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Little Shop

Little Shop was a 1991 animated television series about a teenager and a giant talking plant that eats everything in sight.

Suddenly Seymour Rick Moranis Alan Menken Steve Martin Ellen Greene Bill Murray Frank Oz

Happy 73rd Little Shop of Horrors, 1986, directed by Frank Oz. Bill Murray, Steve Martin and Rick Moranis.…
Frank Oz's 'Little Shop' had to change its downbeat ending. Here are 10 Horror Movie Endings That Were Cut…
Little Shop of Horrors opening night at jubilee hall. Great job Crusaders
Take a look at theatre happenings all over the country & around the world! La Cage Aux Folles, Little Shop, & More!…
Mama Mia is good, but for original music Little Shop of Horrors is probably the best of all time.
Steve Martin and Ellen Greene in a publicity still for Little Shop of Horrors, 1986
Very proud to be directing Little Shop of Horrors at the Warwick Arts Centre this summer. Book your tickets early!
Little Shop of Horrors playing at Temple Civic Theatre! More details on the website.
American Hearing Center is sponsoring Temple Civic Theatre's Little Shop of Horrors! Performance dates are March...
Feed me Seymour: Little Shop of Horrors set at Temple Civic Theatre.
Musicals I like: Little Shop of Horrors, Bugsy Malone, Blues Brothers, South Park: BLU, Phantom of the Paradise, Cry Baby, Purple Rain.
QUAKERTOWN, PA. AUDITION NOTICE FOR Little Shop of Horrors Book by Howard Ashman. Music by Alan Menken. Lyrics by...
Little Shop of Horrors was really good we have an amazing theatre company
What!!!? Omg🙀RT Greg Berlanti is directing a "Little Shop of Horrors" movie remake for Warner Bros. http…
The great thing about the *** network is that it plays fantastic classics like Little Shop of Horrors. Suddenly Seymour...
I liked a video Suddenly Seymour - Little Shop of Horrors (Cover by Burton Thomas Weaver and Kirsten
I liked a video Emma and Eli's cover of Suddenly Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors
This GIANT Little Shop of Horrors fan loved & singing “Suddenly Seymour” in
Little Shop of Horrors is a very appropriate name for a wedding chapel.
... I just realized that all of my feel-good movies are creature features. Jurassic Park, Jaws, The Blob, Little Shop of Horrors...
And then Robert Gibson pulls out his Little Shop of Horror's t-shirt
A Little Shop of Horrors remake is in the works
Geocaching around North East, PA today. We love the Little Shop of Donuts and the smooth stones along the shore.
Dancing with the Stars: Jana Kramer and Gleb Savchenko Perform ‘Little Shop of Horrors’-Inspired Jazz Routine
Number 4 & looked stunning in ther Jive to Little Shop of Horrors back…
Theatre meets the culinary arts at this festive extravaganza set inside an imaginary toyshop:…
I have ordered this gorgeous charm pack from Daisybuds Fabric Shop - actually I have ordered 2!! A little...
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The Washington Community Theatre presents "Little Shop of Horrors" November 11-13 at Julian's Catering and...
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Great time doing Little Shop of Horrors with my cast! You haven't seen it yet you don't know what you're missing https:/…
I work in a flower shop and I make deliveries, so this is gonna be rly useful! https…
So do we! just down the road from our York office. Fantastic little local coffee shop and deli
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Daphne spa in NY tailors treatments to the client's skin that day! How do you customize
Next week...Little Shop of Horrors takes over SJ! Getting scared that you'll miss out?Get your tickets today!…
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Spotted this lovely little guy in a garden shop but no price so guessed he was out of my price…
When you have no one to go shop with.. hehehe asking my sister to bring me. Coz her little sister is still so small tak reti berdikari 😂😂
Tickets on sale now for SWMTC production of Little Shop of Horrors. Tickets from or
No, that's Ken, Keith still runs that little haberdashery shop in Kenilworth - easy mistake to make.
Little sign in the hospital gift shop reminded me of 😊
My voice is gone but I'm dressed up and off to see my guy perform in Little Shop of Horrors. Hopefully I don't cough t…
I originally bought this for our bike shop to display helmets! Partner wasn't impressed, he of little taste 😂
Will be getting some things from here this year. Every little helps. Christmas – Alzheimer’s Society Shop
I got a 5v2A adapter with USB-A socket from an electronics shop. A little bigger than most chargers, it works and was $6 + ship.
I struggle to think of a type of shop that would rent somewhere with such little passing trade and no parking.
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Are there self-adhesive versions of the Mr Men stamp sheets?
Horror on the Lens: The Little Shop of Horrors (dir by Roger Corman)
Woof! 🐶. Been a little busy around here. Shop is coming along & hope to have it open by 11/6!!…
Too early to start using the old 2016 Christmas postage stamps to send our orders? Got loads of those left. Mind you…
This little guy thinks he's hiding.
COME SEE LITTLE SHOP! This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! 7 pm for all, with a 1 pm matinee on Saturday!!!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Tickets will be on SALE for Little Shop of Horrors very soon!! Stay tuned!! 25 days til we open!!!
The shop's a hive of activity now that these hexagonal little beauties have arrived. G+ FTW.…
newest theater company makes its debut with rock musical comedy "Little Shop of Horrors".
This year's performances will include "Little Shop of Horrors," "Shrek the Musical" and more.
to be fair, in the article she does say that she loves "the really camp ones" I.e. Little Shop of Horrors
Make sure to come on out to see Little Shop of Horrors at Dante Hall!!
Little Shop of horrors. Cocktails. Now and then. Priscilla queen of the desert. My father the hero. My American cousin. Almost famous.
Started taking movie suggestions from scopes. First Fight Club, now Little Shop of Horrors. Slowly educating myself 👌
When I saw "feed me", reminded me of the Venus flytrap in the movie Little Shop of Horrors with Rick Moranis
Billy Elliot and Little Shop of Horrors are the only things I need when I'm feeling down ❤️
Joseph Gordon Levitt as Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors remake?... Interesting.
I think Little Shop of Horrors was the first musical I got into? And then Annie, Evita, Legally Blonde, Wicked, Rent, Les Mis and the rest.
I wanna see more musicals like Little Shop of Horrors. Be exposed to more experimental, wild, wondrous art. Direct me to…
Or two feet and feathers!!! Happy Mother's Day to all our Little Shop moms!! Thank you for being such great moms...
With regard to Islam, the West is Bill Murray's character in Little Shop of Horrors:
Little Giant Ladders
Good job "Little Shop of Horrors" - Silver at Dance Festival. Way to go!
Sweeny Todd, Little Shop of Horrors: stories ruined (for me) by singing.
If you're not coming to see Little Shop of Horrors @ Grand Ledge High School May 5th through 8th... You're kind of lame:/
Some of our Little Shop of Horrors principle cast on the London Eye. What a great trip?!
We need your help! Please vote for Little Shop of Monsters in the Children's Choice Book Awards! (K-2nd, ends 4/25) ht…
Remember when we were doing Little Shop of Horrors and we needed a prop gun and someone brought in a legit handgun instead that was fun
Local theatre outing for me, to see Little Shop of Horrors; Bob is also out at some lecture on London history.
Everyone come out and see "Little Shop of Horrors" at the Sharon tomorrow and Saturday night @ 7! Opening night was a succe…
Little Shop of studies over the weekend
Do you consider Frank Oz's Little Shop of Horrors a horror film?
Drake Drama presents “Little Shop of Horrors” directed by David g. Smith and Jasper Thelin! This event will be...
AU where Bill Murray and Gonzo have movie nights and they watch Little Shop and Muppets Treasure Island and they jack …
Watching my nieces in their play — attending Hazel Park High School Drama Club presents "Little Shop of Horrors"
high school will be putting on Little Shop of Horrors this weekend! Details here;
Break a leg to the cast and crew of CCHS' Little Shop of Horrors this weekend! We are playing the movie all day in the L…
Me gustó un video de Little Shop of Horror Suddenly Seymour
RSVP for on 3/17! We will be showing Little Shop of Horrors starring Steve Martin & Rick Moranis: ht…
Chris and Amy sing Suddenly Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors! @ 101.5 WBNQ
The final curtain is drawn. What an honor to be a part of it. See you next year for Little Shop of Horrors! Pottstown Prou…
Dunfermline Comic Con was awesome! Props to Alby and team from Little Shop of Heroes for making it such a fab event!
One of my favorite shows - "Little Shop of Horrors" - this weekend at North Central College!
"Little Shop of Horrors" & its crazy cast of characters comes to Pfeiffer Hall today!
was the dentist Steve Martin from Little Shop of Horrors?
And one thing HDTGM got right, the great Rick Moranis does look like he just wandered over from Little Shop.
Little Shop is pretty cool, don't get me wrong. But I still think Lucky Stiff will forever hold number one on my list
Little Boy's Jewelry gifts from sharp to fun. Check them out here
everytime I see ryback stuff I think of little shop of horrors
Bacon with a little side arm please! Gun shop breakfast! good morning folks be blessed
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A little fun on the way back to the shop this weekend!
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little shop of horrors ... I enjoy the pain inflict
W. A. Gough (This little shop still barely stands along 16th Ave here in Calgary. I like to…
"SAY AH NOW SPIT!". Little Shop of Horrors. It was actually on TV Land Saturday morning and I watched the whole thing.
Life Advice from me to my little bro "Dustin you have to graduate, you're not a hot girl you can't just set up shop in someone else's life"
I'm stuck in between already being apart of a Carnegie play and wanting to audition for a Little Shop of Horrors Musical..ugh 😒
Tickets on sale now for the JA Theatre & Auction Night! Come watch Little Shop of Horrors with
A little piece of home in a Denver coffee shop. Missing the crew, thrilled about Hillary for CO!
Im busy Sat because I gotta go with my 5 year old nephew to go shop for a ring he wants to get to his little crush in school 😩😩😍
Did Stan ever let that guy he captured in Little Gift Shop of Horror go?
SHOP: 😋 This name sign is the perfect addition to your little one's space…
Started the day off with a little run, down to meet my Cousin at a Coffee Shop in Scarborough! Its been an...
Come see the shop and the new little bits of fun for gifts or for your viewing pleasure!
Don't miss a sale at my friend's Maiko Sucich cute crochet shop. Featuring this little monkey amigurumi in Year...
Dude sameee and I know this cute little coffee shop in town 😍
-- the fact that this quaint little coffee shop was suddenly too small. I had not even mentioned a name, had not even --
My little cutie helping me shop for Secret Outlast Xtend!
I found this lil guy at a little shop here in Gloucester. So if you don't know.. I'm slightly…
Shop the New Little Golden Books baby collection at Gymboree!. via
Only reason I ask is I have a friend who is into Bimmers who knows a guy who runs a shop in Little Rock...One Way BMW and Mini.
For real ... a Supergirl/Little Shop of Horrors mashup episode is just waiting to happen with all that musical talent!
Little wall shelf finished now in the shop.
New toy for the shop. 50 lb little giant power hammer. Can not wait to get this setup to use.…
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im ot you little staff chat outside of my disneyland shop because of Newgirl
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Little shop of horrors performance!. Wednesday 10th ,Thursday 11th and Friday 12th February! Come and support us all!
Replacing "shop" with any other word in little shop of horrors is a truly rewarding exercise.
Jane was packing until she found her little pet shop house
A cute little sweet heart bracelet available in our shop. On Sale -Link in profile.…
Got a little shop happy in the modcloth Sweetheart Shop! It's so easy to style these adorable…
It was Rachel's innocence that brought Albert to his knees!Little Shop of O's
*It was like she just walked into the nicest thrift shop ever, she immediately went to the bags and went through finally-
Hot Country Nights was a blast! Can't wait for tomorrow. Then it's head first into "Little Shop of Horrors"! I'm so
It's opening night of Little Shop of Horrors, read about as Audrey II. .
Little Shop of Horrors Musical & KS3 & KS4 Dance Competitions at the Copper Box Arena. Results TBA!!
Next up should be Little Shop live with Jeremy Jordan as Seymour.
Check out the latest play at Ford City's famous Kordazone Theatre, Little Shop of Horrors!! Lots of dates in...
One of my dreams is to star as Audrey II in a production of Little Shop of Horrors directed by Julie Taymor. CC
Did you know the answer to yesterday's Tuesday Trivia? . Little Shop composer Alan Menken wrote music for...
Spend all week with the music of Alan Menken! Catch on Sunday nights and "Little Shop of Horrors" at CPH through February 7
This immediately came to mind:. Bill Murray as patient "Little Shop of Horrors" Steve Martin Dentist
Meeting Kerry Ellis, seeing Mary Poppins, singing in Broadway and beyond, my birthday and performing in Little Shop. February is gonna be 😍
almost positive that the Once on this Island and Little Shop cast list come out on the same day. TOO MUCH ANXIETY!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Our production of Little Shop of Horrors opens next week - make sure to book your tickets! htt…
In vol 3 of Gastrophobia, Mania is voiced by Phil Hartman. In vol 4, she's voiced by Ellen Greene as Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors.
Ellen Greene is simply spectacular as Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors. Of course I've always known this, but I feel the need t…
This is your reminder that Danny John-Jules was in Red Dwarf as the Cat, Little Shop of Horrors as a doo *** guy, and Labyrinth as a Firey.
Love the fact that I'm a celebrity referenced Little Shop of Horrors. Musical theatre is life!
Princess Peach with Ellen Greene's Audrey voice from Little Shop of Horrors.
At a little Mexican shop in San Diego... And I found the perfect motivational sign...
I'm currently rehearsing as Audrey in little shop, any advice? Would mean the WORLD xx
--"Perfect! Is there anyway I could convince you to get dressed all nice and warm and meet me at that little coffee shop --
The first little steps to make your biggest dream come true.
Record your experiences in this little inspired
The inspiration for someone in a little DIY studio above a shop in London to produce a worldwide hit record.
After a stressful week I'm glad I got to take a little trip to Michigan with you to shop for our house.☺️😍🏡
I put 3 sappy little shop collages on insta and no one else did and now I feel dumb
i wear extra smalls. i have to special order things or shop in little boy's section or online asian-based stores :I
Given how little space there is in I reckon he ended up in the chop shop. Or in a dark creation :)
I just need someone who shares my intense love for Little Shop of Horrors
Anybody want to go to the mall with me and shop a little I'll pick you up!
Mr Taylor has had a busy weekend prop-making for our School Production 'Little Shop of Horrors'! http…
Bring a little interstellar whimsy to your office or home organization w/ these Cubeez. http…
Little Shop of Horrors has got you covered if you need some inspiration
Some special pictures of the cast members in Lincolnview's "Little Shop of Horrors"
What an awesome performance today from the L'view HS drama students performing the musical "Little Shop of Horrors"
glad auntie met while he's not playing. Great family used to shop at a little place in Milton. No more though cuz of crazies
George is like an excited little boy in a sweet shop with Jorgie😂😂
Oh what a lovely little shop! Thanks for sharing it with us Caroline 😊
I just stopped at the cutest little gelato shop and ate the best gelato I've ever had, these things make me happy
Had my little racist experience at in severna park, smh I know where not to shop at from now on
That little baby who worked in a coffee shop. 💜
there's always this little sex shop out here in the middle of nowhere.. I wanna check it out lol
Make your holiday season a little more merry with --->
"Uncle Ben" Holt had a unique way of inventing in his shop. Read the full story:
Thank you to everyone who came to support the THSDC in our production of Little Shop of Horrors! Hope everyone enjoyed ❤️❤️
The Hunt Fascinating series. Lots of inspiration for Our Little Pets.
Psst a little bird told me that there is going to be a on Tuesday & this week. 😘
ATTENTION ALL LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, CAST AND CHORUS. Could you all please bring £4 to either myself or Holli Denham by tomorrow so that..
Looking to do some great traffic-free rides in the new year?. Try this brilliant little book http…
Little known fact, when not torturing women on Game of Thrones, Ramsay Bolton runs a clothing shop for ladies.
George is like a little kid in a sweet shop
Perfect little bags for that little Princess in your life...
Biggest pet peeve: Going to the nail shop & picking out a color where its only a little left in the bottle so they put that thinner in it🙄🙄🙄
The little girl screaming in the parking lot because she didn't want to go shop. By doing nothing her parents only reinforced bad behavior.
Can someone just please take me to a cute little coffee shop to a latte with foam art??? This is all I want in life
Aromas Café? I didn't know the little coffee shop on 4th had a team. Good lattes though.
I did a lot of walking, very little shopping. My friend did shop some. Saving it for the next trip.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Took a little Sunday adventure with to the Golden Rule shop in excelsior. Cutest! @ THE…
Gifts and toys for the little ones at our new retail shop in
Can't wait to move out so I can grocery shop. " I need gogurt and danimals and lunchables and little kid stuff " 😂
So much writing to do. So little time. @ Spyhouse Coffee Shop
Singing high notes in Little Shop got me like "God? Is that you?" 😂🎶
I need new places to shop, like little boutiques or something because I'm getting bored everywhere else!
Shop stocking fillers with our 'Santastic' 3 for 2 across little products from BIG brands:
Back To my little coffee coffee shop in LA
CHEASAPEAKE, VA: WBHS is doing Little Shop of Horrors on Thurs & Fri! Tickets $10 @ 7pm *Not recommended for kids under 12 bc of language*
Little Bit, who has been enjoying retirement from "shop dog" duty, has gone missing from Farm Bed and...
The GOP debates are like having a tooth pulled with no Novocaine through your anal sphincter. Little Shop of Hor…
In case you missed it Fri & Sat, EMU Theatre presents Little Shop of Horrors today at 2p. (use link for more info)
Late night on set with the boys singing songs from "little shop of horror" makes me smile
Congratulations to & for opening an awesome new shop on Fore St. So many happy little nuggets scur…
Teachers never complain but they do like a little wine! mug .
Love this little cutie from the local photography shop in Sunderland 📷💕
a little reminder that our other shop Crimson Empire will be holding a FXCK CANCER FUNDRAISER tomorrow
Absolutely loved watching Little Shop of Horrors today. The dentist was my favourite!
I wish I could just write songs and perform in a little coffee shop in the city somewhere.
Is it weird that I like to shop in the little boys section? 😂
Why this little boy in the nail shop when this lady came in said sorry you can't sit here this chair is occupied by burritos 😩
Fb memories keeps bringing back Little Shop and Rocky Horror pics and the nostalgia is so *** real.
Grandma Daisy's on Cute little candy and ice cream shop!
I am going to look on my camera and see I can find a little tidbit to share with you from today's calendar photo...
Even though these items can be worn all year round, here's a little 20% off to celebrate my…
Cabinet card - mourning flowers and photo of little girl - available - -…
We now sell welly boots in the shop. From little ones to daddy size. Just what you need for muddy puddles🍂🍃
Jewelry for newborns, little girls and teens. I take special orders of all types of jewelry!
Great little flashlight.  Keep it in your purse or glove compartment, or even next to your bed.
Only a few more hours left to visit our pop-up shop here in Don't miss it @ Little Mountain Shop!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Beautiful boardwalk and loved that little shop!
right, because you are going to come see our production of "Little Shop of Horrors" and it will change your life
Very proud of in Little Shop of Horrors tonight! So good to have the clan back together 👌🏼
I have a drawer devoted to scented candles - the corner shop does nice little tea-lights in nice scents :D
Print this flyer out and shop at Five Below today and tomorrow! It's a great place to buy things for your little! 😉 https…
Little Shop of Horrors at Theatre Clwyd was fantastic, I was crying with laughter at the end 😂😭
Started in the shop with a bunch of people now it's just literally me and this little girl 🙆👧
I agree Holly! Love my local little shop in Farnham.
Kyle got me this cute little vase at the antique shop 🌵💛
Life's biggest disappointment is not having all your daily activities sountracked by those three chorus girls from Little Shop Of Horrors.
my little baby is in the shop, finally. 🙌🏾 I'll be to you soon 😘
Add a little retro to your cupboard - - design by
Does anyone want to see Little Shop of Horrors with me tomorrow at the Dock Street Theatre downtown? I have two tickets.
I really love it when college pays for me to go eat at the Acadiana mall and shop a little bit. Cancelled performances are fun.
Incredible performance of Little Shop Of Horrors tonight. had multitasking down to a fine art 🌱
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Thank you to everyone who is following my Etsy shop. Things will be quieter for a little bit as I prepare to...
Photo: How our cast for Little Shop of Horrors spends their break on this lovely two-show day.
This lightweight spray, from our Stylist Guest Editor box is a must for anyone who with a little frizz.
It's amazing what a couple Doan's, a magical little cookie from a shop nearby, and zero physical activity will do for the healing back.
Photo: Little Fawn Earrings - 2 sided Tibetan Silver New Pair of One Off Earrings added to my Etsy shop!...
Wish I'd seen little shop of horrors today
I'm at a little hipster coffee shop and the workers here are obnoxiously hipster. Like wow we get it you're so deep
lol I'm kidding dude, you should have kicked it for a little! That's my shop
Little Shop was everything I wanted and more 😍💚🌷
Gotta show you my new dress tiny little Ursulas all over the shop - Hubby refuses to photograph me, must get a selfie stick
He just can't refuse their evil little faces. By - Free shipping: "FallFreeShip"
for a great lunch, then a little shopping in the gift shop! GS 2015
'Little Shop of Horrors' at Ghent Playhouse: Reviewer J. Peter Bergman recommends it.
Brent Hill as Seymour & Esther Hannaford as Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors & tour. Perfect casting!
""A Mid Summers Night Dream and Little Shop of Horrors. All y'all theater kids are jealous of KP's Drama Club." -Kings Park High School"
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Loading in for "Little Shop of Horrors" at Dock Street Theatre today! It was a close call when Associate Artistic...
Interestingly enough, Mr. Mushnik was played by Vincent GARDENIA in the movie musical of Little Shop of Horrors.
Pop down to Skid Row for production of Little Shop of Horrors! Info at
Little Shop of Horrors (@ Santikos Bijou Theater for Little Shop of Horrors in San Antonio, TX)
Me: bro I'm literally the lighting crew head for the Little Shop. I think I know what I'm doing.
I know I'm late to the game but, Alan Menken did not even try to disguise the fact that he ripped "Hercules" straight out of "Little Shop"
Can't wait to go for a big shop this Saturday 😁 I'm being serious, uni is hard at night when I have little going out clothes 😂😂
.ONLY at By Nadine on Etsy. More coming soon !
Time for a little post Burn clean up (@ Metropolitan Barber Shop) on
Little preview, shop via
take a little bit of Bali home with you
A little shooting with some Winchester Train and Defend rounds. (@ Bill's Gun Shop & Range in Robbinsdale, MN)
"I read about the sex shop and the horrid little Chinese man. Spilled my coffee laughing!"
mashable: No matter how busy you are, there's always time for a little dancing in the street …
✨New✨ this week at the shop How magical are these little high heel earrings by Only $10 while... http…
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Its a great school, so don't stop considering it. Brooklyn may be a little cheaper to grocery shop than Manhattan.
Come See Me: Marc Brown & I will be talking about Little Shop of Monsters. Sept. 11 St. Louis Public Library... (cont)
I dropped by my favorite "new vintage" style shop as it was in route and picked up a little something…
cool little shop, gav him my list of Valiants I need him 2 grab 4 me starting in Oct, c u won raffle from grand opening, nice
used to work at a Little Caesars pizza shop in Illinois; he says it's the best job he's ever had.
Ever read or seen Arthur on Don't miss and Marc Brown on Sunday
We found a little music shop in Paris and did an impromptu cover of 'Lean On'... check it out!
Driver ticketed for damaged windshield in repair-shop lot. Seriously? That's carrying it a little too far.
I'm going to try to do planned shop updated from now on in order to organize my life a little and…
I got Chinese food for this cute little shop. It's REALLY good
Do you like BUTTONS?? This little handmade beadwoven tin is wonderful to store your STASH!
Only the very best will do for your precious little peanut! Shop our entire collection of … http:/…
My "shop therapy" mindset is getting a little extreme. It's like... I stub my toe & suddenly I think I need a new wardrobe. Ugh 🙈👠👜
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