Liv Tyler & Bruce Willis

Liv Rundgren Tyler (born July 1, 1977) is an American actress and model. Walter Bruce Willis (born March 19, 1955), known professionally as Bruce Willis, is an American actor, producer, and singer. 5.0/5

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It’s all dependent on getting Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Steve Buschemi, & Liv Tyler to sign…
MOVIE: �Armageddon� starring Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Billy Bob Thornton & Liv Tyler is a meteor storm of an action movie! Pls RT
We need Bruce Willis to save us. And liv Tyler.
Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Owen Wilson, Billy Bob Thorton, Liv Tyler, MC Duncan, Steve Buscemi. Armageddon is the best movie of all time.
Calling Stephen Tyler, Liv Tyler, Bruce Willis, Steve Buscemi, and Ben Affleck... wait, screw Ben, we can do this...
I haven't watched something that made me tear up since Bruce Willis gave that speech to Liv Tyler at the end of...
Kind of reminds me of that Bruce Willis/ Ben Afleck/ Liv Tyler movie... Arma something..
Ah, it was incest, that explains Bruce Willis' rage at Batfleck and Liv Tyler hooking up.
How does the scene in Armageddon where Bruce Willis says goodbye to Liv Tyler gets me every time?
16 years later and the goodbye scene in Armageddon between Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler still gets me. And if you say it doesn't get you; you're a *** dirty liar.
1998, there are 2 identical disaster theme movie, 1st is Armegeddon starring Bruce Willis, Ben Afleck and Liv Tyler. 2nd is Deep Impact starring Alijah Woods and Morgan Freeman. Although both are a same theme movies and are very much identical at how earth are facing the end of her life, but both presented in a very different way. Armegeddon are shot in a very beautiful way and action oriented, that's the forte of director Michael Bay who brought you Transformers, Bad Boys and The Rock. Deep Impact are mostly the opposite. It is shot in a very standard way. Less actions and less CG enhance. Compare to Armegeddon. But, this movie are more humanity oriented. The final hour of hope, family relationship, sacrifices and many more. It's a good movie each on its own merit. One is entertaining, and the other are heart touching. Deep Impact is a movie worth our time to watch, as it is a movie you hardly get to see in this generation where CG are heavily use and emphasise in the movie. It may be 16 years old movie, ...
So just pulled the old Bruce-Willis-on-Ben-Affleck trick and now she has left us to go forth with Liv Tyler without her/him
Armageddon with Bruce Willis, the late Michael Clark Duncan, Steve Buscemi, Liv Tyler & Billy Bob Thornton. Love it.
Gunna go completely left field. Remember the movie Armageddon with Bruce Willis? He sends Ben Affleck back to Earth to his daughter Liv Tyler and then sacrifices himself in order to detonate the nuclear bomb that splits the asteroid apart so that it passes on either side of the Earth. Well my dearest friend you are my Bruce Willis and I've lost count of how many times you have sacrificed your time to blow apart my emotional asteroids so that they don't destroy my little world and I am forever grateful.
Bruce Willis, Liv Tyler + Michael Clarke Duncan(RIP) make that movie for me. Yeah Aerosmith make the ending better :)
or Aerosmith's I don't want to miss a thing with Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler staring into the horizon
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And there it is. Now I have to go make out with Liv Tyler, make Bruce Willis mad, and then blow up an asteroid.
Armageddon is a creepy film.1st Liv Tyler’s film dad,Bruce Willis,watches her making out with Affleck.Then her real dad sings to it.
That moment when you've seen the scene of Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler. 😞😢💔
Signed up for Farmageddon! I wonder if Bruce Willis will be there. Liv Tyler.
Armageddon: a film where Bruce Willis beats up a meteor and liv Tyler gets sexually harassed by animal *** whilst aerosmith plays.. my description is much better than the T.V's
Every time Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler have their emotional good bye I cry
I don't know what film you're watching, and I like an older men, but Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler? Bruce directed this, yes?
Liv Tyler and Bruce Willis have just had a moment in deserted concrete ruins. I want to think it's symbolic of their relationship.
So are Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck suiting up to go into space? Because I volunteer to take on Liv Tyler's role if they do.
If we had the foresight to send Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck into space just a few weeks ago, they could have blown up that meteor before it hit the Ural Mountain area. It was nowhere as big as the meteor they blew up in "Armageddon" and we could have seen Liv Tyler again during the world celebration...
It already passed us. No need to call Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck. Liv Tyler is always welcome.
I sure hope Bruce Willis doesn't die this time when that passes. I don't know if Liv Tyler could take that again
A meteor crashed into Russia today. In related news, Bruce Willis is dead and wants Liv Tyler to know he loves her.
So this asteroid is kind of scary, has anyone notified Bruce Willis of this?! Bc if there's one person that could break up that asteroid it's Bruce!
We've been preparing for this moment since 1998...Can't we send a shuttle up there with Bruce Willis to take care of this? Where is Aerosmith?
I would like to take this time to thank Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck for once again saving earth and it's people from certain death by asteroid .
This is not like Armageddon,Bruce Willis will not sacrifice himself to save Ben Affleck's and Liv Tyler's lives
I hope Bruce Willis is on his game today because here comes another astroid, make your peace with god AJ
I imagine that right about now Bruce Willis is up on that Asteroid getting set to blow it in half to save the world (and Liv Tyler). Thank you, Bruce.
Andy Chanley here. Asteroid 2012 DA14 is hurtling toward Earth at 17,500 miles per hour, expected to whiz by at the frighteningly close distance of just 17,200 miles. Well, I'm not just going to sit by and do nothing. At 11:24 it will be the closest, so I'm going to play "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" and call upon the spirit of Bruce Willis to protect us all. Be brave, people.
Where's Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck when you need them?? Someone needs to blow this asteroid up!
So they're saying this asteroid won't hit us, but I'm playing some Aerosmith and calling Bruce Willis just in case...
we need Bruce Willis to go break up the meteors coming to earth. Ben Afflack can stay home and leave the job to the men.
I feel like this meteorite means Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck have to go into space with Aerosmith and Liv Tyler.
Me: Mom, what are you doing tonight? Mom: I'm watching the movie Armageddon so I can be better prepared. Me: Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler don't know anything about asteroids. Mom: Yes they do. They boarded an asteroid and saved planet Earth.
With all this news about the Russian Meteor and the asteroid today, I can't help but think "Where are Bruce Willis and Ben Afflect when you need them??"
IMPORTANT ASTEROID UPDATE! Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, and Steve Buschemi are currently boarding a space shuttle aimed at the Asteroid. Steven Tyler is singing about not wanting to miss a thing. Liv Tyler still likes animal ***
Don't worry, Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler are on their way to space as we speak...
if the asteroid is gonna near miss us, what are Ben Aflec and Bruce Willis doing getting in that space shuttle? all these "Meteor hitting the Earth" movies, the little bits strike first, then the BIG Mother hits, right? All I know is, if I see Bruce Willis, Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck together today, I'm gonna FREAK.
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Dear HBO.. To show Armageddon (Bruce Willis) movie on the same day a meteor exploded over Russia injuring many people there and another big asteroid about to zoom pass by the Earth is very. _ (fill in with any insensitive words)
Where is Bruce Willis, Ben Afleck, and Liv Tyler. A meteor just hit the earth.
The question is., with this asteroid coming so close to the earth. Are we gonna send Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck to the rock to save us? And of course Steve becemmi will have to be included. Somebody call Billy Bob Thornton! And of course we can all use another shot of Liv Tyler. Kind of interesting how this all happens on the Very day of the release of Die Hard 5. Coincidence?
Man, better call Bruce Willis, because a meteor hit. Where is my Liv Tyler? Damnit. It Armageddon up in here!
As all of you know, it's Science (Fiction) Friday. Also known as SciFicFri. What is one of your favourite films in which you also happened to learn something about science? Countess Becca thinks she learned something about science from watching that one movie with Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler, but can't remember what it was.
Happy Friday every Body!! Feeling Great!!! I love my life & every thing about it!! (spoken by Liv Tyler in Armaggedon to Bruce Willis) So true!!! Love to all & have a wonderful & blessed weekend.
So, I just saw the video for Aerosmith's "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" for the first time in a good 12 years. In the video, Steven Tyler replaces Bruce Willis on the big NASA screen during the scene where Willis and Liv Tyler have that poignant, dramatic, father-child goodbye conversation in the movie. And I'm thinking, "I wonder why the director put Steven Tyler in that shot. What was he going for by doing that?" Guys, I spent a good ten minutes mulling over this before I remembered that Steven Tyler is the father of Liv Tyler. In short: I need sleep.
Watching the last quarter of Armageddon, the video call of Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler.
Armageddon Rocks! (Meteor that is!) Cant beat seeing Bruce Willis, Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck and the rest!!
Someone hold me. Bruce Willis just said bye to Liv Tyler in armaggedon and all that means is teARS
It just wouldn't be the Christmas holidays without watching armageddon. Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck AND Liv Tyler. score
Directed by Michael Bay. With Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler. After discovering that an asteroid the size of Texas is going to impact Earth in less than a month, NASA recruits a misfit team of deep core drillers to save humanity.
"Bruce Willis dies, Liv Tyler cries, Steve Buscemi fries, right?" Armageddon, as told by Barbara Gibson cc:
the only real armageddon I know is the one with Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, and Liv Tyler. Also, Billy Bob Thornton.
Executive chef, Christopher Woods combines innovation, great taste and impeccable execution of all his creations.Christopher has completed several projects in the film industry as a Food Stylist for over 100 major motion pictures and television. Working with celebrities such as: John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Michael Douglas, Kim Basinger, Mark Wahlberg, Kiefer Sutherland and Morgan Freeman just to mention a few. Christopher has also appeared on “Breakfast Television” and “Opening By Design"
Yes apparently there's a ring around the moon. And people are getting worried. Where's Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler ?
watching Armaggedon movie again for the nth of the beautiful movie story i ever watch so far.c",) loving father-daughter relationship scenes of Bruce Willis and Liv of my favorite movie of all time.c",)
Bruce Willis is drilling to save the earth don't cry Liv Tyler. Daddy saved the world.
I'm watching Armageddon. :D Bruce Willis is Fantastic! :D Liv Tyler is pretty cool. :)
The scene where Liv Tyler is saying goodbye to Bruce Willis in Armageddon makes me bawl like a *** BABY EVERY SINGLE TIME! I can't take it!
I'm watching Armageddon for the first time in years and I'm thinking 2 things. 1. That this movie still has the ability to make me blubber like a colicky infant and 2. That Liv Tyler looks absolutely nothing like Bruce Willis.
Hollywood productions, a.k.a. movies, can be a hypodermic in your arm; they force feed you information. You're generally not required to interpret a movie because your primary sense, sight, simply soaks in the images placed before you. If the producer/director has done his/her job, you get their message in the manner they want it received. Some are mindful of the spin presented to them in a theater; others are about as discriminating as a feral cat masticating a piece of rotten meat. But then again, what media source isn't influenced by bias somewhere along the way? In the 1998 SF hit "Armageddon," actor Bruce Willis runs a construction company charged with stopping a monstrous asteroid which, if it collides with Earth, will be an extinction level event. As a separate plot line, his daughter (Liv Tyler) is seen falling in love with employee Ben Affleck. Bruce & his employees are flown to the errant heavenly orb & proceed to set explosive devices that'll blast the misguided projectile to harmless rumble. B ...
I still cry every time I watch Armageddon. Heartbreaking esp the part when Bruce Willis was saying goodbye to Liv Tyler
The official trailer for the 1998 movie "Armageddon" featuring Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and the gorgeous Liv Tyler.
I want Bruce Willis to be my dad and Ben Affleck to be my bf and for them go to space and miss me because I'm Liv Tyler.
Nope. Liv Tyler saying goodbye to Bruce Willis at the end of Armageddon Dead people cry at that scene.
"Ben Affleck sang this to Liv Tyler about Bruce Willis!"
Guys, Ben Affleck was about to drive through Carmageddon but Bruce Willis jumped in his car for him so Ben could marry Liv Tyler!
No Liv Tyler pashing on with Ben Affleck in the background while Bruce Willis save humanity. Not good enough
Armageddon is actually my all time favourite movie. Aerosmith. Liv Tyler. Ben Affleck. Bruce Willis. Perf.
I remember that scene in Armageddon where Bruce Willis talks to Liv Tyler through the TV.
Bruce Willis didn't get to walk Liv Tyler down the aisle so he gave her to Ben Afflec on the asteroid by almost suffocating him.
Hey what's the name of that movie with liv Tyler, Bruce Willis etc when the world has an asteroid heading toward it n they have to blow it up? I always catch that movie at the same place, near the end... never seen it from the start.. oh Armageddon ... that's the one
Armageddon.Bruce Willis' speech to his daughter Liv Tyler gets me everytime!
"Sweet, precious, beautiful Liv Tyler. You thought you'd lost her forever, just like Bruce Willis did when he blew himself up with a nuclear bomb in the center of an asteroid the size of Texas. His heroism and fatherly pride were ALSO the size of Texas. But your love for Liv is not fatherly, oh no. This reunion is with no loving daughter, but a loving movie star fantasy crush, who happens to be in the form of a robot bunny which has traveled through time, and been given as a gift on five separate occasions, twice by you and thrice to you, and originally fished out of a sewer by Nicholas Cage on the silver screen. You forget the point you are supposed to be making."
Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, Steve Buscemi, and MC Duncan (rip) know this movie? One of my all time favs!
Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, and Liv Tyler,, its a good movie..
Bruce Willis, Liv Tyler oil riggers go to bust up the meteor before it hits earth
Armageddon this is the greatest Sci-Fi movie EVER...Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Michael Clark Duncan, Owen Wilson, and Liv Tyler
Sad. I knew I would be. Stars belong in the sky. But when you're around when they hit the earth, it's not something you can replicate. Just ask Bruce Willis. Sheesh I wish I would be Liv Tyler t'night.
Watching Armageddon - I always cry at the end when Harry (Bruce Willis) takes AJ (Be Affleck) spot and stays to detonate the bomb - and sends AJ back to marry his daughter. THEN -- the tears keep flowing when Bruce and Liv Tyler (father & daughter) say their final goodbye. OMG. I need a box of tissues.
Idk if I cry to Aerosmith cause it reminds me of when Bruce Willis dies or because I wish I was Liv Tyler with Ben Affleck... :(
Armageddon is the saddest movie. Seriously I was fighting tears. Liv Tyler & Bruce Willis never fail to amaze me in that one.
The Liv Tyler/Bruce Willis scene in Armageddon gets me every time! *tears*
Date night with me Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, and Bruce Willis.
I'm pretty sure that will always make me cry. Just like the Liv Tyler / Bruce Willis good-bye on Armageddon.
Watching Armageddon for the 10,000th time. Mindless fun. Plus the scene where Bruce Willis says good-bye to Liv Tyler makes Laurie cry every time- which, for some reason, amuses me no end.
Bruce Willis is about to detonate the nuke while sobbing over Liv Tyler.
no way man. Bruce Willis won't come back, and then we're stuck w/ Affleck and Liv Tyler. This won't do at all.
Armageddon was such a great movie. made me tear up with Bruce Willis & Liv Tyler had their one on one goodbye ='(
I feel like Bruce Willis at the end of Armageddon except not all bad *** and related to Liv Tyler
Watching Blair tear up because Bruce Willis and liv tyler's relationship in Armeggedon is "so raw and realistic"
I Cried When Bruce Willis had to say bye to Liv Tyler in Armageddon :'(
like this and I will send you a message of what I would tell you before I left if a giant meteor the size of Texas was coming to blow up the earth and a group consisting of Liv Tyler, Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Steve Buscemi, Billy Bob Thornton and Me were sent to destroy it. (only doing alsdfj many)
In the highly unlikely event Earth makes it out of 2012 intact, Russian scientists predict a potential collision with an asteroid on today's date in 2036. Interestingly enough, NASA scientists predict the same asteroid, Apophis, might strike in 2029 (no precise date provided - that's lazy Americans for you). Don't worry, though: The B612 Foundation, dedicated to protecting Earth from asteroid strikes, has begun to develop viable deflections strategies. The first option involves Bruce Willis, Liv Tyler, and Ben Affleck; the other involves Morgan Freeman, Robert Duvall, and Elijah Wood. (252 days left)
Liv Tyler has it made in Armageddon;shes Bruce Willis daughter,Ben Afflecks girlfriend and her dad sings its theme song
Bruce Willis/ Liv Tyler's father-daughter scene in BREAKS ME APART. Crying my eyes out because of that stuff right there! D'X
The scene between Bruce Willis and liv Tyler at the end is literally the saddest part of a movie ever
Watching I always cry when Bruce Willis' character and Liv Tyler's character talk before he dies.
Armageddon. It made me cry. Bruce Willis, Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck all together just made it awesome.
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