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Live Aid

Live Aid was a dual-venue concert that was held on 13 July 1985. The event was organized by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to raise funds for relief of the ongoing Ethiopian famine.

Bob Geldof David Bowie Midge Ure Wembley Stadium Freddie Mercury Princess Diana George Michael Jimmy Page Robert Plant Elton John Prince Charles Phil Collins Brian May Ryder Cup Thomas Dolby Keith Haring Noel Edmonds Adam Lambert

SAT 11 NOV:. Charity Night with live music in aid of For tickets call 01604 405 842
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IDS should now that 1. Aid is not allowed to be used as a foreign policy tool & 2. The UK has been doing it for yea…
British Cabinet Minister Priti Patel to be fired for:-. Unauthorized meetings with Netanyahu. Wanting to use "Foreign Aid" mone…
Year 7 pupils joined thousands of students taking part in the St John Ambulance ‘Big First Aid Lesson’ streamed live to s…
She thought it would be good to use our overseas aid budget for the Israeli army while Palestinian kids live in rubble…
For the sake of the UK, its citizens, its NHS, its schools and the safe return of our innocent people wrongly detai…
[NEWS] Following the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show, BTS is now confirmed to be appearing on The Ellen Show as well! htt…
Robert Plant and Jimmy Page on stage during Live Aid, 1985
Someone tell Andy Burnham he aint at Live Aid.
George Michael, Bono, Paul McCartney, and Freddie Mercury performing for the finals of Live Aid, 1985
On July 13, 1985, at Wembley Stadium in London, Prince Charles and Princess Diana officially open Live Aid.
I bet Midge Ure is laughing. Bob stole his thunder at Live Aid. Bob got a knighthood, he didn't. . Unkempt,foul mout…
'It has recently come to my attention that the Beach Boys concert mum has invited me to 15 times is in fact, Live Aid.'
Ariana Grande is 23 years old and has organised the Live Aid of her generation two weeks after horrific trauma. QUEEN.
Princess Diana, David Bowie, George Michael & Elton John at the "Feed the World" Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadiu…
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Live by Night: how the gangster film went from top of the world to sleeping with the fishes…
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Live Aid promoter Harvey Goldsmith furious as Royal Albert Hall allows its members to resell tickets - The Telegraph
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Not me personally, but my Dad flew from Belfast to Live Aid and said they stole the show. That performance was spel…
Do you get less financial aid if you don't live in the dorms?
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We are lucky to live in a country where there is care and concern for others. Kindly share my call for help to aid…
The Plymo-Scouse replay will look like a Jeremy Kyle Live concert. . Like Live Aid, but where the ones you're helping attend instead.
I liked a video from Live Aid Against All Odds Documentary (Part 2 of 2)
All I will say ... is wait and see.. min wage goes up cost of living goes up.. I live it everyday.. no kool-aid jus…
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Ich mag das von Carmella comes to the aid of James Ellsworth: SmackDown LIVE,
Britain sent £2.54bn in bilateral aid to Africa in 2015. This is unacceptable when 15% of British people live below the poverty line.
Happy Birthday Bowie! You go on to inspire me everyday, we miss you.. Rebel Rebel (Live Aid)
Get your friends together and see the Magoos in concert in aid of LC. Book your tickets here
Sometimes I underline sentences in books by hand without the aid of a straight-edged bookmark. Because I like to live da…
PM to send ANOTHER £100million to Pakistan in 'foreign aid' while 1.7million kids in Britain live in severe poverty
In this week's email: Phil Collins on Live Aid, will Jimmy Page perform next month?, and Robert Plant's performance at Bill Wyman's birthday
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And here's a book on Dylan, which reviews his art and his politics through the 60s,Live Aid and rueful reflection o…
Status Quo's Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt on planes, drugs, crazed fans, opening Live Aid and the perils of fame: htt…
Robbie Coltrane giving away his car for Live Aid, with the late Mike Smith . July 13th/14th 1985. .
sorry about the grammar but that would be perfect. Plus maybe a Neighbours style Live Aid with Kylie, Jason, Holly, Craig et al
Bob Geldof Talks About the Greatest Day of His Life Stepping on the Stage of Live Aid in a Short Doc by Errol…
Birhan Woldu, the 'face of Live Aid' says charity has done 'nothing' for her
Am watching ur LIVE program now pls how do one outside UK donate?
Radio Gaga by Queen on I will never forget the Live Aid performance.
How many blacks and Latinos live in Vermont. My 41 year old son drinks that Bernie Kool aid also.
is live on sky 857 raising money for their Syria appeal, donate
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Respect for what you r doing for humanity sir :)) may you live long. More power to
Olympics trials 2016 live stream: Time, TV schedule and how to watch div.. Related Articles:
Jeez! Geldof's been coasting on remnants of Live Aid virtue for decades & it was a disaster for Eritreans/Ethipians! https:…
Remain camp seem to have sunk to an all time low with this stunt. Bob Geldof was a beacon of light with Live Aid...
Little Giant Ladders
The solutions to Africa's problems lie in Africa, not in Live Aid conc...
All that money raised for Live Aid and they open this in Texas! Oh the Irony. Would Bob Geldof approve?
Queen Facts and Figures: Unanimously voted best band at Live Aid by media, journalists, critics, fans and Bob Geldof.
when pete townshend falls during Wont Get Fooled Again at Live Aid and roger daltry rolls around on the floor next to him. . true friendship
ACT II Scene 2 Mandy tells her assistant about seeing John Campbell at Live Aid
I was 11 and remember watching Live Aid. Remember staying up late to watch Madonna & Simon le bon sang a bum note!
Navjot Singh Sidhu with Queen singer Freddie Mercury just before the band's epic performance at Live Aid (1985)
in honor of that Mike Love piece, here's the maestro with Peter Max & Keith Haring (at Live Aid, apparently)
Does Beyonce even know who Eldridge Cleaver was ? Bit like Whitney Houston shouting Nelson Mandela at Live Aid
There's a story of Live Aid... Noel Edmonds was ferrying the VIPs around in helicopters. After Bowie had performed...
When Bowie did Live Aid, my Dad tried to record it but accidentally recorded BBC2 so that's why we have a video tape of the stepford wives
in 1990? I was at that one and Maine Road, Wembley and I saw him at Live Aid which was the main reason for going.
'82 playing The Roxy New York with him in our audience. '85 Sharing a stage at Live Aid. '87 Being his support act. My car…
David Bowie performing "Heroes" @ Live Aid (1985) w/ the legendary Thomas Dolby on keyboards:
irish & lived here for years. Incredible amount if charity work including Live Aid. Terry Wogan is another one.
Louis Gossett Jr is an expert jet fighter pilot and Queen played at Live Aid?
we're holding Live Aid for Syrian refugees this Sunday, 3-5 pm at St. Michael's church Lilleshall Shropshire, TF10 9HE come!
July 13, 1985 Polaroid of Sean Penn & Madonna at Live Aid by Keith Haring! (a month before their wedding) 💏💘
trump supporters don't want any inquiry or criticism of donald trump! They live at the orange kool aid factory! 😂 SMH!
Oh my favorite Decade! Heavy Metal Music, Hair Bands and Live Aid.. When MTV was the best
Trolling in aid of pick on do up live fetching! here's are nearly baksheesh.: yFYFl
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Live Aid founder Bob Geldof sent a message in defence of the BBC to a star-studded meeting of ministers and celebrities …
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Allowed to live our own way would surely aid with getting through our issues. It's just the breaking the expectations and going for it
Help provide aid to natural disasters survivors for a chance at a trip to hang with the band in LA:
Just to clarify - I'm not running an actual marathon. It's a super long live stream all in aid of Stand Up To Cancer
All prospective medical and non-medical aid workers: join us for a live webinar 10/22
Now 5 live Investigates cuts to legal aid which are affecting families in crisis.
Cubs' Jon Lester doesn't live up to his playoff rep in NLCS-opening loss.. Related Articles:
Over 200K just went poof in Syria in the last 4 years; activists, aid workers, journalists, lawyers, doctors, protestors, w…
on new album 'Get Up' and Live Aid memories. you belong to me.
Who said Hitler and Stalin's legacy doesn't live on. This guy is a kool aid member.
In case you didn't see this week's email about Halloween and South Beach.
here's the source material Maybe Bernard Watson at 13:51. He's not on the DVD apparently. Blank canvas
Yup they drink Obummer kool aid by the gallon and live in LALA land
fecking Live Aid. With 6 days notice and a line up of 95% dull blokes
I added a video to a playlist John Schneider - One More Night (Live at Farm Aid 1986)
VidDeck News: Rickroll Charity Livestream with less than 24 hours to go in aid of
Ravens vs 49ers live stream: Start time, TV channel and how to watch online.. Related Articles:
RE2: Only 1 first aid spray challenge, later some RE3 challenges too, I'm now live:
Brilliant quote from Cass - “trust me I have laundry that goes back as far as Live Aid”
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Do you want your kids to live with you all their life so they can aid you when you're old and unable or let them move out at 18?
And if Harper gets in once again with a long stride and numbers to aid his murky plans, god help me, I will live in suppressed horror.
I have to disagree with you there Jon Gaunt. I see Live aid as nothing but a scam.
I mean it's a comma, you guys act like I just spilled look aid on my white T on live tv or something lol
*Love, reign o'er me, rain on me, rain on me* Roger Daltrey sensational performer!! The Who, Live Aid. 🌂 ☔ 🌂 ☔
John lydon - on piers morgan show. Invented punk rock which invented Bob Geldof who invented Live Aid and saved millions of lives. Amazing!
Fundraising ideas that rocked the world - from Live Aid to the Ice Bucket Challenge!
Freddie Mercury greets other performers as he arrives at Live Aid in 1985. He would have turned 69 today.
Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page perform during the Live Aid benefit concert in 1985.
This is the letter Queen received, in which Live Aid organizers Bob Geldof and Harvey Goldsmith are…
Princess Diana and Prince Charles with Bob Geldof, David Bowie, Brian May and Roger Taylor at Live Aid, 1985.
One example, not of a photo, but a video is Michael Buerk's doc about Ethiopian famine. Singlehandedly led to Live Aid, raised £145M.
We live in a society that is increasingly desensitized to the plights of others. Where we would rather video record tragedy than render aid.
Y'all misuse and misunderstand the context of the words "aid" and "assistance."
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I live in Magodo Isheri and for months now we have not had light for 5 minutes. The govt should pls come to our aid
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they will still love him when they are living off of state aid and live in a lovely hood.Divorce me thinks.Bets?
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The caller should just go live in a country that is more suited 2 his beliefs.They shd perhaps consider using Int Aid
LIVE on Live from Tyrone, Kirk & Chez's Charity Gikf Day in aid of !!.
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"He was making me breakfrast!" -Mama Jody was mad Melvin drank up all the Kool-Aid... "What he live here now?!!"
The law of unintended consequences. Who knew live aid would herald the demise of our own civilisation?
live aid was 1986, so what ya gonna do. I dont know
I live, I learn, you will always take what I have earned. So aid my end while I believe I'm winning.
NOW: “Cooperation between Ukraine and Latvia. Latvian aid and expertise for fighting corruption in Ukraine”. live
9/11 from the UK. LIVE Wrestling w/ Comedian Jonny Cole vs for Womens Aid!
I mean do u lefties EVER question what happens w this AID?Or these charities u give ££ too?Live Aid etc
Xbox Live is down again as some gamers have difficulty logging on.. Related Articles:
One for the new students - enjoy a day of live music from local bands at on 26th September all in aid of The C…
Excellent piece on child poverty, charity and holiday hunger, a "Live Aid" for Britain's poor
In Sana'a a 850 child live in hunger after the theft of Saudi aid by the Houthi militia .
BBC - Radio 5 live 5 live Daily - 30/07/2015 Franklin Sinclair is online now talking about Legal Aid
BBC Radio 5 Live Discussion on the crisis on access to Justice and Legal Aid NOW.
Proud to be sponsoring the Bardwell Tractor Road Run In Oct. LIVE music, BBQ, family fun. In aid of
Watching my Live Aid 85 DVD.Wow. Quo, Style Council, Rats and Adam Ant. I was 12 and living in Bolton. A world away.
Listen to Best of Live Aid by Apple Music Rock on
Lovin watching snips from Live Aid, so proud Ro performed in this, then flew in by hellicopter to play Haigh Hall
Live Aid at 30: Thomas Dolby feared he'd ruin concert -
July 13, 1985: David Bowie watching Live Aid at Wembley Stadium with Roger Taylor and Brian May.
Live Aid: the day music united the world
Face of Ethiopian famine says Live Aid has done nothing for her: … the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia in ...
LOL. John Doran remembers how Live Aid was one of the three events that set him off into depression and alcoholism
Doran on Live Aid: "I know the 80s and childhood are over. Humanity has peaked. The world has become a darker place"
30 years after Live Aid, John Doran explains why that afternoon sent him off to years of depression & alcoholism
Working on an essay about Live Aid and found this: Patti LaBelle having a surreal tete a tete w/ Rowdy Roddy Piper: htt…
Apart from Quo and Queen (obvs), Simon Le Bon's bum note in the middle of View to a Kill was THE highlight of Live Aid for me.
Live Aid was 30 years ago today. I wonder if anyone drove Ric Ocasek home afterwards. *jazz hands*
Had completely forgotten the Thompson Twins were part of Live Aid. How I loved this song
“Goodbye Is Forever: Duran Duran, Live Aid & the End of the Second British Invasion” by David Chiu
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The dead cannot come to kinsmen's aid.
Live: Majority of U.s. House Votes to Extend Deadline to July 30 for another Vote on Aid for Workers Hurt by Trade,
July 23rd: Live Music with Spencer Michaud at the Farmers Market from 4 - 6 PM
July 30th: Live Music with Kevin Devine at the Farmers Market from 4 - 6 PM
Believe it, or not, when Bono flicked his hair forward at Live Aid in '85, my hair was long enough to do it, too. Incredibly...
I basically live in financial aid , they always want something😒
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Hello Kitty hits road for 1st live tour in North America
Real live want this kool aid pickle 😒
he did live in Rotherham lol. Accident was in Leeds and I was first one there had to give First aid to biker
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Legal aid cuts, police brutality, prisons, benefit reforms and media all combine to force us to live a life of "virtue" or suffer.
I really don't understand how financial aid expects folks to live?
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Live near Help develop the future of hearing aid technologies at our co-creation workshop
Legal Aid in crisis: UK's failure to protect women from violence now on at Follow & for live updates
Rock promoter Harvey Goldsmith: "Live Aid killed creativity in the music business."
That was nice of the to come to my aid, and offer help believe that good people do live in
Next group session is live, and why I have been so quiet the last few weeks!
Plus 80's icon & Band Aid founder will be with us to chat about his 80's invasion tour. That's live from 12.30 o…
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18yr old sleeps outside RFK stadium, begs Bill Graham and is allowed to open Live Aid '85 in Philly. Bernard Watson
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LIVE on Strawberry lemon aid take 2
comes back to Aug 7-9. Live Jazz open to the public downtown Sat & headline Sun
knew of live anthrax shipments since Friday. Only revealed it yesterday. 26 people getting med aid. 9 state…
"The King of Pop will soon be here! Adam Lambert will perform at Live Aid charity concert Saturday 6 June..."
Our weekend open house list is live. Join us at one of our many open houses this Saturday and Sunday!
Re-hashing my feed for evidence a menopause relief aid co. called Live 'Cool' would feel the need to follow me & how to get more like them.
Live music and comedy Saturday 6 June 2015 in aid of Willowbrook Hospice. FREE entry, FREE food
If you're on Periscope, you'll get a live tour of the British Museum today.. Related Articles:
New live music tomorrow from 2pm in aid of
Freddie Mercury at Wembley Stadium for Live Aid on 13th July 1985
24 hour destiny live stream in aid of THE BIG C starts tonight at 10pm UK time find us on twitch (algore_xb)
Can you find Norman Reedus at LIVEAID? Time travel is amazing!
Idaho live animal exports soar during 2015 first quarter
Decided to go to school full time and just live off financial aid whatever
We are all still looking for America. First Aid Kit, live, with Paul Simon in the audience. Fantastic.
Roy Keane will be interviewed by Matt Cooper live in the Olympia Theatre on 25/06/15 in aid of
Guys that are gonna live in straight, keep aid freshener
Mummy bought me kool-aid...i didnt live intil this moment guys
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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS just gone live. In aid of the campaign.
Freddie: Roger, we've got some serious competition with the hair!. Roger: Yep. . B+J: Who cares? It's Live Aid time!!!
this Sunday have an open day in aid of .
Live event marketing: Defining ROI and success: Real-life exp... +
While live in tents or worse, demands to $45 billion from U. S. In military "Aid"..! RT
SUNDAY! . Live on iPPV. . Page vs Gargano. Don't miss it!. http:/…
Band aid dont fix bullet holes you live like that you live with ghost...
.Urgent need for aid in ME says to Article translated by
in 1986: 30,000,000 people watch "Live Aid", a benefit concert for the Ethiopian famine
Bob Geldof handwritten text portrait using acts from Live Aid & Live 8, can you spot Dave Matthews Band?
Queen front man Freddie Mercury entertaining the crowds at Live Aid in 1985. He tragically died of aids in 1991
Eightes pop legends the Thomson Twins on playing Live Aid.. with Madonna as ... - Scottish Daily Record
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Led Zeppelin - Rock And Roll: via one of my favorite Zeppelin songs. Will never forget Live Aid version
Don't ask me why, but I'm watching a bbc4 programme on Status Quo. On pops Midge Ure and he's banging on about Geldof and Live Aid. Again.
LIVE: Blizzard of 2015 Rages on From Massachusetts to Maine: 5:18 a.m. Tuesday: Mail delivery is canceled Tues...
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Dear, . Whoever made the Kool-aid. It's *** And im ashamed to live in the same house as you 😒
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Yepp. Bout to have to get live in the Financial aid office. Pray for me.
Dr. Harrison & Mr. McGhee prepping for Alabama Live with about financial aid night on Thursday! http…
When our Govt is borrowing money to finance foreign aid, I shan't pay Live Aid a penny, hate all you want, charity begi…
To all those who dare say Adam Lambert is "better" than Freddie?? Please view... Queen at Live Aid …
'24 hours left to live': Purported Islamic State message threatens Japanese hostage and Jordanian pilot: Deadl...
Purported Islamic State message: Japan, Jordan hostages less than ‘24 hours left to live’: BEIRUT — An online ...
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I liked a video Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - This Old House (Live at Farm Aid 1990)
Live: News, travel and sport from Coventry and Warwickshire
Japan hostage has ‘less than 24 hours to live,’ says online post: BEIRUT — An online message purportedly from ...
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Petition! Request the Japanese government to suspend the aid against Islamic State so the hostages will live.
I am asking to organise like a Live aid to save a unguilty Japanese man, but when I think about our situation, am I wrong?
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The gorgeous live at 2014 in aid of
New Report Available: Home Care in Romania: (- Romania's economic growth picked up pace...
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Where Holocaust survivors gather to live out their days
Had great time with girls this morning! Thank you for supporting our project LIVE MUSIC ZUMBA PARTY in aid of...
If there is any secret to this life I live, this is it: the sound of what cannot be seen sings within...
I liked a video The Life of Rock with Brian Pern - Live Aid, Phil Collins, Noel Edmonds and the KGB.
Happy birthday to Paul Young, 59 today! Pictured here on stage at Live Aid.
Hey there! Debbi Calton here. Today is Jimmy Page's birthday! Tell me YOUR LZ concert experiences! I ALMOST got to see Led Zeppelin Official (all original members intact) twice. I had a ticket for a show in Greensboro, NC back in 1977 but I gave it to a buddy who had returned from Viet Nam a couple of years earlier. Then I had tickets for an outdoor show in Tampa the next month (June '77) and that show was cancelled shortly after it started due to thunderstorms and the riots that followed. I DID get to see Zep at Live Aid with Phil Collins so that was some consolation.
"The Tide Is Turning (After Live Aid)" is a song from the 1987 album Radio K.A.O.S., by Roger Waters. Though Waters had offered his services for the Live Aid...
02:00 Seven More Days That Rocked the World: Stuart Maconie focuses on the Live Aid concerts organised by Bob Geldof.
Live Aid - 13 July 1985 - Wembley Stadium, London. The most tremendous live performance ever ! The crowd is fantastic, although there weren't only Queen's fans. Freddie has attracted the audience as a magnet and all participated, singing and clapping along with him. His voice was in tremendous shape, whole band played everything perfectly, all this combined with Freddie's dance with the cameraman leading to the result that Queen stole the show that day. Live Aid was a dual-venue concert organized by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to raise funds for ethiopian famine.The event was held simultaneously at Wembley Stadium in London and J.F.K. Stadium in Philadelphia. It was one of the largest-scale satellite and television broadcasts of all time: an global audience of 1.9 billion, across 150 nations, watched the live broadcast. Brian May: "I'd never seen anything like that in my life and it wasn't calculated either... I remember thinking 'oh great, they've picked it up' and then I thought 'this is not a Queen audien ...
RARE RECORDINGS: REMEMBERING THE IDEALISM OF MUMBAI'S 1985 AID BHOPAL ROCK CONCERT (On the eve of the 30th anniversary of one the Biggest Industrial Disasters this world has ever witnessed - BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY - 1984) A article Inspired by the Live Aid concerts, a group of Mumbai youngsters organised a local version of the event that raised Rs 2.5 lakhs for the gas victims. The disaster in Bhopal seemed so enormous, everyone wanted to do their bit to help out. So just under a year after the devastating gas leak from the Union Carbide factory in December 1984, approximately 10,000 Mumbai youngsters filed into Brabourne Stadium downtown to listen to some of India’s most exciting rock bands play their hearts out for the survivors. The event was called Aid Bhopal, and it had been inspired by the Live Aid concert that had been held in London and Philadelphia to raise money for the victims of the Ethiopian famine a few months earlier. Like the famous We Are the World track that accompanied the Liv . ...
30 years since Live Aid. It only seems a couple of years ago. The bad news is that in another 30 years I'll be 93.
Went to see Bob Geldof earlier. Band Aid 30 to record on Sat but dont expect another Live Aid
.talks style, drugs and pop & soul with “This is our biggest audience since since Live Aid.”
Moments later Geldof and Prince Charles had that embarrassing snog at Live Aid. Woman sat behind is disgusted.
If you read one thing on today read this brilliant interview with Live Aid founder Bob Geldof. He gets it. http:…
Carl Lawson: Smith & Jones introduce Queen at Live Aid. "We've had a bit of a complaint about the noise."...
Live Aid star Midge Ure to perform Vienna at Ryder Cup concert
Live Aid legend Midge Ure will perform his signature hit Vienna with a live orchestral backing for the first time at a major concert to mark the staging of the Ryder Cup in Scotland. The...
live pictures tracking an ambulance with Aid worker with Ebola virus to hospital are sensationalist nonsense and scare mongering.
's coming to London! UK Fans, Book NOW! All proceeds will be donated to in aid o…
We will be streaming live this evening on YouTube
Hundreds of refugees in Iraq live on one floor of an abandoned mall in Erbil.They need aid, food, water.
prob with you guys is you live on zakat of US/UK and curse survival depends on their aid yet you hate them. Strange
The VMAs won't be the same without her, but for those who wish to watch, here's a live stream: h…
By your own efforts Waken yourself, watch yourself. And live joyfully.
Live music/beverages/light apps/fun at our house party on 8/27 at Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center. Join us!
Etiwanda School District voted to expand services to include students who live 2 1/2 miles from school.
Check out what I found. LIVE AID 1985 VINTAGE T SHIRT MEDIUM via
Live time loan in contemplation of breed midst incapacitated give credit - factors toward reckon in the past applying in aid of m: dhfyC
Great BBQ and live band tonight in aid of PANDAS charity.. Thank you for donating some beer for charity
After being on hold for so long with financial aid you wondering if they hung up
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