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Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa Wilkinson (born 19 December 1959 in Sydney, New South Wales) is an Australian journalist and television presenter.

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Wow. .Trump right re voter fraud.Soris Hillary's biggest Donor.Rigged.
“You’re not going to rob us?” Lisa Wilkinson asks Jesinta Campbell about her wedding date.
Stop the TPP a 'Free' trade agreement negotiated in s…
Sick of Stefanovic saga. Show was only saved once Lisa Wilkinson came on board. Credit where it's due!
Here is a story of bloke punching above his weight any help telling his story?
this is why OAM & others allow these vile posts to continue
Sophia Loren is in Melbourne celebrating the in Melbourne. caught up w/ the glamorous sc…
I'm still ruined after Cosentino !! 😱 Don't think I took a breath the whole time lol 😳 Awesome
Can't wait for the Women of Influence exhibition launch
You are looking absolutely gorgeous this morning! Love that top!!! 😍😍😍
alerted to this by *** suckers inc. all Victorians who think they above
wasn't always vile abuse, only when I realised they would do nothing
I know your colleagues don't care but what about hubby & your kids, aren't they disguised by this?
or do have different rules, when it involves allegations against their own, only in Victoria!!!
some getting hurt or even killed, sadly think it's OK to cover this up!!
also might like to know why OAM has put up with similar over a 3 year period, inc in private
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Lisa Wilkinson etc were congratulating Abbott before the campaign began, we should be able to hold them…
Why Lisa Wilkinson banned her from using - The Women's Weekly :
The multi-talented embraces her artistic side with her latest project.
. Great show watch every morning you deserve a gold logie
Trying to keep your kids away from social media?
Lisa Wilkinson unveils new photography project
Lisa Wilkinson’s tough social media rules for her kids
Love Lisa, Richard. Sophie and team, watched you for many years, love your show
Seriously how can anyone take Ch 7 seriously. That Armytage woman is an airhead. At least Lisa Wilkinson has a brain !!
Why Lisa Wilkinson banned her kids from social media until they turned 16.
that's right? All relates to disturbing allegations against staff
Congrats to and for big win for year. First in over a decade. https…
keep trying to pin on me I could off help the police back in the day would not even speck to me anyway just try to pin on me
appalling scum lowlife dert filly scum BIRCH but I solved a murder 15 years ago and still have not COURT them trying to pin
I know everyone call me scumrash and filly BIRCH and all you are going to frees me because everyone hate me eneway call me
These photos are to HONOUR . with her extremely affectionate smile. REPRESENTING OUR Ch.9 TV ---TODAY https:/…
BIT nortey to start with anyway but all this nailing me time after time send me crazy
say I'm thillfy burger send me crazy I'm so confused
will someone need to get killed before you take action, I hope not!!
and say I'm off my head sorry Lisa on one cares CRAZY
Sen me off my head putting sperm in my coffee nailing me to send me crazy
I've never even Sat down with police and herd what I had to say in 15 years thay don't care it's all about the money
going after the money is called right of way so what dus it mater what I say thay won't listen anyway all about the money
DON'T care what I had to say just won't me to pull my ***
'Bring your Pete to work day': Sylvia Jeffreys poses with new fiance Peter Stefanovic, Lisa Wilkinson and her...
New post: ". Today Show's Lisa Wilkinson hits out at Karl Stefanovic for mocking her driving. " .
New post: ". Today Show's Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson worse for wear after Logies . " .
Lisa Wilkinson 'too white' for Gold Logie, jokes Karl Stefanovic
"I think is going to win. We've had a white one. We've had a black one. Now we're going to have an orange one!"
what an awesome experience. That doesn't happen in Brisbane ...
They will never admit it. Hypocrites. Just look at Lisa Wilkinson and her comments on Gayle. Piers Morgan showed her up
she doesn't handle truth that well.. Not her main thing.
I bet he just came to get your autograph
ah intelligent empathic people are silly. I see the Morgan-Panahi effect must be
seen anything on Broadway while there Lisa?
Best night out in Just paid $14 at and turns up & tries out material for hosting next month's
I've always said you two are the new Lisa Wilkinson and Peter Fitzsimmons.
hi! I hear you had dinner with dear Sophy Roberts the other day — I trust you enjoyed? Ben
she's nothing but a faux lefty living it up in her estate on Sydney's North Shore
U mean like when chris isaack said u had nice eyes etc & u then decided right thing 2 do was sit on his lap
Well hypocrisy the overwhelming feature of lefty Lisa & co so this should not surprise and won't draw comment.
Only lefty women get to decide what is appropriate or not, this was a bit of fun, Gayle's a serious assault !
brilliant. We know how to treat future comments from Lisa.
Tip try harder to hide your hypocrisy, it's not a good look
so want to try and explain how I should be offended by Gayles light hearted joke. Me confused!
hmmm that's not court side. That's cheap seats
Interested in seeing response to the below
Women on the Left are Dingbats and Frightbats and Oldbats. Lisa is all three.
Remember when Maria Sharapova flirted with an Aussie journo? No outrage then either.
So when Chris Isaacks mention he liked your eyes and skin it was okay. You jumped into his lap.Look deep
Can you explain you and ChrisIsaaks.He did worse and you sat in his lap You have double standards Hypocritical.
Of course not, hypocrites like 'seldom do . plz share
I'm turning 50 on 13th of March 2016. Here's an invitation to the party!
Hi further to your outrage about Chris Gayle's 'sexism', I wonder if you could explain this?.
Lisa Wilkinson and Piers Morgan face off over Chris Gayle
Lisa Wilkinson stuns with Delta Goodrem at Carols By Candlelight concert: Lisa Wilkinson was sure to cut a chi...
Lisa Wilkinson leads the styles stakes at Carols By Candlelight. via
For those interested, Lisa Wilkinson and David Campbell will be presenting Nine's Carols By Candlelight on Christmas Eve for the third year.
Today's Karl Stefanovic & Lisa Wilkinson ask viewers to seek out Richard Wilkins
Today's Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson ask viewers to find Richard Wilkins. {dailymail}
Today's Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson desperately try to find Richard Wilkins before he shows up 75 minutes L…
Lisa Wilkinson and Rob Mills awkward parody of ...
AzetrMarcsss: Lisa Wilkinson with Chris Hemsworth at Sydney premiere of The Heart Of T…
Today host Lisa Wilkinson was caught singing along to sixties tune 'Georgy Girl' by The Seekers during an ad break after a special guest
Video of Today Show host Lisa Wilkinson belting out The Seekers' Georgy Girl
via Lisa Wilkinson belts out Georgy Girl by The Seekers during ad break
Lisa Wilkinson grills Christopher Pyne over his quick loyalty switch. So you stab from the front?'exp.
Oh wow, that woman talking about Tax Scams, looks like Lisa Wilkinson after a Zombie Holocaust. Freaky.
Horrific picture of truth. drop food NOT Bombs
,think u Karl handled whole organ ? On the grill wrong ,its banned due to religious reasons ! How stupid
Tune in live to the we are goin LIVE at 750am with Aunty and Uncle
comgrats to Libby and her hubby. Hi Poppy, welcome.
Congratulations to Libby! Welcome to the world, little Poppy.
I did the interview. 10outof10 for me, the and 6 for my Aussie mate?
oh wow, how precious, congrats to Libby and her family 😍
Beautiful news, Aussie swim superstar has given birth to a little girl, Poppy Francis. Congrats.xx
Oops you have done it again. Looking stunning as usual. Love the print in the dress. trends the day's fashion.
CHAFTA terms give Aus workers 1st go Union needs to read rules, foreign workers cost more
Stuff Summa is my new favourite nonsense answer to most questions I get asked courtesy of
Scare campaign run by unions will cost Aus jobs, CHAFTA states Aus workers 1st
During a segment on Monday morning Karl Stefanovic and co-host Lisa Wilkinson screened video of an enormous shark leaping out of the water
A credible six out of ten Can't say the same for the guy interviewing you though...
Lisa Wilkinson on the impact social media has on communities: via
no one is suggesting they ignore safety. Why would we in this violent world you r happy to accept?
we do try to reduce the risk. It's time we challenged rape culture as well. Simple.
you may as we'll be the real Fred Nile with these attitudes.
hobartians , Launceston ppl are Launcestonians . All WA ppl are sandgropers aren't they ?
:: I'm thinking more for Mother's Day. Oh sorry, Rafa isn't the gift idea - dang
Not jump all over every female who suggests NOT making themselves a target for assault.
My, what admirable restraint. I'm impressed.
Your agenda is starting to slop over - your bucket of misandry is full and overflowing. Bye.
Good for you. I have a uterus. But I still don't tell other women what to do with theirs.
I was raised in an all female household, I have a wife and daughters - I know the issues.
Oh, cool. So we should be grateful we haven't been killed yet. Or raped. So so grateful.
If you can't read or won't comprehend - *** off. I have NOT suggested that for a moment.
There's been no time in history where all women - or men - were guaranteed to be safe alone.
So we should just not go out anywhere then. Oh wait home ain't always safe either. Well done
See, ur talking to women & u don't get it. Ur right we're wrong yes? Give yourself a medal. Bye!
Nor does anyone. Why should women NOT try to reduce the risk to themselves? My daughters do.
Do u not see that there's something wrong if women aren't safe ANYWHERE? Street, home, work? Nup
Wishes have little to do with the world as it exists. Wishing won't make things better.
Not saying women should put themselves in danger. But they have no control of WHERE danger is!
Nothing ignorant about reality. Ignorance is suggesting that women ignore safe behaviour.
No. What I see is that some men are violent *** You paint all men with that same brush
Can u not see the common factor, in your shared text too, that MEN & macho culture is the prob?
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
The fact that ur 'arguing' w/ us not supporting what we WISH would happen is a problem.
Karl, Dickie & I did our helicopter crash training yesterday. This is us in our inflatable dinghy at…
Pollies no change no vote, not now, not ever
...gosh. I love a good looking man in his undies!
Wonderful.a thousand times thank you! x
you need to watch the TV Ad...very nice.
Truth. More lives have been slaughtered by JESUS saves soul's!
Also just out in time for Father's Day..the Lucky Bloke Collection
Rafael Nadal in his just-released Tommy H underwear. Just in time for Father's Day. PS. You're welcome!
! "your welcome". I'm going to be kind and blame your phone X
..I really hope never wastes his time speaking 2 TOP
here's another mind blower.. Since John Lennon was shot, over a millions people killed by guns i…
No. That is NOT what I said. Focus on behaviour EXACERBATING potential risk - forget gender.
Lucky or unlucky depending on your point of view ...
No one should be attacked for what they wear, ***
so because men are also attacked we STILL focus on female behaviour, rather than perpetrator? Nice
Today's gloats after beating Lisa Wilkinson in driving challenge
Today's Lisa Wilkinson looks through co-host Karl Stefanovic's best moments while live on air as he turns 41.
Karl Stefanovic couldn’t help but gloat after defeating co-host Lisa Wilkinson, 55, in a reverse-parking driving challenge on Friday.
Karl Stefanovic can’t help but gloat with a dramatic victory lap after beating co host Lisa Wilkinson to a dri...
The retired swimmer was interviewed by Today hosts Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson for what was promoted as a frank interview about the
Imagine Kerry Packer accepting Lisa Wilkinson spouting off on QandA . He'd pull her for sure.
Lisa Wilkinson delivers scathing assessment of Tony Abbott on Q&A via
A preview of the interview on Friday's Today show by Lisa Wilkinson with Tori Johnson's partner Thomas Zinn:...
A battle to the death, featuring TV rivals Lisa Wilkinson, Annabel Crabb and Sandra Sully.
05:15am in the big brother house and Lisa Wilkinson n Emma Hudson are just crawling out of a black cab. Dirty filthy stop outs.
Lisa Wilkinson makes unexpected discovery while researching Digger grandfather http: Hmm, why aren't average people given this opportunity?
Congrats on being nominated Women of 2014
Re: Karl Stefanovic wearing the same suit for a year. Poor Lisa Wilkinson. Surely that suit must have started to smell after a while.
Bravo!! Love Lisa Wilkinson's reply to her "style advisor."
Trying to fit my praise for & into 140 characters isn't working out, so here's a pic:
Has a much better idea Lisa Wilkinson wears the same dress for a year Karl gives us the gender split for those who criticise her
Props to for going out a limb for his co-host, to prove a point abt
I saw you there Lisa. I could see Pete all night though :) they were amazing ay
absolutely smashing it in the Hunter Valley! Saturday nights don't get any better than this!!
Yep, kudos Karl. Well done. And hope for your sake the suit makes it to the dry cleaners soon.
Tired of seing his co-host, Lisa Wilkinson, get unsolicited comments, mail and press articles about how she...
Enjoy the Stones concert. It is certain to be a performance that you will never forget.
.takes one for the Sisterhood. nicely done brother!
re today's SMH. Some Sad people out. I watch you everyday and you're beautiful! More power to you, don't listen 2 critics.
Brilliant and hilarious piece of counter-terrorism by feminist at large
Congrats who's just been inducted to Fun Fearless Female Hall of Fame
Do you have a sister who works with anti-family violence? Met your twin with same surname today at 1st meeting.
Mm the mind boggles, what did Pete do wrong?
Please have a listen to 19yo sing on his album Find it at You will be impressed
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I have had a number of big breaks in my career. The first was Mike Smith at The Daily Mirror, 2nd was for Dolly
Lisa Wilkinson speaks about the ‘F-word’ at the Cosmopolitan Fun, Fearless, Female Awards
Saw them in Adelaide. Awesome. Watch for Gimme Shelter & Sympathy for the Devil. Magic.
Thx Kel. Lots of requests so I'll post it shortly.x. RT“Congrats Lisa. Wish I'd heard the whole thing.
How long since you attended a ballet class?? do you have to have had a ballet background to enrol?
went to the Sydney show on Wednesday night Amazing! The Boys still got it
Handmade in the Hunter Markets are on across the road at Kevin Sobel winery call in for unique arts &crafts please RT
sadly my tickets were for Hanging Rock. Hope you have a great night though.
.& share a laugh at marketplace. Welcome to
was the best rom the tongue pit in Melbourne. You will love it.
I went to the first Perth concert. It was great. They are still the greatest rock and roll band on the planet.
The BEST concerts are in the Hunter Valley. Outside and always good wine!
I went to Wednesday nights gig in Sydney. It was fantastic. Here's the setlist we had that night.
Oh happy days: just scored tickets to concert tom night. Still seats avail Brisbane too. YEEHAH! Who's been?
please donate to Shena's Army. Donate here
Breast Cancer Awareness
Live cooking demo this morning on the today show. Thanks and promoting WA…
what was it like? We look forward to having you back in for more culinary adventures!
Showcasing divine NSW food and wine with on the http:…
congrats ... how bout nvitng the CosmoFF2014 winner on ur Today show???
It's ok to be cheesy on live national TV!
Lisa Wilkinson + super chefs, Peter Gilmore, Neil Perry, Ben Shewry who are cooking tonight at .
With the amazing Lisa Wilkinson and Quentin Bryce at the empowering
July 2, 2014: Lisa Wilkinson talks exclusively with Nick Kyrgios' sister on Today about her younger brother's fantastic Wimbledon performance.
Thank you to Sue Whitfield and Lisa Wilkinson for paying for my second case to be shipped to The Future Of Haiti...
Minister Pyne's interview on the Today Show with Lisa Wilkinson and Tanya Plibersek.
Lisa Wilkinson ready to raise money for the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute Mothers Day Appeal
Congrats big sis!❤️ I wish you two the best and many more memories together! Looking forward to having another brother from another mother! 😬Lisa Wilkinson and Stephan van Wyk
My precious big sister, Lisa Wilkinson and Stephan van Wyk are engaged as of today. So happy for you two and congrats!! Love you guys xxx
My amazing friend Lisa Wilkinson got engaged to an incredible man Stephan van Wyk. Just wanted everyone to know how HAPPY I am.
Interview on the Nine Network's The Today Show with Lisa Wilkinson and Anthony Albanese.
Jeremy u have obviously never seen Bonge, Mark Riley, Lisa Wilkinson etc
Lisa Wilkinson opens up about breast cancer scare
Does he think we're stupid promises only. Does he want to be a WIGGLE surrounded by kid "supporters"?
Lisa can you ask if he can guarantee that public won't be sold off overseas.
Hi Lisa. I have a suggestion for the new Prince. How about LOUIS ALBERT EDMUND SPENCER... I think its a winner! :)
major concerns lkevin Rudd and the left wing bias growing daily in the media and the dumbing down of the populace
Shortens comments re WA Prem. Our independent schools initiate is awesome - from a parent!
Why has he not consulted in depth with the appropriate associations, it seems he has very bad advice
Lisa please ask him if we should believe him or his brother I think I know!
sorry Lisa Kevin Kardashian is enough for me to tune out and I love you guys!
concerned that and think that salary sacrifice cars are more likely to be BMWs than Holdens
Getting to know our leaders and debating their ideas and policy
concerned that think that Secretary Ken Henry recommended a rort back in 2010 wrt salary sacrifice cars
I'm concerned for you having to wast good airtime on that clown, hopefully Ben gets to ask him a few things?
Jobs Jobs !! Qld cldnt cope with another Newman scared that Aust cld turn into lge Qld
Maternity/Paternity Leave is a Human right not a welfare entitlement. $ + time needs to increase.
does he think botched PNG arrangement has scuttled his shot at the UN gig once he's dumped by Australia?
pls ask KR why he subsidizes MV manufacturers with one hand then guts them with the FBT changes, unusual strategy?!
We have a Karl Sefanovic fan. or is it Lisa Wilkinson?
Election announcement would be a good start
Very surprised at his solution to the boat people. Sounds in humane to everyone around here.
just name the date . Admit error in dismantling pacific solution.
What about Public health ? You can't go to school or work if you're not well.
Not sure we shouldn't give a warm welcome to any baby as well as welcoming asylum seekers. We can do both.
than ask why it is that although Co2 has risen temps haven't for 16 years
Lisa, Please ask Kevin Rudd why World Wealthiest Nations who are worst Polluters don't pay CarbonTax
Live animal export. I will never vote for a party that supports it.
Dear Lisa Wilkinson, Please ask Kevin Rudd Why this only to Australians ?
abbotts lies that running down country for personal gain,when we are doing great ,AAA
My major concern is the possibility of an ABBOTT govt whose policies have not been scrutinised by the ppl.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Concerned that legacy is being wiped from history by him. Time to acknowledge her!
Live exports, media bias eg no mention of PNG PM questioning LNP's statements.
The PNG solution is a harsh & unnecessary solution to perception problem created by Abbott. Why follow them?
ask about the cost of living expenses for ALL Australians! Spiraling out of control
are we voting for a President or a government !
refugees. What a burden on resources and on our nations finances. Fix it and fast !!
i pay high tax for working 2 jobs when no one employs fulltime in my 2 fields. Better off on dole!
“tomorrow on I'm speaking to Prime Minister what are yr major concerns? that rudd gets in
I'm concerned how much of a duschbag he can be consistently! Does that count??
.can you ask him what he'll do to end FBT uncertainty & stop further unnecessary job losses?
That we are not really drawing closer to an election.
That we will be stuck with broken promises and a horrible PM! will really need to prove himself!
How about some sort of assistance for the building industry. Been doing it tough for years
his disgusting refugee policy! Sending people to PNG with no freedom of religion. 50% of females have been raped!
neglecting global responsibility to help needy who arrive looking for asylum. We're like a 5 yr old who won't share cake.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
krudd and in fact the whole labor party and what they stand for are my concerns.Totally hopeless!
'Him and his half cocked ideas, nothing changed except his age.
THAT HE IS THE BLOODY PRIME MINISTER! Sheesh - please tell him to just go away Lisa.
why is he using govt advertising for political gain when he pilloried Howard for it in 2007? Our $$
if he answers a single question with an actual answer it will be a miracle. Just answer the questions
Call me a cynic but why should we believe that he will implement anything successfully if at all.
cost of living! Petrol, electricity, groceries, fresh food... I feel he doesn't acknowledge its tough
Strange to call saving life "heartless". 20,000 p.a. assisted SAFELY through UNHCR.
I am sure this interview will be fair & balanced and not another free kick for the PM
yes I have concerns. What a mess this govt has made of everything in the last 7 years.
How can he morally defend sending asylum seekers to PNG?
how much does the deal with PNG really cost - no spin like his most recent TV ad.
Warm welcoming of Royal Baby vs heartless treatment of refugees.
funny he promised to be more positive but all he has been doing is attacking the Libs
thanks for the notice I will sleep a little longer now! Kevin is the problem not the solution!
presidential politics... KRudd v the whole Liberal party?
My major concern is if he'll live up to his word on supporting marriage equality for LGBTs.
why is he PM when he promised he would not contest the Labour leadership?
That maggot dog loser egoist Kevin Rudd IS NOT the prime minister, he is illegi…
You know what? After recent blatant vote gathering behaviours, I could not be less interested. *flicks fringe and zips*
not concerned but my main issue is education. I am concerned LNP hasn't a policy on education
Just waiting to exit plane. Bookie from Sullivan's giving dirt on Waterhouse to Lisa Wilkinson - I don't think he realises who she is - lol
May 03, 2013: 'STFU Parents' blog creator Blair Koenig chats to TODAY host Lisa Wilkinson about parents who 'overshare' about their children on social media.
Keep up to date with all things Leicester Tigers by reading Inside the Tigers' Den
an email was sent 2 The Today Show about a charity day for epilepsy in West Wyalong. Love it if u would check it out! :)
How good to be chatting LIVE to The Terminator tomorrow
We are looking for an Ambassador to help promote our charity and would love to talk to you.
Sunrise it soo fake plastic. Today is real and edgy.
Any chance of Joe on. asking some of yr searching Qs like"How much will it cost 2 get fibre from node 2 home" & maintenance
tip. Don't say things like "oh this is a good song for a sex soundtrack" without looking who else u r seated with, soz Lisa Wilkinson
Please give unbiased analysis of NBN policies of the 2 parties. Treat us with respect not a rant from karl or ray.
Together with The & using instagram we created a world first - Think you might like this
you thought the horse would go for $7m. I thought $5m. I won! LOL.
Back to the radio with Jones, Hadley et al? Lol
C O R R E C T . He was complimenting himself on Visiting & Loving Cuba when went
It reminded me of my son with all his learning difficulties. Courage & inspiration was displayed 😪
Did you receive your AEIOU wristband? Wear it in April to show your support for families living with autism
Isn't your spouse that bandana wearing left wing loon that writes for smh? Why would come on
This is why people are turning off the other channel in droves. Real, raw, heartfelt talent with humility.
Did u see incred moving audition on last night? THIS is what everyone is talking about:
What a scaredy cat is the man who so badly wants to be PM and walk the international stage.
Great news for us conservative Why would he entertain you? Interview CONROY NBN white elephant
Oh please. You and your husband are so blatantly left. I'd avoid you too.
and what about you - did you criticize Gillard when she pulled the pin on your show
Perhaps when u stop giving free passes on policy/corruption, tony will return.
splitters..maybe tony should join the judean Popular People's Front.
I guess he just doesn't appreciate the hatred you have for him?
LW is so stupid she doesn't think we can see how blatant her left bias is.
Last time I saw Lisa Wilkinson interview TA was after the Leigh Sales interview LW's treatment of TA was a disgrace,
Probably very tired of answering your stupid questions & dealing with your labor bias.
Lisa, serves you right for treating Tony the way you do.
Interview his empty chair Lisa, a la Clint Eastwood.
He is just doing a Stephen Bradbury. If he doesnt say anything he'll win
I would much prefer him to appear on or
He writes the definitive book on Hypocrisy
I suspect he is exhausted by the rantings of noted Trotskyist Ben Fordham.
Was this guy really a boxer or did he just punch walls Seems to be a bit of a media coward
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