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Lisa Salters

Alisia (Lisa) Salters is a journalist and former collegiate women's basketball player. She has been a reporter for ESPN and ESPN on ABC since 2000. Previously, she covered the O.J.

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“LIVE: Lisa Salters interview with Jay Cutler Played good enough to beat me 😒
Dorris Burke ? She is neither and she is a host of NBA count down. Lisa salters too
Lisa Salters just said Tony Romo is still being evaluated, but wants to come back. Tough dude.
According to Lisa Salters, Tony Romo told Jerry Jones he wants to return in this game. . Jones now talking to Garrett
Tony Romo speaks with Lisa Salters about the success the Cowboys have had this season. .
Another member of the media has decided to stop using the controversial nickname of Washington, D.C.'s NFL team on the air. Lisa Salters, ESPN's sideline reporter for "Monday Night Football," will not say "Redskins" when referring...
You know what lisa salters isnt bad either.
no? I am saying if you listen to the pregame which means before the game Lisa salters slips and says"Tom told us"
Lisa salters literally slipper on pregame and said out loud "Tom told us" ... Tom isn't happy and it's obvious
all are allowed our own opinions. If you listened closely to pregame analysis again like I did today you hear Lisa salters
pshh have you seen this clip of Lisa Salters flexin?... Lol.. I wish there was sound tho 💪
So Lisa Salters just gonna videobomb the KMBC post-game report with all donk?
look at Lisa Salters hair flourishing in that new jersey breeze
Lisa salters is not cute. is the hottest black sports reporter
Hmmm, Lisa Salters reporting Charles with cramps and expected to return to the game. I’d play it safe if I was the Chiefs
got Pam Oliver fired if Lisa Salters is still out there
What does being a fan have to do with Lisa Salters looking rough?
We need Lisa salters to suit up and play D tackle for the pats.
Lisa Salters: Just because you're interviewing Bill Belichick doesn't mean you have to dress like him. .
“Lisa Salters >> Pam Oliver” 👌👌 got tired of seeing Raenelle's face on TV!
Waiit..Lisa Salters has some mean traps
“I say this all the time. but I love me some Lisa salters!” Bro I just said I would wife her
Lisa Salters looks like an ape. My goodness ESPN, that's the best you can find??
So where does Lisa Salters rank on the Pam Oliver hotness scale???
Lisa Salters got that sexy low key church freak swag...
Lisa Salters could get some cuddle moves
Women don't belong in football. Lisa Salters go get a bra that fits!
If there was a royal rumble of female sports reporters, I'm rolling with Lisa Salters. Huge traps. Shrug Life
How come Lisa Salters never took Pam Oliver to her beautician? Smh
Lisa salters just isn't cutting it for needs someone who is sexy
I'm not happy. The same man who man such an obviously BAD hire will make the next one. What's going to change, Lisa Salters?
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Lisa Salters looks like she ate a smaller Lisa Salters
Lisa Salters fine self on the TV right now
GRONK!. Rob Gronkowski talks to Lisa Salters on his torn ACL and expectations for the rest of 2014. WATCH:
Lisa Salters is so beautiful to me 😘😍
Lisa Salters really put it on man...
Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski (knee) told ESPN's Lisa Salters that he expects to play 70% of the snaps against the ...
Also: Suzy Kolber is hosting, Lisa Salters reporting, so characterization that no women allowed at that table --> false.
GRONK!!. Rob Gronkowski sits down with our Lisa Salters for an interview. .
I take it Linda Cohn, Lisa Salters, Sage Steele, Suzy Kolber, Doris Burke and Hannah Storm are all busy, eh?
Humbled by friends/colleagues Suzy, ..Steve Young Ray Lewis & Lisa I continue my fight..they keep me i…
awww. That's Lisa Salters. Hope that's not foreshadowing.
I don't give Jemelle any special grief. Outside of Bo, Le Betard, Papi, and Lisa Salters, I don't like any of ESPNs personalities.
Hope everyone is getting a chance to see the story of Marquis Goodwin and his sister Daja.. Lisa Salters, incredible job
you guys need to get Lisa Salters on a podcast
What if Lisa Salters married Julius Peppers and decided to hyphenate her last name?
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How ESPN's Jon Gruden, Mike Tirico and Lisa Salters all plan to treat the name on Monday Night Football.
Wendy Davis has revealed her Lisa Salters own deeply personal abortion
Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden and Lisa Salters on how they view the Redskins' nickname as broadcasters:
watch the interview again,, at the end he says "thank you Michelle" to Lisa Salters LOL
Lisa Salters just put Matthew Stafford on the spot asking why he wears a hat in the post game interview. What a classless cow.
I can't decide if Lisa Salters looks good or not. She's in the Tracee Ellis Ross group. "Awkward Pretty"
Lisa Salters with the dumb question. Do your job and just talk football and stop asking Stafford why he has a hat on
I'd love to see the avg. weight of the men sitting on their couches trashing Lisa Salters. She's one of the best in the biz
Lisa Salters and Pam Oliver are different people.
Per Lisa Salters, JPP's X-rays were negative and he will be back out on the field next series. Excellent news for Giants.
And ps.Lisa Salters crushes at her job!
Man people being rough on Lisa Salters, good to see people only care about how well she does her job :(
Bet money Lisa Salters got the softest yams in sideline reporting
Stop the Lisa Salters shade before you do to her what you did to Pam Oliver
Lisa Salters eating through whatever is troubling her.
Is that Lisa Salters or a backup linebacker?
Pettine tells ESPN's Lisa Salters it's too close to pick one or the other QBs after that first half. Manziel coming on for thi…
Oprah Winfrey and Lisa Salters are my inspiration and role models...
Lisa Salters is ok. OHHH...and I like Suzy Kolber.
Are there women of color who could do well what Erin Andrews is about to do? Absolutely. Lisa Salters, Prim Siripipat, Shalise M. Young...>
Especially the sistas. Pam Oliver, lisa salters. Should be on TV everyday.
This was in the works from the moment Fox signed EA, what WOC is left, Lisa Salters?
Pam Oliver is 53, Lisa Salters is 48, & Joe Buck is... 45. I learned something today
Pam Oliver 53. Lisa Salters is 48. Jemele is 38. Josina is mid 30s. Black Women repping in broadcasting. Salute!
trying to be the better reporter?. Lisa Salters and the rest of the reporters.
Pam Oliver and Lisa Salters are two women I could never be: On tv in front off millions talking about American football.
Pam Oliver looks better than Lisa Salters in that pic.2014 isn't the same.
*** .. should've had Lisa Salters take me to get something to eat before she left.
Why don't they have my girl Lisa Salters covering The Finals?
nah son. Lisa salters is fine though...
WHY? Burke is *** good at her job, unlike Lisa Salters or Jill Arrington
true. But they're both just in the running for second after Lisa Salters
Why is Doris Burke the top sideline reporter ABC could find? Lisa Salters not available?
No shade to Ms. Doris Burke but shouldn't Lisa Salters be covering the Finals.
Sage Steel & Lisa Salters are fine as they wanna be
Assisted today with makeup on ESPN hosts Hubie Brown, Mike Tririco and Lisa Salters.
Pierce to Lisa Salters on the block: "We knew we were gonna have to win this with our defense. ... It was a clean block."
Joey Crawford refuses to award Ross with the timeout! [Camera pans to JC eyeing up Lisa Salters] He offers, "How you doin'?"
Paul Pierce just told Lisa Salters "some calls did go our way." Ya think?
Is it just me, or did anyone else see my boy Joe Johnson hovering around Lisa Salters like "I'm the one that you shld be interviewing" lol
Pierces face when Lisa Salters said "you guys are now headed to Miami" lmao
Bet Lisa Salters got some soft yams
I couldn't coach if Lisa Salters were interviewing me. I'd let my assistant coach and just do a two hour long interview w/ Lisa.
Lisa Salters need to quit playing and jump in my DMs
When is Lisa Salters going to give Pam Oliver some hair tips?
A moment of silence for the honorable Ms. Lisa Salters 🙌
Already pushing for the Brooklyn to the next round. Tell Lisa Salters to shut it.
Via Paul Pierce to Lisa Salters in halftime interview: "I like our chances. We're not gonna get rattled."
Lisa Salters is wearing a bra today
Got to do touch ups for Lisa Salters, Hubie Brown and Mike Tririco of ESPN today.
My next boo gotta be like Sage Steele or Lisa Salters lol
Lisa Salters makes NBA playoff games worthwhile # celebritycrush
*** I wish Lisa Salters wud get a new hairdo!! Ijs...
Lisa Salters will always have the spare key to my heart 🔑❤
I used to think Lisa salters was sweet
"They usually call this Maple Leaf Square, but it is all about the Raptors today" -Lisa Salters.
Lisa Salters can get it lol and I can't explain why
Lisa Salters? We are finally getting recognition.
Really can't tell if Lisa Salters is attractive or not
Toronto crowd behind Lisa Salters screaming "F&*£ Brooklyn" and flipping off the camera. Probably won't go back to her for another segment.
Just when you start to lose faith in our youth, ESPN live shot from Toronto with fans screaming eff Brooklyn. Lisa Salters deserves an Emmy
LIVE on ESPN they went to Maple Leaf Square -- the crowd starts chanting "F--- Brooklyn!" behind Lisa Salters. Hah.
Anyone else seeing these guys sayin "f*** Brooklyn" and flippin the camera off behind Lisa salters?
she aint no Erin Andrews or Lisa salters. :p
Mais look Lisa Salters got her some lil highlights sha. Mmmmhm. I see you. Jazzy n classy
Lisa Salters asked some very dumb questions
Can the NBA keep Lisa salters on my tv
I thought it would be funny if Lisa Salters of married Julius Peppers of the Chicago Bears and hyphenated her last name.
Saltier than lisa salters that I'm not going to see koan sound for free tonight
Looking forward to working with Jon Barry & Lisa Salters on Game 6, vs Friday night on ESPN2 at 7 (est).
Rochelle Sterling to Lisa Salters, "I don't believe in those statements. I'm not a racist and I do not condone what yo…
With Sages and Lisa Salters as the cops asking Pop questions. RT
Heck of a job by Lisa Salters on that sideline report just now on Sterling's wife. That's the journalism I studied.
“Lisa Salters and Bonnie Bernstein are both 5’ 3” // I’m 6’3” & have no problem wearing heels
Lisa Salters and Bonnie Bernstein are both 5' 3"
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But how can that be? Shelly told Lisa Salters that she's not a racist!?
lemme find out you Lisa Salters on the low
Lisa Salters, Cari Champion, and Hannah Storm(for nostalgia reasons)
Over-40 Starting 5...Richelle Carey (I think she's 40+), Halle, Lisa Salters, Tamron Hall, and Mariah. Shoot, they're all top 10 of any age.
Shoot, I'll take either one and be proud. Not saying they're Lisa Salters or Richelle Carey, but I'll be alright.
am i the only one that would take down Lisa Salters ?
"Lisa Salters need to chill with the tanning." she still straight tho
At least Lisa Salters does her hair unlike Pam Oliver 😂
Lisa Salters childish for not givin Pam Oliver her hairstylists phone number.
Lisa Salters need to chill with the tanning.
Check out the brother behind Lisa lmao "Homie looking at Lisa Salters tho lol
Lisa Salters always been thick tho..
Homie looking at Lisa Salters tho lol
hmmm...dunno if you saw but that's what he said to Lisa Salters. He's been putting more arc on his shots.
JR Smith jus looked at Lisa Salters like he wntd to eat her up.
domain names
why does it look like Lisa Salters is always wearing the same clothes
JR probably wants to give Lisa salters the pipe now
Always here for Lisa Salters on the screen
Lisa Salters: Mike (Woodson), why do you look like Mr. Potato head
Lisa Salters wear that dress too much..
Lisa Salters either expected to be off camera or was looking at the wrong one initially
Lisa Salters on tv looking like a sardine in a wig
Would like to wish my wife, my best friend & the mother of my three beautiful children Lisa Salters a very big happy birthday today she is 39 & 12 months old. Nice family get together today and tomorrow we go to spain. Happy b,day Lis, love Brian Salters Luke Salters Grace Salters & last but by no means least Olivia Salters Xxxx
Harden's like, "How do I escape this Lisa Salters interview?"
I wish we could get more full body shots of Lisa Salters.
The beautiful Lisa Salters is in my city!!
Today was quite eventful, met Lisa Salters from ESPN, watched a girl hit a cop, and met some of the cast from Modern Family..
I need Sage Steele to interview Josina Anderson while Lisa Salters holds the mic
Her hair stays set too "They don't utilize Lisa Salters enough for my liking..."
Kobe Bryant w/ Lisa Salters same fit he rocked when D12 got ejected?
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I've noticed you don't make fun of Lisa Salters halftime interviews anymore. What changed?
Lisa Salters got something in her left eye?
I bet Lisa Salters dont like my type
Is it just me that notice Chris Broussard be at every LeBron James (Heat) game and Lisa Salters be at every Kobe Bryant (Lakers) game. on the road and home games
Nobody else heard Lisa Salters yelling at some people whenever the camera cut to her? "Y'all are hanging out while I'm trying to do my job?"
I think Lisa Salters is so beautiful
Lisa Salters is still fine as ever.
My vote: replace Pam Oliver with Lisa Salters. Come on and Make it happen! P.S: after the switch, fire Pam. Thanks!
I'll give Lisa Salters this D, and real *** would agree
I would not pull out of Lisa Salters
Lisa Salters with the diet Pam Oliver hairdo
Lisa Salters ain't never got caught slippin'. IJS
Kobe with Lisa Salters: "you cant get out there and help them out" on what is hardest part of this season
What can Carmelo do for a 62-point encore? Mike Tirico, Hubie Brown and Lisa Salters have the call for Lakers-Knicks on ABC.
Why is my TL flooded with a pic of Kobe being interviewed by Lisa Salters?
Doode in the background looks like a pedophile smh lol Kobe Bryant w/ Lisa Salters
Kobe told Carmelo after he broke his MSG record: "I hope you cool off today" (in an interview it's Lisa Salters on ABC)
Lisa Salters needs to call up Pam Oliver and give her the number to her hair stylist!
Kobe to Lisa Salters on this season: "Hardest part is not being out there to help them out."
My boo Lisa Salters got the wig I today, take notes Pam
Where my Knicks fans at tomorrow against the Lakers on ABC at 3:30 live from the garden with Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy and Lisa Salters will be at the garden tomorrow one!
If I am Pam Oliver right now, I’m doing two things; 1) Hire a better stylist, 2) update the resume. It seems that ever since that errant practice football pass hit her in the face, causing a concussion, our girl has not been the same. This is not good for Pam, as FOX Sports may now have the opportunity they have been waiting for in regard to Erin Andrews. Ever since they lured her away from ESPN in 2012, she has been shuffled in various roles, none that seem to have any staying power. That is until now.  Since 1995, Pam Oliver has been the sideline reporter for FOX’s play by play team. While we can question the true value of sideline reporters, no one could question her competence. She provides the information pretty accurately and does what she is asked to do. Meanwhile, Erin Andrews came with a lot of fan fare. Why? It’s not like she did hard hitting news pieces. She is no Lisa Salters (how many of them are? Ms. Salters is a *** good journalist when she is not on the sidelines). Ms. Andrews’s . ...
Lisa Salters, I thgt the whole purpose of a weave was so u wouldn't have a bad hair day?!? Why is it that u always look like u just got out of a wind storm?!?
Ok. Lisa Salters is always on point...
Pam Oliver's hair be lookin busted, but that's exactly how she'd look after i got my hands on her.luv a sista who knows football.and Lisa Salters...ijs.
Read about Lisa Salters married, husband, dating, boyfriend, girlfriend, hot, body, feet, salary, hot, age, height, *** how old, how tall etc. Lisa Salters is an American journalist and former...
A "close associate" of Jonathan Martin believes it would be "impossible" for Martin to return to the Dolphins in 2014.Martin has yet to officially request a trade, but his associate believes it would be "(impossible) for him to go back in that locker-room." It's not surprising, and is the same thing ESPN's Lisa Salters reported in November. The sooner the NFL can resolve the situation, the better.
Cari Champion, Pam Oliver & Lisa Salters 🙇💭 I'm just trying to be great like them.
hopping in shower and going to bed to watch tv and then engage in a sleep night where i close my eyes and dream of women in bikinis going through my brain and than waking up in a hottub with Erin Andrews Sam Ponder Racheal Nichols and Pam Oliver and Lisa Salters and Michelle Tafoya
Cari Champion or Lisa Salters should get Pam Oliver's job
Pam Oliver used to be fine. What happened baby? Where's Lisa Salters
When Sportscenter be showing all these other game girls...mfs just wanna see Lisa Salters
I didn't know Lisa Salters lives in Baltimore. Fancy that. Read it in the paper.
Michelle Tafoya always been underrated. I'll marry her and Lisa Salters
This has been great and all, but where is Lisa Salters?
calm down Lisa Salters lol they just got stopped at the 1 yard line 👎
Dear lisa salters. hi tevi i like basketball. my team lakers sunk. like mami heat lot too. bye tevi.
Denver Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas explains the meaning of his tattoos to E:60's Lisa Salters. Watch E:60 Tuesdays at 7pm ET on ESPN.
Able to see that even here in Australia. Shannon Spake at the Fiesta Bowl last night, Doris Burke, Lisa Salters.
I'd do some naughty things to Lisa Salters...
Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz after being interviewed at halftime by Lisa Salters just said to her, "Thanks Susan."
Lisa Salters hat apparently shaped by Iowa farmer.
looks like Lisa Salters hotter younger sister.
I ain’t gonna lie: Lisa Salters is hot, even in the rain
I know Lisa Salters about her hair getting wet from the rain.
Paging - I'd like Coach Miles in this interview with Lisa Salters, with the "Have A Great Day" visible on the 18-Wheel Hauler.
I don't mind looking at Lisa Salters today watching the Iowa Vs LSU game
And they are both being interviewed by fine and sexy Lisa Salters.
This game could have been much better…if Lisa Salters had been on the sideline
Coach Miles meets w announce team: Lisa Salters, & Jon Gruden prior to
.meeting with ESPN's broadcast team: Mike Tirico, John Gruden and Lisa Salters.
It is getting late at the party & just had to tell Lisa Salters why the cake has not yet been cut
Off the top of my head: Michelle Tafoya, Lisa Salters, Tracy Wolfson, Erin Andrews and Sam Ponder
I blame Lisa Salters. She ain't looking out for her girl.
I wonder if her and Lisa Salters even hang out. Working at ESPN can't be that much better.
Just met Lisa salters cause she's my moms bestfriend 😮
Josina Anderson, & Lisa Salters can definitely get it anytime..
Dear ESPN wtiters. I don't want to hear works like "mean muggin" coming out of Lisa Salters mouth. That's like the Pope dropping F bombs
Lisa Salters got her shirt unbottoned. Ik Westbrook takin hee back to the hotel.
Man Lisa Salters looking good AF on my tv screen right now.
I'm all the way here for Lisa Salters and this cleavage. Whew.
Lisa Salters ain't bad...ain't bad at all
I don't know if I Lisa Salters is attractive, but I'd smash anyway
Lisa Salters.. Cud get it..cockeyed and all lol
Lisa Salters is a hot chick tho.Nobody talks about it tho
Lisa Salters. One of the finest. That is all.
Lisa Salters trying to look sexy. I see some breast.
Lisa Salters is 47 and could get it
Lisa Salters with the same hairstyle...couldn't switch it up for Christmas Lisa?
Lisa Salters a nice lookin milf. She gone give a report on this pipe.
Lisa Salters looking like fine wine.
Harbaugh in this post-game looking like he just did some lines off Lisa Salters cleavage.
Smooth interview from NaVorro Bowman and Lisa Salters. Makes sense...
Lisa Salters post-game int. w Navarro Bowman on MNF...couple of Penn Staters. Bowman gives Candlestick Park one more memorable moment.
Lisa Salters interviewing Navarro Bowman. That's a lot of Penn State face time.
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Lisa Salters is my favorite female correspondent on ESPN. She's so pretty.
Will Lisa Salters ask him what that goo is on his chin & shirt?
Always a pleasure to see Lisa Salters.
Lisa Salters makes you want to take the maximum credits for the semester so you can graduate early.
Fox needs to dump Pam Oliver and hire Lisa Salters.
Lisa Salters blinks and stutters too much... she hiding something.
It's a little weird that Lisa Salters asked Dwight Clark how Willie Mays should 'say goodbye' to Candlestick Park?
Lisa Salters showing us an example of why you must always know the answer before asking the question. Life lessons of Monday Night Football.
In the mean time has anyone ever seen Lisa Salters in a tank top.women is ripped like she could probably bench press me
Lisa Salters certainly has her moments!
The crazy thing is Lisa Salters is single.
Lisa Salters: "Willie, how will you personally say goodbye to Candlestick?" Willie Mays: "How do I say goodbye??? Well, I already did that! I've been out of baseball for over 40 years!"
Just gotta ask...who comes up with these questions for the sideline reporter on MNF (Lisa Salters)? Reporter to Willie Mays: "How will you personally say good bye to Candlestick Park?" Willie Mays: "Say good bye? (with an 'are you crazy' look on his face) I've been out of baseball for forty years so I said good bye years ago (my paraphrase)." Now I appreciate Willie Mays even more.
Lol Willie Mays just spit on Lisa Salters for 5 minutes straight during that interview.
Willie Mayes gave Lisa salters a spit shower lol
ESPN Monday December 23rd ESPN’s Monday Night Football: Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers Host Matt Ryan and the Falcons in the Final Regular-Season Game at Candlestick Park Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers host Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons on ESPN’s Monday Night Football on December 23 at 8:25 p.m. ET in the final regular-season game at Candlestick Park. Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden will provide game commentary from San Francisco and Lisa Salters will report from the sideline. Monday’s matchup will be the 36th time Candlestick Park has hosted a MNF game, more than any other NFL stadium (Sun Life Stadium in South Florida is next with 32). Home to the 49ers since 1971 and Major League Baseball’s Giants from 1960-1999, Candlestick Park was the site of the earthquake just before Game 3 of the 1989 World Series and the setting for “The Catch” from Joe Montana to Dwight Clark in the 1981 NFC Championship Game. Special guests will be part of the MNF telecast and the Monday Night Countdow ...
Monday Night Football team of Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden & Lisa Salters to call Iowa/LSU Outback Bowl.
I know my friend Ray Capone will be excited to not hear Gary Danielson for the Outback Bowl. ESPN has announced it will be Jon Gruden, Mike Tirico, and Lisa Salters
Wait what Lisa salters just ask Tucker? LOL Ima chill
ESPN should just make Lisa Salters the host of whatever their satellite Countdown set is. Just give her Stu Scott's job.
Who's the better looking sideline reporter Lisa Salters or Pam Oliver?
Lisa Salters is my favorite reporter lady on ESPN.
ESPN reporter Lisa Salters joins HLN's Richelle Carey to talk about her coveted gig on the sideline, the growing popularity of football with women and what t...
Unintentionally funny: ESPN sideline reporter Lisa Salters just said she talked with Bears HC Marc Trestman and he told her his team just has to keep doing what they're doing and that Dallas isn't going away, etc. Wait. What? Go away? Has the Dallas defense even arrived tonight?
What if Lisa Salters, when asked about sideline conditions said this instead, "Mike, it's cold down here "f" this I quit".
Lisa Salters> Pam Oliver. All 8 days of the week.
It looks like it's cold as *** in Chicago. But Lisa Salters' lip gloss is popping...
Lisa Salters confirming that water freezes below 32 degrees..didn't know that!
Lisa Salters, sideline reporteress extraordinaire, just informed the world that water turns from a liquid into a solid when it is introduced to a very low temperature. What is this sorcery?!!?
Lisa Salters of MNF just reported the Cowgirls packed an extra 2,000 lbs of Cold Weather Gear for their players. Bears on the other hand, are wearing no sleeves.
Hamilton Collection
Did Lisa Salters just say the Bears wear green and gold? Pathetic!
I think Lisa Salters fine like aged wine lol. Um serious tho 󾌦
I just saw Lisa Salters at Soldier Field and she's way to bundled up for my liking. We need a Cowboy win tonite Jeff. How 'bout 'dem Cowboys!! Lol
Lisa Salters' sideline ensembles absolutely demoralize Pam Oliver and her eternal unkempt struggle.
Kirk Ferentz & Les Miles were on a joint conference call held by the Outback Bowl on Monday. Here's a brief write-up about a few things both coaches said as they begin preparing to face one another on NYD in Tampa. Also, the announcers have been named — Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden, Lisa Salters.
It was a real hoot watching quite a few NFL games played in snow, such as Lions/Eagles & Vikings/Ravens, complete with "NFL on FOX" superimposing (?) the numbers on the field in addition to the line of scrimmage & the yellow 1st & 10 line for viewers watching. It was also something to see sideline reporters such as "NFL on FOX's" Molly McGrath in DET/PHI & Jennifer Hale in MIN/BAL dressed for the elements, not to mention seeing the Falcons/Packers, Dolphins/Steelers & Chiefs/Redskins playing on what appeared to be icy surfaces better suited for hockey. Just imagine what it'll be like for the Cowboys/Bears Monday night on ESPN's "Monday Night Football". I can only imagine what sideline reporter Lisa Salters will look like in the kind of weather forecast for Chicago Monday night...
Lisa Salters classy/ educated woman of pen state university (journalism) class '88 and yes she's…
...he gave Lisa salters that tirico reported. "Watch this d pleat Lisa
Lisa Salters is a poor woman's Pam Oliver.
Lisa Salters looking delicious in Mary J. Bliges Whats the 411 hat
Pete Carroll just went to Lisa Salters to tell Gruden "you're gunna like this defensive call". That man has some onions
Pete Carroll tells Lisa Salters "you're gonna like this next defensive call". Seahawks flagged for offsides, pass completed for a first down
Did Pete Carroll really pre-brag about his defensive call to Lisa Salters?
Pete Carroll walked down the sidelines and told Lisa Salters the truck would like that defensive call per Tirico. What?
Would you rather hav a one night stand with Lisa salters or go on a cross country road trip with Jon Gruden
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Lisa Salters will get put on the counter by the buttered rolls. She is fine.
Lol, Lisa Salters had to put her hat on for the rain. Our hair ain't about that life.
Lisa Salters is so fine. I'd like to be her Bae
My last two RTs about Lisa Salters was for
Why did Lisa Salters have a headset during pregame and a mic stick after halftime? Noise?
Does anyone bring less to the table than Lisa Salters?
Now let's go down to Lisa Salters who will confirm it is in fact raining, and then will tell us absolutely nothing.
Lisa Salters and Michele Tafoya sound exactly alike.
Monday Night Football - Thank you Lisa Salters for the USELESS information about ear plugs. Please sit down. I...
Lisa Salters, Sage Steele, Cari Champion, and pretty much any other black ESPN female reporter, are all so fine, it's crazy.
Lisa Salters reports the Saints are wearing custom noise-reducing ear plugs tonight. 12th man will have to be loud for the tonight
Lisa Salters look like she could be and sister.
Lisa Salters makes you wanna leave the one you're with and start a new relationship
Lisa Salters shoehorning a Brett Favre anecdote on ESPN. Would Lisa respect him less if he enjoyed parkour?
Lisa Salters got on a headset, you know it's loud
Lisa Salters comes over after a hard workout at the gym and tells me "I just tore that gym're next". My fantasy
Richard Sherman to Lisa Salters pre-game: "If they can beat us man-to-man, they deserve to win."
My Sideline Deathmatch Favorites: Pam Oliver, Michele Tafoya, Lisa Salters, Alex Flanagan, Erin Andrews. Nobody for her to sleep with.
Lisa Salters is the anti-Pam Oliver. Lisa aint gonna get on camera without looking like she slept sitting up after getting her hair done.
Lisa Salters, hang out & cook me crab cakes (all lump) tell me Ravens secrets, crazy sex,when I wake a note from her w/breakfast, my fantasy
I could really do without the Lisa Salters tidbits during
Pound for pound, Lisa Salters is the best looking woman on the ESPN roster
YES BRO! I served him his egg white omelet this morning and talked a lil football! Steve young, CC, Mike Tirico, Lisa Salters
Okay I'm ready to be Lisa Salters now
Lisa Salters > “Cari Champion is the finest black woman ever the rest of you are ***
happy thanksgiving to you lisa salters from Brandon.
Asked the future bae about Lisa Salters being cute ...and he defense up on me and say "it no different when u b thristing 4 Patrick W."
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