Little Colorado River & Nik Wallenda

The Little Colorado River is a river in the U.S. state of Arizona, providing the principal drainage from the Painted Desert region. Nikolas Wallenda, known as Nik Wallenda born January 24, 1979 is an American high wire artist, acrobat, daredevil and Guinness Book of Records world record-holder. 1.3/5

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Little Colorado River Gorge, ARIZONA The Navajo Nation received some exposure on television last night as Nik Wallenda walked across the Little Colorado River
Florida aerialist Nik Wallenda has completed a high-wire 1.2 km walk over the Little Colorado River Gorge in northeastern Arizona on Sunday. Wallenda performed...
Taking nothing against Nik Wallenda's 1400' walk 1,500' above the Little Colorado River-lets set da record straight! This comes from a guy (me) that has put over 6,000 miles in the Grand Canyon. Nik did NOT walk across The Grand Canyon! That was all media hype! He crossed The Little Colorado River Gorge. The distance from Rim to Rim averages 10 miles. And the River is "the" Colorado not da "Little Colorado" What this man did was risky, and an accomplishment, no doubt. He comes from a long line of risk takers in the circus. But lets call his feat correctly!. and, incidentally the Sky Walk Glass Platform on the Hualapai Reservation is NOT over the Grand Canyon either! Note: The Grand Canyon covers 2000 sq. miles and has over 600 side cantons.
Nik Wallenda, completed his tightrope walk over d Little Colorado River Gorge near d Grand Canyon.Hats off you man...
Nik Wallenda first ever person to cross the Little Colorado River Gorge on a wire: no harness, no net.
Nik Wallenda fights gusty winds as he makes his way across the Little Colorado River Gorge June 23.
Smh watching this guy on the Skywire Live with Nik Wallenda on this tightrope at the Grand Canyon above the Little Colorado River.
How amazing is Nik Wallenda and his tightrope walk across the Little Colorado River Gorge. Brilliant.
Do we care Nik Wallenda technically walked NEAR the Grand Canyon over the Little Colorado River Gorge and not OVER the Grand Canyon?
Nik Wallenda didn't even cross the Grand Canyon, he crossed the Little Colorado River Gorge. .
Nik Wallenda is a man prepared to die. On Sunday, in front of a global television audience of several million, the 34 year-old will step out on a 2in-thick metal wire and attempt to enter the record books as the first person to walk across the Grand Canyon. Higher than the Empire State Building, higher, certainly, than Wallenda himself has ever attempted before, the wire will be suspended a stomach-lurching 1,500ft above the Little Colorado River. Without a safety net or a harness, the only equipment Wallenda will use is a pole, which he will carry for balance. “We’ve tried to prepare for the possibility that I could die,” he says, with an admirable absence of drama. “My wife and kids would be looked after for the rest of their lives.” But there’s a difference between preparing to die and expecting to die. If anyone can complete the 40-minute walk across the canyon, it’s Wallenda. The daredevil already holds seven world records including the longest walk over a waterfall, which he achieved l ...
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