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Little Colorado River

The Little Colorado River is a river in the U.S. state of Arizona, providing the principal drainage from the Painted Desert region.

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Grand Canyon: the Little Colorado River joins the Colorado River to create the Grand Canyon. But…
Playing at Elves Chasm... One of the awesome little waterfalls along the Colorado River. Check…
It's getting hot and time to spend some time on the water! to the Upper Colorado River!…
A view of the Little Colorado River Gorge. Not much water left down there!. . .
The blue waters of the Little Colorado River near its confluence with the Colorado River in the…
Although...summer time on the Colorado River, with all the gorgeous ladies wearing hot little bikin…
The Colorado River is the sum of a zillion little rivulets like this
Little Colorado River Gorge just east of the Grand Canyon Natl Patk
Big snow melt into Little Colorado River at Grand Falls on Navajo Rez near Flagstaff.
Aqua blue waters of the Little Colorado River, Grand Canyon National Park,
A little of the Swank Downtown Skyline next to the Colorado River in Austin, Tx. Alex Jones' residence on the right?
Overlooking the Colorado River with our little drone
The Shoshone hydro plant is the big dog, "the biggest, oldest water right on the [Colorado] river."
Just a little weekend fun on the River in Pagosa Springs
- Crews rescue friends from Colorado River at Little Webberville Park
I would have been a little freaked out at first too.
It's our favorite day of the week: Here's a little weevil from the Eocene Green River Fm of Colorado.
A little fly (order Diptera) from the Eocene Green River Fm of Colorado for (specimen # INHSP 2012-2)
Notable, per argument very little of Upper Basin in "drought"
Aqua blue waters of the LIttle Colorado River, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Oh, let's not forget this little gem by ! No one fired! We need Govt. Reform!
Little Colorado River with its travertine blue waters at the ... -
I liked a video Floating down the Little Colorado River
Navajo weaver near Little Colorado River 1960s. Learn about Navajo Rugs and weavers:.
End of my little rant. But read up on the Colorado, if it sparks your interest.
View from the bottom of the raging falls in the Apache Indian Reservation along the 'Little Colorado River',...
in late afternoon.Access to scenic view courtesy of the Navajo Nation.
road trip - Grand Falls of the Little Colorado River
When the Little Colorado River meets the bigger Colorado River marks the beginning of the Grand Canyon's central section.
Courtesy of thesecretmax : Colorado River gazing 💙 in this little baby today !
were east of Flagstaff in a shallow valley formed by the Little Colorado River.
South of Greer on the east fork of the Little Colorado River
The gorge of Little Colorado River. The story of the earth's transformation from billion years ago…
Great daytrip from Little Colorado River park. Support the Navajo Nation.
Calif. has little water Colorado River and snow pack could utilize Pacific Ocean but expensive
Most people in the bottom half own no stock, have little or no savings.
Hiking with Dave along Little Colorado River this morning
Bryan, is that where you start your Colorado River tours from? When ur not shooting Rapids cn U do a little lite tackle fishing
The last set of travertine falls before reaching the Little Colorado River
That little bitty southeastern tip of CA is the Colorado river. There are aqueducts, but nowhere near enough
The Confluence of the Little Colorado River and the Colorado River (darker)
Photo: soletmedream: Colorado River and Little Colorado River photo from Helicopter (1) by honeynhero...
How has part of the Little Colorado River's channel changed thru time? w/ seriously cool
The Value of Solitude It’s mid-afternoon; the clouds are dancing on summer breezes sending shadows that skitter along the canyon walls. A sliver of the muddy Colorado peaks out between buttes that are so old oxygen was still forming in the atmosphere when the rock was laid down. Beyond the east rim, for hundreds of miles, stretches the plains and mesas of the Painted Desert. The world is awash in pastels, a palette of muted umber, vermilion, scarlet, orange, green and grey. Perched on a limestone outcropping at Cape Final my gaze takes in the confluence of the Little Colorado River and Grand Canyon. The silence of this place only interrupted by cascades of wind rushing up the canyon walls to rustle through the ponderosas. I can feel my heartbeat. What is the value of solitude? In our oh so busy world where can we go to find it? As the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Wilderness Act approaches we are reminded of the values, such as solitude, for which Grand Canyon and all national parks were establis ...
At the bottom of the Seventh Wonder of the World, the Grand Canyon, where the Little Colorado River flows.
Inner Grand Canyon - Little Colorado River. You haven't seen 'blue' until you see this! DGHV
Hamilton Collection
Little Colorado River and a cool rock formation in Coconino,AZ
For Nora and the Ursaline sisterhood: The Wanderings of the Bear Clan (HON-ÑAMU) in Phoenix, AZ After we had left the sípahpuni the Bear people separated and went ahead of the others. First they came somewhere near the present site of Phoenix, and stayed there awhile. They remained for or shorter or longer periods at many different places. Finally they came to the Little Colorado River, and about there it was where they assumed the clan name, but just exactly where the place was nobody can tell. Their forefathers say that the party once came upon a dead bear that they looked at, and from that they were called forever afterwards the Bear clan. Another party that traveled with them took the hide of the bear, of which the hair had already been removed by little animals (Mû'yi. Pl. Mû'mutyu), who use hair or wool for their nests or burrows. These people took the skin and cut from it carrying straps (piqö'sha), from which they were called Piqö'sha clan. Another party came upon the bear at just this time ...
One of the shots of the 2014 E350 4s from the recent Santa Fe, New Mexico sojourn. This was shot at sunset near the Little Colorado River between the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff, AZ. Camera: Sony RX1R
blog: Little Colorado River has Grand Falls that flow like chocolate milk: After seeing photos o...
Little Colorado River Gorge, ARIZONA The Navajo Nation received some exposure on television last night as Nik Wallenda walked across the Little Colorado River
Florida aerialist Nik Wallenda has completed a high-wire 1.2 km walk over the Little Colorado River Gorge in northeastern Arizona on Sunday. Wallenda performed...
On 24th June, walked over the Grand Canyon towering 1,500 feet above the Little Colorado River in...
Daredevil Nik Wallenda pauses as he walks on a two-inch diameter steel cable rigged 1,400 feet across more than a quarter-mile deep remote section of the Grand Canyon near the Little Colorado River in Arizona on June 23, 2013.
Day 4 We rise with the conch. I have a cup of coffee as I pack my gear. The second blowing of the conch calls us to French Toast for breakfast. Yummy. We are in an Oar Boat with Jerry today and it’s another beautiful day on the river. We get another history lesson as Jerry points out the Puebloan Granaries high above the river at Nankoweap Canyon (mile 53). These granaries date back to AD 1100 and were used to store corn and seeds. We officially enter the Grand Canyon today. Stopped at a great spot for lunch where a ledge provided a lot of shade, so Jerry called for an afternoon nap! It was awesome to kick back for a little R&R. The highlight of the day is a visit to the Little Colorado River (LRC) at mile 62. This water in the LRC is a turquoise blue, much like the Caribbean. It’s also warm! Swimming in the LRC was a blessing after the 48 degree water in the Colorado itself. We hiked up the LRC to a great swimming hole where we wore our life jackets like a diaper and floated the rapids. ...
Daredevil Wallenda Completes High-Wire Walk Across Grand Canyon Daredevil Nik Wallenda completed a historic high-wire walk on a 2-inch (5-cm) steel cable over the Grand Canyon on Sunday and was greeted by wild cheers after his hair-raising stunt. Wallenda, the self-described “King of the High Wire,” took 22 minutes and 54 seconds to walk 1,400 feet across the crimson-hued canyon with just a distant ribbon of the Little Colorado River beneath him. The event was broadcast live around the world. Wallenda, the first person to cross the canyon, made the walk without a tether or safety net. Wallenda could be heard praying almost constantly during the walk, murmuring “Thank you, Jesus.” He kissed the ground when he reached the other side. “It took every bit of me to stay focused that entire time,” Wallenda said. “My arms are aching like you wouldn’t believe.” He said he stopped and crouched down twice, first because of the wind, the second because the cable had picked up an unsettling rhythm. H ...
Taking nothing against Nik Wallenda's 1400' walk 1,500' above the Little Colorado River-lets set da record straight! This comes from a guy (me) that has put over 6,000 miles in the Grand Canyon. Nik did NOT walk across The Grand Canyon! That was all media hype! He crossed The Little Colorado River Gorge. The distance from Rim to Rim averages 10 miles. And the River is "the" Colorado not da "Little Colorado" What this man did was risky, and an accomplishment, no doubt. He comes from a long line of risk takers in the circus. But lets call his feat correctly!. and, incidentally the Sky Walk Glass Platform on the Hualapai Reservation is NOT over the Grand Canyon either! Note: The Grand Canyon covers 2000 sq. miles and has over 600 side cantons.
Nik Wallenda, completed his tightrope walk over d Little Colorado River Gorge near d Grand Canyon.Hats off you man...
Alright, was the tightrope walk across the Little Colorado River Gorge instead of the Grand Canyon ?
Nik Wallenda first ever person to cross the Little Colorado River Gorge on a wire: no harness, no net.
Nik wallenda didnt walk over the Grand Canyon, it was the little colorado river.
Nik Wallenda fights gusty winds as he makes his way across the Little Colorado River Gorge June 23.
Smh watching this guy on the Skywire Live with Nik Wallenda on this tightrope at the Grand Canyon above the Little Colorado River.
Amazing feat by - crosses Little Colorado River Gorge 1500 ft up on
I think it was over the Little Colorado River Gorge in Arizona.
How amazing is Nik Wallenda and his tightrope walk across the Little Colorado River Gorge. Brilliant.
About 13M people tuned in Sun night to watch walk a 2-inch cable across Little Colorado River Gorge
LOOK AT THIE VIEW: Shot from body camera looking down at the Little Colorado River Gorge
Lol that guy didn't even walk across the Grand Canyon last night. It was the Little Colorado River Gorge.
Nik wallenda, next time you go on a wire, you should be accurate about yo location. The Little Colorado River Gorge ain't the Grand Canyon
ICYMI: This is walking on a tight rope across Little Colorado River Gorge:
Do we care Nik Wallenda technically walked NEAR the Grand Canyon over the Little Colorado River Gorge and not OVER the Grand Canyon?
how much did Discovery Channel pay the wire walker ? walk the ,,, Little Colorado River Gorge (Nik Wallenda )
Nik Wallenda didn't even cross the Grand Canyon, he crossed the Little Colorado River Gorge. .
Curious about tonight's stunt? It's not in National Park. It's outside over the Little Colorado R…
it wasn't the Grand Canyon, it was the Little Colorado River Gorge. Still amazing. But not Grand Canyon.
completes his high wire stunt over Little Colorado River, next up? Empire State Building?
To a Historical Creationist, watching a first-ever unusual event LIVE, is a fact of enormous proportions. It was like being in the room when the first words were transmitted via telephone cable, and Alexander Graham Bell uttered the words, "What hath God wrought?!" With my palms sweating, tears welling up in my eyes, and with a prayer on my lips, I watched Nick Wallenda become the first man to tight-wire walk across the Grand Canyon Sunday evening. After months of preparation under severe weather conditions, Nick, balancing a 30' long, 40-pound bar and wired for sight & sound, step-by-step cautiously transversed a 2" diameter steel cable stretched across 1400' (almost 5 football fields) and 1500' above the Little Colorado River. He thanked God for each step, praised His name for the next step, noted the awe of God's created canyon, and after 22 minutes, 54 seconds reached the other side and into the arms of his wife and three children. He gave God the glory and knelt to offer a sincere prayer to God ...
Nik Wallenda is a man prepared to die. On Sunday, in front of a global television audience of several million, the 34 year-old will step out on a 2in-thick metal wire and attempt to enter the record books as the first person to walk across the Grand Canyon. Higher than the Empire State Building, higher, certainly, than Wallenda himself has ever attempted before, the wire will be suspended a stomach-lurching 1,500ft above the Little Colorado River. Without a safety net or a harness, the only equipment Wallenda will use is a pole, which he will carry for balance. “We’ve tried to prepare for the possibility that I could die,” he says, with an admirable absence of drama. “My wife and kids would be looked after for the rest of their lives.” But there’s a difference between preparing to die and expecting to die. If anyone can complete the 40-minute walk across the canyon, it’s Wallenda. The daredevil already holds seven world records including the longest walk over a waterfall, which he achieved l ...
I have heard people speculate that racecar drivers harbor a death wish. Of course nothing could be more untrue. Nonetheless, those unfamiliar with our sport can’t fathom why someone would take the risks associated with racing. Nic Wallenda, 34, may not have a death wish either, but it’s hard for me to comprehend why someone would undertake the daring stunt he has planned for this evening. The seventh-generation member of the Flying Wallendas is set to traverse a steel cable running 1,500 free above the Little Colorado River in northern Arizona (without a tether or net). The event will be televised live on the Discovery Channel this evening at 8 p.m. Let’s all say a little prayer for Nic before he takes his first step on the wire.
SMALL WORLD - Grand Canyon Hi Wire Walk tonite (8pm - Discovery Channel) is over the Little Colorado River, which we swam and body rafted as part of our 8 day Grand Canyon Rafting Trip 4 weeks ago. 2nd Pix: Bob Wray, Todd Wojcik, *** Krok
Daredevil Nik Wallenda to try crossing gorge near Grand Canyon The Discovery Channel will broadcast Wallenda's walk live on live television at 8 p.m. EDT on Sunday with a 10-second delay. Wallenda will be wearing two cameras, one looking down the mostly dry Little Colorado River bed and one facing straight ahead. His leather shoes with an elk-skin sole will help him keep a grip on the steel cable as he moves across. Should wind gusts that are expected to be around 30 mph threaten to throw him off, Wallenda said he'll grab hold of the wire and wait it out if possible. A paramedic will be looking up at him from the river, he said. Wallenda is highly confident in his ability to reach the other side, having walked in 52 mph wind gusts during Tropical Storm Andrea with a torrential downpour and training with wind machines that simulated 45-55 mph gusts. The only thing that would stop him entirely is lightning within a 15-mile radius, he said. The more than 2-hour broadcast also will showcase the Navajo landsca ...
Thank you Angela: By Angela Davis: The confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado River, located at the east rim of the Grand Canyon, is very sacred and significant to the Dine' (Navajo) and Hopi people. We believe that is where we emerged from the lower worlds in our creation stories. Our spiritual birthplace and is now being threatened by greed of our tribal politicians and outside interest groups; they want to build a tourist resort there, complete with a tramway/gondola to the bottom of the canyon, RV trailer parks, and fast-food restaurants. This project will permanently damage and desecrate this cultural sanctuary. The man depicted in the cartoon is Navajo tribal president, Ben Shelly. He is supporting the project, while preaching about sacred places, like Isreal, after meeting with Benjamin Netanyaho earlier this year. He considers Israel a sacred place, but disregards his own peoples' traditional faith and sacred grounds, calling them "superstitious" and "stuck in the old ways."
Cameron Davidson shot 360 degree aerials for Discovery Channel for a Nik Wallenda Skywire Walk across the Little Colorado River on June 23rd.
Photoset: Down a dirt access road from the Wapatki Ruins along the Little Colorado River lies Dead Man’s...
when crossing Little Colorado River onto Navajo Nation and ur flux capacitor sends you one hr ahead (DST)
Posted by M. Charlie on Politics on the Navajo Nation taken from the Grand Canyon Escalade website: "We already posted that the Sierra Club is guiding hikes down the Salt Trail to the Hopi Sipapu and the Confluence for only $995 a person (click here for link).So where do 24,657 people go to party? Why the Confluence of course! It turns out that this is a primary stopping point, and they don’t stop nearby, they stop right on the Confluence, a Sacred Site. And what do they do when they stop? Why, they hike to the Sipapu and use the Salt Trail and Swim in the Little Colorado River. We keep asking ourselves why there is no outcry by the Save the Confluencee folks. Why isn’t it OK for the Navajo to charge $40 to ride a gondola to a secure site close to the Confluence but its ok to charge $2850 per rafter so they can tie up right on the Sacred Site and party? I guess that’s why Grand Canyon River Guides oppose the Escalde and has joined with Save The Confluence. Can’t have the Navajo making any money wh ...
Executive Order January 8, 1900: It is hereby ordered that the tract of country lying west of the Navajo and Moqui Reservations, in the Territory of Arizona, embraced within the following described boundaries, viz: Beginning at the southwest corner of the Moqui Reservation and running due west to the Little Colorado River, thence down that stream to the Grand Canyon Forest Reservation, thence north on the line of that reserve to the northeast corner thereof, thence west to the Colorado River, thence up that stream to the Navajo Indian Reservation, be and the same is hereby withdrawn from sale and settlement until further order.
Hopi Council withdraws support of settlement for water rights in Little Colorado River basin.
Quit bragging! I am a little over 1 hr. from Vegas & less than 1 hr. from Laughlin & Colorado River - so there! :p
Where were you the first time you heard 2112?
Hello!! I thought it would be neat to have people post links to songs by their band so everybody on here can have a listen/look. If you're in a band or a musician of any style feel fee to post a link below! Have a good one and I/we hope to hear some of your tunes. Eh!
This is the way that we deal with such shooting incidents in the U.S.—we acknowledge them; we are, briefly, shocked by them; then we term it impolite to discuss their implications, and to argue about them. At some point, we will have to stop putting it off, stop pretending that doing so is the prope...
After this weekend, Salvaged Seams will be on the move! Off to Wisconsin for a week, and then in Denver for the rest of winter!
Just to let you all know, we will resume giving away firepits in February. One a month. This is not a contest. This is just us appreciating our fans. Oh... and we are going to broaden our area too. So even if your not local, you could be the one.
What are the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana in Iowa?
Nice place to watch a meteor shower, near Little Snake River, Colorado
Good place to view the Geminid meteors - Light pollution-free area near Little Snake River, CO via
Check out this video about proposed development at Colorado, Little Colorado river confluence:
If you could choose one state to hunt Whitetails, which state would it be and why?
WHAT?!?!?! Water Piped to Denver Could Ease Stress on River [how about a little idea called 'conservation' instead!]
There are some reports of slick spots on roads in Southern Oklahoma. The Springer School District in Carter County has decided to run buses one hour late this morning. Bundle up if you're headed out and be careful, we've had reports of accidents and slick spots on I-35 in Love County.
LITTLE COLORADO SETTLEMENT TALKS HIT WALL By Kathy Helms, Gallup Independent, Diné Bureau, 12/4/12 WINDOW ROCK — The Navajo Nation and the Hopi Tribe walked out of a meeting Monday with Arizona parties to a proposed Little Colorado River water rights settlement after hitting an impasse on key positions endorsed by the U.S. Department of the Interior. According to the Navajo Nation Office of the Speaker, the meeting was arranged so Navajo leaders could meet and hear directly from the state parties on issues outlined in Navajo Nation and Interior position statements. Although the Interior was optimistic in its “Core Positions for a Near Term Settlement” that it could negotiate a settlement favorable to some of Navajo’s positions, the state parties were unwilling to compromise, the speaker’s office stated in a news release. Delegate LoRenzo Bates estimated there were nearly 100 people at the meeting, either in person or via teleconference. In addition to the tribes, those present included represen ...
A Norwegian BASE jumper plummeted to his death Tuesday afternoon after a 1,000 foot jump into the Little Colorado River near the confluence with the Grand Canyon.
The Gila River Reservation is currently working on several water projects following years of costly litigation over rights to the Arizona region's water resources.
WINDOW ROCK, ARIZONA On November 28, the Naabikiyati Committee approved a letter by Navajo Nation Council Speaker Johnny Naize, on behalf of the Water Rights Task Force
So sad to hear about that Boston College student found dead in the Charles River and the little girl in Colorado. I hate watching the news
Arizona - 36 acres on Little Colorado River - WATERFRONT!! SPECTACULAR CANYON AND MOUNTAIN VIEWS!!! Here is your ch..
Little City Grille, Boulder City, NV-- best breakfast this side of the Colorado River.
September and October brings the fall colors to life in Greer. Learn more:
The little colorado river looks cool tis time of day. Thinking on the sandy shore wishn i can go wer the water is going. Any where but here.
New at Censored News --Human rights delegation reports US DEA and security contractors in helicoptors that shot Miskito Indians, including two pregnant women, child and young man, in massacre in Honduras --Aboriginal Australian supports Julian Assange at Melbourne Rally/Wikileaks exposed the US targeting Indigenous Peoples and their lands for mining --Haskell university students walk to DC to save wetlands from super highway: Trail of Broken Promises --Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission resolution states Little Colorado River water settlement is violation of Dine' rights More at Censored News --New video from O'odham Ofelia Rivas 'Erase the Border'
Navajo Council opposes both the Little Colorado River rights theft & the lease extension of one of the dirtiest...
S.2109 asks the Navajo and Hopi peoples to waive their priority Water Rights to the surface waters of the Little Colorado River "from time immemorial and thereafter, forever" in return for the shallow promise of uncertain federal appropriations to supply minimal amounts of drinking water to a handful of reservation communities. The Bill - and the "Settlement Agreement" it ratifies - do not quantify Navajo and Hopi water rights - the foundation of all other southwestern Indian Water Rights settlements to date - thereby denying the Tribes the economic market value of their water rights, and forcing them into perpetual dependence on uncertain federal funding for any water projects.
where does he stand on the little Colorado river settlement?
Sweet little mention of the on the Bike Maps blog, with a good map of the route
Alex's new river house. It's a little up stream from her old one. Wait... Are you in Parker though or on the Colorado?
On July 10th, I will begin my journey driving back to Little River, Ca. Because of the extreme heat in the south and the fires around the Colorado area, I've decided to take the northern route home. I'll drive Hwy 80 across to Chicago, then I'll head North to Hwy 90. I've never been on Hwy 90. Anyone know of destination along this route that I should try to visit? Tom Becker
Media published false reports that the Hopi Tribe passed the Little Colorado River settlement
See stunning aerial view of the confluence of Colorado River in Grand Canyon with Little Colorado (upstream from...
Navajo Nation attempting to build a tramway to the Little Colorado River
Breast Cancer Awareness
Little Colorado River Featured as Arizona's of the Month in a year-long series for 100 yrs of Arizona statehood.
Little Colorado River had been dry for along time. We used to herd sheep along & swam in the ponds, fish, there was once a beaver & a land turtle. US slowly worked on us, using our own, like LCR watershed, lCR Conservation District, we saw that, but, our leadership @ that brainwashed their own people. TODAY, our youth now can see & read between the lines & beyond just the WORDS. TODAY, I can't do things I used to, but, I am going to HOLD A FUND RAISING EVENT, JUNE 27 LATE AFTERNOON IN NORTH OF CAMERON, US89. PLEASE, spread the word, OPEN MIKE, ENTERTAINMENT.
HOPI INDIAN RESERVATION Opposition to a Senate bill designed to settle water rights in Navajo and Hopi Country is mounting. The grassroots opposition is led by former leadership of the Hopi Nation
He fell in love with a reservation girl. During the time of the sugarbeat harvest. They moved out west to the coast where he built her a bed. Made of shagbark from Sherwood forest. And life was good until she told him goodbye. Said they was better off living separate lives. And maybe they was. . But...
The Hopi Tribal Council is considering approval of a water settlement for the Little Colorado River Basin. The Hopi Tribal Council has not yet made a decision whether to approve the settlement and is in the process of conducting and independent review of the proposal. A copy of the settlement propos...
Yesterday I heard the people at the Winslow Wellness Conference talk about the Little Colorado River and it clearly appeared they don't agree with the SB2109..the settlement or anything that relates to giving up precious water..Then I heard people talking on KTNN about how wonderful it is to get educated off the reservation and to come back home to take baths.. I'm proud to say my education was about preserving and protecting my family, home, live stocks, land, ceremonies and almost anything of value. It was ok if I didn't shower or bathed for 2 weeks..I was still human and the holy ones heard my voice.
So what did we voter in leaders for?? To Shy away from difficult decision and hide behind the people. That is exactly what I see with the current council. They are faced with the difficult decision of approving or disapproving the Little Colorado River Water Settlement. Rather than addressing the issue, they tend to ask if the people have heard about it and whether they support it. I don't know about you, but we have a representative government. They are the ones who are supposed to garner the information and make an informed decision on behalf of the people. The current trend is not leadership.
Castle Science and Technology Center Children's Museum "Grand Falls is a natural waterfall system located 30 miles (48.3 kilometers) northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona in the Painted Desert on the Navajo Indian Reservation. At 185 feet tall (56 meters), it is taller than Niagara Falls. It dumps snow melt or monsoon rain into the Little Colorado River below. It is famous for its extremely muddy flow which is a major contributor to Little Colorado River opacity. It is said that the waterfalls are analogous to flowing chocolate depending on the amount of water present. Heavy rains or snow melt will produce spectacular viewing, photography and sound whereas the scarcity of water will produce only trickles or no flow at all. Grand Falls was formed when lava from nearby Merriam Crater flowed in to the Little Colorado River creating a lava dam. The river was forced to reroute itself around the dam and Grand falls formed where the reroute rejoins its original course." - Wikipedia
Little Colorado River featured as Arizona's River of the Month. Press Release
Little Colorado River with a big impact... EnJoy the view!
So it seems to me that Sierra Club, Grand Canyon Trust and other NGOs who oppose the enviornmental concerns stemming from the Navajo Generating Station and mining activities by Peabody have used the references to such projects in SB 2109 to rally Navajo Students to oppose and rally against the Little Colorado River Settlement Agreement.
Come celebrate our beautiful Little Colorado River Tribal Park's 50th Anniversary!!! There will be Keynote Speakers and performances by Joe Tohonnie Jr & Apache Crowndancers, To’di’Neesh Zhee Singers, Davis Mitchell, James Bilagody and more... See you there! Hozho' & blessings.
I just signed a petition to Sen. John McCain (AZ-1), Sen. Jon Kyl (AZ-2), The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate: Please drop SB2109. The Navajo and Hopi people need the water from the Little Colorado River for their way of life and now Senators Kyl and McCain want ...
The truth on the Water Rights Settlement they mean to take Little Colorado River with the precious water underneath the Black Mesa..These water were created by the holy ones for the Dine...not for swimming pools or hot tubs in southern arizona..
I am going to attend this meeting, let you know how it goes later. Water Rights Public Forum Little Colorado River Water Rights Date: April 17, 2012 Time: 4-7pm Location: Greyhills High School Auditorium, Tuba City, AZ
"Protests on the Navajo Nation have been in high gear ever since last week, when tribal members and activists got wind of a proposed settlement that aims to help quantify Navajo water rights on the Little Colorado River. "Trouble is, many Navajo citizens believe the settlement may actually erode the tribe’s sovereignty when it comes to maintaining a safe and sufficient future water supply. "It’...See More
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