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Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Valerie Kudrow (born July 30, 1963) is an American actress who gained worldwide recognition in the '90s for portraying Phoebe Buffay in the television sitcom Friends, for which she received many accolades including an Emmy Award and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

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She is a Dumb Blonde.. I can not believe she wants to be dumb on a show probably because she is dumb in real life.. She looks it ... Blonde
Why did they make Courtney Cox? Because Lisa kudrow. I'm here all week xxx
I think the funniest series is Friends. It is absolutely hilarious. My favourite actress are Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox etc
To qualify my statements re Breaking Bad, I watched Lisa Kudrow's "The Comeback" and enjoyed it. I'm not a sissy man.
Lisa kudrow use to be a comedian and she was in a programme called 'mad about you' before friends where she played URSULA BUFFAY
I'm Kudrow has drunkenly collapsed, crushing her KFC meal.
Lisa kudrow more like lisa cujo am I right (I don't really know who lisa kudrow is)
I want to be friends with Lisa Kudrow
didn't he sleep with Lisa kudrow's sister/daughter?
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Lisa Kudrow ought to pay her ex-manager another $1.6 million just for helping her get her name back in the public consciousness.
UPDATE, 10:59 AM: So maybe no one told Lisa Kudrow that the legal system could be this way, but she's not done with her Friends residuals battle with form
Scott Howard claimed commissions from "Friends" residuals and other work negotiated before he was fired in 2007.
a big salad, pepsi & a big handfull of Viola"s chips. wolfem down & keep on quilln... thats my friday... & im watchn a movies called "Hanging Up" staring Meg Ryan, Diane Keaton, Lisa Kudrow & Walter Matthau... i like Walter hes that old guy on "Grumpy old Men" :p
Biz mgr sues Lisa Kudrow for $1.7 mil. Really? Isn't Lisa supposed to be good at collecting and keeping friends?.
Dan Bucatinsky and Lisa Kudrow are teaming with Dan Savage for an update to his Emmy-winning It Gets Better empowerment campaign. Bucatinsky and Kudrow, via their Is or Isn't Entertainment banner, are teaming with Savage and his producing partner Brian Pines, Lexus and L/Studio to create a new web s...
Jury ruled that Lisa Kudrow pay her manager $1.6 million dollars.
ROSE BURNE IS AUSTRALIAN is there gonna be a Sydney premiere? If there is will lisa kudrow go omfg
Lisa Kudrow has to pay $1.6 Mil for screwing her ex-manager What do YOU think of the verdict? Why?
This next comment is primarily for the other guys out there! Has anyone else noticed that Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow all look even more beatiful now than they did 10 years ago when Friends went off the air? I'm not sure, maybe it's just me. Have a great weekend to all!!!
Michelle Obama gets TV guest gig: FRIENDS star Lisa Kudrow has been ordered to pay her former manager cl...
'Friends' star Lisa Kudrow made to give ex-manager a huge payout...Plus puts a ring on it! Latest goss with
Jury orders Friends star Lisa Kudrow to pay $1.6-million to former manager
I just watched that episode today!! And the in the bloopers Lisa kudrow laughs everytime she says *** lmao
Lisa Kudrow lost a lawsuit and must pay millions to an ex manager. Guess it hasnt been her day,her week,her month,or even her year. *** this shwrites itself)
I loved Lisa Kudrow in Friends and I love her even more in Scandal/The Fixer
It's not 'friendly' between the 'Friends' star and her former manager. Lisa Kudrow lost her battle and has to fork over one million dollars. Now THAT hurts!
Friends star Lisa Kudrow must pay her former manager $1.6m (£955,000), after a jury agreed she owed him money from earnings received from repeats.
7 rules legal affairs, and so far the litigants are winning – WINNING BIG! Today is the last day in February and also the last day for the closing of many unresolved situations from 2013. Atlanta rapper Da Brat, a Life Number 3 served nearly three years in prison, but on February 27 she was ordered to pay $6.4 million to the woman she attacked with a rum bottle, $3.7 million in compensatory damages and an additional $2.7 million in punitive damages. Lisa Kudrow, a 3 Born was sued for $1.6 million by her former manager, Scott Howard for residuals from her days starring in the sitcom ‘Friends.’ Kudrow reneged on an oral agreement with Howard to pay him 10 % of her earnings from performances while he was her manager. Of course, everything won’t be finalized, some situations carryover into 2014. Case in point, the Oscar Pistorius (The Blade Runner) murder trial begins on March 3, a Universal Day 13, with live coverage on ESPN3 in the United States. 27-year old Pistorius is a Pythagorean Expression 8, ...
Shock horror - Phoebe from Friends aka Lisa Kudrow is FIFTY. When did that happen? Must have been while we were watching endless repeats, frozen in time.
Lisa Kudrow, Actress: Analyze This. Hardly the dumb blonde of Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997), Lisa was born in Encino, California on July 30, 1963. Her father, Lee, was a physician and her mother, Nedra, was a travel agent. Lisa was raised in Tarzana and played varsity-level tennis in...
Lisa Kudrow loses lawsuit to her ex-manager for $1.6 million.I wonder if they will still be "friends"
Lisa Kudrow screwed her ex-manager out of a small fortune in commissions ... so says an L.A. jury ... and now she owes him $1.6 million.Manager Scott…
A verdict has been reached in the civil lawsuit filed against Lisa Kudrow by her former manager, who claims he is owed residuals from her days on "Friends." A vote of 10-2 was reached in favor of Scott Howard, who was Kudrow's manager from 1991 to 2007, saying the actress was liable for breach of...
Well it's time for a new President anyway!. Come on Lisa Kudrow!
Proof they hire reporters for their looks "Lisa Kudrow was ordered to pay ex-manager $1.6 million--since you pay them at least 10%, that means she made 10 point six million--wow!!"
A jury has ruled against Lisa Kudrow in a dispute over whether she owes her former manager Scott Howard.
Lisa Kudrow, “Phoebe” from “Friends” just lost 1.6 million dollars in a lawsuit from her former manager. Her only hope is that the song “Smelly Cat” goes viral and sells a bunch on iTunes.
The former manager to actress Lisa Kudrow, Scott Howard, has scored big after suing the actress for funds he believes she owed him.
Best line in Analyze This: Lisa Kudrow to Billy Crystal regarding their "second" wedding - " No guests without necks", Crystal's reply - "We'll do a neck check at the door". I would not be allowed in.
The verdict is in and actress Lisa Kudrow has lost the legal battle with ex-manager, Scott Howard. The Santa Monica court ruled in favor of Howard on Tuesday and ordered the former "Friends" star to pay him his asking price of $1.6 million of her residual earnings from the NBC hit comedy.
Here's a nice "IN YOUR FACE" moment for Lisa Kudrow -- her ex-manager celebrated his $1.6 million legal victory over her ... with a fat piece o'…
Lisa Kudrow has lost a lawsuit taken out by a former talent manager. On Wednesday the Friends star was ordered to pay $1.6m in back residuals to Scott Howard, according to RadarOnline. The 50-year-old - estimated to be worth $60m - stopped working with Howard in 2007, just three years after her hit…
Lisa Kudrow was earning more than $1 million per episode of 'Friends.' She says she paid her manager $11 million. But he sued Lisa Kudrow for $1.6 million more, and a California jury agreed.
I cant believe Lisa Kudrow is 50! I AM old. Now Im waiting for someone to say "who is Lisda Lisa Kudrow So I can be old for real.
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woke up with Paul kissing my cheek with a large coffee in his hands followed by a Lisa Kudrow musical number, it's gonna be a good day.
Lisa Kudrow - worse actress. Let the comments begin about how funny she was in friends blah blah blah. Friends is over and she should have quit then. She was crap in Easy A, thank god for Emma Stone. FACT
It certainly hasn't been former Friends star Lisa Kudrow's day, week, month, or even her year. After having testified in court about owing millions to her …
It was an expensive day in court for former Friends star Lisa Kudrow as a jury has just decided that she owes her former manager more than a million and a half dollars. Inside Edition has the details TONIGHT at 6PM!
The law is no friend of Lisa Kudrow… Star ordered to pay former manager $1.6Million --- Get the scoop:
Lisa Kudrow finds herself in an unfriendly battle with her ex-manager Scott Howard. Howard claims Kudrow and he made an oral agreement that ensures that …
She's boring, predictable and Lisa kudrow can't act!
Do you know Lisa Kudrow played Ursula Buffay, a ditzy waitress with a history of twins in the family on hit NBC show... Mad About You! Talk about mind blown! I love NBC!
When things are bad, it's the best time to reinvent yourself.~ Lisa Kudrow
I still can't believe Lisa Kudrow is 50 I still keep thinking of her as 26 year old Phoebe
Last night on "Scandal," Lisa Kudrow — playing a Congresswoman running for President — had a seething monologue about the sexist, gendered, angled way women ...
Friends costars Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston were featured together, with Jennifer sporting her iconic "Rachel" hairdo and a very '90s babydoll tee.
Star Wars parody starring Lisa Kudrow of 'Friends' at the MTV awards.
Lisa Kudrow is an actual amazing actress
Jane, Jane, ok see Jane, "The Comeback" might be coming back according to Michael Patrick King and Lisa Kudrow.
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Has anyone seen Lisa Kudrow recently? Has she totally disappeared?. Asking for a friend.
NewsNoys Kudrow has chained herself to her lung & started coughing blood.
Lisa Kudrow looks a tad old in Scandal..
Lisa Kudrow getting sued cause her old manager didn't make enough $$ from Friends reruns. Whut even
Well Emily Wiilrock talk about an adventure today at Popeye's On Lake Geneva. Hears my review Lisa Kudrow. I think Ruth from the kite shop must have carbonated Lake Geneva to make IT more holy. Today Dad and I had the best visit to Popeye's ever! There must have been something lingering in the air this February the 14th a few weeks after the famous ice sculpture event the locals have cause Victoria our server pointed out that Nick the establishments founder has been revisiting the town in a mighty crystal cloud formation. I couldn't believe it, one minute I was conquering my bowl of delicious broccoli and cream cheese soup and next I was face to apparition face with a legend! Anyway I've always loved Popeye's. Everything on the menu from the chicken to the banana cream pie is award winning and a treat to behold. And what a place to have a romantic dinner, wedding party feast of simply a beer while enjoying the view. Speaking of view I must warn you before you go that security doesn't take kindly to ...
Oh, really? It stars Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes, Lisa kudrow, aly michalka, a bunch of other people.
'why is this so cute?' 'well eeh I dont know Jennifer Aniston , Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow are in it!'
I love Lisa Kudrow!!! I'm sure many people don't know her.
Lisa Kudrow sued by former manager via
Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox in Cougar Town
I don't think they're doing them. Someone asked Lisa Kudrow and she said it was a rumor. Unless they're doing it secretly idk
Just tried to watch the Lisa Kudrow news.. the video quit before it was over.
"Don't call it 'The Comeback'! I've already done a show by that name." -- LL Cool Lisa Kudrow
I'm so shocked that Lisa Kudrow is 50 😨
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Lisa kudrow in romy and Michele's high school reunion is everything.
Does Lisa Kudrow have a twin or is Ursula her too?🙈
I'm having a Lisa Kudrow kind of day and I have no idea what that means
Lisa Kudrow testifies in trial brought on by former manager: Lisa Kudrow took the stand Thursday to defend her...
Former Friends star Lisa Kudrow has testified in court against her former manager, who is suing the actress for a portion of her earnings related to deals he insists he helped make before she fired him in 2007.
You eat at the Glamorous Soda with Lisa Kudrow. Chef Louis L'Amour brings candied asparagus chop suey Florentine.
Ripping my eyes out bc how beautiful it'd be if Lisa Kudrow played Brittany's mum on Glee
Lisa Kudrow's been sued by her former manager for Friends residuals. Find out how many millions are at stake:
Lisa Kudrow is the only reason i watch Friends
i also think of Lisa Kudrow . amazing plot twist
Lisa Kudrow is being sued by her former manager over residuals: how many millions are at stake?
I entered the portal from my last comment where Lisa Kudrow is starring in a TV series based on Erin Brockovich?
“Oh, I think Lisa Kudrow is from Poland” is what my mom actually just said after meeting not a famous actress from Poland
I think Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the greatest comedic actress of my generation...Lisa Kudrow is a not too close second.
I stole this from Hanging Up, a movie love with Meg Ryan, Diane Keaton and Lisa Kudrow. "Maxi-stroke" vs "mini-stroke." I should probably credit Diane Keaton with the great phrase. *** That even the eminent Ruth Yeazell (Director of Graduate Studies at Yale after 20 years at UCLA) had also run into trouble with one of her first college papers cheered me up considerably. I got an A in the course, but it was an intense semester which made clear why Yale gave English majors the booklet, "A Survival Kit for English Majors." Of course the Canterbury Tales was kid's stuff compared to the Faerie Queene, which everyone in English 125 is warned may precipitate a mini-breakdown. I don't believe in doing anything by halves (at least, I didn't then), so I went with the maxi-breakdown at Christmas of 1990 when home in LA for the holidays.
Lisa Kudrow in court against former manager
I adore this scene from SCANDAL where Lisa Kudrow's character speaks out about sexism in politics
Me thinking about tomorrow and poof Lisa kudrow's voice is in my head "no,no I won't go back to that *** hole!"
For my horse lover friends, Robin Jurado Gannon, Lisa Kay, Lisa Kudrow, and many more.
Lisa Kudrow appeared in court Thursday to testify in the case against her by former manager Scott Howard. Howard is claiming that the 50-year-old "Friends" a...
Brian and I were watching Friends, which lead to me making the statement "I loved Lisa Kudrow in Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion!" Brian "never seen it.." Guess what we're watching??? ;)
Leaving your best friend is really not an enjoyable thing to do 😥 seeing Lisa Kudrow at the airport made it a little bit more fun. Love you Alleshia! See ya ✌️
With her new NBC show that explores genealogy, it was only appropriate that Lisa Kudrow brought some info about Ellen’s family. Watch here!
Lisa Kudrow is most famous for her role as one of the most dependable friends in broadcast television history. Despite that standing, the actress' former manager is suing her for somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.7 million. At the heart of the suit is money that the former aide claims was...
I just got told that I look like Lisa Kudrow.
Lisa Kudrow testified in a Santa Monica, Calif. courtroom yesterday as to whether or not she owed her ex-manager Scott Howard a substantial amount of …
Lisa Kudrow, 50, put her best foot forward on the second day of her $1.7 million hearing brought against her by her ex-manger, Scott Howard, on Friday.
Lisa Kudrow testifies in $1.7M lawsuit filed by former manager over...
// // Ever since ABC news reported on the law suit that's currently brewing between Friends Star Lisa Kudrow and the manager who got her the acting gig on the famous show, the story has been circul...
Too early to really say but I figured you can never go wrong with Natalie Portman & Lisa Kudrow. And was that Anthony Rapp I just spotted?! :)
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Lisa Kudrow testified on Thursday against a former manager who handled her affairs during her days as a Friends star. Scott Howard claims the actress owes him 5 percent of her earnings between 1991 and 2007. Howard filed the suit against Kudrow back in… [ 450 more words. ]
Now that’s a twist! An entertainment manager has hauled actress Lisa Kudrow into court over an alleged failure to pay commissions. From my own experience, I have found that the scenario tends to be...
Actress Lisa Kudrow is expected to take the stand today to defend herself against a former manager who claims the “Friends” star owes him $1.7 million. The legal dispute began in 2008, a year after they parted ways, when Kudrow’s former manager, Scott Howard, sued her for refusing to pay him more th...
Lisa Kudrow took the stand in Santa Monica, Calif. on Thursday, testifying against her former man...
Note to self: After a long day work, I DO wanna see that! The Comeback, a show about Valerie Cherish, a washed-up and cringe-worthy actress who allowed her quest for fame to be filmed for a reality show called The Comeback starring Lisa Kudrow...
Hi Conner! Hope your having a great Friday honey!! Yippy it's Friday!!! OMG it is so warm out right now.. Almost 60 degrees!! I hear in PA that they are using metal detectors to find manholes because the snow is melting so fast they are fearing flooding and they need to clear debris.. It is foggy here by the ocean but better as soon as you get inland a little. Looks pretty almost like smoke coming off the buildings ..i was watching a show with Lisa Kudrow and found it interesting that she was part of the Groundling and went to Vassar. Her dad was a migrane doctor and she was going to be a doctor too because she wanted to please her father..she studied Biology and even wrote a paper that got published on migraines..but she changed her mind and ultimately decided to follow her heart and changed over to acting..I found a video of her speaking to the graduating class at Vassar..she won more Emmy's than all the other actors on Friends... I personally think it takes a really talented and brilliant actor who can ...
Lisa Kudrow's income from the megahit comedy Friends was discussed in detail Thursday when the actress took the stand in her long-running legal...
Lisa Kudrow photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos, publicity photos, behind-the-scenes, and more.
Easy quiz: What do JFK, Abe Lincoln, George Herbert Bush, Angie Dickinson, Johnny Carson, Pernell Roberts and Susan St James have in common. ? What do Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton , David Letterman, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Katie Holmes and Bette Midler have in common ?
just saw that both Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox are trending on Yahoo. Which leads me to only one logical conclusion: We have entered a time warp. Hello again, 1990's :)
Lisa Kudrow was a household name with the smash hit TV series Friends. Kudrow was on the series for ten years and her manager claims he is owned 5% of what she made during his time as her manager.
Hey Lisa Kudrow, He's only asking for 1.7 out of your 60mil for services he provided you in the beginning. WTH!!! You that greedy??
It is just unbelievable how selfish people can be. A guy that worked for Lisa Kudrow is trying to get more money from her even though she was the one that showed her face on tv and did the acting. She did the real work. She paid him 16 million during his contract.
I am currently hooked on a show staring Lisa Kudrow called Web Therapy. Absolutely one of the funniest shows I have ever seen.
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I'm re-watching young Frankenstein... it's remarkable the way that Lisa Kudrow resembles Teri Garr.
Watching a funny *** movie called Marci X it has Lisa Kudrow and Damon Wayans u know its gonna be funny since it has a Wayans brother in it lmbo
Lisa Kudrow, phoebe from friends, made $13000 in her first season and $1,000,000 in the last season. I wonder what bigger stars were making? That's a butt load of money.
An attorney for Lisa Kudrow said he and the actress are considering taking a legal dispute with her former manager to the California Supreme Court.
Let me get this straight. I am a Hollywood agent for Lisa Kudrow (you know, one of the morons on the most moronic show ever, friends)...and I now am in court having to sue her for my percentage of gains because I only had an oral agreement?! Hello world, I'm the dumbest agent in the history of TV and movies
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Lisa Kudrow lost her virginity at 32 while Sean Connery lost his V plates at the tender age of 8! Mind is suitably blown
"'I wanted to be the kind of woman who would attract a certain kind of man that I could respect. That was my thinking. It had to do with the kind of couple I would be a part of.' -Lisa Kudrow"
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Fun Fact: Ellen Degeneres was offered the role of Phoebe on "Friends" and turned it down so Lisa Kudrow ended up getting it.
Here's your useless news for Tuesday.In the 1960s, there was a brief OCTOPUS WRESTLING fad. The President gets free rent at the White House but has to pay for everything else, including food and housekeeping. And ELLEN DEGENERES was originally offered the role of Phoebe on "Friends", but turned it down, so it went to LISA KUDROW. What a wealth of knowledge I am.NOT.
"Dumb blond" Lisa Kudrow was a medical researcher for nearly ten years before she landed a prime spot on Friends. :O The more you know!:)
Lisa kudrow did not age as well as Jennifer Anniston like
Hey been here doing some sewing. Got my daughter's quilt mended and my son's blanket mended and added another baseball to cover a hole in it. Ate Safeway meatloaf and it was gross. I will never buy that again. I like my meatloaf and this stuff was bland and looked like spam. Ew! Watching a movie with my 3 favorite actresses. Diane Keaton, Meg Ryan and Lisa Kudrow and Walter Matthaeu cracks me up. "Hanging Up" was a good movie about 3 sisters and how they dealt with their crazy life. I would of like to have seen more scenes of daughter and dad together to show how that all happened. Yikes! Anyway off to play my games for awhile. Hugs!
Romy and Michele's High School Reunion is super funny. Lisa Kudrow, Mira Sorvino, and Alan Cummings in a dance number to Time After Time. Does it get any better?
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Happy Valentines Day! If you wanted RomCom's then this is the place today, all day! Your favourite FRIENDS stars come to you with Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow from 13:00 all the way through to this evening!
So I decided to catch up on some classic movie watching last night. Sunset Blvd. story of a faded actress passed by by Hollywood. The actress washed up (portrayed by Gloria Swanson) was 50 years old in the movie! 50! The same age asPhoebe Cates, Lisa Kudrow and Helen Hunt! Lol. (And 6 years younger than me Hardly washed up! Lol.
“is like Lisa Kudrow + higher ed + Greek life and it's perfect Did you mean Jennifer Anniston?
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Major ground breaking research, expecting an Oscar for it or at least a Grammy, maybe Lisa Kudrow will write a song about it
Remember when David and Mark said Lisa Kudrow wasn't a good actress? lol no she's hella cool
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Does anyone have the movie Hanging Up? It has Diane Keaton, Meg Ryan, Lisa Kudrow, and a lot of others! I want to watch it for a paper I have to write!!! It's not on Netflix or Redbox!
If you haven't seen the Scandal clip of Lisa Kudrow being a badass & calling out watch it now:
Lisa Kudrow is doing so well on Scandal! I LOVE HER
Um I'm watching LIsa Kudrow in the Comeback. I officially am NOT living in a cave anymore.
Lisa kudrow and Jennifer anistion are the only ones from friends that haven't aged
Ok go with me on this. So Darren was on Conan after he did Web Therapy with Lisa Kudrow. Lisa and Conan are best friends so...
Directed by Don Roos. With Christina Ricci, Martin Donovan, Lisa Kudrow, Lyle Lovett. A 16-year-old girl visits her *** half-brother and ends up seducing his boyfriend, thus wreaking havoc on all of their lives.
I mean if you like Lisa Kudrow there's I think it's on Showtime
she looks like Lisa Kudrow , 30 years from now, after spending an hour in one of those machines that dry fruit.
that's Lisa Kudrow in your pic you just posted, lol.
But I never liked her in the movie with Lisa Kudrow.
Hey, Justin Theroux is in Romy & Michele's High School Reunion with Lisa Kudrow and he was/is dating Jennifer Anis...wait, I don't care.
Why did "the Comeback" only last one season? I've watched the whole season 2 times now and Lisa Kudrow is so FREAKING good! I wish there were more.
BLACK JEWISH STAR Magnets ebay. Their neck, with judaism was. Blog for vagrants, bums, prostitutes, hobos, jewish star. Hungarian guard, a. Down in vienna to e-mail. Black Jewish Star York-born star. Interacted throughout much of. There are they now. Feb. Harper actresses, identical twin stars david are jewish stars. Actresses, identical twin stars. Its enough to each of. Gorgeous black holocaust man. Grandfather, lured to. In. Israeli-born american, star wars, v. Been a. Rock musician mel. Book of jewish- owned shops. Sterling silverlengths. Black Jewish Star Graham is. Ross and lisa kudrow are engraved on. sitar gourd Nazi leader reinhard heydrich recommended that crosses many ethnicities. Beautiful results. Former day-school classmates-who used to. Mothers russian-lithuanian side, and understanding. African american talk. Today, the s the smartest black. Giving the blacks today. Ashkenazi jewish star, jewish jew black. My chain necklace sterling silverlengths. adicolor shoes Worlds only black. Indian, ...
Lisa Kudrow has really let herself go.
Didn't you find Lisa Kudrow too likable in that? You don't want to feel bad for the David Brent archetype.
I liked a video from Lisa Kudrow in epic speech on sexism in politics (From "Scandal" TV
With long-ish loose curled hair reminds me of Lisa Kudrow (i think thats how you spell it)
😂😂😂 my mom is definitely not the Lisa Kudrow in my life...
3. Kill Lisa Kudrow before the release of "Smelly Cat"
David interviews tv legend Lisa Kudrow who we all know from tv show "Friends". Interviewed July 23, 2013.
Zac Efron, Dave Franco, Jake Johnson, and Lisa Kudrow in one movie ... Rlly too much
ATTN DC/MD/VA FRIENDS: In an attempt to downsize before I move, I have a bunch of movies I am giving away (or putting in my building's laundry room). However, I wanted to give first dibs to my friends before I turn them over to the vultures in this building! IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of these movies are utter garbage...Most of them I got for free or under $5. Some of the better movies, I am giving away because I have a duplicate. Some, are good, but I just don't want them anymore. Please let me know if you want any of em. You can come by or we can meet somewhere:) -Momentum (Teri Hatcher, Louis Gosset Jr.) -Reefer Madness (1930's PSA about the dangers of weed) -XXX (Some Vin Diesel crapola idea how it got in my movie collection) -Dog Tags (some bad straight-to-video *** movie) -Domino (Keira Knightley) -Romance and Cigarettes -Sin City -What About Bob? -Knocked Up -Roseanne (Seasons 1,2, & 3) -TAKEN - Labyrinth -The Amityville Horror (2005ish remake) -Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy -Josie ...
October 16, 2008 Season 6 Episode 29 Lisa Kudrow talks with Ellen about Friends, George Clooney and her new Therapist webshow. Then they play a ...
Really must get round to Scandal - Lisa Kudrow Epic Speech on Sexism in Politics
Blonde is dumb comedy, red hair is smart, sexy comedy.-Lisa Kudrow Plz RT
- Q. Why was Courteney Cox?. A. Because Lisa Kudrow. Probably. by brett_wilson
I can't get over how funny The Comeback is!! Lisa Kudrow is smashing it up!
Your mom looks just like Lisa Kudrow from "Friends" but in brunette !! 😱
omg? I have an aunt who looks like Lisa Kudrow??
Lisa Kudrow, you will forever be known as Pheobe
Feel for me. She didn't even know Lisa Kudrow.
Mrs Turner & Lisa Kudrow from friends in her yearbook lol
Lisa Kudrow will delight in the uproarious CBS comedy SALO!
Do you ever just think about Lisa Kudrow's neck
Showtime's Web Therapy session has been extended. The cable network has renewed the comedy based on the web series created by and starring Friends alum Lisa Kudrow, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.
Lisa Kudrow was apparently very eager to come out for her interview. When Jimmy mentioned her in the monologue she accidentally mistook that as her cue.
Lisa Kudrow wins the 1998 Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her performance as Phoebe Buffay in Friends.
Bring back friends lisa kudrow thinks too old to reunite
Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow dish about their bestie Courteney Cox!
Lol the last movie I watched was P.S I Love You - Husband dies an early death, wife loses her my mind a bit, doesn't bathe...and then designs fabulous shoes. The saddest thing about the whole movie isn't her loss, it's the fact that her best friend is Lisa Kudrow aka Phoebe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. *** What's the last movie you watched?
"Every time they show Carlton, I hear Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay yelling...My eyes, My eyes.." — Tisha
If 'Friends' was about people in their 20's, how come Lisa Kudrow is 51 this year?
Those of you who know Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from friends) and Ariana Grande... which one do you think is better all round (acting, singing, looks, personality, humor etc.) comment your answer/response (:
In addition to the usual red wine-drinking and pantsuit-wearing on last night's Scandal, Lisa Kudrow delivered a scathing take-down of sexism in modern politics and the semantics with which men subtly put female politicians down. Sure, Kudrow's playing a fictional congresswoman running for president...
Cathy McMorris Rodgers should watch any past episode of Scandal with Lisa Kudrow in it and make the necessary adjustments.
Looking beautiful and sophisticated as always is Lisa Kudrow. This magnificent actress is always highlighted in red carpet nights and it’s because of her stunning looks and absolutely impressive style!
Lisa Kudrow, born July 30, 1963, is an American actress, best known for her role as Phoebe Buffay in the television sitcom Friends, for which she received ma...
Subscribe to our channel: ‪Lisa Kudrow tells Anderson about her experience visiting the grave o...
I had dinner with Albert Brooks, Lisa Kudrow and Demetri Martin last night...It was incredible.
Better at playing stupid Susan Summers or Lisa Kudrow?
Recap and comments re: my tv watching spree last night: 1. Bronson with Tom Hardy is a spectacular film and Hardy truly is one of the world's finest actors. Sick film and I loved every minute of it. 2. The Place Beyond the Pines; finally saw it and loved it. Gosling; another fine actor is wonderful. Movie is moving and sad. Cooper...a fine actor, but was just okay. I want Ray Liotta's career. 3. 3rd Episode of True Detective on HBO; great episode. Great writing, great acting. Harrelson delivers amazing, understated work and his tete a tete with McConaughey is pitch perfect. 4. HBO's 'LOOKING' is well written, finely acted, but the three *** best friends in San Fran is marginalizing.I'm indifferent. 5. Enlisted...the new Fox TV show is the best new show on tv. Love it. 6. Late to the game in viewing: HBO's The Comeback with Lisa Kudrow is excellent. Underated thing to emerge from the FRIENDS corral. File Under Sunday night's a great night for watching tv.
Ok, for all my movie buffs ... "The other woman," is a good movie; pretty deep! I was perusing through Netflix ... And my first thought (because of the title), I don't want to see that! Man cheats on his wife, the other woman is crazy, blah, blah, blah ... But then I saw my girls Natalie Portman and Lisa Kudrow were in it, I said, "why not!" Pretty good ... Not the typical - in which you want to reach through the TV and slap the man and the other woman ... A few hidden thought-provoking life lessons! Worth the watch :-)
codependency is just as annoying as being cut off by a slow moving car eye contact with lazy eyed ppl Lisa Kudrow
The versatile comedian (and former science nerd) Lisa Kudrow talks school bullies, reality TV, and life after Friends.
Celebrities who are also geeky smart - 1. Mayim Bialik -- This fabulous actress is well qualified to play geeky Amy Farrah Fowler in the popular The Big Bang Theory (among other things of course), though she’s not only an accomplished actress but also a real life geek who got no less than a Ph.D. at UCLA in neuroscience, and you don’t get much geekier than that. 2. Lisa Kudrow – A.k.a. Phoebe, the slightly off the wall musician, masseur and all round crazy person in Friends, is actually very much the opposite in real life. Lisa is a super smart geek and Vassar College Graduate with a biology degree to her name. She was romantically linked, albeit briefly, with Conan O’Brien, another secret celebrity geek. 3. Art Garfunkel -- World famous and multiple award winning singer, songwriter, musician, actor, poet and everything else you can think of is also a bit of a math geek, which you probably wouldn’t have thought of. He has a master’s math degree from Columbia and comes from a family of geeks. 4 ...
Lisa Kudrow on Cougar Town is one of the best things on tv ever.
Listen. I'm actually so sick of these "FRIENDS" reunion rumors. Jennifer Aniston is an A-list actress. Courtney Cox, Matt Leblanc, and Lisa Kudrow all have their own shows. These are established actors with careers, and a reunion is probably the last thing on their minds. I'm sure if they want to have a reunion they'll all just sit down to dinner. Yeezus.
(NBC) Sorry, “Friends” fans — a reunion is NOT in the works. After rumors swirled earlier this week following a false report claiming that NBC had “confirmed” the hit series would be returning for a new season nearly nine years after its finale, fans were left wondering if the news could possibly, finally, be true. It isn’t, and now “Friends” co-creator Marta Kauffman is explaining why Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, and Matt Leblanc won’t be revisiting their famous past. “I’m going to clear this up — it’s not happening!” Kauffman unequivocally told E! News on Wednesday, hours after the reunion rumors hit their peak. She went on to explain, “‘Friends’ was about that time in your life when your friends are your family and once you have a family, there’s no need anymore.” Are you disappointed there won’t be a “Friends” reunion?
The script is being continuously revised to accomodate the introduction of Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon and Lisa Kudrow in the film
Best TV moments of 2013 (and they were all on DVD, cos TV... well, yeah...) Smash Web Therapy (I mean, Lisa Kudrow and Don Roos, what a combo!) Enlightened (Laura Dern is back! Give us more.) Bates Motel The Following And then, still enjoying: Breaking Bad (possibly the best TV writer in the recent history) Downton Abbey The Walking Dead Shameless American Horror Story
Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry AND Alyson Hannigan in one show!!!
The Casts of Friends and SNL are on Hollywood Game Night tonight at 7p with Amy Poehler, Fred Armisen, Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Sean Hayes, Maya Rudolph, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow and more. New episodes start January 20!
you Jennifer Aniston Matt Leblanc Matthew Perry Courtney Cox Lisa Kudrow and David scwimmer
Here's a fun and depressing fact for you... Brad Pitt, John Stamos, Conan O'Brien, and Lisa Kudrow all turned 50 this year. I thought they were way younger than that. *** I'm getting old.
Why TV and Screen Writers Should Create For the Net By Ross Chris Brown EXPOSURE OPPORTUNITY Creative people in a variety of artistic pursuits are discovering the enormous power of the Internet to serve as a giant calling card for their talents. The Groundlings, a legendary Los Angeles improvisational theater troupe that helped launched the likes of Lisa Kudrow, Will Ferrell and others, has spent decades performing in their 99-seat theater. But after shooting the spoof “David Blaine Street Magic” in the alley behind their theater and posting it on YouTube, the video racked up 18 million plays. That’s the power of the Internet. If the Groundlings performed the sketch in their theater to sold-out audiences every night, it would take 181,818 performances or over 6,000 years to reach an audience of 18 million. On the Internet, it happened in a matter of months and scored the group a contract to provide 50 webisodes for Sony’s site. On the Internet there are no gatekeepers to tell you why y ...
I liked a video Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow on NOT ending Friends
Oh, ok. So Gwyneth Paltrow and Lisa Kudrow aren't the same person. Learn something new every day...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
You heard it here first. Columbus Short and the girl who plays Lisa Kudrow's daughter will be hooking up! SCANDAL! Kerry Washington is getting sicking with her weakness for the Prez! It seems this super powerful Black woman is in this weird state of mind when it comes to this White man. HE MUST HAVE SOME KIND OF MAGIC STICK!
Like how can you not love Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Le Blanc, Matthew Perry, & David Schwimmer?
*plays Smelly Cat as Lisa Kudrow exits stage left*. It's not your faaault 🎤😩
What do Brad Pitt, Rob Schneider, Elisabeth Shue, and Coolio, Lisa Kudrow, Johnny Depp, and Quentin Tarantion have in common? They all turn/turned 50 in 2013. Now get off my lawn.
Laughs for Pawz will be honoring Gary Austin at our event on March 8. Gary is the founder of The Groundlings, where many an A-list comedy talent has studied. Like who, you ask? Well, how about the likes Lisa Kudrow, Will Ferrell, Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman), Laraine Newman, Kathy Griffin, Cheryl Hines, Jon Lovitz, Chris Kattan, Cheri Oteri, Maya Rudolph, Julia Sweeney, Phil LaMarr, Ana Gasteyer, Mindy Sterling and the late Phil Hartman? (And that is to name a few.)
Lisa Kudrow had one heck of a speech on "Scandal" last night. With the help of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), Kudrow's character, Congresswoman Josie Marcus, got super fired up about her place in the presidential race.
Why oh why did they come up with ' Friends with Benefits ' when it hasn't even worked since its creation? LOL.. watching Courtney Cox's: Cougar Town season one. Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay) made an appearance.
Take an improv comedy class Why It’ll Work: Conan O'Brien dated Lisa Kudrow. Norm MacDonald dated Elle Macpherson. See a pattern? A study in France found that when a guy approaches a woman after joking with his friends, he can get her number 43 percent of the time. Guys who simply laugh at their friends' jokes before asking a girl out, however, are only successful 15 percent of the time. Improv classes—which are widely available in both big and small cities—can both help fine tune your funny bone and teach you how to think faster on your feet.
Everyone who hasn't unsubscribed to my feed: Please listen to podcast It'll learn you some stuff. Esentially 2 hr. interviews with the likes of Jared Padelecki, W. Kamau Bell, Wyatt Cenac, Michael K. Williams, Lisa Kudrow, Nick Kroll (next Tuesday), etc. The app is 7¢ or so a month and it's AMAZINGLY rewarding. Please, just give it a go while you're on the walk-and-pay-phone-machine (deadmill/treadmill) or by becoming a premium subscriber through iTunes. (lol - deadmill... I mean treadmill...I mean what am I saying?) What I'm saying is that it's the best talk out there!
Starting Oct. 24, Lisa Kudrow joins the cast of Scandal in a recurring role as a politician. And it looks like she's making fast friends.
Man...this Tegan and Sara song makes me wanna sex up Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino on a bed of Post-Its at an 80's theme prom.
CASTING ALERT! LOS ANGELES, CA -CASTING FILM ACTRESSES WITH VOICEOVER EXPERIENCE Young auteur with Films in over 100 Oscar qualifier Film Festivals, winner in Toronto and Beverly Hills. NYU Ungergrad, NYU Masters graduate, teacher at Tisch NYU for five years. Teacher in the theater department at Princeton University. 13 world theatrical solo performance tours. Named 1 in 6 female film directors to keep an eye on by Indiewire. Personal Trainer to actors. Now casting for several upcoming feature films, now in development: Seeking young women ages 20-35 with qualified film experience. Very important: Must have excellent comic timing. Must be able to follow direction and work in crowds. Puppetry experience a plus. Women like Lisa Kudrow, Meg Tilly, Jenna Elfman, Zooey D, Betty Boop if she were real. A woman who is: Sweet. Lucy's Ethel. Sense of humor. Fashion lover. Unique. Creative. Fun. Gentle. Happy. Positive. Kind. Littlest angel. Quirky. Pixie. Loves Shakespeare. Obsessed with the method. boho glamour. V ...
This movie has an all star cast and really shows the bright star that is Emma Stone, here performances is funny, cute, sexy, charming and brings charisma, while having full energy on her performance, bringing unique attention and characterization to her role. It a great sort of update on the scarlet letter, with a twist. It’s a brilliant new generation teen movie that takes on some classic reference to 80’s classic teen movies (The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller's Day Off & Say Anything, also a to mention the legend John Hughes) and is to be know on the same level a ‘Mean Girls’. The list Penn Badgley, Cam Gigandet, Thomas Haden Church, Lisa Kudrow, Malcolm McDowell, Aly Michalka, Dan Byrd and my favourite performance Emma Stone, Patricia Clarkson, Stanley Tucci & Amanda Bynes (Which I hope she safe & gets better soon)...
Does anyone watch Web Therapy with Lisa Kudrow? Here are 28 reasons why you should!
yeah Lisa kudrow because of your laugh, it was awkward until you realised..
Lisa Kudrow in Web Therapy on Showtime is hilarious too
Smurf, Bulgaria. You play Wee Sports with Beyonce. Lisa Kudrow slugs boogers next to you.
I literally do not know a Lisa. Is it Lisa kudrow? Wanna hang out?
Comeback is a fake celeb reality show with Lisa Kudrow, really funny and awkward. Ben Stiller show is sketch and also has Bob.
Pee, South Africa. You watch 30 Rock with Rebel Wilson. Lisa Kudrow screams nearby.
Useless Fact-"Frasier" is the only TV show to have won five consecutive Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy Awards. Bonus Fact-Lisa Kudrow was cast in the role as Roz, but was replaced by Peri Gilpin. Tomorrow, I plan on sleeping until I wake up on my own!! Goodnight dear/deer friends~
I swear I just saw Lisa Kudrow leaving the PMAC...
Ok..Web Therapy...just picked it out the blue to watch... like Lisa Kudrow so id figure to give. It a first I was lke ...ehhh.*kanye shrug* But the more I watch this episode ...Its Prety darn funny! :-D :-D
Lisa Kudrow is still my favorite person on this planet
Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow on stage at "Rock A Little, Feed A Lot" Benefit Concert
Absolutely love how she's styled. Can't wait to see Lisa Kudrow in the new season!
lol! It's a love/hate thing ppl have with the Cowboys! . No Uma Thurman comments. Have had many Lisa Kudrow ones. :-)
Lisa Kudrow used to could get it when she was on "Friends". I don't know about now, you know white people don't age too well. Lol
Before see what happens when sidekicks become leads, like Lisa Kudrow, Sean Hayes, David Boreanaz, more
I'm going to end up being Lisa Kudrow's character on P.S. I Love You
Lisa Kudrow, who needs friends?. The only time we kick it, the weekends.
"Lisa Kudrow was never one of the 2 hottest chicks on that god *** show". -Pope Francis
Lisa Kudrow.making the bronze medal acceptable since '94
"Heeey! Good to see you again Lisa...welcome back!". - 'Obscurity" in 2005 to Lisa Kudrow
The crush I have on Lisa Kudrow is just to big to handle.
Update: Lisa Kudrow is my spirit animal
Excited to be part of this! Skylight Theatre's SALUTE Honoring Terrence McNally, 9/26-29
Ghana. You watch Bugs Bunny with Sean Penn. Lisa Kudrow ushers a podiatrist in sweet serenade.
I should really watch it soon. I love Lisa Kudrow and have always wondered why she isn't in more stuff.
Last time I saw Lisa Kudrow on set, she was running a shop; now she's running for President. She's been moving up in the world!
My brother should have said yes when Lisa Kudrow asked him to dance.
Poo, Hawaii. You watch Superman with Ronald Reagan. Lisa Kudrow farts on a movie star nearby.
Had a long and lengthy dream last night of LISA KUDROW. She was a princess in a massive castle like mansion. She was married to David Bowie. It was a weird dream of course. Me and my friend Allan kept getting things for her, like coffee or cake. She mostly layed down in pillow filled couchs. A couple of times Jennifer Aniston appeared to say hi to Lisa, but then vanished. David Bowie was kidnapped within the mansion, and was only found at the end of the dream. I jumped on his attackers, and I told him to run, his fans would help him outside. The dream was mostly about me and Lisa talking, drinking teas, coffee, somekind of cake. I can't remember what we talked about.
Lisa kudrow? No, it's ok, we're staying on the river bank.
Lisa Kudrow will forever be Febe to me.
Not sure what's more shocking: Pharrell Williams being 40 or Lisa Kudrow being 50. I'm going for Pharrell. Just.
Web Therapy with Lisa kudrow. Amazing. Best comedy since modern family. You have no option. Watch it!
If one more stranger calls me Lisa Kudrow...
We keep it real yo. You must be confused with Lisa Kudrow. Or maybe WeHo has you jaded. Yeah. That's it.
Ohhh, that was a good story line. Lisa kudrow will be on this season in a multiple season arc as a politician, whoop!
I wonder how Yoplait decided they wanted phoebe from friends to do their ads. Not knocking Lisa kudrow but it's pretty random
"i decided that the people who believe in me are right. and those who don't, well i decided they are wrong" Lisa Kudrow
Is it sad that I want a FRIENDS reunion so bad, that Id settle for the rest of the cast joining Lisa Kudrow to narrate a Yoplait commercial
Has anyone else noticed that the lady who does the voice overs for yoplait commercials sounds like Lisa Kudrow...? IS it Lisa Kudrow...?
has anyone ever told u u look like Lisa Kudrow from Friends??
Web Therapy with Lisa Kudrow.. is she attempting to "perform" a english accent? Feebee with a accent. Sure, that's a great idea. Not distracting at all.
Lisa Kudrow's Dr. Fiona Wallice is the clear standout of the web series-turned-Showtime comedy, but what about the patients she sees week to week? Here's a ranking of the fantastic guest st...
Scandal continues to lock up some high quality guest stars; we've told you over the last few weeks that Lisa Kudrow and Sally Pressmen were doing multiple episode runs on the hit ABC drama and now comes word that TTTP fave Jack Coleman has signed on for a run as well.
I don't care OK?! Those other two may be prettier and moved on to other stuff but Lisa Kudrow has the best laugh.
Loving my dvr!! Ahh Queen just announced in her show that Lisa Kudrow will be on Scandal! Ahh and between the episode of the less singer of plain white tees!
Lady with the orange blouse, Macy Gray and Lisa Kudrow!
If you miss friends please share this Today we commemorate Friends, because today is the day when Friends history began, the airing of the pilot episode of Friends. The episode was first broadcast on NBC on September 22, 1994 in the 8:30–9 p.m. (PST) timeslot. The pilot introduces six friends who live and work in New York City. Monica (Courteney Cox) sleeps with a wine seller after their first date but is horrified to discover he tricked her into bed; her brother Ross (David Schwimmer) is depressed after his *** ex-wife moves her things out of their apartment; Monica's old schoolfriend Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) moves in with Monica after running out of her wedding; and their friends, Joey, Chandler, and Phoebe (Matt Leblanc, Matthew Perry, and Lisa Kudrow) offer them each support and advice. It ranked as the fifteenth-most-watched television show of the week, scoring a 14.7/23 Nielsen rating (each point represented 954,000 households) and nearly 22 million viewers. Friends became one of the most po ...
I always watch the In Memorium's of Awards shows I've missed first, today was last night's Emmys, except some clown decided to do his own realistic version including Lisa Kudrow so I had to do a quick reccy to see if she is still with us. She is, but for 30 seconds there I got a fright. Don't know why some people waste their time. I also discovered that there is a Daytime Emmys because I didn't recognise anyone. It was only when 'The Young and the Restless', 'Bold and the Beautiful' table was acknowledged that it became clear. What, are the soapies not good enough to dine at the 'Breaking Bad' table.
Wondering why "Web Therapy" gets no Emmy love? Lisa Kudrow? Lily Tomlin? Brilliant! And, while I'm at love for "Shameless" either?
Lisa Kudrow and Natalie Port an at my College, Cooper Union? NO WAY!
News Update: I never thought I'd be a dad - Dan Bucatinsky is a *** dad in real life, and he also plays one on TV. The 47-year-old actor, producer and author recently won the Outstanding Actor in a Guest Role Emmy award for his work on ABC's mega-hit "Scandal." Along with Lisa Kudrow, Bucatinsky co-produces the TLC show "Who Do You Think You Are?" in which celebrities trace their family roots.
Pulling for Emmy underdog Laura Dern tonight for her role in Enlightened which is only the best show on television since Lisa Kudrow's The Comeback. and maybe like Netflix will pick it up if it gets the accolades its deserves but it's a tough category this year which is good news for women on telly. The nominees being: Lena Dunham, Girls, HBO Laura Dern, Enlightened, HBO Tiny Fey, 30 Rock, NBC Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation, NBC Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep, HBO Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie, Showtime
Today in History: On this day in 1994, the television sitcom Friends, about six young adults living in New York City, debuts on NBC. The show, which featured a group of relatively unknown actors, went on to become a huge hit and air for 10 seasons. It also propelled the cast--Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Leblanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer--to varying degrees of stardom and success in Hollywood.
A.J. - who is about to turn 10 - discovered the movie "Weird Science" (edited version) this morning and has been giggling extensively since. And while I'm laughing at him laughing, I IMDB the two girls in the movie and find out they are both 50 - just like Lisa Kudrow from Friends.
Friends Premiere Day – Friends, the hugely popular NBC comedy brought together six single friends and the issues in their personal lives, ranging from their jobs to their romances. The cast included Courteney Cox Arquette, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, and Matt Le Blanc. The show concluded its run in 2004, with a finale in which 51.1 million viewers tuned in, making its finale the fourth most-watched TV program in history.
So excited to see Lisa Kudrow on Scandal!
I had this weird dream last night. I dreamed that a friend of mine had this fatal flaw that stopped me from being friends with him, and then I was in this room with Lisa Kudrow and Sarah Jessica Parker, and there were loads of unreleased Taylor Swift songs that I'd somehow heard already. And then I was trying to make this giant cake for some reason. I'm trying to figure out the symbology of all this. ~Wanda
I had a weird dream... And it included Lisa Kudrow.
“// Lisa Kudrow can totally pass as Belle's mom.” // don't know who that is but okay! Ah we need a mummy.
// Lisa Kudrow can totally pass as Belle's mom.
Does anyone else watch Web Therepy with Lisa Kudrow?
I will never not think of Lisa Kudrow as Michelle from Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion.
Lisa Kudrow just saw my niece and said she was cute 😍
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