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Little Guy

Honkytonks and Heartaches is the third studio album by Canadian country music artist Gord Bamford. It was released on September 25, 2007 by Royalty Records.

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"You can’t be for Big Government, Big Taxes, and Big Bureaucracy and still be for the Little Guy." ~ Ronald Reagan htt…
Gerald Green, the Little Guy, and the two Littler Guys.
A guy just lifted his hat to me and honestly little things like that make me love customer service
This guy is nuts! I understand passion for a cause. I am VERY passionate also but my gosh, his temper is just a lit…
Democrats’ Line of Attack on Gorsuch: No Friend of the Little Guy
basically, a white guy doing Asian stuff is problematic nowadays and they've done little to mitigate it, that's the problem
So I met this little guy and totally fell in love 💕💕just look at how precious he is
This little guy will make your Monday!...
cute little bugger. sunk her teeth into the leather glove the the pc guy was wearing. We spent a good 5 mins chasing it around.
SEXY SPAWN SUNDAY! This little guy made a bloody mess in Spawn Kills Everyone.but he's cute so it doesn't matter...…
This little guy's brother bit his paw and it's the saddest thing I've ever seen 😹😭 (IG: purrminators)
I miss this little guy a little more every day...I was always excited to come home and see him waiting for me. I ne…
Welcome to the family ❤️. We need a name for this little guy!
She has him wrapped so hard around her little finger - poor guy doesn't even know what hit him ❤…
They Do Got a few in - a particular brand of who have Forgotten the Little Guy.
He was a Rebel with a cause . And in my books Harvey was looking out for the little guy and nothing more.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I took my girlfriends little sister out on a date so she knows how a guy should treat her when she gets older
I swear that guy in the background acted in episode 4 of Westworld. He had a little round hat and suspenders.
My little brother is *** We have never been for the same guy...yet
Took a piece of the cactus 🌵 from my old house & look, it has growth on the top and a little guy…
How's everyone's mission going? Little Sky Guy looks like he's getting into trouble with Show us your…
My wife loves the name Stanley Pup and wants to use it for this little guy. Can we get your bless…
Really appreciate keeping and I up to date on our little guy while we are gone. Doesn't seem to miss…
Good ol Republicans-always looking out for the little guy. Hooefully Ryan's family will be the first to lose their insurance
This little guy ❤. ... well more like or . I hope you guys are...
IT'S HERE ! IT'S HERE !!! so excited to try this on my little guy Thanks you so much…
Those feels when a guy you like makes you weak at the knees but there's little chance he likes you back...
our little guy has adapted pretty well, considering. Hope she feels better soon!
You're a sad, excitable little drama guy, aren't you. Tsk, tsk, facts are such pesky things.
As the weather gets warmer, make sure you don't leave your pets in a close up car! Open the windows and give your little gu…
Oh Martha this guy is just on TV to push his little pathetic snowflake film blah blah angry white man
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
This little guy munching on a flower is all you need to see today 🐰🌻👌
He stood up for the little guy which made him unique. Most other politicians only care about their rich friends in business.
This little guy's bday was last weekend. He cant have treats bc of a sensitive tummy so he got a lot of loud singin…
Bernie's 3rd home isn't corrupt, but he is. Bernie's a top 3%er that used tax breaks for the wealthy to reduce his taxes. Screw…
. Would that be "pulling off" the con to 62 million voters he'd be the populist looking out for the little guy not billionnaires
This puppy was born without front legs — but he's the happiest little guy.
Ignoring weirdo and enjoying my Little Guy and Middle Gal playing Rock Band on our PlayStation :D
Wonderful little getaway, trip up to the cabin, spent a very relaxing 24 hours with my guy. No phone, tv, or...
perfectdogs: Haven’t posted this little guy in a while. He says...
Bei Bei Panda just checking the crowd... Do they know how difficult this is for a little guy?
Idk... those tattoos got me a little on the "this guy might not be trustworthy" side of things
Totally being upstaged by this little guy today...🎥🇺🇸 ✌🏻️
Happy National Sibling Day to my lil man August 😄 Love this little guy to death, couldn't be a…
My private nickname for this guy is "BW-one-and-done" because one little smackdown from him and it's over.
I didn't know lol poor little guy the cop was mean
Spotted at with her little guy chomping on our Stud Cookie … ht…
Today was a successful day of filming but I gotta say, I'm pretty exhausted like this cute little guy 😴😴 lol :1 https:/…
.Speak for the dogs barbarically tortured/killed- This little guy was tortured but saved! https…
Despite being Marvel guy, I thk you have little to worry abt. "Squad" trailer looked great & iconic WW image in BvS shows 1/2
Shoutout to the little guy who never fails to make my day brighter…
Really come to love this little guy.
I recently added some pizza cheese to spice it up a little and excite the little guy/gal
“Captain America is just this little Blonde guy that saves the world. Iron Man is just the best“
Went to Kroger right now and this guy came up to me and said "you best watch out little girl." No joke I'm kind of freaking out now. 😶
He just looks so adorable here. Cute little guy.
Jack Frost went from a superhero to a demon killer like me. Is there something this little guy can't do?
For such a little guy, has made a big splash with his groundbreaking blog Daily Wire.
Happy National Siblings day to this little guy too 😊 beyond blessed…
Her: do you wanna make it a little more.. Romantic in here?. Me: way ahead of you. *i turn off all the lights and throw Guy Fieri on TV*
see, if it was dead I think it wouldn't have been as scary but that little guy was still very much alive!😅
Little one saw me watching Llewyn Davis and asked if that was Kylo and Poe singing together & who was the other guy https:…
Really hope my little guy pulls through🙏🏻
Is it weird I keep watching this video over and over? Love this little guy SO MUCH 👉🏼
It's kinda cute when a guy is a little crazy about a girl
Went to dutch and the suuupper hot guy gave me an extra free rebel. Helped my spirits a little bit.
Found this little guy while getting gas today! He's actually very cute and I think I'll let him…
This guy can't even handle a little joke. How will he handle our enemies speaking I'll of him?
What's weird guy actually cares if they're not the same shade. Swear girls try to find every little thing 😂
Found this little guy on the side of the road In big bend. Let me know if anyone is missing a dog
You "Cruz" you lose. And that's no lie. Dig a little before you vote for this guy. Somewhat right of Attila the Hun.
We now know administration will be the very model of establishment repression of the little guy.
Little guy popped up on my newsfeed. 4 years ago today we were sneaking the little guy into our dorm 😂
The little boy is his brother, funny little guy lol
This Lovely little guy was found in Help him find his way home. Please RT! https:…
Is it me, or you have a little guy with an arrow on top of his head as your header?
My little guy makes the most PATHETIC little faces when he wants a treat.
Yeah Joseph's a good guy, he just gets a little heated sometimes.
I met this little guy at NASCAR and I feel so blessed
BTS is problematic this guy loves himself a little too much
I hope this little guy gets to meet
Yep, the Little Guy is completely fine and ran about the park being adorable and full of energy. His mom, not so much.
I have earth's most annoying cat who is clawing me right now. Some day, may I live so long, I'll miss that. Claw on, Little Guy.
Country music - Little Guy by Gord Bamford playing right now.
Ride On Center For Kids, new Little Guy. Great with the kids
"Aaron Kominos-Smith: Big Laughs, Little Guy" starts in five minutes in the Quick Center! Don't miss it!
People liked to make fun of Jean Chretien's "Little Guy from Shawinigan" thing, but it worked: brilliant politician & underrated PM
Clearly this little guy has no worries🔆 @ The Mighty Jungle🌴🐒
when a guy stretches and you see his boxers and V-line.. sweet baby jesus
*IMPORTANT FOR ANYONE IN THE RIDGE COMMUNITY! Please come and support our little guy!!*
Poor little guy, stuck in the pavement
Nice to see a happy ending for this little guy.
Close up pic of little guy's eyes - heartbreaking. Proof positive that animals feel love, pain, grief.
Have you seen this Little Guy camper? It was stolen from a driveway in Missoula on Monday. Please share. TIA
This is Thatcher the newest family member, he's a golden doodle, sweet little guy!
Just now realized my shirt is a little see through. The AC guy was here.
Farm. Old school outhouse. Little guy peers in wearily
Almost killed this little guy. Then he got up scooted away
"I only ever needed my friend". "'re just a really, really good looking guy". "I'm feeling a little something".
Cool to run into player Justin on LRT to airport. Great guy. And he takes transit! Go team! http:…
This is the blog you should be reading, my dirty little ***
: I'm a little suspicious of a guy who throws away medals earned 4 serving our Country. Sorta like burning the Flag …
Little Guy is spellbound by a Kate Rusby DVD. He keeps asking for it to be "a bit louder"!
Packing is hard enough for me...add a bunny and we have more work!! Road trip with the little guy begins tomorrow!
OTIS. So I've got a soft spot for pups + this little guy has had me throwing a stick all…
When a guy says "I was thinking we could do a little more than just netflix & chill"
Meet Black Singles 300x250
What's that, Little Guy? I'm streaming Fright Night with on at 4pm UK time today?
Graydon Carter on Contemporary Publishing and the Little Guy: In his monthly Editor’s Letter, Graydon Carter h...
Standing up for the Little Guy: Major settlements against even the most formidable of opponents include $4.85 ...
Woke up with Little Lady next to me and Little Guy running in to give me morning kisses. What's a better way to start off a Sunday morning?
THROWBACK THURSDAY Me and Chablis, my Maltese (RIP Aug 2012), on Christmas Eve 2010. I miss you, Little Guy...
Why the Little Guy is Actually a Lion in a Game Store
Don't worry the questions get easier, but these are important! Which would you prefer? Choose only TWO. A: All corrupt politicians in prison and stripped of the money made destroying the 'Little Guy with a plan and a dream' [for the sake of "'Global business that buys success through laws made to crush competition]' for fraud and accepting bribes? B: Lobbyists and the entire companies they represent such as Big Pharma which is based on deadly opiates placed into prison for bribery and fraud? C: Sudden halt of the power of Big Oil and Big Utility or reasonable gas and energy costs? D: Heavy taxes on companies that outsource and import only foreign made goods to the USA? E: Knowing that you can have leadership who will enforce the law of the land upon 100% of elected officials so your rights are no longer violated? F: Legalized cannabis and a huge Bio-Medical Cannabis research movement to prevent the deaths from prescription drugs based on opiates? G: A full time USA Made power source AND automobile 'rolled ...
Be careful, Marijuana may cause: Peacefulness, intelligent thought, bliss, love, & the feeling of oneness with your surr…
Can you imagine this little guy following you around? .
Bringing the 80's pop culture back 👾 starting with this little guy "gizmo" ☺👌
he is just a little guy okay. Nothing wrong with, and who doesn't like a hug from a friend lol
Still a little unnerved that a guy buying Dickens books turns out comes from the same council estate as me, scary place to some
Say hello to my little brother while you're there! (He'll be the Scottish guy in the Panamanian cycling team kit)
210 pounds too lol Hes a little awkward, expected but not too much. Strong guy doesn't lift just body workouts like push ups
This little guy looks ready for his massage! We love this pic!
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
(say to the UFO Guy. "The Sun is Intelligent. If another Star Fires Little Green Men into our Heliosphere. what are we talkin here?"
Spent my Saturday with my little guy
“This little guy might just be the sleepiest kitten in the whole wide world: So cute!
That guy should be a little more considerate of others.
Lol I came back home with this little guy in it. So cute lol
I wish everyone could be as happy as this little guy
A girl who's single gets called a *** for every little thing she does but the one in a relationship that talks to every single guy is fine
Photo: I little compilation of the people I actually got to take a photo with at the last Animania lol.
Missing this little guy! Can't wait till Saturday when I can have cuddles again. Xo
As soon as I crawl into bed with my favorite little guy, he farts on me. Welcome home mommy dear. :)
If a guy selling little chicks gives you advice, take it
I miss this guy. Possibly a little too much.
A nice guy will tell you you're beautiful... A real gentleman will make you believe it...
Missing this little guy so much I want to cry 😿
Just ran into a high guy on the elevator at a hotel.I'm a little scared now😂
Handsome guy kisses lips of sweete little babe [ ] [ ]
Finally reunited with this little guy. :)
Hm who thinks Spenc and the new guy are gonna have a little somethin somethin
What is search jacking and how can it hurt your brand? -
I don't drink alone or when my little guy is with me & can't drink without eating so limited indulgence for me
We've got a mini-Mickey entered in our Send Me 2 Disney contest! imagine the smile on this little guy's face when...
Score one for the little guy. Mobile | News, weather, sports Breaking news and upda...
Couldn't of wished for a better weekend companion. 💗 love this little guy & his mummy and daddy…
The fact that the main guy from "Office Space" is in this movie makes it feel a little lighter.
Three am curious George date with my sick little guy.
I promise to be back tomorrow. Umma go to sleep and watch a little bit of kill la kill
I'm so worn out. I've literally prp ably walked 10 miles today with my 30 something pound little guy on my hip.
are the quiet lion of the zodiac. They keep an eye on what goes on around them and will stick up for the little guy if…
Me and my little guy are up who's up with us.
My plan was just to have a little bit of liquid courage before this guy picked me up but nowjust full blown drunk ok
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A little jealous my coworker had a guy bring food to her at work...I want someone to bring me lunch at work 😩
How could I not love the little guy!
Blonde Ren was too much for this little guy, thanks lol. You know how to make me blush.
I'm just a little guy. give me a pizza pie
Well hey there little guy running around in my kitchen
How cool is this little guy, wandering past near my vegi garden :)
Great little birthday breakfast for this ugly guy.
Photo: Little Guy and Jeremy Shada - the voice of Finn from Adventure Time.
Proud mom moment: went to Little Guy's first diorama exhibit. Presenting... a wolverine in his habit! (Hugh Jackman sadly not included.)
CPS author Dominic Raab MP is on this evening, read his pamphlet 'Capitalism for the Little Guy': http:/…
Economies of Unscale: Why Business Has Never Been Easier for the Little Guy - Harvard Business Review
Reblogged from Little Guy in the Eye: There are two main branches of Physics. Quantum mechanics which explains the microscopic realm and Einstein’s General Relativity/Special Relativity which explains the macroscopic realm. Quantum…
"Little Guy" Austin, Texas NEEDS FOSTER/RESCUE/ADOPTION ASAP Fully vetted--up to date on vaccinations; neutered; healthy Rescued from death row BUT TEMP FOSTER CAN NO LONGER HOUSE. Crate trained, dog friendly, cat friendly (see album photo of him, sunny side up, with kitty). Not destructive, not a barker/yapper. Little Guy is like a rag doll whey held--he will just go limp. He is so trusting of people . . . FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE TO RESCUE ORGANIZATION WHO CAN HELP! (rescue does not have to be tax exempt but has to be in good standing in the community) Breed: Cairn Terrier Mix Sex: Neutered Male Color: Black/White/Salt-n-Pepper Weight: Small (10 pounds) Medical: Healthy; Current on Vaccinations Good with people: men, women, children Good with animals: dogs, cats Energy level: low moderate (calm cuddlebug) Home: Enjoys outside time but needs to be an inside dog. His coat is not at all adequate to provide protection from sun/rain/cold. Apartment or home with a small yard. Temperament: very sweet, lo ...
Sometimes I feel like Fred Armisen in his "Little Guy" skit walking to class
Anyone from Sam Rayburn High school back in 1973-1976 should remember this Little Guy, Big John Mills, a man I am honored to call Friend. there were many a nights when John would be sitting in the front yard of my parents house playing Guitar and people from the park across the street would come over to hear John Play and my Brother Richard and I sing. Anyone who knew me back then should also remember my Parents House on Parkside drive, it was the gathering spot for almost all teenagers and a safe house for those to come if they had problems, my parents never turned away anyone, no matter the time of day. many a night my parents would get a call from some parent asking if their child was there, usually they were, but if they were not I remember my Dad ( a Harris county Deputy Sheriff ) getting up and dressed then going out to find the lost child, using all the resources at hand ( sheriff dept and pasadena police )
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Photo for today: Little Guy taylor photography
Charles Schwab Tells Wall Street to Shape Up & Make the Stock Market Fair for the Little Guy , , via
I still love my brothers and sisters I never said "hate" them. My big brother Angel from Puerto Rico. Everyone said talking about he is look like almost same me. His with me watch movie and play prank. It make me happy fun and laugh. I some talk text him but I alway miss him so much I bit worry for him have work fireman. I hopefully he life alright too. I'm happy for Angel and Dominque have son Aiden. He birthday same Angel. That so wow awesome lucky! Giggle! I only called Big Bro to Angel. My stepsister Alex is so cutie face sweet beauty long hair. I love her so much before January I did present card give for her is happy for me. I alway miss her too. I love her so much My stepbrother Luke is so handsome called Little Guy. I like him great sports too! He alway playing with Chad silly it make me laugh! I love him brother. I want visit watch him game too. My baby half brother Anthony He is so handsome sweet and cutie! I want hug and play him. I still miss and love him so much. I have many picture for him t ...
Way to go Branden YEA for you, won a trophy at Pine knot Race Track tonight racing is 4 wheeler will post pics tomorrow Love you Little Guy!
Watching the opening graphics montage of Wide World of Sports. Little Guy starts yelling out "Tigers!" "Bulldogs!" "Sharks!" "Zombies!" "Dragons! " ... wait, what? Zombies?? He meant Warriors ... oh the lolz!!
I don't know how to say this but there is someone in my family who is a Chicago White Sox fan. I don't know where I went wrong with him ( Little Guy ) Your Grand Mother is turning over in her grave knowing that her first grand son is not a Chicago Cub fan. You are a disgrace to the RAMIREZ family. But there is time for you to do the right thing, so do it if you know what is good for you.LOL
Just used SoundHound to find Little Guy by Gord Bamford Y'all Fathers Out There
I love when Kayden crawls into my lap and falls asleep.. It lets me forget for just a moment that He's growing up too fast.. He can count to Four (Even though 99.5% of the time he quits at Three..), He dresses himself (Mostly), he Brushed his teeth on his own, and never want's mamas help with anything anymore.. I'm SO proud of him! He's very polite, always saying Please, Thank You, and You're Welcome.. He knows the colors Red and Blue.. Sometimes Green. (And sometimes green is yellow..) He knows that is his food is hot, he has to blow on it. He picks up his toys most of the time (When I ask. 50 times.) He's a very shy Little Guy though.. He get's that from me. And it's hard to believe that on October 27th, he will be 2.. It makes me sad to think of how fast he's growing.
I had SUCH a great weekend in San Diego! We took Anthony to La Jolla Cove, and he had a blast! Then he got to spend a couple of days with Grandma and Pop Pop, go to the fair, and get spoiled. He was so good, and he had so much fun. And I had a couple of days alone to spend with Steve, just eating and enjoying the beach and each others' company. It was fabulous! Many thanks again to Raiven for taking such good care of the critters, especially for spending extra time with Little Guy, who was a bit sad and confused!
The Supreme Court Just Made It Easier for Big Business to Screw the Little Guy via
Well, here is the "Little Guy's" first grill work. Smoked pork loin with grilled asparagus, and seasoned baked potatoes. It was delicious. I love teaching him how to grill, but really it I he and his sister who teach me how to be a good Dad and a good man. Love you Molly and Jack! Thank you!
Pulling this cute McNab from the Shelter after the Demo tomorrow. Little Guy is only 6-months old!!
"Mom and Pop" Computer Shop vs National Chain Computer Repair Service Who Wins? Best Buy or the Little Guy? By Tim Fisher, Guide See More About local computer repair services geek squad Once you're sure that fixing your computer yourself isn't an option and that getting help from an online computer repair service is out of the question, you're left with seeking computer support from a local service of some kind... but which kind? Do you choose a local "Mom & Pop" computer shop downtown or do you visit a well known, national chain PC repair service like Geek Squad/Best Buy (US/UK/Canada)? The tips below should help you make the best decision. Always, Always, Always Get a Specific Referral The very best chance you have of choosing a great local computer repair service is if you're referred to one. If several people had a fantastic experience with one particular repair service, the chance of you receiving similar service is likely very good. Personal referrals are great but it's unlikely that you w ...
The fair was pretty good. We were able to hear the battle of the bands. Impressed by the young talent at these schools. A lot of booths and attractions. On the way out we saw a guy doing chain saw carvings. The barn animals were fun for Orlando and later, Lupita. We watched RC car racing. I think Alan and Ben would have spent all their time there :) Little Guy got some dip n dots. I bought kettle corn. We saw the school art exhibits and then the home goods exhibit. A lot of great photographers in the area too...Hot, tired but had a great time :) Thanks for going Becks!
Three great forces shape a society: culture, politics, and economics. Each of them influences the other. . The connection between the economy and culture is obvious. A great deal of popular culture is organized around the worship of “acceptable” wealth, matched with disdain for fortunes that have not been properly “earned.” That’s why the same people who embrace class-warfare themes and fume over “income inequality” will also devour entertainment-media coverage of their favorite celebrity’s opulent lifestyle. People adjust their cultural expectations based on their financial reality. Those in different income brackets see themselves as living in different worlds. There are good reasons why Hollywood consistently sells rapacious businessmen to the public as villains, even though Hollywood itself is quite the shark tank. And of course, a prevailing sense of resentment for those who unfairly amass great wealth, by exploiting the Little Guy, leads to political demands for “social justic ...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I was just talking to a Tea Party voter. He told me he was voting for Jeremy Lau. The issue that he cared about the most, outside influence in the election. He was real concerned about all the money coming from outside groups to influence a local election, combined with the fact that Hill wasn't even a resident of the district. Those issues seemed to hit home with his tea party mentality. That is a good question. Why are Big corporations and Big Insurance groups from South Florida, and outside the State, trying so hard( and spending so much money) to buy a local election for someone who claims to represent the "Little Guy"
Just referred to Corey Pavin as a"Little Guy" that's Heightism and I find it hurtful to all little guys out there. Apology??
The Little Guy is an Australian made lightweight, compact teardrop camper trailer designed to provide secure sleeping accommodation and extra carrying capacity. Little Guy teardrop camper trailers can be towed by most small cars, sleeps two people and is priced within the reach of most Australians.
- INQUIRY MINDS Want to Know if you're a struggling "Little Guy?" --->
Random guy in the library has just stroked the fur of my coat and my hair twice and told me I look like a little cat, please help.
When she was little, she used to have a very close guy friend, one day he suddenly confessed to her which made her feel very upset,
Gutted about Google Reader? On the plus side, you can now use a similar, independent reader & support the little guy instead!
When you watch Lord of the Rings backwards its about a little guy who gets a cool ring from a volcano and then walks home
me... Its been a while since the little guy has been touched
This is when my baby was a little guy. He loves cuddling with his mommy that's my ♥:-)
Is that the little shop at 21 Montpellier Vale? If so, that guy does terrible work.
I saw a little girl walk into her dad's baskswing at a driving range and get a couple of her teeth knocked out
I love the way you leave the little guy out! Awkward 'what about me' pose!
Take them to High Court. Show them that the little guy will not be beaten!
I know Popes are supposed to be close to god, but at 76 the new guy's a little too close
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I keep singing fat guy in a little coat and it's four am.
I was on Tumblr and saw a Justin Beaver crying like a little female over a guy calling him a "Little *** hehe
Nah I can't take this man, step into the office and I can already smell this guy. -_-
Okay so I'm on my balcony smokin a little and there is this guy and this chick talkin about all kinds of who know what. Point is.
Sydney peeps, join me at The Little Guy in Glebe for a solo show at 6pm this Sunday... Live blues, support REAL music!!
Thank you for writing the perfect story for my little guy. He fell in love with it straight away.
Cercle Rive Droite moves into Left Bank of Bdx via right don't forget the little guy!
yeah bro it's a little guy but I found her
Found this little guy just roasting in the sun
GEEK HEAVEN. Our producer/movie guy has become FAR too excited, he may need a little time out
'conservatism for the little guy' 'blue collar conservatism' - they're kidding no one, Liam Fox is authentic voice
Happy birthday to my hero Allah bless and keep you big little guy!
- OMG you're just like his parents! Disregarding fact that the little guy is a bully. The smallest thing ever!!
me and love you just a little bit :3 Why are yo both so perfect?! x
Some little guy from Texas harassing Lowri aw
Hey guys great news I don't use Google Reader!! SCORE ONE FOR THE LITTLE GUY!
Two more sleeps till my little mans big day!Not everyday a guy turns 7
I remember once Meghan introduced me to a guy who told me Meg White was a better drummer than Ringo Starr and I vommed in my mouth a little.
A bird just flew into my window. I'm guessing it's a male. Poor little guy, he looks like a Barry.
Fat guy in a little coat. Holy Schnikies! Livin in a VAN down by the RIVER!
I can always tell when one of my teddy bears is missing when I go to bed... Where are you little guy?? 😢
Don't worry trev your mom still sends me pictures of you little guy!
I miss this little guy, he's a trip!
I think the delivery guy was a little too nervous (x
REPORT: The are pursuing the Danny Amendola to fill the hole at "little white guy" created by the departure of Wes Welker
“During Harry's speech, he said "Who here is Irish?...Who's PROUD to be Irish?...Who's proud of a little guy from Mullingar?"”
Perfect! Jason has Little Guy & Little Lady Fan They could be Co-Presidents of the Kipnis Fan Club :-)
"And I'll laugh with you, cry with you, let my love surround you. I'll dance with you, pray for you and wrap my arms around you when you cry. Little Guy. I'm so glad you're mine, Little Guy." - I'm LOVING the Gord Bamford today to remind me of how blessed I am in life :)
It's Always the Little Guy; That is plus,, a date in 72 where a story of life in Philly kind of starts for a black male teenager. Besides the already gang warfare and police brutality that permeates in the inner city. A decision,,,the decision of a new high school in which a teenager who has left the miniscule dimension of 4'11in/weight unknown., to the masculine 5'6in. 145 pounder ( seemingly over night ) or school cycle. From June to September of 72# begins. My name is Donald J. Williams. The first born of Donald & Gloria Williams of the 2100 blk of 9th St. in the city of Philadelphia Pennsylvania where the youngest,,, Dawn Latania was brought home after another successful delivery of Mr. and Mrs. Williams. The newest and final claw in the paw of our clan of lion, tiger, cougar panther, puma, cheetah, leopard, sphinx and domestic.. The veterinary cliche can kiss a fat baby's *** on the chicken & egg scenario.All I know is we're cats. Cats of a different breed orrr,,, the same--- depending on who youuu . ...
Take a min and prey for 9 year old Sebastian and his family he was fighting for his life over a gun shot he couldnt hold on no longer... R.I.P Little Guy. You will always be loved and missed.
DC has always been distant from the people. Apart from the IRS and the draft, they were "the other" we read about in the papers, running gangsters and spies to ground, getting the interstate built, fighting wars and generally looking out for the Little Guy. We believed they were the Big Picture People doing things on the largest scale on behalf of all who worked hard, lived responsibly and stayed right with the law. DC was the captain and crew of our mighty ship, alert and sure, cutting cleanly through heavy seas and turgid morass alike, while their grateful passengers shuddered at the hardship and horrors beyond the delights of the endless buffet on the promenade deck. DC has separated itself from the people, and it shows. Public funds equal to that which built the interstate simply disappear with nothing in return. Literally nothing. While the populace is being relieved of firearms it "doesn't need" even the Department of Education has its own SWAT-style police units. Surveillance once used against gang ...
We are at the Mission Valley mall with a 5 wide Little Guy and a custom Tab. Stop by and say Hi.
Almost 15 years ago I met my best little friend, a tiny, fuzzy-faced Siamese named Spike. When we met, the Little Guy almost fit in the palm of my hand and he was a terror who had a way of climbing unfinished loft walls and leaping onto my stomach as I slept. He didn't play well with other animals and often was stand-offish with me, yet he had a way of warming up to my friends. Spike grew to be a beautiful and knowing companion who was quick to show himself and hop into bed with me when he sensed I needed a friend, and he was eventually came to greet me at my door when I returned home from either a long vacation or a quick trip to the grocery. But the pain of age caught up to him, and tonight I held the Little Guy in my arms as he went to sleep for the last time. The staff at the Chicago Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center was so kind and loving as they helped me see Spike through his last moments, and I want to thank Alissa Pagels, Sue Walsh, and others for looking after the Little Guy during ...
Smooth Sailing. JOHN "Swift Boat" KERRY: Don't wait with bated (baited?) breath for serious opposition from committee members at todays hearing or from the full Senate, which should vote on his nomination next week. He's a shoo-in - doesn't matter that there are numerous others as qualified - maybe even more so. I would cite George Shultz as one. But we know the name of the elitist DC game.payback. I (my wife) contributed to your PACs VERY HANDSOMELY in '08 & '12.payback time. Teresa Heinz Kerry. She is estimated to be worth between $750 million and $1.2 billion. Heinz and Kerry live an affluent life. They own a six-floor, $7 million townhome in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood, a $9 million ocean-front home on Nantucket, a $5 million ski retreat in Idaho, a $4 million estate in Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania, near the Heinz family's home base of Pittsburgh, and a $5 million home in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. The Wealthy Liberal Elite Pretending to Watch Out for the Little Guy. Big surpris ...
An analysis of the incoming freshman class of the 113th Congress belies the Little Guy image. The 94 new lawmakers boast a median net worth of $1,066,515 - almost exactly $1 million more than the wealth of a typical American household.
Teardrop History Teardrop camper trailers evolved after World War II, and were originally constructed with materials obtained from surplus markets. The chassis were made of steel U channel or from round steel tubing, and the wheels came fromJeeps that were salvaged from sunken ships. The exterior skins were usually made from the wings of World War II bombers. While a lot has changed since the introduction of teardrop trailers on the American highway, the reasons for owning a teardrop trailer are the same today as they were when your father or grandfather built his teardrop in the family garage. Teardrop trailers are sleek, aerodynamic, and practical. Depending on the model, your teardrop trailer can sleep up to three adults or two adults and several children. Little Guy teardrop trailers cab be pulled by any vehicle with a hitch—even the smallest of vehicles such as the Mini Cooper or the VW Beetle can easily tow a Little Guy teardrop trailer. Little Guy teardrop trailers are the best selling and most p ...
I think that after nearly 27 years in Sydney I have finally acclimatised. Yes, it's very hot. Yes, I did spend all day in deliciously cool air conditioned comfort while I worked ... but I'm home now, sitting in my relatively cool semi (that does not have air con) and not even a fan on to cool us - just a VERY chilled glass of NZ Sauvignon Blanc. 42 degrees? You weren't so bad :) Watching the news recap, however, IS bad. What kind of juvenile bogan moron wilfully lights a grass fire in the middle of the Western Suburbs suburbia in the midst of a "catastrophic" fire warning and then smiles for the news cameras when they are caught?? Oh that's right - a bogan moron juvenile delinquent that's who. I hope you get juvie you *** ... but the system will probably just slap you on the wrist. Your community might just mete out it's own justice boys. Here's hoping ... Little Guy is in his room 'doing a gig' (he's on drums and vocals tonight. Wonder where he gets that from??) Big Guy is rehearsing. Five of the b ...
ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY: JANUARY 3, 2013 One year ago this day, Andre, a horrifically abused, known by few, barely alive dog was discarded, tied in a black garbage bag, and thrown like trash into a vacant lot. Because of a humble hero named Cedric, whose daily walk crossed paths with Andre in that same lot, at the exact same time, the world would come to know the incredible spirit of this tiny soul as Andre The Rescue Dog. For the first time, one year ago today, the world saw Andre; even though Andre, eyes inhumanly gouged out, could no longer see the world. My heart still smiles at every precious remembrance of my beloved Andre and tears at the whisper of his many sweet names...Andre, Andrea Bocelli, Boc, even LG for Little Guy as Cedric first named him. I remain in disbelief that on this one year anniversary, Andre no longer walks amongst us. My arms ache to hold his gentle spirit, his fragile body, once more and yet, I know with certainty his life beyond is glorious and well deserved. In this I take comfo ...
Quantitative Easing Benefits the Super-Elite … And Hurts the Little Guy and the American Economy - W
You still have time to submit the type of animal (in parenthesis after each name) for a chance to win a 2013 Family pass. Send your list to: Betty Good luck! Here's an alphabetical listing of all the names animals on the farm (you might want to save it.just a hint): Autumn Fire, Bam Bam, Becca, Blossom, Bubba, Char, Cocoa, Curly, Domino, Dora, Emma, Ginger, Gump, Hulk, Jackie, Jasmine, Jeffrey, Jewels, Jorgie, Kaleiddascope, Kandu, Larry, Lily, Little Guy, Lotto, Luey, Maria, Marley Megan, Mindy, Miss B, Nemo,Oliver, Patches, Peanut, Pete, Pistol, Princess, Pudge, Repeat, Retriever, Rockie, Sam, Snow White, Sobie, Suzy Q, Thelma, Thomas, Tinkerbell, Tootsie Roll (2 animals/same name) and Willow.
Suzanne Vradelis Too busy for long update. 1) dogs are making adjustment much better than expected. We live in house with six dogs. Blankets covering everything. Walks done in shifts. Little Guy- (the giant lab mix) is in love with everything especially isabel. Pictur...See More Donate to 4DOGS and MAN --Homeless No More? | Rally is an easy online fundraising tool that helps anyone with a cause to share their story, connect with new supporters, and raise more money.
This morning an elderly man walked up to me in the coffee shop ,shook my hand and asked my name and gave me THE SMILE I NEEDED, then handed me a ten dollar bill and said he read the article in the paper and wanted to help the kids, after our conversation, He slowly turned around and walked out the door.God works in mysterious ways. My mother grew up in Port Clinton at a place called stop 99,poorest place in town,I don't know too many people still alive that remember that place, he did. I spent my summers here on the lake,wasn't always my choice.This was the last place I thought I would live.I hope she's proud and happy with my choice.I love our town,Tina and I have family here,Merry Christmas to The Prusiks,The Conners,The Guthries, The Podgurski"s,The Hanley's,The Campbell's and to all our Coffee Express family,and the customers who made us what we are at Coffee Express today..Even to the AM Guys Club, John , Jeff, Bruce, Dennis, Hot Toddy, Little Guy,Bill, oh and michelle...:) Thanks a Latte Port Clint ...
CoolCoolCool performing their song "Little Guy" @ Le Klub, Paris, on the 12.04.12
Unconditional love: Patty and her Little Guy. Yucca Valley, CA, near Joshua Tree National Park.
well, "Battle of the Sexes" is on hold with Little Guy's Rise record label. Not sure what that means but the owner has messaged me..could be good?
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Whew! Just returned from 11 days camping the Blue Ridge Parkway and surrounding area. What a great trip, beautiful fall colors & weather. Lots of arts & crafts, with my eye on weaving! Loved sharing my time with my hubby, Dave. So sorry it's over. Many great places to return to with our teardrop camper, Little Guy, who "goes where it's towed to"
I thought having children was the best feeling ever, yeh until you anxiously await the arrival of a Grandchild. Wow, I never thought I would be saying that at such a young age. Sometime in December Jacko and I will have the title of Grandparents and we cant wait. I myself cant wait for the Little Guy to sit up on the Sofa and watch TV with me so we can watch Cheerleaders oops! I mean Football, Family Guy, Two and A Half Men oh yeh and Sesame Street. I only wish my Dad could be here to cherish his Great Grandchild growng up but Im sure my Mom will try and fill the void and overfeed him as she did to us and other family members. I personaly want to thank my son Anthony and his wife Delia for soon to be title. See you all Saturday.
The children are actually in bed already! So this tired mama is going to fall asleep to the whistling wind, as well. I posted, earlier, about my little friend-Cole Rapini. He has a condition that is causing his brain to deteriorate, and has only been given a few more years to live...Instead of wallowing in their grief, his parents have created a bucket list for him, of things they believe he would like to do in his short life. Of course, we all hope the doctors are wrong, but I ask that you would add him to your prayer list...AND Cole's Mommy has entered him in a pumpkin contest. If You go to THE PURPLE PUMPKIN CONTEST, and click "LIKE" on Cole's Picture(It is the same picture that is now my profile picture) he may just win-and one dream for him can become a reality!!! Please help this Little Guy! You may also learn more about Cole @ He has truly changed my life, and I hope he will touch yours, as well! God Bless You All! I also told Cole and his Mommy, how I'm sure that my big group of Gr ...
Heres some snow for ya Obama gives over 2 trillion to other countries enough to make everyone over 18 in the 4 state area a millionaire now thats helping the "Little Guy" and creates 22 new taxes on the middle class for Obama care and dont forget he cut the military budget in half so feel safe hes taking care of ya
Little Guy had a full-on meltdown for almost three hours today. Donna Murphy did NOT prepare me for this.
Here is a Little Guy, the Southern Rock Agama Lizard that I have been visiting everytim I go down to the Dam and the Pumps, I wasnt sure what his name was in...
On a new SMODCAST: Will he open the door? It's the return of Emo-Kev! Plus: on the Little Guy from Air Supp ...
The democratic party consists of people that identify themselves with the Little Guy, whereas the republican party is a large group of men and women that identify themselves with the Big Guy.. Davo ~ The Man every women wants and the warrior Everyman inspires to be..
After reading Maurice Sendak's In the Night Kitchen to Little Guy many times, I still have no friggiEMCtcO
How Spain Dumped a Bad Bank on the Little Guy: Rodrigo Rato beamed as he rang the opening bell at the Madrid sto...
Music video for "Little Guy" by Gord Bamford, produced by Arkadia Pictures Inc. and directed by multiple award-winner Stephano Barberis.
Memorial Day Parade 2010 - Little Guy is ready for the parade! It'll be a short parade (only...
My daughter completed Upward Bound on Friday and just left for her end of year trip to Chicago for a week. Have fun Les, we are proud of you. Little Guy is back home training for cross country at the Greenwood Colony running hills twice a day, and Kaleb is home with us, working and making his money. Proud of all of you! Cant wait for Olen and Jenny to come spend a couple weeks with us.
Worm's Eye view...Compassionate Health Care..Nanny State I don't mind Helping the Little Guy, , but government never lets the Little Guy Grow up.
Happy Birthday Trevor Lee!! I can't believe its been 2 years since you were brought into this crazy world... im sorry i cant make it to the islands to spend this important day with you but everyone out here wishes you a wonderful & exciting bday!! Love ya Little Guy
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Teaching my nieces and nephew how to sew - it's great fun! They have mastered hand embroidery back stitch. Today we move on to stem stitch. Kelly and Katie Chambers are super fast learners - so we went to Hobby Lobby and got them a box of their own embroidery stuff!!! Jack is having fun on the old Singer 301. He is really good at driving it slowly and accurately - together we are making a 4-patch little quilt for his Little Guy! I love teaching children how to sew - they are so forgiving of themselves, they don't fuss over their project when it's not perfect and they accept the wonkieness that comes with learning. I Love My Holly Kildebeck Chambers Kids! Great Family - Great kids! I'll post some pictures later today!
Chrissy Gardner performs two songs - Little Guy & Little Lady. Her dynamic range, vocal skill and musicianship is matched by her backing like a ball perfectly hit by a bat on the sweet spot right out of the park. Megan Keith, Vocals and Bass Guitar, Robert Messore Lead Guitar and David Keith (Mega.
Doorknocking went well today, a little hot & windy, but every door in Assembly 36, will rcv. a Wernicke knock & later a phone call, Yes u Rural Voters too, Ur Vote matters & is important too, A Vote 4 WERNICKE 4 ASSEMBLY 36 is like u sitting next to me in Carson City in 2013, I told forget the Little Guy, because I am a Little Guy..
Rita Wilson is singing a song off her new album and Little Guy says, "She sounds like she has a sinus infection?" My son the music critic.
Very stressfull day yesterday! Thanks to a lot of friends with heartfelt wishes, we survived!. Will always miss my Little Guy but at least we have an angel watching over us!! On on a happy note, Austin is safely in London, enjoying the London Eye. Tomorrow they start some realy cool stuff!!
Up having breakfast with my favorite Little Guy the infamous JUNIOR! oatmeal, orange, milk and Disney junior.
This "Little Guy" followed us home; I think we're gonna keep him and make him part o @ Clark's Country Cove
I'm impressed, Little Guy is one busy guy.
I didn't know there was an official Little Guy birthday - I'm a bad fan! :-(
Ooh I know tomorrow it's Little Guy's birthday ;) and
The Best little Shih Tzu in the world was laid to rest today...he was such a good little dog!! Rest in Peace Max-you are no longer in pain..Miss you already Little Guy!!! What a tough Day.
Now that I'm back from Occupying Luo's status, I'm gonna snuggle up in my bed and get some sleep. Later, Little Guy will come in and jump up on the bed and keep my feet warm. Mr. Froggy and The Lion King are on security detail. There's a rumor that Stephen King roams the Maine woods with a lantern and a blood stained axe looking for the inspiration for his next book. I ain't gonna be that inspiration. One look at all my plush bodyguards and he'll hightail it to some lonelier stretch of woods!
Have been frustrated with the the lack of selection and availability of stones for landscape projects from my suppliers and asked why. The reply was that the oil companies and their increase in fracking operations is the culprit. All the good ole boys in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia who used to line up to work in the quarries for cash pay are now flocking to the frackers, leaving quarry owners scrambling to fill orders. Yet another way trickle down from the big oil operations affects the Little Guy.
Home from a very, very fun trip to Disney World. We did not wait in any line longer than 10 minutes. The new Toy Story Mania ride at DHS is absolutely fantastic. Big Guy was picked to be an extra in the Indiana Jones stunt show. Little Guy was picked to open Blizzard Beach and be the first rider down Summet Plummet. Cirque du Soleil show at Downtown Disney is worth seeing.
Taking on the Little Guy, but Missing the Bigger Ones - New York Times
Joel Salatin weighs in on Food Regulation And The Little Guy | Earth Eats -
Think content creators forgotten in war between Big Money & the Little Guy. But creators must be able make a living
Big Success for the Little Guy: Frankie Edgar - Join Talk at:
Google vs. the Little Guy - BusinessWeek: While Motorola handsets would still be based on Google's Android operati...
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