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Liz Truss

Elizabeth Mary Truss (born 26 July 1975), also known as Liz Truss, is a British Conservative Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for South West Norfolk since the 2010 general election.

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This is a national disgrace. How can a 1st world country have 16,000 cases of child abuse go unpunished, Liz Truss ?
Breaking news this morning: Liz Truss announces new discount rate of -0.75% for personal injury compensation.
Liz Truss (PPE, Merton College) burying all the reports warning about the consequences of underfunding & overcrowding in pris…
There are some truly dim people in the UK government: Liz Truss, Chris Grayling, Sajid Javid ... the list goes on. Trus…
Andrew Marr had to remind Liz Truss what a legal point was
Liz Truss advocate lower prison numbers! That'd be at odds with the Tory attacks on our freedom; she wants to lock up for less
Liz Truss vows to drive 'wickedness from shadows' in prisons reform push: But former deputy…
Ahead of a expose, Liz Truss won't be cornered on reducing prisoner numbers
I was of the opinion Liz Truss didn't know much about anything, have I been misled?
Liz Truss speech trailed saying record prison numbers would reduce if & staff worked more with offe…
Liz Truss and her Tory chums are ideologically wedded to overcrowded, chaotic prisons to keep lower orders in check
Liz Truss Won't Back Bercow via . So Bercow has no Truss to lean on. Well done Liz!
"What's the point of Liz Truss?" joins "How much?" and "We don't need the heating on" as the most common phrases heard in…
To Americans who don't know who Liz Truss is, she's the Sean Spicer of the Tory Party. She spins with all the grace of…
Government to enshrine ministerial duty to rehabilitate prisoners into law for the first time
*** Liz Truss Won’t Back Bercow - Asked by the Sun if the Speaker has her backing, Liz Truss refuses to answ...
Liz Truss has given me flashbacks to university seminars, where we endured people talking earnestly about things they…
Standard opening salvo when you are clueless about something: issue a statement rejecting a 'quick fix'. Liz Truss, come on down.
'Human wickedness', the words used by Liz Truss to describe prison.
Liz Truss you could maybe start by reinstating all the officers laid off cos the staff have lost control nationwide just for starters
Its our fault that people like "Liz Truss" are in government. Vote and pass the buck,nthsts what we do.
Liz Truss says there are no 'quick fixes' for but her Government have found ways to create some quick problem…
Liz truss has done a good thing bread and milk
Liz Truss rejects calls to cut sentences to reduce prison population
Overcrowding and understaffing cost prisoners’ lives — but Liz Truss refuses to address either via
Liz Truss may not know much about how to be a reforming Justice Secretary, but I am told she knows everything there is…
This possibly the one real warning bell moment from Liz Truss speech. Problems in prisons are *nothing* like schools bef…
While our Director of Campaigns speaks to media about Liz Truss's speech, our CEO is visi…
UKIP: Home Affairs Spokesman Jane_CollinsMEP responds to speech by Justice Secretary Liz Truss
Liz Truss says she's rejecting a 'quick-fix' for prisons, but I think we all know what she means is 'any fix'
I don't blame Liz Truss for the failed policies of her predecessors. I DO blame her for her cowardice over getting a grip on…
Liz Truss seems much less concerned about the prison crisis than she did about imported cheese
Isn't a 'Liz Truss' just another name for a 'Tom Arscott'?
There is a record number of suicides in prisons. Liz Truss smirking and reading her notes, badly, is an insult to them…
Liz Truss is about as a minister as you can get. That's up against some these days 😕
Home Affairs Spokesman responds to speech by Justice Secretary Liz Truss
How about we put Theresa May, Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin on a desert island?? Perhaps with Liz Truss to mediate?? https…
Liz Truss's response to my questions on the tragic case of Dean Saunders:
Results of this poll are in. Majority view is that Liz Truss & Sam Gyimah should be sacked, not independent monitor…
Liz Truss must be hoping that sacking independent prison monitor Faith Spear will sweep the crisis under the MOJ carpet. No c…
Liz Truss & the MoJ want to keep deals on prison labour secret for 'commercial' reasons. You bet they do! Bad deals for taxpa…
Would anyone know if Liz Truss resigned? The most invisible minister in government
Disturbance at Hull Prison btw Liz Truss has no qualifications or experience in criminal justice o…
Liz Truss says those responsible for prison riots will 'face the full force of the law'. Does that include G4S, MoJ and…
Liz Truss appears mentally unstable each time I see her. Very worrying that she is
No wonder Liz Truss wants to devolve her responsibilities to ,HMP Birmingham is the end of the road for an incompet…
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No doubt loopy Liz Truss will warn the HMP Birmingham rioters that they can expect to receive custodial sentences. https:/…
Liz Truss has been sadly lacking. G4S is like shutting Woolworths down for Poundland. Perfect Tory model.
What will Liz Truss do to stop Prisons from becoming tinder boxes and igniting in this way? More than a menu change might…
Liz Truss must harness Michael Gove's radicalism to help our prisons
Disappointing that on Liz Truss says "I won’t be apologising to them" when asked about prison officers facing a…
Prison officers know how to run jails. Liz Truss needs to listen to us Mike Rolfe
'How out of your depth are you?' Blustering Tory MP and prisons chief Liz Truss gets shut down on live TV
Could somebody please send for some more "depth" for Liz Truss. She appears to be completely out of it.
On I made point that first duty of Lord Chancellor is to protect independence of judiciary. Liz Truss failing t…
Theresa May, PM, and Liz Truss, Lord Chancellor, are in serious dereliction of duty by failing to condemn outrageous press…
Weak, weasely statement from Liz Truss,Justice Secretary fails to address specific attacks on Art.50 judges. Sad day. http…
Liz Truss finally speaks out over judges' High Court Brexit ruling. Fails to actually defend judges
Are people really surprised by Liz Truss' "defence" of the judges? On about fart in a wind tunnel.
Liz Truss has failed spectacularly and should resign says
The statement from Liz Truss in full.
Bar Council urges Liz Truss to condemn attacks on judges
Liz Truss' silence is a horrific derogation of her constitutional duty to defend the independence of the judiciary https:…
I feel it's necessary to point out that I don't have Liz Truss' tongue...
I'm getting reports that Liz Truss and Jeremy Corbyn are currently staying at Lord Lucan's villa in the Bermuda Triangle.
Superb piece by Charlie Falconer. Where he *** is Liz Truss in this?
Theresa May and Liz Truss are out of their depth. An internally appointed prime minister & a Lord Chancellor with no legal ba…
I'm sure the reason Liz Truss is so quiet is she's just checking with her civil servants what "independence of the judiciar…
Liz Truss is Lord Chancellor. Has she defended the judiciary from the outrageous attacks in the media?. If not, why not?
One would have thought Liz Truss as would have offered some support to the traduced judiciary .
Liz Truss holds urgent talks as violence in prisons reaches record high Michael Wilkinson
Liz Truss has been asked to approve legal aid for Moors murderer Ian Brady, as he bids to be moved from a mental hospital to prison
I didn't think you were funny, but Liz Truss as Lord Chancellor is on the money. Ha. Ah. Oh. No.
He represents the best the Tories currently have to offer, alongside Boris Johnson, Liz Truss, Jeremy Hunt & May.
I challenged Liz Truss to set out which rights she would discard with the Human Rights Act: http…
1. Have just listened to on the Today programme re British Bill of Rights. . ht last para at h…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
So Labour continue bickering over how left wing we should be meanwhile...
. I know, but don't tell Liz Truss.
Are you aware that Liz Truss' replacement laws include abolishing right to fair trial for example?
Thank you and Liz Truss MP for opening our fundraiser we raised £400 for TADDS dementia
Kick her out: Liz has a cure for decay in - a haircut.
Owen Paterson, Liz Truss et al , they can criticise RSPCA and anti hunt movement
Very depressed by this: Liz Truss abandons Gove’s plan for problem-solving courts
Whilst the British media diverted our attention with Liz Truss quietly planned to scrap our human rights. ht…
Im not very reassured, funnily enough.
Standards of human rights in prisons across Europe threatened by Liz Truss's bid for a favourable tabloid headline. https:…
Plans to replace Human Rights Act with British Bill of Rights will go ahead, Justice Secretary
UK bill of rights will not be scrapped, says Liz Truss via
Freedom of religion must be central to a British bill of rights: The new UK Justice Secretary, Liz Truss has ...
Murtaza Shaikh from questions Liz Truss' plan to islolate extremists in prisons
A leader we didn’t vote for wants to scrap Human Rights Act, but sure, let’s talk about what Corbyn did on a train.
Write to Liz Truss and help the the 3,500 IPP prisoners facing huge injustice
The Government wants to segregate extremists in prison – does it know how Isis was founded?
Justice Sec Liz Truss: Scrap Human Rights Act. Yet, younger Liz was a campaigner for LibDems? - who champion the HRA
Super turn out family day 187 participants fantastic, thank you Liz Truss and Councillors for support
TORY plans to SCRAP the Human Rights Act are going ahead .
Human Rights Act WILL be scrapped and replaced with British Bill of Rights, says Liz ... -
Maybe Liz Truss should watch this or read this
Human Rights Act will be scrapped in favour of British Bill of Rights, Liz Truss pledges via
Human Rights or British Rights: Which would you rather?.
Our hard won rights are under attack. Tell Justice Secretary Liz Truss to save the Human Rights Act via
Human Rights Act WILL be SCRAPPED for British Bill of Rights, Liz Truss insists >>
UK bill of rights won't be scrapped, says Liz Truss welcome to wind your watch back to Magna Carta.
May's appointments of Boris Johnson and Liz Truss to Foreign Office and Justice Dept. is an insult to the whole Country.
Lord Pannick’s source for saying Liz Truss is not the first female Lord Chancellor. HT
Liz Truss is not the first woman to be Lord Chancellor
A fair piece - and rightly placing the blame at the door of whom it belongs...
Liz Truss to continue Michael Gove's prison reforms
At forty with no legal qualifications Liz Truss’s has met a volley of criticism. But 2 previous LC's Grayling and Gove weren't lawyers
First female Lord Chancellor in 800 yr history of office will be sworn in today. Liz Truss has been criticised for lack of experience.
You'd better believe it: Liz has rejected calls from ISIS for controls on looney-bins linked to her own reflection.
Tory minister Lord Foulks quits in protest at Liz Truss being made Justice Secretary
Justice Minister, Lord Faulks QC, has resigned in protest over Liz Truss' appointment as Lord Chancellor.
Fantastic: Lord Pannick says Liz Truss is NOT first female Lord Chancellor - it was Eleanor of Provence, who filled in for H…
Liz Truss read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Merton College, Oxford. She's not a lawyer.
Boris Johnson should not call a snap general election, says Liz Truss via
Liz Truss is bad enough but we don't want Owen Paterson back at Defra! vote
Liz Truss resolutely saying f*** all on Get a grip Davies, it's not funny.
I nominate Liz Truss and Owen Paterson, to receive the SAVE OUR BADGERS! https:/…
Henry Bellingham and Liz Truss amongst this lot - no surprise there.
: painful to watch Liz Truss's anxiously parrot the party line. Malcolm Tucker waiting out the back to duff her up if she veers.
Liz Truss, Jeremy Hunt, Nicky Morgan, George Osborne... This govt puts people in charge of departments who know *** all…
Some say politicians lack passion. Try and top the passion Liz Truss shows here. About cheese.
Go on Liz Truss. Lighten the debate. Talk cheese.
Seeing Amber Rudd trending is indication of a treat in store - only seeing Liz Truss can guarantee more blithering idiocy
Parliamentary question time humour for gals too: BBC News - Liz Truss's sausage invitation 'one of the best'
Breaking:. My sources have uncovered the secret factor behind Liz Truss backing
Take a minute today to stand up for badgers. needs to end the cull. Sign here! https…
Margot James, Nicky Morgan, Liz Truss, Ruth Davidson - lots of very talented Tory women backing the In Campaign. Very good news.
Shame about Liz Truss though, I thought she may support leave.
Yay my bae Liz Truss is voting to stay in
Liz "Social Reform" Truss more like the nazi progroms targeting the weak disabled & unemployed whilst defending the tax avoiders
Every minister will see this on a daily basis. Shame on Theresa May, Sajid Javid, Liz Truss et all.
Norfolk MP and Environment Sec Liz Truss will back Remain in the EU Referendum
Environment Secretary Liz Truss backs staying in EU via
I'm genuinely upset that Liz Truss has crossed the floor to Remain. She was one of the good ones.
Hamilton Collection
Liz Truss will campaign to stay in. Cameron will welcome her support. Think I've done that gag before and nobody laughed then either.
Environment Sec Liz Truss to campaign to stay in the EU.
Liz Truss emerges, to cries of "What does the deal mean for cheese Minister?".
I loathe the way the media focuses on female politicians' appearance, but I must say that Liz Truss was wearing a FABULOUS coat today.
This may be the most excited anyone's ever been to see Liz Truss
The language of colours, Theresa May and Liz Truss in blue, they're in
Downing St Brexit fashion: is Liz Truss' all-blue outfit/ blonde hair combo a nod to the EU flag?. (Everyone: "No")
Another pro EU minister Liz Truss goes into No 10. Is this a pre cabinet caucus by the "Inners" ?
Liz Truss walks into Downing St. Journalists shout, "What does the deal mean for cheese, Minister?".
The new series would begin six months on from Cam's resignation and Liz Truss would be PM with no one quite knowing how it happened
i might join you.. i tried to sell cheese in New York but Liz Truss takes her coffee black. Though she usually drinks vodka.
Liz Truss Fund the NWCU, stop wasting £s on badger culls We are the electorate and taxpayers - your a public servant http…
Liz Truss finds £23 million to kill badgers but not £390,000 to fund Wildlife Crime Unit, we hear
Liz Truss refuses to find the money to resource the WCU but happy 2 bankroll 23 million 2 eradicate BADGERS -
Brandon Lewis, Liz Truss and Keith Simpson now talking infrastructure - broadband and A47 are first up.
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Gloucester MP, Richard Graham, invites the Environment Secretary, Liz Truss, to try the sausages at
What a prat tory mp Gloucester richard graham a *** offers in the HOC tells Liz Truss when passing on m5 to have a sausage on him joker
Richard Graham MP just offered to give Liz Truss a Gloucester Old Spot sausage at the M5 service station. MPs beside thems…
CitizenNews commented MPs in stitches as Richard Graham invites Liz Truss to 'try a...: In an amusing exchange...
.UK Environment Secretary Liz Truss is choosing to protect farmers over victims
Brexit debate this morning. Owen Paterson v Phil Hogan. As Liz Truss said yesterday, there is no plan B for UK Ag if we leave.
Environment minister Liz Truss is pushing ahead with a new programme of cuts, but.. ignored warnings from UNISON
Liz Truss and Rory Stewart suddenly appear again
Liz Truss is supposed to be the 'Floods' Rescue SoS! Seated to her left this minute is the "Conquerer of Afghanistan" himself, Rory Stewart
Salford tonight which is being evacuated someone better tell Liz Truss get her wellies out for morning
I think we have the final member of the quiz team. Matt Hancock. Priti Patel. Liz Truss. Harriet Baldwin.
Sad days: Liz Truss has been chosen as the new Dr In her 1st she and her cat travel the planet of relics from ancient S...
I have nothing to do with Daniel Zeichner no more than I would wish too! I have nothing to do with Liz Truss, Nicky Morgan or Esther McVey
My review of with panelists Alex Salmond, John McDonnell, Liz Truss, Sandi Toksvig and Tim Stanley
I knew there would finally be a reveal as to why Liz Truss was so happy about this:
Now it becomes clear just why Liz Truss was so awkward about those pork markets...
I suspect Ma Kai's first question will be "You know when you sent Liz Truss over here to sell us some pork..."
So it's not just Liz Truss who gets exited about pork
So is that why Liz Truss went to Beijing to "open up new pork markets"...
No wonder Liz Truss was so excited about pork markets at the Tory party conference last year
This scandal brings a whole new meaning to 'opening up new pork markets.' Liz Truss must be loving this.
Didnt Liz Truss get all coy and simpering about the Chinese pig markets? Wondering now just what she knew...
Having read today's papers I think I finally get why Liz Truss looked so awkward
Given Mr Cameron's apparent love of pigs, I see Liz Truss's announcement last year in a whole new light.
It's a shame isn't around this week to play Liz Truss' "I'll be opening up new pork markets" speech
I had thought the Tories' porcine comedy had peaked with Liz Truss
So that's why Liz Truss was so enthusiastic about opening new pork markets
ICYM.: Liz Truss: "In December, I'll be in Beijing opening up new pork markets!"
Liz truss can help..shes opening new pig markets
Remember when Liz Truss was so proud of "opening up pork markets"? Did she bring a porker home for DC?
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Are we sure Liz Truss really meant she was going to China or was that just a euphemism?
What did Liz Truss just say about honesty and credibility?...
. Liz Truss opening pork markets now seems like an inside joke:
Wonder if the Tories will put Liz Truss up for interviews today. It is her area of expertise
ah now Liz Truss its all coming together
Will Liz Truss be talking about pig semen at this years Conference?
Now I know why Liz Truss was announcing this. must have sent her
Liz Truss-opening up new pork markets in Beijing..
.. Suddenly Liz Truss opening up new pork markets makes far more sense.
Liz Truss wants a Gin distillery trail in London to attract tourists
Liz Truss's painfully awful speech on Pork markets is so much more amusing now.
Liz Truss wants the drinks industry to set up a London Gin distillery trail to attract tourists
After the revelations, Liz Truss is going to have a harder time in Beijing
Now I understand why Liz Truss was getting so excited!
Liz Truss can't explain why a 17 year old should vote for the Conservative Party. Visibly Gobsmacked and now talking over him.…
Can't stop wondering who really sent Liz Truss to China to open up new pork markets, and why.
Remember when Liz Truss was opening a pork market in Beijing? Maybe is into Asians...
Tory Liz Truss is preparing for David Cameron's next visit to China.
now we know why Liz Truss was so eager to please about PORK MARKETS
I wish Liz Truss never bothered opening her new pork markets
is this what Liz Truss meant 'opening new pork markets '?
Wonder who will be first MP to ask Liz Truss whether it was who sent her to China?
perhaps explains why Liz Truss looks so pleased with herself here? Did I see a wink to PM?
Liz Truss stumbled over heart-rending/rendering on QT last week. She corrected herself wrong!
Gives the Liz Truss Pork Markets video a new chillingly hilarious layer.
can someone have a word in David Dimbleby's ear and ask Liz Truss how much finding we gave Syrian rebels in the 1st place?
Well, Liz Truss knows about being unelectable, having lost in Hemsworth and Calder Valley.
Badger Trust CEO says he will be holding Liz Truss to her promise to crack down on badger persecution
Mark Avery on Liz Truss record on environment in latest Birdwatch. Absolutely hilarious - but also tragic.
. These are the people who'll authorise reintroduction of pesticide:. Liz Truss, George Eustice and Rory Stewart
Truss: Gardening and horticulture must go from "strength to strength": Environment Secretary Liz Truss has sai...
Comment on the reappointment of Liz Truss to Defra from the Countryside Alliance
Statement on reappointment of Liz Truss as Defra secretary - Countryside Alliance
No return to the Cabinet for Owen Paterson & Liz Truss back at DEFRA not going to make NFU or Countryside Alliance happy
Maybe when he loses he can start a new Party with Chloe Smith. Even Liz Truss raved about "heroes like Annie Besant"
Natalie Bennett at one with Liz Truss, at least on love of British apples (see bottom of article)
Liz Truss, the Environment Secretary, tells The Telegraph that solar farms are putting Britain's "beautiful" rural landscape at risk
'Never forget the economic power of the countryside' by . Wildlife ignored. Sums up the Tories.
What about Seriously…. all I see here is 'Economy, Economy, Economy'. What about 'Ecology'?
Our Environment Secretary manages to completely ignore wildlife in her review of the countryside …
Liz Truss MPEnvironment,Food and Rural Affairs: Strengthen the Hunting Act. Don't repeal it! via
Liz Truss, the Stepford Tory, is the only burden here...
that was 1000 words on how to squeeze nature out of the countryside. Remember nature?
1000 words by on her desire to build over the countryside. It's not looking good for the countryside
Liz Truss MP: Never forget the economic power of the countryside
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. Public Health England says air pollution kills 29,000 people a year. Liz Truss says monitoring it is a…
This is what we're up against: truly vile and despicable people like Melissa Kite and Liz Truss. http:…
“From Never forget the economic power of the countryside or the rural commun…
I see has recycled her absurd press release on solar farms for Greenest govt ever not so much.
Now taking bets on how many more times this story will run between now & election day. Happy Christmas all.
Liz Truss Solar farms in rural areas 'make the heart sink' MT~to grow food or to build houses instead? via
. Liz Truss calls the proper monitoring of environmental problem a 'burdensome regulatio…
Badger Trust CEO calls on Liz Truss make full & immediate disclosure of 2014 Badger Cull Audit Report
Badger Trust to challenge Liz Truss lack of independent monitoring for badger cull in Court of Appeal today
Good see Liz Truss agree to a meeting with Badger Trust at start of the New Year we will have much discuss
Liz Truss to meet Badger Trust in New Year as she refuses to commit to cull roll out at NFU meeting in South West
Environment minister Liz Truss urges Britain to stop mowing lawns as it's bad ...: Daily Mail
Liz Truss having to defend lack of independent monitoring of badger cull in Court of Appeal on Thursday
FOUR speakers in a row from north of Birmingham at - Matt Hancock, Sajid David, Liz Truss and Patrick McLoughlin.
.Environment Secretary Liz Truss vows to cut red tape & let farmers 'get on & farm'
Check it out winter is on its way Dear Moreton As discussed. I have updated my website ( ) as shown below and it will be sent out over the social networking sites that I'm too old to read. I will also be updating Phillip Hammond and Liz Truss with my concerns . "UPDATE" 13th August 2014 - We have discovered that the proposed gravel extraction at Milton Farm and Whitehall Farm in Egham will involve pumping water into the drainage ditches that feed into the River Bourne and Thorpe Park. At the moment the lakes at Thorpe Park flow upstream ( backwards ) and have probably done so for over 20 years causing some of the flooding in 2003 and 2014. All of us should be aware that the level of the lakes at Thorpe Park affect the level of the Meadlake Ditch and the River Bourne so everyone in Egham , Chertsey and Thorpe should very worried. I would question the the capability and motives of the people in Runnymede Council , Surrey County Council and the Environment Association for even considering allowing gravel e . ...
this made me think how the new Environment Secretary & former Shell employee, Liz Truss,has said fracking will benefit peo…
Ref. 80 CLIMATOLOGY. MARS BAR & MUSHY PEAS, pp136-156. GREENS SEE RED. OWEN PARTERSON writes: prime minister has the right to choose his team to take Britain into the general election and I am confident that my able successor at Defra, Liz Truss, will do an excellent job. It has been a privilege to take on the challenges of the rural economy and environment. However, I leave the post with great misgivings about the power and irresponsibility of – to coin a phrase – the Green Blob. By this I mean the mutually supportive network of environmental pressure groups, renewable energy companies and some public officials who keep each other well supplied with lavish funds, scare stories and green tape. This tangled triangle of unelected busybodies claims to have the interests of the planet and the countryside at heart, but it is increasingly clear that it is focusing on the wrong issues and doing real harm while profiting handsomely. Local conservationists on the ground do wonderful work to protect and improve ...
Great piece by Owen Patterson in the Telegraph. . Let's hope Liz Truss is as strong (or stronger).
New post: "Letter from Huw Irranca-Davies to Liz Truss about the delay in publication of the Elliott Review on f...
UPDATE FROM 38 DEGREES on... BEES: - Could today mark the fresh start we desperately need for Britain’s beloved bees? Owen Paterson - the minister responsible for bees - has been given the boot in today’s cabinet reshuffle. He’s been replaced by Conservative MP Liz Truss. [1] Now Liz Truss has a choice: she could follow Owen Paterson’s lead and champion mega pesticide firms over our bees, or she could decide to protect them. [2] As she settles into her new role, she’ll hear from lobbyists in the big pesticide firms congratulating her. But together we can make sure the voices of thousands and thousands of us drown theirs out. So let’s send her a congratulations card, signed by thousands of us, to make sure she knows we want her to protect our precious bees. It’s a bit cheeky but with a hard-hitting message. And signing the card is just as easy as signing a petition. Let’s get thousands of signatures on the card in the first 24 hours of her new job. Owen Paterson wasn’t a friend of the bee ...
Care about BEES? Please send a message to Liz Truss the NEW Environment Minister! Please sign (for OUR & RT
ICYM the day of new jobs: Mary Robinson new UN climate envoy, Jean Claude Juncker new EC President, Liz Truss new Environment Secretary 1/2
Liz Truss appointed as new Defra secretary -
Liz Truss named as new DEFRA Secretary of State. CNP hopes she will provide a greater understanding of purpose and valu…
Out-going Environment Secretary Owen Paterson wouldn't meet with climate scientists, but now he's been fired. Email Liz Truss, the new Environment Secretary, to ask if she’ll meet with the scientific experts Paterson wouldn’t?
.The new Environment Secretary, her clash with 'Turnip Taliban' and controversial rise through Tory ranks
insulting to MPs Nicky Morgan and Liz Truss to be described by some Tory back benchers as GIRLIES - T
High hopes for your plans Seven priorities for Liz Truss, the new Environment Secretary
The More Things Change ... New Environment Secretary Liz Truss used to work for Shell.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Tell new Environment Secretary Liz Truss MP to put our bees before profit! Sign the card to her now.
Read blogger views on the cabinet reshuffle and what this might signal
Defence Sec Michael Fallon born in Perthshire & went to school in Dunfermline. Environment Sec Liz Truss went to school in…
The default response I always had from Liz Truss. Wish i'd kept more, but they were all the same anyway.
She is now one of the shining lights of David Cameron’s “male, pale and stale” Cabinet overhaul – but the new Environment Secretary Liz Truss was almost prevented from running as an MP at all in the last elections just four years ago.
Cameron gets rid of Paterson because he's not a woman, not that he was useless at his job & just plain nasty
38 degrees congratulate & remind her that she can help save our bees. Should you wish to sign:
Liz Truss, now Environment Secretary, used to work for Shell and has been a supporter of a third runway at Heathrow
Liz Truss is in charge of badger slaughter and Nicky Morgan is in charge of telling children why *** people aren't real…
Gov reshuffle. Owen Paterson is certainly no loss! Will Liz Truss take note?
I see norfolk liz truss has been promoted to the cabinet,i wonder who she sucked off to get that job.
Bees go, so do we. Can you sign the card to Liz Truss now? The more people who sign, the more impact it will have.
David Cameron's reshuffle gets rid of the 'green crap' | Damian Carrington via
Tell to protect our in her new post as secretary! Click here:
Details from Red Ruffian. Please email Liz Truss and ask her what she thinks about the slaughtering of our badgers Phone: 01842 757 345 Email: elizabeth.truss.mpTruss MP The Limes 32 Bridge Street Thetford, Norfolk IP24 3AG Westminster The House of Commons London SW1A 0AA
Let's hope that Liz Truss, unlike Owen Paterson, is more interested in protecting bees than lining the pockets of pest…
Cabinet reshuffle: Nicky Morgan, Esther McVey and Liz Truss - three women given roles in David Cameron's new...
Badgerists hoping Liz Truss will announce she believes a combination of a magic vaccine and cuddling badgers will sort ou…
Congrats on the new job Here's a card: Now please do all you can do protect our precious
New Secretary reaches the Cabinet after only four years as an MP
OMG Govey gone! - but who is Nicky Morgan and what does she know about education? if he wanted a woman why not Liz Truss? At least she's vaguely interested and was schools minister... It seems that nobody has to know anything about anything to get a post in the cabinet (or the shadow cabinet). Only done to try to persuade us (for the next 6 months) that the Tories are really rather 'modern' and pro-women - heaven help us! (I quite fancy my chances as Chancellor - move over George, my maths is better than yours anyway and I've got just as much relevant experience)
Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, said: "Mr Paterson failed to take the threat of climate change seriously and will be remembered as the man who failed to take action to protect Britain against it. "Having Paterson, who wilfully ignored scientific evidence on climate change, as well in instituting the badger cull, in the post of Environment Secretary made a mockery of David Cameron's promise that his administration would be the 'greenest government ever'. "Liz Truss, Mr Paterson's successor, has a mammoth job in a short period of time to turn around Britain's approach to climate change, to protecting biodiversity, to dealing with bovine TB, and many other issues."
Energy minister, Matthew Hancock, signed letter calling for cuts to wind power subsidies and Environment Secretary, Liz Truss, claimed renewable power was damaging the economy
Elizabeth Mary Truss[3] (born 26 July 1975), also known as Liz Truss, is a British Conservative Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for South West Norfolk since the 2010 general election. In September 2012, she was appointed as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State with resp…
I keep thinking 'Lyn Truss' ...can't imagine Liz Truss will be protecting our environment through the use of correct grammar alone!
The Tories need help! Liz Truss says she was inspired by Margaret Thatcher’s vision for Britain and is proud of that record. She obviously didn’t see the inequality, division and social corrosion that the rest of us encountered. We can do without an Environment Secretary with that kind of role model to shape her policies on climate change.
Liz Truss worked for Shell apparently. Wonder what she thinks about climate change.
Liz Truss expected to be promoted to cabinet level as the new Environment Secretary, says BBC's John Pienaar
In the next issue of we have an interview with Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Education & Liz Truss!
Liz Truss might be a woman, a mother and an MP but she still doesn't know one end of an under-5 from the other.
I'm sure she learnt a lot. I also visited an outstanding setting last week - amazing!
Rare visit by to a PVI nursery Buttons & Bows run by local CVS rated O/standing but Liz says school is best
In case you missed it last week, see CEO Neil Leitch voicing his concerns about 'early schoolification' on ITV News: http…
That's crazy! Liz Truss has been detained in a in Libya with pikeys strapped her tape.
'There are no plans to cut teaching assistants' insists education minister Liz Truss. She said there was a...
Unless he was responsible for teaching Liz Truss manners I don't think he can be blamed.
I disagree, I think Liz Truss' lack of professionalism and closed-mindedness probably had more to do with it.
Just read Liz Truss' s speech from earlier this week. Off to read a book our something to calm down!
Is this real? Liz Truss has in the news, unlike her own reflection.
A new watchdog has been announced to oversee the quality of educational ideas offered by Liz Truss and Michael Gove called Ofbollocks
New post - my reaction to Liz Truss' 'Improving Teaching' speech Looking forward to your thoughts
A lesson in pre-school care for the childcare minister Liz Truss, but should nurseries really be more like schools?
Truss - 1 last contradiction. 'We will look at results - not meddle in teaching styles.' Results come from marks Liz where you've MEDDLED!
Liz Truss was educated in the UK. Ergo, the UK Education System was rubbish at that time.
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