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Lizard Lick

Lizard Lick is an unincorporated community in Wake County, North Carolina, United States. The community is located at the crossroads of Lizard Lick Road and NC 97.

Lizard Lick Towing Operation Repo Amy Shirley Storage Hunters South Beach Tow Ron Shirley Shipping Wars

if Bobby leaves Lizard Lick Ron will cry like a little baby ;)
it wouldn't be that much of a struggle if we were sitting around with our shotguns eating Nutella watching lizard lick ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Lizard Lick first thing , - "I'm faster than a jackrabbit on moonshine" Classic Ron Shirley quote
I am sitting on couch rocking my baby boy watching lizard lick on demand!
Hope you had a great Birthday Mr. Shirley. from everyone @ Lizard Lick Fan Nation!
Nothing says "WELCOME" to the beautiful new Regions field in glorious downtown Birmingham and thanks for coming like the city towing your car like an episode of Lizard Lick Towing.
We have seen a *** who looked like big blonde Ronnie off Lizard Lick Towing, Wakefield has many sights
Happy Birthday Ron I wouldn't miss you and the family on Lizard Lick! Here's to many more!
Hey Clowns. Krispy here. I am looking forward to seeing you all on the last weekend of the circus. On May 24th, I have also arranged for the cast of Lizard Lick Towing on truTV to join me. Think of something fun to do with them! Also, tell all your friends to come out and meet them. See ya then!!
"South Beach Tow > Lizard Lick" no definitely the other way around
How LA's film tax credit is keeping the New Orleans brand out there: on "Lizard Lick Towing," Ron & Bobby reclaim a hearse from gangbangers.
YKK on yo zippa, lick you like a lizard. When im slizzard or sober, 6 million ways to fold ya
Here is a short story Bindu wrote: Lizard A shape moved quietly through the leaf litter covering the forest floor. It lifted itโ€™s head, gazing lazily at the rising sun. The lizard turned right, crawling up a large, twisted cedar tree and stared down at the clearing, though to him it would appear like a field of tall, green grass. A small, brown shape flinched at the edge of his vision, a tiny bark-colored moth hatching from the confinement of itโ€™s chrysalis. Lizard snatched it up eagerly, savoring the soft, juicy taste, for he had just awoken from his long winter sleep, known as hibernation. The caw of a raven sent him down the rough, gnarled trunk of the tree, for one of those huge, tar-colored birds could eat a lizard up, and nobody likes being eaten up, except perhaps the bug-brained pheasants, who never run away from danger until the last second. Blackbirds are a nuisance, but a raven could crack your back with one peck. As he walked, Lizard first noticed that the forest was louder with the return ...
I will write you a baseball fic without doing a single lick of research in return :) You're welcome.
Watching Lizard Lick Towing, love that show! - have you seen it? No wankers like Steve on it ๐Ÿ˜„
oh ok I just want to no a bit about you what TV programs do you like I like Lizard Lick Towing and films I don't like soccer
Just met from Lizard Lick shopping at ***
KFC, free house, Lizard Lick Towing, xbox and Match of the Day, reyt neyt๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Š
Ykkk on yo zippa! lick you like a lizard when I'm slizzard..
Lick you like lizard when I'm slizzard.
Happy Birthday Ron Shirley!! I love u, the crew and Lizard Lick Towing! LICK LIFE BABY!:)
Paige Barnes.Nikki Hatfield...tony.Timmy Childress.michael. where the lizard lick team eats. had to try it.
S/o to Ron Shirley off of lizard lick today is his birthday can't wait til may to watch lizard luck
Yes Lizard Lick is back on weekdays too, I'm so happy. Thank you :-)
happy birthday Ronnie!! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ I love y'all so much! โ˜บ๏ธ I absolutely love Lizard Lick. I'd love to meet y'all one day. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ˜Ž
If Bobby does leave Lizard Lick what do you think Ron will do without him?
Happy Birthday to Repo Ronnie from Lizard Lick Towing And Recovery! Watch the show all the time, it never gets old!
Off to the friendly confines of the Jersey shore to marry Bunny and what's his name, oh yeah Lizard Lick.
Aww ronnie from lizard lick has just followed me :D
Lick ya like a lizard when im slizzard
Finally found the lizard lick sauce
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Not one bit ashamed to say I've spent my afternoon in bed watching Lizard Lick Towing & cats and dogs. & I'm buzzing for BGT tonight ๐Ÿ’
Every Saturday I manage to miss Lizard Lick Towing, they need a box set
Happy birthday to mr Ron Shirley of Lizard Lick Towing and recovery
"slicker than the devil wearing velvet pants dipped in baby oil" Ronnie off lizard lick towin comes art wi sum beautys
It's just a job to Ron and Amy Shirley; it's not who they are. But try telling that to the people who unwillingly do ``business'' with the Shirleys, the proprietors of Lizard Lick Towing & Recovery in Wendell, N.C. This series follows all the action as Ron and his right-hand man, recovery agent Bobb...
Tara Waskom lil brian has the same birthday as ron from Lizard Lick Towing
How have i not see 'Storage Hunters' and 'Lizard Lick Towing' before???
Lizard Lick Towing And Recovery and man vs food all day , carnt think of anything better
Just heard a brilliant phrase on Lizard Lick Towing "u r proof that evolution can go in reverse!" Ha ha ha lmfao
Watching lizard lick and a thew beers and horse racing couldnt ask for anything else cushdy
Got all over excited when saw I Lizard Lick is back on the telly box. It was short lived however. Flippin' repeats!
I'm proud to welcome Carroll Jones to the Bishop Towing family, I knew we would get along great when he arrived wearing a Lizard Lick Towing shirt autographed by Bobby Brantely.
This is an example of a custom Mother's Day video from Bobby Brantley of Lizard Lick Towing CLICK THE LINK
Hubby n i are watching us some Lizard Lick Towing...yayyy lol
Lizard Lick Towing is the most stupidest show I have ever seen in my whole life
At Lizard Lick Towing in NC, and got to meet Ronnie in person!
Karaoke tonight. We are mixing it up at the Lizard Lick Pub again.
Got any questions for Ronnie or Amy Shirley of Lizard Lick Towing or Dee Jay Silver? Sitting down with them before Lizard Lick Towing's EP release party at City Limits Saloon in Raleigh, NC on 4/26. Let me know! These are some genuinely great people and there is more to them than you see in the media.
The TrustAtlantic team has been hard at work on the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Annual Membership Campaign. On Thursday, April 10th the bank sponsored the Campaign's weekly report session luncheon with an awesome Lizard Lick Towing And Recovery theme. Thank you to everyone who attended! Contact your local TrustAtlantic office if you are interested in getting involved with the Chamber!
Heading to Wendell (Lizard Lick country) to deliver mail today. Hoping for a good day!
Taking a break from watching Roy Jones Jr. fights Now watching Lizard Lick Towing
Lizard Lick Towing is the dumbest show I have ever witnessed
Dirt Word : When i think of Jesus I think of oxygen , I might not can see him but I cant live without him Lizard Lick Towing! Ronnie Shirley
Angie Folks are you watching lizard lick?
pork chops and scallop potatoes for dinner and then Lizard Lick Towing waiting on Brian Mansfield to get off work
Wish I could work with Ron and Amy Shirley with them in their business at Lizard Lick Towing
My oldest kid (Sarah) is obsessed with Lizard Lick Towing lol
Lizard Lick Towing, Sleepy Hallow, and Bates Motel all the way!
I dont know why i love Lizard Lick Towing but i do
Lawd help me...I just caught myself watching Lizard Lick Towing. LMAO.
The voice dancing with the stars the following teen wolf switched at birth lizard lick and bates motel oh boy my night is packed ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿบ
Watching Lizard Lick with my Granny and Papaw. First time watching and I must say, it's a funny show!
Time to watch a Lizard Lick Towing marathon!
The gang is taking the night off. Tonight will be a marathon of Lizard Lick reruns.Enjoy the episodes
Idk why but I think bobby from Lizard Lick Towing is so cute!
Lizard Lick Towing is all about that one guy eating ***
How many fellow Lizard Lick Towing friends are on my page? Give me a *** yeah"!
I wish I could be on Lizard Lick Towing so bad!
Layin in bed with my hubby while girls play getting ready to watch wrestling then lizard lick(: Love being close to him after being away from him all dayโ™ฅ
Okay does anybody watch the show Lizard Lick Towing you're not going to believe they reposed the car of Dukes of Hazzard remember to show Dukes of Hazzard yeah they repo the funny.
Laying down relaxing watching Lizard Lick Towing for the rest of the night๐Ÿ˜Œ
bad day all around... waiting on my Lizard Lick Towing And Recovery to come Lizard Lick Towing! it will surely lift me up
Lizard Lick Towing is such a fire show
Spaghetti for dinner and cookies n cream icecream for dessert yummy now im full ready for the voice to come on n then lizard lick n then bed for me
Sitting around the house watching TV with Autumn she loves Lizard Lick ,but she fell a sleep already lol, Gavyn is playing on his lap top these kids have a ruff life lol j/k Bless you all and have a great evening ,Love Diane
Lizard Lick Towing is really my show lmao
So happy I get to watch Lizard Lick Towing
Long. On Lizard Lick Towing right now: Ron and Bobby are repoing...THE GENERAL LEE! YEHAW!
Here is what I will be watching on Tonight Part 1, The Voice in HD at 8:00PM, Lizard Lick Towing in HD at 9:30PM, Teen Wolf in HD at 10.
Watching lizard lick an this one made me fricken cry, I so want to meet them even more, an really want Bobby
Back to back marathon of Lizard Lick Towing ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ
These people on Lizard Lick Towing are serious about their cars. ๐Ÿ˜“
Lizard Lick Towing is just too funny!!
I can't tell whether I should take Lizard Lick Towing seriously or if I should just be laughing at it.
it's a freaking Lizard Lick marathon. good grief.
I lost my local channels on direcTV today and the tech won't be out until Thursday morning bright and early gr oh well at least I didn't lose my lizard lick channel lol no voice for me this week :( what a bummer
Lizard Lick Towing is the greatest show ever!
batteries in the remote died but the T.Vs stuck on Lizard Lick Towing so I aint even mad
just checked and I got it watching Lizard Lick Towing right meow
Think I'm the only person that watches Lizard Lick Towing ๐Ÿ˜…
To watch swamp people or Lizard Lick Towing.
Making supper, watching Lizard Lick Towing with my baby. Can't wait to eat this fried chicken and Mac and cheese
Kicking back like always lol and watching Lizard Lick Towing
The chick from Lizard Lick Towing is definitely a man.
I have a sick addiction to the show "Lizard Lick Towing"
School n work clothes ready n dinner almost done. Then it's shower, my bed, n Lizard Lick Towing!!
Why the *** isn't a new Lizard Lick on tonight!?!
Watching Lizard Lick Towing and though bout my suitemate
Lizard Lick Towing cooking maybe cleaning n then im snuggling benzo for the night n watching my show
"A way to a woman's heart is jewelry." Wise words from Lizard Lick Towing ๐Ÿ˜
eating cereal, watching Lizard Lick Towing & coding.yea that's my Monday night!
If Broadway doesn't work out, I can always work at Lizard Lick Towing.
Told yuh dan,there is a Lizard Lick Towing
Im watching Lizard Lick Towing literally cracking up. This show is hilarious
If you haven't seen Lizard Lick Towing then you suck๐Ÿ˜‚
If only Lizard Lick Towing was on Netflix..
Lick you like a lizard when I'm slliiizard
I'm Lizard Lick Towing. TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
Lizard Lick Towing needs to be on netflix
Well Chris Chambers be happy me and Presley Dawson wont be watching Lizard Lick Towing tonight its not back on til the 31st lol
makes watching Lizard Lick Towing more rewarding. I'm earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
just heard this on Lizard Lick "100,00 sperm swim in ur momma and u was the fastest" LMAO sry but thought it was funny
I just now understood the appeal of Lizard Lick Towing. Ahh. :)
Watching lizard lick an Ron got hit with a bottle
Hay ya ll lizard lick fans im a mega lizard lick fanatic from england. I think there is alot of episodes i havnt seen yet but the ones i have i record them.i would like if lizard lick if possible could send my 9 yearold son a photo for his birthday plz? hes a big fan too carnt do without our lizard lick! Many thank x
Well my show Lizard Lick Towing comes on tonight yay
yo son I'm walking Lizard Lick right now now I gotta see how you make out after heart hope you're okay son
Need someone to make me a Lizard Lick Towing cake
I think my new favorite show is Lizard Lick Towing.
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Amy from lizard lick: "he made me break annail, little buttholw. Do you know how much it costs to get my nails did" Bobby: "your nails did?" Amy: "Aint nothing wrong with getting your nails or hair did" Oh how much I love this showโ™ฅ
I love my girl Amy off of Lizard Lick Towing she is a beast
Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing gets a pedicure
Nobody actually thinks this show is for real do they?
Okay, I'm on the floor! Watching Lizard Lick Towing. They repo'd a man's car. He left his teeth in the car! He's yelling "give me my teeth. You can't have my teeth!" LOL!
Hope everyone had a good weekend. And an even better today, now that its time for Lizard Lick Monday and Bobby of course.Enjoy
Today has been a chilly Monday Saint Patrick's Day March 3-17-14 with the highs that topped out around 35 degrees or so with a breezy southerly wind also around 25mph this afternoon with the windchill's arealo around 17 degrees or so for this afternoon with sunny skies with the lows for tonight are expected to be between 28 degrees to 24 degrees or so with partly cloudy skies too with the windchill's for tonight are expected to be around 20 degrees or so to :] with the highs for are Tuesday maybe around 50 degrees by the afternoon hours??:] soo anyways today has been a pretty great day and this morning a picked up some of the stuff that was behind my moms deck the mobile and i put the garbage bag in the shed for later:] and after that my grandpa brought me over to my grandparents house and i watched the CBS 2 news and for lunch i had a schawans personal pizza for somethng sorta different but rather then that i had the same has usual stuff besides the peanut butter piece of bread folded sandwich:] ik iam . ...
Super excited I get to see lizard lick tonight. Ain't hit to watch that in so long lol
Just changed out a battery for Big Juicy from Lizard Lick Towing. What an interesting woman.
Now we unfriending *** now I'm about to dog yo Lizard Lick Towing looking *** .! Bennard Gmoney Hall
Photos from Tammy Tatum's post in Lizard Lick @ Bobby Brantley fan club
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Ron owes Lizard Lick Towing and Recovery LLC and has been doing repossessions for the past 15 years. Ron is a published author, and has a book that is endorsed by Jeff Foxworthy and Jason Micheal Carroll. He is also an ordained minister, and loves traveling the country talking to the youth and mini...
Sitting here watching lizard lick and txting my babe!!
Weddings Are you getting Married?Do you want to have a ceremony that everyone will remember? Have Revelation Ron help you tie the knot. Ron is an ordained Evangelist and is legal to marry in the state Of North Carolina. The Lick is now hosting weddings at the Lizard Lick Office.Here is your chanc...
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If I have to tell 1 more person in this apartment complex that I am surveying that I am not here to repo their whip I am going to scream!Lizard Lick!
Can't wait for Lizard Lick Towing, I live for that show
I love Lizard Lick I don't and won't miss one show they have me licked into watching them love you guys Amy ,Ron ,Bobby , Juicy and of course Crazy Dave.
Hey this is nick I'm from a small town in arkansas and I just want to give s shout out to the krew at lizard lick and let y'all know that my wife and son were in a four wheeler wreck Friday evening. It could have happened to anyone and it saddens me that it happened to us. Our son is just fine he is just a little bruised up. But my wife is hurt pretty bad. She has broken bones and stitches and staples. But she is finaly back home and doing better and making improvements everyday. I thank the good lord above for everything he is doing for us right now and I just ask that everyone that sees this post will send up a special prayer for us and the healing of all involved in the accident. Thanks and god bless.
I'm getting the lizard lick v cut.. my hair is almost long enough!!!
I love Lizard Lick because I can pull quotes like "go apologize to Ric Flair" from it.
Lizard Lick Towing lol funniest show . on Tru Tv
I could watch Lizard Lick Towing all day and never get bored๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
I decided to have a little me time & watch Lizard Lick Towing all night, best decision I've made in a while ๐Ÿ˜
Got to love watching Lizard Lick Towing and there repo's lol
The Lizard Lick Towing Company from All Worked Up returns with an all-new series. Follow Ron, Amy and their team of repo men through the rough-and-tumble action in Lizard Lick, North Carolina as our cameras capture every dangerous seizure and parking lot standoff.
watching Lizard Lick Towing at sis's
Lizard Lick, South Beach Tow, Operation Repo the best and worst you pick. Who you like and don't like. Bernice is off the chain.
Lizard Lick Towing is even more staged than Operation Repo.
Have awoken to Amy Shirley from Lizard Lick following little old me!! It's gonna be a good day!!!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Ok this just in. Lizard Lick is way better then Operation Repo.
If you like any of the following, we can be friends; Pawn stars, Storage Wars, Storage Hunters, Bear Grylls, Shipping Wars or Lizard Lick ๐Ÿ™Š
Lil Paul is truly a Redneck. He watches" Duck Dynasty" ,"Lizard Lick Towing","Shipping Wars" and some other crazy shows. No offense to anyone. I love my son for who he is and what he likes. That's what makes him my Paulinus Maduabuchukwu III.
Lizard Lick Towing is a waste of brain cells. Don't waste your brain cells!!
Bobby from Lizard Lick Towing always pullin some alright chics
Lizard Lick first then full throttle saloon
Surely Dave could pull QI, Storage Hunters and Lizard Lick and just replace them with Top Gear. :)
I know we are pushing it *** everyone but we want to make sure truTV knows we have the best fans out there. Go to the link below and help us win a contest between Lizard Lick and South Beach Tow just by watching the video. Share the word with everyone!
My love for Lizard Lick Towing is real. Judge me.
Nothing better than Lizard Lick Towing!! Love it!
What's up BB and Lizard Lick fans? Anyone got any BIG New Year's Eve plans? If so please be safe and responsible so u don't GET LICKED!!! Don't forget a new episode of Lizard Lick Towing tonight at 9:30pm on truTV! It's one u don't want to miss!
Lizard Lick and Storage Hunters. Why am I so addicted???
Love watching trutv and seeing a psa from Ron Shirley from Lizard Lick show talk about drunk driving. Classic
I swear Ron Shirley from Lizard Lick Towing is the Lil Wayne of ignorant redneck sayings lol ***
Idk what's faker. Lizard Lick Towing or South Beach Tow.
"Lizard Lick" Towing might be the corniest show ever
You know your sister is retarded when she thinks Operation Repo is real. And she thinks Lizard Lick Towing was real too.
I've been wondering and it occurred to me that some people on the "reality" shows like Lizard Lick, Ax Men, Loggers, Porter Ridge and Gold Miners post scripture on their walls and clothing. I have seen some of them pray together. I wonder if they were also told not to pray in Jesus name or speak about their faith and biblical truth like they have done to the Robertsons.
Lizard Lick Towing has got to be a *** take
Lizard Lick Towing is back on tonite!! Oh yea!!!
*** yea! Lizard Lick Towing comes back on tonight.
my favorite show is Lizard Lick Towing in
We'd like to take a moment and say thanks to the Ronnie, Amy, Bobby and the film crew with Lizard Lick Towing. It was a pleasure to meet you all and be a part of your show. Thanks to Big Daddy Tray from Ink Masters for hanging out with us. Our door is always open to you all. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!
I'm at Wake Medical Hospital with my mother. I happen to walk by the guys from the Lizard Lick Towing show!
โ€œSouth Beach Tow is the best show ever!โ€*Lizard Lick Towing
all new season of Lizard Lick Towing starts dec. 16th people!!! ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽ‰
Got the Lizard Lick Towing and duck dynasty on here. I'm landed
Jason Anderson December 16th is when Lizard Lick Towing comes back on!!!
tempting, I think I'll settle for Lizard Lick Towing instead
I just watched the season Finale of lizard lick it's so sad man ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”
The wind is keeping me up so I'm eating Pringles and watching Lizard Lick Towing
Lizard lick lowing until 4.35 then I think it is best I get some sleep :).
Lizard Lick Towing is class love to be a repo man proper eventfull job
Maybe it's not an interview, maybe he's gonna be on Lizard Lick Towing lol
he won't be making an appearance on Lizard Lick Towing?
Sat watching Lizard Lick Towing at 3:15 in.the common room
There's a new episode of Impractical Jokers tomorrow and Lizard Lick is coming back!
I'm watching 'Lizard Lick Towing' at 3am. I'm beyond obsessed. Did Ron ever get to be mayor?!
Op Repo.Lizard Lick South Beach Tow.I've sunken to a new low.Thank God the Bruins are playing tomorrow night..
Well at least Lizard Lick Towing is on at 3am:)
12 more days till the new season of Lizard Lick Towing
So Clyde and I are driving home and I see a truck that says "lizard lock " but I guess I watch to much "lizard lick" bc I had to take second look at truck to make sure lol
I need Lizard Lick Towing to come remove the Mack truck that ran over me!! Really hoping this is just a cold! Yes-that is me, shamelessly fishing for sympathy! :)
Love lizard lick! I recently spent 2 months in hospital, lizard lick definitely got me through the day! :)
To all lizard lick fans its coming back December 16. Get ready
Lizard lick coming back Dec 16 heck yeah :D
is there a lizard lick dvd box set I can purchase from the uk?
Cant wait till Dec 16. Lizard Lick Towing comes back on cant wait
Little disappointed that after watching two cars being towed at two different stores tonight it was nothing like Lizard Lick Towing!
Lizard Lick Towing.if ya need me again.CALL!!!
just watched Lizard Lick with my girlfriend and saw you had a bad crash! Hope you are okay bo!
Lizard Lick Towing is by far the best programme on tele
Lizard Lick Towing coming back on December 16th ! ๐Ÿ˜
December 16th can't wait for Lizard Lick Towing!
Series finale of of Lizard Lick, can't wait for more! Want an ending!
โ€œThe last lizard lick of the series ๐Ÿ˜ฉ that *** But I know there is more to come
Check out Lizard Lick Towing new tv show on sky channel dave on wednesdays at 8 till 9
Scoop your chick up and let her lick me like a lizard
Oh my life shocking episode of lizard lick! Hope bobby is ok :-)
Ooh my god! Asif bobby had a car crash at the end of Lizard Lick Towing. Bless he's cottons, a love him me
Guess what . i cant what till the new Lizard Lick Towing to come out
so u know we all have our images trademarked as well as Ronnie having lizard lick trademarked u continue to break the law
Will you be showing the next series of Lizard Lick Towing
Tonights episode of Lizard Lick Towing was so emotional! Do i really have to wait til the next season to see if Bobby is okโ€ฆ
Just watched the most distressing episode of Lizard Lick Towing... I don't think I could be more upset ... ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข
Are you ever coming to the uk? That would be so cool meeting the best guy in lizard lick
Watching Lizard Lick Towing with Ricky & my goodness I love these guys! So funny
Gogglebox is up there with the likes of Lizard Lick Towing and Storage Hunters
Really enjoy gogglebox, it's up there with Storage Hunters & lizard lick
The only tv I pretty much watch anymore Is Lizard Lick Towing and top gear
I could only be on gogglebox if we were watching lizard lick back to back.
I can't get over how that episode of Lizard Lick finished. Poor Bobby
I just saw the episode of lizard lick were you had the crash just so happy you are alright man
Mum: "i think im falling for that inbred hillbilly from lizard lick" Best trade my guitar in for a banjo then!
I wish that the episodes of lizard lick come out faster in the UK because I've just seen a 'new one' from April this year...
is there anywhere I can purchase some lizard lick . Towing clothing?
Okay so Callum likes Lizard Lick Towing, he's the best human I know idc
Lizard Lick Towing starts at 21:00pm on Dave Ja Vu if you missed the original screening at 20:00pm! (UK fans!)
when will the next series of Lizard Lick Towing be on Dave?
Missed new Lizard Lick Towing... Gutted!
what I wanna watch lizard lick now not next week
omg jus watched the new lizard lick n the way it ended with that crash! Not good! I really hope ur ok now!
Just found a new programme "Lizard Lick Towing" We love it. Series linked that bad boy!
Lizard Lick Towing love that programme
Dec 16th starts a new season of lizard lick!!
And to make things worse lizard lick how just left it on a massive cliff edge
Just spending cash on lizard lick site
Just watched an episode of Lizard Lick Towing and see bony crash and get injured and was in a bad state phone up their company (us) to see if he was allright good news is he is :D
Omg can't believe bobbys hurt in lizard lick! :o
Cant believe im going to have to wait a whole week to find out if bobbi ok off Lizard Lick Towing!
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Lizard Lick Towing for fashion tips I think,yeah! Gurt lush! ;)
Lizard Lick Towing pritty good tonight
Lizard Lick has ended for the series on a huge cliff hanger :c
Can't believe lizard lick has finished like that! Hope Bobby's OK
Darren Urchin bobby of Lizard Lick Towing has rolled a repo car by falling asleep at the wheel
Just watched the Finale of Lizard Lick Towing :( absolutely gutted Bobby tipped his truck!!!
Is bobby from lizard lick ok, that crash was bad :(
Why cant they make lizard lick towin longer ..dnt think i cant wait till next week !
Tegan and hollie in there cots ethan still asleep and I've nearly demolished a full pak of cookies lmao watching lizard lick toweing xx
Bobby off lizard lick toweing had a car crash ๓พฐฎ lizard lick won't be the same if he's died :(๐ŸŠ
Poor Bobby on lizard lick that way happens when u drive tired x x
Omg... Can't end Lizard Lick like that??!!! What's happened to Bobby... Need the next episode now!!!
How can they cut lizard lick like that man??? Hope Bobby's okay man ๓พฐฆ
Very sad on Lizard Lick Towing tonight poor bobby
Season finale of Lizard Lick and Bobby's in an accident!! Wahhh cliffhanger!
Arrggh last Lizard lick of the series and they end it like that???!
Omg actualy crying at Lizard Lick Towing x
I am so exited Lizard Lick Towing is back
Lizard lick towin class fukin crackd up red necks
Worked me brain hard today, teaching, then worked out at circuits now enjoying a lush pizza & Lizard Lick Towing :-) ๓พฅต๓พŒต
Who was sad like me n watched constapation st ... The wedding ... Wot a pyl o Lizard lick the way 4ward lol xxx
Its all going very bad in Lizard Lick Towing
OMG someone dies in Lizard Lick Towing :(
Watching lizard lick with my baby boy in bed
I need to get myself CB radio fitted in my car lol, so I can be like the guys from Lizard Lick Towing 10-4 lol
Good evening to all our fans in the UK! I'm hearing that a new episode of Lizard Lick Towing just went off so I would like to know what y'all thought?
"I'm as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin chairs!" Love Lizard Lick Towing!!!
Love this episode of Lizard Lick Towing And Recovery on Dave!
Watching the end of Lizard Lick Towing then bed, work 6 in the morning. .
Lizard Lick Towing always cheers me up :)
Little Giant Ladders
Watching Lizard Lick Towing then going to bed xx
Lizard Lick Towing would be good if it was'nt so fake
Watching Lizard Lick Towing and some guy acting big actually used the insult your not my momma
I know its all staged but you gotta love Lizard Lick Towing on Dave
Bit of Lizard Lick Towing with the boys my night sorted
Lizard Lick Towing cracks me up every time!!
Lizard lick Wednesday's. .. its frigging great. .. a whole hour once a week and never disappointed. . Praise be the channel 'DAVE' lol
Just watchin the new Lizard Lick Towing :) x x x
Lizard Lick Towing time got a pear drop vodka n lemonade very nice in me bed chillaxing oh yes cous pmsl
Lizard Lick Towing,reality tv at its best !
Is it weird that I fancy Amy out of Lizard Lick Towing? Lol
Lizard Lick Towing, oh please how gullable do the yanks really think we are ffs :-)
ATTENTION LIZARD LICK FANS: The new season of Lizard Lick Towing starts December 16th. Have your calendars marked!!!
Watching Lizard Lick Towing. I've turned in to my father.
Lizard Lick time always give me laugh time.
1 hour of Lizard Lick on Dave, Ronnie for Mayor.
In bed cuddling up to the fiancรฉe watching Lizard Lick Towing, so happy. Anne Smith Soon Taylor
Lizard Lick Towing on dave rite now
Lizard Lick Towing nd then paranormal witness then wee early nite as ive got a busy day into ma work experience for 9-2:30 then dentist
This is my most favourite time and day of the week.2 new episodes of lizard lick,gotta love that programme!
Lizard lick in a
OMG how did I make it home for lizard lick!!! but miss out on KFC wednesday! ***
Just remembered lizard lick on to night woohoo
Lizard Lick Towing , watch it on dave best tv at the moment they get a few kickins bobby got smashed up last nite which is the 1st ever episode mind you amys a tough girl and funny with it , give it a try ..
Well tonight I'm going to chill out and watch Lizard Lick Towing from 8PM - 9PM plus check the Newcastle score on the BBC Red Button oh... and watch MOTD at 10:35PM thats my night sorted LOL.:)
All new season of lizard lick December 16th @ 9:30 .can not wait
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