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Lleyton Hewitt

Lleyton Glynn Hewitt (born 24 February 1981) is an Australian professional tennis player and former World No.

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Lleyton Hewitt living a dream as his Adelaide Crows get set for AFL Grand Final >>
Parker is rubbish like everything in & from Australia… Lleyton Hewitt is the only good thing to come from that place
Tough times in Adelaide when Lleyton Hewitt is your guest columnist on a footy grand final
Reasons I want Adelaide to win . 1. Lleyton Hewitt . 2. Betts & McGovern . 3. They are not a Victorian team .
Lleyton Hewitt is a good dad. Clearly taught his kids about stranger danger
Oh heres Crows legend Lleyton Hewitt on his thoughts.
Tonight's the first time I've ever seen Lleyton Hewitt's mum not wearing speed dealer sunnies
Whose idea was it to show Lleyton Hewitt and his parents at 3QT of a prelim Sack that person
Simply outstanding Lleyton Hewitt Resilience piece on Ch 7 spine tingling lead into this massive game.
LLEYTON HEWITT: I'm nervous & excited. I'm happy this game is at home. Hopefully the boys can do us proud. I'll be fired up in the stands.
what's Lleyton Hewitt doing on the bachelor?
there's absolutely a surreal feature to be written about hanging out with Bert Newton and Lleyton He…
Davis Cup: Australia captain Lleyton Hewitt expects young team to bounce back after Belgium…
has done well with casting this season, scoring Lleyton Hewitt & the lead singer of Nickelback
Roger Federer v Lleyton Hewitt in 2005 final - best Indian Wells rally ever? - YouTube
HOT OR NOT: leaves it late and time's up for Lleyton Hewitt
Why hasn't anyone taught Lleyton Hewitt how to pronounce Milos Raonic? 😬
4. 2004 saw Federer lift his first US Open title against former world Lleyton Hewitt. He became the first man si…
My impersonation of the great Lleyton Hewitt!
A picture of me (I promise it's me) next to Lleyton Hewitt, 2012. Bit sunny mind! ht…
New drinking game - drink every time Lleyton Hewitt says the word "absolutely" .
Davis Cup semi-finals: Who should Lleyton Hewitt pick for Belgium? -
.Report: My post on unsung Aussie Jordan Thompson, inheritor of the Lleyton Hewitt legacy
Is Jordan Thompson the future of Australian men's tennis? takes a look at the rising Aussie star…
Are Bec and Lleyton Hewitt headed for splitsville? - Yahoo7 via Best move she could ever…
I just played as Jo-wilfried Tsonga against Lleyton Hewitt in the
Bring back the days of with the likes of Pat Rafter and Lleyton Hewitt.
I feel like the UK is a commendable but battling Lleyton Hewitt up against Federer in his prime. Can't…
I miss the Bison What was better the goal or…
Did James Blake address the Lleyton Hewitt incident in his book? I'm sorry I tuned in late.
Rafael Nadal says he used Lleyton Hewitt as an example throughout his career
He's an absolute melt, no doubt about it. Like when he criticised Hewitt for playing DC fo…
Last three panels to finishing colouring before page 23 is ready. 💪Cmon!!! /Lleyton Hewitt hand motion
I'll miss you Lleyton, nobody says come on like you do
It's birthday 🎂. He's the only man in the Open Era to down the defending champion (Lleyton Hewitt) in the 1R…
well done!! That previous effort was well... Extraordinary- looked more like Lleyton Hewitt than Ronaldo
I'll pay you $10 to do the Lleyton Hewitt come on move
Tennis icon Lleyton Hewitt checking out Toorak trophy
Tennis legend Lleyton Hewitt and wife Bec have been spotted coming and going from a Toorak mansion: Title Tattle…
House prices to fall if China downturn occurs: Deloitte; Lleyton Hewitt checks out Toorak trophy -
Lleyton Hewitt thinks Nick Kyrgios is starting to build a platform needed to get to world no.1
Retiring Lleyton Hewitt backs Nick Kyrgios to crack world tennis top ten
04-11 Fast and loud: Lleyton Hewitt shows the way forward
Retiring Lleyton Hewitt backs to crack world tennis top ten
Fast and loud: Lleyton Hewitt shows Nick Kyrgios the way forward...
"Is that the imperial death march that they're playing?" says Lleyton Hewitt as the band in the Davis Cup crowd plays Seven Nation Army.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Lleyton Hewitt says he's not going to beg Bernard Tomic to play Davis Cup - and neither should he.…
The last time both No. 1 & 2 seeds were out before the QF in the Australian Open was Lleyton Hewitt & Gustavo Kuerten in 2002.
Last 1 or 2 seeds to be bounced from Aus Open in 1st 2 rounds: 2002, Lleyton Hewitt (1) and Gustavo Kuerten (2) both lost in 1st round.
As the era of Lleyton Hewitt concludes, Tomic and Kyrgios arrive at the Open
Lleyton Hewitt's brilliant career is over after going down 6-2, 6-4, 6-4 to David Ferrer.
Lleyton Hewitt aims to shape Australian tennis, written by
Andy Murray's cold reality for tennis as Lleyton Hewitt's fire burns out
Lleyton Hewitt keeps reminding me of Doug Loft from some angles
Sorry. Bec and Lleyton Hewitt are denying media requests for their kids. 🙄. .
Lleyton Hewitt - retired or not?. Hewitt still has a current ATP singles ranking of - 9 spots higher than Thanasi Kokkinakis at
May 31, 2003: No. 1 seed Lleyton Hewitt is dismissed in the third round of the French Open by Spaniard Tommy Robredo 4-6, 1-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-3
I'm still lowkey pressed at Karlovic for beating Lleyton Hewitt years ago at Wimbly lol and I don't even like Lleyton anymore lol
Nick Kyrgios on the role of Davis Cup capt and 2xGS winner Lleyton Hewitt in his coaching box: "He's just a good bloke".
Pretty sure Bec and Lleyton Hewitt are sponsored by the gossip magazines
I'd much rather win in three or four sets than go the distance all the time...
Perhaps Lleyton Hewitt and other so called "celeb" sportspeople shd think twice abt spruiking diet supps
I'm fortunate: I can play as long as I want to play. There's no coach or tr...
"Roger Federer is a benchmark for this sport" - Lleyton Hewitt
And he totally let Lleyton Hewitt off the hook for that comment he made during one of their matches. Said it was racial. Ok.
Think about this Oz. Lleyton Hewitt parents at every event everywhere. a 20yo taking on the world & winning by himself
he's a shocker him and nick kyrios what a difference in generations give me pat rafter and Lleyton Hewitt any day.
dude that was the best game ever, I played as lleyton hewitt
My fight list: Richard Kingsmil, Kochie, that bloke that used to host deal or no deal, Tex Walker, Nat Fye and Lleyton Hewitt.
I liked Pat Cash, and I loved Mats Wilander. I went to the Australian Open ...
lleyton Hewitt, Harry Potter one of the goonies and Matt crouch with a tan?
How would you describe coaching Lleyton Hewitt?
That's a whole lotta come on! I thought I was watching lleyton Hewitt play tennis for a minute there
Are Bec and Lleyton Hewitt headed for a split? And is Grant Hackett to blame?
A budding bromance between Lleyton Hewitt and Grant Hackett has Bec Hewitt fuming! Apparently Lleyton and Grant...
Lleyton Hewitt wannabe?? -Tennis player’s racist outburst at black referee gets him disqualified mid-match
Bec Hewitt threatens to take a 'break' from husband Lleyton. via are you serious!? Lol
Bec Hewitt threatens to take a 'break' after from husband Lleyton is embroiled in Grant…
just sitting right here in front of lleyton hewitt!... I left them alone instead of asking for selfie.
There's the Lleyton Hewitt Davis Cup commitment where player z will play wherever, no matter the surface because representing your country
Lleyton Hewitt, and explored Harbour before tonight's match.
Fact: Tennis player Lleyton Hewitt named his son 'Cruz' after his favorite Christina Aguilera song, 'Cruz'.
Lleyton Hewitt lied through his teeth. The ATP got this call right. RT
What's sad is that she obviously was being biased because of race... feel like she should've been removed.
Cyril and Lleyton Hewitt at the MCG. We just need Usain Bolt and Makybe Diva to complete Bruce's fantasy.
he just got over excited before Cyril got the ball and you should of heard when Lleyton Hewitt came on screen
[The Telegraph]The case has drawn comparisons to Hewitt’s infamous comments during a second…
News Lleyton dragged into racism row: A RISING tennis star disqualified for a racist outburst has been co... News
Lleyton dragged into fresh racism row
the difference with the Hewitt match is that Lleyton had an issue with the linesman, not the chair like this match
Incident echoes Lleyton Hewitt in 2001, who accused a black line judge of favoring James Blake due to "similarity."
"I thought I had him covered in that and then he gets twins". Lleyton Hewitt.
When I was a kid in Adelaide, I dreamed of becoming No. 1 in the world, win...
FMD. Just STF up, Enough with the "C'mon" and "Smash it" What is this, Lleyton Hewitt does cooking?
Cmon! Lleyton Hewitt now a member of the Order of Australia (AM). More than 70 South Aussies recognised
Lleyton Hewitt and terror attack survivor Gill Hicks receive their Australia Day honours. in
Geez,it's sad when Lleyton Hewitt is making more sense about our coach than a lot of our fans
Last Aussie man in the semis was Lleyton Hewitt back in 2002, if Kyrgios wins he'll be youngest semifinalist since Delpo in 2009
Lleyton Hewitt wins the tie break against Kevin Anderson to take the first set.
Matches are won and lost so many times in the locker room.
David Ferrer ends the career of Lleyton Hewitt in the second round of the Australian Open.
he's my fav too. Stick with it and watch bullseye being played by lleyton hewitt
Why should press for Lleyton Hewitt to be his coach...
I can be Nick's guiding light: Lleyton - Fox Sports
Just woke up from a dream where I hooked up a little bit with Lleyton Hewitt. He wore his hat the whole time
Federer has aged quickly, I always felt bad for Lleyton Hewitt seemed like whenever he was hitting stride he’d get hurt
"That was in if you want to challenge it" to at ht…
Bernard Tomic accuses Australia team-mate Nick Kyrgios of faking illness, but Lleyton Hewitt says there was no doubt he was sick.
. How do you think Bec Hewitt feels, Little Lleyton staring out the windows cupping his balls?
Lleyton is an imaginary person made for the suppose of my ship, OR lleyton hewitt
O.K. maybe, but it's self-inflicted. Vika reminds me of Lleyton Hewitt and not in a good way.
Even when I was No. 1 in the world, I was taking it one match at a time. I ...
Bec Hewitt cuts a chic figure in black mini skirt and edgy designer T-shirt while on the school run after Lley...
Playing captains are rare at the highest levels of Davis Cup, but Australia’s Lleyton Hewitt has replaced the ailing Nick Kyrgios.
Who will look after Lleyton Hewitt and Emily Thorne's bird?
7 of the greatest sporting comebacks: AFTER Lleyton Hewitt briefly came out of retirement to answ... (Fox Sports)
Lleyton Hewitt on standby for Davis Cup opener against USA after Nick Kyrgios pulls out but…
Well that was a short retirement!. Rumours circulating Lleyton Hewitt may play in Davis Cup if Kyrgios pulls out! https:…
Since 2009, Raonic, Tomic & Kyrgios were youngest first time title winners at 20! At 20, Lleyton Hewitt was World Number 1!
Settling back home: and move into their $15 million Melbourne penthouse
Leaving the Bahamas behind? Lleyton and Bec Hewitt move into $15 million Melbourne penthouse apartment followi...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
This could be start of anything. One person who would be extremely happy is Lleyton Hewitt. Great form for upcoming Davis Cup tie.
Listen to my take on Lleyton Hewitt's career and the severe injury he had that dramatically impacted his career...
Bec and Lleyton Hewitt: Our life after tennis
'That was in if you want to challenge it.'. Fantastic sportsmanship by Jack Sock vs Lleyton Hewitt
Hewitts ham it up. LLEYTON Hewitt is cooking up a new lifestyle post-retirement alongside wife Bec.
Bec Hewitt and husband Lleyton film promotional video for food brand Hans
I've probably put up with more criticism than a lot of people out there. At...
Bec Hewitt wows in monochrome outfit and shows off her culinary skills
Bec Hewitt shows off her culinary skills to promote deli meat range
Ten years ago today Andy Murray beat Lleyton Hewitt to win his first ATP tour title in San Jose...
In 2005, Marat Safin lost the first set 1-6 to Lleyton Hewitt, and came back to win in 4. Not over yet
The same way John McEnroe used his tv commentary to transform his image, Lleyton Hewitt has done likewise here. Just terrific in booth.
Lleyton Hewitt thanks his family after defeating James Duckworth at Australian Open 2016
Lleyton Hewitt's continues to roll on after he and Sam Groth win in the doubles
Lleyton Hewitt was a good player but also a lucky player, got to be No.1 at just the right time before the Fed took over.
Last local to take on Lleyton Hewitt at Australian Open has advice for James
It seems Lleyton Hewitt's final match was against one of his greatest fans, David Ferrer.
Lleyton Hewitt goes out as he came in - fighting to the end in farewell.
Lleyton Hewitt still raises stink as he ends singles career: Hewitt, former Wimbledon and U.S. Open winner, was…
Thanks for everything Lleyton Hewitt,one of the greatest fighter ever.Former number 1,two times Grand Slam Champion
Lleyton Hewitt waves emotional goodbye to tennis in Australian Open farewell: Two-time Grand Slam champion Lle...
Lleyton Hewitt bows out at 20th fighting (& feisty) to the end. More >
Rod Laver Arena bids farewell to Lleyton Hewitt after straight-sets defeat by Ferrer.
Lleyton Hewitt plays the last singles match of his tennis career
You know you've had a good career when you've got your own hashtag, Lleyton Hewitt you absolute legend 👏🏼
Fine sendoff for Lleyton Hewitt tonight, but David Ferrer was the star. The man of few words had all the right ones.
Lleyton Hewitt, former and champ! End of an era for and the tennis world!
Lleyton Hewitt's son Cruz holds up a sign for his father during his match against James Du… htt…
Lleyton Hewitt, Janko Tipsarevic among the names we found from deanonymizing BuzzFeed's list of suspected players
Lleyton Hewitt and Andrew 'Roy gone fishing' Symonds, just a couple of great Aussie icons
Hamilton Collection
This sideline interview man is the love child of Lleyton Hewitt and Michael Bevan
Hey, did you know that Lleyton Hewitt is about to play his last Oz Open? WE GET IT ALREADY.
The 2015 Sports Personality of the Year winner appeared in high spirits alongside Amelie Mauresmo and Lleyton Hewitt as he prepares for
Jarmila Gajdosova: It has always been an honour to play alongside Lleyton Hewitt
Lleyton Hewitt in 1st round match v Thomaz Bellucci .. (Mike Ehrmann/Getty)
MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — Lleyton Hewitt's debut as Australia's Davis Cup captain will take place against the United States at Kooyong,
Davis Cup: Kooyong to host AUS-US match on grass: MELBOURNE, Australia  — Lleyton Hewitt'... (via Philippine Star
Lleyton Hewitt: It will be a privilege to debut as Davis Cup captain in Kooyong
Lleyton Hewitt to make Davis Cup captaincy debut at Kooyong in March:
Australia to host USA at Kooyong in Lleyton Hewitt's captaincy debut. Read:
Kooyong will be the site of the USA vs. Australia Davis Cup series in Melbourne...
Lleyton Hewitt will make his Davis Cup captaincy debut at Kooyong:
Kooyong to host Davis Cup first round between Australia and United States: Lleyton Hewitt's…
Lleyton Hewitt debut as captain set for in 2016 :
Lleyton Hewitt's first tie as captain will be at former home of Aussie tennis and the still grand v USA from March 4-6
.will make his captaincy debut at in Melbourne against USA, via
Kooyong captaincy debut for Hewitt: KOOYONG has been selected as the site of Lleyton Hewitt’s Davis Cup captaincy debut for the block...
Lleyton Hewitt and Timon Balloo from at our
we're all coming down and going to see lleyton hewitt's last tennis match at the AO
[Tennis]A former coach and fitness trainer of Lleyton Hewitt, the well-known tour presence has…
*does the Lleyton Hewitt hand at face for 3 weeks* GO SASH
[Tennis World]The Wimbledon and US Open winner is believed to have impressed with his presenta…
lol, that's funny.3) the Lleyton Hewitt "c'mon" with ball cap 😁...or little duck n cricket bat...aussie sports emoticons
Hewitt bids New York farewell in familiar fighting fashion. . NEW YORK (Reuters) - Lleyton Hewitt waved goodbye to the U.S. Open on Thursday
Nick Kyrgios, Lleyton Hewitt and Serena Williams will all play in next year's in Perth:
cup. Lleyton Hewitt is expected to be named as the Australian Davis Cup Tennis Coach in the coming days
Two Australian teams at 2016. Nick Kyrgios will play as rumoured. Partner TBD. Lleyton Hewitt and Casey Dellacqua also appearing.
.heads to Perth for Hopman Cup. Serena Williams, Andy Murray. 2 Aussie teams to accommodate Lleyton Hewitt's last appearance
[Tennis World]According to Herald Sun, last week Lleyton Hewitt presented his concept of …
Lleyton Hewitt ready to become Australias new Davis Cup captain
Tennis Australia to name Lleyton Hewitt as Australia's Davis Cup captain |
Lleyton Hewitt is gonna be new Aussie DC captain. ❤️
Last week Lleyton Hewitt presented his concept of captaincy & should be formalised as Australia's captain next few days.
C’mon! Hewitt to captain Australia: LLEYTON Hewitt’s rise to the Davis Cup captaincy is imminent with the former world No 1 will be f...
Hewitt extends U.S. Open Grand Slam goodbye with win. . NEW YORK (Reuters) - A fist-pumping Lleyton Hewitt turned back the clock as he wore
Why can't young tennis players be like Lleyton Hewitt.
At a career-high No. 18, Bernard Tomic is the highest-ranked Aussie since Lleyton Hewitt in February 2008.
[Tennis World]Tennis - Lleyton Hewitt will play his last Austral…
"Lleyton Hewitt to Be Honored at 2016 Australian Open" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
Andy and Jamie Murray beat Lleyton Hewitt and Sam Groth to give Great Britain 2-1 lead over Australia ...
Lleyton Hewitt has received 38 WC entries in his career. Seems unlikely that he will catch James Blake's 45 though...
tennis-buzz:. Jamie and Andy Murray defeat Sam Groth and Lleyton Hewitt: 
Best comment from today: yeah prince harrys dad is that tennis player isnt he? Lleyton Hewitt 😭😭😭😭 think he means James Hewitt
Lleyton Hewitt has 6 WCs in 2015, but does not have one into a 1000 event. Andrey Rublev also has 6 WCs, but five were in 250 events...
Lleyton Hewitt says he'll remain forever indebted to tennis greats John Newcombe and Tony Roche for introducing him to the wonders of
domain names
Obviously, all us young guys have been playing since we were six or seven years old. ~Lleyton Hewitt
Win or lose against Great Britain, Thanasi Kokkinakis is indebted to Lleyton Hewitt for giving him a s
do it Lleyton Hewitt get ur best soap rhymes out
Big-talking Dan Evans believes he's living in Bernard Tomic's head and can scupper Australia's hopes of sending Lleyton Hew…
The Sport Review Davis Cup champions Hewitt and Federer 'lay it all on the line' one last time The Sport Review All…
Lleyton Hewitt watches crowd outshout & out sing The Fanatics from Australia. http…
You can see why Andy Murray said he hoped this would be the last time he played Lleyton Hewitt
Nikki webster is the lleyton hewitt of aus pop
Would you be pleased to have Lleyton Hewitt for a coach in future?
Hear from Andy Murray, Leon Smith & Lleyton Hewitt on the day Britain reached the final. .
Lleyton Hewitt praised by Andy Murray after heartbreaking Davis Cup loss. Read:
Davis Cup champions Hewitt and Federer ‘lay it all on the line’ one last time: All around the globe last weeke...
There's not too many people that have been actually able to beat him the last two years or so. ~Lleyton Hewitt
: US draw for Davis Cup 2016 After Lleyton Hewitt’s legendary Davis Cup career came to an end, Australia…
Aussie battler Lleyton Hewitt and home hero Andy Murray exchanged the first verbal volleys of Davis Cup week on Wednesday,…
Most striking thing about this article: Lleyton Hewitt is still playing? Checks... retired two days ago. Blimey.
Lleyton Hewitt played *** in Lisbon on hard then DC in Spain on clay and 2001 went from hardcourt to grass for DC. Andy isn't the first.
Lleyton Hewitt thanks John Newcombe and Tony Roche for Davis Cup passion
Lleyton Hewitt and Andy Murray traded psychological volleys as tensions rose on the eve of Australia's Ashes-like Davis Cup semi-final
Lleyton Hewitt to clash again after this weekend - both will play Hopman Cup.
Live scores of Lleyton Hewitt and Bernard Tomic are here for Link:
Lleyton Hewitt's US Open career ended with a five-set thriller as the veteran lost his all-Australian tie with Bernard Tomic after
Taking on Lleyton Hewitt, Bernard Tomic (pictured) clenched a win in a nail-biting five-set match - with him almost faltering at the end -
Bernard Tomic beats Lleyton Hewitt in the US Open at Flushing Meadows
Colin Fleming has just ended Lleyton Hewitt's US Open career. He and Treat Huey beat Hewitt & Groth in straight sets to reach the last 16
Lleyton Hewitt's last US Open comes to an end as he and Sam Groth are beaten by Colin Fleming and Treat Huey 6-3 6-4.
Colin Fleming continues the good British news. He and Treat Huey beat Lleyton Hewitt and Sam Groth.
Notable second match on Court 11 as and Treat Huey take on Lleyton Hewitt & Sam Groth in the 2nd round of men's dubs.
NK was out there on the practice courts as well, with Lleyton Hewitt watching.
And you all thought Lleyton Hewitt and Bernard Tomic were the biggest *** in Australian tennis.pffft.I'm No 1 bitc…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Aussies Luke Saville and Matt Reid both have the backwards Lleyton Hewitt hat going on at the
Sam Groth gets revenge on Feliciano Lopez for his previous round victory over compatriot Lleyton Hewitt. Advances to the QF of
Lleyton Hewitt falls to Feliciano Lopez in three sets to end his final Citi Open appearance:
HGT5R mhtw4fnet. Feliciano Lopez beats Lleyton Hewitt in three sets at Citi Open - SIcom
ICYMI... Lleyton Hewitt defeated in three sets by Feliciano Lopez at last ever Citi Open...
Lleyton Hewitt (SA) defeated John-Patrick Smith (QLD) 6-3 6-4 in the 1st round of the ATP event in Washington.
In his last Washington Open appearance, Lleyton Hewitt beat compatriot John-Patrick Smith 6-3 6-4 to progress to R2.
[Sydney Morning Herald]Of the other Aussies, Sam Groth won through to the second round with a …
Nice touch by the organisers of the in Washington with this great gesture to Lleyton Hewitt.
Melbourne (Australia) Age - Tennis: Lleyton Hewitt wins at Washington Open. More news:
LLEYTON HEWITT has beaten fellow Aussie JOHN-PATRICK SMITH in round 1 of the
Hewitt Opens With Win in Washington: Lleyton Hewitt beat the qualifier John-Patrick Smith, 6-3, 6-4, at the Un...
Hewitt sees off compatriot: Lleyton Hewitt has won an all-Australian battle in Washington DC, overcomi...
Lleyton Hewitt admits Australia's Davis Cup tie against Great Britain will be tough.
Tomorrow at the you can catch heroes Lleyton Hewitt and Sam Groth in both singles and doubles action.
TSN Hewitt wins through at Washington Open SBS Lleyton Hewitt has kicked off his final American hardcourt campaign…
Hewitt opens last North American hard-court swing with win: WASHINGTON (AP) — Lleyton Hewitt's final s... (Yahoo)
In his last appearance in Washington, D.C., Lleyton Hewitt opened his Citi Open campaign with a win over fellow ..
Lleyton Hewitt on the set from the in Washington, D.C. with his son Cruz!
Cruz Hewitt and his dad Lleyton Hewitt being interviewed on tonight
Lleyton Hewitt's son, Cruz, is the Riley Curry of tennis.
They are interviewing both Lleyton and Cruz Hewitt on Tennis Channel. Like you'd expect, it's all kinds of adorable!
RUSTY ROCKING: Lleyton Hewitt moves into second round of Washington Open with 6-3 6-4 win over John-Patrick Smith http:/…
Lleyton Hewitt's greatest moments: Set against the recent off-court dramas of Bernard Tomic and Nick Kyrgios, ...
Lleyton Hewitt delivered the knockout blow in Australia's quarter-final win over Kazakhstan |
Sports News>> ". Lleyton Hewitt and Sam Groth lead Australia to victory against Kazakhstan in Davis Cup. " .
Lleyton Hewitt loses in Wimbledon 2015 first round against Jarkko Nieminen as SW19 farewell ends in disappointment
It's all over for Lleyton Hewitt who bows out of 11-9 in the fifth to Jarkko Nieminen .
Hewitt produces vintage fighting show: Lleyton Hewitt and Thanasi Kokkinakis appeared down and out in their first round doubles tie, ...
[The Age World] Odd doubles win for Hewitt and Kokkinakis: Lleyton Hewitt and Thanasi Kokkinakis have scored a...
Lleyton Hewitt still hanging tough at as he and Thanasi Kokkinakis won through to the doubles 2nd round
° Lleyton Hewitt and Thanasi Kokkinakis visit the Live @ Wimbledon studio:
What a champion Lleyton Hewitt is congrats . All of Australia has always been proud of you .
Unseeded at Lleyton Hewitt putting priority on From
Four-time champion Lleyton Hewitt suffers first-round loss at Queens, going down to 6-7 7-5 6-2 to Kevin Anderson http:/…
Lleyton Hewitt prepares for his last Queen's tournament and admits it's nice to be back.
Kevin Anderson saves match point before beating Lleyton Hewitt at Queen's (Photo: Getty)
Kevin Anderson beats Lleyton Hewitt: Queen's 2015 – as it happened - The Guardian
Lleyton Hewitt will skip the French Open for and
With 9 straight wins on clay, Andy Murray has made progress on a rare tennis feat: 100 wins each on hard, clay, grass
[Tennis World]The Australian has already been confirmed that he has received a wild card …
[Tennis]Lleyton Hewitt will not play the French Open, but is planning a full grass-court sch…
even Lleyton Hewitt recanted after calling someone a *** How's it feel being more immature than Lleyton Hewitt?
[Fox Sports]Two-time Grand Slam champion and former No. 1 Lleyton Hewitt will not play this m…
Fact or fiction: Nick Kyrgios will win more Grand Slams than Lleyton Hewitt.
That 4 am Lleyton Hewitt Baghdatis match in Australia was good for the US, too. Not so much for Hewitt & Baghdatis though
that's sickening only one I trust is lleyton hewitt
By the way, Mr is coming to the Along with 8 of the world's Top 13. And Lleyton Hewitt.
Lleyton Hewitt to skip French Open -- Seems as good a use of his time as, say, focusing on being an astronaut.
I enjoy that Steve Ballmer only has two emotions: . 1. Terrified. 2. Lleyton Hewitt after breaking serve
Lleyton Hewitt to skip 2015 in order to concentrate on Wimbledon and Davis Cup duties
Lleyton Hewitt will skip the French Open to focus on and Read:
One Aussie leaves, one Aussie comes |Lleyton Hewitt will appear at Queen's one final time, will debut
Lleyton Hewitt confirms he will miss French Open to focus on ...
Lleyton Hewitt to skip ROLAND-GARROS. Lleyton Hewitt will not play at the French Open this...
Hewitt to skip French Open: Paris, May 6 (IANS) Former world number one Lleyton Hewitt has decided to skip thi...
Lleyton Hewitt to Skip French Open The 34-year-old two-time Grand Slam champion opted to focus on Wimbledon and...
Decided I'm rooting for Lleyton Hewitt to get the this year. Aussie Aussie Aussie.
Looks like Hewitt is skipping the French (not a huge surprise).
Lleyton Hewitt plays a rare match tonight. He joined us on the recently to discuss retirement plans. htt…
"If you find yourself in a foxhole…and want that foxhole to win, you want Lleyton Hewitt." - Nick Bollettieri
Aussies head to Czech Republic for Davis Cup LIVE on 7TWO. Lleyton Hewitt, Bernard Tomic and Sam Groth will lead... htt…
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