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Living Single

Living Single is an American television sitcom which aired for five seasons on the Fox network from August 29, 1993 to January 1, 1998. The show centers on the lives of six friends who share personal and professional experiences while living in a Brooklyn brownstone.

Queen Latifah Maxine Shaw Fresh Prince Erika Alexander New York Undercover Big Sean Gilmore Girls Family Matters Different World Cosby Show

Living Single had me thinking Terrence Howard was fifteen years younger than Erika Alexander. . He's actually eight mont…
I can't believe they have a Roseanne revival before Living Single or New York Undercover.
Those were the days, Martin then Living Single and followed by New York Undercover was the perfect shows on a perfect…
apparel company that had "Living Black" (written like Living Single!!), so of course I contacted them to try and buy it, but
I could watch black tv shows all day:. A Different World. Cosby Show. Living Single. 227. Moesha. Hanging With Mr. Cooper. Girlfriends . Wayans Bros
How awesome!! Still remember him from my 'Living Single' days and so much more! Go Cress Williams!
Gilmore Girls, Will and Grace, AND Living Single making comebacks! I feel like I'm in a hot tub time machine!
Every time I see "Maxine Shaw" from Living Single, I swear she reminds me of my mama. So many similar features.
I'll pass on the Girlfriends one... That can stay dead... I'm down with Living Single though...
Queen Latifah Says a 'Living Single' Reboot Is in the Works (Maybe 'Girlfriends' Will Return as Well?)…
All I know is this living single reboot better be good as ***
Living single coming back on tv it go be a rebirth. They should bring alot of 90s shows back tv was so good back then.
You never really understand why people fight for souvenirs at events till you start living alone. Every single plastic plate is…
I honestly had a strong feeling that they were heavily "inspired" by Living Single.
Idk how to feel about a living single reboot
Most ppl know Friends copied Living Single. Friends is garbage. White folks just needed their own bland version of Living…
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Queen Latifah plans on bringing Living Single back to TV -
LIVING for brand new music video for his single
I honestly never knew Friends was the White Living Single. via
But, I'm really too cute to be living single w/ no prospects. I need to stop putting my eggs in one basket.
Queen Latifah said there's a Living Single revival in the works. Y'all.
⚡ A Living Single reboot is in the works, according to Queen Latifah.
Wait, Y'ALL! Queen Latifah just said they are in talks for a Living Single Reboot!
Queen Latifah is working on reviving "Living Single." In the meantime, can we get the original on
If they want to give us Gilmore Girls and Full House reboots than surely we can get Living Single & A Different World r…
.saying that Living Single will be revived means that God does indeed answer prayers:
Apparently Queen Latifah is working on a Living Single revival?? I am SO READY! Keep ya head up what keep ya... https:/…
14. Living Single. This show flew under the radar a lil but it was lowkey interesting asf. Nah yall know Queen Latifah ca…
Why & how is everyone just discovering Living Single by Big Sean, Chance, & Jeremih? That's been my hidden soundcloud gem for months now.
I wanna drop something special tonight for y’all, as a thank you...the final version of "Living Single" ft. n…
Big Sean new song "Living Single" out now featuring Chance the Rapper and Jeremih 🔥
can you put Martin, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Moesha, Living Single, Cosby Show, Jamie Foxx Show, Sister Sister up or???
Can we get Living Single and the Flip Wilson Show por favor
This spam and when to know how ideas about at the living dead is the Kongo creator deity Nzambi a single group of 2005, an
It was always supposed to be living wage above poverty, but can't find any ref beyond single worker from 1930s or Frances Perkins
other than yixing, there's isn't a single living soul in this world who's a bigger EXO fan than he is ❤️❤❤️
are you real? A super woman? Or it was possible even earlier to reach every single Indian living in other countries
Living single is much better to make anyone ur other half. As to live with same in Standards ever.
Some married people ain't living in poverty? Everybody in poverty is either single or divorced?
lol. Single birdie :p been reading a lot on living life to the full, wanted to know what it means.
The WSJ polled every living former member of the Council of Economic Advisors. Not a single one supported Trump.
Every single day. Not giving up, living up all my dreams. So go ahead and look like I’m inferior
Muslims tried to kill every single living Hindu.
Are there a lot of single parents with one child living in 4 bedroom houses? I'm not convinced.
Prophet Muhammad was the living He lived every single word on it. We will never fully comprehend the book till we meet him & Allah!
From 'Living Single ' when Max and Kyle first slept together
“how ministers believe Britain can make a success of Brexit.” >They can't, Brexit means lower living standards
Living well doesn’t have to mean overhauling your entire life with these tips
That ON POINT from the weekend could be our newest SHOUT OUT for
Make sure you tune in to if you're living in the UK. Idina Menzel's brand new single is going to be played on Elaine Paige😆
Not a single mention of energy/CC during the whole show.. Hardly ever is! So many people living in denial..
There are are roughly 100 million single adults living in the USA."
I Thank God I'm living single and super happy lol. . This economy will never dictate my decisions.
YALL he's living his single life it's not that deep...yeah the fanbase is in the messiest position but Justin is not an *** or anything
Friendship is a single soul living in two bodies.
Living in hiding for more than 400 days as a single mum with a baby and 3 other small children petrified of being...
The end of another festival, which I'd argue is the single best weekend on the Christchurch calendar. Almost worth l…
When everyone your age is partying and you feel ancient because u work every single living day of ur life
life is also about caring for humanity ! Living to change and give our gratitude to Mother Nature every single day ) thanks
"Bambi's mom was a single black mom just trying to make a living. You feel me" - , 2016 😂😂😂
Conservatives demanding policy which'll likely see us thrown out of single market, reduce our living standards & cld trigger b…
Nothing like camping out in the living room to make you feel like it's Christmas morning every single one of the three times you wake up.😂👌🎄
Someone told me I remind them of Maxine Shaw from "Living Single" .
Golden Girls is definitely my go-to show. Also love watching The Nanny and Living Single to relax.
man listen if I'm doing my googles right Kyle Barker from Living Single played Kratos lol
The Cavs will not flourish with Iman Shumpert looking like Kyle from Living Single.
Erika Alexander hasn't aged since Living Single, What kinda witchcraft is this
It never really bothers me that I'm single tbh. I like living my life free and no worries 🙂
There isn't a single living soul more consistent in his beliefs than John Bain, the god-biscuit of gaming.
Here's what being raised by a single mom does to you
in our living room. We are in a single story apartment home. It disconnects when we sit not even 10 feet from it.
There hasn't been a single game since last season. That's not really living in the past
I went from being single for almost 2 years to cuffed and living at dudes house after being booted out of mine 😐😳 lifestyle change af
have you,K.F, K.C and E.A evee thought of taking Living Single to the big screen?
If every single living organism would like to climb out of Leicester City's *** hole it would be absolutely ideal.
I SIMPLY LOVE IT!!. Another Single Parent Mom Six-Figure Income Earner with LegalShield. Living life on her own...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Listen to We Are Living the Dream - Single by Lee Joshua Rose on This is the song for the moment
We are so grateful for what you guys do for us! We are living our dream because of your support. Wanna meet and hug ev…
Being single has its ups and downs but I will always have fun solo games like racquet ball and sadly living alone.
I just found a bag of unshelled garden peas and dropped every single one of them over the living room floor
It's better to be single living life, than a *** got you out here looking crazy.
When ur single with no kids it's like your living for urself & Iam proud of me 💪🏾
Class of 2020 ... Don't let these *** fool you thinking they single... They are GREAT at living a double life.
has all the classic white shows. Where is Martin or Living Single or Family Matters or The Fresh Prince
Here's a great example of the advantages of simplicity. No single element is terribly exciting in this living...
Thank you to teacher Sasha, sharing Mommy & Me yoga to single mothers living in residence…
Imagine living like a king some day, a single night without a ghost in the wall.
Hate that we have two single guys living next to us. They slam their cabinets and stomp up and down the stairs 😭
So absurd that anyone believes a single word this guy says... He's just absolutely living in his own fantasyland
Building is Ottawa Community Housing. Neighbour tells me building is mostly elderly people living in single unit apartments
My grades are up, my skin is clear, my hair is living without a single split end ahhh the future is bright
Wats a title wen you living single ...
'They target easy prey--single women living alone + the elderly... My mother, who is widowed...' v…
Baby ain't it getting old living in this lonely world, when you don't have to be single girl. :*
I'm young, single, no kids, blessed, and beautiful. I'm living and loving my life!!
Just a single girl living in a Tinder world
A single light can pierce the darkness, and ignite God’s message of hope.
Does the black church keep black women single?
I'm a straight, single, white male living in the United States of America. I feel like I put life on the easiest setting lol.
Why the Danes finish work on time, every single day
Are you "Living Single.. or not?" 😏 Join the Pi Omicron Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. in our Relationships DEEP Talk.
Foot look like the Pro Black sister from Living Single.
Maxine Shaw with direct Tv Versus Maxine Shaw with cable starring ole we are Living Single face ***
Gotta give it up to Fox television, though. They had New York Undercover, Martin, Living Single, In Living Color.
My family puts this on our tv in the living room like 12x everyday and we're amazed every single time lmao.
like seriously! You have it way harder than the people raising you because you're living with it every single day. Smh
Hamilton Collection
'Living the Dream' - if a single life beckons I'd best get a puppy
im vegan for every single living being on this planet!! including you reading this!! we are all in this together!! it's ONE…
called a child star. Did she forget the 5 minute role she had on KIM'S show Living Single?
There was not two of every single species of every living thing on a boat at the same time throughout the world
Friends was a white washed living single but okay 😂
Woah, there isn't a single better RPG game than a mobile app? *** I've been living my life wrong for years.
What's the point of living if you aren't passionate about every single thing you do?
Brewing in Apartment Complexes: I am in need of some advice. I am currently living in a single-family house i...
lol and guessed which one people moved to NY thought they were getting 😭. living single apartment was unrealistic too tbh
Plus there's only one season of Living Single on DVD
I'm up for it but only if you pay me the living wage for every single hour of graft. Do you promise?
Aunty sharing her culture shock experience and ask me if I have many friends living with boyfriends. True she nuh know many of them single
Prince of all articles would transmogrify into a single living entity that could be thrown in prison to die.
Single and Aries? You could make a significant new love connection this week. NEW weekly horoscopes! 🔮
this poem, which is about grief, because I think about it every single day
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Hey since you're not returning to you should work on bringing back Living Single even if on Netflix!
You eating meat isn't a "personal" choice when it negatively affects every single living thing on this planet.
Lmfaooo these married men really be living single
New post (Single people banned from living in Mumbai housing societies?) has been published on
If bring in a relationship is gonna stop me from living my life and having fun then I rather stay single .👌🏾
Y'all wanna rap and make music about how hard your life was while living in a single family house in Elkridge 💀
Seriously confused why a single parent living here for 9 years & respected in community is due to be deported
Congratulations to her new single 'Dangerous Woman' debuts at on the Billboard Hot 100!
Casual sex is the key to happily living single lol
Single family homes in the heart of downtown Chicago? It's not an impossible dream...
Every single boy I've ever liked in my 16 years of living has never liked me back, if you were wondering xoxo
Don't forget Sex And The City which was also the white version of Living Single only more focused on dating
Don’t confuse being single with living a life that is "less than." Find out more in tomorrow’s Blog
Can I have a moment of your time?. Just a single second so you see. That, indeed, we'll be leaving you behind. It's a living ***
Girls see me now and think i cant be loyal.. like no your wrong? Im single, living it up? You dont know how i am when im in a ship. Chill!
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I had to find ways to manage daily chores-dinner, dishes, and laundry.
Living in amongst this antisemitic propaganda in the US( hasbara) not a single Journalist (MSM) dares spe…
Sex & the City & Friends owe their everything to Living Single but can I get Living Single on Netflix? No.
I'm not in a rush to have a boyfriend, get married, or have a child. I'm all for being adventurous & living life being single &…
Can we take a second to appreciate how unapologetically black the show Living Single was. Peep Kyle's outfit 👀
...but as we know, Black women's bodies are never valued. What "Living Single" accomplished in terms of positive body image is ignored...
..."Living Single" was light years ahead of "Girls" in showing that non-thin women could be attractive and sexual.
"Friends" was not an original show. It was a DIRECT rip off of "Living Single" which starred Queen Latifah and Kim Fields
Eartha Kitt is on this episode of Living Single. Awww
The episode of Living Single with Eartha Kitt is on. Legend.
my generation had her on 'Living Single'.. But I'm a pistol , and I loved her and Bull in Nightcourt! o holy cow
Let me spread some end of the year truth . Living Single > Martin
Yo best Living Single episode was wit all of em competing for Morris Chesnut...lmao
Its sinking it that we will never have another cosbys, Fresh Prince, Roc, 227, Martin, Living Single, Family Matters, Amen, Good times etc
I need y'all to add Martin, Living Single, Fresh Prince, and the Steve Harvey Show
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
But when is Netflix or Hulu gonna add New York Undercover, Martin, Living Single and Fresh Prince of Bel Air? . Or Being Bobby Brown 👀
📷 Modern Day Maxine Shaw in Red. Living Single on my young Khadijah stuff. //
People talk alot about Martin and Pam roasting each other. But Kyle Barker and Maxine Shaw had some epic battles on "Living Single" lol
.on history of black TV comedy: D Carroll, Norman Lear, Redd Foxx, Good Times, Living Single, Key&Peele
it means that we all know that you're single living in Newton.
Living Single, Hangin With Mr.Cooper, Half&Half and For Your Love were all poorly written so y'all can keep Yvette.
On ''Living Single'' the sitcom, name Khadijah James magazine?
Went from moving to a state where I didn't know a single person to having friends I can't imagine living without. I'm lucky beyond words.
Have ya'll ever thought about a single problem in life and then somehow think, "whats the point of living?" 😂 always happens to me
Pack an entire room into a single box with this revolutionary line of luxury furnishings.
This girl all over social media talmbout she single, and living with her children's dad! 😂😂😂 please stfu retard!
Patiently waiting for Living Single to be put on Netflix..
Keep living the dream! Listen to Victory by J.T. Seibert on
She don't need Zayn now. Sh'es happy living the SINGLE LIFE 😊😊😊
Every single person is living, breathing, with hopes and fears. Get to know the person, not the job title & genuinely care…
Just FYI, I wouldn't trade one single memory of the past 6 absolutely stellar weeks of living without exercise. Totally worth the pain now.
Okay I don't like Perrie but the people should leave her out of this.. She's living her new life being single so get over it!
I'm in school , I work , got a car , got my apartment now , I'm single && living life 💪👌 ain't got time for a broke *** 💯
Miami Dade Animal Control: Remove the hundreds of stray cats and dogs living in and being abused, starved, and...
Velveteen and living single, it never felt that right to me.
Mom just casually asked if were going to be living at home forever since were all still single.
Single life Saturday night: living room yoga and sushi for one. Could be worse.
A single living cell has no potential to be a human being on it's own.
I'm still amazed by those living a DL life in 2015. It can be difficult to be "you" but stay single. Don't get married/have kids.
Single life... who living the single life like me
I can attest to that as a single mother living on one income. Everyday is a struggle
When u single for over a year u just forget u single cuz u living life.. Lol
perrie ? um. I think zayn needs to chill for a while and stop making rash decisions anyways I'm living single perrie bc
Been living a single day for over 72 hrs now.
Perrie doesn't even need to find the right guys just yet if she doesn't want to. She is living it up being single
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If Zayn is happy with that girl then that is fine. He can be bc Perrie is happy being single & Living it up with her girls
***I love being single and living in Vegas.
Living every single day while the weather is still nice like its my last
Saw a current picture of Erika Alexander (Maxine Shaw on Living Single) on my TL.she's twenty years younger
Thursday night Fox lineup was Living Single, Martin, NY Undercover. The good ole days.
Go over bae house witta it's not delivery it's Digiornos and binge watch Living Single and Martin. Real romanticalness
I set it off like Queen Latifa, cause I'm Living Single
12 Black TV Best Friends We'll Always Love - Living Single and Gina & Pam from Martin are my faves.
I made a deal with my boss. I'll start watching La Femme Nikita if she watches Living Single
I just wanna go home and watch Living Single, Waiting to Exhale, and Brown Sugar all at the same time.
The 1st one is Lavern Hunter from "Living Single" (played by Chips Field Hurd, mom of Kim Fields who plays Laverne's beautiful
The thing about the show Friends is it was done much better and sooner in "Living Single". Black problem tho (all characters were black).
They just need to play all the seasons of this, Living Single, In living color , a Different World on one channel
Fox historically had the best shows with black cast on network. Martin, In Living Color, Bernie Mac Show, Living Single, ***
Inspired by early 90s Lauren Hill and Erika (Maxine) Alexander from Living Single.. That is all…
Buy Miche Bag Online!
I hope everyone living around is checking in with their single and elderly neighbours.
Louis Tomlinson 'living it up' now he's single - Hamilton Spectator
Random Thought... Marriage is not the thing you do with the hope that you're done living a single life. That's called staying single.
Defining -- but not defined by -- single fatherhood* *2.6 million homes in US are headed by single f…
that's factually inaccurate. A single person living in Portland needs $11.25 to meet basic expenses.
LIVING for NEW SINGLE “fire under my feet” + her global EMPOWER campaign initiative
I'll miss my little single bed and waking up to random people in living room
We're giving you an exclusive sneak peek to every single recipe in our July issue:
oh really? 😯. Well bro is living a single life 😌😌
A wife who brags about not giving her husband no sex deserves to be divorced & living the single life.
All the Single Ladies.remember dat "Miss independent " is now living with Jay Z. Shine your eye oh!
I think of you every single day & it kills me because you are gone now, living your life with someone else.
I think need to re evaluate every single aspect of their organisation. Living off hopes and dreams for 50 years now.
Living every single day as if it was your last day is the best way to get through life...
There is a single tune playing in the hearts of all the living even in the heart of the most callous:LIFE TUNE…
In the two years of living with I apparently never owned a single plate or bowl... Just cups 😅
Florence & the machine new single sounds like living for the weekend by hard-fi
Con of living alone. Every single noise freaks me out!! 😂😂
Not a single fossil showing a transition between living species,from fish to amphibians for example,or reptiles to birds has ever been seen.
Living It Up by Floorplan on Living It Up / Wall to Wall - Single in KaiserTone ♪♪
Spacious 4 bedroom, 2 bath, single level home in cul-de-sak. Formal living and dining area, eat-in kitchen, large mas
I literally step outside my comfort zone every single day. If that makes my life a little awkward then so be it. At least I'm living my life
Hey guys! Please take a listen and share my new single "Suitcase" rt
Max from Living Single is fine as wine still. Jeez.
Every Canadian deserves to have an amazing standard of living. Should be a point of National Pride. Every single Canadian
Guys I just met the head writer from "Moesha" &"Living Single." She said I can meet her for coffee *FAINTS*
I was meant for the single life that's fact so ima start living it the right way
Sitting in line for the car wash, drinking coffee, listening to Podcasts and not interacting with a single human: living the dream.
Kids teach us many lessons for :Smile even if you are in pain, don't give up even if u fall down &enjoy living in …
I AM single in LA living this life ...
Living Single theme song really did bump...Queen Latifah snapped on it
My 90s persona is a cross between Regine from Living Single and Hilary Banks😊
I'm single but living 10 miles away from you
Had the pleasure of meeting Erika Alexander aka Maxine Shaw Attorney of Law. Living Single, she's always been my fav
SJW NUTSHELLED:. Every single person living or dead has an ulterior motive behind what they say. Except me.
I was complaining about work separating me from my puppy and my grandma said, "single mothers have to make a living." 😂😂😂
Used to live here, next door to the Living single in the early 80's. Downtown before it was cool.
ෆ*ೃYou make my life worth living, I appreciate every single thing that you do. I love you ℋ, mind following me love? ෆ*ೃ—2.176
well that sums it all up. Then again, what do you expect living the single life? It does have it's…
How yall didn't like Living Single? Educated black people with a careers but...never mind
Watching living single and pops up on the screen
PSA: There are plenty of questions to ask a single person besides "Are you seeing someone?"
💖. you make my life worth living. a single 👣 follow 👣 from. you would make my life. even better. I love you!!
The 2nd largest type of households is adults living alone. What accounts for the rise of the single-person household? htt…
Cristiano Ronaldo has now scored in every single minute of a football game. . Living legend!
Just living life...we goin get high azz *** 🔥new single
Projects span from single family dwellings to high-rise living and lifestyles... via
Living: Room in a box: It's cardboard, it's cheap, it's strong and it all fits in a single box.
Fresh Prince, Saved by the Bell, Animaniacs, Cow and Chicken, Boy Meets World, Clarissa Explains it All, Living Single
Like I'm dead *** a single mom whilst living with my BD.
One thing living with a single mother taught me is that when a woman thinks she looks good you better agree.
One of my many talents includes screwing everything up and single handedly making my life a living *** :)))
I gave you ALL of me. Mind, body, & soul. And yet you decided to destroy me, completely & utterly destroy every single living particle of me
set it off like Queen Latifah cause I'm living SINGLE 😛
Assumptions do not make things true. Not even close. If you believe every single lie told to you, then you're not not living in this world
Dear , putting Living Single on or would really give me life. Pretty please! 😁🙏🏽
My mom said if I get a single c she will make my summer living *** I have an %80 in engineering physics. Might as well just give up now
😂 mine too, especially Living Single and Girlfriends
. Different scenario. A single guy who prefers living at his brother's to having his own place is odd.
'Living Single', 'Girlfriends', and 'Moesha' all need to be added to asap!!
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Living was goin good after that it simply did a complete 360 in a single night.. that is crazy😨
Living the single life I don't want a relationship I just want someone there to fill me weaknesses
Well...I guess I'll be that single forever life
"Gratitude is the single most important ingredient to living a successful and fulfilled life." Jack Canfield
I have a fake leg, a piano I can't play and a Viking sword in my living room, and not a single beer in the fridge. Middle age is weird.
I love watching the parkers, moesha, one on one, living single I be cracking up
I was gonna answer "the 1st one", but Gargano vs LeRae is living up to every single one of my expectations
The blues lost a living legend; one of the great veterans . Single Death is a Tragedy & Million Deaths is a Statistic
Never in my life did I think I'd be single, jobless, & living at home at 30 years.
Now I'm watching Living Single. Enjoying this a little too much
Like right now.. I was suppose to be single just living, yet God said nah let me bless you with a bf. 😂😂😍
Matt Harvey is the single greatest person living on planet earth. I dare you to dispute that obvious notion
Single, or on your own - Anonymous asked: I talked with my parents about dating in college (I’m living at...
I've been living in New York City for over a year, and still have yet to participate in a single knife-wielding dance battle.
Every single living Stark child is going to end up being a *** serial killer. Dude, the North remembers.
I really wouldn't mind living single in an upscale NYC loft with a dog for the rest of my life
Those snaps from Whoo Kid, homie is living every single mans dream!! 🙌🏻
I have so much to say. Thank u for this season of Sexless. Reminds me of living single and girlfriends.
Every single one of us has a will to live...every single living form of life.
One in three single working Japanese women living in poverty - Press TV ...: via
Again I say this... Single Mothers raise ! Happy to all those Queens who continue to make this life worth living!
No worries..I weigh almost 270 pounds and I'm still alive.. single but living LOL
I liked a video Living Single S4 E15 Back in the Day
I am really tired of living this single life (-:
Buddha goes everywhere, roaming the kingdoms and talking with living beings, yet he never strays for a single thought from…
I liked a video Living Single S3 E21 A Raze in Harlem
How do you see yourself spending your time in your old age? — Living with thousands of cats and still single
I didn't date seriously for 2 years after my son was born, I'm glad I'm single now, trying to work on living myself again
They're all with their couples and im here just living tha single life 😂
Nah. You don't miss me. You like not having to take care of someone, you like living the single life, getting to do what you want.
Living a single life is okay. But I miss going on a date.
Days like today remind me to live, take in and every single moment. life is worth living :)
now I'm in the mood to watch living single 😩
Blessed 2 b able 2 spend every single day with my best friend my better half my mom love her so much Wishing her long life & healthy living
I liked a video Living Single S2 E4 Working Nine to Nine Fifteen
I don't want to see a single living soul tomorrow
I wish I had somebody to talk while .buzzed fr ugh!! Feels like Im living a single life oh well bump it
Living single ... ohhh in a 90s kind of world I'm glad I got my girl ...
exactly and I remember living on a single, a remake and short covers on shows of red velvet it was so sad
I just decided I wasn't going to wait 40 years to retire and start LIVING. I live life every single…
Biggest mistake I've done is living near a famous pub! their music is so loud till 2am every single day 😓
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