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Lisa Willis

Lisa Willis (born June 13, 1984) is an American professional women's basketball player with the Los Angeles Sparks of the Women's National Basketball Association.

Nottingham Crown Court

I listen to Knap. He keeps his liberal views to himself. Syrett is ok too. Can't take…
So after bashing Trump incessantly for 7 months, Pelosi now says we must respect America's choice? Lol, what you up to Wil…
Sat nite on MeTV- it's back to ghoul with "Monster on the Campus"- and Lisa Marie Varon teaches Sven a lesson!...
Parmley annex across from the Willis post office has food water and supplies. Clothes for all sizes, shoes and diapers.…
Willis ISD will be closed for the rest of the week. Our plan is to reopen on Tuesday, Sept. 5.
Lisa Willis completed the quest Helping the Police!
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The Willis and Smith Group would like to introduce our new team member Lisa Knapp Nardone as well as showcase...
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Look who surprised me on my 5pm live shot after Gm 4 win! Monja Willis (mom) & Lisa Beverley (…
Her name is Lisa Willis. You can reach her at
Read article to find out more about Willis Towers Watson’s research on employee benefits.
Oh Lisa Lynch this is right up your street!
. I don't listen often. I don't care for GNoory, Connie Willis, or Lisa Garr.
in this week: thanks to Lisa Willis for helping me get the report in after my laptop crashed!
Hi Lisa! You have lots of clients, perhaps this would be useful to you: free, simple & functional!
Proud to appear with poets Lisa Norris and Paul Willis in Ascent!
Thanks Lisa Willis for following me! Check out to start gaining Financial freedom
Rites of Passion Coaches getting briefed by Lisa Willis, Trainer and Former WNBA & UClLA.
Hey Lisa Willis What is the best happy hour in your town?
Lisa Willis What is the best movie you’ve seen this week?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Lisa Willis thanks for the follow! What’s your Social Media goal for this year?
Hey Lisa Willis thanks for the follow! Do you have a blog? Please share the URL with us!
Lisa Willis is now one of my followers! Thanks! 6275
Hey Lisa Willis thanks for the follow!
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On Monday, TMF's Lisa Willis and Hannah Herkert joined to talk about
Tonight! Photography by Annette Willis to be opened by Lisa Slade, Assistant Director, Artistic Programs AGSA. SALA!.
'Anna, Lisa Calls' is the latest track from It's also our song for the day. http…
Successful crisis mgmt is getting out in front of story truthfully & honestly says Rick Willis, News Director for TWC New…
Medics on standby in case Emma Willis gives birth LIVE on
Pastor C. L. Willis spoke a word to me and the Holy Spirit moved. Thanking God today for the Man of God his...
Lisa Anding was what Willis was talkin' about.
Thanks Lisa Willis for being here. I appreciate it! :* URL:Enjoy!
Thanks I really appreciate your recent follow Lisa!
on who this ain't me you Lisa and Debbie sometimes
Breast Cancer Awareness
Hi Lisa. I hope you have a healthy, wealthy and fulfilling week. Don't forget to smile and laugh. -Jack
Hi Tiffany, I wanted to reply to Michael Daniels post on Stephanie Williams @
Stephanie Morris Lisa M Gallaher-Willis Brandy Antonson someone just got a whole lotta more sexy!
What's on your Google? Consider the result as part of your social stream.
Strategies for helping teens stay organized & manage their time:
Thanks Lisa Willis for the follow! Happy to have you here. Stay in touch for the latest Digital Marketing tips & t…
If we can get info like this on Willis, why the mystery with AP?
Listen in to Renaissance SRQ this Thursday at 9am when we'll be talking with Ms.Hedda Matza-Haughton, Lisa Willis...
Lisa Caneles was what Willis was talkin' about.
Lisa Bohnen was what Willis was talkin' about.
I have to say this year not a single ant bite Demi Peck Michael Walker Jayson Meeks Bill Willis Lisa M...
Eternally grateful to you Lisa Willis! You put this banged up body back together! Looking forward to my next...
Dont' pass over Wanda Jackson and Willis Earl Beal on the Swedish American Hall
holly willoughby but I would love to see emma willis or emma bunton davina McCall jenni falconer lisa Faulkner and tess daly
Sonny Willis has been the lower school drama teacher and the middle school choir instructor since Patti started...
NASA Oceanographer Josh Willis narrates the simple low down in this video: Watching Rising Seas From Space
Lisa Shook Willis...I think you help our residents like this spent some time with one of them yesterday...
me and Lisa Willis . you should watch her videos
New Demi Moore photo unearths ageless actress; Rumer Willis posts pic of her mom
Congrats Lisa Varga! Looking forward to working with all of you next week!
Insomnia, anxiety, break-ups … musicians on the dark side of touring
Zoe is not rumer willis,she is a different actress.
Marlene said Rumor Willis was coming back this season so maybe she is the friend of emily?
Lisa Ramsey was what Willis was talkin' about.
Lisa Witherspoon was what Willis was talkin' about.
Happy birthday Linda Monroe Lisa Butts Lillie Willis hope you have a fabulous day
Lisa Willis, Better check the only secret to gain 8700 Stars Kim Hollywood, Secret trick is on my Profile
Rumer Willis joins 'Dancing' are living tour launching this summer season for 25 appearances
to last year when I was a fetus and Lisa was still fab af. Anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA…
Susan W.'s Review of Lisa Willis Photography - Carpinteria (5/5) on Yelp: Lisa knows how to capture the moment and…
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
The TEN winners of the comp are:Richard Hill, Anthony Willis Williams, John Crone, Lisa...
Surround yourself with fruit and veg and then it's nothing to worry about 👊
Great decision! Tough at first but absolutely worth it.
too bad Lisa banned me from coming... Good luck Willis!
Another day of this did I let Lisa talk me into this!
thanks Lisa..I've told her it will be like living with a bearded Bruce Willis..
It's never good to break a leg, but this little man is a trooper. He is in the best hands with Dr. Lisa Willis.
Rumer best possible score: Rumer Willis, Val Chmerkovskiy most sensible the 'DWTS' leaderboard
AXA hires North regional director from Willis - Lisa Bartlett’s appointment completes senior management team for A...
You know what it is! For Real For Real Fridays with Lisa Willis! This episode is ti…
The country's second-tallest skyscraper, the Willis Tower, is now up for sale:
that's exactly what am talking about Willis ha !!! I've donated on that page for ye x
Can't wait for Lisa's good food and simi good company this evening 😘😜
Brittany Boyd needs 45 more steals to reach the Pac-12 career record of 372, held by UCLA's Lisa Willis. She's got between 12-20 games left.
Pac-12 all-time steals leader is Lisa Willis of UCLA, 2002-06, with 372 steals. Boyd's got a ways to go, with 327.
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Tell me about it! I reckon Sunday. I'll keep you posted!
Rain forecast for the weekend, I've just had pasta, Watford are at home tomorrow. That's about it. Oh, and no baby yet!
According to time hop Yesterday/today marks the anniversary of Chris Willis's 18th birthday and the night I met my babe ❤️🍻👯
New Faces, New Places for Jan. 23: Willis of Wisconsin hired Lisa Minucci as assistant client manager, employe...
Bars to open early that day. Lisa Schemanske Olivia Willis Jennifer Grim
Watch our Chief Oil Analyst, Denton C, on The Willis Report on at 5:25pm ET today.
only if you tell Lisa to get on the treadmill
We've tried that. And the long walks, sage oil, raspberry tea...
No 😡 We're having curry tomorrow night though to try and kick start things 👶
Not yet, sadly. Twinges a plenty mixed with back pain at 4:30 this morning hopefully soon!
Morrisons own brand of sweet and salty - the best popcorn to ever grace the planet.
Give with your heart and receive plenty. Lisa Willis
Damnit Lisa M Gallaher-Willis, i blame you for my all nighters! At least I know I do good on 2 hours sleep, lol.
Emma Willis, Lisa Armstrong and I talk about our commitment to Style for Soldiers |
The whole ride home all im hearing is every stop light brakes Lisa brakes then Lisa saying willis go to bed now! 😂 what softball consist of
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at a stop light willis goes brakes Lisa brakes.
I was very tempted to re-create your starring fall, but sensibly didn't
I nearly tumbled on another escalator this week, age is catching up with me!
Well done the 'Mawsley Maniacs' Rebecca+Mark Simmons,Lisa Willis,et al for fronting up to the 'Ice Bucket Challenge'water for Liv
At my girl Gwendolyn Willis party. Love you beautiful. Even though I know you probably won't see this tonight,...
Bruce Willis is def 1 of my all time favourites!! 😍..
For Diana Low Jones... Lisa Blevins.Lisa Shook Willis...this is only a few, including my own family, who have...
Hi Lisa. I enjoyed the presentation you did for Willis ISD. Has anyone taken you up on your offer regarding the book Nice Bike
I just received the bad news that my friend and supervisor Lisa Willis is leaving RTI Insurance Services of...
Brilliant day today with Auntie Linda & Lisa Willis. Went fod dinner at Folkestone Bowls Club before going on the...
C'mon BM, Wouldn't u rather watch Lisa Allpress in the pigskin than see Craig Willis and eat catered food from Nobu & Rickpool
This week we send Happy Birthday greetings to Tiffany Harris (June 1), William Sutton (June 3) and Becky Bailey (June 6). We also send Happy Anniversary greetings to Tommy and Lisa Willis (June 1), Sammie and Jackie Harris (June 5) and Jason and Kristen Mace (June 9). Tommy and Lisa have been married 29 years. Sammie and Jackie have been married 26 years. Jason and Kristen have been married 5 years.
Can somebody please make this happen? If not this year maybe next year 2015 CBB?
Had a great time tonight with Renee McClure David Willis and Lisa Willis thank y'all for hanging tonight.
Years ago (when it first opened) Mike Pesto, from Mike & Lisa in The Morning on 106.7 KJUG Country, went out on...
Great class tonight. Wanted to give Lisa Osthelder and Donna Willis and big thank you for teaching and hosting...
I plan on getting my hair nails and tan done to make myself feel better🙈🙈 she's going to hate me in august 😁😁😁😁
Who will win the 2014 trophy for Stur Come Dancing? Sam Craig, Trevor Puckett, Lisa Mogridge, Giles Henschel, Ann Baseden or Chris Willis?
This poster promoting Fox 45's new 10PM newscast was just found in an old office. It's from 1991. Me & Lisa Willis!
Some men have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to, when all they need is one reason why they can.…
People never got how we became such good friends cause we're so different, but abazi niks, I love you Willis ❤️always, squirrel
What an amazing wknd with 7 awesome women. Love how or girls river trip wknd grows every year Tonya Jackson Spurlock. How many will we have next time. Love my MBOB sistas. HappyMel Johnson Debbie Cook Utley Trish Williams Dodds Roxie Davis Thompson Lisa Willis & Stacey
The next generation of adoptees is thriving. What a joy to watch Pam Dixon Kroskie, Beth Willis Miller, Lisa Floyd, and blossom.
The Best Thing about Hudson Hawk:1991 Playmate of the Year Lisa Matthews made an awful Br Willis movie watchable
Contestants for Stur Come Dancing are are Trevor Puckett, Ann Baseden, Chris Willis, Sam Craig, Giles Henschel and Lisa Mogridge
To American Legion Posts (except the one who have been nice to me): I'm black and a lady ; although it shouldn't matter for I served my country for 8 years and still are serving as a real and true Veteran's Advocate. I'm on my 2nd God given mission "Those Veterans who are left behind mission" which consist of driving to all 49 US States, all of Canada and Mexico for Veteran's Awareness. In two weeks I have been on this very serious mission for a year. Which this is very long mission that will be 9 years. When I visited your post it isn't for money for I just want to rest,relate and release due to have seen, met, advocated and assisted so many Veterans who have fallen through the cracks. It deeply hurts me how many of you have disrespected, mistreated and other vile behavior at me. I'm your sista in arms and I just wanted a hug and sometimes I need a shoulder to cry on. I'm sorry that my presence got in your way of playing bingo, poker, drinking, etc. and etc. I thought the Legion posts in West V ...
Just seen the advert for the new series. Can't wait. Thanks for the heads up
Stephanie Foster Jamie Willis Jack Willis ready for the wedding — at Double Dragon - Hastings
Today I thank God for Pastor Willis and Lady-Joyce Willis who allow the Saints to use their gifts in the...
Join us in Atlanta next month for the Symposium and hear our very own Lisa Willis speak on http…
The world NEEDS this book, Lisa! You're just like Will Smith / Bruce Willis / Tom Cruise, saving us from eternal doom!
Pioneer Ministries, Inc. invites you on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 to the Pre-Golf Tournament Celebration/ Camp Fire Service at 6 p.m. on the grounds of Camp Pioneer in Pearl, MS. Invite your family and friends!There will be refreshments. This is a FREE event for the public and we would LOVE to see you there. On Thursday, May 15, 2014, Pioneer Ministries presents the 6th Annual Golf Tournament and Fundraiser starting at 10 a.m. and will be held at the Eagle Ridge Golf Course on the campus of Hinds Community College in Raymond, MS. All proceeds from the golf tournament will go towards summer camp scholarships at Camp Pioneer. For any additional information, contact Lisa Willis at (601)-939-3659
About the time the snow begins to fall on my Eastern North Carolina home , I will be jetting off to Burbank, California. I will have some time with my oldest son Ross Shelton, including an evening at the World famous The Magic Castle®. Then three days of sharing the love of magic with 100's of family performers at the Kidabra mid -year conference. Included in this once in a lifetime trip will be a tour of Steve Axtell workshop. Steve fathers some of the finest puppets in the world! None of this would be possible were it not for the love of my wife Lisa Willis. Stay safe and Warm babe I'll be thinking of you! Look for some pictures as the week progresses.
What good is life, if you don't use your life, to make a difference in a life? ~Lisa Willis
Pain concealed will someday be revealed so that we may be healed. ~Lisa Willis
Keep the faith! Going thru challenges will make u stronger. Lisa Willis
Hello Family and Friends, I hope this post is taking with love and understanding? If you are just reading my post just because this is probably not the one you want to read. Unless you are a true friend and of course family this is for you. I woke up and God put this on my Heart then it was confirmed when I went to noon day bible study by my Pastor Scott. Family I am asking each and everyone to go to church this sunday and pray for our family, friends and this world. I am asking my Masonic Brothers and Eastern Star sisters to join in and pray the strength of my family while we are going through? I will be praying for each and everyone of you. My heart is heavy let me explain I lost my Aunt Lucille and my Aunt Berneita got in a head on car collision, and my Aunt Laurie had a serious surgery. I want to give God all the praise because he brought my aunt Berneita out with just soreness. And the other car she went head on with was blessed not to have engeries. I pray that while in church if you are n ...
I vouch for and support 100% Lisa Willis Groves.Little help here ?!
We had a great time last week at our Heifer AI Session at Mid-Texas Veterinary Associates! Thank you Dr. Lisa Willis!
Watching my cousin, Maddy Weakland, plat in a softball tournament today brought back so many memories. They won both games with the "Mercy Rule" in the third inning! So reminded me of our Fishkill tournament where we wished the "Mercy Rule" was in effect Emily Stewart Thornton Kathy Bleyman Carolyn Myers Lisa Domermuth Stephanie Sodergren Willi Lynda Smith John Goggin Nina Teresi Kirsten Savoie
Following our recent reunion I was moved to dig out some old pics. Enjoy.
Fan Question: hearing about the child obesity yesterday on daybreak the 14 year old that weighs 20 stone and seeing certain people posting pictures on here of them and there children some arnt the skinniest and neither are the kids what are peoples view blame the parents or the shops for selling it ??
well that was just enough to get me in the floor, lololo under my desk lolol dont laugh im scared to death , i know i am not exempt from what happen in OK... so now this is gonna be the worst summer ever , hiding from the storms eveytime a cloud pops up, I know Robin Dean will be laughin her guts out over this Post ...I sure did but next time im getting in my truck and pluging my phone in Lord thank you for not sweeping us away like dust ...
Excited about attending my first Toastmasters meeting. Here in Malta on Tuesday. Should be fun.
Good mourning. Yesterday was our first annual Open House for our tutoring program. We had such a good time interacting with the students, getting down to business with the parents all of the movement and activities, the atmosphere was charged with joy and excitement. To see how our God gave the vision to our President, confirmed it and now it has come to pass is an awesome feeling. Hats of to the staff of TLC, Lisa Willis, Therron Harris, Itayi Wilson and Nickey Russell Monroe and to all of the behind the seen staff you all are the best. Also we want to thank Reginald Seaton and Essence Perry for allowing us to use the King Center to host our tutoring program. To the parents and students thank you for being apart of this program and we want you to know that your kids are in good hands. On behalf of our President Lisa Willis we say thank you and God Bless you.
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Pros. case - plan was to frame Philpott's former live-in lover, Lisa Willis, who 3 months before fire walked out on him with her 5 kids
Jury heard evidence that *** has two lovers, wife Mairead and mistress Lisa Willis. They all lived at the house at Victory Rd
U HEARD U ! Don't stop believing for nurse Lisa and Willis! Yea baby!
I can't read this convo so don't know what you talkin about Willis!
20-year age gap w/ Miami dubs partner Laura Robson isn't bothering Lisa Raymond..."It's fun to play with somebody who could be my daughter."
yeah. Lisa Willis, Nikki Blue and the rest of that class might get eclipsed.
Co-Producer Lisa Willis & Rob Robinson(NESRI) in person tonight for a screening of MY BROOKLYN (7:30PM):
Ha! Whatever you do, stay away from the Bruce Willis film made me watch!
Bruce Willis and the dude from Quantum Leap though, a sure sign of quality.
You not at My Bloody Valentine? Not sure how I feel about the Bruce Willis thing. Is it worth it?
Glass floor at Willis Tower in Chicago. Elevator Climbed 103 floors in 1:06 minutes. I'm feeling woozy
Lisa Willis is getting a "Nightmare Before Christmas" tattoo... yeah, she's real mature. :-/
Fascinating and exquisitely filmed, this documentary meets Sci-Fi in this captivatingly wondrous, yet extremely frightening, unprecedented journey into the underworld and into the future. High-level radioactive waste must be stored in remote Finland for millennia. Every day, the world over, large…
You smile, but you wanna cry. You talk, but you wanna be quiet. You pretend like you're happy, but you aren't.
Just watched The Outsiders! I loved vthe book and remember when the movie came out. Lisa Willis do you remember going to see the movie?
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Winnie the Pooh needs to call Tigger's probation officer. That raggedy jungle cat is not high on life.
*** told police Lisa Willis was pregnant by him when she was chief bridesmaid at his wedding to Mairead
Reason no. billion & twelve why I love Lisa Willis- The 14 Most Unintentionally Terrifying Statues in the World
Okay smart people with big vocabularies (Gerard Koskovich. Susan Stryker... and all you Bryn Mawr folks). When a ghost emerges for the first time after the person's death, it isn't correct to refer to this event as a resurrection, exactly, but I can't think of anything else that captures the rising-from-the-grave quality. Help please? (If it makes any difference, I'm struggling to describe Giselle's becoming-Willi in Act 2.)
Lisa Willis will resume giving evidence in the Derby house fire trial at Nottingham Crown Court today.
Father Sets House Ablaze And Kills His 6 Children As He FramesEx-Girlfriend A father accused of killing his six children in a housefire started the blaze as part of a‘plan’ to frame his ex-girlfriend after becoming locked in a custody battle with her, a court has heard. *** Philpott, along with his wife Mairead, allegedly started the fire at their semi-detached home after making reports to the police that his former partner, Lisa Willis, had been threatening him and his family. There were emotionalscenes during their manslaughter trial at Nottingham Crown Court today as the 999 call made by the couple as the fire took hold was played to the jury. Philpott stood and tried to leave the dock saying ‘I can’t listen to it’ before being made to sit down by security officers. He spent the remaining minutes sobbing, with his headbowed and hands over his ears as the call played out. The court was told the family shared an unconventional lifestyle – Philpott, 56, his 31-year-old wife and Ms Willis, 28, ...
Lisa Willis told Nottingham Crown Court she and Mairead Philpott would sleep with *** Philpott (pictured with t...
Bit of Bruce Willis at 9, if i can keep my eyes open till then x
So for Valentines Day I guess it's a date with Bruce Willis! I've got no other plans have I?
Check out client on the Red Carpet at last night a the Good Day To Die Hard premier
My First Emmy Nomination came today - for "Best Places To Live," first show produced by my new up "Faces of Philanthropy"
I wanted to take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU for all 413 fans! I decided to take a chance and dream big in 2013. I want to help others lead a healthy, active lifestyle all while spreading awareness for the rare genetic disorder my daughter has: Prader-Willi Syndrome. Dream BIG everyone and don't let anything stop you. Wherever you may be in life (not just with your eating habits or exercise routine). Chase them with passion and make those dream become a reality! I am DREAMING BIG!!!
watchu talkin bout Willis!?! Strictly for jeeps is beautiful. Finally some upbeat bronson
Age I was given: 21 Dating/Married: Dating my husband Willi Lived in: Cache Oklahoma Drove: Toyota truck Feared: Not much Worked: Holiday Tavern Age now: 41 Married to:Willi Opperman Lives in: Lawton Oklahoma Drives: Honda Accord Fear: Still not much Work: Mom & wife If ya'll want to play, give me a like & I will give you an age. Thanks Lisa Jones Stoner! xoxoxo
Photo: At the Clear Channel Orlando Client Tourney, Sweetwater Golf Club, with teammates Lisa Willis and...
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Not surprised he’s gone – traded with Froddy (Fernando Rodriguez) to Oakland for Chris Carter (now labeled as a first baseman), minor league catcher Max Stasso and RHP Brad Peacock.
Meet Ehplato Ferillis, the newest member to the Wilson family! Thanks lisa__willis and
We held our annual Christmas Service this morning. It was a wonderful service with music and drama. Thanks to Jimmy Bailey, Dennis Wilson, Christine Evans, Lisa Willis, Debra Howell, Jerry Morrison, Wanda Campbell, Donna Sutton, Cindy Moore, Dwayne Smith, Rhonda Hamrick, Jonathon DeBruler, Mahogany Gaines, the Praise and Worship Team and the Youth and Children of Christ the King Church for your participation.
The back of my copy of Mona Lisa Overdrive has 3 pages of author ads. Dan Simmons, Arthur C Clarke, Connie Willis. You could do worse.
Apart from the shock at being told that I am now Diabetic I've had a really great day with Lisa Willis Visited...
Neely Germinaro liked Derby house fire: 5 children die at home of *** Philpott, father of 17: Lisa Willis, pictured…
Thanks Lisa Willis (neicey) 4 the nice Thanksgiving dinner couldnt tell u in person cause u left before we could all digest our food but i want everyone 2 kno u done a good job
Aunt Mary Kay and Aunt Lisa are my favs. 😁😯😊
well i had a few decents wee sleeps so i couldnt complain that much :L
im guessing Macbeth did the finishing touch?
Barbara Parker is racing against the likes of Lisa Uhl, Benita Willis & Atalalech Asfaw in the Manchester Road Race in Connecticut tomorrow.
Brilliant wee night with everyone:) "I'd like to give a toast to the birthday girl Lisa" woo!
Saints better be ready! Smith & Smith will be there and thats just some of the D!! Willis Bowman Goldson Whitner!
Lisa and Michael Willis are cute siblings!
Deborah Willis Rhodes And Lisa Willis are the two best sister that any one could ask for I love you both with all of my heart
Oh my gosh! I did 30 minutes on the bike on the hills setting. Holy fudge! Lisa willis I don't know how u do 45 minute spin classes!
I have my sofa now yay thankyou to Lisa Willis for giving it to me :-) and thankyou to her dad and brother for getting it and bringing it up :-D x
"1 universe, 9 planets, 204 countries, 7 seas, over 6 billion people and I had the unfortunate luck of meeting you."
Just because you love toes and toenails! :')
you're gross!:D there i go being all nice again :')
Honey, we want to see your face, not merle norman's impression of mona lisa, lighten up on the makeup.
Remember when the boys wore jack willis and Hollister?
Crikey - not me but luminous Lisa Snowden, MoS Trav Supp covergirl sneaking peek at Bruce Willis holiday home!
You can check out my list of audio reviews A good resource for reviews is
Lisa Willis, just want to tell you how proud I am of the good care you gave your mom, and got her improved enough to let her move to Jens. I exchanged a couple of texts with her today and I was so pleased, she had been to a ball game having fun. Job well done, girl.
What do you put first in your life? - Tune in to with Patty, Lisa, and their guest, Barabara Willis!
Dr. Anderson-Willis from was on this AM quizzing Lisa & Shawn on Halloween candy:
November 4th will be here before we know it. That's the date for our GPA Central Texas Fall Picnic and we would love to see you all there! Please RSVP to Chris Miller at cmiller357- please put "Fall Picnic" in the subject line and include how many adults, children and hounds will be attending. WHAT: GPA Central Texas Fall Family Picnic WHEN: Saturday, November 4 - Noon - 4:00pm Burgers, chips and beverages for sale; feel free to bring your own picnic if you prefer WHERE: San Gabriel Park - Area B, Georgetown, TX MAP: FOR ALL, INCLUDING: ---"Ask the Vet" session hosted by Dr. Lisa Willis from Great Oaks Animal Hospital ---Contests and activities for adults, kids and greyhounds ---Blessing of the animals ---Memorials ---TTouch demonstrations ---Nail trimming ---Raffle for prizes ---Merchandise for sale ---Foster dogs for potential adopters to fall in love with
A blockbuster that delivers on all fronts... 5 stars!
You only see what I choose to show, there is so much behind my smile you just don't know.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long.
Love doesn't break your heart, people do.
On my way to camp 4 an anti-bullying program going to be gone until sunday.want to tell my twin ily lisa willis that i miss her already and i love u pooh and keep it tight and DONT DROP IT!...;)
Lisa is what Willis was talking about
Ima only tell u oNe time u the illest, & 4 ur loving ima die hard like Bruce Willis!!!
ok first celebrity kid crush was Lisa on Diff'rent Strokes. Charlene (Willis girlfriend) was up there too.
Share a memory on Lisa Stanton's tribute.
My heart n prayers go out to my cousin Frances Willis. Her daughter Lisa Willis Stanton died suddenly last night. I will miss Lisa's sense of humor. I'm sure her aunt Rose is taking care of her.
God bless the Willis family today and let them find comfort knowing that Lisa Willis Stanton was well loved!
Saying sorry doesn't mean anything. It's how you learn from your mistake & how you treat the person afterward.
What the *** is going on tonight I just found out another friend of mine and my husbands passed away tonight please keep Lisa Willis and her family in your thoughts and prayers.
Lisa Salters: "did you push off?" GTate: "I don't know what your talking 'bout"- in the tone of Arnold from Different Strokes.
Definitely action filled. Bruce Willis & Joseph Gordon Levitt were great. Im just not sure...
it had Bruce Willis in it so surely it was action filled with lots of angry facial shots?x
That's pretty good! To be honest, it's already 20 Lisa's out of ten for the poster alone. Hmmm. Willis + JGL. Om nom nom.
its nice seeing Lisa Willis and Christine Brookes and Danielle Clarke again with paul ages since i seen them x
Big E for the day! with Sarah Willis,Trumpold Sr., Lisa Purcell, Nate Trumpold
Awesome , well I ll maybe see you in the shop again some saturday :)
Set a fire down in my soul that I can't contain that I can't control. I want more of you God, I want more of you God.❤❤
My name is Lisa Willis. I am 39 years old. I know. I am just as shocked as you are. :-)
sorry. But your polish looks funny and wrong. And some thinks looks like that.
lol. it sounds like you love have sex w/ her. :P lol
Snack a Jacks! You need to use your customised buss pass tomorrow!
On this week's The Better Beer Show, Emperor Mikel Wiles and Empress Ashley Summers-Dawn from the Imperial Court of All Alaska, Rj Haywood, Cory Crowder, Baron Daniel Salas-Peterson, Lisa Willis, Darcy Kniefel.and a few other surprises! Tune in Saturday from 3-5 pm on it at
Make sure to vote for Lisa Willis and our Ivy Man Steve Sharp for Homecoming Royalty!
"Willis McGahee says he is looking for 120 yards tonight."hopefully not Lisa.
Media Skills Seminar at FoodBlogSouth: Lisa Ekus and Virginia Willis will be doing a media skills seminar at Foo...
taking my babe for a walk with Lisa Willis! :)
I made it home safely from DC back to NC. Thanks Ron Willis and Lisa Willis for all the fun we had.
did you go into country comes to town when I saw you at the shop? :)
Order Miche Bag Online!
Would just like to say i hope lisa willis and sharon maxwell have the best time ever in benidorm i no yous willxxx
Hearing Murray v Cilic will begin on Armstrong following the conclusion of Rod Laver & Bruce Willis v John Newcombe ...
Thanks for the chocolate malteser cake you gave my boss Lisa earlier today - it was very very very yummy!
I'd like to wish a Very Happy Birthday to my child bride Lisa Willis, may we celebrate many more happy ones together!
Hello, soon sending, via USPS, info. on rewarding pet shelter adopters with gifts, hope you will read, thank-you ...Lisa Godar
obviously,that's what I'm here for! It definitely it,have to agree there:')
Your my rhyme tutor! and tesco summer fruits is the best:DYour only allowed the gravy from now on love!;) Jokes
yea they do!:D see your rhyming is getting so much better!:') I didn't drink any of that!:/ no i don't love:)
Boiled fruit and dilute kinda rhyme! Dont they love? Yea.. But there was a whole caldron!:) Oh yea you owe me a chip -.-
Bruce Willis Omg! - Lisa provided the *** in order to Rick. Everybody at college is laughing
Bruce Willis Omg! -- Lisa presented the *** to Rick. Everybody at college can be joking
oh darlin. Not as much as I'm gonna miss you! 😢. I'm bored already!!
:-( get better soon, I'm going to miss you terribly :-( xxx
-__- not Lisa thinking Willis controls me
Live music at - Local 109 is a four piece rock group based out Sanford, Maine lead by female vocalist Lisa Willis...
I'm gutted that in a week it will all be over! I shall miss cheeky banter too :( Blub! X
.Bruce Willis is on Letterman, Dolph Lundgren is on Leno, Lisa Kudrow is on Craig Ferguson & Kyra Sedgwick is on Conan.
Im excited to, gonna give you a big gigantic hug :D
(Lisa Bennett)Lol Bob Willis's look to camera then was hilarious and creepy.: Lol Bob Willis's look to camera the...
I have no intentions of ever forgetting you or letting you go.
You're face last night when you saw us.. EPIC :')
Just entered my business into the Awards! Fingers crossed!
Looking forward to seeing Expendables 2 tonight. Can't beat a good old shoot em up action film. Bruce Willis is a legend. Def my fave.
actually FML!!! I dunoo..maybe might be up in enniskillen!not sure
aw that's so true love!:/ week without our bant is not a good one!school this year will be good!:D
Just thinking, I will have no burp or hashtag fest this week, lift bant, promises or "aahhh alll"
I don't know how is NI, but Poland is warm and crap cuz without ya all!
that's not bad idea. But I can't before finish my uni. :-/
haa that actually is a mega compliment Lisa thanks ;) yeah Spain's great dave :) how's wee norn iron? :)
Oh and if your feeling generous bring a whole camp of children with you :D and pastor Pawel
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
that is the best deal I have ever heard
Raff you must come and live in NI for ever before we go to poland.
now is time for you. You must come back to Poland befor me to NI. :)
I was there few times. I know history of this place good. And I know history of WWII very good too.
What the *** is that sitting behind Lisa Willis on celeb big bro
Our union jack biscuits were unreal, should of been in the lift aswell :L And the wee speed demon toys
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