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Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams (born 19 June 1973 in Birmingham, England) is a claimed psychic and healer who has starred in two shows on Lifetime TV: Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead (2006–2007) and Lisa Williams: Voices From the Other Side (2008).

Poor Lisa. Her end has come. It cannot be nice when your own people run you away. Poor Lisa.
41' Iñaki Williams sends on just over the bar for Athletic Club! ATH 0 - 2 FCB
Talking about creating powerful change for the people you love on KCWN now with Lisa Williams. Listen live in Iowa at
This little Lady needs a home. As much as I hate to do it, our schedule has gotten so crazy we feel like we are...
Reminds me of the Ty Williams match winner we got on Manly in 2005.
thanks Lisa... Mr Williams certainly does scrub up well!!
Check out I Think You Should Flee Horror Film for horror fans! by Tracy Ann Lisa Williams on
Welcome all the artist in Nashville this Weekend ,lee Williams and qcs ,lisa knowles in town Saturday night ,Ch of God bldg..Dont miss it
Gender Bias against Women of Color in Science: interviews
Our Mrs Lan Le, Angelique Boileau and Jenny Williams in conversation with Lisa McAskill http:/…
Farmfest 2015 Taylwind Farms in Cassville. Fun for the whole Williams family David, Lisa and little…
Join me and my dear friends Colette Baron Reid (Oracle and Psychic Medium) and Lisa Williams (Psychic Medium) as...
Gender Bias against Women of Color in Science: An Interview (by Lisa Levey) with Professor…
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Girls, we need to start practicing our dance routines for next weekend... Sarah Lee Annemarie Williams Lisa...
Mrs Doubtfire star Lisa Jakub pays tribute to her late co-star Robin Williams and reveals the...
Don't miss this! 6 Post-Mobilegeddon Conversion Strategies - by Lisa Williams
Wendy Williams can stop wondering if Lisa Vanderpump's booty is real or fake — so ...
My Favorites: Awake( Aneesh Gera Remix ) - Eddie Amador feat Lisa Williams by on
Show launched today! 1st guest of w/what u can do 2 PROFOUNDLY help 1 person in
FBC's Lisa Meyer helps celebrate the end of month success with Keller Williams of Clermont at Carrabbas!
When you're in a client meeting and realize your shirt is on inside-out.
The vote clincher - she liked my son's pajamas (no lie!) in Cornfield Close. Not sure if Lisa agreed!
A big thank you to my talented friend Lisa Williams for my birthday present... these cute critters she doodled to...
Services for Lisa are today at Williams Funeral Home in Garland, at 3:30 in the chapel.
"If it wasn't hard everybody would do it. The Hard is what makes it great!"
Congrats to athlete Dani Arnold for his record-breaking ascent of the Matterhorn North Face!.
Hi Lisa Williams What is your reaction when shot photo with Andrew Lincoln? *~* I am big fan of his *-* http:/…
Lisa Williams is the best! Follow her and on Instagram for all my outfit deets
Counting down to Friday :) Life with Lisa Williams is almost here! May I email you when it's ready? Sign up here: http:/…
Yep- “Life with Lisa Williams” Podcast begins in hours... Here’s the secret show where Lisa laughs and cries with me
"Jennifer Shaffer has trained under Lisa Williams, John Holland, Mira Kelley & more!",
Wonderful to have a personal hero joining the clerical team today. Shirley Williams, living legend.
What are your opening times tomorrow (Friday)?
Congratulations to Lisa Williams for winning the "Our Family Is Complete" Giveaway hosted by Michelle at Mama's Baby Cupcakes! :)
I've written scripts, directed and produced, but today marks my acting debut. Here are a few behind the scenes...
Inspiring Business Leaders Lisa Folawiyo & Adebola Williams Chat with Nike Oshinowo on Late Night with Nike Oshinowo.
Steve Ball and Lisa Williams at The Civil War Museum of Ohio tonight.
Lisa Williams talks about helping the services around young people to link together
Nigel, Dr Kevin and Lisa Williams are live now on 3AW
Join us tomorrow at 12pm EST / 9am PST / 5pm UK as we welcome the great Lisa Williams back to the show!
Blasting now on Flashback Rewind by Aneeshgera and Lisa Williams!!!
What a fantastic track by and Lisa Williams! Flashback Rewind is at on the US Billboard charts! That’s amazing guys!
Share my books with your friends; download Kindle eBooks $2.99 (cancer survival, travel adventure, sci fi, fantasy):
Lisa Marie Norman Is Brian Williams the Lance Armstrong of news? .probes...
Play was wonderful. Had the pleasure of meeting Christopher Williams.
Lisa Williams is one of our favorites!
When you sell your soul for money & power it's a safe bet those around have the same loyalty!
Lisa, there are more details available at the link. Thanks!
Bring out that special someone...or just come dance!
yes! Lol! I wasn't finished! Kmsl! ;) Mishaps reminds me that I am as REAL as it gets! Lol!.
Leave it to Lisa de Moraes of to bring us this very funny clip from about BriWi & network news
My guest PSYCHIC MEDIUM Lisa Williams of television fame tells you her story and how you too can develop
Happy Valentines Day from these fabulous ladies!
We got an updated list of shows for with ticket links. Check it out here:
She is Amazing have you Ever Heard of Lisa Williams She Is Brill to xx
Heart-shaped pizzas delivered to the office by a not-so-secret admirer was a sweet Valentine's Day surprise. ❤️
Psychic Medium Lisa Williams shows you your psychic gifts!.
Sobering analysis by Dr Lisa Williams via Hope you're in the 60% - 73% tomoz! http…
Little Giant Ladders
"Williams merely the latest in long line of dishonest mainstream news" .
.& Flashback Rewind makes it to the Billboard Top 25 Dance/Club Charts. Listen here
Ur support means everything to us, thanks for ur follow!
Listen to Awake - Eddie Amador ft. Lisa Williams by carrillomusic on
Every comic in SF has a Robin Williams story, too. . "And Lisa Kudrow is here" is terrifying to hear before you walk onstage
This is my Aunt Mellodee Beverly my aunt Dawn Byes and Lisa Williams! Oh yea Linda Webster & Kenesha...
“life goals: handling break ups like Lisa. drown, shoot, and slice. In that order.
life goals: handling break ups like Lisa.
Thank you all for the birthday wishes! It was fabulous.
"A student of Master Psychic Lisa Williams, Psychic Jennifer Shaffer astouds clients with her accuracy!",
Love you Lisa Williams, thank you for being in Los Angeles - we absolutely love you and even though New York has...
My phone is filled with pictures of kierra JP & jaylon williams. & lisa Asian ***
Definitely one of the best birthday weekends ever.
Kid sitting behind us at Williams: "we're playing the LOSERS?" "No, the HOOSIERS."
Ted Williams...maybe this will sway you...
Campapalooza 2015. Thanks to everyone who made it rock!
Good morning Hun what did you make of Flashback rewind ? Would love your support Xxx
Games of Thrones star gives her support to the biggest global protest ever held against Taiji dolphin slaughter
My wife Lisa Williams i love u baby.
good choice :-). Film was good. Just reading about it on Wikipedia now!
not at all :-). I polished off a bag of malteasers at the cinema!
ha ha I did say I thought it was longer.. I wasn't going complete bonkers :)
yes yes I do! Medical being done tomorrow, 6hr qualifier already done, forms filled in... They'll be with you next week
Three swims today Wimbledon, & Forest Hill Pools with well deserved to finish the day
What a Awesome show this morning!. Lisa McClellan & Sharon Williams stopped by the Lockett iN Studio.…
Dr. Lisa Williams leading Deconstructing The House of Beyonce session with Elementary Students
Jess Williams birthday Gift I had handcrafted by the Uber talented Lisa Berkana Runecraft straight from the woods...
Pope calls on Filipinos to reject all forms of corruption (Lisa Maree Williams—Getty Images)
"You know what really grinds my hiney?" -Lisa Williams
Thank you Mrs Lisa Williams-Perry for the nice Glasses and Plates
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
I just told my prayer partner people would walk away with out me understanding as if I wasn't good enough to invest in.this is good stuff Lisa Williams love you too Prophetess.
Thank you to LISA WILLIAMS for this weeks run report!
For those who still struggle, here's a better illustration.
I scored a fantastic deal on my flight to Kansas for the holidays with one caveat. A 5 hour layover in Detroit!...
Missing: LISA WILLIAMS last seen Ocker Hill, Sat at 6.30pm! If anyone has seen or heard anything please contact 999!
Want to see what it is like to swim across the Channel?
I've just entered a great Garmin competition to win a quatix + more daily prizes at
Lisa Bartlett & Eric Williams from Ashbourne Lions presented the Renal Unit with £512.64 raised at the half marathon
Be inspired by John Williams in Guardian today.
An emotional Lisa Williams wipes a tear after winning Christmas. Her brother who nominated her chats to John
Congratulations to Lisa Williams of Birkenhead who has just won Christmas with
A seasonal memorial to Robin Williams. (Wendy & Lisa "The Closing of the Year" from the movie "Toys…
Today, I lined up to run my 13th marathon and 10th for the year. I paced my friend Lisa Williams as…
Aah bwoy "Lisa Hanna sets off social media after posting photo in beach wear [f]"
'Tis the season! One night, two wardrobe changes, and three fabulous parties! 󾔗
Update your maps at Navteq
Lisa Williams shares her passion for teaching
Farewell to Robin Williams: a thank you note via This is beautifully heartbreaking.
The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williams... Reply w/ to add this via
World-renowned medium and clairvoyant, Lisa Williams, shares her story
Just read this ".imagines Robin Williams in heaven: Read the script here: ht…
Hi Lisa, I saw ur post about Robin Williams. My book Zapped is an AcA memoir I'd love your opinion on. Can I gift it to you?
Lisa Williams shares her journey to embracing her own gift
I want to dive into a giant pool of nacho cheese.
Listen to Flashback Rewind - Aneesh Gera & Lisa Williams - Eddie Amador Club Mix by carrillomusic on
Lisa Williams shares how she was basically forced to do her first psychic reading
Hear about the future plans Lisa Williams has for her workshops and schools
Thank you to my gorgeous Lisa Boddy Rawlinson for a cup of tea in bed. I never tell you how much I appreciate...
TD Ed N - our great leader Lisa C treating us to Xmas Lunch & Gifts *** ***
Where's Lisa Williams? exclusive story about what happened to the radio host's voice. http…
Thank you Lindsey Baker for my nomination of 5 photos that make me happy. Now I nominate Lisa Williams, Karen Mifsud and Claire Thornton
Breast Cancer Awareness
Counting down the days till we see Lisa Williams at the Egg. My wonderful husband even scored a post show meet and greet. I have asked my mom everyday to please come through and just let me know she is at peace, free of pain and worry and that all of her terrible suffering in her last years is a distant and faded memory as she is in a much better place. I hope she is proud of me and my choices, I so need to know that she knew I did everything I could do, to the best of my ability at the time of her illness. I would have done anything to spare her and that I miss her and appreciate her everyday.
Today, we gathered to celebrate the life of Lisa Williams. What an extraordinary service it was. A beautiful God...
New Book release tomorrow. Check it out. Available at 10 AM CST. Lisa Williams,Lonnie Phillips, Eric Swartz, Jeanie…
Lisa Williams "Celebration of Life Services" was just that!! There were so many that came together on one accord...
Saying See ya to Lisa Williams today. Ben Hill UMC was packed. A life well lived. Lupus Foundation of…
Robin Williams may have taken his life due to hallucinations caused by Lewy Body Dementia
"When asked to name the greatest team he was ever on, Ted Williams said 'the US Marines.'"
Lisa Williams a beautiful butterfly, guardian angel forever in my heart. Her smile will forever warm my heart.
"I really had no choice," says Lisa Williams of embracing her psychic gift
Today, let us all feel sincere gratitude for the bravest Americans. . Thank you for believing in the American...
Lisa Williams talks about why it's important to have support
The Swon Brothers is D. Vincent Williams for people who have never had a Lisa Frank folder
Lisa Williams talks about her process in psychic readings
Book Giveaway - Singing to a Bulldog by Anson Williams - 2 Winners
So excited! The photos are great, the artwork is great, the music is great! Jocelyn Adelsperger...
Look who's being BOLD today from Keller Williams Hoover!!! Way to go Aaron Sims, Charles Heaton, Lisa Perry,...
I'm swimming the English Channel in 2015 & hoping to raise lots of money for Marsden. Any tips on getting Corp sponsors please?
I'm swimming the English Channel in 2015 to raise money for Royal Marsden. Any tips on gaining corp sponsorship please?
Uh oh MT Working irregular shifts can age the brain by an extra 6.5 yrs
We're going with this thought this morning! via Lisa Williams
lol I think I learned more from Robin Williams in an hour than I have from Lisa in 2 years
Hi Ross do you have an email I can contact you on? I am swimming the English Channel in 2015 for Marsden so keen to contact u
To my friend, Lisa Williams You were an inspiration to us all and your contribution to help thousands of Lupus patients get access to the...
Our Shaman quote from Lisa Williams: "Take the opportunity to go with your gut instincts and give up wanting to control the outcome."
New on the Art of Writing Blog: Conrad Williams on Opening Lines -
I can't wait this ElectLady Lisa Williams lunches the Truth Conference. .. it's about time it happens ... Let's Go!
Warm congratulations to Scot and Lisa Williams! They were married here on Sunday, November 9th! Best wishes,...
I added a video to a playlist Lisa Lampanelli on The Wendy Williams Show part1
Lisa Williams shares her passion for empowering others to embrace their gifts
I've seen him live 3 times and Lisa Williams. Good nights out! Some of the stories are incredible. Funny & heartbreaking. Weird featured in NBC s Science of Love
Lisa Williams shares why she was hesitant to embrace her psychic gift
Recently, I joined a group - Robin Williams Remembered. Just now, Lisa Silverman shared this tribute she has just...
Want to thank all my friends Lisa Herd David Herd Bronwen Williams carla fourie Christine Coetzee Kevin Stanley...
How to communicate with patients about future illness progression and end of life: a... | via
Research for pediatric palliative care lagging - ModernMedicine |
Burnout Rates in Palliative Care vs Oncology and Other Specialties ~ Pallimed | via
Nov 17 at 4 at Mocha Lisa's in Clifton Park, NY to support 14 year old business owner, Anna Williams of Pens Ink
Lisa Williams, Kimberly Klopfer and 67 other people like your photo.
Really cool show tonight at Zanies. Come see Medium Cindy Kaza & special guest Lisa Williams. Taking a break from comedy to talk to dead ppl
Ok One more challenge for you... Katie Epema challenged me a while back to name top 10 favorite books. As most of you know I am normally an avid reader and there is just no way I can choose or even narrow down my tops 10 favs for you. So instead I will name my top most recent books/authors/Series that stick in my mind. 1. Dancing with the dragon by Jessica M Reeves - I have to put my on book on the top of the list of course. 2. Nora Roberts - she is a pretty good author. 3.The twilight series - the books are better then the movies in a lot of cases. 4. Harry Potter series- Call me a nerd but yes I like them! 5. Danielle Steele - I probably misspelled her last name but she is a good one. 6. V.C Andrews - Another one of my favorite authors. 7. James Van Praagh - another great author that my mother introduced to me and I loved! 8. The Haunted Heartland - A great book that I have only read part of by Beth Scott & Michael Norman. 9.The Survival of the Soul by Lisa Williams - Again a great book that My mother g ...
Ringo, formerly known as Rex, is with us. He and Dylan get along well. The cats, Cassie and Isabella, are still assessing the situation. He is a love with a great smile. Thank you Lisa Williams and Moonracer for making it happen. Special thanks also to Bonner Joy and Karen Erskine. This would not have happened without David,the love of my life. Love you all, Barbara This is David's FB but Barbara posted this. David Hines Dylan and Ringo are still sleeping. Cassie and Isabella are cuddled up with me.
See the amazing Lisa Williams LIVE at the spiritual festival of the year,
Watching Lisa Williams — feeling blessed at Festival of Dreams Sydney
Lisa Williams Main Stage at "Thank you Rosie Shalhoub for bringing awareness...
A full house today to see the amazing Lisa Williams!
And now I've learned that the winning contestant on "Lisa the Beauty Queen" was voiced by Lona Williams--who wrote Drop Dead Gorgeous.
Say hello to Rebekah Williams, a real girl shaking the world in her own way:
"I am so tired of fussing with this man"- Have you been to Wife School?
The late Robin Williams will be remembered tomorrow at the Lonach Gathering. Hopefully, the sun will shine!.
Our medical director, Dr. Lisa Shea, talks about depression, suicide prevention & what needs to happen next.
"You've got to let Bart see this movie, he has the tormented melancholia of a Tennessee Williams heroine." -Lisa
A possible date of next Friday for our EC 2 way relay. Whilst I wait I still bake!
Flashback Friday! I missed last year, but I'm going this year! Can't wait! Lisa Hyde, Caryl Williams Love,...
What do Alexander Graham Bell and Pharrell Williams have in common?
Spafford Q&A Round 3. Lisa Williams Strecker asked - "Was there a specific artist, band or song that made you go...
Congratulations for passing your driving test first time!
- The Morland Tigers circa '99-2000. We were the smallest basketball team in the league. Don't worry Coach...
Loved waking up to see this on my timeline!!
Last chance to bid on this portrait of Robin Williams tomorrow! All money goes to mental health charity MIND.
Liam nominated Sophia, Pharrell Williams, John C Reilly and Will Ferrell for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! (via
Electronic Device Insurance
R.I.P Robin Williams you are missed, see our thoughts here: …
EC Solo??? sorry can't see the conv as it is blocked
Beautiful memories of Robin Williams from and &
Find out the winners and losers of the U.S. Open draw.
usually end of Sept/beg of Oct so we have a while yet, although some of the team are off on holidays from mid Sept
fingers crossed. Is there an official end to the season?
no news. Not likely this week either as no swims out today, there are some going tomorrow but then it will be the end of the slot
hope you're doing okay. Just heard from Eagle Ray there's no news on a swim window yet.
I missed but I gather from other "Psychics" that "Psychic" Lisa Williams was less than impressive. Pot Kettle Black.
On my way to a lovely breakfast meeting with from to discuss ideas
Robin Williams' good friend Billy Crystal will honor him at this year's Emmy Awards:
Here we go, cold reading is not being psychic, take James Randi's challenge Lisa Williams if you are legit
Lisa Williams left poor vulnerable audience hanging. That makes me want to learn how to be a Spiritual medium. NOT.
can't wait to read your news column after watching Lisa Williams psychic medium TANK audience demo
In and out of bathroom hope to be feeling better by morning, not much to say or talk about but to say enjoyed the day with Brandon Lee, Lisa Williams, Kristy Gibson, and James Nawfside Gibson felt like good old times not a dull moment, Night and god bless
Learning Coaches Candice Belton, Nancy Lewis and Lisa Williams are facilitating the sessions. Thank you.
Today I salute the memories of a Special Mother, and my husband's Best Friend, Mother Bobbie J. Porter (Tears) (Joy) ! On March 27,2004 at Pilgrim Progress I married my friend Rev. Homer LFairchild Sr. and The Greater New Freedom Mbc ,upon my introduction to our church there was a Lovely Lady introduced to me, by the Name of Mother Porter . Kind hearted , warm spirited, Loved EVERBODY, and she Loved the Lord , and Her Pastor & Wife and her entire Church family and those Wonderful Children of hers! (Lord they Loved her too) Sherman, Milton Williams, Micheal Williams, K Dexter Porter, and last but not least the ONLY girl Lisa Williams and the Grands that she raised : Kelliee Williams, Kendra D Williams, and( the little fire ant). She Loved Us All. She shared and showed me so much so I could be effective in the kingdom work for the Lord.She was a Classy Lady ! She would tell me Sis. Netta be sure you stand by my Pastor. Others may tear him down but you better continue to build him up!! (rub his head) LoL. S ...
Watch today's Sunday Service with Lisa Williams, Nini Grace and Me! A day filled with love and messages!
luckily mine from last year still counts but thought I'd get another in the bag early in the season :) was very flat but cold
great stuff Lisa. Good to get qual out of way. How were conditions?
Sir Bradley Wiggins has won the 2014 Tour of California! Mark Cavendish took the final stage victory.
Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit.- Bern Williams
Very disappointed with Wimbo village, ordered & sat drinking wine only to be told no GF bases 'why not have another base'
Thanking my cousins Barbara Kirk, Lisa Williams- Stepney and Kimberly Williams for showing a sistah LOVE for my Birthday! I got fed at Antico Posto in Oak Brook and I got gifts as well.I love you ladies so much! After loosing my sister whose bday was 1 week after hers my bday was not the same but my cousins and I decided that we would all celebrate our Borndays by picking a restaurant to go to that we had never went to...4 years later we are still going strong! Pics to come!
The Poems of Rowan Williams – the musings of God's quiet messenger
Congratulations Lisa Williams, she is the Winner of the 50.00 giftcard to use on any item or items, of her...
Busy one coming next weekend. Friday night sees us play Shippies (The Gospel Oak) in Tipton. This is to welcome new management and there is also the excellent comedian Johhny Cole coming to do a spot. Sunday sees us make the long awaited return to Fordhouses Cricket Club thanks to Lisa Williams all those months ago!! :) 8:30 start! Then the bank holiday Monday is closer to home to celebrate the 9th anniversary of Roger and Carmen going into The Great Western, Bradley, tied in with a celebration to celebrate Wolves promotion to the championship. I will be singing solo from 3-7, doing a bit of everything and a lot of stuff you won't expect and wouldn't have seen me do before.with hopefully some guest appearances!! Then from 7 we will have a disco till closing to finish the bank holiday weekend in style! Hope to see some of you there
Brands doing it right mixing search and social? call to "know and own your story" says
Todays the big day! Cant wait to see everyone today! A big thankyou to Dona Beard Lisa Williams bob williams Terry Hale Keva Hale Suzy Nordhus Chris Nordhus Delee Hardy Shirley Thompson Hardy Katie Hale Alli Bowers carrie moser veronica & aj bowers for all your help making this still a possibility with all that is going on! You truly are a blessing!
I just have to say that Lisa Boddy Rawlinson is beautiful, gorgeous, sexy and I love her with all my heart. Ps no...
See what thinks is the search marketer’s biggest misconception when it comes to social media
Looking for them Summer Goodvibes holla at me for the promo mail out of
Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't. (Williams, Lisa)
Congratulations to Lisa and Trefor (Mr and Mrs Williams) on their wedding day yesterday. Love and best wishes to you both!
I recently had a light bulb moment. I have been reading romance novels since I was a teenager. My love for them began with my cousin Twila Russ- Koontz. I went to visit her in SE Missouri and she had shelves of Harlequins. Back then they were clean and appropriate for teens. My friend Tammy Tullar and I devoured Janet Daily in high school. I got too busy in my early 20's but found them again when my kids were little and we went to the library every week. When the kids were older, I drifted away again. Several years ago my friend Lisa Williams Oakes got me started on Karen Kingsbury's Baxter Family Series. Loved it! Last year I bought a Nook and have been reading a lot since then. What was the light bulb moment you ask? I discovered that I am now the age of the all heroine's mothers! Really? I am dumbfounded! When did that happen? I don't know how I am supposed to feel about this. I guess I have to stay positive, just enjoy the stories and not think about ages!
Today my baby graduated. I cried for the pass few days. We thought about my oldest and cried some more. But overall today was another door opening. Here he is with my brother and sis n law. Thomas Alicia Lisa Williams Lou Drummond
Book your tickets now for the Lisa Williams' Show, an Exclusive stage event at the Festival of Dreams, Hordern...
it's hard for most to understand the truth they'll rather here a lie so S/O to all the women who want to listen...
Come out today from 2-4pm Zahra's Books & Things in Inglewood CA to meet Lisa M. Williams the author of The Mate Wait
Congrats to Terrie Cooklin, Kristy Joiner, Lisa Garrett, and Barbara Williams -- winners of the Wildflowest...
Walk with Me: in Turkey. Walk with Me: in TurkeyLonna Lisa Williams (Author)(3)Downl...
On the way to Phillie for a date day with Lisa Williams. Never been here can't wait should be exciting and fun.
SMX Advanced 2014 Series: and Strategy with Lisa Williams - read more via
for the follow! Like my Writer's Page and follow my
OUT NOW exclusively to my new single SUMMER FUN w
New Guest Instructor Lisa Williams Kline teaches Fundamentals of Writing for Children: Middle Grade starting 5/22. Lisa Williams Kline is the author of eight middle-grade novels, including Eleanor Hill (Carus), winner of the North Carolina Juvenile Literature Award, Princesses of Atlantis (Carus), Write Before Your Eyes (Delacorte), and the 5-book Sisters in All Seasons series (Zondervan). Lisa has taught workshops in writing for young people to both adults and teens, and has edited several novels for small presses. Save your Spot and Sign Up Here:
'Man On Fire' by Harry Gregson Williams feat Lisa Gerrard is now playing on
With weather like this 😃🌞you just gotta have some SUMMER FUN Aneesh Gera & Jimmy Kennedy FT Lisa W-AS1.
get this in your iPod for the morning run tomorrow SUMMER FUN Aneesh Gera & Jimmy Kennedy ft Lisa w-AS1.
We sat down with the adorable and talked Wendy Williams and dating show (by
Would like to thank Badge and D M T for rocking it out last night at the Dayton Eagles. Also would like to thank the Dayton Youth Football League, and Coach Billy Rogg it's coaches like you guys donated your time to help your organizaton out that makes you real heros in my eyes. Then would like to thank Lisa Williams, Brittany Chandler, Penny Hurtt, Ronnie Woods, Ladies Auxiliary of Bellevue Vets, and Tom Rieger and his lovely ladies that helped him out for coming down and setting up booths and running the card game. Then would like to thank all the members that helped out setting it up and working the first annual Jamming on 5TH and Berry music fest. Without the help of members that donated your time to help the club out we would not of been able to pull this off. Hopefully the next one we have will be better weather.
Dr. Lisa Williams, creator of the “Positively Perfect Dolls,” joins Tamron Hall to discuss her quest to make all girls feel accepted.
Dear God, Please be with all these young people that are going through trying times right now. Give them and their families the strength they need. AMEN Jordan Reynolds- Chemo this week Lee Martin- Emergency open heart surgery again Dustin Rosser and Samantha Rosser- Birth of their baby Marcy Ellis Lewis- Battling Cancer Trae Hines- Motorcycle wreck Ella-Missy Cash Armstrong and Jason Woods daughter)- seizures Blake Bramlett - Chemo every Monday Tyler Skelly-Pasted away this morning Deb Denson Stowe- Shoulder surgery Eisa Collette- Birth of baby Laura Reece- Recovery from having a baby Lisa Williams- Breast Cancer and Chemo Linda Samples- In hospital Rick Canada- passed away this morning at 9 IF I HAVE LEFT ANYONE OUT PLEASE ADD NAMES:
Great great aunt June and great great uncle jim for baby grace and Anna! Plus a pedi to celebrate Lisa Williams. Great day!
Please keep Our Cousin.. Lisa Williams.. and Her Mom/ Our Aunt Mae Stone.. . in your thoughts and Prayers.. As I can not say the battle they are facing.. But GOD knows.. and they both ..† ❤ ARE IN GREAT NEED OF PRAYER.. ❤ † As the Battle they are facing is Health.. Thank You All In Advance
Aries birthday bash tonight hosted by myself, Lisa Williams, and Calvin. 15452 warwick Blvd. DMRC. Free food, a dj and picture guy. Jello shots and drinks on deck all night 2$ or less. 9pm to 2am free to get in 21 and up.
New episode of taping this Thursday with Cindy Kaza and Lisa Williams
Happy Mother's Day to my brilliant mother Julie Ann Taylor and my beautiful wife Lisa Williams. Hope you both have a great day
TBT that was sent to me by Monica Morris...with George Morris (RIP), Lisa Williams, Kenneth Burroughs at Underground Atlanta.
Lisa Williams, Mj Christian and 3 other people like your link.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
PCSO Lisa Williams is at village hall until 1pm. Pop in and see me, tell your friends that I am here
Thanks to all who braved the cold and came out to my Pampered Chef Party tonight!!! Also thanks to those who placed orders but could not make it!!! Appreciate everyone's support!! Winners from tonight's draws are Duane Somerville, Lisa Williams and Teresa McKay Makarchuk!!! CHEERS!!!
Terra president Dr. Jerome Webster joined vice president Lisa Williams and board vice chair Sandy Berlekamp at Rural Community College Alliance Day today in Washington, D.C. Their visit luckily coincided with a state visit by French president Francois Hollande and they were able to be part of a South Lawn gathering as President Obama welcomed the French president to the White House. According to Dr. Webster, Hollande came to reiterate the support of the French Republic in partnering with the U.S. to fight terrorism, defend freedom and justice, and recognize the celebration/70th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, France during WWII.
Took nap wroke up not feeling good, colon acting up again and when it hits its hits hard, then received an amazing phn call a shocker!world comming to end! my dad and step mom called checked on me said they needed to stay in touch with me more maybe there is hope out there they do love and care for me, that made my day, plz pray for me that I will not be sick put enemy under my feet so i can enjoy weekend going to be filled with fun pack of worship to god, tomorrow night goung with my bff Lisa Williams and my daughter Kristy Gibson to 12 stone church for night of worship and if eveything works winter jam with my son Corey Lee at the Georgia dome fun filled weekend with jesus, man oh man hope Chris tomlin will be there and casting crown and I know the newsboys and newsong and jermy camp these are my all time favorites, and what would really top it off if montell jordan could be there and sing shake heaven now that would get the crowd on there feet, well 1am comes early, so night fb family and friends, lov ...
Jeff Rogers, John Hutchinson, Mark D McBride and Lisa Williams thanks to you and all the employees at Gulf Power Company for working through this ice storm.
Can't believe I'm hearing Lisa Williams has passed away, one of the best teachers I've had. Rest in Peace Miss Williams x
Hopes all my lovely C6 buddies have a brilliant works do tonight gutted I'm not there!!. Happy Christmas you crazy bunch, I miss you all!! :-) sorry if I've missed anyone from the list.. Emma Mitchell, Emma Rogers, Sue Patchett, Nick M. Varilla, Beverley Hamer, Lisa Williams, Sian Tucker, Vicky Hicks, Alena Mikhalchyk, Maria Prince.
Spent today at one of our Rite Journey schools in Christchurch, St Margaret's. Lisa Williams and Peg Riley were...
TODAYS RACE RESULTS. Well done to Richard Agan and Jordan Slater doing the 70.3 Ironman in France this morning. Richards time was 5hrs 06mins and Jordan was 5hrs 48mins. Good job boys. And more congratulations to Denise Drummond and Lisa Williams racing the Standard (Olympic) Distance st Anglian Water. Denise finished in 2hrs 33 mins and Lisa 2hrs 34mins. Both notching up massive Std Dist. personal bests. Well done ladies.
Good luck to Lisa Williams and Denise Drummond chasing Standard (Olympic) distance European qualification at The Anglian Water Tri at Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire tomorrow.
Heard & met today + Lisa Williams, Joe Dispenza & Sonia Choquette. Amazing and inspiring weekend.. Life is perfect
Ready to meet Doreen virtue and Lisa Williams! So excited!! At the THANKYOU…
it is a very good earworm. And our President, who's doing amazing, is our Tidda Lisa Williams, how good is that?
Last week I had the pleasure of attending a weekend-long workshop by world renown Psychic-Medium, Lisa Williams.
Our very own is always full of insight! "Understanding the rise of and its importance:"
Understanding the rise of and its importance by
you help me promote my books? True cancer survival, travel adventure, sci fi & fantasy:
Thank you Lisa for sharing your story and for being a voice... Hi it's Lisa Williams here this is my story but...
The grass is always greener on the other side - Lisa Williams
Lisa Williams. Has anyone travelled long haul with a 1 year old? Hubby is going to London for work and I want to go...
Would Love you to Check out My uptempo remake of the Sade's Classic "Hang On To Your Love".
Love this - Martini invites people to charm their way onto the guest list for 15th Gala: via
Skinny love cover by lisa williams by Lisa Williams Uk on
check out my latest blog about soul family and my slumber party with Lisa Williams...
Dr. Lisa Williams greets each student this am at Barber Middle School.
A message from one of our voices. 49 minutes ago. Lisa Williams. My massage for today is ...if people are putting...
What! Lisa Williams is coming to Australia?! I want to meet & talk to her so bad.
This is Lisa Williams. When she read about a 10 yr old girl prosecuted for prostitution while the me
So Thankful I get to attend Talia's tribute thanks to Lisa Williams And Rebecca Ryan Big heart love you all very...
Lisa williams turn my swag on-Practising the classic hit from Keri hilson
If i aint got you sang by lisa williams-Live Recording!!
What! No season 2 of Orange is the New Black? Blaming Karen Hill and Lisa Williams for my new addiction errr-feeling antsy lol
your show is the best out of all the ghost hunter shows. What do you think of Teresa Caputo and Lisa Williams?
Gods really doing good things for us.. things are coming together.. out of the blue yesterday Robert said honey we need to find a video camera so we can have it for an event.. I thought he was kidding.. so I called Conns appliances and they approved us for one.. it was a 400 dollar digital camcorder... we got it for less than a hundred dollars. Well the young man that is our account holder said Ms Jean I cant let you walk out of this store without a minimum of 300. so we got a galaxy tablet,,thank you Lisa Williams, for suggesting them along time ago..
Don't hate, appreciate...if u dont like it learn to love it!!! Heyyytt
This short is open to the public. I have been able to invite a few but can't figure how to invite the 4k no friends are excluded, I just haven't been able to manual invite all~ thank you for the support!! Please come out & support the SHORT film The Contract Filmed in LA with some of the cast and crew from our own home of Philadelphia. Talented and well known/respected Director Chadwick Williams, Well known/respected and amazing Producer William Alexander IV, beautiful Screen writer Stefany J. HustleMama, wonderful Rebecca Ma, amazing and talented actors Todd Anthony, Trae Ireland, Nsa Ntuk. The Contract Coming to the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival this Saturday. Produced by William Alexander IV WAIV Productions Directed by Chad Williams, produced by Crevice Entertainment and story by Lisa Moreno-Dickinson the executive Producer ..PLEASE SUPPORT THE FESTIVAL AND OUR SHORT FILM
'Looking for affordable and fun things to do that do not involve "screen time"? Here's a small sample from the Northern Nevada region. My top picks are Fort Churchill and Buckland Station activities; Munch and Music concert in Dayton; St. Mary's Art Center; Dayton Community Center events like the July 11 art reception opening; free Young Shakespeare on the beach ast Sand Harbor; farmers markets in VC, Yerington, Silver Springs, Fernley and Dayton, library summer reading programs, and free events at Reno is ArtTown.   Affordable Family Activities in Lyon, Storey and Northern Nevada:   SILVER SPRINGS – Fort Churchill State Historic Park is offering a variety of events, including a history talk and cannon firing on the 4th of July, a night hike, a full moon hike and a lecture about the Dangberg Home Ranch. The park’s per-vehicle entrance fee is $7 with a $2 discount for Nevada residents; the events are free. Buckland Station is $1 per person; children 12 and under are free. Cash and checks are accepted ...
William H Youker Jr and Earlene Booth Youker are you all ok with this flooding?
Amy Hubbard, bring someone with you if ya want. 3175 Springdale way, its in Timberline Meadows REMINDER!! We have our family cookout this Saturday night (Jun 29) at 5:00 at Phil and Kaye's house!! Rain or shine! If you haven't signed up to bring anything, please message me or call me at 464-0404 (after 5:30 as my cell phone doesn't work in the plant). Come and bring a friend!! Sign up so far: Baked beans - Tori & Trey Chips - Diana Ketchup & mustard - Cristin & Josh Lettuce, Tom, onions - Lisa & Bobo Buns - Whitney Marie Desserts - Leigh & Ariel Potato salad/Pasta - Courtney B Plates - Blake Cups, Napkins - William Drinks - Doug, Mark
Coastal volkswagon Honda beware if you go there to buy a car I bought a 2005 pt cruiser from them paint job messed up on back of the car they fixed it paint is coming off again car had to be tuned up out of my pocket needed brakes out of my pocket could not get wheels off towed car to tire town they could not get them off.Brought it again bywrecker to blacks tire they could not get them off towed totire world between 3rd and 4 th north they can. Get them off I have cancer and volkswagon Honda volkswagon would not help me they were rude passed the buck back and fourth is this the kind of service we want in our town south Carolina not me I'm trying to save people heartache run these shysters out on a rail don't buy from them. William W. Bradshaw. P.S. What goes around comes around I suggest your place of business Learn the golden rule and stop charging double what used cars are worth.
Right to all my cousins how many of us is there on the Knox side Jim 2 dan 4 liz 2 anne 2 Margaret 2 jean 5 John 5 willie 0 george 4is that right
Lisa Hawkins Gardella, can you tell me if the Ham and Bean Dinner at First Baptist is at 4 or 5:30pm, please. The poster says 4pm but the paper and schedule say 5:30pm. All proceeds will be going to the William C. Bartlett fund! Please join us!
A friendly letter from Exxon 6-28-2013.Everything they say is just so bright and giddy.gag... Since they are opening a community outreach why won't they come to our COMMUNITY meetings to answer our questions!
Lovely weekend in Reading for... Oh wait, pish rainy Liverpool it is!
Carole Engle, Director of the Bureau of Health Care Services, Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory affairs today announced the following appointments to the Review Panel of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act. • Lisa Ashley of Petoskey is President of the Hospice and Palliative Care association of Michigan representing non-physician members of the Advisory Committee on Pain and Symptom Management. • David Brogren of Bloomfield Hills an insurance agent and President of Cannabis Patients United representing non-physician members. • David Crocker, M.D., of Kalamazoo is owner and President of Michigan Holistic Health representing licensed physician members. • Matthew Davis, M.D., Michigan Chief Medical Executive and associate professor of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan, C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and U–M Medical School. And associate professor of Public Policy at U-M Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. • Robert Fabiano, Ph.D. of Lansing is Executi ...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
A new favorite: Keep the spirt alive-Lisa Williams-THAT DJ-Remix by on
A new favorite: Keep The Spirit Alive-Lisa Williams-Raymaster X-Remix by on
My daughter, Michelle Claire Shott, made her transition from this life to spirit on June 7, 2013 at her home in Tucson, AZ after a long battle with lupus erythematosus and its complications. She was 46 years of age. Ms. Shott is survived by her mother, Sandra K. (Sandi) Tollison and stepfather, John R. Tollison of Vaiden, MS; brother Craig Shott and his wife, Erin, niece Riley Shott and nephew Connor Shott all of Tucson; sister Cathy Taylor and her husband Rick, niece Sarah Johnson, and nephews Steven Hadley, Colby Johnson, Toby Johnson, and Austin Johnson. all of Phoenix, AZ; her uncle and aunt, Jim and Sandra Oliver of Little Rock, AR; two cousins, Connie Chason and her husband Glen and their children William and Connor of Maryville, TN, and Kimberly Lockhart and her husband Matt and their children Logan and Megan of Westchester, OH; long time special friends Mark and Debbie Thurman and their children Mark, Jr., Lisa, and David of Tucson; fiancé Chris Martinez of Tucson; and roommate and frie ...
Ok everyone, going to play a game, i want this to be the LONGEST thread ever ;) Last record was 500 comments . Ok i will start with a word and i want y'all to find a word that relates to the last word being used.. eg; If i say 'BANANAS' you can say either split/fruit, the next can say torn/salad... Ok here goes, let's have some fun ;) It's FRIDAY ;) Starter Word is: " ANGELS "
*smile*thank you Sir.~Alison *laugh lightly and get out of thewater.**stick out my tongue to you playful*~Miranda *at car with you heading at your work*~Phoibe *at the party with you*~William
Ok, I'm finally breaking down and looking for someone new to cut my hair. Any suggestions?
52Friday! Dr. Lisa Williams will be presenting at w/ Briana & friends. LOVE HER!
Wait! They really have a CandyCrush Saga commercial?!?!? LolI loveee the game. Currently stuck on 65..ughh
Here's the story of the third time Lawrence, Kansas, was invaded- The Lawrence Massacre. Music by Electric Needle Room.
I'm thankful for my besties who always havin my u ladies Nangy Glisson Kathryn Bobst-Lewis Sandora Grace Grimes William Thompson Lisa Feller ..thank u for callin me and helpin me thru this surgery healing process
Jus thankin God for allowing me to see anutha beautiful day...recovery day 4 afta surgery is gettin betta...still in sme pain but with God it's a healing process...I'm thankful for my Aunt Pam(Uncle Darryl) Lee Jordan Lee my daughter Taliyah Mccaskill my mom Elaine Early grandma Barbara Early who been helpin me thru this process...I'm thankful for Blondell Early LaRhonda Edwards. Mrs Niecy Kentoria Allen Tracy Keyara Glenn Dashard Hamand others who checked on me...thanks everyone who has me feelin so loved friday... Be blessed fam...
My goal is to get Clifford Marshall Lawrence James Chris Mitchell William PhazeAmazin Salis Pinkie King Anthony El-Ashaad in one place! The conversation would be so crazy!!
Robert Durst Chris Borland Hillary Clinton Prince Harry Top Gear White House March Madness St Patrick San Francisco Don Quixote Jeremy Clarkson Champions League Kendrick Lamar United Airlines Middle East Kanye West New Orleans Justin Bieber Los Angeles Loretta Lynch Twin Peaks Apple Watch Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Islamic State Mitt Romney Pete Rose Jeb Bush Manchester City Saint Patrick Rand Paul Best Photo Internet Explorer 8 Comedy Central Stefano Gabbana Vladimir Putin Secret Service Saudi Arabia Paul Walker Premier League Jimmy Savile James Bond Evander Holyfield Will Ferrell Michelle Obama David Cameron Las Vegas Man City Tony Blair Internet Explorer World Cup Whole Foods Jessica Lange Vin Diesel Howard Schultz Kim Kardashian Dulles International Airport Long Island Ellen Pao Good Reason South Pacific Ray McDonald Robin Thicke White Americans Notre Dame Mad Max North Carolina Molly Ringwald Mariah Carey Marvin Gaye Miles Teller Scott Disick Taylor Swift Wayne Rooney Zlatan Ibrahimovic Grand Slam Nigel Farage Six Nations Hong Kong Century Fox Chris Christie Natalia Kills Mars One Gareth Bale Cyril Smith George Osborne Home Page Manchester United Loch Ness Jeremy Forrest New Zealand Pernod Ricard Prime Minister Benjamin Nou Camp Mutual Fund Marie Slaughter Kappa Delta Rho Kleiner Perkins Jimmy Kimmel Miley Cyrus

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