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Little Italy

Little Italy is a general name for an ethnic enclave populated primarily by Italians or people of Italian ancestry, usually in an urban neighborhood.

San Diego New York City San Gennaro Feast San Gennaro Festival Mulberry Street China Town Cafe Gratitude Fells Point Taylor Street Howard Beach San Francisco Coral Gables Lady Liberty

Hop Nookie (2016) by Kern River Brewing Company found at Bottlecraft - Little Italy. Stop in and grab a glass!
📷 On Sunday’s we take class with Lynn Thompson in Little Italy, we hydrate, eat good and do a little...
Helldorado (2016) by Firestone Walker Brewing Company found at Bottlecraft - Little Italy. And another?
Jessie James Decker and I were in Little Italy at the same time. No big deal. So close to the Queen ❤️😍😍
Is Harbor East inching north? Some excited, others concerned about what new buildings could mean for Little Italy.
Sat October 8th...MUSIC BOX in Little Italy...HEARTBREAKA x BOON LEAGUE...LIVE...$20 at the door!
Little Italy has become Little New Orleans. So many Saints fans. Good for them.
Have you been to Little Italy on Wilmington Island, Savannah, GA yet?
Look who i ran into at the San Gennaro Festival...Tony Danza 🤗 @ Little Italy in NYC
A visit to Little Italy, in the Bronx. @ Our Lady of Mount Carmel's Church
Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish in the Little Italy section of the Bronx. Belmont. Was mostly Italian, now Hispanic.
trolley square? Little Italy is right down the road. Try to eat at Mrs rubinos before you leave
Debbie Harry and Martin Scorsese Support Landmarking 239 Elizabeth Street in Little Italy and so Should You...
"Pasquale Jones Brings a Little Novelty to Little Italy" by PETE WELLS via …
Poured a beer in a Starbucks cup and walked around Little Italy today, this is what a tour day off looks like.
What best describes Taylor Street in Little Italy? . & Pigeons. . . h…
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reDANKulous by Founders Brewing Co. found at Bottlecraft - Little Italy. Enjoy!
Juicy (Batch 2) by Hill Farmstead Brewery found at Bottlecraft - Little Italy. Bottoms up!
"Waving the Mexican flag is no different than Italian Americans waving the Italian flag in New York’s Little Italy" -- Jennie Luna
How cute is Little Italy in San Francisco? Posted by Bay Area user jinkielove.
And wave those flags on Corso Italia at, St clair Ave west, or collage's Little Italy! Forza Italia!!
They've got some great new Catholic action figures in Little Italy!...
I have (2) huge grocery stores, downtown mall, & movie theatre, & gym - blocks from me. Little Italy is a sweet neighborhood
Roxy, Beyer, et al at our annual pre-Preakness dinner in Little Italy.
This trip to Boston just got better.. Little Italy for lunch and Red Soxs game Friday night.
Little Italy is now just a theme park. It is no more representative of Italian-American life than Lion Country Safari is of the Serengeti.
Just a casual stroll in the sunshine around Little Italy and China Town. . It's how we do it.
Guerin Catholic band and choir members outside the Church of the Most Holy Precious Blood in Little Italy. htt…
Ballast Point - Little Italy on Inside our party bus
Ballast Point - Little Italy on Bolt party bus brewery tour to ballast point
My first stop was Penn's Landing, second stop Animal shelter, third stop the Kimmel Center, and fourth stop Little Italy 👌🏻 featured in NBC s Science of Love
At Cafe Gratitude in Little Italy. Beautiful organic breakfast
Queenstown in Little Italy is hosting a fundraiser (April 11, 6pm-9pm) for Washington STEAM Magnet School. Thx QPH!
The Gala is held every year at St. Anthony's Banquet Hall in the heart of Little Italy, Ottawa. Featuring...
At the most fabulous restaurant in Little Italy right now: Buon Appetito
Take a walk down Mulberry Street in the Little Italy neighborhood of New York City
Little Italy under the landing route of Lindbergh Field | San Diego CA ... ...
Nice! Hit up Little Italy...Taylor Street never disappoints. If you see Sean Phillips (men's coach), say hello for me
Photochrom postcard of a bustling Mulberry Street in Manhattan at the heart of Little Italy, circa 1890s.
10 things you should know about Brian Malarkey's new restaurant in Little Italy.
10 Things To Know About Brian Malarkey's New Restaurant in Little Italy: It's not named after a fabric this time…
Studio downtown in the Little Italy neighborhood: Top floor corner studio in downtown San Diego's Little Italy...
The Little Italy Association & Little Italy Residents Association are in full support of safe bike utilities & more parking in Little Italy.
"Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality"-Lewis Carol @ Little Italy in NYC
As ever, a real pleasure to welcome England manager Roy Hodgson to Little Italy
Freshly made Dough at Little Italy! To try one of our delicious pizzas for takeaway or to book at table please...
Huge FULLY FURNISHED 3 bedroom with 2 FULL bathrooms in prime LITTLE ITALY! $5950
Someone talk me out of ordering dominos 😭😭😭
A little throwback featuring this fine piece of Italian Baroque design
I usually don't go to these type of places @ Maggiano's Little Italy Houston
Transfer Student is ready to give American boys a little taste of Italy! Exchange Students 2 coming soon! htt…
Electoral the favorably vital environing circumstances in consideration of thine little italy jam: pDVzl
Good luck to my little bro travelling to Italy tonight to represent wales 🏓🇮🇹
Little Italy eviction case goes before Rental Board
Doing a little networking with the top 1% while sightseeing in Rome Italy
How I can afford trips to Italy and the South Pacific on a non-profit salary -
Happy Womens Day! Mary and friends We celebrated this morning in Little Italy, San Diego! htt…
60 never looked so damned good & tasted so sweet! I still go to the Little Italy shop -. it's the best!
I sound boujie but it is what it is.
If you're eyebrows suck please don't think you can send for me. Dismissed 😂
Impulsively bought a ticket to Croatia.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I literally feel out of place if I go days without seeing Kia...
Dead in the middle of Little Italy/. Little did we know that we riddled some middlemen who didn't do diddly" 😭☝🏽
Palm Court, brings a little bit of Italy in the heart of Whitwood, Castleford.
OMG guys! Limited tickets are available NOW 😱Go, go, go!!! .
Iceland Aurora Blog :: : Little Treasures - I received an email from Paola Trevisan in Italy...
while in Italy you should deff fly to Catania, Sicily & get a bus to Ortigia! gorgeous little island, i lived there for 3 mos
Tomorrow night join for a tour of London's Little Italy
An Italian restaurant, Pan Bon, in the Little Italy section of San Diego. I had a late flight in & it was convenient. Tasty!
In Ep1, we travel to South Africa, France, Australia & Italy. Here's a little taste of
Kylie just face planted in Little Italy..🤔
i just want to See you in ITALY but i couldn't get the ticket!This disappointment is a little too much
Chef is rolling out a new restaurant in Little Italy this spring >>>
The Godfather being filmed in front of 128 Mott Street in New York's Little Italy (1971)
Little Italy really dropped the ball on the name L'Italy
Ironside Fish & Oyster | Little Italy, San Diego home to a raw bar and $1 oyster happy hour
The changes to Manhattan are surprising to me. Alphabet City, Harlem, Spanish Harlem, Little Italy, big changes
Little Italy is a neighborhood of New York City located in lower Manhattan, bounded by Tribeca to the west,...
My momma and me to her birthday in Little Italy @ Little Italy, Manhattan
Little Italy is a neighborhood in lower Manhattan, New York City.
Date day: farmer's market at Little Italy, the Museum of Contemporary Art, SDSU's downtown gallery. It's a gorgeous day here in San Diego.
Maggiano's Little Italy on Recently I was here to perform for a public event at Maggianos and I was blown aw…
I dream about having an apartment in the Upper West Side. Brunch in Midtown. Dinners in Little Italy. Clubs in Harlem.
All work and no play makes Willie a dull boy. Head to Little Italy to spice things up a bit.
Proud Italian BF: SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND. Her: And we shall call him "Little Italy". .and that's how the fight …
Cartagena. A little bit of Italy in Colombia
I told my mom that I wanna visit Italy one day & she told me that once we were there but I was little to remember & guess where ? In Milan
Little Italy, I am gonna buy you out of the lease if you play another country song.
Want some cheescake factory or maggianos little Italy.
& Let's not even talk about the Papi Juan of little Italy ...
a person named Ashley Olsen was killed in Italy. But it wasn’t the little sad looking twin.
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Treat yourself to a nice dinner at one of Little Italy's many eateries, such as Buon Appetito Restaurant.
Been dreaming of visiting this place since I was little & it feels like I'm still dreaming || Venice, Italy 🇮🇹
I just checked in at Maggiano's Little Italy with Download today!
we're staying in Little Italy. Any suggestions? Any brewery we should hit up?
Check out this well maintained Victorian in Palmerston, Little Italy. . ..
Trump and Sanders seen dining together at Pellegrino's in Little Italy. Why would this be?
You can't beat fresh pizza from Little Italy
The cold is coming. Get warmed up by our rich Peasant Feast. Places left for Friday 29th
She got me a cake from little Italy 😁😁
Last date night before we leave. :) (@ Maggiano's Little Italy in Springfield, VA)
you're for the first time in Italy. I'm in a little town in the middle of the woods and I' any come to Milan
The little italy weakling yet the topsoil lass: upHEhec
While applying to Little Italy I managed to do break the number 1 golden rule... I kept the pen. ***
Enjoying a little red vino in Italy !
I eat a lonely late lunch in little Italy as a reluctantly await my cousins wedding on Sunday. Spending for fancy occasions suck.
3-D scanning used to record rock art known as Pitoti (little puppets) in the Italian Alps
Bruh I hate that mf ! I just wanna punch IT in the face 😹😾
"This place is in a quaint little spot in the heart of Little Italy, San Diego. The vibe: dim lighting with a...
Chilis Time Square is fab! Don't forget Olive Garden in Little Italy, it's so authentic!
Tomorrow at our Little Italy location...Lobster and Beer...and playoff football...
UPDATE MAGGIE. A little hello from our dear Maggie in the pension for handicapped dogs in Italy. She would like to... h…
Learn more about historic past with this new app!
Killing Custer: The Battle of the Little Bighorn and the Fate of the Plains Indi
Such a great breakfast spot in Little Italy. (@ Harbor Breakfast) on
. This is my draw, I know it's a little orrible sorry😂🙌. Kisses from Italy! 💋🇮🇹 ILY!😍❤️. Pls follow me💖
Since there r black neighborhoods, Latino, "Little Italy," Chinatown, etc. So WHY can't there be white neighborhoods?
Justin Bieber and Little Mix have been thanking the Brits for their nominations
A little taste of to spark some ideas for
The year you realize you sign your emails HH, just like Hugh Hefner. @ Little Italy in NYC
A little slice of Italy in Manchester. Great food, great service, good job
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Love this use of technology & history. Helps w/ preservation. App brings Little Italy’s dynamic past to life
Sending you a little piece of sunshine.
Mixing? Is that why there's Chinatown and Little Italy? 🤔
Ancient Rome and Little Italy, in the Bronx: Alumni like Denzel Washington, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, Alan Alda an...
"Gonna put the "sick!" in "Kasich" by longboarding down that gnarly hill in Little Italy".
Great first night in NYC! Little Italy, China Town and a couple of bars in Nolita. Perfect prep for the big day tomorrow 🎄🍻🎉
Had a fantastic time shopping around Little Italy and China Town today in San Francisco! So many…
Kelly Lynch describes the culture in Little Italy and how her bakery honors the Italian culture.
in Boston at Maggiano's 'Little Italy' with the love of my life. - Drinking a Samuel Adams Rebel IPA -
Cleveland police arrest suspect in robberies in Little Italy |
Swing into the holidays...with The Orange Devils @ the Monarch Tavern in Toronto's Little Italy, next Monday.
Our own prepared foods line, Massimo's Cucina Italiana, is available at our west end and Little Italy locations. htt…
Unique eatery that's all about chicken and eggs set to open tomorrow in Little Italy. Read about what's crackin':
Working from a Little Italy cafe next to a man who could be Vincent Cassel's linebacking son. Pretty dreamy view.
Gotta cop an Italian deli sandwich from Little Italy
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Happy All Saints Day--Here's the ringing of the Angelus at Holy Rosary Church in Cleveland's Little Italy:
Don’t forget Little Italy, while in Manhattan. by More @ www.NYCHashtag…
Photo of the Day: The Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy - held annually in mid-September
Get $50 worth of incredible Italian cuisine at Ferrari's Little Italy for half price with this deal!
Fun time w HHS Jazz Bands at Little Italy and Clev Pops/Jazz at Severance Hall. Roberta Iaiarte played bassoon!
Yanks had one since 2006. Mets since last year. The Yankees one was in Little Italy this year, and the Mets in Brooklyn Bridge Park
Ferrari, check, fuzzy dice, check. Ready for Columbus Day Parade at Little Italy.
The first test kitchen menu was insane. Best news all week! "The Next Heads to Little Italy"
Article in today's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette about Chris Dorer's book "Images of America: Little Italy". Which was...
Garden supporters battle to save Little Italy's last green oasis
Can we talk about Little Italy (Collins St), Hobart. Why is the can who owned it two owners ago still in all the photos?
Little Italy yesterday- feast of San Gennaro. It was amazing!
It was a pleasure. You are great Venezuelan, your presence in the San Gennaro Feast beautified Little Italy!
We’re still dreaming about the food at the San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy last week! YUM!
🍴👅💕 great times with grams and pops.. @ San Gennaro's Feast - Little Italy
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Annual feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy rules!
Went to Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy today
If you're in Little Italy for the San Gennaro Festival be sure to check out for great food and
Cannoli and Zeppole filled day, San Gennaro's Feast at Little Italy. @ San Gennaro's Feast - Little…
Postcards from NYC: food vendor, the Feast Of San Gennaro 2015, Little Italy.
Hope you saved some room! Today's the last day of the Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy.
Here's why you should head to Little Italy's Fest
SoHo, Little Italy and Chinatown Tour | Free Tours by Foot & maybe this too?
B spot, Cleveland Flea, museum, Little Italy, Great weekend with the fam here in
Good Morning guys, the Milan Club Sydney watching the live telecast at Mezzapica Cafe in "Little Italy"
Davanti Enoteca on Little Italy has been transformed to a mega mall of restaurants. I know it's an exagerrat…
Looking for Sunday Fun? Head Up to Little Italy in the Bronx’s ‘Ferragosto’ on Arthur Avenue
La Mesa's sets up shop in Little Italy:
A resurgence of interest in this little-known region of southern Italy
Photos of Pennadomo, Abruzzo on the blog! such a beautiful little town...
carinmorris: 6 years later, I wonder if tonight’s show is going to be a little different?!
I know it's dark but we wanted to share a little of our first day in Italy with you. So please enjoy this day 1...
Photo: ayameshiroi: I spy with my little eyes… something beginning with “L” It is a “Lovely Person” on the...
NYC is my favorite city!! Everywhere is great, but try to see Little Italy before the game.
Let's go to Chinatown. Oh wait there isn't one. Koreatown? Nope. Greektown? Nah. Little Italy! No. Little Portugal? Cabbagetown? Nothing. 😔
I miss my little sister. She's really my roll dog 😓
Cool photo of Lady Liberty: Something that caught my attention in Little Italy http:/…
& Putin's have quite a little gang going. Reminds me of WW2's Russia, Germany & Italy. That ended well.
Little italy in connection with toronto answer stint in respect to the historic: PtkI
Said I was going to be home by 1 yet here I am at little Italy...
Cool photo of Lady Liberty: Saw this great mural in Little Italy today
The Bolt that won't bolt on you. East County beer meets the waterfront in Little Italy.
I want to be in Italy the day the Pisa Tower leans over a little too far. It's bound to happen
come to roadhouse down here in Athens next to little Italy
Underbelly in Little Italy reminds me so much of being back in the PNW. The food, the vibe, and the music. Love it there.
Little Italy is about to be delicioso
Do you complain about Italians in New Jersey who refer to themselves as Italian? Does Little Italy freak you out?
Beyond stoked for the Cafe Gratitude opening in Little Italy, clearly, as it's now my second day in a…
MT Head to NYC's Little Italy Sept. 10-20 for the 89th Feast of San Gennaro:
Maybe I've been always destined to end up in this place 🎀 @ Little Italy in Manhattan
If it doesnt challenge you it doesnt change you
Lifes a mystery dont try and figure it out
Tomorrow...Italian Specials turns us into Little Italy !. Chicken Marsala awaits, delicious chunks of marinated...
a less excited italy is literally yashiro from k they sound pretty much the same shiro's voice is just a little Less Italy
Who thinks we should start thinking about these type homes for master mind retreats?
me and my grandma are both Esperanza. she was big E and I was little E. little E and Italy sounded the same and I got stuck with it.
10 crucial facts about the Charlie Bird team's new restaurant:
BAY AREA DROP IN: North Beach. North Beach is best known as San Francisco’s Little Italy, with its assortment of...
Is this $15 million waterfront estate located in Italy or the Hamptons? CLICK to find out >>
Had another amazing Food Truck Frenzy tonight featuring Little Italy's! Thanks to all who attended!
via "Heads ups 😍 POP UP SHOP coming your way in Little Italy, Satur…
Have an okay time in italy, I might miss you a little bit ❤️🇮🇹
It's so sad because Jane loved George but her little *** of a sister came from Italy & now she fell in love w/ George!?
Fun at the Botanical Gardens and Little Italy today!
I'm not familiar with Howard Beach or Little Italy but I'm thinking resources are delegated based on crime rates.
if you're go do it, do it all over and in every community, like Howard Beach and Little Italy.
I am. I live a bit east of you, near Legacy Village, and my office is a bit west of you, in Little Italy.
Man in hospital after shooting in Little Italy: The shooting happened at College and Crawford st... IN City
Little Italy, Old Port, Metro, Church of the Madonna...all kinds of fun with this little lady!…
What would you expect from Little Italy @ Grand and Essex on a hot summer day? FREE Italian ices!. FREE Italian...
LA-based Cafe Gratitude branches out into San Diego, will open in Little Italy next week.
Hands down the best Italian restaurant in town! (@ Little Italy (Pasta & Pizza Corner) in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah)
FREE show with the area's Classic Rock band - Emerald City, tonight at the Market in Troy's Little Italy. will be there
Got an idea - who's up for between Royal Albert Hall and Little Italy next Thursday...?
Macaroons and boba tea and Lake Erie and Little Italy and vintage clothing shops (filed under "Reasons to Adore Cleveland")
will you be doing your chrome books presentation? Don't miss Little Italy and the Rodin museum !
Hyderabad up goa-travelling from the little italy speaking of pearls en route to the cast away neverland: TEtle
Warm & lazy morning in wonderful sleepy little town...
Hi Cleveland start your Sunday with a hot cup of and wafels at rising star in little Italy!
Snapped this little dude while drawing in the park
Nice little hotel right next to the Domo. (@ Hotel Firenze Number Nine in Firenze, Italy)
: Little Italy, Wall Street, Tomes Square, Central Park... I'm feeling good to the US :)
Breakfast? Cannoli please. @ Little Italy corner of Mulberry and Canal, NY City
"Welcome /r/italy! Today we are hosting Italy for a little cultural and question exchange session!"
my little sisters on holiday in Italy but I'm still texting her asking what a tomato looks like & how to cut one
always been very careful with money since little - she lived in Italy for 17 yrs and still gets all income in euro whilst in CT
The courtyard in our building in Trestevere @ Little Italy
be in Italy. And she is talking about Italy. Sorry I think I am just little fangirling *** 😂😂
Get back Little Italy restaurant in the vineyards.
I don't speak Russian but from Italy.
Just sent my little sister off to Italy where she will spend a month learning Italian and enjoying…
Happy Sunday everyone. Today I am going back to Italy. I am a little bit sad but also excited at the…
went to Italy when I was little 34 hours on coach
simply one of the nicest Sauvignon great little number from Italy
Little Italy.Harbour and Bay.Alliance Franç creative works of art coming your way! http:/…
Hello little buddy! Found this little chap on our hallway wall this morning!
got mine sorted from Italy a week or so back. Have a little something for her when i see her next weekend . xx
some beautiful strangers I took pictures of last time I went to NY — Chinatown/Little Italy/Manhattan/Times Square
Finding a Little Piece of Heaven in the Cinque Terre
Little Italy celebrates with food, fun family: Little Italy was filled with celebration on Saturday with the K...
Hitting the streets of Little Italy San Diego with your dog: … out any of the many Italian eateries li...
We took out Cano, Little Italy, my son, Giavotella got and rbi, and we're tied for second in the west. 🙌💯💯
Update on my little Italy life; I am now friends with Patrick, D, and Kenny.
Beautiful work by ● Part of the ● Little Italy, New York City, USA . .
Looking for a in Little Italy Wanted - Newborn Baby
6 choses local en route to have a hunch whilom motivation referring to an little italy bully: ulKUE
Thx by Watching the sun go down with a little …
Watching the sun go down with a little
I'm so freakin happy that my aunt, uncle, and little cousin are visiting from Italy
They are playing all of good music at this hookah bar 😅👌
Little over a month I'll be home. Little over a month I'll no longer be a teenager. In two months I start work in Italy.
to that one time I was in Little Italy & I saw this amazing, colorful piece of street art. 👍
Absolutely loving Baltimore. The Inner Harbor, Fells Point, Little Italy. And the audiences! So happy to be here
Dr. David Hussey's volunteer leadership helps give new life to Little Italy landmark via
Cd you clarify? like in bensonhurst or arthur ave in the Bronx? Little Italy is just 4 tourists and so so food.
Aaahh! Send me a picture you dirty rat! Little Italy rules on San Gennaro Feast.
Luminato, North by Northeast, and Taste of Little Italy are just a sample of what's on offer across the city.
Latin American festival to the north, Taste of Little Italy to the south.
This weekend the Taste of Little Italy will feature 50 restaurants serving delicious foods on College st. between Bathurst & Shaw!
So ready for the Fourth of July and Little Italy. Little Italy to Clinton is the equivalent of Mardi Gras to New Orleans. Come on.
Every Sept., on the streets of Little Italy in Manhattan, we celebrate the Feast of San Gennaro. Grills are...
I'll admit my Baltimore knowledge is limited to the harbor, Fell's Point and Little Italy. But love that.
(1/2) Any recommendations on things to do while in NYC? Did ESB, WTC, Staten Island Ferry, Chinatown and Little Italy yesterday. Going to a
Barilla Taste of Little Italy festival transforms College St. from Bathurst-Shaw, into an Italian piazza. JUNE 19-21 htt…
A4: If you're visiting in the fall, check out the Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy. Amazing food and such a fun experience!
Don't miss tomorrow Randazzo's Little Italy in Coral Gables on channel 4 at 6am and 5:30pm…
Taste of Little Italy set for next week. Get details:
Today it was subways, Statue of Liberty, Little Italy and tonight Aladdin.
Come see us at Maggiano's 2nd Annual Casino Night benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation! April 24 at Maggiano's Little Italy! :)
Enjoying a meal Lygon Street Melbourne aka "Little Italy" home of Ferrari fans during the Australian F1 when was World Champ
Here's what happened when opens in Little Italy, fine espresso central.
♫ Nicolas is listening to Little Comets - Little Italy ♫ //
This is a link to an article and videos about Italian San Gennaro Feast in Little Italy, New York City.
Dr. Joseph Fields invites you and your guests to complimentary dinner at Ferrari’s Little Italy on Wednesday,...
Few Italian-Americans remain in Manhattan’s Little Italy, a neighbourhood of old tenement buildings and narrow str
Just checked out this beauty in Little Italy for open house Sunday.
According to the Times, a census in 2010 found that there were no Italian-born Americans living in Little Italy.
So the Italian-American museum in Little Italy is about to evict one of the last Italian-Americans left in Little Italy...
Italian-Am Museum to evict one of the few Italian-Americans left in Little Italy: via
from this list South Park, Little Italy and Imperial Beach
Called Randazzo's Little Italy in Coral Gables, one plate good for two bruh
Beyond the tourist attractions, Little Italy is a 'hidden gem' for young NYers
Happy B-Day to your mum! It's amazing, been all over Greenwich Village, Meatpacking District, etc today now off to Little Italy!
Avoid Little Italy and Chinatown in Manhattan. Arthur Avenue in the Bronx is the real Little Italy, and...
The Bronx's Little Italy was home to Chazz Palmintieri & Anne Bancroft. Joe Pesci worked as a waiter.
Fells Point just past Little Italy, it's the yuppie/hipster part of Baltimore, it's pretty cool.
I would highly recommend Bar Isabel in Little Italy; best Spanish in town.
Photoset: SOOO excited to welcome Elle Bridal Boutique into Little Italy. My dear friend Krystel, of...
Scene of shooting: 189th and Park in the Bronx is right near Fordham University, on the edges of Belmont, Bronx's Little Italy.
Last Dinner in Little Italy has this one whole street that smells like Garlic. The whole street.   10% Off
This fantastic piece of street art was on the side wall of an Italian cafe... @ Little Italy ht…
Opening Saturday, brings old world wine and new world food to Little Italy:
Even on a snowy day in March it's a good day I Little Italy!
Mulberry Street in New York City, Circa 1900. Little Italy. Follow us here to see more!
listen to the words... it's a classic NY Little Italy song. ever been there?
Awesome day with friends checkin out museums in University Circle and lunch in Little Italy. Don't forget the cannoli!
Wow! What a day! Picked up by a Black Towncar (felt very celebrity - like in my black shades and designer boots). Driven in - style (champagne!) To my Birthday Spa day! Had an extremely relaxing 60 minute massage, a Greek salad for lunch and then my very first facial! After that was treated to a Shampoo and blow - out by the lovely Marisa Tomei (look - alike)!!! Thanks David Bednar! What an amazing birthday present! You are truly the best husband EVER! I love you so much! Now onto dinner at Bencotto in Little Italy! Thanks for baby - sitting Krista Page!
What a fun filled day! China Town, lunch in Little Italy, and then stop in your tracks cold chills at ground zero and the World Trade Center.
Smashing day in St Andrews - festive emporium at Old Course, pic at Swilkin Bridge, lunch at Little Italy & live music in the street!
There was absolutely no way I could miss this year's Cavalcade of Lights in Little Italy this evening. As soon as Emma heard that the cast of Frozen would be performing, it was pretty much a done deal! Incredible sense of family and community in the heart of Little Italy! Thanks to Mr. Lombardi, the Little Italy Board of Management and BIA for once again lighting up the Christmas trees and angels that over look the corner of Grace & College. To the community sponsors and CHIN Radio & Television for providing free hot chocolate, pizza and desserts for all to enjoy. Last but certainly not least, Nonnina's Table; a charitable organization that exemplifies the Italian values and attributes that are fundamentally important in Italian culture and neighbourhood. Please like them on Face Book: who cannot forget about Santa Claus and the Candy Cane Princess who worked their magic all night long. Here's just a few pictures from tonight's festivities. I'm officially in the festive spirit! - Han
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