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Liz Shaw

Dr. Elizabeth Liz Shaw is a fictional character played by Caroline John in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who and its spin-offs.

Caroline John Jo Grant Jon Pertwee Third Doctor Sarah Jane

"This is like proper HD, i've only ever watched it on my laptop illegally" - Liz Shaw on a television
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Thanks to Rob from for dropping this lovely lot off for me, all ready for the first
For someone who hate getting criticised so much.. liz shaw should really stop criticising other people so badly
families hv also told me the charges being considered, especially Gross Negligence Manslaughter are a step…
Some families say they are disappointed only 8 people are suspects of coverup crimes because they say it wa…
'Brig, I have Liz Shaw on the Phone from Cambridge! Something about an unfair dismissal tribunal hearing'?
Someone once told me the day they unfollowed Liz Shaw, was the most satisfying day of their life. Lucky to say im about to follow suit!
I'd be interested to know what Liz Shaw has to say about a Trump presidency
Our site in Ashton is looking for a HSE Officer. Who do you know?? - https…
is running a live clock counting down to moment becomes US President. Not long now.
An Open Letter to Working Women: We need to do more than "Lean In." We need to lead.
Text version of the story by based on NHS Digital data here 2/2
lluminating piece on from & on rise in mental health problems being dealt with by A&E depts. 1/2
CW: well Liz Shaw sums it up:. 'an alien who travels through time and a police box?' . I continue
We are pleased to announce Brian Altman QC as the new lead counsel to the
This is interesting about the Children & Social Work Bill: BBC News - 'Bonfire of children's rights' Bill opposed
Hello Liz, could you please DM us your address & we'll look into this for you. Many Thanks
But on the other hand, j feel like I need to cry... Maybe I will save it for tomorrow make Mrs Shaw & Liz aware of how crap life is
Thanks for swift response. Look forward to hearing from
Hi Liz, sorry about this. will be able to advise on this tomorrow morning.
Excellent thinks I, new doorstep collection of broken small electricals eg mini hifi. Not judging by wh…
my amazing birthday cake on 1st Jan made by from your recipe - delish!
Pertwee is always watchable, even in a lesser story. I particularly liked him teamed with Liz Shaw.
Thanks for establishing an unmissable nightly service. All power to collective elbows of
I think I've just found my new job...
Is this the one?? London's new 'gin hotel' opens today via
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How will anyone know I ran unless I post that
just heard there's a new gin hotel on Portobello Road...where better to recuperate!
and you could stay at the new gin hotel on Portobello Rd! 😜🍸
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Liz: "It’s not just that we weren’t compatible. The test results showed something else. I’m not your daughter" [4:7…
Liz is ready for the bone marrow operation [4:7 Adrian Shaw]
Colonel Wright explains they could not harvest enough stem cells from Liz's blood [4:7 Adrian Shaw]
Liz is prepped for her procedure. Tom places his hand on hers [4:7 Adrian Shaw]
Liz: "You’re not dying. Not now, anyway. I told your doctor that I’ve decided to be your donor…" [4:7 Adrian Shaw]…
Cooper: "Harvest stem cells?" Liz: "It sounds worse than it is. … They put me on dialysis and collect the cells" [4…
Who is Liz's father? We still don't know, but we know for sure Kirk isn't. Read on for our review of
Liz Truss has failed spectacularly and should resign says
Liz Zeiger with a 3rd place finish in the 1000 Free. Linda Shaw just outside the Top 5 for FGCU
Yep... I'm thinking Tom is Kirk's son. Same family layout for Agnes that we're currently learning of Liz. Adding in Dr. Shaw.
Liz Truss' silence is a horrific derogation of her constitutional duty to defend the independence of the judiciary https:…
We’re discussing the life and times of Liz Shaw on the podcast this week, and
to think I used to describe you to people as "somewhat saner than Liz Shaw". For shame.
The convo Red has with Samar abt him not killing Shaw would've been one he would've had with Liz 2ys ago.
No matter the pace, no matter the distance, every time you head out for a run or jog you are improving. 💪
Update your maps at Navteq
Liz Truss is Lord Chancellor. Has she defended the judiciary from the outrageous attacks in the media?. If not, why not?
How can NBCBlacklist possibly resolve Liz's paternity in a satisfying way?
How can possibly resolve Liz's paternity in a satisfying way?
Tell us which question you'd like us to investigate on university education.
"This phone has destroyed my life." Betty Shaw holds phone used to text her daughter Liz before she crashed.…
'Liz Earle is a hero' we couldn't agree more! Great to see in this amazing line up
Liz Shaw's bridge from Auckland to Sydney becomes next Mt Roskill byelection bribe
But seriously, Brian shaw better start packing his bags..
Personally I think the character of Liz Shaw makes a fantastic companion, not always well used by writers, but years ahead of her time.
What is really criminal though is the departure of Liz Shaw. I know there are reasons for it. But a decent send off would be nice.
By ahead of session this afternoon: Muslim women complain about Sharia inquiries
You using ios10? If so, it totally drains the battery.
AH-MEZ-EN gig tonight . I have never jumped around so much at a gig before! Come…
Class Ep3 was great. Has anyone else noted resemblance of Katherine Kelly (Miss Quill) and Caroline John (Liz Shaw)
I'd really love a remake of the early Third Doctor stories and Miss Quill could play Liz Shaw
BBC statement on libel claim against which has been dismissed today
BBC is sued for libel by Islamic extremist; goes to court; wins
# Stopru The Blacklist Season 4: Episode 7, trapped by Liz Kirk in the promo video for “Dr. Adrian Shaw!”: Li...
Things you didn't ever expect to hear: an interview featuring budgie smugglers on
1/2 Odd. slips out anno formally abandoning education bill that would've included forced academisation (already dropped)...
..from Liz Shaw, Jo Grant, The Master, UNIT and Sarah, it means the world to me. Wonderful, wonderful Doctor, much loved and missed.. x
Further into The Silurians and my Liz Shaw crush gets ever more intense.
Your Lady Toppers shot just under 50% (48.3%) in yesterdays win over Shaw. was on fire shooting 14-24 FGs and 40pts.
Oh, I loved Liz Shaw, and all the others. But I do love Jo as well!
Oh come on, after Liz Shaw? What a role model Jo was . NOT!. Not a patch on SJS or Leela or Barbara.
Well that ended up being much closer than I thought it would be!
Sentinel will protect parents from the Liz Marks nightmare scenario by notifying them via text/email when engine is on.
Have a day 40 points in a NCAA Tournament win over Shaw
Under a minute to play. WLU 82 Shaw 67. 36 seconds. at the line for two
Another technical on the Shaw bench - Liz Flowers back to the line for two more FT's
Second half well underway. Toppers lead Shaw 53-48 with 8:17 remaining in the 3rd quarter. leads all scorers with 25pts
way way way to smug I hated the boring bint what who needs is another Liz Shaw or Leela not goody toe shoes
The Brigadier and Liz Shaw in a scene from Spearhead from Space.
What number are you and what number would you like to be?. Did you know we have a product that will help your hair
If only there would be a Liz Shaw and Vickers figures.
Sen. Liz Brown with Katie Shaw, a woman with Down syndrome fighting hard to keep disability protections in HB 1337.
is a project of Liz Shaw. She is a wonderful resource for readers & writers!
Thanks to your students for doing such a fab job organising this! We had a great day!
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Thanks to the who visited work today for leaving these to stop drinks being spiked
"What a fantastic wedding venue, we had the most incredible day" Liz Shaw, recently married at
Ambassadors is AMAZING Liz Shaw. I'm eternally disappointed we don't get more of her.
I’m realizing I need to watch that episode again, as it has my other favorite thing: alt-universe Liz Shaw shooting alt-Brigadier dead.
I love Liz Shaw, she only gets one series but it happens to be the greatest series in the show's history.
Home Sec says IPCC to become Office for Police Conduct with Dir Gen rather than team of Commissioners. Detail here:
And the winners of the first ever Cup was St Petroc's Primary School - congratulations!
Sophie and Derek from Training Team checking the balls are good to go!
Loving the sign the from have done for this afternoons event!
All ready for the tournament later today hosted by supplied by
I love Liz Shaw.. Such a shame we didn't get to see her do another season or two. Fantastic character!
Liz Shaw is such an underrated character. I wouldn't dare call her an "assistant" or "companion". She wouldn't like either term.
"We need...prayers, there's too much insecurity, too much murder." in Burundi
Watching Spearhead from Space and Liz Shaw just stirred something with a pipette. Totally just took me out of it. lol
I wish there was more Liz Shaw. I love Jo's wide-eyed enthusiasm, but I also love Dr Shaw's sceptical side-eye.
The Brigadier and Liz Shaw meet for the first time in a scene from episode 1 of Spearhead from space
Prometheus owes this and Liz Shaw a lot then ;)
From say Jo Grant, Jo Grant personable over Liz Shaw professionalism craft. W/ Clara I guess that's her distinctive traits isnt it huh.
Interesting about the 3rd Doctor: Liz Shaw an early precursor to Martha Jones, both strong professional women - "unsuccessful" companions
Certainly Sarah Jane was beautiful & the definite companion, but I grew to like Jo Grant but less feeling towards Liz Shaw.
I think the Liz Shaw & Jo Grant chars design the spin distinction they made writers of yesteryears it worked, it worked very well.
oh I was calling Liz phoebe. Honestly we're all just phoebe.
Liz Shaw yawning has become basically my everything. We need more Liz-kin people in now.
Full progress reports, including comments, to be prepared by teachers ... reports out before Dec 11, says minist…
Cant wait for the new series tonight. Big build up to the xmas special and the intro of my Jon-Jon x
such a beautiful person inside and out x well done Rebel
Thank you guys for rebelutionizing plus size fashion!! REBEL FOR TORRID is kicking *** ! x https:/…
Very Pertwee. Political (echoes of the Siluarians) and evil Clara was a bit 'Inferno Liz Shaw'
Hi great to see you at the Teignmouth Market today and thank you. See you again Monday
Absolutely phenomenal. Nail biting but what a win. Congratulations So sad it's all over for another 4 years …
Lovely making the most of the weather and the sun twinkling off the water today .
time to do the glad I practiced last night
Amazing performance by both teams. Well done
That's what those legs are made to do!
Great refereeing in the first half of
And you, slightly less obvious Halloween emojis - you're on the bench right now, but you could be needed at any moment. Stay …
Okay, Halloween emojis. This is your moment. Your time to shine brighter than the other emojis. Get out there and give it eve…
nice one team. Hope u ruled that dance floor
yep, me, Kirkles, Pikelet and John made it 💃👍👐
all good...although I can't say the same for my voice...
Disappointed re lack of updates thro evening, Ladies..! 😉
My early departure ensured my being fine and dandy this am! 😀
Lovely meal with for leaving meal ht…
Who knew Liz Shaw from Doctor Who was in Love Actually?
Liz__Shaw: team night out kir_evans1 gabby_essame beckypike1 f2_lucy Melpalethorpe KimGlover16 Rebecca_Eccles …
By & on how much it means to move those w learning disabilites/autism to community nr family
Excited about our night out tonight - just wish it wasn't for 's leaving do !
Oh my god it's like looking into my future.
Plane carrying Shaker coming into Biggin Hill. Track live here and live pics of it on now.
Well done to those who took part in our competition and raised £100 for htt…
Thanks to everyone who came to the event yesterday. Hope to see you again at the next week! https:/…
Liz Shaw-strikes the balance of being very caring towards clients but also very robust and rigorous towards the opposition- Chambers&Partner
Packed house listening to soon-to-be resident Keith Shaw talk about moving to at today's opening
When we're kind to ourselves, we become happier - and we're also more able to be kind to others too
Lisa Shaw thought you might like this
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Indeed, we need details!!£5 cocktails sounds right up my street
. “First love is only a little foolishness and a lot of curiosity.” – George Bernard Shaw. .
Check out which we are going to be at in November - will you be coming to see us at any?
Ha! We've deffo set the bar on this one, me thinks!
I forgot about the brilliance of Liz Shaw.
I hear Liz Shaw is singing the anthems at the RWC final
You're thinking Liz Shaw. They had her go off and get married to add Jo Grant.
Am LOVING Cloisters of Death. Tom Baker, Spooky Nuns, and the return of Liz Shaw's mum!
3 years ago we lost Caroline John who played Liz Shaw. One of the most underrated companions ever.
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Caroline John sadly died today in 2012, she played companion Liz Shaw
I want an SE version where they CGI out Adric, and add in someone else. Liz Shaw would be good. ;)
phew...looking forward to hearing all about it! Hope you managed a cheeky wine on the way home ☺️
Good day at the Law Society HR Forum. Lots of interesting points raised and some nice confirmation we are already doing good things!
Flight initially climbed to 38,000 feet before before it started to descend and lost signal at 6,800 feet. http:…
With an assist on Shaw's second goal that's 500 NHL points for Jonathan Toews!
Louisa Ghevaert is featured by The Independent - UK citizens most likely in Europe to go abroad to find a surrogate ht…
Breaking: David Cameron tells BBC News he rules out a third term as Prime Minister. Details here
I wonder how many 70's stars of entertainment will be accused of these depraved activities!!!
Met Police says DJ Neil Fox charged with 9 alleged sexual offences 1991-2014 involving 6 victims, three of whom were juveniles at the time.
The Best Mistake by Perfect book after a stressful day
We’re Reality Check from BBC News. Our job is to cut through Politicians promises, claims and soundbites to help make
Have you entered the Charity Run in aid of Enter today at
thank u from the staff here at Shaw's
Without Liz Warren, Martin O’Malley tries to go to the Left of Hillary via
on display and photos of previous weddings. Come and have a nosy
Helping out at the today. Come and find out what amazing Catherine could do for your
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Fab night with the team last night. Cocktails galore, birthdays & one very special hen 😊!!
My favourite Doctor and his brilliant companion Liz Shaw in their lovely yellow car - Bessie
My favourite Doctor played by Jon Pertwee and his companion Liz Shaw portrayed by Caroline John in their car - Bessie
'The world is like a big round ball. What bounces the world?' Liz Etmanski poem world down syndrome …
Thank you Arisela Shaw for my Younique Luscious Lip Gloss and thank you Liz O'Neill for my Parklane Jewelry! We...
Good morning tomorrow I get to spend time with my BFF & her 2 grandsons cannot wait
Signed up to Charity Run 2015. Can you spare a few pennies for
Watch the 1pm news: story nosed off public official, no reference of acquittal for three minutes. It's crashingly obvious.
Other than, of course, presenter's intro. Web doesn't match yr narrative either. Facts & good stories hey?
. On behalf of New Zealand I apologise for Liz Shaw :(
A smile is the shortest distance between two people.
Felicity's mission as a STEM ambassador is to encourage girls to study STEM subjects
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Yes, 'The meaning of life is a life of meaning."
Culture of Outrage & the End of the Liz Mair Affair: Jazz Shaw, Hot Air
Living Wage commitment shows Plymouth step ahead of Govt who announced 20p an hour rise on minimum wage.
Liz Shaw just described herself as "light, pale and creepy" 👌
Jazz Shaw on the Liz Mair affair. I agree with every word of this. (Although I don’t know Liz Mair.)
Now that's got me thinking of the Beach Boys...
Some real wisdom and humanity here from
Love Liz Shaw's inexpensive food and decor:
But but remember when Alt TV was "in" and Liz Shaw tried to audition to be a presenter -even despite NZ Idol bullies?
it's got to be anything Can't beat the classics!
In prep for International Happiness Day on Friday...What's you happy song?
Batman, Where's Wally, Minions and more!! Our Private Client team in the spirit on Fri!. http:…
dressed up on Friday for Total amount raised to be announced shortly! http:/…
Great to see and christening Rockfish Red this weekend!
Huge thanks to the team from who have been stuffing goody bags in their lunch hour today.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Close up of Caroline John as Liz Shaw in her first serial, Spearhead From Space.
On this day in 1970 the Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) & Liz Shaw (Caroline John) made their 1st appearances:
“if you actually dress up for tomorrow, I'm already judging you” but my sweatpants are dirty man not my fault I spill alot
Liz, Mellie just pimp slapped you all the way down Pennsylvania Avenue!
Tomorrow is the day where we see who is there to impress everyone... Or doesn't care
What FMs can do to protect against freezing winter
It is time to escape reality and watch classic Who season 7 in entirety. All Liz Shaw, all the time ... 😏😏😏😏
USC DB Josh Shaw has been reinstated to the team after a 10-game suspension.
Onto episode two of 'The Silurians'. Liz Shaw potentially the only companion I bear no empathy for out of the show's entire history.
"hides behind a ziggurat" when me and mix and World History.
There's two types of girls in the morning.
Fab evg at work on show. Congratulations to all winners partic & for Journalist of the Year.
Thrilled & have in last few days received well deserved awards for their work on mental health & elderly issues.
I think that after I watch the music video my date expectations will be through the roof
75% done with Love and Music Will , by Liz Macrae Shaw: Informative story-telling.
this person named Liz Shaw is not so sure about that. I'm trying.
"Nick" told his story of alleged sexual abuse as a child to BBC Home Affairs Correspondent
'Possible homicide' in abuse inquiry
The man's story comes as Met Police says it's investigating poss homicide after info came to light out of historical sex abuse investig.
The Third Doctor and Liz Shaw draw up in Bessie.
Emily, Liz and I spent the night talking, eating gross pizza, and telling each other to shut up. It was great. 😌
One of the finest things in Doctor Who history: Liz Shaw's pipe
..positively lovely! Very underrated companion in my opinion.. I loved Liz Shaw!
I got you a book to help you get started
when you realize your english teacher is 1DAF
USC's Josh Shaw tells tale of lying about pool rescue, now waits
Or Caroline John and on PROBE with Caroline as Liz Shaw!
Photo: A happy Marilyn Monroe photographed by her great friend Sam Shaw 
When you wasted 2 hours of your day and still didn't follow you
Surely unisex - given you're the team's fashion clothes horse, I expect to see you modelling one around W1 v soon.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Well that was a turn up. Those solar panel spangly jackets must be flying off the shelves.
What about when you think both teams should lose?
What you've found, I'm resonating with.
Hey liam did you know me and are skippin school when your in Orlando😃
I don't know man I just REALLY love the kids at feehan
Name the story and season. Earth . 3rd Doctor and Liz Shaw . Caves . UNIT. Name the story and season. Worth 4000 credits
Fascinating detail on how Erol Incedal terrorism trial is being conducted c/o Story so far on alleged plot:
Ofsted's monitoring letter to Morgan says action plans in 5 Special Measures B'ham schools "not fit for purpose"
And & for Erol Incedal Old Bailey terror trial, parts of which the jury will hear in secret.
See for monitoring reports on 5 so-called 'trojan horse' schools in Birm. None has fit for purpose action plan.
Can't fall asleep at night?. Hold your breathe until you pass out.
Pancake deals in costas class tomorrow ❤️
Any temptation for Leela cosplay? Or Liz Shaw is anot... — I have always loved Liz Shaw. Probably not Leela alth...
I really want it to be Halloween already because I'm REALLY excited for my costume 😁☺️
Meet Black Singles 300x250
are we just not gonna talk about how Sophia and I are working it in this photo 😂❤️
I miss you guys 😩 except for Alexis. I see you everyday 😂❤️
i adore S7, Liz Shaw has always been a favourite
the fact that me, and Christine fell on our butts because we got so scared.
waiting for my group's to get started! Shaw and Woodrow Starbucks!
Re: Farage comments on HIV: father is a renowned expert on the disease (he diagnosed the first cases in…
Liz Shaw has decided to put a link to her sex blog on her CV so you're all g
oh man im excited for jo i mean i love liz shaw but jO and ngl im pumped for delgado!master and his awesome facial hair
and not too sure, but I have a good feeling the Merton, shaw and McKay and Sutherland will be on it.
The Doctor’s Companions of the 1970s Liz Shaw – played by Caroline John • Caroline Frances John (19 September 1940 – 5 June 2012) was an English actress best known for her role as Liz Shaw in the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who, as well as several other television roles. • After training at the Central School of Speech and Drama, she worked in theatre, touring with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre in Juno and the Paycock directed by Laurence Olivier, King Lear, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, The Merchant of Venice and as Hero in Franco Zeffirelli's production of Much Ado About Nothing. • John played the role of the Doctor's companion in 1970 opposite Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor. John was recommended to then Doctor Who producer Peter Bryant by another BBC producer, James Cellan Jones, who sent Bryant and his associate Derrick Sherwin photographs of her. Unlike most of the preceding and subsequent female companions of the Doctor, Shaw was a brilliant ...
"The Last Post" from is a dream. An epistolary, feminist, Liz Shaw adventure with huge Season 7 love. Miss you Caroline John.
Labral tear in my hip, officially. Not even 40 yet, and I have hip problems. Not a word, Liz Shaw or Bob Hall.
Caroline John, as Liz Shaw's alter ego, from Inferno.
Eight people charged with offences of misconduct in public office says - including one Met police officer.
NI first minister says he'll quit unless there is judicial review over abandonment of IRA Hyde Park bomb prosecution http:…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
...which resulted in erroneous informat'n being sent to Mr Downey by the Northern Ireland Office & thus prejudicing the current indictment"
Sir Hugh Orde, ex Ch Const in N Ireland:"It is a matter of great personal regret that a crucial oversight was made by a senior officer...
BREAKING: BBC News - Alleged IRA Hyde Park bomber goes free after 'no trial' guarantee
Can be reported now that UK government officials mistakenly told John Downey in 2007 he wouldn't be arrested if he travelled to UK.
Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg among four people arrested by UK counter terrorism police in Birmingham. http:/…
confirms former Bay detainee Moazzam Begg has been arrested by counter terrorism police in Birmingham.
Thank U Liz! I'll be looking 4 U! :o) No MLB network - we don't have Rogers in BC, us on Shaw, who hasn't made it available :o(
Jane Steele, Ross Ferguson, Andrea Rowan, Lesley Brown, Vivien Munns, Liz Shaw, Claire Jamieson, Katrina Cuzen - LOL… This applies to so many of my friends. Love you all coz you're different, mad, and bliddy nuts. You make life more fun and so much more interesting! xxx
at Southwark Crown Ct says will face retrial on 1 x indecent assault & 1 x sexual assault counts.
maybe you could take a leaf out of Liz Shaw’s book and suggest we build a bridge over it?
“Anyone else want this week to restart?”🙋
The following are the wonderful prizes donated by some amazing people. 1. Wine and cheese tasting in winners home for six people: Donated by Belinda at Harrisons 2. Jamie Oliver cookbook: Donated by Fiona at the Pitshanger Bookshop 3. 12 bottles of Laithwaite wine: Donated by John Martin Estates 4. Basket of fruit: Donated by Charlie’s Fruit Bowl 5. Wine, Rose and Chocolate gift set: Donated by Morgan at the Old Oak Florist. 6. A massage voucher and 4 100% natural candles in gift sets: Donated by Liz Pinder. 7. A Reiki voucher and a Homeopathy consultation: Donated by Estelle Davis. 8. Two hours of gardening: Donated by Noel Doheny. 9. Four hours of evening babysitting: donated by Marion Doheny. 10. A one hour training session from a local personal trainer: Donated by Liz Shaw-kritsoli. 11. A £10 voucher: Donated by innovation dance 12. A shirt signed by Peter Crouch: Donated by Susan Johnston. 13. Lunch for two at the Brentham Club: Donated by Becky. 14. A one hour photo shoot for your Childre ...
Parkway's Zac Funderburk wins D2 145-pound state title with 4-2 win over Bryce Ballas of Shaw. Congratulations to Zac
A super winter's day trip to the Rococo Gardens at Painswicke with Liz Shaw Tim Aldred, Toby and Sophie.
Things moving v fast in Yulia Tymoshenko out of jail, Pres Yanukovych apparently trying to flee. Keep up at
Horrendously my second thought after, god how sad, was Liz Shaw.
Just sat & chatted how we all are soul mates ❤️
You have cyber bullied Liz shaw and now you are morning someone who died from Cyber bullying.
I have an undying love for Liz Shaw, Sarah Jane's brilliance goes without saying, I just have never bonded with Jo.
Agree with liz kendall on Prime Minister questions but it would take away the entertainment factor
The highlight of my day was putting putting away papers ☺️
yeah why not! I'm with the Merseyside branch of the British Science Association but my alter ego is Liz Shaw. Ta for asking
“We now advise against all but essential travel to
believe my bf and I found your Liz Shaw button. DM me your address so we can get her home to you.
In case anyone was in any doubt, says early stats show it's been wettest winter in UK since records began in 1910.
Rebekah Brooks has now been found not guilty on one of the five charges she faces.
PT “At hacking trial the judge has told the jury Rebekah Brooks has no case to answer on one of the five charges she faces.”
Increasing number of under 18s being treated on adult mental health wards:
"There are two tragedies in life. One is to loose your heart'a desire. The other is to gain it" -Shaw
Congratulations who have won British Video for 'Best Song Ever.' Awarded by you
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Nicholas Courtney as Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Jon Pertwee as The Third Doctor, and Caroline John as Liz Shaw - the smartest of the 3rd Doctor's companions.
Congratulations - the winners of BRITs Global Success Award for a second year
Gymmed twice in one day I'm basically Liz Shaw.
LOL I could so see Rose acting like that. Also, loving the slightly evil look from Liz Shaw there XD and Sarah Jane chibi is too cute.
You'll be listening to the R4 Sunday repeat, then?!
Open letter from BBC News & international news organisations to Egyptian authorities about Peter
Starting now on File on 4: on proposed changes to service.
“Link to BBC page for live updates on the situation in
1970--DOCTOR WHO--"Spearhead From Space"--The second Doctor dies and regenerates into the Third Doctor. This Doctor was accompanied on his adventures by Liz Shaw, Jo Grant, Sarah Jane Smith, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Sergeant Benton, and Mike Yates.
Had such a good time training with two very special friends,Liz Shaw and Ali Ward. Love you both loads xx
With recent losses of Elisabeth Sladen, Mary Tamm and Caroline John, a line the Doctor (David Tennant) spoke to Rose in 'School Reunion' brought to mind an image I'm not likely to have time to develop anytime soon but it is one I don't want to forget or forget to share. The line? 'You can spend the rest of your life with me, but I can't spend the rest of mine with you. I have to live on. Alone. That's the curse of the Time Lords.' Standing side by side, much in the way they did at the conclusion of 'The Day Of The Doctor" in the background as silhouettes I see all of the Doctors with whom Sarah-Jane, Romana and Liz Shaw appeared / traveled and in the foreground I see images of Elisabeth, Mary and Caroline side by side.
Victoria Waterfield, Liz Shaw, Mel Bush - they all are examples to me; and Rose Tyler - she's just very nice C:
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