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Lisa Salters

Alisia (Lisa) Salters is a journalist and former collegiate women's basketball player. She has been a reporter for ESPN and ESPN on ABC since 2000. Previously, she covered the O.J.

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RIP my office building who has a super-heavy Kiwi accent, he couldn't even make eye contact with Lisa Salters OR the cameraman
Lisa salters sandwich committee meeting at 8:30
Cam Newton speaks with Lisa Salters about the Panthers' win over the Redskins, his interaction wi... - via App
Lisa Salters with the expert extraction of loose talk from Cam.
Looks like Cam was trying to distract Lisa Salters.
Jay Gruden said to Lisa Salters that would want to establish the run to start the second half. First play pass, fumble
Just as Lisa Salters was reporting Jay Gruden said Redskins were gonna start running more, they get strip-sacked on 1st play of half.
according to Lisa Salters, Jay Gruden believes in game flow.
Lisa Salters , need to hook me up with tickets to a NFL GAME
don't care for sideline reporters but Lisa Salters is the best.
"I want to try and show him up every chance I get" - Lisa Salters on what Josh Norman told her about Norman's animosity towards Gettleman
Lisa Salters could still get this wang
Is that snot under my bae Lisa Salters nose?
Often times I catch myself watching the fem sports world gr8s like Pam Oliver, Erin Andrews, Lisa Salters, Sage Steele, & I think 'what if'.
He’s a huge part of why I decided that sideline reporting was for me. Along with Lisa Salters, Doris Burke and more.
Why does Russell Wilson in this Lisa Salters interview look and sound as if he's already played a whole game?
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Listening to Lisa salters that he was loved by liberals to explain to me than any tv show atm?
Lisa Salters says Falcons trainers taped up Matt Ryan's thumb after he hurt it on the last drive
Lisa Salters looks amazing compared to Pam Oliver
Lisa Salters be doing shoulder shrugs with 225 or something?
Lisa Salters rocking the leather tonight.
Lisa Salters' nipples alive and well
Lisa Salters, and Erin Andrews helps me to stay beautiful while yelling at the UP DIRTY-BIRDS...
Lisa Salters be glowing. My goodness. Idk where this crush came from
is it me or does it look like Lisa salters is nipping all the way through a leather jacket
Lisa salters looking so good tonight. (Licks Lips) 😍😍
Lisa Salters is 50 years old and looks outstanding. Looks better than women in their 20s and 30s.
Lisa salters lookin like a sexy principal at a home game
Dan Quinn having a pregame chat with ESPN's Lisa Salters. Quinn hopes his team plays...
I love me some Lisa Salters with her old fine *** with that bad *** eye!
Lisa Salters I don't see you either on the sidelines. What's going on?
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During last night's MNF broadcast Lisa Salters said something along the lines of "perceived racial injustices" Seriously? ***
announcing their protest To Lisa salters was weak. You do it unannounced. That's a protest
"Eagles about to salt this away. Speaking of, let's go down to Lisa Salters".
Lisa Salters will always be the GOAT. I'll never forget her speech at NABJ 2 years ago. It was a roast session of epic proportio…
Upper Merion High's Lisa Salters is an Eagles homer & that makes us sadz!. Yours Truly,. Bears Fan, maybe
I am not digging the new guy. They should've just put Lisa Salters up there with Chucky.
Lisa Salters looks like a free safety
Lisa Salters with the wind blowing in her hair 😍
. . There had been a Lisa Salters sighting!.
My boo Lisa Salters needs more TV time
Why is Lisa salters arms bigger than mine??
Lisa salters is as jacked as an NFL linebacker
Lisa salters still finer then all outdoors
Lisa Salters look like she lift weights
Can't wait for his post game interview where he's just kissing up Lisa Salters' arm.
Lisa Salters says Jenkins and other players will raise their fists during the anthem.
I missed this. Lisa Salters on said players were protesting "perceived racial injustice." Perceived? Nothing perceived about it. SMH
Did Lisa Salters say 'perceived' racial injustice? was she paying attention to TODAY?
is protesting social injustices...ESPN's Lisa Salters reported that he and three or four teammates would raise fists
Lisa Salters has been hanging around the shoulder shrug rack. Yowsahhhs.
Smh at Lisa Salters saying " perceived racial injustice in this country " SMH SMH
Part of me wanna smash Lisa Salters just for the post coitus interview
Lisa Salters says Malcolm Jenkins and a few other players will be raising their fists during the anthem.
Lisa Salters with the Andrew Luck shade...with Andrew Luck next to her. 😮
E:60's Lisa Salters profiles Biles as she prepares to take center stage at the Rio Games.
Peyton Manning will respond to the Al Jazeera report in an interview with Lisa Salters today on Sunday NFL Countdown at 11 ET…
From Lisa Salters report on ABC, sounds like Draymond lost it at 17.
I added a video to a playlist Golden Tate's Interview with Lisa Salters
Lisa Salters interviews tonight:. "what was is like watching your Mother get murdered?" . (Next Question) . "So tell me abo…
Kris Dunn rookie of the year based off that "oh these? these is Gucci" comment he made to Lisa Salters
and what in the world does that have to do with Murray, Lisa salters, God, or the Spurs?
I watched Lisa Salters kid for a week and I didn't even know who she was until I saw her on tv last night. WOW! 😍
I'll never forget seein' Lisa Salters right in front of me at da Rose Bowl 2010. Veteran bunz forreal!
Rachel Nichols, Hannah Storm, Erin Andrews, Lisa Salters, Sage Steele. Should they all just stick to sports too?
Lisa Salters bring up the fact all these guys grew up broke in front of their faces was trash
Next year hope Tom Rinaldi sets up his little piano next to Lisa Salters at to set the mood.
I liked Lisa Salters dress last night
All that draft analysis tonight and nobody mentioned how phat Lisa Salters *** was in that dress.
Brah I know she's ya family but Lisa Salters *** was looking plump in that dress at the draft 😂😂
Lisa Salters called Brandon Ingram “skinny” to his face. Can only imagine her post-selection interview with Qi.
Denzel Valentine talks to Lisa Salters after his epic reaction to being selected by the Bulls wit... - via App
.thoughts on Lisa Salters tonight? Unnecessarily brutal to multiple draftees. Not a good look.
What made Lisa Salters so bitter? She makes Jim Gray seem like Roy Firestone. Her questions at the have been unnecessarily brutal.
Lisa Salters looks really uncomfortable whenever people mention God.
Dude, Lisa Salters is a savage tonight.. *** telling a kid no one cares now your in the NBA after he thanked God.
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Dejounte thanks God &support system and Lisa Salters says "no one cares...but what we do care about are your shoes."
Here's Dunn's emotional interview with Lisa Salters just after being drafted.
Lisa salters is busting some guys balls fresh off getting picked. And Deyonta just doesn't seem to be all there.
Bro get Lisa Salters off my television screen smh
Lisa Salters interviews are more than painful
Is Lisa Salters going to ask every kid what took so long to get drafted and then say that doesn't matter anymore because they are now in?
Shane Battier should be doing the interviews at the draft. Lisa Salters is flat out trolling these poor kids. She is awful in this role.
Hey, you just got drafted, how about this awful thing that has happened in your life? - Lisa Salters
Lisa Salters, go to line tonight is "none of that matters" *** is going on at Honestly she should be fired for incompetence
Lisa Salters with one of the dumbest questions I've ever heard. Why the *** do you think he left? Good effort
Lisa Salters is asking awful, awkward questions
Lisa Salters is giving Deyonta Davis a pep talk. . I love the draft.
Lisa salters ask me to be her baby daddy
Lisa salters sounding like a mom. Better listen young man
Lisa Salters just asked why he left the green room, really, thats what you're asking the kid, geeze...
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*Guy gets drafted into the NBA*. Lisa Salters: Tell me about your dead brother
Anyone else notice that Lisa Salters has been real awkward tonight in this interview?
Jesus christ Lisa Salters just take a seat
Lisa Salters is an *** .. Why are you asking Deyonta Davis that?
Lisa Salters is low key trolling all the draftees
Not sure Lisa Salters knows what she's in for if she tries to interview a crestfallen Deyonta Davis, who is already painfully shy.
Lisa Salters just told the UW draftee of the Spurs that no one cares what you have to say, but we been digging in your…
Watching the NBA Draft, which I always love.. Is it just me or are Lisa Salters' interview skills the dirt worst? Sheesh..
Wade Baldwin's interview with Lisa Salters after being selected by the
Someone needs to put together a package of Lisa Salters' most cringeworthy moments from this evening.
Dejounta Murray was told by Lisa Salters that god and his support system "don't matter anymore because (he's) in the NBA now"?
I'll say it again.Tom Penn has to go. Take Lisa Salters with u.
"How happy are you to be a millionaire now since your childhood was terrible?" - every Lisa Salters question to the draft picks…
Warriors dominate Portland, Heat crush Hornets to advance: Cue Curry to ESPN's Lisa Salters on Sunday, when a...
Curry told Lisa Salters he thinks his chances to play game 3 are "pretty good" but would Warriors play him then if they are up 2-0???
Lisa Salters asked Steph Curry the same question 10 different ways. He gave the same answer for every one of them.
Lisa Salters "You never hurt you knee before, right?". Steph Curry (smiling): "Nah, I'm an ankle guy"
Steph Curry to Lisa Salters on chances he plays game 3, “To me, they’re pretty good"
Lisa Salters, one of the best in the business. What a story. E60 Mike Evans (E:60 FULL)
Richard you see the E:60 piece Lisa Salters did on TB Bucs WR Mike Evans? If not, catch a replay of it. Excellent feature.
Lisa Salters reminds me of my Aunt Carolyn. Same skin tone & facial features...
Yo!!! Lmao!! Vanessa was a bit more subtle with Lisa Salters on Kobe. Lol Ayesha with no EFF's given!
I didn't even know who that man was that Lisa Salters was interviewing. I didn't know who came after Ty Corbin.
I wish Sarah Kustok could learn how to do sideline reporting from pros like Lisa Salters, Pam Oliver & Deb Lacey. She makes Kim Jones great
Lisa Salters has the worst mic in the biz
Lisa Salters is still on my ESPN Raw Pumps Power Rankings
Odell Beckham Jr. (tells ESPN's Lisa Salters that, during games, he checks scoreboard to see how are doing.
HOW is Lisa Salters keeping it together? Salute.
I know this is just the but to see Lisa Salters interview Michael Irvin and Jerry Rice is a moment 🙌🏾
this weather is just like Lisa salters traps.. unreal
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I enjoyed watching your interview on ESPN E:60 with Lisa Salters. Glad you're part of Steelers Nation.
I can imagine how Lisa Salters booty jiggles
Lisa Salters out Hawaii tryin get hit
The with the epic photobomb on Charles Woodson's interview with Lisa Salters.
non-100% wealthy gent: O Jackson, see's Lisa Salters, where is Pam, we want Pam, Pam, Pam-4:30p.m-1-09-2016
I just watched Peyton's interview with Lisa Salters on Sunday NFL Countdown. I've never seen him more publicly angry or ticked off.
Think he first mentioned it after the Colts MNF game to Lisa Salters
Yo Stan, where can I find that Curry piece that Lisa Salters narrated.
Very fine Lisa Salters/ESPN piece on Steph Curry, and exquisite timing as the winning streak extends to 23. Great days by the Bay
Notable people from KOP include The Bloodhoung Gang, ESPN reporter Lisa Salters, and JOBRIATH.
Lisa Salters jacket looks like the inside of a ***
Shoutout Lisa Salters she goes to my gym ✊
Lisa Salters should be careful on that Dallas sideline with an injured Hardy over there.
Crystal_FOX4: Lisa Salters on Cowboys sideline: "NOTHING is working over here."
When Lisa Salters said nothing is working over here. Was she referring to the tablets or the teams?
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Reindeer games or football games? A December dilemma indeed. You know Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden, Lisa Salters & Chris Berman...
What he meant to say:. Lisa Salters: at 3-8, where is team mentally right now?. Witten: we're in the toilet FIX IT JESUS
I wanna give Lisa Salters the centimeters
Why Pam Oliver hair cant be laid like Lisa Salters hair?
ESPN got me working with Lisa Salters. ESPN sideline reporter. I love…
What the *** !? Is he going to ask Lisa Salters to the dance after the game?
Why has Lisa Salters never pull Pam Oliver to the side and ask her if she ok?
yea I just did a segment on Lisa Salters
bro the possibilities are endless woulda took down Hannah Storm Lisa Salters possibly wendy williams if she was on set e
Lisa Salters is what I thought Lark Voorhies would grow up to look like.
I've always had a crush on that Penn State grad Lisa Salters with her fine ***
The difference between Lisa Salters and Pam Oliver is so glaring
The next time Lisa Salters cracks a smile will be the first
Yo why Lisa salters be looking like Michelle Obama?
Lisa Salters look like she haven't had enough sleep.
Lisa Salters looks like she can bench press an Escalade bruh.
Yall see Lisa salters eye? Wth happened it look like somebody punched her
I once shared a cookie with Lisa salters
Lisa Salters of ESPN says Marshawn Lynch has a grade 1 hamstring strain.
Can't wait for it to get colder so I can see which asinine hats Ray Lewis and Lisa Salters wear on Monday Night Football
Lisa Salters has bigger traps than me. She the trap queen.
Lisa Salters' traps bigger than mine 😩
Lisa Salters can I be yo baby daddy
Lisa Salters been hittin the weights bruh
My sweetie Lisa Salters is looking so sexy doing her sideline reporting duties.
Rodgers happy to have Jones back: . QB Aaron Rodgers talks to ESPN's Lisa Salters after the Packers' 38-28 win ...
Video: Packers' Aaron Rodgers says to Lisa Salters "blessed to have James Jones back" and praises linemen -via ESPN
Aaron Rodgers is clearly annoyed by Lisa Salters
Why Lisa Salters be looking like that? Lol
Lisa Salters better get an umbrella or that hair is gonna be done by the end of the 3rd 😂
Can somebody get a hat or an umbrella for Lisa Salters? Come on now.
Lisa Salters looks like a body builder
They are showing me a wet Lisa Salters …. ESPN!
Stay tuned for the second quarter when Lisa Salters will relate her conversation with Andy Reid's cardiologist
Lisa Salters talked to Eric Berry's Oncologist? or naw? If naw then that's an interesting PR move...
Lisa Salters is what I want my wife to look like when she gets older! What a beautiful Black Queen
Mario Williams gets a cup of water dumped on him during an interview with Lisa Salters.
On tonight's E:60, Lisa Salters explores the world of the Redskins' CB and the role model whose untimely death...
I'm not gonna lie bruh,Lisa Salters gotta phat *** just saying.
Blake Griffin to have elbow surgery (staph infection). Lisa Salters reporting that they are hoping he misses only 10 days, but could be more
Packed room at panel discussion on Stuart Scott and Bryan Burwell w/ Lisa Salters & others.
Gruden: Mike, I call the Jets DL the Sons Of Anarchy because they are murdering cocaine traffickers. Tirico: Let's chec…
Rachel Nichols, Lisa Salters, Samantha Ponder do great to me. Erin Andrews used to be good.
Lisa Salters look good too, good cougar...
The commish did not follow protocol he also lied Lisa Salters sd 3rd qtr GM 4 Bron mentioned a headache so why an xray?
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Where's Lisa Salters?! I'm tired of looking at Doris Burke.
she's with TNT but they need Lisa Salters or something
You should have included more women, like Lisa Salters, Sage Steele, Rachel Nichols, Heather Cox, Cheryl Miller, Cari Champion.
Pam Oliver needs to watch Lisa Salters for life tips.
along with Linda Cohn and Lisa Salters. Both classy.
" I don't know, who cares, we won ." when asked a stupid question by Lisa Salters. http:…
If you watch the NBA you know who she and Lisa Salters during halftime...she also more…
Lisa Salters from ESPN in the house
Lisa Salters sitting right across from me bout to shoot my shot be right back.
My other boo the beautiful Lisa Salters.
Just saw that e60 piece Lisa Salters did on Penny Hardaway and his friend battling cancer... . Mercy
Sage Steele, Josina Anderson, Carrie Champion, Jemele Hill, Lisa Salters, and Molly Qerim can all get it.
If there's a more awkward and awful sideline reporter than Lisa Salters, I haven't seen or heard them yet.
Lisa Salters awkward interview for the win...
Lisa Salters just helped avoid a nice fin by the by cutting that interview short, but Sherman is right
that was the most unprofessional question Lisa salters could have asked. Unbelievable.
Lisa Salters been hitting the shrugs in the gym look at dem traps😂😂
Lisa Salters making it about herself when that could have been a chance for TV gold.
Lisa Salters just asked Earl Thomas how his shoulder is, and Earl responded with a pause, "I'm blessed to be here, that's all that matters."
Earl Thomas cannot hear a thing Lisa Salters is saying. Either that or he just didn't feel like saying how his shoulder was.
I wonder if lisa salters has any kids.
Romo doing an interview with Lisa Salters and some other bum.
Lisa salters looks like she's beefing up to try out for a FB position in the NFL
Lisa Salters been hitting them shrugs at the gym?
Lisa Salters put on a lil weight. I can dig it...
Lisa salters looks like she has a fat fat ***
glad Lisa Salters wore a gray sweatshirt in honor of bill belichek.
I mean nothing against Lisa Salters but those two are way better on the eyes
Take Egypt, Lisa Salters, and to the finest Cookout in Carolina and drop a whole $50 on them.
When Lisa Salters asked Matty Ice if he was sticking around for the SB. "I'm not watching it if I'm not playing in it." My QB. I feel ya!
Matt Ryan is on ESPN right now with Matthew Stafford and Lisa Salters
Pam Oliver or Lisa Salters.who you making pancakes for?
Josina, cari, sage, lisa salters old *** jemele, Sara Walsh, and Michele Beadle can get it.
Thought I was the only one “Lisa Salters can get these inches tho”
Lisa Salters wouldn't have had the umbrella, Pam Oliver wouldn't, neither would have Michelle Tafoya
Lisa Salters can get these inches tho
Lisa Salters' commentary is as shaky as Cam Newton's QB skills
Philly Brown out for the rest of the game due to shoulder injury, Espn Lisa Salters reports.
Sean Goines are you at the stadium stalking Lisa Salters?
For some reason either Lisa Salters is really nervous or is she freezing on the sideline?
That was a lot of reading by Lisa Salters there. Good info though.
Lisa Salters got people that care about her. Idk what Pam Oliver did to her crew.
Philly Brown out with shoulder injury per Lisa Salters. Won’t return.
If this Lisa Salters can be a sideline reporter, then I can. 💁😂
Lisa Salters got good weave. It's silky.
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The best side line reporter Lisa Salters 🙌 🙌
Sorry about the mis-information previously on front page, Lisa Salters is, I believe, the only SLR on today's Cards-Panthers game.
Isn't she the best side line reporter Lisa Salters 🙌 🙌 😍 😍 😙 😙
Kids: if you want to appreciate the work of a good sideline reporter, Lisa Salters is excellent at her craft.
Lisa Salters dressed like an extra from New Jersey Drive
How is Lisa Salters not showing cleavage?
Lisa Salters just asked Cam Newton if he was scared during his car accident
Good piece on Cam Newton right now from Lisa Salters
did ya'll know Lisa Salters is reporting live from Charlotte today?
Lisa Salters finest sideline reporter out there!
Lisa Salters makes me want to clean my room and rinse my dishes before I put them in the dishwasher
Lisa Salters has gotten round, man. 😔
Lisa Salters looks 10x better than Pam Oliver.
Lisa Salters so pretty.she look like Angela Yee
Lisa Salters could get it. All of it
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I love how indignant Lisa Salters gets. "It's a dislocated elbow!"
Newton Talks Team Chemistry: . Cam Newton sits down with Lisa Salters to talk about how the Panthers... Video
MNF crew Jon Gruden, Mike Trico and Lisa Salters will be the broadcast team for Cardinals - Panther…
VIDEO ESPN randomly cuts into SportsCenter to show Lisa Salters shouting WO at Le'Veon Bell
Lisa Salters asking Mike Tomlin about Big Ben playing sick tonight.. "My mom worked at a ship yard & she didn't have any days off." Awesome.
“LIVE: Lisa Salters interview with Jay Cutler Played good enough to beat me 😒
Dorris Burke ? She is neither and she is a host of NBA count down. Lisa salters too
Lisa Salters just said Tony Romo is still being evaluated, but wants to come back. Tough dude.
According to Lisa Salters, Tony Romo told Jerry Jones he wants to return in this game. . Jones now talking to Garrett
Tony Romo speaks with Lisa Salters about the success the Cowboys have had this season. .
Another member of the media has decided to stop using the controversial nickname of Washington, D.C.'s NFL team on the air. Lisa Salters, ESPN's sideline reporter for "Monday Night Football," will not say "Redskins" when referring...
You know what lisa salters isnt bad either.
no? I am saying if you listen to the pregame which means before the game Lisa salters slips and says"Tom told us"
Lisa salters literally slipper on pregame and said out loud "Tom told us" ... Tom isn't happy and it's obvious
all are allowed our own opinions. If you listened closely to pregame analysis again like I did today you hear Lisa salters
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pshh have you seen this clip of Lisa Salters flexin?... Lol.. I wish there was sound tho 💪
So Lisa Salters just gonna videobomb the KMBC post-game report with all donk?
look at Lisa Salters hair flourishing in that new jersey breeze
Lisa salters is not cute. is the hottest black sports reporter
Hmmm, Lisa Salters reporting Charles with cramps and expected to return to the game. I’d play it safe if I was the Chiefs
got Pam Oliver fired if Lisa Salters is still out there
What does being a fan have to do with Lisa Salters looking rough?
We need Lisa salters to suit up and play D tackle for the pats.
Lisa Salters: Just because you're interviewing Bill Belichick doesn't mean you have to dress like him. .
“Lisa Salters >> Pam Oliver” 👌👌 got tired of seeing Raenelle's face on TV!
Waiit..Lisa Salters has some mean traps
“I say this all the time. but I love me some Lisa salters!” Bro I just said I would wife her
Lisa Salters looks like an ape. My goodness ESPN, that's the best you can find??
So where does Lisa Salters rank on the Pam Oliver hotness scale???
Lisa Salters got that sexy low key church freak swag...
Lisa Salters could get some cuddle moves
Women don't belong in football. Lisa Salters go get a bra that fits!
If there was a royal rumble of female sports reporters, I'm rolling with Lisa Salters. Huge traps. Shrug Life
How come Lisa Salters never took Pam Oliver to her beautician? Smh
Lisa salters just isn't cutting it for needs someone who is sexy
I'm not happy. The same man who man such an obviously BAD hire will make the next one. What's going to change, Lisa Salters?
Lisa Salters looks like she ate a smaller Lisa Salters
Lisa Salters fine self on the TV right now
GRONK!. Rob Gronkowski talks to Lisa Salters on his torn ACL and expectations for the rest of 2014. WATCH:
Lisa Salters is so beautiful to me 😘😍
Lisa Salters really put it on man...
Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski (knee) told ESPN's Lisa Salters that he expects to play 70% of the snaps against the ...
Also: Suzy Kolber is hosting, Lisa Salters reporting, so characterization that no women allowed at that table --> false.
GRONK!!. Rob Gronkowski sits down with our Lisa Salters for an interview. .
I take it Linda Cohn, Lisa Salters, Sage Steele, Suzy Kolber, Doris Burke and Hannah Storm are all busy, eh?
Humbled by friends/colleagues Suzy, ..Steve Young Ray Lewis & Lisa I continue my fight..they keep me i…
awww. That's Lisa Salters. Hope that's not foreshadowing.
I don't give Jemelle any special grief. Outside of Bo, Le Betard, Papi, and Lisa Salters, I don't like any of ESPNs personalities.
Hope everyone is getting a chance to see the story of Marquis Goodwin and his sister Daja.. Lisa Salters, incredible job
you guys need to get Lisa Salters on a podcast
What if Lisa Salters married Julius Peppers and decided to hyphenate her last name?
How ESPN's Jon Gruden, Mike Tirico and Lisa Salters all plan to treat the name on Monday Night Football.
Wendy Davis has revealed her Lisa Salters own deeply personal abortion
Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden and Lisa Salters on how they view the Redskins' nickname as broadcasters:
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