and it said, "If you do everything in this book you have a good chance of winning your election." I followed everything in the book. Victory party at McNasty's in New Boston. Meeting there after the polls close. Come join us.
Another batch of old Local Election results to add to those already on the site This time, Westmeath County Council Local Election Results 1934 to 2009 Sligo Corporation Local Election Results 1919...
2013 – YOUR CITY – YOUR CALL! It Starts NOW (Well as far as I am concerned it does) David Thorton on the recent Auckland Rates Rises From the 2013 Local Election page he...
Right, now Local Election process is finally coming to a close, can we please get back to serious business of kicking Bill Walker MSP out?
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