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Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet (born Lisa Michelle Bonet; November 16, 1967), also known as Lilakoi Moon, is an American actress.

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Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet Tie the Knot in Secret Wedding Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet are officially husband and wi…
Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet reportedly just got married - officially!
Alicia Vikander, Michael Fassbender and others attended Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet's wedding
Jason Momoa CONFIRMS he has secrectly wed Lisa Bonet.
Jason Momoa dishes on his secret wedding to Lisa Bonet: "Some a**hole leaked it."
Cosby Game of Thrones? Game of Cosby's? . Anyhoo! Lisa Bonet's skin and Jason Momoa's eyes are…
Jason (Game of thrones Conan the barbarian) lisa (Cosby show) bonet
Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa marries long time partner Lisa Bonet in secret wedding
Jason Momoa confirms he has secrectly wed Lisa Bonet
Congratulations! Jason Momoa CONFIRMS he and Lisa Bonet have secretly married... after 12 years together
Allen Payne dated the cousin. It was great when he showed up. Lisa bonet’s husband the military dude was so…
Surprise! Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet were never married... until secretly tying the knot last month! htt…
Lisa Bonet, Jason Momoa married in private ceremony anyone else besides me wish they could be a fly on the wall?
Jason Momoa describing his wife, Lisa Bonet, as a "Goddess."
If I was Jason Momoa's wife aka Lisa Bonet, I would feel some type of way about the way he posts about Emilia Clarke.
The 3rd outfit is Lisa Bonet when she played Denise in the Cosby Show. Absolutely love 💘
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I aspire to be a cross between Rachel True, Cree Summer, Lisa Bonet, and Holtzmann from Ghostbusters along with Halsey and Lorde.
Like idk, ask if they're Handmaiden's Tale? Ask Zoe Kravitz about Lisa Bonet?
Headed downtown tonight to hang with Judd Nelson and Lisa Bonet!
Matt Lanter felt guarded imagining Lisa Bonet partying with the hippopotamus in the bedroom
On Ep. 7 of Season 1 of and all I've gotten from this show so far is how FINE Lisa Bonet's husband (Jason Momoa) is. 😋😩😍🤤
Jason Momoa. -PLEASE GOD. -ruin me. -miss Lisa Bonet better tell her secret? First Lenny Kravitz's fine *** and now him? ICO…
Lisa Bonet is definitely top 5 most gorgeous women to ever step foot on earth
Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa are the most attractive couple in Hollywood.
the other day I dreamt that I met Jason Momoa, Lisa Bonet, & their family.. They're the most beautiful people I've ever lai…
In honor of Jason Momoa's 38th birthday, we're crowning him and Lisa Bonet as "Cutest Instagram Couple."
Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet are in my top five favorite couples.
Lisa Bonet cause we have the same hair. Not Straight, Not Wavy & Not Curly Enough🤣
Women out here thinking they look like Lisa Bonet lmao
YO 🗣 the new Aquaman, Lisa Bonet's husband, Jason Mamoa, is quite possibly the most beautiful man I've ever seen. 😍
All. Day. If I didn't know he was so in love with Lisa Bonet (also all. Day.), I'd get weird about it.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
When Lisa Bonet was Beyonce of her day I had divas y'all
River Phoenix, Lisa Bonet and Zoë Kravitz on set of The Phil Donahue Show (1990)
She's pretty. I think that is Lisa Bonet.
Need someone to appreciate me when i tap into my inner Lisa Bonet.
Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz are a perfect example of why Scorpios and Geminis don't work as lovers.
Meaning to sit down and watch it again soon ... watched Angel Heart a while back .. yeah excellent and lisa Bonet 😍😍😍
I thought this Lisa Bonet for a second
I thought this was lisa bonet in 1994
lol nahh i see more Lisa Bonet in her
Ameezing thank you to absolutely none of my fake friends for telling me that Shane and Lisa bonet are on a show tog…
ya'll ready for the Illest Tarot deck? No,really This complete Tarot deck with Lisa Bonet, Sade, and Badu exist & we've…
Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz were the most beautiful couple
Denise Huxtable/Lisa Bonet. She was weird. Free-spirited. Shy. Clumsy. Confused. Carefree black girl like me.…
Reagan Gomez-Preston, Lisa Bonet, and Dominique Dawes are all I have left.
Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa are a beautiful couple.
I believe in my heart that there's a reason Lisa Bonet left when and how she did. But you ain't hear…
A Different World is Lisa Bonet's show. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Bill Cosby versus the devil: Lisa Bonet, voodoo sex, and the making of Angel Heart
Lisa bonet Gets Hit from the back in Movie sex scene: via
I wish I was the offspring of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz (aka I wish I was Zoe Kravitz bc shes my wce)
We're getting ready to take over the world. My group of girlfriends - we're renegades.~Lisa Bonet.
this been my mans since i first watched this show like 2 years ago. Lisa Bonet done come up by marrying him
You know you're old when you remember Lisa Bonet being pregnant w/Zoe Kravitz.
Sometimes if I think about Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz having sex in the 90's I spontaneously ***
Jason Momoa describes the moment he met Lisa Bonet as "love at first sight":
I just found out Lisa bonet is married to Jason Momoa 🙃 and they have two kids?! I live under a rock clearly.
Unpopular opinion: Lisa Bonet doesn't look 25 like y'all claim. (And that's more than ok, bc she's NOT)
Lenny Kravitz mom is Roxie Roker (deceased) who is cousins with Al Roker. His fathe…
I just want to chew on Jason Momoa's eyebrow scar. Lisa Bonet is *** lucky
Gloria Allred getting kicked out of Bill Cosby trial reminds me of season 4 of the Cosby show when Lisa Bonet left to do movies
There's no doubt in my mind that Lisa Bonet has a life altering sex game. It took Lenny Kravitz years to get over her
Always had a crush on Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz's daughter... always thought they looked alike, too. Lol, never knew she was Bonet's kid.
this was LITERALLY me wanting to call Lisa Bonet when she said this at the Q&A "GURL COME GET YO MAN…
OMG!! Lisa Bonet is on 1st Katie Holmes now Lisa. Gone
Not Lisa Bonet though. Truth be told, Rudy was too young to understand what was going on then anyway
"Denise" Lisa Bonet, who ironically, was fired from the cast for "Angel Heart" & becoming pregnant is remarried and has a b…
and I started crying not because of the story but because keeps looking more and more like her mother lisa bonet
Lisa Bonet photographed by Francesco Scavullo for Harper’s Bazaar, 1986.
I've always loved Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz are you this GORGEOUS !!! 😻
Y'all have to understand that Zoe Kravitz came from fine *** Lisa Bonet AND fine *** Lenny Kravitz
Lisa Bonet’s May 1988 cover of ‘Rolling Stone’ is timeless in its confident rebellion
Lisa bonet back in the day just has my whole soul
I can't tell if I'm attracted to the Lenny side or Lisa Bonet side of Zoe Kravitz
Lisa Bonet x Rolling Stone = Iconic. Here is the story behind one of the hottest magazine covers of all time.
Kimora Lee & Lisa Bonet need to show me the way forward
so i was reading up on Bill Cosby's reaction to Phylicia Rashad's and Lisa Bonet's pregnancies during the show and he was kind of a jerk.
They should make sure that Kadeem Hardison and Lisa Bonet play two of her professors.
Could be giving the Universe Lisa Bonet, Janet Jackson and Nia Long vibes?
Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa are probably the most attractive couple in the world.
Everyone has their story. Everyone has issues. You have to face your fear...
"My only regret was too young for Lisa Bonet" 🤤
12. Lisa Bonet. She aged so well and her daughter is literally her twin.
My inspiration is Lisa Bonet always have been always will be
We use a Native American tradition of the talking stick. You sit and p...
Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet make some gorgeous kids -- See their beautiful family!…
I wonder how Dwayne and Denise's relationship wld have unravelled ... since Whitley and Dwayne picked up cos Lisa Bonet didn't return ...🤔
Yeah, like Lisa Bonet in the film Angel Heart. .
I used to want to look like Lisa bonet sooo much not specifically her but like the tall light skin long curly hair
then get Lisa Bonet to rub my belly and lend me her sexy voice for my album
My brother only talks to Lisa bonet type girls
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CEOs of Apple, Compaq, the last three heads of the NYFed, Starbucks, KIND Chocolates, Lenny Kravitz +1, Lisa Bonet +3
I want faux locks so I can get my young Lisa Bonet on
I have the biggest crush on lisa bonet
What's on my mind today: Lisa Bonet's short hair in the 90s. 👀💖💖💖
I want Lenny Kravitz's life. Did I say life? I meant his ex-wife. Lisa Bonet, this ones for you.
( saw 10 minutes cosby show ). Wooow. Phylicia Rashad as Claire Huxtable was First Lady Worthy. And 'm still in love with Lisa Bonet
Congratulations to and Lisa Bonet on their Awards nominations for
Sometimes I ask myself 'what is Lisa Bonet doing RN?'. And my answer is always rolling over for a nap and grabbing for Jason M…
Efff that. I hook up with Lisa Bonet or N'Bushe Wright and I'm telling EVERYBODY
all older ppl tell me i look like young Lisa Bonet. do yall see it?
Angel Heart w/Lisa Bonet, Robert Dinero & a main character I don't know lol.
Both Sex &the City movies with Robin Wright, Laura Dern, Lisa Bonet and Margaret Cho as the principals and they are all each others' exes.
30. Before all that stuff went down with Bill Cosby the Huxtables were your family goals. Lisa Bonet fine self😋
Sheese? You'd Leslie Jones was of the caliber of Lisa Bonet or Alfre Woodard or something? Some folks need to grow some skin!
Ray Donavan so fire. They really got Lisa Bonet in a scene where her character gettin her cheeks bussed by her half brother.
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1. Starting off with one of the best black shows that ever aired, and when Lisa Bonet was on it, my oh my 😍
Only regret was too young for Lisa Bonet 😍😍😍
If you love Lisa Bonet you gotta watch the latest episode of Ray Donovan. Thank me later
Family first: with mom Lisa Bonet in the Stainless Steel Snake Bracelet watch.
Lisa Bonet went from Lenny Kravitz to Jason Momoa, she got a type and her type is on point
Celebrity couples with the best DNA:. Will and Jada. Brad and Angelina. Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz.and Jason Momoa. Halle Berry & Gabriel
Nia Long, Jada Pinkett, Lisa Bonet, Janet Jackson Tyra Banks, Topanga, Aalyiah, Adina Howard and so many more fam
Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa are a match made in hippy heaven
This *** look exactly like Kadeem Hardison and the female lead looks exactly like Lisa Bonet and I seriously doubt that's a coincidence... I am not Lisa Bonet or Cree Summer or Tia/Tamera Mowry... Lol. Thank you though 😏
Crazy how much Zoe and her boo look like Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz
Black people who we're glad white people kept:. Tiger Woods. Stacy Dash. Whoopi Goldberg. Post Cosby Show Lisa Bonet
Wowww I did not know Zoe Kravitz was Lisa Bonet's child 😅
was just told I look like young Lisa Bonet when I wear my hair out how nice
We need more 'Lisa Bonet' && less 'Kim K' ... Maybe then these young women will have more to offer
Keyshia Cole has a very special place in my heart. Right next to Lisa Bonet and . Riff Raff.
That picture of LiSA BoNET helped me ! !
An acoustic ballad by dedicated to Lenny Kravitz & Lisa Bonet via
My only regret. Was too young for Lisa Bonet 😭😭😭
My only regret, I was too young for Lisa bonet
And Lisa Bonet, ugh. I don't like her because she's married to Jason Momoa & he should be married to me. 😂
'Ray Donovan' cast news and release date: Lisa Bonet and...
Extremely.reminds of that one actor...the one Lisa Bonet is with
A Different World was better when Lisa Bonet left the show.
Don't sleep on the young Lisa Bonet
Lisa Bonet joins the cast of Ray Donovan in season four
At first glance, I thought that was Lisa Bonet lol
Today is serving up Lisa Bonet circa '86/Jazzy Jeff realness.
When I was younger I had the biggest crush on Lisa Bonet and Tia Mowry lol
Lisa bonet. Because that's where Zoe gets it from.
VIP trivia time! To be our VIP on 4/6, tell me: who is the prettiest? Lenny Kravitz, Lisa Bonet, or Zoe Kravitz?
I can look at Cari champion and Lisa bonet all day. Lolo Jones is bae too.
Amazing mother and daughter combo! Lisa Bonet & Zoë Kravtiz modelling for the Calvin Klein watch and jewellery...
fortunate to have seen Lisa Bonet in her prime and her twin, Zoë Kravitz.
Seen a Lisa Bonet clone on here earlier, must find her again
Not trying to be shady but why does Lisa Bonet look younger than Zoe Kravitz?
got love Xhosa terminology. Happy birthday, Lisa Bonet. Stay trill and keep the snaps coming
PS I fell in love with Kate Beckinsale and Lisa Bonet bc of those movies!
Lisa Bonet had me so heart eyes as a kid
yea well they both where fine as ever ‼️ young Lisa Bonet can have it all
I really still have the biggest crush on Lisa Bonet 😍😍😩
Lisa bonet was fine and still is tbqfh.
Lynn and Lisa Bonet were cut from the same cloth to me, so that sums that up.
I'm just really glad Lisa Bonet got pregnant. A Different World was so blah
Lisa Bonet was pretty. Now Gina on the other hand... Lord her head was a perfect circle
Lrt is right cuz Lisa Bonet still that lol
Lisa Bonet is not hyped tho. She's stunning.
I was with you until Lisa Bonet. Lost your mind...replace that with Jasmine Guy and I 100% agree.
Lisa Bonet is fine doe.tisha not so much
Tisha Campbell and Lisa Bonet were the epitome of "she's fine because she light skinned." Never got the hype behind either.
It's wild to me how fine people say Lisa Bonet was back in the day. Clair was the one who caught my eye a lil tiny bit on The Cosby Show.
Wow! So happy for Lisa Bonet and her daughter Zoe
Mind blown. The reason why Zoe Kravitz looks like high heaven in the spring is cause her momma is Lisa Bonet.
My only regret, 'was too young for Lisa Bonet.
Actress Lisa Bonet shares her thoughts while on set for the 2016 Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry campaign. https:…
her dad is Lenny Kravitz and her mom is Lisa Bonet 😭😍
Zoe Kravitz and Lisa Bonet really know how to do mother-daughter time
Just realized I'm infatuated with Zoe Kravitz because I used to be in love with Lisa Bonet which I didn't know is her mom 😳
lisa bonet killed it with her hair every *** DAY
My hair makes me feel like a young Lisa Bonet
I was right about Lisa Bonet and being the same person, so people should trust me on Alice Cooper and .
Am I missing something with Young Thug? I'm just not feelin' dude. And no it's not because he dresses like a young Lisa Bonet.
My only regret is being too young for Lisa Bonet
my only regret was too young for Lisa Bonet. ( 📸: nwmstudios…
Laurence Fishburne, Lisa Bonet, Djimon Hounsou, Larenz Tate, Orlando Jones….and you still bomb? In the early 2000s? HOW
Lisa Bonet is Zoe Kravitz Mom??? . *** what kind of lie of a life have i beEN LIVING??
Whoa. Lisa Bonet. I think I love you. I'm actually certain of it.
Lisa Bonet is the only reason I watch re-runs of the Cosby show and A Different World
When your curls are back after 2 months of straightening & you feel like Lisa Bonet again looking for a Lenny
Prisons are like the concentration camps of our time. So many go in and nev...
i must be the ONLY person in the world who didn't know Zoe Kravitz's mother is lisa bonet. wow
Rewatching It's a Different World again on Netflix makes me fall in love with Lisa Bonet yet again.
I always think of Lisa Bonet when I see Rihanna. Then I want to watch High Fidelity.
My only regret is Too young for Lisa Bonet. Me and share this pain. Swer dawn
Hot Take: The Lisa Bonet season of A Different World is pretty entertaining
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Only regret I was too young for Lisa Bonet
Lisa Bonet was the highlight of the 90s
i jus wanna know how God pulled off Lisa bonet then her daughter then kendall
Alright kids we're going to play a game called "Jaden Smith or Lisa Bonet" the answers may surprise you.
I think my 2016 aesthetic is gonna be Ashley banks mixed with Nia Long on fresh prince with a dash of lisa bonet thrown in 4 good measure.
Haven't wanted a boyfriend until now lol. I NEED to go as lisa bonet & Lenny Kravitz or Aaliyah & r kelly
Did not know Zoè was Lisa Bonèt daughter... I knew Lenny Kravitz was her pops tho... I'm crushing on her even more now.
Lisa Bonet really used to be the baddest woman alive
I was so in love with everything about Lisa Bonet watching The Cosby Show
🌴😍💦 is the modern day Lisa Bonet to me🤔💭😍
is there a fine *** black rockstar in 2016 (á la Lenny Kravitz)? I need to make sure I'm in position to be his Lisa Bonet.
Lisa bonet is the og women crush idc
"I just might treat you like Lisa Bonet"
Lisa Bonet makes me feel some type of way man, Jesus Christ. 😓😓😓
Just waiting for Lisa Bonet to let Jason Momoa know that she wants an open relationship between the three of us. 🌚
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I liked a video Debbie Allen discusses why Lisa Bonet left "A Different World" -
Wow Lisa Bonet and Zoë Kravitz looking like sisters, not mother and daughter.
Topanga really was my first crush. Her and Lisa Bonet, Ashley from Fresh Prince too
Yall Lisa Bonet and Zoey Kravitz waiting to happen
Calvin Klein is now officially my favorite brand. First Zoe Kravitz and her mom Lisa Bonet and…
I would Expect Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz kids to be weird but not Will Smith and Jada Pinkett.
Honestly Maxwell and Lisa Bonet are the best couple in history. And they're the best looking. Don't debate me.
Listen to Debbie Allen talk about why Bill Cosby fired Lisa Bonet from "A Different World" & how he treated some ppl .. Guy is a scumbag
"But just in the background somewhere..." High Fidelity - "Baby, I Love Your Way" w/ Lisa Bonet via
Female style icons is harder...I like Solange, Beyoncé, Lisa Bonet, Jessica Williams, Jessica White, Rhianna, and Grace Jones
Denise Huxtable, and Lisa Bonet, showed me I could be myself instead of who 'they' expect me to be.
Happy Birthday to Lisa Bonet!. Actress who was nominated for three Young Artist Awards for portraying Denise...
My only regret is that I was too young for Lisa Bonet
How does Lisa Bonet get these men? . First it was Lenny Kravitz, now Jason Momoa. . Sigh!
Genetic lottery. Lisa Bonet knows about choosing A-grade DNA. First Lenny, then Jason Momoa. Her kids can never be ugly.
I wanna dress up as Denise Huxtable/Lisa Bonet
is that Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet okfg
This image of Lisa Bonet & Jason Momoa is located at the corner of Swoon Street and Lust Avenue.
4. This photo of Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa. My feelings in full are: [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED]
Spent a considerable amount of time on the internet looking for a rad vintage Hall and Oates shirt and a rad new shirt with Lisa Bonet on it
Also me. Also me. Imagine Jason Mamoa and Lisa Bonet approach you. Lawt.
Don't know if I wanna be Jason Mamoa or Lisa Bonet
Lawrence Fishburne and Eriq La Salle and Derek Luke and Lisa Bonet and others spent time and energy on Biker Boyz. For who? For what?
In my mind rn, I'm in between a Cree Summer/Lisa Bonet sandwich.
Jada's best friends, Lisa Bonet and Cree Summer are also of Jewish ancestry.
Who are her friends? We will meet two cast mates from 'A Different World', Cree Summer and Lisa Bonet, in Episode 3 of The Smiths.
Cree Summer and Lisa Bonet, (Jada's cast mates from "A Different World"), will make guest appearances. Developing Jada's character.
Still upset that A$AP Rocky and Chanel Iman broke up. That aesthetic was like Linny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet.
Zoe Kravitz: Mom Lisa Bonet is 'disgusted' by Bill Cosby scandal
Lisa Bonet reportedly 'disgusted and concerned' with Bill Cosby ...
When it comes to the Bill Cosby scandal, Lisa Bonet is pleading the fifth
Janet is giving me her 90s self, Lenny Kravitz, Lisa Bonet, Maxwell, Rock and R&B all in one
As far as I'm concerned, Lisa Bonet is my aunt.
Lisa Bonet from Batman and Robin stars in Ugly Betty about an ambitious Author named Anabel
Ill slander Cosby all day everyday cuz at the end of it I never watched his show if Lisa Bonet wasn't the prominent character of the episode
Get it from her mama gang. Vanessa Williams and her daughter Jillian. Lisa Bonet and her daughter Zoe
Phylicia Rashad and Lisa Bonet still undefeated. Cosby show had two of the baddest women to ever live on one TV show
Janet is a timeless beauty. So beautiful. She's just like Lisa Bonet and Phylicia Rashad. They all in that category.
Lisa Bonet, Tatyana Ali smh if only yall was younger 😔
New Girl S4 featured Kaitlin Olson and Lisa Bonet so far and that's cool af.
I want a body like Nicki minaj and a face like Lisa Bonet and brains like Michelle Obama. That is
I would nut all inside Lisa Bonet's puss.
My only regret is I'm too young for Lisa Bonet😪
I just discovered A Different World today and I must say, I'm in love w it. Lisa Bonet is 😍😍😍😍
A Different World got better once Lisa Bonet left.
Lisa Bonet is definitely bae material and she's beautiful as *** Lord.
“look at them LOOK AT THEM Lenny Kravitz and Lisa bonet 2.0
lisa bonet and Lenny Kravitz were such a beautiful wonder zoë is literally a dream
Idc how old Lisa Bonet gets tbh she really mesmerize me
I used to be all the way black but now that Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet are my parents, I'm half Jewish half black.
Lisa Bonet to me is knuckle biting sexy.thanks for blessing my TL with that photo
Lisa Bonet is in this episode 😍 out here being the human version of condensed milk 😋
Lisa Bonet back in the day killin it
If only Lisa Bonet didn't get on drugs she could still be fine.
only if you go as Lisa Bonet and eat this pudding cup I fixed for you
Man Lisa Bonet was fine as fuh in the 90s 👅😍
Idk who was more BAE in the 90s: Nia Long or Lisa Bonet.
I liked a video Jason Momoa on Game of Thrones, Aquaman and Wife Lisa Bonet
Dreams last night: Kanye West tried to kill me, Norman Reedus kissed me, Lisa Bonet was in a store in her bare feet. Holy hot mess, Batman.
Young Lisa Bonet always take my eyes featured in NBC s Science of Love
I wish I was old enough for Lisa Bonet
Lisa Bonet has always been the most beautiful woman in the world to me
Lisa Bonet was my first crush that I can remember
That's cool. I met Lisa Bonet's husband last weekend. He was at my con.
Only because Lisa Bonet left... It played out in the show's favor
If Lisa Bonet & would just let me be the 2nd wife...
Zoe Kravitz and Lisa Bonet are both so *** fine I can't take it they're perfect
I wonder if Lisa Bonet knows that we aren't getting any younger and we still haven't slept together.
I didn't know her mom was Lisa Bonet 👀
Waiting to wake up and be Lisa Bonet or Zoe Kravitz
Oomf would look like a young Lisa bonet if she didn't look so smoked out 😕
Zoe Kravitz is literal perfection. She is a mix of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet's genes. It actually doesn't get much better than that.
a stunning beauty. Lisa Bonet is so hot.Appears Zoe retains Lenny's genes at 75 to 25% Split. Thx THR ! Love you guys.
AND they gonna say my hair is 4C. MKAY LISA BONET
The hot black girl in Mad Max is the daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz. o_o
domain names
last night I had a dream with Lisa Bonet we was bonding
2am - Kaionet is your modern day Lisa Bonet baby i ant tripping
I watched A Different World (well I have been for a week) and Lisa Bonet's locs gave me so much life.
God forbid but if I ever get divorced I hope me and my ex husband can be as cool as Lenny and Lisa Bonet are and still be best friends
Photoset: daddycalicoo: Lisa Bonet in the 80s I don’t think y'all understand my love for her.
i think I'd look so much better if i start dressing like lisa bonet in the 90's 😻
when debuts selfies w her new do, all ima get is modern day Lisa Bonet vibes 💕 like foreal.
"Don't act like you didn't know I would be the wcw and muse of the week" -Lisa Bonet ...yep she said…
How come Zoe already looks like Lisa Bonet at age 45?
Lisa Bonet is real life goals. Braless wild hair and intune with nature
Lisa Bonet ate no basil. Warsaw was raw. Was it a car or a cat I saw?
Someone reminded me Lisa Bonet has had Lenny Kravitz AND Jason Momoa. Like, I am envious but also thrilled for any woman w/ …
Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz (probably spelled their names wrong) anyways I love their style I love their aura so beautiful😍
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