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Lisa Raye

LisaRaye McCoy (born September 23, 1967), commonly known as LisaRaye, is an American actress and fashion designer.

Da Brat Nia Long Sanaa Lathan Angela Bassett Nicki Minaj Terrance Howard Lil Kim Elise Neal Stacey Dash Kelly Rowland Carl Payne

TBH I feel like it's gotten worse the longer I've been in schoolπŸ˜…
This isn't our first semester. You'd think we'd get a handle of this by now. Procrastination is real.
I'm currently editing stories right now and it's due in like 2 hrs and it's 25% of my grade too and yet…
Have a non-started article worth 25% of my grade due in 8hrs. So I got on instagram & spent an hour looking at pics of Sebastian Stan. Help.
That timeless beauty that Lisa raye to Scarlett Johansson
You remind me of Lisa Raye sometimes
I'll never get over how pretty and positive this felt every single night! You all are so awesome. Keep spreading that l…
Boutta be On my Lisa Raye ish for everything
Now I feel like watching playas club... that *** Lisa raye! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
Lisa Raye in players club was bomb af
All my life I've look at you just like Lisa Raye you hot and let's go on a date on day
These *** dont want war with us when i come with gang no lisa raye but they know all of us😈😈
It has rainbows and unicorns! Check out the product description here: β˜‚N
Lisa Raye 😍😍😍. thereallraye1 - Well rested, back at home in my own bed.
Have you not seen Players Club!? Lol Lisa Raye played the most vital role in the most classic 90's movi…
oh this is about looks... in their prime HALLE now Lisa raye
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Halle Berry and Lisa Raye McCoy are both 50. Who do you think looks better πŸ€”
We reveal the biggest songs of the year so far. It's good news for & https:…
Once again Lisa Raye in person. My Gawd that woman is beautiful! 😩😍
lisa raye dating al sharpton in Ohio
lisa raye is dating in Philadelphia
It had Keith Sweat, Genuine, Lisa Raye, Shantel, Lamiya Good, the dude that played Cole on Martin... endless people 😩
Lisa raye as diamond changed my life
I'm pulling up like Lisa Raye in all white.
lisa raye is dating in United States
who is lisa raye husband dating in Nice
who is lisa raye husband dating in Japan
Lisa Raye at the casino looking bad as *** 😍
Lisa raye still fine and been fine since players club lol 😍
Lisa Raye now has a grand child.. How time flies..
Can we talk about how iconic Diamond aka Lisa Raye dance was in the Players Club
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If you win Ariana Grande tickets you better take me with you!!...You know how much I love her!
I have never listened to the radio so much in my life, but I really want to win those or tickets.
Listening to Seems like you're ready and I instantly think about Lisa Raye 😍
I know exactly why Lisa Raye loves white.
Lisa Raye was so fine in The Players Club
I want to have a beach concert in Turks and Caicos... who I gotta call? I need Mike and Lisa Raye money, but it gotta happen
I love u Lisa raye and a great movie πŸŽ₯ much love
All of Us with Lisa Raye non acting ***
Lisa Raye was so mf fine in Playa Club
Newton, or Lisa Raye portraying Marilyn Monroe or Scarlet O'Hara just change hair & makeup to pass thn I'll listen to ur debate.
Need the players club on DVD I'm tryna see Lisa raye in her prime
β€œI died seven years ago. Left behind a wife, a son, and a brother. But the dead talk, if you listen.” htt…
Sorry Everyone Buttt! Magic Mountain! is closed today but I have some ticketsss to go see Lisa Raye!! HappyNewYears!
"Make the money don't let the money make you" -Lisa Raye
I just now got this notification.smh
Lisa Raye was even fine in this cartoon affect
Most of my childhood crushes are still baddies today...Jada Pinkett, Lisa Raye, Nia Long, Halle, Stacy Dash...😫
I'm Lisa raye in the players club. Making money it ain't making me
If you we can prioritize our studies. I'm talking 3.0 for the semester. That's simple enough.
Want to make a bet for something more than money?
All of Us cause no to Lisa Raye acting like anyone other than a stripper.
This is tough. Tyra was bad but she had L. Fish and Epps to mask it. Lisa Raye had Adele Givens and a host of other…
All of Us bc Lisa Raye cannot act to save her life
Lisa Raye looks so good for her age, I just want to know how can she maintain wearing ONLY white everyday of her life 😩.
Don't know if I'll be coming as Lisa Raye or Sanaa Lathan.I resemble both πŸ€”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lisa Raye giving me 70's realness by Brad Miller 2002
Every time I hear Seems Like You Ready by R. Kelly I think of Lisa Raye dancing to it in The Players Club πŸ˜©πŸ’¦πŸ˜
Listening to Lisa Raye at the A New Way of Life Gala & Awards ceremony ❀️
I'm tryna figure which chick ima see today, picked up a young girl look like Lisa Raye
when you can't walk through it. Then it's just annoying.
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Lisa Raye started my light skinned women addiction. 😭
"Ain't no party like an introvert party cause an introvert party don't... start."
Lisa Raye (sp) is always wearing white when I see her. Always.
i'm just tryna be as bad as Lisa Raye back in the day πŸ˜ͺ
I'm really hype I got to see Lisa Raye's titties lol they so pretty
How do I dress up like Lisa Raye though
Who knew DaBrat and Lisa Raye were sisters
Yep, ur right. Copy that. I'll wrap it in this red scarf I found and overnight it to you. πŸ‘πŸΌ
Hey I found this in the trunk...can I try it out?. Don't miss tonight's episode. It's a knockout!
Lisa Raye Looks For Love Via New Dating App - Lisa Raye’s new app was launched in pursuit of finding her...
The fact that Lisa Raye still wearing white.
Lisa Raye will forever be my girl crush πŸ’˜
Does look like Lisa Raye to anyone or is it just me. Like they could be 1st cousins or somethingπŸ˜‚
THE LEGENDARY! Lisa Raye McCoye! most of y'all know her for shakin' her tail as Diamond in The Players Club!
Seen 'The Player's Club' for the first time today. . Lisa Raye's acting was so horrible 😩 but it was a good story line
When your real name isn't even Lisa, but people publish it that way anyway.
for your name to say Lisa raye lmaoo
My mom swear she Lisa raye with all this white on πŸ˜‘
Thor holding a card with Dr. Strange's address on it
Don't ask me why I'm so happy to see this.
Lisa raye type women πŸ˜‹. Yunno the 30 year old type prom queen when she was in school the business women yeah I like those
I love my OG ladies. Lisa Raye, Sharon Stone, Gloria Velez and Vida Guerra. S/o to them they still got it.
Lisa Raye told us bout cupping like 10 years ago she said that's how she got her *** phat
Lisa Raye, Vanessa Williams, Lenny Kravitz, Terrance Howard, Melissa de Souza, Nicole Murphy should I go on lol.
you look like a young Lisa Raye lmao
Lisa Raye gets badder the older she gets. Good lord..
Bruh I forgot Lisa raye in the wood
My only regret was too young for lisa raye
Who I gave it too? vivica, Lisa Raye, keyshia cole, or terri j?
Lisa Raye will forever be beautiful 😍
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I adore the individual who edited this.
Now this is some quality production
Shot this segment the other day. Lisa Raye is a great person. More videos from her soon
Lisa Raye looks so good to be going on 50 this year 😫😩
she looks like an even lower budget Lisa Raye
Finished my 2nd workout for today. πŸ˜₯
they're ok compared to Stacey's. Wasn't enough but Lisa Raye is fire
wouldn't lead y'all boys astray, Lisa Raye got πŸ”₯πŸ”₯nudes too
12. Fellas, Keri hilson , Kim K, BeyoncΓ© , India love , wolf tyla , j-lo , Lisa raye , Nicki Minaj all in one room trynna fucc. Who you got?
I first watched Yu Yu Hakusho when I was 10. I use to call it "The dude that died for nothing."
Tony rock was hilarious in this. Lisa Raye forever bae
Want to know something sad? One serving size of cereal. That's what's sad.
Lisa Raye dropping realism in the interview with on
Forget the normal snapchat filters. Keep X-Men alive!
Mind you, I didn't even know who Lisa Raye was lol
Soo today I got called Lisa Raye twice and Olivia Pope once.why are they whilin' ?
Ok but the only way I'm dating that old is if she Lisa Raye
No lie, I have amazon prime video and just found out BTR was available. I re-watched S1 Saturday & I have no excuse...
I really need either Angela Bassett or Lisa Raye to be my sugar momma. Enough is enough.
Looks & Inspirations:. Lil Mo in the Superwoman video, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, Lisa Raye, Prince... The 99s and the 2000s
Lisa Raye doesn't look like she's aged a day since the last time I saw her on tv. I'm still crushing on her
But I think Vivica Fox, Lisa Raye, Michelle Williams, Holly Robinson Peete or Wendy Raquel Robinson would be great
Diamonds dancin round me like dey Lisa Raye
I wanted to say Lisa Raye but she didn't have an @
Named the Whip Lisa Raye cause that bih fine no matter what year it is 😍
forget this game. let me watch that Lisa Raye interview
Lisa Raye killin white snakeskin red streak shoes. Chrisette vocals on fleek. Coley Cole & La'Myia hilarious! Cast of beautiful black people
Yeah, I love You Thomas-T. Jr. from Lisa Raye. Lisa had Kids' you didn't know about.
Watching Soul Jams on channel television... When did Kelly Price & Lisa Raye become friends. Lol
After the finales this week, I get to binge watch the last 5 episodes of and ❀❀❀
anybody ever told you that you look like Lisa Raye ?
She came from overseas wit a waist like Lisa Raye
it was good having u here come back soon happy Sunday & if u see Lisa RAYE tell her come visit me
diamonds dancing around me like they're Lisa Raye
When Lisa Raye single but all these ugly *** pregnant smh
Join WBLS us tonight from 6p-1a at Milk River in Bklyn as Lenny Green broadcasts The Quiet Storm LIVE w/ Lisa Raye!
People tell me that I look like: Eve, Lisa Raye, Alicia Keys, Elise Neal and Erica Campbell
For the last 2 days Jules & I have only been texting song lyrics. Which is difficult when I really need to talk to him. But I'm no quitter.
*Makes a video for class*. Student: What's that song playing?". Me: "Marianas Trench.". It's show time. Time to convert.
I like to change my hair constantly in hopes that people will ask me about it and I'll have a conversation starter.
very pretty picture white is your color .. You favor lisa raye in this pic
That bunny filter scared the crap out of me. πŸ˜‚
Hiding the fact that makeup is nonexistent today.
meets their newest recruit in this clip from in theaters May 6!
Back in middle school I thought Lisa Raye was the baddest thing ever πŸ˜‚ watching players club made me remember that
Lisa Raye (Ambassador for Glow Skin Enhancement) and I. September new launch for Glow Skin Enhancement
My only regret is too young for Lisa Raye
Yea, can't name them all but Kelly Rowland, Lisa Raye, Matthew Knowles, Tracy McGrady, Patti Labelle, Meghan James
Why is it ok for Lisa Raye to wear all white but not the KKK?
Extremely tired but I had to get a picture of my hair before the night ended.
Man who tf is that Lisa raye diamond or nah?
/Director Lisa Raye and 4-time Olympian Gold Medalist and Co-Owner of the Lisa Leslie are both...
These Lisa Raye flat irons are just πŸ™„πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
My only regret is being to young for Lisa Raye and Nia Long
One of my favorite actors. I wonder, if I say his name three times will he appear?
But in the end, it's all about the story. And while I do love the movies, it's not where the characters originated from.
When you jump between and with ease. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ™‰
The marketing for the movie is just astounding! I absolutely love this. πŸ‘ ❀
🚨 The Joker comes out to play in our LONGER clip from 🚨
I like to dissect meanings. Maybe it's the future LIS in me coming out.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Watched this trailer 10 times over the last 24 hours. Help.
Meanwhile, how about that trailer last night?
Hey, I'm just glad I made the cut. Nice to meet you. I enjoy meeting other trenchers since no one where I am knows of them. :)
Lisa Raye should've got a oscar for playas club
but I'm also v excited to give a Lisa Raye t or two
hello Lisa RAYE I hope all is well much love to u
Lemme tell you why B/c Lisa Raye spends her entire life in all white and never has stains on her. THAT is magi…
I know I wasn't the only one who thought Tisha Campbell look like BeyoncΓ© and Lisa Raye look like Ciara
Our conversations somehow always end of revolving around food.
"Who wears all white more often: Lisa Raye or Yo Gotti?" is the funniest thing I heard all weekend. and I can't
Oreo's and milk for breakfast. And I say I'm on a diet...
Guess who just turned in their hw with 3o minutes to spare? πŸ‘ˆ
They did such an awesome job !!Darrin Henson , Carl Payne and Lisa Raye!!
Can be my Yoda and teach me the ways of the Jedi? Or at least how to be half as cool as him?
Me on the one ride I've been on. Expect mine didn't go this easy. I totally vomited after. Motion sickness = nono
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Sold Out-"Married but Single" at the Township in Columbia,SC. Thanks Lisa Raye for another great…
Lisa raye was bad as a mf dats My typa bih
Lisa Raye, Chrissette Michele, Clifton Powell, Carl Payne and Director Je'Caryous Johnson stopped by the office...
Tami Roman and Lisa Raye at the β€œMarried But Single” stage play premiere at the Orpheum Theatre.…
Lisa Raye admits she had Stacey Dash fired from 'Single Ladies'
Dencia on TMZ talking about her beef with the American actress Lisa Raye. , we appreciate her hustle!!!
Lisa Raye, Sanaa Lathan and Nia Long the bombest on this planet idc idc
my only regret is being too young for Lisa Raye 😩
Lisa Raye & The Brat, Lil Kim & faith Evans,Tamia,,Teena Marie and more of clones of Myself ,it's going to look ugly in the end !
I liked that show that will and Jada made. All Of Us with Duane Martin and Lisa Raye
When Fury is doing Capitol One commercials while Shield is getting their butts kicked.
Who else loves Daisy and Mac's friendship this season? 😊
Forever thinking of Lisa Raye in Players Club every time I hear "Seems Like You're Ready" by R. Kelly. πŸ˜†
Meagan Good, Lisa Raye, Nicki Minaj... Those are all women who are sexy to me. They make u wanna sex them
yo I watched the "Toss it Up" video the other day and realized Lisa Raye was in it.
All white after labor day . Call me Lisa Raye. Lets go do a hit!
Why people keep blaming Pinky's body on age? Have you seen Lisa Raye? Nia Long? Angela Bassett? She's just fat and lazy.
Kaylah swears she is Lisa Raye and its so funny
When Lisa-Raye did that dance to 'Seems like your Ready' by R. Kelly in Players Club it changed my life.
I've only met 2 of my female celeb crushes Lisa raye and Candace Parker twice i need to cross paths with Nicole Scherzinger next πŸ˜©πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
I just showed my uncle this pic of me and Lisa Raye and he was hot "look at how she holding your hand.." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
tough one but I'd pick Sisqo bc of the video...he was singin some real ish bc he cld never pull Lisa Raye!!
So did anyone else know that Da Brat and Lisa Raye are real sisters
Y I love Lisa Raye all white wearing *** tho?
I'm on my Lisa Raye today, this suit is crisp.
Tried to assassinate just like JFK. Red bones at my funeral you might see Lisa Raye.
I don't see y it was big deal she ate Lisa raye 😺😺
Lisa Raye on The Game's new dating show. πŸ˜‚
Lisa Raye! I believe one day I am going to meet and speak with you & make you remember me.
Lisa Raye did not have to do her like that and Game shouldn't have allowed it
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Everytime I hear r kelly seem like your ready I think of Lisa raye stripping
My only regret is I'm too young for Lisa Raye πŸ™
Walking the BET red carpet, Lisa Raye was THE BADDEST thing walking. These young girls didnt even come close... Like at all.
Watching Tracey Cherelle Jones on the Player's Club on TVOne with Lisa Raye. I miss her Fly self wonder what she up to these days?
Lisa Raye wears white to everything
Lisa Raye is serving humble pie this morning
I def go called Lisa Raye before, Gina from Martin, and Kimora lee.none of whom I look like
Lisa Raye and Christian Keyes gearing up for new movie "No More Mr Nice Guy". Details:
So Bishop Noel Jones was dating Lisa Raye the same time he was dating Loretta, and Grace Jones is his sister? You...
β€œLisa Raye gotta show up as one of Terrance Howard's jump offs.” Morris chestnut is his cousin
I just wanna have Lisa Raye for like a hour and a half that's it !
Oh wait how did I forget bae 😩 Lisa Raye probably got that good jug ..πŸ’¦πŸ™ˆ
Dad got VIP tickets to the Jamaican Jazz Festival so I tagged along and got to meet & took a selfie with Lisa Rayeβœ¨πŸ™Š
Yas for me looking like Lisa Raye in my all white πŸ’
She didn't look like Lisa Raye though.. lol.
Lisa Raye, coming to H town 'March, register now, Lisa Raye website!
I done rolled up on Lisa Raye about 20 times already.
Er'time I watch plaerd club , my crush for Lisa Raye come back ...
I actually still want that Lisa Raye Diamond one. 😏
Lil'Kim feat Lisa Raye- Watchu working with.: y'all remember the first gang of roses right
if I had an idol or someone I admired it'd definitely be LISA RAYE 😩
If Lisa Raye walks back by my store I'm getting a picture!!!
Jill Monroe looking like Lisa Raye in that pic πŸ‘€
Breh shed been up there with 90s jewels like early Stacy dash & Lisa Raye if we wanna be real had she'd been here.
the Lisa Raye of this world should never get to that level , not saying she is that but use that beauty for something else..
Celebs are diff lol ... I do thrist for RiRi ,Kelly Rowland , BeyoncΓ© , Lisa Raye, Jessica Alba and Regina Hall
Lisa Raye breast was so perfect in The Players Club 😩
I remember when I just wanted to be Lisa Raye growin up lol
lol I was talking bout lisa raye tho
Still can't believe Lisa Raye & Da Brat are sisters . Total opposites .
I'm convinced Lisa Raye knocked Stacey Dash brain out her head on set. Where is her brain?
I'm glad Lisa Raye smacked the fire out of you.
"You reached Brandon. But this is Lisa Raye. Leave ya' number b/c he's busy with me." - Lisa Raye on my voicemail greeting, 00-03
Picked up a young girl that look like Lisa Raye,when I seen her in the club I was like I gots to get her cause she look she Trina sister!
man yeah! *** don't know bout that! Lisa Raye was all up in the video too lol
β€œLisa Raye had the perfect body πŸ˜»πŸ˜­β€and will get all the thang still if she won't it lol
That pictriev site is horrible! Why would they give me Wendy Williams? and the photo was actually Lisa Raye! Lol
Olivia goin through withdrawals... this is the first time she hasn't worn white since Lisa Raye left All of Us
Ey Kim K on my list but Idk if megan good is better lookin than Sanaa Lathan she on another level. Lisa Raye look good tho
Lisa Raye's new movie has Van Vicker in it πŸ‘Œ
I bet he gave Lisa Raye a Red Box.He gots Plenty of Money!!
I'm obsessed with my daughter. I now understand lisa raye when she was hella kissin her grown *** daughter on her show. Lola
Lisa Raye had that good lace front in the 98 ❀️
My πŸ’ wear white everyday like she young Lisa Raye!
Lisa Raye is so vintage. She can get it!
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She say she want a diamond, Lisa Raye welcome to the Player's Club...She can make a pimp fall in love.
who is Elise Neal?! To me, she is just that other girl who wasn't Lisa Raye on All of Us.
Ugh! I didn't show up so I don't know what happened. Slacker. Pepsi didn't show either.
Civil brand was that movie, I loved Lisa Raye.
Please tell me you went to class today!
Only one left for me now is christina milan and Sanaa Lathan.oh and lisa raye
Lisa Raye has been and will always be cold! πŸ˜πŸ™Œ
β€œomg civil brand is on πŸ˜­πŸ™Œ I luv this movie” Bae was still cold in that movie ..Lisa Raye πŸ™ŒπŸ˜
Naw she look like the crypt keeper now ""Lisa Raye >>>>" Stacey Dash >>>"
It's blowing me that Lisa Raye & Da Brat did this movie together lol
That's when I first saw Lisa Raye fine *** 😝😝😝
Lisa Raye in players club was prefect bruh
Lisa Raye in players club was prefect bruh πŸ˜“
Lisa raye on this episode of Martin !!
right she's usually on her Lisa Raye tip
Lisa raye's daughter is gorgeous... And +size. 😁 *More like 😏 vs 😁 lol 😊 but thank you
Right? *laughs* Well I'm mostly modeling right now but I'm on Single Ladies with Lisa Raye. You're still on GA right?
- Lisa Raye looking old in the face too but I'm still sleep don't wake me up.
Like I've said many times b4, I wear black like Lisa Raye wears white.
Lisa Raye strip scene in Players Club was legendary. She a real freak
Lisa Raye was soo cold in that movie πŸ˜β„οΈβ›„οΈ
...did...did you watch the BET version or something? I'm pretty sure there were two Lisa Raye nipples in there lol.
Lisa Raye does a movie about strippers and not one nipple was seen? What's up with that, Playas Club?!
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