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Lisa Lampanelli

Lisa Lampanelli (born Lisa Lampugnale) is an American stand-up comedian and insult comic.

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Get ready to laugh a lot when comedian comes to
And all this time I've been calling it the Lisa Lampanelli card 😂
Comedian and Stern Show regular Lisa Lampanell is set to take the stage later this month for a special show to...
Lisa Lampanelli helped me teach my kids about bigotry by showing how ridiculous it is to discriminate...
. is bringing her jokes to LI for an benefit...and her dog might show up too!…
Kathy Griffin, the late Joan Rivers, Lisa Lampanelli, Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer are my favorite female comedian…
There are two types of people in this world: Those who find Lisa Lampanelli funny, and men.
*cut to Lisa Lampanelli falling about*
Lineup for the American version of Taskmaster is Lisa Lampanelli, Freddie Highmore, Ron Funches, Dillon Francis, and Kate Berlant.
Lisa Lampanelli or Liza Minelli would make a great Dis or Dat question.
Kate Berlant had an episode on Netflix's The Characters, her comedy's pretty solid. Lisa Lampanelli's the queen of roast comedy
Lisa lampanelli believes R Kelly can fly, out my Olsen twins in his ignition check Michael Jordan by Will made me so fly
Donald Trump is the *** son of don rickles and lisa lampanelli
Donald Trump is the *** son of lisa lampanelli and don rickles.
I liked a video Woman Comedians vs Hecklers! (Amy Schumer, Joan Rivers, Lisa Lampanelli and more)
You could meet the incomparable with 2 Tickets to the Off-Broadway Show, Stuffed.…
Win tickets for Lisa Lampanelli at Charline McCombs Empire Theatre, April 01, 2017 with Do210
If you like your comedy raw, rude, & unfiltered, one of the best in the game is Lisa Lampanelli. She's playing at...
"Even at 300 pounds , a guy who drops Howard Sterns name is hot to me" -Lisa Lampanelli
Amy Schumer took Lisa Lampanelli's style and ran with it.
BTW the white woman who felt uncomfortable doing yoga w a black person and that weak article defending Lisa Lampanelli, UGH
Amy Schumer was selected because the notably more attractive Lisa Lampanelli wasn't available.
I've known Lisa Lampanelli for quite some time. We did the Shatner r...
now, we're free to find Lisa lampanelli completely unfunny, or Pete Davidson hilarious...
I liked a video Lisa Lampanelli remembers Greg Giraldo
At least whenever anybody heard of Lisa Lampanelli.
Catch the queen of mean herself at on Fri April 14th! More Info:…
presents Lisa Lampanelli, Comedy's Lovable Queen of Mean April 14 at ! Tix on sale 12/9 10am!
...PLUS Alter Bridge/ Lisa Lampanelli/ Quiet Riot and Jackyl tickets with your chance to win an autographed Outlaw Whiskey guitar!!
I would not be at all surprised if Lisa Lampanelli hosted one of them.
everyone's talking about Amy Schumer as Barbie but overlooking Seth Rogan as Ken + Lisa Lampanelli as Skipper
Just sitting here dying at Sarah Silverman and Lisa Lampanelli😭
Opening credits show: Liza Minelli. My husband asks, is that the fat obnoxious one that likes black *** ..No babe, that's Lisa Lampanelli 😂
have you ever heard Lisa lampanelli ?
I was thinking more of Lisa Lampanelli. You have to have the utter angst and disgust highlighted.
One day, I want to honestly say, 'I made it'.
I liked a video Lisa Lampanelli on President Trump
Extension announced for Lisa Lampanelli's new comedy at →
how come he turned Japanese when talking to Lisa Lampanelli?
Popular comedian Lisa Lampanelli, has her copy of "Cooking With Mr. C." Get yours today.…
True. We can throw that *** Kathy Griffin in here, too. And comedian Lisa Lampanelli.
'Stuffed': Theater Review: Comedian Lisa Lampanelli stars in her debut playwriting effort about women's food ...
Fat, feminist, funny. In comedian Lisa Lampanelli's first play Stuffed, it's that last word that's key. I've...
My favourite comedian changed from John Pinette to Lisa Lampanelli.
Would love to watch Christie go all Lou Ferrigno on Lisa Lampanelli on someone!
Lisa Lampanelli so cool at 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards in Los Angeles
Lisa Lampanelli: Queen of Mean will be at the Fox Tucson Theatre on May 27th at 7:30pm. Purchase your tickets by...
Donald Trump put up more useless hotels than an autistic kid playing monopoly - Lisa Lampanelli
Come see my new play, "Stuffed," on 6/25 in the Hamptons Tix are selling fast!
A6) Just heard Lisa Lampanelli on Radio Hour- she's a story-telling pro.
.ok assuming it's a 2 day shoot. Andy Richter-Lisa Lampanelli-you. Betty White-Patrick Stewart-Maya Rudolph
Lisa Lampanelli and I catch up at LIVE OUT LOUD's 2016 Gala. She shares why it's important for her to be an ally...
see 100 books that changed my life, including Lisa Lampanelli
Lisa Lampanelli: Have you made a mistake that ultimately helped shape you?. As ...
"Usually I'm on top to keep the guy from escaping." —Lisa Lampanelli
Melissa McCarthy is still funny. as a skinny mini unlike . Lisa Lampanelli👀
"Black people love me!" is a quote I'd expect to read from Lisa Lampanelli.
Watching Lisa Lampanelli comedian funny or offensive?PC world.
Lord knows nobody paid for Rolodex of Hate and its 15 year old Lisa Lampanelli jokes
My first time ever in Wendover! Can't wait to see me some and Lisa Lampanelli!…
Lisa Lampanelli, Senior Discounts, Fisting...Wendover, NV has it all tonight!!!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Move over, Elizabeth--the only Queen I worship is Lisa Lampanelli, the Queen of Mean!
I liked a video from Lisa Lampanelli - The Funniest Insult Stand Up
Tickets are now on sale for my stand-up show in Stamford, CT
Come see "Can We Take A Joke?" a new mockumentary hosted by Gilbert Gottfried, Lisa Lampanelli, Penn Jillette,...
Why are the following persona non grata - John the Stutterer, Siobhan, E.E. Offen, Lisa Lampanelli, Gilbert G, etc.?
Lisa Lampanelli tonight at the River Cree Casino!! Need a place to stay? Check out our offers!
The Republican primary is a Friars Club Roast. Surprised they didn't bring out Lisa Lampanelli at the last debate.
"Miss Piggy found out the hard way not old toads give warts!" - Lisa Lampanelli on the Comedy Central Roast of Kermit the Frog
As offensive as Lisa Lampanelli I'd choose her over Schumer any day. Ffs she's so unoriginal and vulgur and I will never understand her.
See Comedy’s Lovable Queen of Mean, Lisa Lampanelli as she returns to the Sands Event Center on April 16th!...
Lisa Lampanelli is the best female comedian ever to me. Probably not to the socially perfect, everything's offensive people though.
only in my head, and every time I hear her sing I think...if Susan Boyle and Lisa lampanelli rubbed mounds and had a baby...
Who says there are no great female Stand up comedians?. Lisa Lampanelli - Take It Like A Man via
I love her. Lisa Lampanelli roasts Donald Trump via
Lisa Lampanelli in Concert at Beacon Theatre - NY - Mar 18. ► Ticket Info:
Lisa Lampanelli on Roast of Trump: "If you were poor, you'd be f**g me!"
~since so many of my wishes have come true lately~. I wish Lisa Lampanelli & Kathy Griffin would tour 2gether!!.
Lisa "WHO?" Lampanelli - "I'm one of the top 3 female comedians in the world" Dream on!
TICKET BOX: Lady Antebellum at Musikfest, Diana Ross and Lisa Lampanelli at Sands Bethlehem Event Center ... - All…
Could probably get Jeff Ross or Lisa Lampanelli or some of the great comedic roasters to take part as well.
Lisa Lampanelli - The Best Comedian Ever... watch now free
I have a few. Ellen, Lisa Lampanelli, some former Saints players. (can't remember which ones though.)
Lisa Lampanelli is coming to the Golden State Theatre and I can't help but think of Lenny Bruce and all of the...
"Mullah Omar. Talk about overrated. He couldn't kill half as many people as Lisa Lampanelli attending NBA all-star weekend with an STD."
it would still just be 75% racist fat jokes about Lisa lampanelli
Lisa Lampanelli at Palace Theatre on Saturday, April 11, at 8 p.m. (Up to 25% Off)
dude, work on some new material, Lisa Lampanelli thinks you are a one trick pony.
I still cry at Lisa Lampanelli dragging Courtney Love 😭
had to search to see who the *** Lisa Lampanelli and Harry Partch were.
success story: Lisa Lampanelli feels 19 again
found list of guests for show: Lisa Lampanelli, Harry Partch, & Bono. I'm in, just bought 1st row seat!
Is there anyone less funny than Lisa Lampanelli?
I'm not only the Queen of Mean I'm the Queen of Meme. I'm like the Lisa Lampanelli of Vinesauce.
The Queen of Mean, is bringing The Leaner, Meaner Tour to The Canyon on 11/21. Tickets On Sale Now!
The ones with Lisa lampanelli are too funny
There's lots going on with lately; she talked with about what's coming up & what's passed:
Exclusive interview with she talks about new life, new show, and new projects.
Read this amazing article about me going from Queen of Mean to Spiritual Gangsta in by -
Lisa Lampanelli lost 107 pounds after surgery in 2012
Lampanelli Incredible Loss Experience: How She is Working Hard to Stay in Shape after Surgery
I liked a video from P.C. is the Enemy of Social Progress. Lisa Lampanelli on Why
Terrific article about a cool person, who is authentically fun & kind. you're setting a fab example!
iTunes best selling album: Back To the Drawing Board - Lisa Lampanelli
On a scale of one to Lisa Lampanelli, how offensive would it be if I said you like exactly like a former Hollister employee?
.holds nothing back in our latest podcast. Get your comedy on here:
doesn't Lisa Lampanelli refer to her preference in sex partners as "N-ers"?
New Music Friday: Emarosa, Dej Loaf, & Lisa Lampanelli via (written by me)
**Just Announced** Lisa Lampanelli bringers her 'Leaner and Meaner Tour' to Rutland on Oct. 15. Tickets on sale...
Imagine if was hosted by Sarah Silverman, Kathy Griffin, Chelsea Handler, Lisa Lampanelli or Whitney Cummings.
he as talking about inviting Lisa Lampanelli 😶💁
Lisa Lampanelli I talk about you and this night quite often. I'm still blown away by your kindness! Thank you.
Why Lisa Lampanelli is a ‘Spiritual Gangster’: Lisa Lampanelli shares how helping others can help develop a st...
I KNOW Norm McDonald has seen Lisa Lampanelli. Don't act that shocked.
Amy Schumer is the new Sarah Silverman who was the new Lisa Lampanelli - stereotypical rude white women down with black guys & weed
Easily the best comedian on Last Comic Standing since the late Lisa Lampanelli
I liked a video Lisa Lampanelli roasts Jeff Foxworthy
Lisa Lampanelli is the greatest comedian.
The OG roasters were originally Greg Giraldo, Lisa Lampanelli and Jeff Ross. Only Ross still holds it down.
Carlos Mencia, Dom Irerra this week, Lisa Lampanelli, Jay Leno later this ...
Patton Oswalt, Anthony Jeselneck, Lisa Lampanelli, Jeff Ross - they need to do a roast with all those people again
I mean, you need comics like Lisa Lampanelli, Daniel Tosh & Anthony Jesselnick. Instead we get Shaquille O'Neal & Martha Stewart
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