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Little Darlings

Little Darlings is a 1980 teen film starring Tatum O'Neal and Kristy McNichol and featuring Armand Assante and Matt Dillon.

Matt Dillon

Spring Break is also like the film 'Little Darlings' with Matt Dillon & Tatum O'Neill.
The summer of 1980 saw the release of this hugely popular coming of age comic drama "Little Darlings'. The film showcased the talents of Academy Award Winnin...
2 boxes of Little Darlings has just arrived with some aye aye captain and pink lady collections. If you have ordered any of what has just arrived I will be in touch shortly.
Hello Friends! We have been Busy Busy Busy here at Skip Tutu My Lou, making our beautiful little creations come to life to share with you and your special Little Darlings! There is alot of exciting things going on here this year. news to share, events to plan and dresses to be made! We are growing quickly just like the Little Darlings that we make our beautiful tutu dreses for! We can't wait to share this exciting time with all of you and to see whats in store for us in 2013! We want to thank all of you for making this happen with all of your purchases, dress orders and continued support for us. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! :) -Jaimi Grable and Kristen Hartsell Designers and Owners of Skip Tutu My Lou *SKIP TUTU MY LOU UPDATE: Let us make your custom tutu dresse or headband today! We've got beautiful, unique Little Darling Tutu Dresses at up to 1/2 the cost of the same items selling at similar Boutique's and websites today! HOLIDAY THEMED DRESSES- Don't forget to order your little Darlings a dress or . ...
Congrats to Jodie Foster for winning the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award. What a national treasure. What a career. 'Silence of the Lambs', 'The Accused', 'Silence of the Lambs', umm 'Little Man Tate' (whatever that was about), 'Foxes', 'Silence of the Lambs', famous *** 'Silence of the Lambs', 'Silence of the Lambs', 'Little Darlings' and finally 'Silence of the Lambs'.
Fresh pair of air Jordan's, visit to Little Darlings on Bourbon street, Being audit by the IRS cause the kids you carried not yours
This is what happens when my little "darlings" take their picture on my iPad. ;)
Some authors take the advice of "kill all your darlings" a little too seriously. George R. R. Martin, I'm looking at you.
Hello my sweet little darlings. hope everyone is having a lovely and happy Sunday. love you so much and thank-you for all the sweet comments
I have admired JODIE FOSTER since i first saw 'Little Darlings'! And always will. Im so impressed ! CONGRATS JODIE FOSTER! :O) *Sunshine*
Already nearly half way through Crooked little vein, I should really get some sleep though, long day ahead starting at 8. Goodnight darlings
because Little Darlings didn't get mentioned?
I think it was Foxes. Tatum O'Neal and Kristy MacNicol were Little Darlings.
Dd they just show a clip from Little Darlings? Loved that movie!
Keep finding pictures I like from this week! My little darlings ❤😊
I wanna totes get you a VIP booth at koosdays you little darlings xx
I think it's a great idea. Go to Little Darlings - it's fully nude because they don't serve alcohol ;D
lol! My little darlings are applying the pressure! I'm in over time!
Ok its time 4 me 2 go 2 bed. I am shattered. Sweet dreams my little darlings. See you all tomorrow. xoxo
why can't both of my horses be well behaved on the same day?! Returning to Frankfurt bruised by one of the little darlings
Sorry Paul. I'm so proud of these little darlings.
Or the strained smile one puts on after hollering at the little darlings to get them up, dressed, fed and out the door in time!
Aww my babies just called me to say hiii.. I miss the little darlings :(
Later: toast, tea and straightening of hair. Once the little darlings have been flung to bed. Oh and ripper street of course.
Good luck, I hope you enjoy your time with the little darlings!
Their little darlings are also going to get cheap crappy unhealthy food too
Take an iPad, affix it to a colorful plastic potty, then let the little darlings answer nature's call whil...
Ok darlings, I have to leave for a little while, be back later with more pictures!
Saw Little Miss Sunshine on the weekend.. A real gem! Recommend it. The Darlings of Soho.
SUNDAY FUNDAY! Come on down to Little Darlings and get Buckets of Beer for $12 & Imports for $15! $5 Jager Bombs...
I don't know how you can keep your head out of nuzzling in with those little darlings!!
You're right! I don't blame them, poor little darlings ;) much to do, so few hours to do it! xx
'"Stinky Fart in My Underpants" is how they're ending it. Little darlings.
All quiet on the western front right now..little darlings are at friends playing, hubby at the skip emptying our garage..twiddling thumbs!
The “little darlings” next door have either been called inside or killed each other. Either way it’s now safe to open my door again.
Candy (left) and Sawyer (right). Adopt 1 or BOTH of these little darlings @
According to ESPN, the Falcons shouldn't even play against their little media darlings, the Seahawks.
This weeks portraits of my Little darlings
Snow is coming, please help wild birds if you can during the cold weather. All my Robins recommend suet berry sticks. Fussy little darlings!
Check out the little darlings helpiing local band Undecided with one of their numbers
My little darlings done it again...
Got these 2 pretty little darlings to share my morning with;)
My favourite is when they tell me to "Shoo shoo" to get me to do something, little darlings!
Have fun at opening all my little Roseland darlings !!! Xoxo ! 😬😳😄
In writing, you must kill all your darlings. Tomorrow, you need CONFIDENCE and a little is enough. :))
The grown up boys are just checking the frosty pitch down our park to see if its safe enough for their little darlings to play . .
Mum now has these to give to her little darlings. I'm looking forward to hearing what they think when they unwrap them.
Great post, all of them are just gorgeous, stylish little darlings
His withered hand over the fair locks of the little darlings, while.
Good morning my little darlings.Its all about sticking it to Manchester today!! :) x
FREE for your kids this in The Little Darlings Night Owls Kids at the Darling Quarter
Great story of indie game developers programming their *** off to create their own little darlings.
Come say "hi" if you're at CHA tomorrow! I'm at the Little Darlings booth. :D
Hello darlings! Just curious...what's your favorite little Mix song?-Gwynnie
Hello Darlings! I'm officially a Grandma for the second time, but this time we welcome an adorable little man "Teddy". What a joy!
:( I love kids but doubt I could handle being a teacher. I would want to strangle the little darlings
Baby Bash and Bling Expo & Show and are COMING to Atlanta, and WE NEED YOUR Little Darlings!
Its forecast snow for this weekend! Keep your little darlings warm in these great tights
CHA: Very cute stamps at Little Darlings. Plan to set them up soon.
"hello darlings, good day, little breezy don't you think? Quack"
If the make it to the sister bowl I'm stripping at Little Darlings on Bourbon
Kobo wifi eReader
3 of 5 stars to Little Darlings by Jacqueline Wilson
The New Orleans Police Department is searching for 21-year-old April Harts who may have information on a robbery involving a shooting at Little Darlings on Bourbon Street.
I would just like everyone to be aware that I love strip clubs (especially Vince Neil's and Little Darlings) and I will be the proud owner of my own strip club one day :)
$15 Buckets of Domestic Beers and $10 Mini Pitchers of select mixed Drinks! Party with the Little Darlings...
Hit a Strip Club in Lemon Grove, CA like 'Little Darlings' at 8290 Broadway 619- 469-4299
Love how used our Little Darlings in the gorgeous nursery of Molly Sims!
I hope my two little sisters have a great day today 😘 and !! I miss my little darlings
These alarm clocks are adorable! Each one makes the sound of the animal instead of a traditional alarm. We have flip top watches that match!
Martini Monday with our sexy little *** tonight! Get some $4 Martinis starting at noon! Our Darlings will take...
Just for the record: your silly little opinions dont matter to me one bit darlings
Watching this episode about twins on full house got merely REAL excited! I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET KAYDENCE AND KAMRYNN!! son enough ill be holding my little darlings ♥♥ watch out world;) K.J.B times TWO!!
..but I can't grr! One of those days heids! How's you and your little darlings? Xx
Book Bollywood Shimmy Dance class on Sat 27th October at the Lit & Phil at 11am-12pm for your little darlings aged 5-11 years £2.50 2320192
These little darlings having their rounds in the pub, over the weekend!! It was a free bar Loool Too cute ☺
Monday again? The little darlings better behave today... offers diagnostic & repair information.
No house is childproofed unless the little darlings are in
I'm going to sleep a little bit my darlings!:)
Halloween... trick or treaters I make the little darlings caramel apples, but I don't use apples, I use onions. Most kids don't come back.
Have a safe day as you drive those "little darlings" to school!! I love you much and I hope you have an amazing day! Love
Woo woo another kids club in the shop today fill the half term with fun for your little darlings and send them in to learn about reptiles call the shop for maore details 928 0333 cx
Just spent the weekend in London... Had a lovely break without our little darlings... Peace shattered and back to reality... Used the Boris bikes too!
Thought about doing it for the children next week I think it would scare Mummy's little darlings to Death ! :-)
She was the one who wanted to cuff me. It was not my idea. If y'all go to Baltimore skip that club called little darlings they have freaks no virgins. Uncuffed she is not the one.
Getting ready to fly down to West Palm Beach, Fla this morning w my beautiful little family, & would love to be in Boca Raton for the Debate. Have a great week my friends & may God continue to bless us always... Special thanks to my neighbor Neeko Mastrangelo! Love you my friend & thanks for the help & above all, your Friendship. All our best to you, Dawn & your little darlings...
well from now on instead of takeaways I'll bring ingredients and we can make a nice healthy dinner :) how are my little darlings
5 million 8 year old school kids have got in the railway carriage. The little darlings.ARGH
Loves my boys 2 the moon & bk but seriously cud have drop kicked them 2 school 2day... Bad bad attitudes best improve b4 home time or they will find themselves going bed early o clock!! Haa little darlings lol
Our Hallie may well have one of these little darlings to help her through life... bless xx
Are the little darlings off school this week.
Time to write the book reviews for the school'd magazine! :D Little Darlings and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
yes I had my little darlings they are ok ta. Had busy day yesterday digging me garden over. Glad your weekend good ;-) xx
Yay me day has arrived,well as soon as I get these little darlings off to school
The story from Tuam about the two little sisters is just desperate, it's the saddest story I've heard in a long time. Poor little darlings.
Good morning my little darlings.Its Monday & it could be a wet 1!! :( x
The Final Chapter in The Adventures of the ever fading Red and Silver, after 8484 klms we arrived home at 9.30pm on Saturday night. We met some lovely people and interesting characters along the way and caught up with good old friends, which was fantastic. As for damages well we had 7 road kills, a snake, a lizard and 5 birds with death wishes. We need to replace a windscreen, some nice little darlings smashes our quarter glass window stealing our rego label, (left behind the rum and tools behind the seat and Navman on the windscreen. We only had 1 argument (very short lived) lol. All in all it was a fantastic trip beautful sights that picutres just can`t do justice to. But glad to be home, Sunday we got to play in our lawn bowls game they raised over a $1500 for Prostate Cancer. But by Sunday night everything had caught up to us and we were in bed by 7pm.
Don't forget to check out '' Pixie Dust's'' Eid collection for your little darlings. Today at Prince Jewellers near Doh talwar. From 1pm till 6pm
Has just been babysitting a little angel named Cindy and her big sister Lilly. A couple of little darlings.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Had a great night with the hubby Friday night. Thanks, Ed and Margaret, for taking care of the girls for us. :) On Saturday, we had fun at a birthday party for my nephew, Quentyn, that turned out to be a shared party...surprise party for me, too! Thank you to April for my pretty cake and for putting everything together! Then, we brought our pumpkins over to Justin's and April's so the kids could all carve them together. It was a big mess but a lot of fun, and they all did a really great job on their pumpkins! Today, was also a great day...spent the day at Old McDonald's Farm with my wonderful family along with my sister, Amanda, and her girls. My girls were so sweet wishing me a happy birthday and making me special cards with Grandma Margaret Friday night...even though Jasmyn let it slip a little in the car ride over to the party Saturday, lol. She's my girl and will tell me anything and everything, lol. Audrianna was super sweet, too...sank hap ...
Finally starting a prayer journal again. Lemme know if you need anything, little darlings :)
Why does our precious little darlings that we would do aNything in the world for, have to grow up? Young folks, listen to your I can still hear them'll miss them being that young...'ll be a parent forever... true... You'll never stop worrying... worry more when their grown and not on your toes... true!!
Good evening great one's. Had myself a different kind of day. Came home and the grand darlings were gone, missing the little darlings. Know that I can find plenty to do while their not here tonight But what will I do when I wake up to get them off to school by habit. What a beautiful day. Went to dinner with my youngest son and Brandon Mock. Joshua washed my car at the car wash on Dewey St. ( can not believe how that one still work's) I just got a break for the day. Love my family, Love life, And I love being able to help those that can not help themselves.
I'm sure your little darlings would love to see Mommy & Daddy's dirty laundry all over television, the web and the tabloids.
Copyright Brandi Watford Photography CLIENTS: PLEASE DO NOT EDIT OR CROP THESE IMAGES IN ANY WAY. You are welcome to tag yourself and use them for your profile picture, but you MUST keep the logo on the image.
I know she won't post a legit picture, but we might as well scare her new followers.. the little darlings.
Will these people quit telling me I don't need to "do it" I know little darlings, gah.
Shop now at
Bring out those little cuties in their favorite fall wear for our beauty pageant at the arts & crafts event! It will be a "natural" pageant and a LOT of fun! There will also be a "Fall Wear" and a "Blue" category (think blue whale!). Call Cara Wallin for entry information (see poster for her number). Thanks!
Hey darlings, don't forget to do sorting! It ends in a little over an hour, only 2apps! Not bad for 30pts/15kts. :D
Pretty Little Liars fans! Get Kathryn Easter's VICIOUS LITTLE DARLINGS for only $1.99 on
People pick the strangest weapons in the "punishment" of their children. Then they wonder why their little darlings rebel.
Here for the auditions, good luck ladies (@ Little Darlings w/ 2 others) [pic]:
Wow!!! a big thank you to Gemma-Louise Dias and Rob Davies. A feast fit for the Queen yumyumyum!! Casserole and homemade dumplings followed by homemade banana loaf and a prerun of homemade Christmas pudding!!! Diet starts again tomorrow!! Thank you little Darlings x
today is starting off on the right foot making money earky Larry Flynt's Hustler Club Baltimore come see me tonight Little Darlings Baltimore ask for krystal
Bath time in my house is totally bonkers, the kids,me,the floor, the walls get soaked. Think there is more water out the bath than in. Nutters! Now I just need to get my little darlings off to bed.
All good thanks Hun, life good with you and your little darlings?
This has been one busy weekend. Friday was a fabulous day in Boone. The leaves were absolutely gorgeous and lunch at the Daniel Boone Inn was delicious. We finished off the day with three of the little darlings spending the night in preperation of the Lazy 5 Ranch on Saturday. What a great trip. We all enjoyed feeding the animals. As you can tell, the giraffees (that's what Raegan calls them), were my favorite. Now tonight we will celebrate Eric's birthday with the Linville clan. I think I'm ready to go back to work so I can sit down :-) LIFE IS GREAT!
They doing all the halloween parties on the day of my little darlings Sweet 16 -__-
Horrific hangover today made better by cuddles with my 2 darlings in bed 😍 I love me little family! 💗💕 xx
Ah wot a lush nite am avin with me little darlings.
Well my little darlings back to school tomorrow!!! I will be so sad!!! NOT!
Just realised that now im living in a penthouse apartment I will not have to endure the adorable little darlings that are trick or treaters!
Hey Grandparents! Want to spoil your little darlings? Check out these beautiful, handmade, wooden toys& things 4 kids!
This years 'treat' for little darlings knocking on my door on Halloween will be a frozen pork pie and a cup of cold tea.
Loved seeing my beautiful darlings last night, may Allah grant his blessings on and her little one. Such a beauty masha'Allah!
don't worry little darlings I will be home tonight!!:)
Little Darlings: Are you ready for the 7 Days of SIN???!!! OCT 25-31 http:...
If I was in charge of children's parties I'd fill the piñata with intestines and give the little darlings good reason to scream.
they were probably the advance party, out looking for perverts to protect their little darlings from. See any peacocks?
kill your darlings, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little scribbler’s heart, kill your darlings. (S. King)
Sending the day with my girls. Enjoying a nice lunch, seeing a play, with my little darlings will be what makes my week.
Little Darlings On Tuesday niggah! bout to go hit the strippers in the eye with dollar bill balls lmao
Dear parents of small shouty child, as you'll be aware from the sign on the window above your little darling's head, this is the QUIET carriage.
Did you see the article in Natl Post this week about restaurants banning the little darlings?
Hey my little darlings! Mummy is making her first batch of pumpkin pies, for this year.. Orders are now being taken.
Check out ma boots I'm wearing today (: gonna go teach the little darlings again. I love seeing their little
The people i have met at uni so far are little darlings,da cutest of them all.
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Okay, Avery wakes up at 4:30 and asks for Mommy. He went to the potty and then curled up in his bed and went back to sleep. Nice right, well at 5:10 the Rosebud wakes up and says let's play. Needless to say I will be in bed early tonight maybe even late this afternoon. Just love these little darlings.
Aww, my boys :) at little darlings getting dances -_- lol
My two little darlings ready to hit the town!! Yeahhh! nurhudahasbullah farriese
Good morning darlings!! I shall be running off in around an hour, but you have me for a little while at least!
Babysitting my little darlings tonight. 1 down, 1 to go. Lets hope Riley stays asleep 😄
Good morning my little darlings.Yes Arsenal lost to Norwich!! x
darlings in the n.o. Make'n it rain .on these *** sorry no *** ...but they got a job to do
A BIG thank you to my 2 little darlings for emptying the bath water onto the bathroom floor for me so I could clean it at 6pm!!! GR.
Had a girls night out with b and baby. We went to the haunted warehouse then to little darlings. Makes me sad missing my bros s.l & m.c!
Dark Candle, The by: Strickland Gillilan, Aspiring to Greatness A man had a little daughter-an only and much-beloved child. He lived for her ~ she was his life. So when she became ill and her illness resisted the efforts of the best obtainable physicians, he became like a man possessed, moving heaven and earth to bring about her restoration to health. His best efforts proved unavailing and the child died. The father was totally irreconcilable. He became a bitter recluse, shutting himself away from his many friends and refusing every activity that might restore his poise and bring him back to his normal self. But one night he had a dream. He was in Heaven, and was witnessing a grand pageant of all the little child angels. They were marching in an apparently endless line past the Great White Throne. Every white-robed angelic tot carried a candle. He noticed that one child's candle was not lighted. Then he saw that the child with the dark candle was his own little girl. Rushing to her, while the pageant falt ...
One of my students from a 4th grade, a million years ago, made Home Coming Queen. Have to have faith in the little darlings - what a great kid! And, she can write - yipee!
well my little darlings on the sleepover still goin strong think they forgot it was a SLEEPOVER not wakeover lol gonna have to do a miranda!!!
I love the little darlings although they make it challenging!
Gr Getting grumpy at all the ads for sweets etc for Demanding Money with Menaces Day (halloween) The little darlings (barstewards) will get nowt off me again this year. Bloody Yanks sending there commercial garbage over here! Gr!!
Love my little darlings for giving me the most amazing nap and quiet time today. I desperately needed to catch up on my lost z's from last night :-)
Alovely day with the gran-children at jacob's birthday party, they were all little darlings! But have not forgotton my dear old dad! Life goes by so quick and family always means so much!
Watchin ratatouie all snug with my little darlings! :) x
was great looking after Heather Barker kids today for her - little darlings behaved themselves until about an hour b4 mummy came home and then all *** let loose lol - think they was tired really bless em xx
I have two cats racing all over the house up and over all furniture and me playing, little darlings.
So not only did I get the stomach flu from one of the little darlings in my class (cuz mom didn't think it was important to tell us she had thrown up all night when she brought her to school the NEXT day!) but then I was scratched, kicked and slapped by some of the other kids in my class because I wouldn't let them throw toys in the classroom or pull toys out of another child's hand! Tantrums run amok every day!!! Who are these parents and where are they to teach their children respect? Curious minds want to know!
I have filled my hummingbird feeders for probably the last time until next spring. Happy flight my little darlings.
The start of another day,and it is going to be the best, got my little darlings here.And we are going shopping with Rosie and Annie to pick a new outfit out, they are just like there Aunt Terrie and their cousin Lindsay,shop until u drop.Wish u were going with us Lindsay.Have a great day everyone we are.YEP
On a much more chipper note...thank you to Amy Strait-Hansen for watching my little darlings so I could go on a date with my hubby last night! You rock!
Why,... Women Are Crabby We started to 'bud' in our blouses at 9 or 10 years old only to find that anything that came in contact with those tender, blooming buds hurt so bad it brought us to tears. So came the ridiculously uncomfortable training bra contraption that the boys in school would snap until we had calluses on our backs. Next, we get our periods in our early to mid-teens (or sooner). Along with those budding boobs, we bloated, we cramped, we got the hormone crankies, had to wear little mattresses between our legs or insert tubular, packed cotton rods in places we didn't even know we had. Our next little rite of passage was having sex for the first time which was about as much fun as having a ramrod push your uterus through your nostrils (IF he did it right and didn't end up with his little cart before his horse), leaving us to wonder what all the fuss was about.. Then it was off to Motherhood where we learned to live on dry *** and water for a few months so we didn't spend the entire day le ...
Mystic Mart hasnt gone to Yate as my lovely daughter Scarlet is dressing as Ciderella for a kiddies party , im really looking 4wd to this , but im also just waiting for one of the little darlings to mutter those words are you one of the ugly sisters , let you know how it went later but to make chidren smile i think is priceless ,and to make me smile all the County got to do is win , Fa cup first round proper and who does Mystic Mart want ,wouldnt mind a bit of Pompey home or away if im being honest. UTC
Bacon and mushroom sandwiches for me and my little darlings :)
Lets all have a say about closing down Mazor Farm let these little darlings be free.
Been up since 6 Nd already dressed so might as well do my hair for a change cause sick of it being up 24/7 then to dress my little darlings and wait for the mother to get ready then off into town xxx
Me Micky and Mile checking into Little Darlings! What what?
Check out these new arrivals for Fall.
Happy Birthday my sweet little darlings.
Snuggled up on the couch with my little darlings about to get some shut eye :)
Okay... I definately have some strange outside cats! This is the second time this has happened. The first time, I just thought I was hearing things. But NO.. I'm not one (not sure which one) of those little darlings actually KNOCKS on my door.. I really thought someone was at the door so I go to answer. Nope. No visitor. Just the cats. Again! Weird!
Light Sussex chicks available :) ready to go Today! Few days old. Cute fluffy little darlings, healthy, strong, great egg layers once matured. $10 for one $15 for 2, $20 for 3 etc, buy the first one at $10 and get each one after that for $5!! Pick up booral :).
Where is everyone at on a Friday night? It's too early to be at any party, so why aren't you here? The whole store is buy one get one half off! Get in here and get ready for whatever mischief you little darlings get into on the weekend!
Got biz done now just to head up to little darlings for some stripper boxing and say hi to my newly acquired yup u know me
Well, Half Trem is here, 2 weeks hol's for the little darlings, hope the weather is a lot kinded then the summer holidays was.
Well dear face book friends I went and had lunch with my little granddaughter today. I have been trying to go a least one day a week. She is having a hard time adjusting this year to being in the 2nd grade. The teacher says she is a great student but she panics every morning and throws up when it is time to go. We all have been working with her and she is a little bit better then she was at the being of the year. But today I brought her lunch to her and I brought donut holes or munchkins to the whole class. I usually try to bring something extra every time I visit but today seemed different for some reason. One little girl said "I wish my mom would come and have lunch with me but she says she is always to busy" Another said "None of my family have time for me, why do you come for Mackenzie all the time" I said "because I am her Nana and I love her" The little girl just looked real hard at me but didn't say anything. And one little boy would look at me and when I looked back he would just drop ...
Babysitting the grandkids, little darlings are already fast asleep!
Grandchildren fever! The little darlings are coming to lunch tomorrow. Yay! Going to make another apple crumble in the morning.
My Little darlings are here now the weekend of fun will begin! I LOVE them more than anything. We have so much fun together. Yeah!
Did I acquire a gf last night at little darlings?
My family think they are so funny. Ive been hacked by my children! This is the love you get when you bring little darlings into the world. You've got to love them!
Come on people toppless hot girls boxing get off ur *** an come join the fight night garunteed fun! Call me text me or just come up to little darlings $10 a ticket or $15 at the door
Waiting for my four little darlings to come for a sleep over with Nanna!!
Zumbatomic - tomorrow, 10am, Kaldis. Don't let your little darlings miss out on a monster time. Or is it the other way round?!x
My three little darlings all dressed and ready for school. Grammy love you and may God continue to bless you. favorite grammy A
Tonite at 9pm is foxy boxing I have tickets for $ 10 ill be at little darlings from 10:30am till8:00 pm stop in n buy tickets from me or pay $15 at the door.
If i remember right J.C.P.S. was installing video cameras on busses at the start of school,if the drivers had any type of control of students while on the bus to make all the little darlings stay in their seats and on their BUTTS! If involved in an accident many students would not be injured.
My beloved nieces and nephews and my brother and his wife are coming to lunch on Sunday. I love those little darlings so much . It is also great tocook with love for family. Thank you Lisa and Kevin for extending the family.
Is on the moaning chair this week! Why is it that my husband gets the pleasure of dragging the children from their beds when I have to get up at six and go to work! And then when I don't the little darlings treat me to an early start anyway. Fecking tired and warning button needed end of!
Really dnt wnt to get up!!! Roll on 3 o clock wen kyle breaks up,nice wk off jst chillin n lye ins,that's if i get chance to wiv my little darlings :) lv them bth loads x
There can only ever be two advantages at being woken up SO early by my little darlings!!! The first is that I get those special morning cuddles and kisses earlier than expected and the second, I get to watch the amazing colourful sunrise over the stunning 'Toblerone' mountains. Happy Friday, everyone!!
I had an awesome time visiting with Ryan and especially all my little darlings.
Worthwhile professional development today and lunch at Mission Inn with wonderful colleagues=A good day! (Although I missed my little darlings at UMS!)
Hold the presses. Today is Thursday and there's nothing from me but this. Don't worry. Here Comes the Sun little darlings. It's tomorrow. More stuff by me tomorrow. I had to work on updating my old an boring web site today. Soon my old and boring website will be filled with new work you can ignore. But, tomorrow read my new article. There you go.
Back home tomorrow mummy can have them back we ve had a ball we need chill out time to recover luv them loads little darlings
School reunion tomorrow night. It'll be great catching up with everyone. It's a big day at work today, it's "mock up day". I wonder that the little darlings will get up to this year. Drinks with a friend too, after work. I'll need it too Raelene.
A Kristy McNichol & Tatum O'Neal Little Darlings tribute. Two of my favorite actresses from my youth.
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My world feels like its falling apart i dont have 4 special little girls that we cant give cuddles 2 often and we wish we could i love my 2 gorgeous girls and garys 2 gorgeous wee girls we love u all and think about u always we love u all and miss u everyday our little darlings love u all x
Little Darling's is my little business I have started out of my own home. I wanted to make a tutu for my daughters Halloween costume and realized I just found my new love! Adorable tutu's, tutu dresses and headbands. They're adorable for pictures, holiday's such as Birthday's, Halloween, Christma...
Have you listened to Our Hen House yet? Their weekly podcast is so great! I'm making Jasmin and Mariann some chicken earrings for their etsy page this week...
Afta serious considaraton, im goin 2 do whats right 4 my daughter and son in law and pay for their weding and all expsences. On top of that, im going to buy my little darling daughter aleece a new ipad5. JUST BECAUSE I CAN!! luv my little darlings
At least one good thing about not being able to work right now is I get long uninterrupted showers not many mommies of four can say that enjoying the peace before my little darlings get home lol
I am so happy today I won my rights to see my grand kids through the courts. Now they can have a normal life all the rest of there family after a year of fighting and not seeing there little faces love them. Yipy and going to have a glass of wine to wet the little darlings head.
Missing all my babies so much at least i know they're all safe, happy n well this is the first time i've been apart from my boys for this long but it seems the little darlings are'nt missin me darnt
I just want to give a BIG SHOUT out to all the little darlings at my daughters school for send home this flu virus, I love not sleeping with a runny nose and hacking my brains out. Once again thank you for not washing your little hands! And thats all I have to say about that!
Finally hit my slow time of month. Read two chapters of Tuck Everlasting to Jonah's class, shared some picture books with the little darlings at Miss Paula's, now for a Bible study and some quality time with the crazy knitting ladies. Enjoying the downtime, until I'm Mach II with my hair on fire again.
Sun is out, tide is out, in Polzeath. Very happy, missing 2 of my little darlings.
what a day¡¡¡¡ just spent it with my 2 little darlings they were so good i do now feel tired but it was worth it every minute !
anit one thing its another big grey squirrel chewed its way into sons bedroom . This is WAR , Squirrel !! Hunting Squirrel tonight Dad if you see this please set up a trap in Daniels room I have to work pneumonia and flu off to my little darlings in grade two .can only have so many days off
Only a week to go before our little darlings are off school! Don't let them be bored and bring them to us 9 till 3.30 for loads of fun fun fun! X inbox me to book and more details.
The schools must be making a mint if they've charged £100 for every child released before half term, Birmingham airport is overrun with the, er, little darlings!
Jager and Jazmine were little darlings again today.
Got some good "LOVE" medicine this afternoon from my 'little darlings'.
If anyone is interested in a Lab puppy let me know! I have 8 of the little darlings that are 7 days old today:) The are AKC and will have first shots/deworming, vet check and option for micro-chipping.
I left work right after I got all of the little darlings in my care on their daycare buses, picked Erin up, rushed home for a webinar I thought was at 4 because it is at 5:00 central time. Then I realized that 5 central would be 6 here, not 4. I am not even a blonde anymore but I still have my blonde moments :) At least I caught myself before I called the 1-800 number to ask why it wasn't on yet, so it was not totally a blonde moment. Well, I guess I will not make it to church :( And by the way, no wise cracks from my brunette friends because 1. I am a redhead at present (for those who haven't seen me lately) and 2. I know about some of your blonde moments too :)
for my little darlings in San Marcos!
I couldn't do that to the little darlings...but I would to my 16yr old daughter though;)
Friend of mine just stopped by to warn of attempted horse theft in Farmington NH this morning. Two women were trying to take a horse from a woman's back yard and fled on foot towards Milton (see earlier post for details). Steal one of my little darlings, you better hope the cops find you before I do! Seriously be careful and keep an eye out for these creeps.
Maybe some exercise will ease my aching stomach, will go for a walk while my little darlings are at judo practise :\
Me and Boo have had a lovely time shopping in Staines and then onto playgroup but why oh why do some mothers insist on letting their little darlings run around with snotty noses- it looks disgusting, it's unhygienic and I have to keep pulling Boo away from them - so Mums get off your a* leave your coffee and gossip and attend to your child!
Spent an energized evening with 4 little darlings last night. Grandma's not as young as she once was and is a bit tired today!
Off to a math seminar today! On one hand, ugghh. On the other hand, it starts an hour later than school does (yay!) and I'll get some new techniques to torture the little darlings with.
Wowzers! Ya...The Outsiders with my handy pause button. Also, Matt Dillon in Little Darlings did things to me. Kristy McN suxd.
Spent several Girls Camps across the lake from this camp.Camp Daniel Morgan, was the filming location of three well-known "camp" movies, Little Darlings (1980), Poison Ivy (1985), and Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986).could this be the reason no one liked that Camp Site?
almost went to little darlings tonight. Now I wish I had gone. ***
Awe bless the little darlings are all asleep finally and yes it is 8.30, think I will get me own back now. LOL
Got my to little darlings ,slept last night got them all day ,poor grandad getting beat up ,by Luca and Libby ,
How lovely how many of the little darlings are you having over? And how old is your boy? :)
O well had too happen, all our fans are now dusted off, and in use. Boy what a hot one today, it is the bloody hot wind, doing it. I am a bit confused as we have just started Spring. The way it is going, we might not have a Spring Season. At least it was nice weather for the school holidays, all the little darlings, back ta school tomorrow. Hope u all have a good first day back.
So.who else has been woken up by there little darlings at this wonderful time on a sunday??? Xxx
My little darlings up before 6am on the only day of the week they can lie in!
What a horrible night at work can't wait to meet Ste and my little darlings for b/fast! Don't think I'll be allowed a vodka though!
four little darlings wanting to share the early morning love. Bless em! Not feeling it!
sounds legit. Lets go flood Little Darlings?
To mums and dads Just writing this little speech to ask you to stop buying everything your child asked for , hey I know what it's like you want to give the little darlings what you never had , well you are making it hard , very hard for your little darlings to live there own live , you won't be around for ever to baby the little darlings so can you please stop creating a gen (I can get what I want) and help me create a gen (you get what you work for) . So in closing please help me bring my child up earning his/ her way of life , not expect to get everything handed to them just saying . Ps I've had a few
Awesome relaxing weekend in Opotiki at the Pa Wars away from the hussle and bussel of my household and yes dear I say it my Mokos. Big ups to my sista inlaws Tweenie Walker and Vivian Robinson and bro Sonny, even got in a kanikani at the local niteclub Slims Bar. Home now first mission go pick up my little man Jose' Katene, 2nd mission try have a visit with my 3 little darlings over westside, mite. :) :) :)
I still remember my first time at Little Darlings , i had met a stipper named cherry. 🍒
That was a fun and chilled out evening, particularly our little darlings blasting out "one direction" in their first public appearance!
Had the best time with my little darlings . Hope they have fun at Sloss CAUSE I don't have time for that foolishness.
Little Darlings: Had fun with us last night? Let's do twice the exposure with girl on girl acti...
Nice.NBC's little darlings get away with a block in the back. Surprising... Lol
I have had the BEST day! I spent the day with 5 of my six favorite men, Adam, Caden, Jayden, Jagger, and Chance, and I laughed so hard my sides and cheeks ached several times at them little darlings!
It's not even really their fault the media hiding the little darlings is.
This is the quietest the house has been all day. I guess the girls think if they start behaving now that I won't actually follow through with my threat to pack up everything they own while they are asleep. Ha! They pushed me too far today. I have a box of black trash bags, bought especially for such an occasion, all ready for when those little darlings are fast asleep.
Well, spent all day demoing a bathroom. Decided to go out for a nice dinner and relax. My son had gotten me some outback certificates. Called ahead for call ahead seating. Things going well.Then it happened. seated near a family with a kid about one year old. was one of those "modern families" who think that everyone thinks the kid is as cute as they do. Screaming kid, at the top of his lungs, and the parents were oblivious. I think restaurants should have special seating for folks who don't want to hear mommy and daddies precious little darlings.OR the parents could learn some manners and keep the little bundle from God QUIET!
Little Darlings is a good full nude strip club, just don't expect them to have a brain in their head, that's why they're strippers. I had one from MA who asked me where Connecticut was. Seriously. It's not like I told her My name was Wixmix, from the Meebop Province on Beta Reticuli 7, it's CT. At that point I wanted to tell her to skip the lap dance so I could hug her consolingly, shushing her and saying, "oh honey, I'm so sorry." I don't know why I told that story. I guess I'm bored.
Finally decided what to do for my birthday. First, I'm apparently getting tattooed, Second, We're hitting the casino (All welcome to join), Then hitting up both little darlings where I have like eight free drink passes, Then across the street to the DeJaVu (Free entrance passes and whatnots). After that, Miscellaneous bar hopping. The only question; Who's In?
Best go asleep ! I've kids day 2moro ..are any if you bringing your little darlings ???..we have bingo magician & face painter & goodie bag ! €5 per person !
Little Darlings is like the main stripper location of Vegas.
Lovely meal out with hubby, so tired now though! Please lay in my little darlings xxx
I have foxy boxing tickets for sale $15 each for a night of watching hot girls duke it out up at little Darlings on october 19 just let me know in advance how many tickets you will be interested In october 19 is the night.
Went to Waynes World with my baby granddaughters and there was some uber-modern song playing in the shop and both these little darlings (6 and 3) were singing along with it. Amazing!!!
Goodnight John and Edward little darlings, am going to bed staight after xtra factor so wanna make sure i wish you goodnight
I had a great time at the Ballytyne Festival. Check out my little darlings and their "Vote for Kim" signs.
🎶Check it!!! Long Gone Darlings have our own little bar code now! Get in on it smart phone users🎶📲
Leeds may have won but Warrington are still my little darlings and are winners to me well done and well done for knocking Kevin sinfield out I'm proud of you x
My 2 little darlings fight like cat and dog but love each other really
201478_100% Performance Guarantee from - Every Item, All of the Time
Hey guys!! Just your friendly neighborhood reminder to vote for my AMAZING niece Alexis in the Toledo Blade Little Darlings contest! She is number 416 :D
This one is for you Hazel (and any other Mum who feels the need for a break from her little darling(s)!) Must be strong pegs eh? xxx
Has been evicted from my bed as usual by my little darlings !!
A full days cub activity and I'm knackered only 4 hrs till the little darlings are in bed and I can relax :-D
I can conclude that I've had the greatest day today, now to conclude it with my two little darlings ♥
Take a look at Darling & Darling, great personalised gifts for your little darlings, highly recommended
New friends and old friends and family!! Please vote for maciat for a chance to visit santa and be in the holiday parade!!! Only 6 days left and you can vote once per day!!!have a great day all!!
Although SUPER excited to see the results of the GIAG: Improvised Musical Workshop tonight! All such talented little darlings.
Head on over to Little Darlings and get WILD with our Ladies tonight =)
happy birthday cuties x) hope you guys have a good day x) lets go to little darlings or what ? Ahah
Just got done making the fam breakfast. All my little darlings spent the night last night 😁
Spend your Saturday Night with beautiful Ladies at Little Darlings! Party starts at 4pm!
laying on my bed watching the ferrets play and thinking they are so darn cute until I hear digging and look down to see Cookie trying to dig a hole in my boxspring!!! Gosh they are such little darlings!!!
Got my 3 little darlings tonight. Not much peace but loadsa love xxx
Wish I had a babysitter for my little darlings I want to go out, and get drunk and hit the dancefloor xxx
To my sons, their wives, and my little darlings 3
More puppies at Nicolway. Bless. This little darlings old face is breaking my heart.
Well my freaky little darlings , I have been the busy little puppy and have done many many things this week. First I statred constable school whew Me a law enforcement officer with arrest powers hee hee the course is hard but ive made better friends out of acquaintences...and im learning more than laws im learning much about myself...almost year at the hospital
Coach talking to the little darlings :)
Have fun and be safe, little darlings! :)
Hello little darlings i miss you all! ): we need another cassie outing so i can throw tissue again!
Sh. . .please play nicely & quietly, darlings. Auntie K is feeling a little rough around the edges this morning.
But unlike mary ive been a little bit wiser baby, as you should be darlings x Doc
when can we go pick the little darlings up? Will MacKay is looking forward to getting aquaman
Cant wait to have my two little darlings for the week
Little darlings aren't they for doing that. Domino was covered in fox pooh the other day and it was fresh !!!
Parents if you take your little darlings shopping don't zone out to their noise and bad behaviour , we don't all love your kids
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