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Living Dead Dolls

Living Dead Dolls is a line of horror dolls designed in the United States by Ed Long and Damien Glonek and manufactured by Mezco Toyz since 2000.

Mezco Toyz Hello Kitty Lizzie Borden Monster High

Regan from The Exorcist is joining the Living Dead Dolls family this fall. The 10″ doll features five points of art…
Finally! I've been asking for my favorite horror film to be honored with its very own LDD. She's perfect!
I need to start collecting Living Dead Dolls again
Was so shocked to see that hubby got me this adorable living dead dolls Showtime beetlejuice 😍…
Living Dead Dolls! Always wanted the pencil sharpener. 💚
rostipharian mixed with Norce yeah black cat and little voodoo dolls zombifications and living dead
Valet of the Dolls, Maid in Dagenham, Knight of the Living Dead
My sister has a bunch of Living Dead Dolls from years ago.
i love how in the Living Dead Dolls group there are ppl buying LDDs for their mom for Mothers' Day 😂😂😂
A kind of paradox, like cold fire, the living dead. I'll keep my eyes open for a zombie wearing an i…
My partner is selling some of her rare Living Dead Dolls on eBay. Check 'em out, & please share with your friends.
I finally decided to open up my Wizard of OZ Living Dead Dolls , started with Scarecrow. they are amazin…
Sam's ready to make sure you follow the rules of
Living dead dolls are all I care about they are my life
Check out living dead dolls alice in wonderland - Lot of 4 - Never Opened via
Check out The Living Dead Dolls in Oz - Complete Set of 5 Mezco MIB via
Living Dead Dolls Michael Myers Halloween II Brand New Factory ... . - Bid on this now >
Living Dead Dolls Romeo And Juliet New And Sealed . - Bid on this now >
She's cool. I can't work out which one she is though, I know pretty much all the Living Dead Dolls too...
Living Dead Dolls Wicked Witch Oz Fresh Out Of Coffin Box . - Bid on this now >
"I'm taking some of Nicole's living dead dolls to keep me safe"
Just a question who all likes living dead dolls ?
LIVING DEAD DOLLS Series 23, banner/poster of the group of tea part...
LIVING DEAD DOLLS Lost in Oz 5 Figure Set: Dorothy, ... . - Bid on this now >
Does anyone know what Living Dead Dolls are? I have one and it's taking up space
I have a few living dead dolls now. They're cool! Little Leatherface is adorable!
I'm selling my Living Dead Dolls Series 3 - Lulu for $0
I'm selling my Living Dead Dolls Series 26 - Lammas for $0
Chucky-new for 2016 just in and ready to ship to your home for fun!!
I'm selling my Living Dead Dolls Series 5 - Siren for $0
I'm selling my Living Dead Dolls Series 6 - Hush for $0
I'm selling my Living Dead Dolls Series 1 - Damien for $0
I'm selling my Living Dead Dolls Series 6 - Revenant for $0
I'm selling my Living Dead Dolls Minis - Misery & Tragedy for $0
I'm selling my Living Dead Dolls Series 5 - Hollywood for $0
I'm selling my Living Dead Dolls Series 6 - Calico for $0
I'm selling my Living Dead Dolls Series 3 - Sheena for $0
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I'm selling my Living Dead Dolls Series 5 - Vincent Vaude for $0
I'm selling my Living Dead Dolls Series 5 - Dahlia for $0
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I'm selling my Living Dead Dolls Series 4 - Sybil for $0
I'm selling my Living Dead Dolls Series 6 - Dottie Rose for $0
I'm selling my Living Dead Dolls Series 2 - Lou Sapphire for $0
I'm selling my Living Dead Dolls Series 7 - Lust for $0
I'm selling my Living Dead Dolls Series 3 - Lottie for $0
I'm selling my Living Dead Dolls Series 7 - Greed for $0
I'm selling my Living Dead Dolls Series 7 - Wrath for $0
Hollywood one of my favorite living dead dolls
Do you know of any gothic dolls aside from Living Dead Dolls, Bleeding Edge Gothic and Monster High??
//a idk about valley of the dolls like. i always think shsl imposter with that song LIVING DEAD FOR SURE THOUGH
ive been lookin up living dead dolls on eBay all night
uhm, The Addams Family are Classics! And Living Dead Dolls are too cute for life. 💁
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I just wanna browse adorable Sanrio junk and CDs and tshirts and living dead dolls and spend hours in kitsch heaven
No good deed goes unpunished! is giving away a Mena chance to win at
I want to sell my Living Dead Dolls so bad
AUCTION: Living Dead Dolls Presents Creature from the Black Lagoon. Starting at: US $ 9.99. For details, please…
I want the series 31 of the living dead dolls when they're released.
The main reason why I love Arci Muñoz is because she loves Living Dead Dolls, too. 💜
Predator series 14 figures from NECA now in stock along with restocks of Living Dead Dolls Annabelle and the Portal 2 Bookends.
My 11 year old son, Damien loves to make masks for his Living Dead Dolls! This one has a hand…
lol you love the sassy songs and I love the dark songs lol : Power & Control, Living Dead, and Valley of The Dolls
I really want chuck n tiff living dead dolls ohw
hannah do you know Living Dead dolls?
Nd i love living dead dolls i want a chucky one yes
Preloved | full sets of collectible living dead dolls. free p&p. for sale in Manchester, Greater...
! is giving away a Menard. Enter for your chance to win at
living dead, and valley of the dolls both have instrumentals that sound sooo much like they could be on The Family Jewels as well
The irony of my fear of creepy dolls is that I collect Living Dead Dolls I am a walking contradiction don't mind me.
Fans of Living Dead Dolls & The Wizard of Oz will love this line!
Madeleine and the living dead dolls
Just saw this on Amazon: Dead Dolls Series 17 Urban Legends B... by Living Dead Dolls for $204.49
Living Dead Dolls "The Great Zombini and his lovely assistant Viv # horror
Look up Living Dead Dolls! They're like grown up Monster High and the detail is GORGEOUS.
I feel this so hard. I tegret unboxing my Living Dead Dolls because they are packaged so wonderfully. 💔
Finally put shelves up to display my special collections of Living Dead Dolls. Most are in other rooms.
Two things I learned about today: Real Dolls and Living Dead Dolls, thanks to a article. Thanks. I need a memory eraser now.
Looks like series 30 was inspired by -
Hey I saw you included Living Dead Dolls on last episode. I have them too! They're truly :P
how to be a heartbreaker e primadonna são mais pop, eu prefiro lonely hearts club, valley of the dolls, living dead
hey just been browsing your online store, do you not sell any Living Dead Dolls seperately, just in the sets of 5?
Watching and as a goth girl I recognized Living Dead Dolls in the background :)
are the dolls in this episode Living Dead Dolls??
It's time to heal all wounds among the Chanels — living and dead. 😈
They had Living Dead Dolls in the Lizzie Borden house! — watching Supernatural at 678 Somerset Terrace Apartments
I collect those creepy dolls! Living Dead Dolls. I have over 50. Including Lizzy. :-)
Random living dead dolls in background, cute. I used to own one.
Me gustó un video de de my Be Goth Dolls and Living Dead Dolls
Quite possibly the best pencil sharpener ever.
Wicked excited about tonight's Supernatural, with the Living Dead Dolls at the Lizzie Borden house. Can't hardly wait! 👻 Best season ever. 💙
Living Dead Dolls appear on tonight's episode of Supernatural. Make sure to watch.
Living Dead Dolls Game...just as awesome as I thought it would be.
Over 300 Living Dead Dolls for Sale for sale via
minha vida é living dead, the state of dreaming, e valley of the dolls, mano serio, sou EU
The little kids looked like real life living dead dolls. Coffins and all.
Living Dead Dolls Beltane Serie 26 - Season of the Witch - Hexe - Puppe via
Living Dead Dolls make me happy but sad at the same time because I can't afford any right now :-(
When I own a house, around Halloween it's gonna be filled with animatronics, living dead dolls, and other assorted decorations so get ready
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
this was before now i think its freaky but i still kind of want it I love freaky Dolls epecially chucky/living dead dolls
do u have any living dead dolls? I have always wanted one of those x
It's a game where you're a high school girl living alone in your dead grandfather's house. Alone... except for 5 ball-jointed dolls
Also Christmas is 2 months away so who wants to fill my love for Living Dead Dolls and Wizard Of Oz & get this?
Living Dead Dolls at !! come to the booth 1754 to check them out!
Living dead dolls the annabelle doll -in next week, LINK:.
I liked a video from Halloween Haul 2015 and Funko Pops and Living Dead Dolls
How cute is my Living Dead Dolls collection display?!
Step by step Halloween makeup inspired by my Living Dead Dolls series 22 named Peggy Goo.
New post: The Creature from the Black Lagoon Collectible to be Released as Part of the 'Living Dead Dolls' Line
Living dead dolls and The walking dead opening: via
I liked a video from Living Dead Dolls SERIES 3 Blind Box
“The are following the yellow brick road! . SHOP:
And especially for a kid. Chucky looks like those *** living dead dolls even without cuts on his messed up ginger head.
The are following the yellow brick road! . SHOP:
yeah that I do. My brother is always trying to put collect me. He's doing a *** good job with 80 Living Dead Dolls. I got 32.
I have 13 living dead dolls and 13 minis! Addicted much??? :/
Is that a series of Living Dead Dolls?
I'm just a teen idle living dead in the valley of the dolls who don't wanna live in fear and loathing anymore
Dead Dolls series 20 Santeria brand new sealed box
I liked a video Living Dead Dolls Presents Chucky and Tiffany
oh yeah, she's one of the Living Dead Dolls series
Earlier, in the window of a toy shop, I saw the Living Dead Dolls version of Chucky that I used to want when I was a kid... ☺️
Goosebumps night of the living dummy is just as creepy as dead silence ! It's just something about those creepy dolls .
I need my cuddle buddy. Poor thing locked in storage :/ I wanna c my living dead dolls too. I need to go to storage
I want like all of The Living Dead Dolls omg
someone gift me with a beautiful set of Living Dead Dolls. ty
Bei uns sind Living Dead Dolls on sale!
Trying to find a cabinet to house my anime figures & Living Dead Dolls 'cuz I'm running out of room. Also I want some of them behind glass.
Wanted to try this out today! Recreate one of the Living Dead Dolls for coral_sivill_ Collab. Although…
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Sharing The Night of the Living Dead character portrait dolls of Johnny & Barbra for Russ & Judith:-)
Favorite marina songs — Lies, Living Dead, Valley of the Dolls, Lonely Hearts Club and Buy the Stars.
Joshua Hoffine Fan Page teams-up with Mezco Toyz to create Living Dead Dolls art project and you can be a part of it!
I need to have a yard sale. Soon. Working the night shift makes that a little tricky. So does the fact that I have less than 3 weeks before I move. Lots of stuff though nothing major; including assorted Build-A-Bear creations (with outfits ($10 ea), metal signs (Marilyn Monroe, Elvis etc $3 ea), a car battery charger ($15), plush character backpacks (Hello Kitty x2, red Angry Birds & Jack Skellington ($10 each), assorted shoes (sizes 9-10 $5/pair), peacock costume ($8), Ab Lounger ($5), heavy patio lounger ($5), numerous Living Dead Dolls (unopened $20/ea, opened $8) and a diverse assortment of board games. Think anyone would be interested in a yard sale at noon on a Sunday? ... I dread dragging it all out onto the grass in front of my apartment, and sitting around waiting, unless I can sell this stuff. Opinions and feedback welcome.
Living Dead Dolls: Lamenta. You can find this lovely here:
This is a new, in the package, Catrina doll from LIVING DEAD DOLLS SERIES 20. She is beautifully painted with a Day of the Dead theme.
Running out of places to display my Living Dead Dolls 😬
np talking to people, mashing up music, drawing, and looking for Living Dead Dolls ease my depression
Afew of my Living Dead Dolls and Sideshow 1/6scale boxes (Not all of them) :-)
I think they should make a living dead doll with your likeness. I love living dead dolls. You seem uber cool.
From the very collectible and creepy Living Dead Dolls series: Sin
Living Dead Dolls Headless Horseman from is available to pre-order now at your local comic shop!
but what Im referring to is the horror/thriller living dolls kind of movies. just sayin that dead silence is better than chucky
Not just teddy bears. most stuffed animals do the same thing. =) And my Living Dead Dolls.
Living Dead Dolls Holle Katrina Serie 26 - Season of the Witch via
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Living Dead Dolls Presents Headless Horseman Doll: The peeps behind the Living Dead Doll collection have really...
Living Dead Dolls Serie 26 - Season of the Witch Angebot Lammas Beltane Holle via
I want all of the Living Dead Dolls
Living Dead Dolls Nohell styles up with Chrysalis Code cinched.
I just listed: 'Living Dead Dolls Childs Play 4 Bride of Chucky Chucky and Tiffany Doll 2...', for $59.99 via
Alright gang...I'm counting Living Dead Dolls right now. More information this evening.
16.) I love living dead dolls. I currently have 3 but I wanna get more. 17.)I think my birth date is funny. Just because its June 9th. =69 18.) I'm typically hyper in the mornings.
My living dead dolls look so awesome at night when all that's lighting them up is a candle
I just bought one of these beauties. Of all my Dracula figues this might become my favorite! so cute and authentic as well and not very expensive. there is going to be a whole line of universal monster related living dead dolls.
Hey internet, find me one of these and buy it.
I won the Living Dead Dolls Halloween contest, again!!!
Hi Guys, NewGen ToyZ is having PRE Christmas SALE Sarting from 25/11/20113 - 25/12/2013! Xmas SALE Details and T&C: Christmas coming… *** *** *** Sales start from 25/11/2013 – 25/11/2013 First come first serve basic. Items are All Mint in Sealed Box and Authentic unless otherwise stated. When order is made, the item will be reserve for that week only, after which it will be release for sale. Price are fixed and non negotiable. *P.S Kindly no backing out on last minutes! Collection • Self-collection at Bedok during weekdays (my block after 8pm) or on Sunday (Bugis MRT 12pm - 3pm). Payment • Self collect - Cash on delivery We reserved the right to amend the terms and conditions. Description and Prices: ( PLS state clearly which Items you want and Email us at newgentoyz) Original Fake - Kaws passing through gray MONO tone - $566 Original Fake - Kaws passing through Black version -$566 DESKTOP REAL McCOY ONEPIECE 02 - Theater8 casted by mastermind JAPAN Ver - $283 Kotobukiya Accel World: Kuroyukihime ...
Played the living dead dolls board game with the girls tonight. So sick n twisted! And I of course won woot!
Carry over 18 kind off living dead dolls 40.00 each
Does anyone know where to buy living dead dolls in either muskogee or tulsa
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Would anyone be intereated in COLLECTIBLE Living Dead Dolls?
New Living Dead Dolls blind boxes based on my designs are out now
Lot of Living Dead Dolls too many to list message me if interested
What do you want Santa to leave in your stocking this year? I'm asking for, perfume, lotion, mini living dead dolls, new gloves, ankh earrings and xbox live points. I gots to gets my rock band on. ;D It's Christmas tradition in this house to rock out. ♥ I know it's a lot, but a stocking can hold so much, especially the big ones. ;D :) Have a jolly day, stay warm and be safe. ♥
living room contains about 30 dragons, dozen or so Day Of The Dead dolls and a set of miniature Korean exorcism masks.
I want to start collecting Living Dead Dolls :) But I dont know where to start :(
Buy the Agatha Living Dead Dolls Series 23 with fast shipping and excellent Customer Service.
Kyrston a few years back and her obsession with Living Dead Dolls! Who knew I was preparing her for…
Check out this eerie Living Dead Dolls from Psycho of Norman Bates as Mother
Today at Plato's So. Much. Stock. Arrived today, will need the rest of the night to upload them to the website. Feel free to order now to save me the trouble (I may even deliver). Email me at platosTOYS Tony Stark Scar Predator Ada Wong DOCTOR WHO 11 Doctors box TARDIS projection alarm clock 11th Doctor Mr Potato Head Trivial Pursuit and a bunch of other figures LIVING DEAD DOLLS Little Bo Creep Dracula Psycho Series 26 Superman Frank Quietly statue Star Wars AT-AT bookends and a Hulk maquette
Sorry about the living dead dolls everyone .I guess I was undercutting myself on the price. Im gonna sell them on ebay unless someone wants to message me about pricing.
A video view of Beltane from series 26 of the Living Dead Dolls. The music is "Sprite and the Wanderer" by Dan-O available from The Living Dea...
LIVING DEAD DOLLS Edgar Allan Poe & Annabel Lee Box Set by Mezco Toyz Living Dead Dolls Presents Edgar Allan Poe and Annabel Lee. The American author, Edgar Allan Poes final poem was Annabel Lee written in 1849 and published shortly after his death that same year. It is unclear whether the Annabe...
Even Living Dead Dolls had their last supper. Wonder if one of these dolls is named Judas?
We'll, she finally did it. She opened one of her Living Dead Dolls. Just happens to be the creepiest one yet. And I'm pretty sure she's gonna put it right on my nightstand. Merry early Christmas, Jynxi Ingrid Dharker!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Alice in wonderland Cheshire cat (purple) living dead dolls series. Serious peeps only worth 150 bucks hit me up with any offers or trades i also have the rest of the collection (queen of hearts, alice in wonderland, madhatter , rabbit)
Anyone have any Nightmare Before Christmas, Living Dead dolls, and the 10" Daryl Dixon and Large Funko POP! Daryl for trade? I have multiple items to trade a few figures, 15" Chucky, Chest of Souls Replica sweater, NOES Replica Syringe glove, Comic books of NOES and FT13, some walking dead items etc.. Let me know what you have and what your interested in and we'll see if we can make a trade. Unless I know you, or you have a lot of positive feedback I won't send first. I have made lots of transactions on multiple pages with no complaints.
Im going to wear what I want to wear and collect living dead dolls and gothic stuff and watch horror movies I know I'm different I'm fine with that if you don't like the way I am then you weren't a friend to began with. I'm not going to change I'm finally happy the way I am :D
The 22nd series of the Living Dead Dolls, pays tribute to the creatures that first inspired the creators more than a decade ago Zombies!Five rotting corpses, freshly reanimated, shuffle forth from their tombs and into the night. They search for brainstry to be open minded!Set of 5, each individua...
Living Dead Dolls and Hollywood Monsters for sale Christmas is around the corner! any questions send me a message all are in great condition
Betsy and Goria living dead dolls. Betsy has never been opened(the one on the right) and Betsy was opened one time just so i could make sure that her Bloody hat was in the box so i knew she came with everything. 20$ each. pick up in alliance ohio.
I haven't wanted to buy any for a while now. this one could make me change my mind.
gift for those who hate their children. Or whose children are really cool...
Dont' be a turkey, just check out this week's merchandise including several Living Dead Dolls, including Psycho...
♡ Part II of 'Track by Track' on Electra Heart ♡ : power & control, living dead, teen idle, valley of the dolls etc ht…
Living Dead Dolls Presents: Psycho dolls!!. ..Norman Bates as Mother comes with a removable wig and, just as he...
Pretty much determined to buy this hehe
Series 26 living dead dolls, in stock on wednesday :)
Living dead dolls presents scary tales, snow white and the evil queen, in stock soon :)
My four main collections are Monster High, living dead, monchichi, and ugly dolls!
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Oh you know, just decorating for the holidays. Apparently they still make Living Dead Dolls, I wish I…
Living Dead Dolls Psycho Dolls from are available Wednesday at your local comic shop!
They stopped selling Living Dead Dolls at our Spencer's Gifts and that makes me very upset.
Yay more living dead dolls for me :D
The new Living Dead Dolls Series 3 mini figures are in.
Why couldn't they have had living dead dolls when I was a tot?
The Living Dead Dolls series pairs up Chucky and Tiffany for their newest diabolical 2-Pack! Preorder it here:
my living dead dolls came and omfg they're adorable. I'm never opening the top one cos he's so rare!
on a brighter note, my mum text me saying my living dead dolls came so I have that to look forward to when I get in
Living Dead Dolls for sale. DM me for more info
Living Dead Dolls for sale. Jason Voohees from Friday the 13th character
Love it when I get new living dead dolls though c:
The Living Dead Dolls Child's Play Chucky Doll from is available Wednesday at your local comic shop!
My new cosplay shows . I play Otis and dead cheerleader love them living dead dolls!
Living dead dolls are my new obsession 😍
just won all of these mini living dead dolls for £20😊👌 gonna make them into cute necklaces for myself
My brother is coming up with visitation rights to his living dead dolls 😒 *** me off
Living Dead dolls are so expensive ffs someone donate to me
I have like 33 Living Dead Dolls and I'm dying for more
Just in time for Halloween-- Living Dead dolls! We almost couldn't display them because they freaked the...
for all your & needs. figures, Universal Monsters, Living Dead Dolls, much more
hopefully I'll get my other 7 living dead dolls in the morning, night ✌
my Star Wars monster mash ups with House of 1000 Corpses Living Dead Dolls!
Has anyone heard of Living Dead Dolls? I've just found them and have fallen in love with the concept
Today is Friday the 13th. Jason Voohees will come out and "having some fun" (Living Dead Dolls for sale)
Living Dead Dolls Bo Creep, she features real cloth clothing, a faux-lambskin hat, and her own coffin! Available now!
I want Living Dead Dolls and these are perfect
And errbody be like minions are cute. I find living dead dolls much more adorable.
In 2 hours ! I'll have my new living dead dolls :Bride of Frankenstein ! Love it ! I always love the bride :3
You know, doing Bride of Chucky Living Dead Dolls just makes sense.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Blah, someone mentioned Living Dead Dolls in the comments (
Recently released by the makers of Living Dead Dolls
I'm Back ;) I can't sleep i'm sick :( (yesterday was my birthday) I've many gifts :) so happy (and a new living dead dolls are coming ^^) xo
I'm going to start collecting Living Dead Dolls
Ironically she's the one who got a fever when I showed her happy tree friends. And I was the one who introduced her living dead dolls.
Jeremiah was a great believer in God, but in the midst of a bad time in his life, he felt God was nowhere to be found. "O God, art thou to me like a dried up brook when the waters fail?" Is anybody there? Does anybody care? Martin Luther, certainly no cynic, and surely a believer in God's mercy, nevertheless once cried out in rage, "My God, art thou dead?" Thomas Carlyle looked over the slums of London and groaned in disgust, "God sits in his heaven and does nothing." Is anybody there? Does anybody care? Even the strongest people of faith wonder in those terrible moments when it seems as if God is silent, "Does God really care?" The answer is a triumphant "Yes!" and God does have a plan. Some years ago, Americans were humming a tune titled, "Que Sera, Sera" ... Whatever will be, will be. It was a lovely song, but so far as the Word of God is concerned, it just is not true! Ours is not a God who, like some clockmaker, constructs some intricate mechanism, winds it up, sets it on the shelf, and then, just le ...
I just wanted to say thank you to ALL of you for opening up to me and letting me help you! Some of your stories bring tears to my eyes and I want to reach through the computer and give you a hug! Since I can't physically do that, the next best thing is me helping you get inspired and motivated again. Thank you for following my page! :-)
In case you missed it this morning, we're up and running with out Living Dead Dolls giveaway!
Too Bad There weren't More Men Like U in Our Crazy World, and too Bad the Majority of Men Were NEVER Taught this by their Family!
Katherine asks "Help! I have an invasion of cockroach inside my house. Any ideas on natural remedies since I have a 2 year old? We have tried sprays, traps and ultrasound but they're still invading!! Thank you!"
Just a thought...I know it's "only FB" but if I'm in a group with you and someone calls my kids illegitimate because they're an *** and know NOTHING about me but are trying to insult me, I'd expect you to back me up & say something to said person if you're my friend. Just sayin'... Anyone? And no, my minions came from a 13-year marriage to the SAME MAN, *** :p - Jen
Quick question: If, in haste, you needed to put together a 10-song playlist of Grateful Dead music, which songs would you deem essential? This is a serious inquiry. Thank you.
Only my sister LynnVince Borja Paulino would read an obituary wrong and make us attend a mass & rosary for a man we don't know. Ai ya yai.
Trying to get these kids to sleep early so can have adult time without kids!
Come someone please explain what is the meaning or significance or even sick joke behind tying a dead dove to your gate?? Sickening to say the least.
Todays blind box toy review is the Living Dead Dolls mini figures by
I SHOULD LIE IN THE SUN AND MELT INTO THE GRASS I should lie in the sun and melt into the grass. I listen to the bikers throttling up like chain-saws. I sit here urgently trying not to pollute time. A poem’s got one foot on shore and one in the boat. Let Atlantis rise or sink as it will. I can wait. Even when it’s calm, my heart is an idling storm and every third thought is a voodoo doll as it sees itself on the inside behind the eyelid of a visionary eclipse. Nothing to worry about. I’m not going to put the eyes of the telescope out for looking at Lady Godiva. Look at me tracking myself all over this paper, mouse and bird letters in the snow at the base of a juniper. How human it is to forgo yourself for a future that doesn’t exist. God, I wish there were more fireflies in my life than street signs. Do you see the lack of meaning in how things are understood? Thought will get you as far as a frog on a lily pad but once you get there it’s easy to see it’s the lily that shines in a whole other ...
I think living dead dolls are the only dolls that aren't skinny as twigs...
Christian slater is sittin across from me n roasted pinky. Like bad
I -would- be attracted to the Living Dead Dolls at the comic book store.
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Living Dead Dolls: Psycho Dolls Norman Bates as Mother and Marion are available to pre-order now!
I have no plans for the 4th of July. what's going on?
BUSINESSWOMAN and former glamour model will be joining us to answer your questions tomorrow at 12.20pm
I want to own creepy porcelain dolls. They'll fit in with my Living Dead Dolls perfectly.
Living Dead Dolls are just the cutest.
Today is another day. I realized that it has been 18 months since Alex died and yesterday was Tuesday. The fourth of July was always something Alex enjoyed with us and her friends. We used to have an annual barbecue at your house. I just can't do it without her yet. I am getting sick, which *** I just don't know if I can muster up the emotional health to get myself to get dressed and go to work. I have been doing so much better with this. There are times when I just cannot do it. Luckily, I have a job where I have some flexibility, and no court this week because of the holiday. Usually, I can make myself do it, and I feel better. The inner battle that takes place on days like this are awful. I used to write more like this in the early days of this process, but stopped because of some of the feedback I was getting about doing it. Well, I am not sure it has been the best thing. You guys helped me through Alex's death and the first year. Most people wouldn't dream of being so transparent on FB. I just hop .. ...
Part 6 *L! Please stop! Hm? L? What’s wrong?* *.*.*L. did you just. fall for her?* “huh?” he shake his head *No! Of course not! What do you know about me?* *I can feel you heart beating so fast. L--* *Shut up Myungsoo! Shut up! Shut up!* “L! Don’t touch her!” Sungyeol run to you and punch him “.” he touch his chest *did I fall for her.?*.*yes* *shut up Myungsoo! I’m thinking!* *I’m just helping you! Cih, whatever. anyway you deserve that punch from my best friend* *ck, shut up.* “~! are you okay?” Hoya and Dongwoo run to you “~, oh my god, look at her neck... it’s red” Sungjong cover his mouth “yah, L! What did you do to her!?” Sungyeol ask “.” he just silent “L! I’m asking you *** ” Sungyeol was about come to him and punch his face but Hoya stop him “hyung. something is wrong.” “yeah, something is REALLY wrong was just happening! Now, Let me punch him!” “no! I mean he usually gonna hit us back, but he just silent” “Woohyun stop dragging me! I ...
Why are Living Dead Dolls so expensive?! I want Toxic Molly, but can't really justify ever spending £130 on a doll.. They used to to £30?! 😭
I have four Living Dead Dolls. Gotta buy more when I get a job.and a place to put them.
769# If we had sex, how would we have it? we wouldn't have sex, because I have better things to spend my minute on.
how much is it to raise a child today? How bout a handicap child? Well Duane thinks 5 dollars and 71 cents a day is enough to cover it 40 bucks a week and he never sees her he has seen her once in the last 6months unless I brought her to my parents house were this loser actually lives that's right he lives at my parents house as well and il called him a dead beat father cause he refuses to see her he's always busy I ask him everyday jus to take her for the day I'm I wrong well this is my way off calling you out Duane you say you not a dead beat dad well take Chloe its your daughter for just 1night please is that too much to ask her father or is 40 enough to cover it! And never take her what kind of man doesn't want to see his own kid is it cause she's handicapped
2230: post this confession because I want these kids to know that I am using a Samsung s4, bb bold and driving a polo vivo, I rent a R15 000 flat and I do not wear anything less than R2 000. Tomorrow am getting a R9 000 Indian hair. I want to get the new VW Sirocco course polo is just so'nami ng'nayo" eish okay admin let me not say much incase I have to come back and brag again".
I liked a video Living Dead Dolls Peggy Goo. review by Rylie
We've lost another bright light in Deep Ellum. 31-year old model and artist Summer Amshoff. Summer, apparently at her own...
"Girls! Which Celebrity guy do u see as ur bf,,eg my Teddy is my Edward Collin :) let's hear yours,"
Living Dead Dolls Zombie Series: Peggy Goo. This is a creepy one! You can find it here:
Dreams are much more important than most people realize. Dreams are communication from your unconscious mind, a vast source of creativity, and your connection to the cosmic forces.
PSYCHO Living Dead Dolls. I will want these when they come out.
Mezco Set to Release the PSYCHO Living Dead Dolls this October! link:
I remember spotting a few Living Dead Dolls back at the ToyCon and just freaking out but they were too darn expensive for my life :(
Living dead dolls are awesome and creepy
Selling Living dead dolls for Tuition Please take a look and pass along the link Thanks. Look what I found on
Don't tell Mother but Mezco Toyz has announced the release of their Living Dead Dolls series based on the classic 1960 film Psycho.
Hmm. I don't think Hot Topic is selling Living Dead Dolls anymore. Now I'll have to buy them online.:(
If i ever have kids, they are def going to have these dolls.
that's just too incredibly sweet. That's actually like me and my living dead dolls.
Living Dead Dolls collector's... we just listed lots of dolls that were released within the last 2/3 years.
psst: see another of my buried treasures SEALED - Lottie - Living Dead Dolls Series 3 - New In COFFIN BOX Mezco ..
Living Dead Dolls are on sale, hurry while stocks last there's only 2 left!
How amazing would it be if Marina done a music video for living dead or valley of the dolls
Living Dead Dolls Pestilence, part of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Available at:...
okay i take that back favs are Valley of the Dolls,Living Dead, & Fear and Loathing 😊
Omg this man has the Living Dead Dolls of EAP! I'm about to steal them ! 😱❤❤❤❤
I need to move out. No room for my stuff in my bedroom. I want to show off my Living Dead Dolls :D
I made my grandma buy me living dead dolls from Spencer's
I don't have enough Living Dead Dolls or Elm Street related things.
I like Living Dead Dolls too much x(
Living dead dolls otto like them there allsome
I liked a video from Living Dead Dolls Mystery Box | Ashens
Living dead num valley of the dolls
Fye hamilton has the new arkham citys new 52 green arrow, and universal monsters living dead dolls
Recently released: Living Dead Dolls, Frankenstein and his bride. You can find it:
Photo: my most recent Living Dead dolls! Psychobillies! (no more now for a while..must stop)...
All of you who have been eyeing my Living Dead Dolls - now's your chance to *** them up! I'm selling my...
They should make living dead dolls store
My living dead dolls look especially alive tonight. I have a feeling I'll be dead by morning.
Trying to decide my fav Living Dead Dolls but there are so many cool ones oooh
The latest pins on my Doll and Plushie board consist of Living Dead Dolls and Hello Kitty. I find that amusing.
Little Bo Creep from Living Dead Dolls can be yours for under thirty bucks...
Ayyyee look where it says mrs.conceited ... Change that cuz your not my girlfriend nor conceited , nobody even calls you conceited.
So what!? I'm engaged to a girl that's 13 yrs younger than me. I don't care she's freaking gorgeous!
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