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Little Richard

Richard Wayne Penniman (born December 5, 1932), known by the stage name Little Richard, is an American singer, songwriter, musician, recording artist, and actor, considered key in the transition from rhythm and blues to rock and roll in the mid-1950s.

Chuck Berry Fats Domino Long Tall Sally Jerry Lee Lewis James Brown Good Golly Miss Molly Pat Boone Jimi Hendrix Bill Haley Brian Wilson James Mtume Stevie Wonder James Dean Millie Jackson Screaming Lord Sutch Foley Field James Taylor

MSNBC is getting very little right these days. . Shorter: . (The guy who compared POTUS to Richard Pryor. 🙄)
In addition, Oasis saw her soul slide away, Robert Palmer took her through the alley, and Little Richard thought her long and tall.
After Jordy Nelson's torn ACL "left a little scar" last year, designed preseason schedule for preservation. https:…
Richard Branson just saw the line for space flights get a little shorter with the exodus that followed that blast
No one is arguing he doesn’t love you Jo, if anything he loves you a little too much..
Idc Pat Boone will always be a bootleg of Little Richard to me. He bored me to death
This place is going swimming with his guitar what Little Richard did with his Alaskan hooter.
'Tis safest in matrimony to begin with a little aversion.
Looking back on history for a little help today...In the Presidential race of 1960 between JFK and Richard Nixon,...
Got a little fisherman just like uncle Richard
Help this guy actually gave me his number by putting it on a little piece of paper and throwing it at me then walking aw…
I'm sure he values yours! I'm just giving my opinion just like you. No need to be a little Richard!
U shud see Eddie Murphy doing a Little Richard impression with that song...hilarious
favourite game from when you were a little kid? Ps. ILYSM!💕
Little Richard's singing on this is joyously unhinged. .
I'm from the Bob Wills and the Little Richard school of music. Bob Wills did what the *** he
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If little dude has an issue this becomes a BIG deal for us.
Been singing this line all day lol doesn't apply 2 me, BUT Little Richard SANG this lin... (Vine by
Little Richard, James Brown - here's additions to our GA playlist:
watching and this movie has Little Richard :| lmfao
Very proud, humbled (and just a little bit bemused) to be awarded this. Thank you so much
📷 art-and-things-of-beauty: Attributed to Richard Borrmeister (1876-1938) - Little devil on white deer,...
The Little Seagull Handbook by Michal Brody, Francine Weinberg ... . - Bid on this now >
One day you'll look back on your life & thank the Almighty for every little thing that has brought you where you've always w…
For Richard there's a little side of Doc Emmett Brown of back to the future with his eyebrows, I like. :)
I also think that what's wrong with all of us is that we don't show enough love toward each
Listen to Tutti Frutti by Little Richard on Can't beat a bit of old
Lovely article by Richard Collins about the Treecreeper
are we talking Tori Amos piano or Little Richard pianoSHIUT UP!
This Lil Sweet character in the Dr. Pepper commercials? Weird amalgam of Jack Sparrow, Prince, and Little Richard 👎👎👎
did you take the oowee from Little Richard in Hollywood Squares?! Look up the you fool episode part 1 in the 5 minute on utube
When I heard Little Richard, I mean, it just set my world on fire.
Little Richard , Chuck Berry, the list of uncredited ground breakers is long. Popular music styles change..
In the same way The Beatles turned me on to Chuck Berry and Little Richard, James Dean turned me…
Rock and roll came into my life when I was about 12, 13, when Little Richard and Chuck Berry had
Did you guys know that Little Richard sang the Magic School Bus theme song?! 😳
8. Big Mama Thorpe, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard are the blueprint for Rock n Roll
Soul icon Solomon Burke rocks Tramps with a Little Richard medley in this '95 set.
Everything he is credited with inventing he blatantly stole from Jackie Wilson, Frankie Lymon, Little Richard, Little Walter and Chuck Berry
That he stole from Chuck Berry, Frankie Lymon, Little Richard and Jackie Wilson
If 50s had no Beats. Elvis, Little Richard, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, et al it would b 80s.
This country gave us Little Richard and it gave us Richard Speck.
I would listen to Little Richard and Fats Domino and Chuck Berry, and ...
We all stole it from Jimmie Rodgers, Robert Johnson, Bessie Smith, Carter Family, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Louis Armstrong...
Elvis, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry all on the same bill? Very impressive.
LMAO all I could think of is Little Richard singing "Good Golly Miss Molly"
As a young child I was afraid of OJ and Little Richard. Oh and Barnabas Collins.
I bet Little Richard stubbed his toe and, instead of 'Good golly, Miss Molly,' said, 'Shut up!'
This song reminds me of you. Happy birthday, champ. . Little Richard - Good Golly, Miss Molly
Little Richard, Screaming Lord Sutch and a parrot playing football at Wembley
Now playing: Long Tall Sally by Little Richard at - Buy it
09:30 Ken Bruce: Chubby Checker picks Tracks of My Years from Little Richard and the Beatles.
Hey, can you have the anthem singer drag the song out like Little Richard did in "Mystery, Alaska"?
In 2015, Eric Clapton, Little Richard and Tommy Brown were inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in Memphis.
Little Richard: inducted in 1986 | The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum via
I think Prince drew a lot of inspiration from Little Richard... and Bowie
Little Richard was the reason Harry Webb became Cliff Richard. ('Cliff' was meant to denote toughness, a la Rock Hudson.)
Little Richard has given us Larry Williams, Otis Redding, Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson.
We've lost Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Vanity, Prince, Billy Paul & countless others, and now we about to lose Little Richard too? FOH 2016!
I really pray for the day that you give the KCH to Little Richard, Burt Reynolds and Carol Channing! Their protégés have been!
MLK, Little Richard, Juliette Gordon Lowe, Johnny Mercer, Bill Elliot, Tyler Perry (but not in his Madea getup)
Despite 2016's disheartening losses, Little Richard, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis & Chubby Checker are all still with us! :) :)
Orignal Rock legends like Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Fats Domino - guys who essentially created the rock and roll...
Little Richard's drummer Charles Connor on sampled music "They ran out of ideas"
steal all of Prince's personality traits and call myself Little Richard.
"Prince got some Marvin Gaye & Jimi Hendrix & Sly in him, even Little Richard. He's a mixture of all those guys & Duke Elli…
Prince was a cross between Jimi Hendrix and Little Richard even LR said so himself he was Little Richard. Past tense not good
Also listening to Little Richard, Seasick Steve and Fela Kuti. Plus ate a jacket potato with chilli on it so not all bad @ work today.
People talking about let's keep an eye on Stevie Wonder, but what about Little Richard?! He is 83 years young!
Including Buddy Holly,The Everly Brothers,Little Richard,Big Bopper. He loved them so much and so did I.I spent a lot of my childhood there.
Here's Little Richard cover (1956). The original is ranked No 56 in Rolling Stone list of 500
Tina Turner son killed me he said Ike Jr went in the room with Little Richard and came out with $50.
Amazed how many first-wave rockers are still around. Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis: Alive, alive, alive alive.
Elvis might have been the King of Rock but Little Richard sure was the Architect.
What the experts are telling me is that there's very little chance that Ebo...
It's a little late in the game for this Administration.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
nothing?! Except Little Richard. And Chuck Berry. and on and on.
TBT - when I got married, I went on my honeymoon in this little orange rocket. Fast forward 10 years and I had...
Emotional Moment for John Wallace - Here's Richard Evans recording Malcolm Arnold's Little Suite no.1 with The...
Found an awesome Little Richard article. Kind of heart-breaking, but a must-read.
It's Little Richard--one of the fathers of rock 'n' roll. Big influence on Beatles, Stones, Bowie, etc.
Finally the Richard's Pipit at North Landing this morning, Flamborough.
My nephew loves my girlfriend more than he loves me. He's a little ladies man
On this day in 1956 "Long Tall Sally" by Little Richard enters the charts -
"Linklater can’t resist posturing that there’s deep emotional significance in these bros. There could have been"
"The good news for Everybody Wants Some!! is that 11 Masons are more interesting than one." -
Very little made of just how good the purchase of Arzal was. Beaten in 2 moderate races over fences in France. Sharp work from Richard Venn.
Jared Cook reminds me a little of Jermichael Finley in that he's better than Richard Rodgers
"Listen Richard, if you want to take things a little more seriously, here's my card." +
Ask Little Richard, or, better yet, ask Pat Boone.
A little kindness from person to person is better than a vast love for all humankind. Richard Dehmel yep
Yesterday carver called Richard Little Richie on accident and it was pretty great
If you fail to make your brutal tyranny sexy, you're little more than Richard III.
Sorry to hear about this Richard - sometimes it can take a little time for issues to be resolved at the depot - I will pass this on
Richard, would it be possible for a little more info on the role/person, to the email address we spoke through before? Thanks!
Richard you did right, the guy didn't have his game togetheir on the Interveiw.And the first caller was a little off center.
my take: it's strengths are in organization of lots of little pieces. I write each scene as a separate "document"
Have some fun tonight. Everything's all right ~ Little Richard
*extremely Richard Attenborough voice* I've been here for the birth of every little yarn on this island.
I want a black hat, and apples and pears, and a tiny little diamond 😁💙
a little comedy can go a long way in life and in the world. Thanks for reminding me not to take myself too seriously! 😂🇱🇧
“Isn’t everything we do in life a way to be loved a little more?” - Before Sunrise (1995), Dir. Richard...
This kinda hits the nail on the head of the main issues I have with it
I'm such a Tight Wad Little Richard, I need to go Study some real Estate.
Looking forward to Little Women! Saw this re the Richard Brunel prod. of Berlioz's B & B. 1/2
‘I was born not knowing, and have had only a little time to change that here and there.’. — Richard Feynman
It's seems like the same entertainers are being honored what about little Richard
please don't take big little baby you know who (I'm drunk) to the liquor store.
Any day James Dean, Elvis, and Little Richard are part of your teaching, it's a good day!!!
"Little Richard was in Bermuda?!". "Yes, Rose. He was burying Fats Domino in the sand.."
Just give me gifs of every facial expression Eartha Kitt, James Baldwin and Little Richard ever did and I'll never text words again.
Sorry, Kinks, but anytime anyone tries to cover Little Richard, they just come off sounding like Pat Boone.
Little Richard hearing Elvis called the King of Rock & Roll
We've had requests for The Walker Brothers, The Beach Boys and Jack Penate, with Little Richard, T-Rex and Pink Floyd to come!
Whyyy they had Juwanna Mann play Little Richard in Why Do Fools Fall In Love 😭😭😭😭
anyway, let's all pretend everyone puts Pat Boone on the jukebox instead of Little Richard
Little Richard speaks some real truth on life and freedom of speech. Especially given he actually first hand lived through segregation.
Foley Field playing Little Richard and St. Lucia between innings. A contrast, and a good one. I approve.
The Foley Field sound people broke out Little Richard's "Long Tall Sally" to play between innings. Not bad.
listener request and : Bailey, Philip (& Little Richard) - Twins Soundtrack at
Little Richard vs Lil Kim celebrity deathmatch. to see more videos ...
OK, the worst I can do is knock it down to a three-way tie, and that's with Ike Turner and Little Richard.
and Buddy Holly and Motown and girl groups. But their biggest hits weren't Little Richard covers
Watched a 1972 live rock concert on TV, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and Bill Haley all had it.
I just posted Hendrix - Freedom thinking the same thing but yeah, Little Richard had greater vox, Jimi sang thru his guitar.
Britany Howard is channeling Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Little Richard and I kind of love it
Brittany Howard got that Little Richard energy and it's A++
Who is watching the tonight? John performed with Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis in 2008.
Little Richard did it, Boy George Did it, Jamie Foxx did it, Johnny Jill did it, Russell Simmons did it, Odell Beckham did it
If Andrew Wiggins don't take this Thriller ss, Prince *** Ronald Isley *** Little Richard *** jacket off
Oh yeah!! That's Little Richard and James Brown right there! Cool pic!👍
. Elvis? He's alright. Way more Little Richard and James Brown in the fan dept., I think!
if that's the case then give praise to James Brown/Little Richard. The place it really started.
to use MJ is responsible for pop culture now argument you must go back to the true essence. James Brown and Little Richard.
And to be honest, if we're talking straight up GOAT it's probably either James Brown or Little Richard. Can't dismiss OGs.
When he found out Little Richard was going broke so he bought his catalog and sold it to him for $1.
On the new episode of the Thrift Store Vinyl Hour this week, hear Little Richard, Cat Stevens & Eric Andersen!
...on this day in 1956 Little Richard recorded 'Long Tall Sally' =D. Gonna tell Aunt Mary 'bout Uncle John,. He...
The incomparable Little Richard blew the lid off the '50s! 16 US hits and all 14 of his Top 30 UK hits are here. http…
Sun Records Howlin Wolf and Little Richard, this GPS was more Memphis than Jerry Lawler eating BBQ at a Waffle House!
We (I) don't talk enough about Little Richard and his legacy.
Good Golly Miss Molly by Little Richard is in Bar IX, Titusville. Download it now at
In the 50s there was Elvis, Bill Hayley, Eddie Cochrane, Gerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard,Connie Francis, a few...
White man named after Little Richard lyrics. What. A. Time.
combined ages of Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and Charles Aznavour = 254 years
"I just wish I could’ve told David how important Blackstar has been to me.” -Little Richard
And I actually listen to Little Richard, Isley Bros, Michael Jackson, Queen, Stevie Wonder... and I was born in 1991.
(2/?) without Jimi Hendricks and Little Richard. You can even trace influences to the Hari Krishna movement
Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Iggy Pop, Marion Zimmer Bradley -- they all did things like this too.
Me: We should name our son Richard (after my dad). Then we could call him Little Richard! 😂 . Her: (silence). Me: 🤐
sent u an email from us. Radio Ulster Decorators Club.😁 Dave, Joe, Old Shaun and us..Little Richard
My uncle's speech at my grandparents 60th anniversary party..."they've went from Little Richard to Little Wayne"
Or stop looking like Buddy Ebson, or Fess Parker, or Little Richard...
The song Lucas uses at the end of the remastered "Jedi" is Pat Boone to the original's Little Richard.
I asked my little sister why she doesn't play basketball anymore and she said "because I got rocked to much." Bruh💀
Richard from little miss sunshine thinks he's so big time
I've been quiet about this, but I'm getting more than a little fed up watching Richard Dawkins bullying other academics o…
The last thing an NHS oncologist needs is a little competition from Richard Branson.
Stephen A Smith is the little voice inside Richard Sherman's head. Dice Clay is the voice inside Josh Norman's
Oisin educating Aaron Kelleher and Richard Heslop in the story of the little baby Jesus. Fact 1, he's Christ the...
I know we have been a little quiet recently but we have AMAZING AND EXCITING plans for next year so watch this space. Seriously
Such a wonderful project Richard Lentz has been involved in. He's been writing a book with his beloved dog "Roo!".
is a vulgar nasty little man. Surprised his mother didn't name him Richard. Because he is a real ***
USA BEGUN this TRIP! Elvis, Little Richard, to name a few! Created the TEENAGER! But the USA SAW we were ALL COMING TOGETHER!
This film features lots of little stories featuring various staff members, my favourite is Richard Wattis and his struggles with a mannequin
"Great little One! Whose all-embracing birth lifts Earth to Heaven, stoops Heaven to Earth.". — Richard Crashaw
Call me or text me give little Richard a kiss and hug from grand mommy I love you both ..
seemed to be like the older brother who bothered the little one, in this case Richard was the little brother and since Jim-
Trump's use of "schlonged" reminds me of Nixon desiring to "screw" *** Cavett. Similar desperation. We're winning.
Five stars! Xmas special on is GENIUS. Frankie & Annette! Little Richard! Charo!
bruh just stop.. They give you a number to call on every receipt. You just want attention ya little school girl 😂
I noticed little discussion of religion, so perhaps this article at most covers only half the story
The essay on Outkast and on Little Richard are worth the price of admission alone:
Prayers for Richard The very best thing I've ever read about Little Richard. Ever.
was going to take me three little nieces all under 5 years old though stuck offshore. It worth it for next year ?
So Sepp, what part of GO AWAY do you not get? Nobody, but nobody in this game other than your little cadre want U
{I get sensitive over Richard because he's a precious little imp that must be protected.}
Long Tall Sally by The Beatles! Little Richard did it better, in my opinion, but this is pretty cool too!
We would like to introduce you to a dentist who has been with us a little while now, Richard Lambert. Richard...
Ted Cruz' Holiday Spirit: This holiday season has offered far too little respite from humanity's dark side - the…
You mean, you're Santa's little helper. Santa lives at the North Pole, Richard. 🙈 🎅 RG
Plays Pat Boone rip-offs of Little Richard songs, until the amps cut out because of a glitch in their OS.
I danced on stage with Little Richard at the Saratoga Jazz Fest
Prayers 4 Little Richard, the king AND queen of rock n roll .
Little Richard is 83, in a wheelchair & living in a hotel. Do you care about music? Then read this https:/…
Welcome back to legendary drummer (Little Richard, George Harrison, Elton John, Billy Preston)!
In 2010, Little Richard's 1955 hit song, "Tutti Frutti" was included in the Library of Congress' National Recording Registry.
I added a video to a playlist Little Richard ** Good Golly Miss Molly** (LIVE)
Joe McCarthy. The Reddish Menace. The door-to-door salesman. Bill Haley and the (two) Comets. Little Richard.
have you tried Chuck Berry, Fats Domino or Little Richard?
I will also be forever salty that Chuck Berry and Little Richard haven't gotten the appropriate recognition.
whole lot of Chuck Berry, Little Richard (who are dope) and not the artists that they influenced :P
…although w/ all due respect to getting the shouldn't Chuck Berry, Little Richard, & Brian Wilson should get one first?
On this day in 1996, Little Richard was the pastor at Cindy Lauper’s wedding ceremony.
Stevie Wonder, Chuck Berry, Donna Summer, Little Richard, The Clash, and Blondie make up the perfect Monday afternoon playlist. 👌🎧😊
LL and Run gotta feel like Chuck Berry and Little Richard be feeling when they do Rock lists.
Have loved this on All the artists were so distinctive & original Elvis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry.
50's generation "we had Chuck Berry, Little Richard". 21st century generation "we have Justin and Miley". Not much can be said for the future
…& with all due respect to James Taylor & Gloria Estefan, shouldn't Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Brian Wilson, or Carole K…
I can picture Luther and Little Richard being good girlfriends. Shopping and looking at *** prints through bell bottom jean…
On tonight's Riot Colin James and the Little Big Band are Breakin' Up the House, plus Little Richard, Jerry Reed,...
3/3 If this were not true, than Pat Boone’s cover version of “Tutti Frutti” would not have outsold the original by Little Richard.
Little Richard consents to pose with obscure musicians opening for him in Hamburg, this month 1962:
Some of the greatest artists of all time are from Georgia:James Brown, Millie Jackson, Little Richard, Ray Charles 😊
This fool looks like the love child of Little Richard and Rick Ross.
Rock Calendar 10-12-57, Little Richard announces he's giving up rock for religion. He is ordained as a minister, but goes back to show biz.
Rock Calendar 10-12-57: Following a concert in Sydney, Australia, Little Richard renounces Rock 'n' Roll. When one of his musicians...(more)
Little Richard: you got $100?. James Brown: naw man. Little Richard: well first rob a liquor store and go to this radio station. 😂
Little Richard throws so much energy into every word. When we shrieks, you can't help but get excited for him
100% TRUE STORY: While backstage at San Manuel Casino with Little Richard's entourage. Chuck Berry walks in. Mr.
My favourite 'Little Richard playing football at Wembley with Screaming Lord Sutch and a Parrot' photo...
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Stage is set for rock band performances tomorrow. Get ready for some Little Richard, Elvis, and Bill Haley.
Greg: "Oh man, if you all got to see what me and Colin got to see.". Ryan: "Little Richard.".
Does Jefferson or does he not remind you of some Ruby Rhod/Little Richard hybrid?
This week's discovery playlist bang on the money again, The Dubliners, Little Richard, Rush, The Avalanches... fantastic.
For a lady born in the 20s & thought little Richard was blasphemy she was totally ok with saying "I know things happen."
Prayers for Daniel! And bless you, Richard, for making the little guy's day brighter!
I hope my new fish Richard doesn't die, but if he does, my next fish will be a tiny little girl beta fish and I will name her Amelia.
From Santa Anita notes, Catch a Flight is sitting out the Awesome Again because he “came up a little sore,” according to Ric…
NE1fm 102.5 is playing : Tutti Frutti by Little Richard
The Original Beauty on Duty, Little Richard, is still beautiful and about to enjoy an 83rd birthday in December.
Several hours later... lemon meringue pie! Unfortunately, our oven cooks a little unevenly... torched the lighter one
Richard Darbyshire with a little bit of zrrapley in the background.
I just asked if Little Richard was dead and my dad started yelling at me omg
Most people know him has Little Richard, I know him as
"And we're getting to know each other a little to well," .
Website Builder 728x90
Watching and they talked about the "Little Richard Taco Commercials." My curiosity has been quenched.
Sweet Pea, looks like Richard witnessed getting out of control...whose house burned down? Evil little boys! B-safe.
Rose frowned a little, hating the language barrier that was making this so hard. She gently hands her box to Richard, »
Heather has never seen The Brave Little Toaster. highly disappointed
Living Colour predicted this long ago. And they bias rendered Little Richard to boot.
Tonight we got Little Richard's You keep'a'knocking and The Beatles' Get Back!
*I catch my breath with little squeaks as I try to relax.* It feels really good when you make me *** my Richard. *I ~
So what if Chuck Berry and little Richard are on my workout playlist 🎸
All little girls should be told they are pretty, even if they aren't. Marilyn Monroe.
She's adorable! Richard will have to keep a close eye on his little sister!
Watching on Full House with Little Richard . Love that my nephew likes this show as much as I did growing up.
So, Richard is capable of murder?? I blame Keisha. She did this to poor little Richard.
My cousin (who’s last name is Sherman) had a little boy today. Her new baby’s middle name? Richard 😊. Cc:
How to rebrand your social media presence
Rip It Up by Little Richard from the album Little Richard
Electronic Device Insurance
Then you tell the *** . I'm gonna get my little sister to kick your *** He thought it was funny..
Take away a little of the icing from the cheeks and the left cake could easily become Richard Osman.
Lol, little premature there, PC Richard K whistle
That's part of it too. I wish I'd had a little more time to think and prepare for that particular panel.
PSA: There will be a heightened police presence in Ship this weekend as an attempt to "calm" Richard Street. Learn from me, a…
playing on Lucille by Little Richard at
Mid Feb next year looks to be fairly open. I'm wanting to stay at home a little more and work in the studio. Let...
« Richard's possessive little pat a pass... for now. She flashed her teeth in a quick but deadly smile to show she would get »
Richard Elson drawing the Mario gang - Little Me would have exploded.
James Mtume just said, "Little Richard told me, 'I'm not just the king of rock n roll, I'm the king AND queen of rock n …
I'm not just the king of rock and roll. I'm the king and queen. -Little Richard. As quoted by James Mtume
I honestly don't think he can. He's like Pat Boone singing Little Richard songs.
“I shared my generation’s passion for rock ‘n roll, from Fats Domino and Little Richard to the Beatles and the...
Xavier Woods out here looking like the *** love child of Little Richard & A Pimp Named Slickback with that hair.
Or that Jimi Hendrix played in Little Richard's band?
Hamilton Collection
Joe Biden is an affable joke. What planet are you from? Joe Biden makes Gerald Ford look like Little Richard. You need a STFU msg
I learned the terms reading about Little Richard's "Long Tall Sally". You're kind of right, built for comfort= buxom
Come look at toys! Little Richard's Toystore - 324 N. Tejon St. At Little Richard’s Toystore, we added up the...
Tina Turner, Little Richard + Richard Pryor will tell your fortune
They make more than Muddy Water, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Bo Diddley, and Little Richard.
This is extraordinary. Glen Campbell, David Cassidy, and then Little Richard turns up 4 mins ish.
how my sweet *** pull a female? I'm like a modern day Prince...or Little Richard
John could never scream like Little Richard on Long Tall Sally. His genius was more on the page than on the stage.
I think this will make you smile! This is when John Waters met Little Richard!.
imagine if the only hip-hop you were exposed to was this: - see also Little Richard on Pat Boone.
Saw Chuck Berry live many years ago with Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard. Looking back, what an awesome line up.
"or both. You had an aunt that either looked like Prince or Little Richard"
Little Richard throwing me off on martin😂
The fact that the average USA Black youth doesn't know who Chuck Berry,Little Richard, Fats Domino is a tragedy of USA cultur…
Little Richard now Gregory Porter how can you get a lie in with this tunes!! Brilliant
Sax Legend Grady Gaines new bio shares of all the r&b rock legends it was Little Richard who broke the color barrier!
Little Richard on the red carpet Celebration of Legends luncheon/awards
“Flashback: Watch and Little Richard spice up the 1994 CMA Awards:
Little Richard & Millie Jackson was inducted into the R&B Hall of Fame! Little Richard sung Rock and Roll! ~ Millie Jackson
Chuck Berry gotta be the oldest livin legend from his era (other than Little Richard) that's still out there performing. That's goals there!
"The Beach Boy’s has influenced almost every band or artist you listen to. " Chuck Berry did. Little Richard did
Today's listener of the day: Ron Shepherd. On tap: Ides of March, Little Richard, Beach Boys, Dion, Chuck Berry, and more.
I can name a handful of artists better than Elvis. Fats Domino, Lloyd Price,Ray Charles, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, etc
I tried to look presentable for a show, but not for sexual attraction. It was strictly for show business. Little Richard
I seem to now have over 300 followers. That means approximately 100 of you have crept up on me. You craftily little rascals, you!
So thats where Richard Keys has been! I thought he just crawled into a little hole or something.
Marc Mero is Little Richard. I mean have you ever seen them in the same place?
Little Richard is the king of rock and roll.
The dude they have playing Little Richard is just standing in front of the piano. Not playing it. Just hands on keys 😭 this is so weird
A little but very raw teaser of a new track "APRIL SKIES " a day away from finishing ,,,obviously alot of the...
wait nvm that's clearly just Little Richard
Just a little bit obsessed with my God Daughter😍😍
Whoops, a little over eager before. Can't wait to watch THURSDAY night! Still at 9PM though!
. This Face! I'm so scared. Richard you scared me. Bad little Dwarf! :P
Almost done with "Beg For Death" second draft. Sardonic little Terror film, a tribute to Richard Matheson's 70s...
My pleasure, happy to help you, my friend and everyone. It was just a little jog round Liverpool.
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