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Little Edie

Edith Bouvier Beale (November 7, 1917 – circa January 9, 2002) was an American socialite, fashion model and cabaret performer.

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fab! Would love to please - it would be perfect for our little Niece, Edie. Thank you for the chance
Any little rat's nest in New York, any little mouse hole, any little rat hole even on Tenth Avenue, I would like better.
Woman on the bus was giving pure Little Edie, she was 2 flags short of a tap dance.
My father got a, got a fake Mexican divorce and he did have, you know, what he called another wife.
Al Capone was prosecuted for Tax Evasion. The "little stuff" matters.
Welcome to new student, little Edie, who carries her Kumon bag like a handbag
Food's going up. We heard that on the radio last night.
My friend showed me the documentary and now I can't stop doing an impression of Little Edie. I won't stop.
Having a Little Edie moment. By myself after midnight on a Wednesday.
I only cared about three things: the Catholic Church, swimming and dancing, and I had to give them up.
"She looks like she’s modeling the Little Edie Beale Haute Couture line". This is why I love
.Perry "looks like she's modeling the Little Edie Beale Haute Couture line.".
LOL it reminds me of the scene in Gray Gardens where crazy Little Edie tells Jackie O that JFK really wanted her.
Hillary and Chelsea star as Big Edie and Little Edie Beale in documentary of Grey…
No! I'm converted. I'm signed sealed and delivered by the Catholic Church.
Niall singing Little White Lies with a purple tank will always be my aesthetic .
Jinkx Monsoon . - water off a ducks back . - another one who deserved the win . - lovable weirdo . - actual witch . - li…
Looks good. Little Edie truly was stunning in her youth.
I hear you are inviting the priest over for the night ;)
Little Edie is as golden as golden can be in the kids golden girl turban 😍 Kinda wanna rock this…
Kennedy as Little Richie, Chi Chi as Eartha Kitt and Jinx as Little Edie
RBS showing what energy savings can be easily achieved with the right tools and employee engagement. With a little…
The highlight of Bill Haders career was his portrayal of "little Edie" in a parody of Grey Gardens
"Big Edie?", whispered Little Edie. "When the man is done with our picture might we return to Grey Gardens?"…
"I went into Little Edie's bedroom and I thought 'Another Winter in a Summer Town.'" - Michael Korie
Wonder which one is the Little Edie of the two
I wish I'd had David and Al with me before this.
Little Edie even though idk who that is
Tatianna's britney just bc idk who the heck is little edie
A little audio of Edie's stage debut. I think next time she'll demand a solo.
If I was dancer on I'd perform Little Edie's flag dance at every competition.
Jinkx as Little Edie was pure gold even though some didn't know where the character came from we all can still agre…
Oh, hands down. Her Liza was good too. But the fact that Sasha took something and completely owned i…
Little edie!!! I love it so much omfg i forgot about that🤣🤣🤣
I just had to share this photo! 😍. Beautiful little Edie in our pink and silver short sleeved Matilda bodysuit!...
I loved seeing this little lady Edie again for her 1st birthday photos x
Eugene was a nice young man from a celebrated family.
Two women can't live together for twenty years without some jealousy. Not that my voice is better than Mother's, but she can't dance.
And sometimes your friends safety pin you into a blanket and you end up looking like Little Edie
Also Jinkx Monsoon should be on that list for her Little Edie in *** Game alone
I better check on and the cats. She's a lot of fun. I hope she doesn't die.
No discussion of is complete without mentioning Little Edie Beale!
1. Jinkx as Little Edie. 2. Tatianna as Britney. 3. Bianca as Judge Judy. 4. Sharon as Michelle Visa…
I went as Little Edie for Halloween before everyone knew about Grey Gardens & everyone just thought I was being "wacky"
One of our readers had a clothing line in NYC in the 70s. She sent me a memory of crossing paths with Little Edie.…
Grey Gardens, the East Hampton home owned by Big and Little Edie, is for sale.
Two of my obsessions in one place: Sally Quinn and Little Edie
Ladies, I have found our retirement home!! . Little Edie's thoughts on premarital sex: "It’s economical.”
fact: Ben Bradlee (yes, that Ben Bradlee) bought Grey Gardens from Little Edie (yes, that Edie)
There are your raccoons. Run away from your drinks and do that to your raccoons.
I love being with one person. I love being comfortable and knowing their dreams and fears and hearing every little detail…
The second from the left on the bottom row looks like little Edie from Grey Gardens
I can't have any fun in this house. I've never had five minutes' fun. Not a minute.
good morning good afternoon have some advice from Little Edie
Like the second Edie was born I knew I would take forty to life for this puffy little potato
While I do give props on the model with the hijab on, his line looks like it's for Little Edie on Grey Gardens.
Had a customer tonite who looks like little edie and sounds like cousin itt 👌😏
They pulled poor little Edie from death row and decided to help her. This Dog Was About To Be Put Down. Then He Di…
Finally got Brian to watch Grey Gardens. He lol'ed, but also hated it. When do I tell him Little Edie is my hero?
KellyAnne Conway is just Little Edie who sent out for dry cleaning.
I bet your excited to meet the little one!
The human mind will not function when it is hot, only when it is cool and dispassionate... That was the word I wanted to other day.
Our beautiful little girl Edie arrived on Saturday night after a very traumatic birth and this one spending some...
Edie on your IG was so cute she's so intelligent for such a little human MY heart
All I have to do is find this Libra man.
Patch, Edie and Darby getting a little afternoon sunshine while they can.
I knew my life took a turn for the worst when I stopped caring if the ketchup was drizzled all over my fries or in a little c…
I too will enjoy time with my (not-so) little non-caucasian immigrant. Only good Trump thing is Edie now keen on politics
Beyond the Valley of the (FABULOUS) Dolls: Babs, Bewitched, Boosh, Jerri, Janis, Little Edie & more!
It's hard to be depressed when you're cat sitting animals named Corndog and Little Edie. And they have lion haircuts.
My goals for the rest of this year is to just be happy and positive. Let the little things go and change what I can chang…
Kigelia was seen this morning looking very comfortable on a branch in a Jackalberry tree close to Little Bush Camp.
Little Edie Beale was so much more beautiful than Jackie Kennedy.
You can stay in Big Edie & Little Edie's East Hampton mansion?!
Thanking God for His little signs and wonders.
$20m and no Little Edie soliloquies or raccoons. Shame.
This is classic! Yes, Neil Diamond leads a little at the 👍🏻
Eugene Tyszkiewicz. He was a twin. And he actually proposed, under the window.
Would you PLEASE put your tiny little hands back in your pockets and give your Android to the nearest respe…
I worry that I have been possessed by the spirit of Little Edie; only I'm even MORE impractical and delusional.
Drew Barrymore needs an award for her work in Grey Gardens. After watching the documentary, I'm convinced SHE played a better little Edie!
The should purchase it for the nation! 🕊 I fell in love with 'little Edie' while watching the doc 🎬
"I think my days at Grey Gardens are limited." Little Edie via
There is a very thin line between Norma Desmond and Little Edie Beale.
purchaser beware: onus is on you to find a good family therapist for the ghosts of Big Edie and Little Edie.
Edie Ko from LUMPENS (team for recent MVs) posted a photo of the MV set for Spring Day on Instagram.
S-T-A-U-N-C-H AND S-H-I-T via Grey Gardens is for sale for $20 mil! Big Edie & Little Edie would be happy.
Still from the Maysles brothers documentary Grey Gardens - Big Edie and Little Edie.
Brilliant story by on Grey Gardens' life after Big Edie and Little Edie departed
I've just decided my dog and I will be Big Edie and Little Edie for Halloween. We will also be completely method and not leave the house.
Big Edie and Little Edie really can go home again.
The iconic Grey Gardens, once home to Jackie Kennedy Onassis's aunt Big Edie & cousin Little Edie, is for sale!
The legendary is for sale for 20 million. The magic of former residents Big and Little Edie: priceless.
Amazing staging! Betty Buckley and Rachel York were iconic as Edith and Little Edie - an absolute must see.
It's June! "In the Hamptons, they can get you for wearing red shoes on a Thursday!" -- 'Little Edie' Bouvier Beale.
season 5. Jinkx won playing Little Edie. That's it. But...Bianca del Rio, and Sharon Needles SHOULD have won it.
Literally dead at Bill Hader's take on Little Edie in It's the new revolutionary costume. 😂
I would love to see do her Little Edie impersonation on It's the best I've seen so far.
when Little Edie comes walking out, looking just like Hader wearing the sweatpants on his head! It's amazing.
Little Edie Beale is all I aspire to be in life
Everything's in the attic; everything from sloths, otters, badgers, possums; raccoons.
real talk I didn't even know who Little Edie was and Jinkx still got me.
. ・・・. Pretty little thing by at bpcm Press Day. ✨
The nun in talks like Little Edie from
Pretty little thing by at bpcm Press Day. ✨
I won't. Doubt anyone can live up to Little Edie and impressions.
Running GNR 4 in memory of my little girl Edie (2). Great charity who help us through.
Have u ever watched any of the Grey Gardens documentaries? Story of Big Edie and Little Edie Beale?
Big Edie basically shat on little Edie's dreams...all Little Edie wanted to do was get out of that mess of a house
I agree. Hoping for so much more from Diana Vreeland. Like Jinx's Little Edie.
True. I also think Little Edie was on our peripheral because of "Grey Gardens" and Jinxx was accurate as ***
True. But Jinkx Monsoon killed it with Little Edie so I believe anything is possible.
For real, as Little Edie is forever one of the great *** Games of all time. OF ALL TIME
Tbh, little Edie doesn't get enough credit.
For me it's a tie between Jinkx's Little Edie and Sharon's Michelle Visage.
Obsessed with little Edie at the moment.
Wish Big & Little Edie were around to see others embrace their brand
My God, my muscles, I can't do it, I'm tellin' you! What am I going to do! They're gone, with this soft life!
Everything is perfectly disgusting on account of you.
I need to see Julianne Moore as Little Edie
They say the gypsies are wonderful.
Bill Hader doing the Little Edie dance in Documentary Now will forever be my go to instant smile maker.
A little appreciation for an amazing person who deserves the world. She makes it better❤️
Please look at the Obamas telling little tiny ones a story and acting it out
There are some nice people in the world, you know, I just don't happen to be related to any of them.
I swear Little Edie from Grey Gardens is standing behind me in the Q at Waitrose.
💥✨You are such a perfect little arrangement of atoms ✨ 💥. Edie for
actually so in love with my little Edie💘💘
Yes! Edie can put some in little boxes,like when you'd get wedding cake, & post a bit to all the
I still firmly believe Little Edie was one of the best things to ever happen on Drag Race
unnoticed backcovers- BALES OF Grey Gardens ,the fantastic return to big and little Edie
She was so beautiful: "hard questions about the invasion of
Getting my little cousin Edie Rae indoctrinated early - her dad appreciates the help as all my aunties side are city
Me and my mom are gonna be Big Edie and Little Edie for Halloween I'm gonna wear sweatpants on my head it's gonna be great
Little chuppah detail from Edie's wedding shot by Dideo photography @ MyMoon…
My identical twin sister is my best friend for life.I'm sure we will end up living like "Big and Little Edie" who were Jackie O fist cousins
Jackie was twelve years younger than I, and although I was never jealous of her, I never liked her.
you have to perfect your little Edie accent before you can handle all this
bc is the best Edie Beale since Big or Little Edie.
How does one cope with the realization that they are in fact a Big Edie when they have lived most their life assuming they're a Little Edie?
Do Liz and Laura live in that attic? That would be kind of cool and creepy. Like Big Edie and Little Edie.
"I'm a Little Edie in a Big Edie world." Carve that into the tree you plant in my Eco-grave.
Is it weird that I find Bill Hader even sexier after watching him spoof Little Edie from Grey Gardens? 💁🏾
oh Big & Little heart. but Amy, Zelda. Zelda. I can't stop thinking 'Amy Key must write about Zelda.'
i've not... but i think she's there in the background always somehow, in the same way Big Edie & Little Edie are
New party trick: Christine Ebersole as Little Edie as Victoria Clark as Margaret Johnson, performing the pony monologue.
Our beloved Big & Little Edie will make their appearance again:
Met and on my trek to get coffee so they can confirm I'm channeling Little Edie dating John Merrick
Please keep RTing in honour of a 2.5 year old little girl taken too early
please share for beautiful little Edie Murphy. Sadly gained her wings at only 2.5💔 help her fly high.
Little dog feels love in his final days, and we have to thank! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Al - Mother says you're very conservative.
Waiting waiting waiting for little bean to arrive. Alexa is 7 cm now so hopefully within a few hours.
I hope it was a good role! Like Little Edie in Grey Gardens! Or you'd be a a great Elphaba in Wicked!
My friend's little girl sadly gained her wings last month💔Please vote&RT for Edie, 2.5
Filmmakers Albert and David Maysles with Edith "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale at the Paris Theatre in NYC.
"I think this is the best costume for today." - Edith 'Little Edie' Bouvier Beale. NO
Little Edie "You can't have your cake and eat it, too in life.". Big Edie "Oh, yes, I did. I did, I…
indeed. Little Edie had some big dreams. Which makes her a role model in my eyes. Plus she was very fashion forward
Hat-tip to my wife for this true vision of Americana. Little Edie's flag dance from Grey Gardens:
Happy 4th of July from Little Edie! I'm sure she and Big Edie are celebrating with some bed side corn.
I don't have an American flag, so I'm doing the Little Edie dance with the flag I got at NYC Pride last weekend
This is the best thing to wear for today, you understand. Edith 'Little Edie' Bouvier Beale. P…
Never clicked that Sharon Needles was channelling Little Edie from Grey Gardens in this challenge. I love it.
Roisin Murphy channelled both Little Edie and Jason from Halloween in one of her outfits this evening. Amaze.
"You had a rich husband...ya should' uh stayed with him." ~ Little Edie. "I had a very, very satisfying life." ~ Big Edie
"You lived...I never lived." ~ Little Edie. "Oh but you had your dancing...and you had music... all the time." ~ Big Edie
One Halloween, my then-girlfriend suggested we go as Big & Little Edie. The costumes were A+, but we were explaining them CONSTANTLY.
Happy Mother's Day from Big Edie and Little Edie! Celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of the most unforgettable...
Things are coming together for my big perf as Little Edie at the S.T.A.G.E. benefit for AIDS Project Los Angeles !
Uncanny Resemblance Dog shall be named Edie, after Edith Bunker (or Big Edie, or Little Edie). Also a callback to Late Lamented Dog, Ellie.
YES! Sooo excited to see Little Edie and Big Edie on the big screen!
I'd love to see an all-star *** Game from - bring back Little Edie, Tamar, Maggie Smith, Judge Judy...
I loved Jinkx Monsoon as Little Edie and Bianca's Judge Judy. Special place in my heart for Alexis Mateo doing Alicia keys.
Big and Little Edie on screen at the Charles Theatre in Grey Gardens. via
Miss. Havisham is definitely one of my go-to references. She's certainly pre-hoarders. What's more, she's pre-Little/Big Edie.
A little bit of Edie, a little bit of Audrey 🎀
I was just daydreaming about you doing a solo show, as both Bette Davis and Little Edie, spending a day together. Oh my god.
"I'll be down just as soon as I put on some lipstick." - Little Edie
The film is utterly magical. It's good I avoided. As Little Edie says, "It's very difficult to keep the line bet/ the past & the present."
is really something as Little Edie in (2009). Magnifique!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Mother's giving her all this S. H. I. T., so I went and told her some things about the family.
Oh Little Edie, you sure are adorable with your little eyebrows.
Who got this book out of my room? I cleaned this whole attic up the other day.
The double bed was a good idea until 1) I realised I'm too little to sleep in it alone and 2) edie sleeps in here like once a week if that
I took a celebrity personality test and got Little Edie.
Just watched ^ fab... Loved little Edie the dog too^^ will there be more?
Albert Maysles, the film maker who captured Little Edie in "Grey Gardens" has died. Such a great documentary!
LITTLE EDIE:. dressed for battle I'm The Beast. you're the pig and imma feast
Little Edie: You know, they have the Mafia in the raccoon family, too.
My mother and I just decided to be Big Edie and Little Edie for Halloween... Or just for life.
That's right, you're an old heretic. You're like your father's family.
He came from the Tyszkiewicz family. And I suppose mother didn't want me to have anybody that was decent.
Left to my own devices, my style is alarmingly like Little Edie's in Grey Gardens.
'Pretty Little One' - Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers feat. Edie Brickell -
When you consider the verbal excesses of her bff, Big Hank, Big Edie (as opposed to Little Edie, as in Gorme), deserves a pass.
Update your maps at Navteq
Me, too. :). I'm Little Edie & 1 of my daughters is Big Edie. We are tragically dysfunctional & will likely be together forever.
My God! I think I'll grow my hair again and get another brown suit! lol Excuse me for laughing!
This little incentive should encourage a fast and fun daily commute in the morning. .
:-). Enjoy the little things.they count. @ On the road
Watching PBS's "Judy Garland: by myself" special with my mother because I live like a *** man doing a Little Edie impression.
A little comic relief break with a Little Edie.
BPFF Little Edie and Maddie. Their mommies have been BFFs since 1985 (OMG 30 years!) so they will be…
"So I think this is the best costume for the day..." Little Edie:
I'm pretty sure my sister and I are going to be a weird version of Big Edie and Little Edie from Grey Gardens when we get old.
Here, I'm mother's little helper, cleaning up after the cats.
With courage, kindness and a little bit of magic 👸
Little Edie - character from Grey Gardens. EDM - electronic dance music. Probably my worst one yet
can you believe it Dr.Llera? Our little Edie with her own throne? I kept telling her she was a Queen and look!
We haven't talked in three years, but now I know what you're going through, my sweet little Edie. Andi and I will always be here for you.
Little Mix deserve to win this award they are so caring and have inspired me so much h…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I have to think these things up, you know.
If they put a woman on the $20 bill can it please please be Little Edie
I would LOVE to for this show to come to Houston. I've loved Little Edie for forever and your version of her is PERFECTION.
At -- Little Edie is having a donation drive for Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA from March…
you mean I stand up for Little Edie and Howard Hughes every day.
I think I'll be an old maid until I die. I'll probably sit around with cats for the rest of my life.
A little dog rescued an hour before euthanasia -- and all he needed was a hug! Please ... never give up on an...
That's all they're after! So why don't you tell him right now? You should tell him right now so I'm not bothered by him.
can you imagine if Little Edie had married JFK?
made birthday treats with for my little cousin. And she requested this theme, I swear!…
Edie was laying in bed with my wife. She places her had in her shirt and whispers "I miss you booboos." Perhaps we weened a little early?
Yeah, so did I. The Grey Gardens episode had me rolling on the floor. That little girls Little Edie was spot on.
Jynx Monsoon as Little Edie in the season five *** Game gives me life.
Adore as Anna Nicole, Sharon as Michelle, Jessica Wild as Ru, and the one that did Little Edie.
I don't think Edie gets her precious little paws cold or wet! 🙊😉
"“Edie” Is One of the Most Beautiful Songs Ever thank you so much for this lovely little write up :-) ♥ x
Waitin on the booski to go see her summer style muse "Little Edie" Beale in a screening of Grey Gardens (1975)
Grey Gardens”: The lost world of Little Edie, still amazing after 40 years via
. Hello Lady Edie...she looks like a little beauty. Hope her temperament matches her looks! X
With the advent of Reality T.V., they would have been megastars now. Little Edie would most certainly have got the fame she craved.
The little boy stood up from his chair and went over before hugging her. "Me too."
I can't wait to be Little Edie for Halloween
I identify way too much with Little Edie.
Meet Little Edie of eastcoast royalty with an amazing tale to tell
Jinkx Monsoon as Little Edie in the *** game!
that's amazing! I hope you called her Little Margie the entire time. It's an interesting and sad movie. Big Edie is a real case.
.was givin me Little Edie last night
"It's the story of a mother who stole her daughter's life and won't give it back." YES! Little Edie gets justice!
In the Beales of Grey Gardens, Albert Maysles suggests Ethel Barrymore plays Big Edie to Little Edie. Ethel was John's sister… [1/2]
Edith Bouvier Beale, aka Little Edie, the unconscious it-girl.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Eternal inspiration: Big & Little Edie. If you missed the screening, watch here:
I finally watched Grey Gardens. Now I get the obsession with Little Edie. I feel compassion for and connection to her. Should this scare me?
"They do it to everybody.They want everybody to be the same. You can't have anything different."-Edith"Little Edie" Beale, Grey Gardens 1975
I've adored the Peter Pan musical since I was tiny thing (shout-out to Mary Martin and Cyril Ritchard). I couldn't watch NBC's live broadcast version last night, but best believe it's sitting on my DVR, waiting for me. Anyway, all the Peter Pan buzz has got me thinking: WHY DOES PETER PAN WEAR TIGHTS? Not in every production, mind you, but many. Many many. This makes no sense. I mean, think about it. You're a kid. You live in Neverland. There are no rules. You can literally wear anything you want. Why tights, Peter? Neverland Tailor: So, Peter, what would you like to wear? Peter Pan: Well, I practically live in nature, so green is my signature color, obviously. NT: Green. Got it. PP: And I move around a lot, tussling and flying and sword fighting and such, so a nice, breathable tunic would be ideal. NT: Makes sense. And what about pants-? PP: NO PANTS. TIGHTS! Tights, tights, tights all the time, tights! NT: Whoa there, Little Edie. Are you sure that's practical? With all that sword fighting, runs are def ...
Really enjoyed Mockingjay. Favorite part was Effie channeling her inner Little Edie from Grey Gardens.
"Little Edie" of Broadway's "Grey Gardens" sports OYB panniers! Wow! ...As does her husband, a dbl platinum rock...
if I didn't spend the last week in Oct. dressed as Little Edie from Grey Gardens I'd be all over a French Fancy theme
I added a video to a playlist Grey Gardens - Little Edie's Flag Dance
In other news, I'm in love with the 1976 documentary(?) Grey Gardens and Little Edie.
leave Grey Gardens out of it Little Edie was a genius
For all you guys who aren't familiar with Grey Gardens, this is Little Edie
Where we long to return. This is the beach near Grey Gardens. We imagine Little Edie coming down here to swim.
Its Friday and the sun is shining. These two things make me feel like this. Grey Gardens - Little Edie's Flag Dance:
Throwback to my Grey Gardens Vacation. Draped in Little Edie fashions.
72 min interview with Little Edie in 1976 @ GG Little Edie LIve! A Visit To Grey Gardens would u like one? xo
sending my book memoraBEALEia about Little Edie of Grey Gardens to
all u Grey Gardens fans know u want a piece of Little Edie!!! xoxoxo
Feeling a little blue and unproductive, so I'm watching - Grey Gardens - Little Edie's Flag Dance
Such a classic. If you've never met Big Edie and Little Edie, then it's high time you did...
The Duck Says... Lil Edie Big Edie Also known as "Big Edie" to prevent confusion in an extended family that recycled names at a stunning rate, Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edith Bouvier Beale ("Little Edie") lived for many years in an East Hampton, N.Y., manse known as Grey Gardens. A documentary concerning their unique situation was later made with the same name. Considered incredibly eccentric and exceedingly reclusive (starting to sense a theme here?), the two women lived amid luxurious squalor, and over the decades, they reportedly harbored some 300 cats all told. Occasionally other animals, such as raccoons, also entered the home after falling through holes in the roof. When sanitation workers eventually gained access to the residence, they found mounds of empty tin cans littering the floor, and fecal matter strewn everywhere. Fiercely protective of their dwindling collection of heirlooms, the mother-daughter pair made national headlines when local officials subsequently struggled to ev ...
"Putting it all together like Little Edie in Grey Gardens." hilariously describing his eccentric teen persona.
Good morning to little Edie first morning with the babies (her. Dads.)
Kinda glad I get to to sleep in a little tomorrow.
Militancy on rise in Egypt: As a Secret Admirer in the Meet Your Match program, Edie might need a little bit o...
Birthday brunch at Gymea with the lovely Susie and dear little Edie. Very rare to meet someone and immediately click ' well, that's not so rare, really, but discovering you share the same birthday is rather bizarre! Happy birthday to us!!
Sometimes you need a little bit of Edith Beale (little edie):
I think it's terrible that she wouldn't give me a chance with Eugene Tyszkiewicz.
Did you gag over performance as Little Edie on Watch her in LA:
I'm going to sell my stuff by mail piece by piece , call me little Edie !
Big Edie and little Edie are the two top names on my dinner party list when I get to heaven. Big Edie will sing and little Edie will dance to entertain the rest of my guests. Cant wait !
Cute little Edie was such a good helper! She checked in all our new splits59 inventory! She loved the gray Loren...
The *** Game always determines my favorite. Like when Jinkx did Little Edie I was sold.
Edie:"well I'd like to throw you a little party once your done, would you like that?" Me:"well you know I love to party"
Astounded by how backward looking this budget is - support for old industries and little for green industrie…
Don't want fracking in your backyard? How about a little nuclear waste? .
Ive been redecorating my apartment and I am planning a inspiration wall with art work and photographs of people that inspire me. So far I have Ghandi, Mama Alma, St. Francis of Asissi, Mandela,MLK, Joni Mitchell, Patti Smith, Divine, Yves Saint Laurent, The Beatles, Little Edie, Oscar Wilde, Deities Ganesh, Buddha, Our Lady of Guadalupe. Who inspires you?
My little girl waited up all night for me to come home. ?? the love Is real
“I suppose I won't get out of here till she dies or I die.”
No, I'm not ready; I have no makeup on... but things are getting better!
If you don't have a little bit of crazy to you, I'm probably not even a little bit interested.
Doing a little shopping. Maybe time for a puppy backpack...
But, if all goes to plan, this might be the greatest ever *** Game since, um, Jinkx did Little Edie.
Judge Judy, Carol Channing, and somehow a return of Little Edie
mod little scooter cap, Edie Sedgwick style, now available in the Etsy shop!...
"mom, I'm feeling a little sick take me to the doctor"
Meet Black Singles 300x250
There's simply nothing more painful than watching a sweet & caring soul darken a little more with every unfair heartbrea…
It's very difficult to keep the line between the past and the present. You know what I mean? It's awfully difficult.
may or may not have spent the last hour dressed as little edie dancing to the VMI marching song
She likes hearin' how good she looks in them blue jeans, Little kisses, sweeter than sweet tea.
Put some into your wardrobe with this Little Edie Lennon sweater!
This is a really great picture; it goes on top of the pile for a little while (I can almost abstract your voice from it!)
6 today, happy birthday Edie, so blessed to have this little girl in my life, treasure every moment 💖
time already? Oh, this is gonna be fun. Can anyone top Little Edie?
what I'm saying is I'm STILL not over contestants not knowing who Little Edie is last season.
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