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Lizzie Borden

Lizzie Andrew Borden (July 19, 1860 – June 1, 1927) was a woman in New England who was tried for killing her father and stepmother with an axe on August 4, 1892, in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Lizzie Borden House Lizzie Borden Took Fall River Lizzie Borden Bed Christina Ricci Elizabeth Montgomery Chloe Sevigny Living Dead Dolls

I knew there was an old axe down cellar; that is all I knew.
I said I thought first I was on the stairs; then I remembered I was in...
i dont know about the real deal lizzie borden but the TV show lizzie is a psychopath
When I first came down stairs, for two or three minutes I went down ce...
how to get away with murder, scandal, Nashville, revenge, Lizzie Borden Took an Ax and then the Lizzie Borden chronicles after
"say were going away on a romantic weekend and then bring me to the Lizzie Borden House!"-sarah
Lizzie Borden, first Goth Chick. All the long day...what does the apparition say?. "Your murdered Mom and Dad would be proud.".
6/3/1893 — Lizzie Borden placed on trial for the murder of her father & stepmother, New Bedford, MA. Acquitted 6/20/1893
Grace's story in American Horror story Asylum sounds a lot like Lizzie Borden
Today, 1927: Lizzie Borden dies, 35 years after being acquitted of murder.
He's been bawling his eyes out for months coz he thinks I was Lizzie Borden. The truth would make him cry so much more.
40 years on, Lizzie Borden's returns to for rare 4th screening!.
The wonderful things Republican Judges do for the rich. Lizzie Borden's maid: "Ain't it glorious to be rich" after her acquittal
I would highly recommend the chimney room at Lizzie Borden's, if you spend the night. Wicked awesome place.
Chillin at the Lizzie Borden House. Let me know if you want to watch a live stream!
I would think Lizzie Borden has ruined Lizzie as a first name.
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On June 2nd, 1927. Lizzie Borden, American woman acquitted of the murder of her parents dies at the age of 66.
*at Walmart, dad is buying an axe*. Cashier: "You know, Lizzie Borden Took an axe". Me: laughs nervously, walks away.
The Lizzie Borden Chronicles: “Lizzie Borden Took an axe And gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what ...
Just finished watching S1 of the Lizzie Borden chronicles😍 so wHY ARE WE NOT GETTING A SECOND SEASON??
example: met friend's grandparents for brunch. Friend lured me into talking about Lizzie Borden b/c she knew I wouldn't shut up.
Lizzie Borden look a like crooked hillary killary
it's so confusing how much looks like the real Lizzie Borden in the movie.
Today on HD 117618 b: The father & stepmother of Lizzie Borden are found murdered in their Fall River, Massachusetts home (1892/8/4)
The 'Lizzie Borden' dance is so good 💃❤
Tonight's the night we stay with Lizzie Borden and try to communicate! 👻
Oh, Mrs. Churchill, do come over, someone has killed father.
Lizzie Borden Took an ax.or did she!?.
Join us for Lizzie Borden's lez classic Born in Flames at on 20 June.
I did not see his face, because he was all covered with blood.
Breaking news: Emily Reiff is a Lizzie Borden truther
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Don't miss our LIVE investigation of the Lizzie Borden House please like our page!
its 10pm, i have a three page paper and a diorama due tomorrow on Lizzie Borden, and i haven't started... this is my own fault but :^)
didn't Lizzie Borden kill her parents
is Lizzie Borden House haunted will let you know hehe
Lizzie Borden, Benedict Arnold, Jonathan Dillinger, John Wilkes Booth, Richard Nixon and the starting line of the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers.
Lizzie Borden Took an ax,. She gave her mother forty wacks,. When she saw what she'd done,. She gave her father Forty-one.
i am right now watching Lizzie Borden Took an ax again cause legEND
How do I get a cool saying about me like "Lizzie Borden Took an axe" without actually killing someone?
I wish I had known this forum existed. Lizzie Borden Took an axe--or did she? [Archive] - Casebook Forums
"Lizzie Borden Took an axe she gave her mother 40 whacks and then she saw what she had done she gave her father 41"👻
I need to stay over at the Lizzie Borden House this summer
This is slightly less creepy than spending a night in the Lizzie Borden House.
Watching a episode on the Lizzie Borden House.
Then and now: Lizzie Borden's house in Fall River, MASS...
I wanna visit the Lizzie Borden House
Lizzie Borden's house on second Street in Fall River Massachusetts
Yes! Me too! Would also love the Lizzie Borden House!
U should do a video about Lizzie Borden! Her house is in Fall River MA And it's pretty creepy and a cool video idea!!✌🏼️
Hi Do you have any interest in Lizzie Borden's house? Would love to see you investigate there!
So I checked off staying at Lizzie Borden's bed and breakfast off my bucket list
I stayed at the Lizzie Borden Bed and breakfast. Didn't see/ feel anything. 😕
Staying at the Lizzie Borden House as a little getaway with Steffan this spring :-)
just to let you know, I turn 40 Dec. 1st. And my friends wanted me to stay in the Lizzie Borden House alone. You game?
can we go to the Lizzie Borden House
I'm just sleeping in the Lizzie Borden House tonight hbu
Take me to the Lizzie Borden House so I know it's real
There was a packed house for Born in Flames tonight. So exciting. Love interview with Lizzie Borden!
Working on the Lizzie Borden House. This house is at 92 Second Street in my home town of Fall River, Mass. The...
Would you fly on the Hindenburg II? Would you sleep in the Lizzie Borden House (now a B&B)?
We just drove past the Lizzie Borden House 😱😱
do you live by the Lizzie Borden murder house?
Need to go to the Lizzie Borden House
For anyone that was wondering, the Lizzie Borden House is a bed-and-breakfast. I am free anytime in case someone wants to take me there.
I want to go to Lizzie Borden's house! ✅ 👻👀
Who wants to go stay in the Lizzie Borden House Nov6-7?
Wanna go tour the Lizzie Borden House so bad 😫
I wanna stay in the Lizzie Borden House so bad
There's a show called the Lizzie Borden Chronicles. Why is that not mandatory viewing for citizens?
good! Lizzie Borden is PSYCHO.the real Lizzie Borden story is interesting
Lizzie Borden, maligned innocent or ax murderer?
"Shes smarter than the three of us combined" - Skip Jack in reference to Lizzie Borden while walking with two detectives
Yeah, it's definitely getting a bit over the top. A bit ridiculous. Too bad. lizzie Borden chronicles started well.
I'm selling my Living Dead Dolls Series 2 - Lizzie Borden for $0
I wish they would make season two to the Lizzie Borden chronicles. I literally just watched all of season one tonight lol
Watching the lizzie Borden chronicles and though I like the concept and the beginning was intriguing, it's getting a bit much...
Just finished the Lizzie Borden chronicles.. What do I do now??
Going to stay at the Lizzie Borden Bed and breakfast march 13th.Any tips or advice?
Why did no one tell me that Lizzie Borden was so right up my alley? This show! 🙌🏻
5 of 5 stars to The Secrets of Lizzie Borden by Brandy Purdy
Supreme Court Justice William Henry Moody was the junior prosecutor in the Lizzie Borden murder case.
Lizzie Borden Chronicles on Can't resist me some !
I have this weird obsession with Lizzie Borden... Halp
Lizzie Borden Took an axe,. gave her mother 40 whacks ...
private practice, bates motel, or the Lizzie Borden chronicles 😁
The Lizzie Borden chronicles is literally the best show ever.
Watching The Lizzie Borden Chronicles on Valentine's Day because you know...hopeless romantic and all.
I've been watching The Lizzie Borden Chronicles on Netflix. and ***
If you don't know who Lizzie Borden is.. She axed her parents to death.
I'm currently watching the chronicles of Lizzie Borden... Kinda weird considering our names are SO similar 😳
Is there a Lizzie Borden in the house? I brought beer … — Nope
Valentine's Day and my 2 oldest and their dates chose this movie.ok...🤔 — watching Lizzie Borden Took an Ax
Lizzie Andrew Borden: "I had no occasion for an apron on that morning."
Celebrating Valentine's Day with green tea ice cream and 'The Lizzie Borden Chronicles'.
How Christopher and I spend Valentine's Day: Watching Lizzie Borden and planning a trip to her house
...I wonder if Rick Grimes is related to Lizzie Borden?
I can't watch criminal minds so I guess I'll start the Lizzie Borden Chronicles.
This Lizzie Borden lifetime drama starts with the black keys and idk I can do this
I wonder how accurate this Lizzie Borden show is 🤔
Spent valentine's day praising Jesus and watching The Lizzie Borden Chronicles 😆
There is a Netflix series called 'The Lizzie Borden Chronicles', learning about her from ghost adventures make me wanna watch it
bc the Lizzie Borden chronicles were so good 😭
Rick having a Lizzie Borden moment with that hatchet is fantastic.
Rick is about to go all Lizzie Borden on those zombie's!!
is Rick channeling is inner Lizzie Borden???
Lizzie Borden ain't got nuthin' on Rick.
I'm upset that the lizzie borden chronicles well not be returning for S2
Rick is gonna go all Lizzie Borden on some walkers
//Starting to think Rick is slowly channeling Lizzie Borden *chuckles*
Ricks about to go all Lizzie Borden to blow off some steam
And Crazy Rick is back! Bout to go Lizzie Borden on some walkers
Ummm I'm not supposed to think Christina Ricci playing Lizzie Borden is super hot right
All I'll Netflix and chill valentines people got my Lizzie Borden Chronicles all f'd up
I don't know how I feel about Lizzie Borden being a serial killer but is *** good at it
"I'm Lizzie Borden, or haven't you heard?"
Lizzie Borden is a nephilim murderer. Will she be stopped?
Trying out the first episode of "Lizzie Borden Chronicles". This screechy electric guitar music is INCREDIBLY DISTRACTING.
This bomb. Lizzie ain't no joke. If u haven't seen it, it's a must watch. — watching Lizzie Borden Chronicles
what's Lizzie Borden about? I saw it on the front page of Netflix. I decided to watch The 100 for now.
Lizzie Borden had an axe. Then watch the tv show that they made after
Are "The Lizzie Borden Chronicles" on Netflix worth watching, even though Christina Ricci is in it?
Christina Ricci plays Lizzie Borden in Lizzie Borden Took An Ax and The Lizzie Borden Chronicles and she's amazing
Lizzie Borden Took an ax is on Netflix 😍😍
Lizzie Borden Took an ax, and the Lizzie Borden chronicles was really good !
Lizzie Borden Took an ax and gave her mother 40 whacks
Um. The Lizzie Borden lifetime original movie was then followed up with a Lizzie Borden tv series? This is very odd.
A horror novel set in my city! I need to read it. I'm gonna slowly but surely collect every strange book based off of Lizzie Borden
A Wasp Looks at Lizzie Borden by FLORENCE KING nationareview . com :
I'd love to spend a night at the Lizzie Borden House and the Villisca axe murder house.
I saw it in Australia on the crime channel. It's called Lizzie Borden had an axe, it is on you tube, just checked. Enjoy
dream vacation: the Lizzie Borden Bed and breakfast
. April 2 I have Lizzie Borden House for the night. Would you be interested in joining us for investigation?
Did you know: Lizzie Borden chopped up her parents because she was
Predictably, it was a bad idea to listen to a podcast about Lizzie Borden as I fell asleep. Those were some nightmares.
"The Borden Murders: Lizzie Borden and the Trial of the Century" by Sarah Miller
You can stay at one of Massachusetts' most haunted houses, the Lizzie Borden B&B/ Museum is a must see for any one looking for a haunt
I'm watching Lizzie Borden Took an axe on Netflix and it's Wild
Watch on Lizzie Borden House. Was it the maid?
Lizzie Borden Took an Axe A sweltering hot day in Massachusetts, 1892, is pierce...
Just reading this article made me want to buy a copy of "The Borden Murders."
I want more info on the Lizzie Borden movie
R.I.P. the National Review's Florence King, who wrote with great style & wit. Her Lizzie Borden essay is a classic
im not too excited about the Lizzie Borden movie. I'm hoping something more high profile and original.
Playboy made a softcore anthology film called INSIDE OUT that has segments from Alexander Payne, Lizzie Borden, and Tony Randel. *what*
So I have info not on the Lizzie Borden case, but I know why the 5 generation ago with the 2 kids drowned and the mom suicide happened
Sam was working salvage when she came to town and Lizzie Borden blew 5 mil and asked LUCKY to help her
I'd say Michele is coming unhinged but our conservative Lizzie Borden chopped her door down with an ax years ago
The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast has a ghost theme, a museum, and is the former home of the acqui
I added a video to a playlist The Legend of Lizzie Borden (TV Movie 1975)
I added a video to a playlist Lizzie Borden A Woman Accused Documentary
On page 200 of 384 of The Secrets of Lizzie Borden, by Brandy Purdy
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Lizzie Borden Took an axe,And plunged it deep into the VAX;Don't you envy people whoDo all the things ___YOU want to
Lizzie Borden could run on the Dem. ticket & 40% would vote for her. Enlist in the USFA at https…
After all the dudes Google Lizzie Borden, it will be fun to watch the pervs come out of the woodwork.
Used to call mine Hello Kitty. But way happier since I changed it to Lizzie Borden.
What can she tell us about the untitled Lizzie Borden project with Chloe Sevigny? :)
In your Lizzie Borden podcast. Chuck mentioned a death bed confession by the maid but didn't say what the confession was?
My name is being compared to Lizzie Borden in class 🙄
How did Lizzie borden get away with murdering her parents tho
Is she going to do the Lizzie Borden Project with Chloe Sevigny? When does it start shooting?
"NFL football is family" only if ur related to Lizzie Borden.
Fun fact: there's a Lizzie Borden reference in Season 8. The Men of Letters had her pegged for possessed by a demon.
Love the follow up comments, especially the Lizzie Borden hatchet and severed head analogy. LOL
Just watched "Lizzie Borden Took an ax (2014)" sadly it wasn't that good :/ it didn't capture how spooky the real story is X)…
Lizzie Borden Took a toke. Then grabbed an ax and killed her folks.
love the show try to watch the Amy Allen special investigation on YouTube Lizzie Borden House :)
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Ooh, 11x05 is about Lizzie Borden's ghost. I love "monster of the week" SPN episodes. Just like the early seasons!
and Elizabeth Montgomery was a distant relative of Lizzie Borden
I've just watched episode S01E05 of The Lizzie Borden Ch...!
I've just watched episode S01E04 of The Lizzie Borden Ch...!
watching the GA lizzie borden ep.. so weird to see these guys in my home state investigating something so evil!
Set 2: Jeb Lund tries his hand at EVISCERATING Lizzie Borden and tying up the match
Lizzie Borden's Maplecroft estate is up for sale again via
wish there was a second season to the Lizzie Borden chronicles ☹️ I miss that show
Watching Lizzie Borden Took an axe idk y
the Lizzie Borden House I LOVED THAT ONE
A Lifetime movie reviewed on a horror site? What's the world coming to?
Bucket list item: go to the Lizzie Borden Bed and breakfast
I've just watched episode S01E03 of The Lizzie Borden Ch...!
I've just watched episode S01E02 of The Lizzie Borden Ch...!
Harry's get up is inspired from the inside of the Lizzie Borden House clearly
Out of curiosity, did you ever see Elizabeth Montgomery in The Legend of Lizzie Borden?
they're at the Lizzie Borden House on ghost hunters nO THANKYYOTU
that's the one with Lizzie Borden right? I want to get all the books from her one day!
ah, Lizzie Borden. You know, contrary to the nursery rhyme, she only axed her mom 18 times & her dad 11... allegedly.
I even sang the song about Lizzie Borden and forty whacks which I now realize is really weird if you never knew about her
I taught about Lizzie Borden today and felt like I needed to supplement my story with facts about killers
The crew go to the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, MA. I'm a good few hours away. Wish I went.
Watching rerun Lizzie Borden episode. Really like it
Watchin Lizzie Borden I wonder how those ladies r doin 2day,If they still visit the house or not? Do u think Lizzie did it?
Lizzie Borden House "Ya want me to tell em Mr Borden - you wanted to keep Lizzie for yourself? EVP "YOU'RE GONNA BE MINE!"
watchin Lizzie Borden episode right now - 1 of my faves... well hope ya have a nice rest of your day & nite.
Watching a rerun of Ghost Adventures- Lizzie Borden- had never noticed how vivid the image was of Daddy Borden was. 😳
Watching one of my favorite Lizzie Borden House
Lizzie Borden was an OH stone cold honey
Quiz of the day: Lizzie Borden shares a birthday with WHICH long-haired, moose-antlered star of ?
Little Giant Ladders
dermatologist recommended eyeliner. with the essence of Lizzie Borden
Lizzie Borden Took an Axe (rewrite)-based on a true event, the original rhyme goes:Lizzie Borden Took an axe,And g
Lizzie Borden Took an axe and gave her mother40 whacks,
Lizzie Borden Took an axe and it's a true story it's great!!!
Lizzie Borden. took an axe. and sent her mother. a nasty fax. She summarily. addressed. her father next. with an angry. emoji-laden text.
Check out this lot in The Gallery! - The Home of Lizzie Borden Took an axe...
Lizzie Borden Took an axe, and sharpened it on her teeth ’
"Hi this is Lizzie Borden and I support Axe Body Spray" - actual real live quote
Jared Gertner & I hanging out at Lizzie Borden's house 👻 .
They had Living Dead Dolls in the Lizzie Borden House! — watching Supernatural at 678 Somerset Terrace Apartments
Wicked excited about tonight's Supernatural, with the Living Dead Dolls at the Lizzie Borden House. Can't hardly wait! 👻 Best season ever. 💙
Kristen Stewart and Chloe Sevigny to Star in the Movie 'Lizzie Borden' - Food World News
Who was Lizzie Borden? A confused young woman, or a coldhearted killer? Check out all of the fab reviews on Amazon:
I wanna go to the Lizzie Borden House.
Another haunted place I've been, the Lizzie Borden House. I can't even tell you how hair raising being in that house was.
I'm going to Salem, and the Lizzie Borden House next week. Any ideas on what I could do?
I took this leaf from the yard of the Lizzie Borden House and I love it so much it's so cute look at it 🍁🍁🍁🍁
hoo boy the next episode is the Lizzie Borden House. What are you doin tomorrow night? :)
Currently on our way to the Lizzie Borden House. About to get spooky over here.
"Lizzie Borden Took an ax..." It's Spooky Treasure in our Halloween countdown.
Is it strange that I would like to visit the Lizzie Borden House someday??.
that was a great tour of the Lizzie Borden House. Good job
I'm going to the Lizzie Borden House tomorrow ☺☺☺☺☺
Hey there check out scope of the Lizzie Borden House he a good friend of
I really wanna go to the Lizzie Borden House
I'm going to periscope from the Lizzie Borden House in about 30 minutes.
Going to the Lizzie Borden House at the end of October!Ever since and went I've been obsessed!
Lizzie Borden Took an axe. Lizzy Borden as
At the Lizzie Borden House...did she or did she not do it?!?
I've just discovered that wholesome Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched once played axe-murderer Lizzie Borden. Ace.
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Just chilling in the Lizzie Borden House!
Lizzie Borden Took an axe...and totally shredded "Stairway to Heaven."
Covey's award winning live theatre Lizzie Borden Took an AXE at the Barnes Hiscock Mansion returns!…
So the Lizzie Borden House was pretty cool, it's a bed and breakfast now, someone come and get possessed with me.
I'm at the Lizzie Borden House right now
Almost time for Maggie & Jane's visit to Lizzie Borden's house! 19 days until Halloween!…
I am gonna do the Lizzie Borden House though
I just realized how close the Lizzie Borden House is I need to go and I need to go now
go back to the Lizzie Borden House with us. Itd make things a bit interesting lol
Went to a tour of haunted Lizzie Borden House &come home to this waiting for me... (My parents think they're funny)
"Yeah I went to the Lizzie McGuire house, you know the girl who killed her family with an axe" umm you mean Lizzie Borden..
Kids pass Lizzie Borden House on field trip: they don't believe that Lizzie really did it .. to the tune of 'He Had It Coming."
If your ever in Fall River Massachusetts stay in the Lizzie Borden hotel... I am sure you won't be disappointed
The Lizzie Borden House, Fall River, Massachusetts. The 19th century home of Lizzie Borden and her family, this...
I got obssesed with old films like Addams Family Value,Matilda,Harriet the Spy,It Takes Two and the newest is Lizzie Borden Took an ax😕
It's where Lizzie Borden Took an axe & gave her mother 40 whacks.
Lizzie Borden Took an axe is a terrible movie.jus sayin
Set in Alabama--a gothic southern tale, Lizzie Borden. Could be good
This house belonged to Lizzie Borden's lawyer (& the background one to a judge who denied Sacco & Vanzetti's appeal)
Rainy day. No better place to go then the Lizzie Borden House
Well last night I stayed at the Lizzie Borden House! (For those who don't know the history, Lizzie…
Hi Have you explored Lizzie Borden's house or the "In Cold Blood" house? Or Jack the Ripper sites?
Went to the real Lizzie Borden House today.
And go visit the Lizzie Borden House and the house from the conjuring story thing
it's funny bc she thinks I'm kidding 😈 Lizzie Borden House tour with my mama
I must must must must stay at the Lizzie Borden House soon
They melt in your mouth You liked the beach? Horseneck right? And I know she took you by the Lizzie Borden House last time
Lizzie Borden House is a bed-and-breakfast we stayed there one night very creepy
Headed to the Lizzie Borden House for the day!! It's the anniversary of the murders! Got plenty of hatchet cookies ! htt…
Lizzie Borden & the 40 Whacks - Delvena Theatre Co. July 14th at 7pm. Sponsored by Westborough Cultural Council
Guest of the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, Tom Gallagher, is staying the night in the Lizzie Borden Bedroom.
i like that! I'm thinking Lizzie Borden House..I'm obsessed with that situation 😬
Photo: Lizzie Borden Took an axe…or did she? Come see a different side of the story at this...
Someone come with me to the Lizzie Borden House soon
We could have it at Lizzie Borden House. ha! I've definitely enjoyed some wine there till the wee hours before.
you should come to the Lizzie Borden House agian in Fall River aka my city!😍
you need to go back to the Lizzie Borden House! Incredible EVP's!!
I lived in MA for 24 years before moving and never been to see Lizzie Borden House. Today, I'm going.
I love haunted houses too. U can stay in hotel that was Lizzie Borden ' s house back in the day.
This is a place that's on my bucket list.
The modern day Lizzie Borden Mother who poured scalding water on son with cerebral palsy gets nine years
Lizzie Borden House where she killed her parents!
They must be very stupid or desperate for any publicity to let the Lizzie Borden de nos jours in for a hatchet job.
it was between this, Lizzie Borden Took an Ax, and Insidious 2
Note to self: don't watch late @ night or you will sleep with one eye open thinking Lizzie Borden is in your room.
On another note tho, I wish Lizzie Borden was coming on tonight😩
watch Lizzie Borden it's about a girl who kills her parents. And it's true
I'm watching Lizzie Borden Took an axe 😊😊
Glad to hear it. I also watch Turn, Lizzie Borden Chronicles and Curse of Oak Island. I'm grateful for my DVR.
I can't get into "Penny Dreadful" or "Lizzie Borden" which is crazy cuz I've always been fascinated by 19th Century fiction and Lizzie.
Accused murderer, Lizzie Bordon, was related to dozens of famous people
Reading Lizzie Borden B&b reviews and someone called it an "AXcellent experience".
I referenced to myself as the Lizzie Borden of kitchen appliances today...stuff went down
ill kill my mom like Lizzie Borden killed her parents
I feel bad for because they had to deal with ashmore estates, Lizzie Borden House and more I get they want to do that!!
Lizzie Borden was acquitted of allegedly having killed her parents. 💶
On the docket for today: Lizzie Borden and nonlocality.
Lizzie Borden murder mystery case: Journals by her lawyer found via
Electing as POTUS is like having Lizzie Borden over for a wood cutting party. .
Could the journals of Lizzie Borden's lawyer reveal the truth behind America's most enduring murder case?
Hamilton Collection
sting graphic about The Lizzie Borden Chronicles on Lifetime TV
Yes, that would be fantastic! Can our first stop be the Lizzie Borden Bed and breakfast? 😘
Found this on another page:. This photo was taken at Lizzie Borden's house on Oct 29, 2011. It's claimed that...
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