Liv Tyler & Steve Buscemi

Liv Rundgren Tyler (born July 1, 1977) is an American actress and model. Steven Vincent Steve Buscemi (or in American usage; born December 13, 1957) is an American actor, writer and film director. 4.0/5

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Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Owen Wilson, Billy Bob Thorton, Liv Tyler, MC Duncan, Steve Buscemi. Armageddon is the best movie of all time.
Calling Stephen Tyler, Liv Tyler, Bruce Willis, Steve Buscemi, and Ben Affleck... wait, screw Ben, we can do this...
You know that song from the 1998 movie Armageddon? Not the one with Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler, but the one with Steve Buscemi and Michael Clarke Duncan?! Yeah that's me right now!
Armageddon with Bruce Willis, the late Michael Clark Duncan, Steve Buscemi, Liv Tyler & Billy Bob Thornton. Love it.
The cast in this movie is Kush. . Willis, Affleck, Billy Bob Thorton, Liv Tyler, & Steve Buscemi... Eddie G with the guest spot.
Liv Tyler, Steve Buscemi and space what more could you want from a film really
"Bruce Willis dies, Liv Tyler cries, Steve Buscemi fries, right?" Armageddon, as told by Barbara Gibson cc:
Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, Steve Buscemi, and MC Duncan (rip) know this movie? One of my all time favs!
like this and I will send you a message of what I would tell you before I left if a giant meteor the size of Texas was coming to blow up the earth and a group consisting of Liv Tyler, Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Steve Buscemi, Billy Bob Thornton and Me were sent to destroy it. (only doing alsdfj many)
I wish it was Steve Buscemi who got together with Liv Tyler in Armegeddon
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