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Living Single

Living Single is an American television sitcom which aired for five seasons on the Fox network from August 29, 1993 to January 1, 1998. The show centers on the lives of six friends who share personal and professional experiences while living in a Brooklyn brownstone.

Queen Latifah New York Undercover Kenya Moore Golden Girls Queen Latifa

I had a dream that involved the Living Single cast, clowns, Queen Latifah & Jay Z rapping, Jessica & Shayla rapping, and TC Carson being jealous of men hitting on me in Rite-Aid as I sing Stevie Wonder songs. What the deuce???!!
Join us this Friday 1/24/2014 discussing "Living Single and Spiritual" along with learning a bit more about...
Recently appearing on Andy Cohen’s show Watch What Happens Live, actress and former Hip Hop emcee Queen Latifah was asked by a caller whether she would consider a reunion show of the 90s sitcom Living Single and responded in favor of the notion. “Oh of course, a reunion show on the [The Queen Latifah Show],” Queen Latifah said when asked about a reunion. ”I definitely want to have everybody back on the show ’cause it just would be fun because we were friends and we hang out and I think everybody would have a good time catching up with everybody.” During the mid-1990s Queen Latifah starred on Living Single, a popular sitcom on Fox. The show aired from 1993 to 1998 and was based in Brooklyn, New York. Latifah began her film career in 1991 playing a supporting role in Jungle Fever. She was also known previously as an emcee signed to Tommy Boy Records, and released her ...
I decided I'd drink scotch after watching waiting to exhale for 2 months straight, AND because Sinclair drank it on an ep of Living Single.
Dan was a single guy living at home with his father and working in the family business.  When he found…
A special congrats to a special lady on your People's Choice Award U look outstanding I remember U from Living Single. :-)
"You probably won’t get housing benefit if: : You’re single and under 25 living in anything other than a bedsit accomodation" WHY
Everything feels a bit lighter today as an ongoing inner dialo... More for Cancer
Hate living the single life, want that special guy that will be there to make me smile because im sad, unfortunately fairy tales arnt real.
Set it off like Queen Latifah cuz im living single
I couldn't watch Martin, Living Single, The Parkers, Girlfriends or anything "grown" or "suggestive".
I set it off like Queen Latifah cause im living SINGLE 💗
Living two lives of both single and committed life at the same time.
He is the love of my life and my single purpose of living...tell me why I should stop obeying Him!
There is a middle-ground before we get to single payer. Check out the health care system in The Netherlands.
Another good thing about living with Chris? I get to scratch his beard every single day :D
"Maxine from living single in urs or Nah?"yall a *** trip .
Maxine from living single in urs or Nah?
*** Queen Latifah you lookin good! Still watch reruns of living single! Hahhah
We are living single ... In a 90s kind of world
My half & I is really living that single life ctfu!
There is nothing worse than living in skeez city when you're just trying to do you're own single thing,
being a single mom and living on someone else dream life can be tough but GOD proved to me tonight he is watching out for us. Good people
Cereal for dinner. In case any of you married people long for single-living and need to be warned.
now you know I'm in Austin living that single life lol
No parts of me were made for living single. Get my *** in a relationship and I am HAPPY.
Umm that's the system. Maybe get a better partner unless you want to argue that you are single - that is not living in a marriage..
One of my long-time best friends got married yesterday, what the *** and I'm still living the single life
Victoria remind me of Khadijah from living single.
I'm okay of living single. it's not a mistake.but it lets you know that you're not ready
God has been very patient with me all my life,i am now a single parent living free...I returned to Him one night...
Can't sleep so I'm getting some throw back watching Living Single on
your brother goes from girl to girl lol — So? Living the single life en he
If there is any single factor that makes for success in living, it is the ability to draw dividends from defeat.-William Marston
Waking up the work drains the living soul and every single thing out of me.
I am living in one single word: writing.
guys he didn't state he was single, he just explained how living single can be. idk but I hope he's happy. ;)
Me and Jaylee really watching Living Single. lol
What you single girls wishing for me and mine living lol u mad ?
I thought we were past this, but some police apparently still feel the need to single out & persecute
I'm really up watching living single
Imagine living like a king somedaaay. A single night without a ghost in the walls. And if the bass shakes the earth underground...
Imagine living like a kimg someday a. Single night without a ghost in the walls
GET A SINGLE ROOM if your living in a dorm.
Aint nothing wrong with living a single life if you're single. You'd be a fool not to
I could not even imagine living in a house with 6 strangers single & all of sudden my ex shows up..
Living Single is the best show ever created to this day!
Living single, no love life. Can you tell I still love life
*** who didn't appear on Living Single
To those people I would like to send a very sincere message of thanks. You people make this life worth living every single day.
has anyone ever done that complicated *** crazy arm-running man dance move from the Living Single intro?
I've been watching Living Single for the past 2 hours lol this is one of my favorite shows though
Watching old "Living Single" episodes and tripped on one with Cree Summer aka Freddie from "A Different World"!
Living Single until I tap ; gotta get back to the basic tomorrow !! First class at 9:30 SHARP !! back to the books 󾮟- Goodnight y'all ❤️󾬖
watching living single on logo. american psycho is on next, think I might actually watch it on dvd. also, how do you pronounce chloe sevigneys name? wasn't she in a movie about hitler?
Watch the video «Living Single-Love Don't Live Here Anymore (part two)» uploaded by TVshows41 on Dailymotion.
Which one Martin,Living Single,Girlfriends,Moesha,The Parkers,One on One and The Cosby show is da best.
Living Single is on and Kyle Barker's voice still makes my loins tingle!!
Abt to watch living single off this Good Night to the sexies :-*
Up Watching living single boy I tell ya it aint nothing like the 90's .
Im Living single can't trip this life is the only thing keep me cool ritenow.
Kadejah in living single: What is this i haven't cried since mufasa died in lion king, dam those hyenas.
Remember Kyle Barker from Living Single? Here’s an Update on His Life
Over here watching"Living Single" hilarious! Max asks Kyle what does he know about photography, Kyle says "I know you're under developed".lol...too funny!
I love that living single still comes on TV
Living Single so good..It feels like you can do anything you want to do at any time.I love the single life..I'm only making the best out of it..2014 is the year to make hist of my life time
Living Single: How to Survive Strep Throat - Tips from the
I like Living single flirt with alot and not get in trouble lol but U Still Gotta watch it with that too!lol
I'm living single but I ain't that happy about it cause every man needs that special woman next to them when it's cold and boring but if she ain't loyal leave where she at
Living Single is my all time favorite. Marathons, reruns & I also have their only DVD.
Dnt sleep on Living Single tht junk be funny to...specially Max lmbo
Watching living single. .uncle tippy told Sinclair "you are just a 24 hour cup of coffee why aren't you" lmbo I know people say that about me sometimes too funny
Gonna be living single for awhile and you would have to be pretty *** amazing to change that!
Ig im living single life # me my self and my kids i love them so much.
Watching Living Single and realizing I'm more like Sinclair than Maxine. I always wanted to be more like Max.
It's feels like I'm living single these days.I forgot what it felt like to live alone. 󾌣
Watching Living Single!! Crocheting a scarf..gonna be a looong day...have a blessed Saturday and stay warm!
Just woke back up, watching living single now
Will & Grace...Living Single...Golden Girls...LOGO has an awesome tv lineup, just saying!
Omg I forgot how funny Living Single was!!
Watching Living Single and they're at church singing There Is No Failure. Memories. SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY FIRST GOSPEL CHURCH. What a time.
I didnt realize how funny Living Single was. This was a funny show :D
I'm living single in a 2000's kind of world i'm glad I got my girls
I can watch living single,girlfriends and George Lopez all day
Watching reruns of living single. Whoop ! Love this show. Oldie but a goodie
Favorite episode of Living Single is on!!! It's the episode where Khadijah dreams of being in a girl group!!!
New favorite "old-school" single. Love me some old school Queen Latifah
Living single dnt need a *** for anything at all! been there dne tat time for me to x out the negative and + more positive! focus
"Friends is just a white imitation of Living Single." - Drew Carey
I love living single with no worries aye cheers to the single life:)
Living Single Single for Jesus in a world of Sin and evil is quiet challenging. But this year 2014 The good lord is releasing an Exceeding grace upon all genue Christain singles so that you may live for Him. Am greatful to be here.
Still up watching Living Single. Idk why I'm not sleep... I'm extremely tired
Living single cant settle for less i realize im too good of a *** to b just dealing wit these strags i need a women
Was living single for most of 2013. Not having it in 2014. I want love and to give love!
I'm chilling living SINGLE .. n fkk him now they Feeling some typa wayy lmao
A different world and living single are still among my favorite re-run shows...
Watching my favorite episode of living single. It has Eartha Kitt in it. :)
Watching Living Single and it's me! I'm black, I live in a brownstone in Brooklyn, and I'm single!
No work means Living Single day!!! I love this show. They just don't make shows like this anymore.
Watching living single haven't laughed this hard at tv in years.gotta love kyle n max
Living single best feeling n da world then u don't have to worry if ur other half is out thotin ijs
Yall know the girl Dancing at the begining of the Living Single episodes. Is it me or is she really getting down. \ \
Find Living Single by Tony Evans and thousands of other book samples only on
And I'm living single in a 90's kind world I'm glad I don't got no kids!!!
Well time to start living single again time to let go and have fun
Im out hear living single ask about me in tha hood I got more stripes then tha bengles
To Wong foo, living single then bed! I feel like crap! I just wanna snuggle in bed and hibernate! 󾌮
If netflix put living single, martin, and a different world up there I would be one happy camper.
I'm living single. .serve em sapeaner...I heard he a leader kum follow my tribe today
About to marathon living single before I head to my mama Grace Mingao- Alston with my poodie
Living single z my future of happiness i deserve to live it for th tym being
Been watching Living Single for a couple days now!!! Missed the good shows like this!! Only one that did compare was Girlfriends!! All blk female or minorities casts r reality ratchet tv!!! :-(
Watching the original friends living single the show friend copied
My Christmas wish is for Living Single back on the air.
I wanna watch living single so I can dance when the theme song come on lol
Watching Living Single. I used to love this show as a kid even though I had the slightest idea what it was about. Lol
I am watching Living Single w/ Shemar Moore as a guest star. It amazes me how ppl say I look like him. I don't see it. Hmmm!
I'm watching Living Single - Singing the Blues with Shazam. Try it now!
I love the show "Living Single", I could watch their hi jinx all day. Maxine you so crazy!!!
I'm chillin baby sitting watching living single the game and the Parkers good shows
Totally can't sleep.smh. watching living single on the *** box"
Dear BET: Really?! Roots? There are lots and lots of Christmas programs that you could have shown today/tonight. Why Roots? What message are you trying to send? Is Roots the only thing you show now? Do you need fluff? How about old Christmas episodes of The Cosby Show? 227? Living Single? Flip Wilson? Charlie Brown would have come over for the night. Why not show Russ Parr's movie AGAIN? SMH. And that is yet another reason I don't watch BET.
Moesha , Martin, living single and a different world is what I've been about the last two days lol
Cleaning and watching Living Single for the next 5 hours. Can't wait for the party tonight!
I'm living single and chasing after my dreams.I keep my eyes open juss so I never miss that moment.yp
Seen more couples tonight living single spiritually, makes me wonder.
In bed watching .living single me some Queen Latifah
Up watching Living Single and realizing I Love Regine!! Our style is so much the same, hair(s) and all . Rofl !!
Living single sometimes don't know if it's good or bad wishing I had some sexy laying beside me to pass ashtre for this strong I'm smoking on
Can you say I'm living single like Queen Latifah
Living Single: Maxine: men are like grapes, we women have to stomp on them and keep them in the dark to cultivate into something we'd like to have dinner with. LMFAO!
Up watching reruns of living single can't go back to sleep.
Up, sick watching Living Single. I need ice cream.
Im just out here working. Living single like Khadeeja lol
sitting up here looking at Living Single oh my god Ragina is hilarious
My all time favorite living single episode:
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Nothin is on tv so Living Single Season 1Marathon it is.
That 30 secs of on that Living Single episode 😍😍😍
When white ppl refer to Kim Fields they acknowledge her as Tootie from The Facts of ppl Regine from Living Single lol
I'm gonna be single forever living with a dog and probably eating food with hot sauce
I remember saying I wanna be 35 little did I know I would be living on my own and single Lol xxx
Every single day I get more envious of people living in Buxton!
40% of women, 60% of single women, and 70% of single moms struggle just to afford the basics. Read our report:
Friendship is a single soul. living in two bodies.!
One of the best things about being a single fella living by himself is toilet roll lasts ages. One of the worst is the crushing loneliness.
She living single no love life, but I can tell she still love life
The equity lie of the American economy. Every single human in America should have to watch this: "Waging a Living"
“Ain't no girl living gonna say they don't want this and they really love being single b…
A pirate, but instead of a peg leg, it's a DVD boxed set of Living Single.
Single best thing about living in Dublin...chippers deliver...
Why am I single and *** really waiting for these lame *** jail *** who living off them has to be an indictment on my abilities
Happy Singles Day! There are definite perks to living alone! No more toilet seat issues for 1! htt…
But at the end of the day id rather be single then living with someone that I wish wasnt there!
I cannot freaking stand living in one single room it drives me crazy
baby cant you see I don't wanna be wanted love aint something I need.. I'm too busy living footloose and fancy freeze oh I love being single
Private labels build on coffee pod boom via
*singing* We're living single! Oooo in a 90's kinda world, I'm glad I got my girls!
right!! Wondering why they *** single and we living happily over here
But right now Im living single like you know who
THIS IS WHY I AM SINGLE. Straight men annoy the ever living *** out of me.
With amenities like spacious outdoor living area, Solar heated hot water system, Solar heated pool and spa as...
They play Weight Of Living (part one) on every single episode of The Face!
To be 24, single, living in a log Cabin with my beagle called chance is ma dream. Preferably in the states
At the point where she can't seem to tolerate not one single living soul.
I work with all single women,and I have to hear their male bashing stories all day,just bc u had some bad men,dn't mean their all the same
I hate to say this, but there are times when as a single female living alone, you just sit on the floor in your basement and cry.
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I think it would be really cool if you had a Living Single reunion! I totally loved that show!!!
Michelle Chamuel's are BANGIN. "You can't stop the fight for the life that I'm living - I'mma go down...
yea she happy with her kid or kids, but HATE living the Single Life ,
I agree, but homosexuality is LIVING in sin. It's a lifestyle choice. A "sin" is a single event or wrong doing. It's different
I want a hairdresser that i can say to, I'm going for same braid look that maxine had in Living Single in the early 90's
ON ANOTHER NOTE: I miss watching CLEAN HOUSE…. and My list of 8 things about me: 1. I love Golden Girls and I miss Clean House and I love Living Single and I miss Are You Being Served. 2. My favorite food is Chinese. Color: Grey. Shape: Square Number: 2 and 44 (Richie Walters!!!) 3. I love accessories: Bags. Bracelets. Watches. Scarfs. Shoes. SOCKS! 4. I have bad road rage. 5. I use to have the biggest crush on Kyla Pratt 6. Im horrible at completing projects/task… I lose interest quick. Hence my relationships… 7. I never met any of my grandparents. 8. i PREFER wine over anything else… but a corona rita will make me one happy guy !
I used to watch Living Single as a kid and always knew something wasn't right with Queen Latifah dating men
If she's like Queen Latifah 2nd Season of Living Single fat, then I'd gladly smash..
They've been showing all the episodes of Martin and Living Single with Kenya Moore on TV One today.
Kenya Moore day? She was on Living Single and Martin tonight!
Family Matters, Moesha, Fresh Prince, my cousin Skeeter, My brother and me, Martin, Cosby show, Smart Guy, sister sister, the Famous jet Jackson, Steve Harvey show, The Wayans Bros, Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Living Single, a Different World, One on One, The Parkers, Kenan and Kel, Gullah Gullah Island, Proud Family, Soul food, Reading Rainbow. One thing about the 90s nd early 2000s is we had Many Black shows to entertain and related to every community also it show all races that we are all similar even if you were not black but now were back to White television, Pop music with no Soul nd we wonder why our race thinks it impossible to make something out of yourself w/o selling out look what happens when we divide ourselves...rather than reunite into One people nd One mind
is Living Single, more Distorted Hollywood, Natalie Joy Johnson & more
Expect the unexpected today no matter what's on your calendar. More for Cancer
Married men be secretly living single lives
I sett it off like Queen Latifah cuh I'm living single
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Singles and Singlism: International Edition: It’s only for a week. That’s what I thought when I headed off to ...
For sure. Living Single/Matrin nights were just the best w/ New York Undercover after. Man... I miss the way tv used to be.
MTE Living Single is way funnier. I liked SATC but lbr here Miranda/Samantha were created from Maxine Shaw.
Yes. The Living Single/Sex and the City comment slayed me. No lies told at all.
I would have loved to be an audience member for martin, fresh prince, moesha, smart guy, parent hood', n living single
I turn on the TV and Arsenio Hall is introducing Overton from Living Single. . Did I time travel to 1992?
If only Netflix had living single .. If only
I guess i'll watch Living Single until I get sleepy.
I'm jus saying! This isn't directed to anyone at this very.moment bc i'm living single.
Overton from Living Single does standup comedy? Is this a new thing?
I set it off like Queen Latifa cuase I'm living single
I Set it off like Queen Latifa Cause I'M living single!
And the government shuts down after Arsenio allowed Living Single & A$AP Mob to cross the streams...
In case you aren't watching Arsenio tonight, he has on A$AP Ferg & a standup performance by Overton from Living Single...
I set it off like Queen Latifah cus im living SINGLE
I set it off like Queen Latifa cuz im living single.
smh he started off talking about living single. he called Maxine sexy
I 4got the bald headed dude from Living Single, was a comic. I see he still has material from the mid 90s as well. Arsenio be doing favors.
*** Overton from Living Single on Arsenio show doing stand up. *** jokes straight coonery
Just realized John Hinton's doing stand-up on Arsenio. Haven't seen him since Living Single...
Arsenio got Overton from Living Single as a guest? smh.
Overton from Living Single extolling the virtues of the 4 fine women from and how beautiful their bodies are
John Henton is doing a standup set on and he kicks things off by talking about LIVING SINGLE
Overton from living single got a wild eye
Stand up on Arsenio is bragging about killing some shows and being on Living Single. He doesn't have enough material to do a TV set
I set it off like Queen Latifah cuz I'm living single.
Set it off like Queen Latifah cause I'm living single!
Set it off like Queen Latifah cause in living single 😝
I set it off like Queen Latifah, cause I’m living single ...
Seen it all like Queen Latifah cause I'm living single
Hamilton Collection
FOX Thursday nights in the 90s used to slay back in the day. Martin, Living Single & New York Undercover.
So Dean Cain was mentioned on the "Living Single" ep earlier today and now he's starring on the "A Different World" ep. What are the odds?
Hey, there's your girls, Kim Coles & Cheryl Burke! You still hoping for a Living Single reunion? =)
Not living single? *** what are you smoking? Living Single was cute but its no *** Sharon Stone!
If I don't pick up the phone📲 like I use to, for you don't you take it personal🙇 if I dont do all the things that I use…
"talk to em" Lmao my grandpa always saying that in church
I spend it all like Queen Latifah cause I'm living single !!!
Them dry *** momma jokes gone get em unfollowed
Lol sometimes but you always snapping on somebody
I swear living single & not letting NOBODY have my heart feel so *** good cause I'm just living my life 💯
My day doesn't go right if I don't watch living single
chillin watching Living Single then it's back to case briefs
Still watching Living Single with baby lol 😊💕
Watching living single until Martin comes on
Watching Living single I use to love this show
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I set it off like Queen Latifah, because Im living single ! ☺
When you been living single for a while you need your space when tryna start a relationship
I don't care how old Living Single is…or how many times I've seen an episode…but I swear I could watch it all day LOL
Living Single until nap time comes.
Dawg ! All I wanna watch is 90s show like Martin & Living Single.
Oo and in a 90s kinda world, I'm glad I got my girls! "I love watching Living Single"
This would be awesome >>> Queen Latifah on A Possible 'Living Single' Reunion via
Would it be too much if I turned on Living Single in the gym today? Like requested it—
Kanye is LIVING SINGLE [Music Mondays]: via I'm mad they actually did that lmao
Maxine Shaw used to give ALL of the life in those suits on Living Single.
Living single you to be my show. They need to bring it back
Nigeria News had this to say about Married but living single in Nigerian today
I set if off like Queen Latifiah cuz im living single.
I set it off like Queen Latifah cause I'm living single 💂🔫🔫 .
But why so I keep watching that Kanye living single video 😂😂😂😂
lmao I said this about Khadija on living single yesterday
Married but living single hits Nigerian today. The award-winning movie entitled, Married but Living Single,...
Married but living single hits Nigerian today. FUNKE AKINDELE AND OSITA IHEMEThe award-winning movie entitled,...
Living single tinz lol RT"Buh men are complicated too o...ahn ahn. .."
“I had to do it. Kanye is LIVING SINGLE:
Married but living single hits Nigerian today
Hitting on the wonky eyed chick from "Living Single." Popped 3 holes in the condom, but she wouldn't look my way. I'm always after EZ money
Ha he put a snippet of living single in it
Someone close to you may be blocking your progress, but direct... More for Cancer
" Maybe what parents can give to their children, is confidence to live an authentic life, not just an expected one."
I set it off like Queen Latifa, cuz I'm living single...
"LMAO since we linked up freshman year" you know
LMAO since we linked up freshman year
; never have nobody to talk to around this time when I'm wide awake 😒😒😌
Spend it all like Queen Latifa cus I'm living single!
Im living single, and i aint scream when they served the subpoena
Set it off like Queen Latifah cause i'm living single.
It's tempting to go along with the wishes of close friends or ... More for Cancer
I Set it off like queen Latifha cause im living single
still living single lol I am alright though
Spend it all like Queen Latifa cause I'm living single,
I set it off like Queen Latifah, cause im living Single
im tryin grab me a boo. I'm too wild to be living single
Island it all like Queen Latifah Kuz im living single
I set it off like Queen Latifah because I'm living single
I set it off like Queen Latifah, cause Im living single.
I set it off like Queen Latifia cause I'm living single...
I set it off like Queen Latfiah , Cause I'm living single!
Okay baby, you set it off, there will be no more living single. . I'll be ready to tie the knot after we lick them for them blocks.
I'm all about living single, seeing double, making triple.
📝 Tin man... No heart, no need for a sphincter... Young *** living single... No need for Kadeesha.. 🎶
You in a relationship, but you living single ? Lol it doesn't work like that
I set off like Queen Latifah cause I'm living single. 😎
Like the Fox TV that we know today really gave us Martin, In Living Color, Living Single, New York Undercover, etc. MIND BLOWN.
Photoset: xpayne: Back by Demand. Reserve a copy of: Martin House Party Living Single Thank you for your...
I set It off like Queen Latifah cause im living single...
Photo: queennubian: xpayne: Living Single: Because they lived how I want to live.  Because it wasn’t about...
Married but living single's a nice movie
See who my favorite character was on Living Single check out the latest Foolery on RT…
I set it off like Im Queen Latifa because Im living single.. She feel some type of way..!
She living single well I'm living life
I love living single, drinking double and sleeping triple
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