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Liz Smith

Liz Smith, MBE (born 11 December 1921) is a British actress, best known for her role as Bette and Aunt Belle in 2point4 children and as Norma Speakman in the BBC comedy The Royle Family which starred Ricky Tomlinson and Sue Johnston.

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Liz Smith, APR, MBA, Gina Masciantonio, Briana Spears and Dr. Thomas Boyle, APR, from Central PA presented at...
Liz Smith used to write w/great sympathy about Joey Heatherton's obvious…
You may continue putting in my face ONLY when Liz Smith will also be on.
"Begin somewhere. You cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do." ~Liz Smith
Watching/listening to Liz Smith sort out Hugh Hewitt on HC on MSNBC. HH looks like he was about ready to have a sigmoidoscopy.
If a gossip columnist dishes in the forest and no one repeats it, does it make a sound? Om betydelsen av en byline.
"Old New York" isn't changed neighborhoods, it's the people who used to populate them, too. Nice Liz Smith profile
Readers can make up their own minds. I tried to explore what Liz Smith's life looks like to her. W…
What "fall?" Liz Smith is and has always been a badass and national treasure:
Liz Smith - Another dying canary in the Fake News cave...
Poignant tale of the rise and fall of LIZ SMITH, once New York's most powerful celebrity gossip journalist.
Today we're reading this piece on alum Liz Smith, BJ '50—the most powerful gossip columnist in the 1980s →
Tony Smith's "Smoke" continues inspire artists. Head to YouTube channel to see how it influences Liz Larne…
Liz Larner connects with Tony Smith's "Smoke" (1967) at in a new "Extended Play" film…
“After a lifetime of fun and excitement and money...I am just shocked every day that I’m not the same person"
At 94 and without a column, she says, "I am in search of Liz Smith."
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
33. That's So Raven - When Raven went disguised as Liz Ania to get her father's job back
This Liz Smith piece tells you a lot about people & the media. Someday a very similar story will be written about B…
First met Liz Smith at More Journalism Review convention. Pretty amazing then, and now. Great story from
Wonderful piece on Liz Smith, who took Ivanna's side when Trump divorce was on NY tab front pages 11 in a row days
Juicy profile of the once-mighty Trump gossipiste Liz Smith by
I will read any profile of a brash older woman, but this one is particularly fun, via
A wonderful profile of Liz Smith, a lioness in winter.
👀 to the person asked to comment for that liz smith story and they said "I hope it's for an obituary"
Bobby Zarem, when asked to comment for an article about Liz Smith, said “I hope it’s for an obituary.”
God bless Liz Smith and God bless gossip!.
Liz Smith can't get a column in this town any more.
Was on TV at xmas, I mistakenly stated on here that Liz Smith had since died. She h…
To deny we need and want power is to deny that we hope to be effective. Liz Smith
I'd say around same wud be a tough desicion if both stood infront of me naked…
Kirito enters Liz's Smith Shop, visiting his personal blacksmith to get some maintenance…
Looking forward to some musical success coming my way... With my friend & manager Liz Smith, A demo at the end of the Summer dude...
Remember , remember the Smith Commission, where you didn't fight for Minimum Wage & Employment Law to be devo…
There's that English *** who lives in an industrial unit when he's not living with Liz Smith.
Rafa Nadal- spanish for arrogant. Be nice to the ball girl, she doesn't want your sweaty towel in her face!
Congratulations to teacher, Mr. Andrew Smith, on being named the 2017 Indiana History Teacher of the Year!
"The day I discovered that one could go to the public and take out books was one of the happiest of my life." - Liz Smith.
Langhorne native Claire Smith to be honored at Baseball Hall of Fame inductions via TH…
Glad you enjoyed it Mickey. I've always loved Liz Smith.
Sorry Liz I'm not fond of the State Run Media Channel:
And how could I even have forgotten and the both late and much lament…
Tatiana, Oliver and Elena will miss John Smith, Liz Allen and Efie, Sophie from Enjoy your day!…
Happy 19th Birthday to the young creative Jaden Smith✨
Peggy Mount and Liz Smith looking glam here😀
Would that be the Luke Graham who's constitancy addr…
We could not agree more. Reform ED policies.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Huge congrats 2 & most of all the amazing young people in the Unstuck film--everyone needs 2 hear u…
Some of the Secret Illness volunteers @ Join us in Nob Hill 9.45 Sun to find out more abt our OCD themed creati…
Mike Smith and Liz Mulvey: To be fair to all, campus sexual misconduct investigations need reform via
Coaching skills are increasingly recognised as important skills for educational leaders. WATCH what others say. https:…
The Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Alumni Event. This new professional network is intended to enable...
Be recognised and rewarded for your work as a highly regarded teacher on a national level!. Do you want to find... htt…
Please share- looking for some super talent to work on &
Samuel Smith's cherry lager is my new favorite thing 😍🍒🍺
. . . Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson. Here's what the great columnist Liz Smith had to say about the book in her very early . . .
Our latest co-created film. Put your headphones on & let it take you on a journey of
Thrilled to have 3 great female candidates: Liz Smith for Trustee, & Debbie O'Kane & Mary Eisenstein for Town Board! http…
Andy Smith thinks this is the guy who should be confro…
Another reason why Liz Smith was an absolute bloody legend.
With Aaron Smith and Liz Vice, having more fun than should be allowed. @ Champaign County Fair…
Yep. Anything to self-promote, like when he was John Miller calling up Liz Smith to plant a puff pi…
Richard Adams, Carrie Fisher, George Michael, Liz Smith, Rick Parfitt all taken from us in the space of four days come o…
Here's to Victoria Wood, Liz Smith, Caroline Aherne, Prince, Jean Alexander, Kenny Baker, Brian Bedford and all we lost in 2016!!
says Ta Rar to rezzie Hilda Ogden, Tony Warren, Caroline Aherne and Liz Smith.
25th- George Michael . 26th- Liz Smith. 27th- Carrie Fisher. 28th- Debbie Reynolds. What is going on with the world
And the author of Watership Down. And Liz Smith. Seriously this year needs to go fornicate itself with a rusty spork. Now.
Liz Smith too!! . I'm afraid to look at social media or news.
I suggest everyone to see Bleak Moments; Mike Leigh's first film & Liz Smith's first credited roll in 1972 at the age of 50
RIP Liz Smith, who starred in Mike Leigh's Bleak Moments and, of course, The Royle Family and so much British tv in be…
Mike Leigh just couldn't keep the misogyny out of his 'tribute' to Liz Smith -"not your bog standard middle aged actress" -really
Liz Smith great loss, fab actor.Could perform comedy and pathos and combine them as if they were the same thing, to very great effect.
Liz Smith: She was a 'charming eccentric' - Mike Leigh.
actress Liz Smith who played Nana has died at the age of 95. Liz had been living in a retirement home…
Goodbye to the nation's favourite Nana, from The Royle Family, Liz Smith, who's died aged 95. She was also Mrs Cropley i…
Royle Family actress Liz Smith has died : The actress had a variety of television and film…
⚡️ “'Royle Family' actress Liz Smith has died at 95”.
Easily the best Liz Smith moment in The Royle Family
1wk to go, then back to work. I can't bloody wait. Liz Smith dead now. Dropping like flies. Whom next?
Liz smith and George Michael dead in 1 day. 2 more kills will get a tactical nuke!!!
More sad news for Royle Family fans
The Royle Family actress Liz Smith who played Nanna in the comedy series dies aged 95
And now Liz Smith has passed away. *** off 2016. Nobody likes you!
Liz Smith-I loved working with you on the George Orwell film & privileged to have played & danced together R.I.P. 💔X htt…
RIP Liz Smith aka Nan from the Royale Family. I remember watching this show with my parents.
Sad to hear Liz Smith passed. *** of an innings. 95 years. 138 film and TV roles. Dramatic and comedic powerhouse. Our Q…
if that dead person you where on about was liz smith. Yeah I watched her.. she was 95 so. Meh
Sadly Liz Smith gone now at 95. She was a joy to work with, brilliant, warm, charming, fascinating and funny.
RIP Liz Smith. All the greats are dropping like flies 😢
"A vegetarian? Oh, that's a shame. Can't you have wafer thin ham? Barbara, can't she have wafer thin ham?". RIP Liz Smith.
George Michael yesterday was bad enough. Liz Smith today is just pure evil. 2016, you're an *** RIP to some of the w…
RIP Liz Smith. A wonderful actress who made us both laugh and cry, often in the same scene. We'll miss you Norma.
Liz Smith as well? First remember seeing her in '2point4 Children' back in the day...
2016 isn't done yet! RIP Liz Smith, Nana in 'The Royle Family'. 😞
Liz Smith dies aged 95: Ralf Little leads tributes for Royle Family and Vicar of Dibley star…
So sad about Liz smith.very funny lady.never met her though.
most heartbreaking news about Liz smith her and Caroline had in a year isn't fair, just watched the queen of Sheeba I suggest you do
Devastating to lose two members of my second family in one awful year. RIP Liz Smith. Goodbye Nana. Xxx
Actress Liz Smith, who played "Nana" in the Royle Family and Mrs Cropley in the Vicar of Dibley, has died aged 95. https:/…
RIP Liz Smith aka Nana from the Royle Family. A great actress who could always put a smile on audiences' faces. True tel…
Think the last film Liz Smith was in was 'keeping mum' with Rowan Atkinson. Kristen Scott Thomas. Maggie Smith. Very funny. ..
Sad to hear Liz Smith aka Nana passed away :'( She will be missed
Love these kids, Donovan & Liz Smith, fans from Lewisville, joined me 1 year ago & again tonight for spo…
Charming Baker and Liz Smith from Penguin Random House Publishing Penguin UK talk to BBC London's Sarah Harris...
It's brilliant - 70's sitcom by Peter Tinniswood, with Robin Bailey and Liz Smith ( amongst others)..,
Happy 29th anniversary to Ian Smith and Liz Smith. It's like the opposite of Independence Day x
Bye Jan...Did you get a look at Liz Smith thismorning?
Website Builder 728x90
Liz Smith frames Named Persons debate about rollout, not support for it. Says there is "consensus for major rethink" http…
I get the impression that Tory MSP Liz Smith is on Reporting Scotland more often now than Sally Magnusson? Labour's bums out the window?
Scottish Labour is only here to serve the Union. They proved this by their Smith Commission proposal
Watch how insight ends poverty as a motorbike becomes a mobile health center:
So the PM no longer wants to remove all funding from public schools? Good start. Now fund all students to need.
I did it because I was curious, and wanted to help lift the status of teaching. One of my better decisions! I learned…
I'm officially a business owner ... bringing professional learning for teachers to regional SA
Yes-definitely. Learned so much and more importantly connected with many great and inspiring educators.
Will Ferrell finally celebrates his 15th birthday with an epic celebrity drum-off
Wow Lady Luck against Lewis incredible bring back a spare car to share in the team if something goes wrong for any driver…
Branding of Rotary at District assembly with Liz Smith.
"Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind,feelings,& emotions"~will smith 💪🏼❤️
May 3 is Kick Repubs out of office day!! Vote out Casey Cox, Peggy Mayfield, Ronald Bacon, Liz. Smith, Mike Pence!!!
Liz: who did Erin play in Robin Hood? . Heather: Will smith .
judging from Liz's take on the book, and Max's love for it, you now add a third voice I respect that I should read it.
Duncan Smith benefit sanctions ruled unlawful by court of appeal.. thousands of claimants due refund
Raegan Smith places fourth in the pole vault at the regional meet. Great season for our school record holder.
Who would run over this beautiful, full of life football. Goodbye eg forever in our hearts
Check out this review for Donald Bogle's ELIZABETH & MICHAEL
Notes from the Asylum is officially out today. Available from More info at
For road ask for Liz Roberts (beginners) & Rod Smith or Stuart Holloway if more experienced, who will be pleased to advise.
Well done for all the meals you made liz!. sure you have a future in that industry. keep smiling ! who you think for the win ?
I make all choices in life by first asking "is what I'm about to do smith?"
When the whole class is arguing about the answer being 56 or 66 but you got 136
"One of the best parts of growing older? You can flirt all you like since you've become harmless." ~ Liz Smith
the world's greatest mystery has been SOLVED
Year 13 laugh in my face when I remind them to do their fracking homework. It's going well!
new text books for new GCSE and a more sturdy stapler drilling
Interesting that AQA is the most popular here!
Just a little excited to have Maggie Smith opening our exhibition!!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
OMG it was so fun! What were those gossip columnists names, Liz Smith, I forget the other ones name
I would submit to ladies of tech poi this year but apparently liz Knights has already hopped on the hate dagga...
None other than Liz Smith writes a rave review of Donald Bogle's ELIZABETH AND MICHAEL, out this summer!
Liz Smith from is a passionate lady to assist your clothing comfort and check her out
Sorry for another creepy Savile pick. Just remember, Janet Smith didn't interview Liz Mckean; she broke the Savile story in the BBC.
Love “Relativity” By Sarah Howe. Hear Stephen Hawking in this film by Bridget Smith via
I haven't got them yet- trying to be optimistic when really there is no money!
The Edgars are tomorrow night. I'm not going to make predictions but. I bet it won't be as weird as when Liz Smith sang "Blue Moon".
i JUST learned that zadie smith wrote what is basically fanfic ab the urban legend that MJ, Marlon Brando & Liz Taylor drove to Ohio on 9/11
Paul Smith, Director Foundations UK presenting at MODA national conference on home adaptations in England
We did 2 sites but will use the Cuckmere for secondary evidence because the coastal management has plenty of conflicting views!
It is hard going trying to get them through this but cheers me up when some of them can produce work like this
these look fantastic. Hope my Year 10's can produce something half as good.
It was difficult to collect other peoples opinions on site other than residents and visitors. I could invite the EA in to school
Sounds good- think i should do more for secondary data. The National Trust gave a talk at Birling Gap but other than that not much
One hates to speculate, but Bruce Forsyth, Denis Norden, Sandy Gall, Peter Wallis and Liz Smith are all getting on/unwell.
Liz Smith defends over those absurd breakdown tales.
With Ellen Burstyn as Liz Smith and Cicely Tyson as Eddie Bernice Johnson — or something
Congratulations to the new female World 24hr sol champ Liz Smith. Flanked by the awesome support of David Smith.
Liz Smith speaks to 8th graders about ES Career Ctr opportunities
Liz Smith: David Bowie and Elizabeth Taylor -- did they or didn't they?
I just cried laughing at u doing Liz Smith impression during the Mike Walker farting segment.
This morning's Boot Camp shout out goes to.. Suzanne Bradbury, Liz Smith and Peter Smith. Well done to the three...
ICYMI: AM Clicks features some all-new photos of Liz Smith. I suggest you check it out:
Scott Glenn Smith, Jenn Fetter, Tom Hallowell, Liz Smith, Lesa Willis, Wieneaux Joe: do you think we could get...
Margaret Mitchell in Central and Liz Smith in Mid Scotland and Fife to look forward to
Classic Royle Family on tv - genius writing by Caroline Aherne and Craig Cash, and Liz Smith you made me cry 😢 ❤️
The musings of Liz Smith on her friendship with Gloria Steinem, Liz says Gloria is an astounding 81 years old now...
I back up my statement with Liz Smith as my prime example...
professor and chair of the political science department Liz Smith now introducing Mr.…
Buy Miche Bag Online!
One thing is for certain. . Steve Smith is a beast:
I think Jackie Collins,who died several days ago,was just about the nicest&most interesting woman left in Hollywood.
thanks for sharing Liz L Smith, have a great Sunday :) (insight by
Tune in right now for a live online reading with Danez Smith (issue and Liz Berry! .
Come on Ireland! (There is no Rugby ball emoji, sad face... Oh hang on there is one for that...😔)
Okay, but Sam Smith and Cara Delevigne turning up to Pour It Up is probably my new favorite thing ever.
Congrats on 25 years - huge tribute to vision of 2 amazing women Sudha Bhuchar and Kristine Landon Smith.
"Teams share the burden and divide the grief. Doug Smith.
Patti Smith: 'It's not so easy writing about nothing'
We all want to be in love and find that person who is going to love us no matter what things are-- Will Smith.
Exe Dir Liz Smith 20 years of service. my local hero.
Rugby? I tried. It seems to me they just need Usain Bolt to speed things up a bit. It was like ITVs version of Casualty. So boring!
"The game of life is a lot like football. You have to tackle your problems, block your fears, and score your...
I dislike Sam Smith with the burning glare of a hundred suns. Overrated, trite and awful hair.
Why not take a whole day Sam Smith, I bet lots of people will hear it.
I don't understand how that was making fun of her? You're one to talk about making fun of people.
The good news is that I sold a crescent classic ticket, the bad news is it was to myself.
there was nothing rude or degrading about her. Not a single thing.
putting pictures of Kristen on your friends snapchat story?
WHO MADE FUN OF KRISTEN? Neither of us. I don't think you understand that neither of us said anything.
you don't like when people make fun of you so why make fun of Kristen what was the point?
yeah sure Liz she's been called that before so don't lie for your friend
that wasn't about her? People shouldn't assume stuff is about them? Insecure much?
just sticking up for a friend don't bring my situation into this it's not about me it's about Kristen
I don't think you have any room to point fingers, halie.
Love is but the discovery of urselves n others, & the delight of recognition. Alexander Smith. LizQuen ForeverAndMore |
Senior Safety Micahh Smith intercepts Roger McCuller and returns it 88 yards for a pick 6. up 56-21 on
Liz, Justin, A Robinson, St Smith Sr , T Williams or K Allen.. Which 2 to start in standard.. Thanks
Um I need a Kylie Jenner *** friend in my life plz and thank you
Food for Thought on Friday! Our Team Leads give their Top Tip for Career Fair Success! Check it out below!
Hamilton Collection
can you send me a link to Sam Smith's new song please,want to have a listen as heard it's a bit pants!
My friend, Liz Smith, nailed it again. Madonna totally owned Madison Square Garden!
I liked a video from Liz Smith c/o 2020 with Dee Brown and John Lucas
I added a video to a playlist Joan Rivers talks Judy Garland with John Fricke, Liz Smith, Andrew
On page 95 of 227 of Our Betty, by Liz Smith
, do you follow ? Liz Smith, she's funny, she makes things in Lowell, MA, and has a cat,
Chandlers third nipple opens the magical doors to Narnia
I like that line because of the way Rachel says it
Liz Smith was 86 years old when fired here from She begged him for her job back. He laughed ht…
The award for best actor is up next, contested by Mark Strong, Richard Armitage, Tim Pigott-Smith and James McAvoy.
My advice to every young person is, "Be smart about preparing to live a long time..."
Lotsa worthwhile info in this interesting & insightful interview w/original NYC gossip queen Liz Smith by
Liz Smith on Madonna: "She's an extremely talented, deeply complicated woman." Read more here: via…
"Suddenly you have to remember a dozen Kardashians, and really, who has the time?" -
Liz Smith, the original gossip, has some great vintage celebrity stories
Bobby Zarem and Liz Smith fighting in the pages of Add some John Williams music and it could be a scene from "Jura…
Liz Smith and Holland Taylor but I'm going to call them J&J Hart from now on.
Slightly obsessed with if Alfie Allen IS Sam Smith's cousin now. We'll never find out though.
Liz: what if I told you guys my dad was Will Smith. Everyone else in room: Liz you're white
Our chicken salad recipes are the best in the South- but we'll give you $5K for the next big flavor:
Alfie Allen is Buzz Lightyear's son (that may not be true) and Sam Smith sings songs. Alliteration at its finest.
New on D-Lib: Managing Digital Collections Survey Results from non-ARL libraries (Liz Bishoff and Carissa Smith).
I must admit I have no idea who Alfie Allen is, and only a vague awareness of Sam Smith. Enjoy your occasional music column tho
If only I knew who Alfie Allen was. Or Sam Smith come to that.
Alfie Allen on whether Sam Smith is his cousin. It's quite the rollercoaster.
Can't wait to see inside No. 9 (12 days of Christine) with Tom Riley, Sheridan Smith. When did you say it will air?
Sam Smith's Lay Me Down video gave me chills 😢 👌
"My first priority is that community involvement will enrich my students" -- Dr. Liz Smith
Liz Bohn received 2nd team all conference. Destiny Ottery and Anja Smith were Honorable Mention.
"Megan liz smith is the most talented and attractive speaker in all of Minnesota speech"
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Liz Smith: the most recent victim of the horrific Noodle Wars of 2015. .
Is it sad that my 11 year old brother is better at Trivia Crack than I am???
: “is not like other girls. And never will be.”
Madonna... She's not like other girls.
sorry Liz I will next time I guess don't worry
sorry but it didn't involve Liz either really soo
what Liz? I'm sorry I don't feel this is necessary at all
Please Vote for my new mate, fundraiser Jeff Smith in unsung hero category
It's on the TBR pile. I love Patti Smith.
the donut 😹😹 I miss Mr. Smith I never thought I'd say that
Welfare reforms have helped more people back into work meaning the security of a pay packet .
Sign on low intelligence... RTing anything VP Groper says. Way to go, Liz.
Spring time. You know it's spring when girls get their belly buttons out. couldn't lace her boots.
Maybe listening to Sam Smith so early in the morning isn't a good idea
Win tickets to see Focus with Will Smith right now on the Kevin and Liz Show. 577-7664. Play Mindbender in progress!
Thanks to Mark and Liz Smith for this glowing testimonial.
remember on Bens show for the last time Liz? I introduced Keith to Chris
Angers me that people got Sam Smith tickets to just sell them on for more money 😩
this is weird because I sent Liz this saying the same thing 😳
Tom and Liz have the perfect Mr. And Mrs. Smith vibe.
For my later consumption. Ciao for now.
Westminster "abandonment" of Smith Commission on Crown Estate slammed by SNP - Scots News Online
I have 4 sister's Liz White, Linda Smith, Vickie Geisel and Delores Williams smile emoticon and i am the youngest...
Don't get why people are hating on Kim K, as long as her new hair makes her happy I don't see why it's a problem to any…
Really love Kim Kardashian's hair, only she can pull of shade like that! 🔥
With the lovely Showbiz Liz here. Amazing actress and fantastic woman. Bow down...x
It'll be a sad day when Liz Smith dies. I don't cry at celebrity deaths but I think I would for her.
Coach Smith of LD Bell, ladies and gents. 😎
Congrats James T Smith, you won the official signed UFC Liz Carmouche training card .
I turned up full of smiles to have a coffee with Liz Rose ... when I said shall I cook Prawns ... from the look...
Show your support for and vote for Jeff Smith in the unsung heroes Greatest Cardiffians
First Minister’s question time: Tory MSP Liz Smith claimed public had lost confidence in the planning system due to…
Liz Smith Tory MSP suggests planning decisions should be taken out of the hands of govt and put into independent bodies. FM disagrees
Liz Smith says public overlooked in planning decisions, calls for independent body
Bloomin’ Brands Inc serves up bigger pay package to CEO Liz Smith- $6.2 million to be precise:.
Liz Smith: Maggie Smith will stay in residence at 'Downton Abbey' -- hurrah!
The winners of a pair of tickets are:. Jordan Grossman. Liz Smith. Avril Sweeney. Alan Daly. Danny Rowe. Please PM your...
Please SIGN and SHARE this petition as we work to have Cleveland animal rescuer Liz Freeman reinstated to her...
My friend Liz Freeman was fired from her job for bringing two dogs out of the torrential snowstorm on Wednesday. http…
So the movie I'm starring in got bumped up by Amazon to today. Proud of Chris Smith, Liz Bradley, and uncorked Entertainment.
Liz Smith: Remembering Benjamin Netanyahu, that guy who used to hang around Barbara Walters ...
please can we have an angry cat for Liz Smith, working on her own today in the art studio, love the Abi's, Rob, Kiev & Susan C
Liz Smith today on Brian's book: "CURIOSITY is the priceless ingredient. I thoroughly enjoyed this…
Mock my Nokia all you like – I’m happier since ditching my smartphone | Liz Smith
Liz Smith: I was addicted to my smartphone, but withdrawing from social media has calmed my mind and made me a better real-life friend
Vegas after a ride and some BOT therapy. I really can't see much lameness..anyone see anything I don't? Lisa Peter Liz Smith Jordan Libel Chris Hanson Marshall
I've added 464 new words to my book 'Power in the Blood'. Check it out via
Phan just burped in a completely silent room I'm crying
Do we also need to feel productive in our virtual lives? piece by Liz Smith via
For future home projects, use SMITH. they have the best contractors & fair bids, good luck!
Trying out hints suggested by liz Smith from Apples and clothing
I'm listening to Jesus Of Nazareth by Martin Smith on
Hi Liz can you please give a Mention for and let his Dad know were thinkin…
Columnist Liz Smith gives a glowing review of "Swan Songs, First Flights.". A new pressing of 1k copies has been...
A church that is not seriously involved in helping fulfill the Great Commission has forfeited its biblical right to exist. …
Most schools and local authorities have an annual review procedure. Liz Smith should be more worried about her...
Such a wonderful end to my year... A 4-hour dinner with my dear friend Liz Smith on Monday, long lunch and mad-office-organizing with my besties, Rose Heggeman and Deb Brennan, long heartfelt call with soul friend Sylvaine N. Hughson and then my sister Jill Jill Patton, closed the financial books on 2014 with a "Money Love" date and goal setting for 2015 with Scott Fraley, went for a run then hot tub and a romantic dinner at home with my love! Hope your year-end was full of fun, friends and LOVE too!
Am I the only one who didn't know that Liz Smith and Rik Mayall were a couple?
What if that psychic stuff works?says Liz Smith with Bruce Willis at Find Me, started with DEA agents & psychics to help find missing people
Hotel on Place Vendome Is Full of Gossip, Dread, Joy and Horror "WHEN I dream of an afterlife...the action alway... ht…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Thank god I'll be at smith mountain lake for a week with my lizzy liz😻
he's definitely mediocre at best. Alex smith has done way better in real games.
I just bought: 'Blindsided: A Grace Smith Mystery' by Liz Evans via
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