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Little League

Little League Baseball and Softball (officially, Little League Baseball, Incorporated) is a non-profit organization in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, United States which organizes local youth baseball and softball leagues throughout the U.S.

Little League World Series World Series Opening Day Jackie Robinson West Danny Almonte

My idols from Little League. Bob Horner even had a restaurant in Knightdale if I recall.
If only he could wear this in Little League! Trying to look like Reds Johnny Edwards '65-'66.
Yea, where's Danny Almonte and the Bronx team? Little League association teaching MLB judiciousness
In the spring of 1984, I was crushed not to make my Little League...
Matt Rhule isn't just Baylor's new football coach, he's also his son's Little League coach https:…
going to The Anaheim Stadium with my Little League team and got to meet Jim Fregosi ,Bobby Knoop, Clide Wri…
From the diamond to the courtroom, battle over Headfirst Baseball becomes a federal case. “We met in Little League.”
‘He is a thief’: Little League teammates go to war over fortune made in youth baseball
Coach who accused JRW of cheating refiles Little League suit...
In the summertime, I played Little League baseball; football in the fall;...
and Little League and T ball and Jr hockey
There is no life for girls in team sports past Little League. I got into tennis when I real
Pence got the Little League World Series treatment. .ump that pitch was about a foot too high...sorry kid swing it.
Watch a Little League coach spoof the competitive culture of youth sports
Coach who claimed team cheated sues Little League via
Coach who claimed team cheated sues Little League
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Im sitting on the bench in Little League and youre starting pitcher in the World Series 🙁🙁⚾
Coach who accused Jackie Robinson West of cheating sues Little League
Little League museum closing five days for maintenance work
GameChanger keeps scores, stats, and live streams for Little League and more -
High School band leading the charge at NWC Little League Opening Day parade. ht…
2. I knew Joey Nott from Little League. He was my teammate for two years. He pitched two championship title games and I pitched one.
Wow the minor League catcher finally got a hit, 193 average what a great player for Little League! D.J. U.P. MI
Broome County team wins wild one via 1st to advance to Little League World Series in 70-yr history!
"We have guys who will certainly bring a veteran presence starting with in goal"
When you dominate the Little League World Series, you can celebrate like Usain Bolt. VIDEO: htt…
Watching the parents stress out in the stands is what makes these Little League World Series games so intense.
Ah yes, because being ahead in the Little League World Series is very similar to being the fastest person on Earth htt…
*** bout to pull his ERA from little league smh
A Little League World Series coach made a visit to the mount to tell his son he loves him
16 horses die at Del Mar and everybody looks the other way. What if 16 kids died at Little League World Series?
I have seen exactly zero major league baseball games in 40 years. I have missed exactly zero Little League World Series.
nothing better than sitting in Penland watching little league baseball when I miss my brother 💔
Sports front for today's BGDN featuring 14-4 win over Iowa in the Little League World Series.
This is awesome. Little League manager visits mound to tell son he loves him. .
sounds like you want others to no Skippy my grandson has tryouts too for little league lol
I LOVE the Little League World Series. These kids are cocky af even when their blurb tells the world their nickname is 'seany-bear'
Who you got in the Little League World Series? Ford or Toyota?
...I'm thinking this time of year I'm going to start telling girls I played in the Little League World Series
Jeb Stewart umpiring behind the plate for the Australia and Caribbean game at 5:00pm on ESPN today at the Little League World Series!
VIDEO: Little league coach makes mound visit to tell his son he loves him
Today is Tall Boy Tuesday with specials on Tall Boys and Margaritas! Watch the Little League World Series!
I'm on 🔥 Little League World Series: japan vs texas
The Little League World Series is teaching kids how to bunt. Never bunt. Bunting is communist.
Little League coach tells his son he loves him during mound visit
Father takes mound visit to tell son, “I love you.” during game.
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That's great! Little League World Series is something every baseball fan should experience. Love how you're repping your O's.
An awesome dad-coach gave the best mound visit ever at the
Gotta love this, little league baseball. Get ya in the feels.
How many kids in the Little League World Series do you think juice up
I would lose in a fight against any Little League World Series player.
I really hate living a block away from the Little League World Series field
Best part of a great little league game is you know the losers will all cry and that is why I watch.
Pacific Little League to host 'welcome-home' celebration Saturday for its All-Stars - Lynnwood Today
Good sports dad and good dad, period.
He gets it - Little League coach stops by pitcher's mound to tell his son he loves him.
Little League coach visits son on mound just to tell him he loves him
nope. Little League World Series is on.
yes, Little League put it in this year in the Majors division. I like it, requires the catcher to catch the ball.
Japan is playing Texas in the Little League World Series. Nothing further, Your Honor.
I draw the line when I see a 12 year old in the Little League World Series with a lip in
Can you spot the little league blimp - lunch time view .
So great. L.L. coach out to the mound to talk to pitcher, his son. "I just came out to tell you how much I love ya." https…
Throwing what you know with DJ Tanner at the Little League World Series.
Is that like the 16 years you've been waiting to play at a Premier League ground me little pork scratching ? 😘
you two clowns know there is a pitch count in Little League.
Little League baseball seems a little bit advanced for John Kruk. Please, ESPN, take him off your telecasts.
⚾️ A recent history of South Bay teams dominating Little League in America
.❤️that u shared suburban Little League story in luv those boys
Congrats to the M-E Little League team on advancing to the World Series Williamsport with an 6-2 win over PA S…
Mets need to play with Little League rules- no stolen bases, everyone gets a participation trophy, fat kid at first.
Ever play LL for SB? Donate (small or large) as SB Little League goes to the New England Championships! Go Fund Me
Ogier sponsored the CI U16 Little League team to attend the 2016 ESPN International Salute to Baseball. More:
Brice Cherry: Prime time for Little League as Southwestern Region tourney begins in Waco - Waco Tribune-Heral...
Prime time for Little League: Southwest Regional tourney begins in Waco - Waco Tribune-Herald: Prime time for...
In the news: Medomak, Lewiston all-star teams record wins in Little League state tourney
At Tower City for the District 24 Little League quarterfinal between Pottsville Rotary and Upper Dauphin County.
Danny Almonte speaks about life after the Little League age scandal
just watched a family from Valley West call in their helicopter to dry the wet field before the Little League game 😳
What a day for local athletes! Announced unique new facility plans for ESU & Little League! https:/…
Collegiate summer leagues, Little League playoffs & All-Star tournaments, travel and showcase ball, follow it all in the mag this summer!
LeBron just ended presser saying "game ball to Draymond." Gave one to Shaun in Game 1. Poor guy is a Little League coach now.
Kevin Love and Klay Thompson were Little League teammates in 2001
Little League championships coming to Lismore next week
Whether it was Little League or playing with your brothers or sisters,...
Good to see Ellis Burks. Favorite player on the back of the Little League card & World Series Champion with the 2004
South Carolina couldn't beat a good Little League team right now.
Gomez and Brantley coming back. Brantley scares me a little, I'll be alright. It's all about pitching in this league.
If you can own a major league baseball team, and a minor league one as well, can you own a little league team?
I remember when my boy Eric used to be a beast in League now he's a little tater
Talk is cheap in this league, a man who knows what he is after has *** little time to find it, much less to sit back and ex…
Stories from all the action from Sunday's Little League Super Series. Report -
The notes I took for our fantasy Bachelorette league are maybe a little insane
proud of my little bro for making the A team for all stars his first year of his new league! kids a stud in the making
I will offer my name/sponsorship to the league. Do you 2, Junior & Chris Cody. That would be a deep little contest.
Lassana Diarra fancies a move to the Premier League and to Spurs or Man Utd, maybe he is running short of a little cash!…
A bunch of stereotypes my head I remember doing thz math like "Yeah, I'm good in little league"
Join us this Sat, May 28th for Hastings Community Little League Day at Playland.The PNE donates $10 for every ticket sold that day to HCLL!
When you just got cut but a little league baseball team plus their parents come in and the closing server is brand new ☺️🔫🔫
Andrea Pirlo is tired of running so much in MLS, shares his thoughts on the league's style of play.
Chair league is actually pretty fun to play lol. I got to take anub def see a little value in him.
props to my boy since little league committing to play ball at the next level. I know you'll kill it ⚾️🍴
the real question is why tf did he even lift it.. I know it's split second but that's little league stuff lol
And they've never kept that field up. Been there half a dozen times. Always reminds me of 80s little league fields.
The game feels like little league in the sense of everyone getting a turn tonight...
Game 4 had very little to do with Raps coaching adjustments, lots to do with Lowry/DD stroking it. Make or miss league.
So I will apparently be staying in a hotel, attending a little league tourney in Bixby, weekend of the 17th-ish. Couple days.
Ive played with these kids all my life from little league to high school they are my brother and they always will be
My performance has been really poor lately when it comes to league. I think I've spent a little too much time smurfing this week.
Without that shot and little handles he has... He's nothing you guys. Russ for best PG in the league even though I've been saying from day1
Learned all the way back in little league to never make the 1st or 3rd out at 3rd.
Just brutal baserunning by Kemp. Watching and jogging out of the box, then not picking up 3B coach. That's Little League stuff
Finesse teams can't win consistently, no matter the sport. 73 wins in a watered down, top heavy league w/ little depth doe…
Central Whidbey Little League Majors softball sluggers refuse to lose. Ever. End of story.
I just realized Little League Baseball World Series this summer. About two months to go. 😄
We appreciate you too Ladera Ranch little league!
the reason I chose in little league
This is smart baseball by Vols, put the runner on. That run means nothing. To bad my son's little league coach doesn't understand that.
What do you do when your little brother's grad ceremony is at the same time as the champions league final? You skip the ceremony, easy.
dat boy can play a little lol. Best scorer in the league.
When you bring your girl to come watch you ump a little league game.?¿ 😂😂 smf...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Worked up a tee-shirt for my sons little league team on They nicknamed themselves the…
Understanding x, y, z, axes allows us to describe the chaos that is a little League swing
Umped 1st varsity game of yr = Crowd silent. On Sat., umped little league baseball voluntarily, and was criticized all gam…
I went to her spring league game today! That little girl is gonna get signed! She better keep working her *** off.
No, getting picked off there is little league stuff!
NYCFC's Andrea Pirlo: MLS has too much running & too little play - ESPN FC
I had a little league baseball game tonight where the first inning lasted an hour.. I almost fell asleep
Why is LSU chasing a guy in a pickle to the base in front of him? That’s Little League stuff.
Nice to meet old little league team before the great performance by CC & the boys tonight.
FYI this is the second state title that Logan, Jake, Dillon and Jordan have won together. (Little League 2011)
*at Little League*. H: Which one is yours? . Me: You see the kid that caught the pop fly? Mine is beside him chewing on his…
The thing about Little League is that sometimes spectator conversation turns to "Grease 2" and you get to sing about bowling. ⚾️🎳👍
Johnny Giavotella just played an out into a Little League error.
The Canyon View Little League organization is at the game. Head coach Mark Stevens has a Little League fiel…
Little League sponsored this week by Stephen Dank
JV Baseball reminds me of Little League. Need to play to win!
Little League baseball. Torture at its finest.
We'll, I've got Little League Opening Day parade, my God son's t ball game and my daughter's baseball game. All tomorrow!
Watching some Little League baseball tonight in Bristol
Little League baseball is a young man's game.
Jayron Kearse and Mackensie Alexander played Little League baseball against each other as kids. Knew of each other for years before Clemson.
no Gs in baseball, not since Warren quit in Little League
Is it possible to demote Danny Espinosa to Little League? Any hit he has ever had has been luck.
It's Little League, parents. Not the World Series. It's about the kids. Not you. It's supposed to be fun. Get out of here with that crap. 🖕🏻
Ok here's tonight's trivia: Name the only player to win a Little League , College and World Series Championship? GO!
This should be the whole point of Little League and Cal Ripkin baseball.
"Little League baseball is a very good thing because it keeps the parents off the streets." — Yogi Berra
Little League and GameChanger Partner for Little League World Series Scorekeeping, Stats… app apps
What an AWESOME job all our Volunteers have done for today's Little League Opening Day!!!
Great experience at Little League Opening Day this morning! GREAT job to those who helped put it together!
this would have been a mercy-rule game in Little League... Where the Reds play.
Coaches brawl at Little League game caught on video:
Listen to the Kids League Report on WJER Radio for the results of all of the Little League and Minor League...
Uber driver in Orange County picks me up at airport, sees my TCU shirt & says, "My son's Little League team chose TCU as its na…
Keeping scoreboard and pitch count at Little League game and trying to keep up with Rice Owls game ain't easy!!
Genesis Olympics!. Tripp did MUCH better this year. 2 First Place blue ribbons!! Little League baseball is really...
This all-girls Little League baseball team in Seattle is breaking barriers and facing boys teams
Throwing baseball with my boy. Little League Opening Day is tomorrow.
John Porter helped kick off Alexandria Little League Opening Day & gave a shout out for
I also enjoy watching my little pony and playing league of legends
Opening Day . The start of the Little League Spring 2016 baseball season is finally here!. ANSLL's Opening Day...
It's National Volunteer Week! Be sure to thank those that help make Canada and Little League Canada great! ht…
Straight steal I agree. Wild pitch, I´m taking the run. Other team did score 5 in 6th. Little League pitching unpredictable.
True. I'm not completely insane. I wear my cup when I pitch to Jonah's Little League team.
Just found out one of the victims was a mom from my son's little league. So sad.
Happy Birthday Princeton Dave! It seems like only yesterday you were hitting dingers in little league ❤️
A baseball plate is 17 inches, in all leagues, major league, minor league, little league.
Not a big unwritten rules guy myself, but you make the call. Little League baseball. The team I help coach owned a 16 to 2 lead last night.
I remember when I started following the in 2004, my first year of little league and hearing for the first time
For a league that constantly talks about growing the game, the sure does squeeze the little guy.
RAYS LITTLE LEAGUE NIGHT IS HERE! We have Rays tickets on sale for $20 for lower level seats. The Game will be...
.delivers a special message from all of us at Little League during
A tutorial on basic Baseball principals from little league to the major leagues Baseball Basics
Any idea of Little League tourney dates
Little scratchy for the nation and in full flow for money league
I love it! We are also in full little league mode... one in tee ball the other in softball.
congrats on the League if it turns out you have won it, deserved. But a little early I think.
Interested in volunteering? Brazos Valley Challenger Little League is looking for buddies to help with baseball...
Keep seeing Royals fans griping about our "band box" and "little league field". Doesn't MMP play pretty neutral?
Seriously though, little league coaches need to chill tf out.
What??? Bruh he put up little league numbers and wanna go to the draft smh
I miss little league at the village 🙄😭😭😭
Because we like the league mate. Often used for in-plays & tonight's games look good for a little acca pre-match
My thought is that Farrell sees Shaw as unproven so he gets PH for 1st. Like little league. Brutal if true.
Fingers crossed for nicer weather so that our friends in the New Windsor Little League can kick off what is sure...
Pirates truly are playing money ball. Little power, got Jaso just for obp, and we have the highest obp in the league.
Unplanned trip to the dentist. It's been awhile unfortunately. Let's get this done with little pain and before Champions League.
What did Joey Rickard's (college coach text him after his first major league game? Find out here:
How did I top out in Little League and this dweeb makes the majors? I'm gonna give him a wedgie for that.
You and whose army? I'm completely out of your league little buddy c htt…
I wish there was a "special edition" WATCHMEN DVD where dubs Rorschach muttering about losing a Little Leagu…
I like to believe that would be a pediatrician who coaches little league on his days off if he weren't an actor.
When u thought he was in ur league but u see a pic of him shirtless & turns out he MLB but u not even little league http…
The Titans will take on The Majors tonight at Simpson 630pm. Little League night will throw out first pitch!…
Tambry, let's be real. If I wanted to date you, I would've done it already. I'm just a little out of your league.
happy birthday to the only guy I know to just sit in the outfield at little league practice 😂😅✊🏽
Reminder softball clinics are still being held at the Little League fields this week. Also reminder that...
Little League field of dreams now a reality
Seth Curry really nice though bs aside Steph ain't start making noise till he was in the league for a little while
Little League field of dreams now a reality.
Little League coaches getting ready for games .
I was 12, buddies and I in little league couldn't believe WCW put the US belt on Bret Hart.
How's the nfl gonna suspend Josh Gordon for a little pack, this mans hitting pack and still finessing everybody in the league
2 years ago my bubs had their first tball game. Today they have their first little league game of the season⚾️💙
Nothing was more lit than Hot-Box at eyer park during little league games
If he continues at the same rate - it'll take Harry Kane 9.5 seasons to beat Alan Shearer's Premier League goalscoring rec…
We need a summer league for retired NBA players.I'd watch it. So, MJ, Kobe and all dem can run a little bit.
Grab your Little League team and join us for a Youth Baseball and Softball Outing. More information:
Great Opening Day for Little League at our East River field! Got to hear from too!
Three cheers for the Little League teams & the for hosting today's celebration.
Website Builder 728x90
Join us this Saturday morning for a Little League celebration at Fenway Park with the https:/…
Interested in Silver cord hours or just volunteering in general at the Little League? We have opportunities...
Defense wins championships, but if you put a Little League team around 1968 Bob Gibson, they're not winning World Series.
GET SOME THOR!'. Finish what you started all those years ago in Little League. Another march toward the World Series
Big crowd at Sunset Park for Little League opening ceremonies, but the Frisbee golfers are playing through anyway.
Adults acting like a Little League game is game 7 of the World Series, they are kids, umps/coaches are volunteers
Little League ceremonies is the best birth control in this world... Forget the pills go to that and you will rethink having a baby 😓😓
Wonders may not know that Yang's dad coached Little League softball champions of world.
steps up to the plate for Little League.
(1) Little League team NEEDED to take the field w/ this Sunday. Email: marketing
That's an "Achievement" - Allegra walked backwards (in low heels) from Little League field on Easter afternoon.
Parents then proceeded to local Little League field to heckle coaches, umpires & players.
SCHEDULE CHANGE!. Softball clinic this week will be at the Little League complex because the high school field...
John drinking at the Little League field was so sad
From 1st day in Little League to Opening Day in Majors, the Indians have been Naquin's team: https:/…
My dad was my Little League coach and my Cub Master.
Local construction company building two new dugouts for free for Little League:
I coached against Drake in Little League. He played for McLean while I coached in Arlington and Adam was a Nat.
This Akron-OSU game is like that Little League episode of South Park where every team tries to lose on purpose so they ca…
WATCH: Little League star Mo’ne Davis joins Harlem Globetrotters on the court
I was bad field, no hit in Little League. But I was a good locker room guy and I knew all of the baseball strategy.
Reagan named *** Schweiker (whom my Little League field was named after) his VP. BUt Drew Lewis stuck w/ Ford
Trump sounds like the belligerent dad who takes the field to argue with the ump at a Little League game.
Coming up this week in sports: Little League fund-raiser tonight, state Class D regional basketball final tomorrow.
I'm not exaggerating when I say I said that before every pitch in every game I was on the field for from Little League through high school.
Not to mention that the one thing Little League is known for is the Little League World Series. But nah, no foreigners.
for you better get out to the Little League field and start fighting for Cruz cuz he's going down.
that's why his rally is on Little League field
I blogged, more Russell in French. A story about him in Little League. He got mad.
simply the best commentator. He made the Little League tournaments sound like the World Series!
Oh no, , Brandon's playing Little League for the Yankees!
A parent volunteer accused of embezzling thousands from a local PTA and Little League in West Covina, at 11 on ABC7
West Covina woman accused of embezzling from PTA, Girl Scouts and Little League
where under Little League. You also have babe Ruth leagues. you get a feel of their positions as you watch them practice
Have you registered your kids for Little League yet? come out this Saturday! From 10am to 1pm at KR Baseball, Higginson Ave, Lincoln.
"Philly great" Glenn Wilson hosted our Little League all-star banquet and ran into an awaiting car before signing autographs
Reached a new echelon in the fraternity of fatherhood today: little league soccer coach :-) Any advice is appreciated
READ- If You Hype it Up, They Will Watch: A Look back at Mo'ne Davis and the 2014 Little League World Series
New JRW lawsuit seeks to reinstate Little League team as national champions
Happy birthday to my bro since little league.. We have grown up together dawg and we foolin tonight 💯
Well I tried a game of Rocket League online and that worked fine in next room,a little glitchy in our bedroom but that is 1/2
Little leeds united have an empty stadium again! When did they last play in the premier league?
My Rocket League Car is a beast! Would only be cooler with a little T.U.G.S. flag on top
[↳ with little intent, as though she were out of his league. . "And don't. . .take that tone with me. . I don't remember ↳
Nice little warmup game before darts league tonight. Another 180 but more importantly a 13 dart…
Dems play in the majors plays little league
Not out of my league! Maybe just a little too far away to shoot a successful shot though!
I'm a pro HuHot-er. I can't stand when it's little league there.
Also if you want to be in a little cup league hit me up so we can get you in the league
Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center will be at this years Pearland Little League Opening Day scheduled for...
PIPPA is a female Papillion available for adoption through The Animal League of Green Valley. This little sweetie...
From next season, the Premier League is going to look a little bit different….
Hazard can like to leave Chelsea abeg. All these little hints fam, we see it, we hear you. Come and be going. ...
that trick has been around for an age. We used to do it when I was in little league
A lot is hinging on Scalia replacement: JRW wants Little League title reinstated.
- I agree. But it did make me sad he didn’t win little league MVP back in the day though.
Donohue then turns around and argues that a male candidate should be applauded for cursing.
We gonna be looking back at this picture in 16 years when little CP is one of the best pg in the league
President of the Catholic League Bill Donohue tells CNN's Michael Smerconish, "We can't act like little virgins!"
attorney says the parents want full reinstatement of U.S Little League Championship.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Won't forget catching for you all the way through little league. RIP
JRW families sue Little League International. Attorney claims it exploited the kids to make more money.
So proud of little Dani Bakes in taking home the league's first award! 🐬
Jackie Robinson West parents file lawsuit against and (via
AA Newsletter - Little League team sues Stephen A. Smith, Bill Simmons HBO show new hires, Bob Costas news -
Sharing for Stacey and other friends who want to register for Exton Little League: here's the link:
S/O to my Little League homie for winning state too💯💍 ❕The good days
West Boca Little League got a special visit from Brad and Justin! . Week ⚾️
Kids should practice autographing baseballs. This is a skill that's often overlooked in Little League. -Tug McGraw htt…
also you little league lawsuit will be real INTERESTING. Basically because you are terrible at your job.
Time for a little major league action
James Karamanis, a lawyer representing the parents, said during a Monday news conference that Haley knew the kids li…
I know the other guys are racist homophobic warmongers, but good god I hate John Kasich's little league coach at a pancake br…
I love "Little League Haiku," once memorized it for a writing class presentation. Great stuff!
Attorney for Jackie Robinson players says Little League exploited them for better ESPN deal
If there were league tables of music, yours would be struggling at the bottom of the little league.
Parents of Jackie Robinson West players sue Little League, Stephen A. Smith for bashing team
Being forced to use words like fudge, shoot, & gosh darn it; because he is 1 strike away from being banned from his so…
The fact that Jackie Robinson West got stripped of their little league title still messed up to me
Keith's slap shot gives Sekac a big rebound and Jiri shows he's like me in Little League. Swing and miss
A Little League team is suing ESPN. Even if they don't get any $, I bet the coach still takes them out for ice cream.
The lawsuit asks a judge to reinstate the national Little League title.
On one-year anniversary of the Little League national title being stripped from Chicago, parents sue almost...
Volunteers lay sod for new Little League field
(1 of 2) Only in Arlington: In about 1971 our Little League team had a rhubarb and the ump walked off the field, tired of parents' razzing.
LB Little League to give all kids equal chance to play ball. Proud to rep city that supports needs of all our kids.
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