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Lisa Bloom

Lisa Bloom (born September 20, 1961) is an American civil rights attorney, best known as anchor of Lisa Bloom: Open Court – a two-hour live legal news program – on truTv's IN SESSION, formerly Court TV, from 2001 to 2009. She is the only child of famed attorney Gloria Allred, and the legal analyst for Avvo.

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'Pls stop calling me': Kathy Griffin lashes out at attorney Lisa Bloom via
Kathy Griffin asks lawyer Lisa Bloom for refund after Trump head photo incident.
Kathy Griffin lashes out at attorney Lisa Bloom: Kathy Griffin has seemingly cut ties with…
MailOnline: Kathy Griffin lashes out at attorney Lisa Bloom
Kathy Griffin & Lisa Bloom are about that life... 😩.
If the latest allegations about Lisa Bloom is true, then she should be disbarred and never be allowed to work as an at…
Price for getting away with rape in Hollywood? $6M. Rose McGowan says Lisa Bloom offered $$$ for Weinstein support http…
Lisa Bloom defends Harvey Weinstein in harassment. So you know her cases against Bill O'Reilly & Eric…
Lisa Bloom: I killed my brand faster that anyone ever before. Donna Karan: hold my beer.…
Let's face it, Lisa Bloom defending Harvey Weinstein would've been as bizarre a show…
Lisa Bloom resigns as Harvey Weinstein's 'advisor' as liberal celebs criticized for slience
Even Bloom's mom disagreed with her. Never knew Gloria Allred was Lisa Bloom's mom.
Lisa Bloom has resigned as an adviser to Harvey Weinstein, who is facing allegations of rampant sexual harassment
I always wondered how A-list actresses can stick with Roman Polanski or Woody Allen. Now Lisa Bloom and Weinstein?!
The curious case of Harvey Weinstein’s "feminist" celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom
Does Weinstein realize this Admission/Sue the NYT/Hire Lanny Davis+Lisa Bloom plan puts him behind Rep. Murphy on the a…
Each day brings new additions to my list of despicable people. For Fri., Oct. 6, 2017:. Jon and Abby Huntsman. Mitchell Sunderland. Lisa Bloom
Today I unfollowed Lisa Bloom and Olivia Nuzzi. Do not trust anybody. The day something like this happens with Stephen Colbert, I'll give up
Here's why:. Talk about being a sellout. My respect for Lisa Bloom i…
Now you know why Lisa Bloom is defending a serial sexual assaulter. What a joke. 👇🏻
"Harvey Weinstein" hires Lisa Bloom to keep her from representing any of the victims...BRILLIANT
I’ll give it 5 months before Kylie Jenner is contacting Lisa Bloom too..
Kathy Griffin: Donald Trump is 'messing with the wrong redhead' via GO KATHY!
She is not victim she tried to that appear to extort Kevin Hart for money but Kevin told his wife and now she's...
Lisa Bloom, The Thot Lawyer, once again on the scene, out here tryna secure the bag for these thotties. 😂 Imagine a comer…
I think Lisa Bloom hovers on Shaderoom posts for new clients
Lisa Bloom on her way to another black scandal
New Season, new you! Start fresh like the leaves by spring time you will bloom ☺️Love you my Mona Lisa que dar pura Risa's
Lisa Bloom is everybody in Hollywood lawyer. ***
Is Lisa bloom even a criminal lawyer? What’s her speciality cause how the *** does she specializes in all these fields
Oh, Lisa Bloom is the daughter of Gloria Allred that makes good sense
Scaramucci says Steve Bannon has white nationalist “tendencies”
When did Lisa Bloom turn into Gloria Allred? Was it over Labor Day? Freaky Friday?
So if you say a Black man assaulted you Lisa Bloom will represent you and if you assault a Black man Lisa Bloom will r…
Lisa Bloom is the official johnny cochran for opportunistic gold diggers
So Lisa Bloom is basically the Al Sharpton for trash *** gold digging, triflin *** 🙄
*** said Lisa Bloom is the Johnnie Cochran for thots lmao
This does not go away, Why The New Child Case Filed Against
Blac Chyna, Quantasia Sharpton & now Montia Sabbag. Lisa Bloom is out in these streets wit a cape on tryna save em all..…
Lisa Bloom is the Johnnie Cochran for thots.
Great chat with mega-lawyer about the misconceptions media has about her client in Kevin Hart scandal. https…
I liked a video Kevin Hart's Sidechick/Extortionist Hires LISA BLOOM+Torrei Hart opens up about his
Montia said in her news conference Wednesday with her attorney, Lisa Bloom, she's not a stripper. Turns out, she has an offici - NVM
rapes little girls? I hadn't heard that. If it's true he & have more in common than insanity.…
Lisa Bloom really is the lawyer equivalent of FatKidDeals
Bloom seems to say Kevin Hart contacted her client and accused her of being the extortionist behind the sex tape.
All purpose parts banner
Blac Chyna retained Lisa Bloom as her attorney. Bloom's mother is Gloria Allred. Allred lost in court to Robert Kardashian Sr.
I am certain that no man, white, black, or brown has ever wanted to hold Kathy Griffin down. 😂 Lisa Bloom http…
Why were you & Lisa Bloom bragging about "free speech" at press but then threw Chuck Johnson out of the Presser?
You should have seem Keith Olberman and Lisa Bloom go at it today. That was gold.
Yup. Jim Hoft held up a piece of paper with a photoshop of Griffin holding severed head of Lisa Bloom.
Everyone-remember to send Wendy Walsh of KFI some attention for getting OReilly fired from FOX, Wendy's oily atty was Lisa Bloom.
Might wanna look into how her relationships might be with Gloria Allred, Lisa Bloom, and Wendy Walsh.
On lawsuit against Bill O'Reilly, attorney Lisa Bloom told Dr. Wendy Walsh: "You have to do this for your daughters" http…
This is a smear campaign by Lisa Bloom, Gloria Allred
The bottom feeders are out and looking for their prey. Gloria Allred and her daughter Lisa Bloom who…
No doubt the lying leeches Lisa Bloom & her mommy dearest Gloria Allred will be spreading their sewer campaign & tr…
Sounds like the same script O'Reilly s accuser used. Must have been given out by atty Lisa Bloom a…
This is becoming ridiculous! Is her lawyer Gloria Allred or Lisa Bloom? It's all sounxing familiar.
Let me guess -Lisa Bloom or Gloria Allred will represent her. What a joke. They are so predictable. We knew…
Kudos for mother & daughter team Gloria Allred & Lisa Bloom fighting for Sexual Abused Women!!!
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Lisa Bloom is bottom feeder offspring of pond scum Gloria Allred
Lisa Bloom has brought the charges. Her Mom is Gloria Allred. They do have an agenda.
Ignored by Also, Allreds's Daughter, Lisa Bloom, is the lawyer boasting that she took down O'Reilly.
What would Lisa Bloom & her mother,Gloria Allred do for $ if they weren't parading suing women before cameras?The exploiters hurt Real cases
Lisa Bloom, daughter of Gloria Allred, legal counsel for the accusers - I smell a rat! READ SMEAR CAMPAIGN
Let us realize that just as trump has unleashed a river of permission for bullies, Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom...
Gloria Allred and her disgusting daughter Lisa Bloom are both bottom feeders and should be disbarred...
These women are planted with the help of Lisa Bloom &Gloria Allred.They teach…
no they will just use Gloria Allred & Lisa Bloom to raise money to slay you & other imaginary dragons.
‘Bill Cosby of corporate America’: Lisa Bloom explodes at Bill O’Reilly for history of sexual harassment
Lisa Bloom and Gloria Allred. WOW! Thanks' so much for helping make this reality. Kudos to both for t…
Lisa Bloom &trump rape case needs talked about that is a danger to all young women &fire Commey.
The media brought up the past about Bill Cosby. Why not Trump?
Why is no media covering this, confirming this, disputing this, talking about this via
WHY is this allegation - w/ a witness - not being covered?? Have we learned nothing from the Cosby case? https:…
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WHAT?! Are other journalists looking into this?
Is this legit Child rape case filed against Donald Trump
Donald Trump has been accused of child rape
NOT Surprised at all! This man is the DEVIL INCARNATE. Vote for him at your own peril. "No outsider can say...
This whole Trump malarkey just gets worse and worse.
Why the new child case filed against Donald should not be ignored # via
How can we Evolve , if in resistance to acknowledging the parasitic primitives in which feed to lead??... . Wow..…
Huffington Post on Trump's rape case-media finally starting to cover.
Ignore not the most recent rape allegation v. Trump. There were witnesses:
TW // Rape. Trump is facing a child rape lawsuit- PLEASE don't ignore this like the media has. https:…
Why new child rape case filed against should not be ignored & in light of this: https…
On this 25th anniversary of a to our conversation w/Lisa Bloom & Carl Douglas on police brutality: h…
Should I do a puzzle of the Mona Lisa
Lisa Bloom - How to Craft Your Unique Story to Get Great Clients - via JonMilligan
Last night Katy Perry dined with Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman and Orlando Bloom 😍
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom hold hands as they head to dinner in West Hollywood - Daily Mail
account used by Lisa Bloom exclusively?
European bank debt is showing signs of weakness after disappointing earnings reports, including CS's today.
A limited-edition FIRST! Always in Bloom roses in a faceted crystal vase with ...
Majority?! What? Lmfao didn't Lisa Bloom JUST speak on this on primetime television?
If this did not come directly from Lisa Bloom's account, I would have dismissed this entirely. Utter NONSENSE.
Tesla is gearing up for its biggest-ever unveiling ...the Model 3. Here's what we know
thanks for sharing Lisa Bloom, have a great Tuesday :) (Want this FREE feature too? >>
Americans don't know the most basic facts about their student loans, study finds
Lisa Rosalie Ireland this orchid bloom is a surprise treat. This is one of my left to fend for itself orchids.
Another fantastic day at beautiful Lisa Hackett house, completely raising our energy, vibration and nurturing our...
How millennials are starting to change stock markets
I saw her face bloom and I thought of you. :)
JUST IN: Manufacturing in the U.S. shrank in January for a 4th consecutive month
Trump overtakes Cruz in final Iowa Poll before the caucuses
My wife (Lisa) is home resting and doing better. The ER was a mad house and quite intolerable. They did some...
NEW Iowa Poll looks at whose supporters have their minds made up
nope. Had family to see. What is this Lisa bloom thing
Hi Lisa, you seem to like Bloom. Would you like to leave a review for them on our site?.
The last of the bloom by Shanye wuyu
Say hello to Lemon Ginger & Chamomile Bloom. Two new teas infused with notes of relaxation.
Dragon fruit in bloom. by Fred Boehm http…
EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: The Long Journey of Ghost Horse via Thanks to Lisa Peet and Bloom!
Getting to fully bloom tonight and stink til morning. Open til 9PM
We're still on "Spike Watch"! still waiting for the corpse flower to bloom!! Will he open tonight?
Guess the jury agreed with me that Owen Labrie's denials of sexual intercourse with a 15 year old were not credible.
Renting an RV with BFF's for a week at Burning Man would be fun. It's all about excitement, good friends, meeting...
Not according to PolitiFact. The text isn't loaded with immature insults so you might not believe it:
ICYMI: my article after last summer's Burn on why I love Don't believe the Debbie Downers.
"Some of his answers strained credulity." Legal analyst Lisa Bloom on prep school rape suspect:
Chicago Botanic Garden's stinky plant is ready to bloom |
I've posted this before, and I want to post it again because it is so important
'Americans are 20 times as likely to die from gun violence as citizens of other civilized countries,' .
This woman changed her greeting to girls from "you're so cute" to "what's your favorite book?" http:/…
Very excited to celebrate in tonight with Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom!
Why one woman dropped the phrase "you're so cute!" from her vocab when talking to little girls http:/…
My appearance on this morning's what I'd ask the St. Paul's rape defendant on cross examination.
Lisa Bloom Defendant in St Pauls rape trial must try to be liked: via
On page 252 of 320 of Suspicion Nation, by Lisa Bloom
Today is 95 years ago women gained the right to vote! Read how to further close the gender gap:
mark eiglarsh! Walks Lisa bloom into most walls when he debates her!!.
Lisa Bloom is celebrity not legit analyst...don't care what she thinks
New Video: Lisa Bloom: Defendant in St. Paul's rape trial must try 'to be liked'
I love this article on how to talk to little girls—and what you should avoid saying.
Lisa Bloom on How the Legal System Failed in Ferguson. via
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The Real Injustice of the Zimmerman Trial (w/ Lisa Bloom) via
Lisa Bloom Prep school suspects friends may have damaged his case: via
Lisa Bloom: Prep school suspect's friends may have damaged his case
The Intercept's Juan Thompson, like Lisa Bloom, is very critical of FBI Director James Comey's recent speech:
Lisa Bloom is the real deal! Very smart lady.SCOTUS, listen,may learn from her
Attorneys Midwin Charles and Lisa Bloom joined Roland Martin on "NewsOne Now" to review the Ferguson grand jury decision and *** St. Louis County Prosecutor, Bob McCulloch's actions in the proce...
Here's a Lisa Bloom segment on Stephanie Miller from yesterday. .
Lisa Bloom nails McColloch: "An attorney who does not aggressively cross-examine the target of an investigation...
Lisa Bloom on Ferguson grand jury via and an FB friend
Lisa Bloom is my hero. And I stan for her.
Jews have chosen not to be White and to side with Blacks against Whites. Ferguson was incited by Jews like Lisa Bloom i…
Follow Lisa Bloom for Ferguson grand jury transcript
Legal Expert Lisa Bloom on grand jury via
Interesting to see the demographics of those who like Lisa Bloom MSNBC.
Lisa Bloom just flat out lied on about not providing potential charges to the GJ. 5 were presented. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Lisa Bloom on Ferguson grand jury The questions that were never asked.
I LOVE Lisa Bloom! Her book Suspicion Nation on the Zimmerman trial was the best book I read this year
Lisa Bloom: what does "full charge" even mean?. Wilson: he transformed into a raging, grunting animal".
Lisa Bloom a Hack Fake Attorney trying to claim her 15 minutes of fame by spewing Garbage about Ferguson Grand Jury!
IOW a day that ends in Y=> "MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Bloom embarrassed herself on MSNBC today"
HEAR THIS!!! An excellent legal analysis by Lisa Bloom. She said it all!
Lisa Bloom on Ferguson grand jury, the slideshow by
The Dialogue's Lisa Viscidi quoted today: Venezuela Turmoil Signals End of Oil-for-Jeans Giveaway via…
"Civil rights attorney/MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Bloom points out that Darren Wilson’s cross-examination was a joke"
Ayn Rand collected Social Security: Civil rights lawyer Lisa Bloom appeared on the Stephanie Miller Show to di...
Here is attorney Lisa Bloom talking about testimony she has read so far
Ari Melber really on here arguing with Lisa Bloom like she ain't a lawyer. I hate the news and this BS "hear every side" stuff they do.
Reading: an interview with Lisa Bloom on her new book "Suspicion Nation"
BTW happened to catch Lisa Bloom on Dr. Phil a few wks ago talking about "Suspicion Nation; very interesting.
paddles. Must steal,errr, borrow this idea. great presentation Midge and Lisa!
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Just posted: my interview about my book SUSPICION NATION with LA Review of Books.
Read this intervu of in LAReviewofBks. I proudly work for Lisa's law firm; she gives lawyers a good name!
another going down on US/NATO sanction ship. Russia Isolation Fuels Finnish Dismay as Fallout Seen Unfair
going down on the sanction ship ?. Backbone Bending From Lost Sales via
have a client in Glasgow but we won't meet soon. Can you please email me your skype id lisa
hi Lisa, just putting a face to a name - myself and 😊
Commoner smile to flowers, beautiful heart bloom like flowers..
Legal journalist Lisa Bloom's interview on her book about the Zimmerman case & race and criminality in America
How to Talk to Little Girls and promote a culture of gender equality. .
How to Talk to Little Girls via love this!
“To let others bloom according to their natural calling, that's deep love..
Comic strip explains cause of Erie bloom but no mention of warming role via
Think twice before you talk to a little girl for the first time. Here's why -->
Lisa Booth first bloom of your dahlia...
Congrats Carlene getting her and her bridal party ready at Bloom this afternoon with bombshells Lacee, Lisa and...
"We can either value human life, or we can have stand your ground laws." -Lisa Bloom, MSNBC
Should send him to finish the job Orlando Bloom started... Just sayin'. *Lisa*
A great picture we had to share...Kathe Bloom our President and CEO; Lisa Nichols-Jell, our VP of Media and...
"Teaching girls that their appearance is the first thing you notice tells them that looks are more important than...
every guy needs to read the book Swagger by Lisa Bloom
Of course, Lisa Bloom on the phone siding with the killer on the Reid Report
They got together at Christmas as a group, in spite of authors like Lisa Bloom trying to divide them among racial lines.
Hi Lisa! u just won a copy of Bloom Brazil for being our 25000TH fan on FB. Give us your address by DM
"The more money that you have, the easier it becomes to hide that and avoid taxes."
Stop freaking out: Five Threats More Terrifying Than Ebola Arriving in the U.S. via
I think I just fell in love with Chris Pratt.
“You cannot fake effort; talent is great, but perseverance is necessary.” ― Amy Bloom
yes Lisa. Good choice. Bloom is bae (and older than my dad... Hm might rethink)
Don Franzen interviews Lisa Bloom, author of "Suspicion Nation," on the role of race in our criminal justice system:
Above Suspicion - IN SUSPICION NATION, best-selling author Lisa Bloom has written two books and put them under o...
" we are in 2014 and black and white Americans experience the criminal justice system so differently."
. Lisa Bloom as well?! Oh my. Can't wait to hear Anahita make sure excuses for baby baker dude
Had no idea that Gloria Allred is Lisa Bloom's mother. I'm pretty late.
Looking out into a sea of faces and spoting Lisa Bloom. A beautiful gift from a beautiful woman. So happy you were there!
The Art of Stewardship is pleased to have Lisa Bloom as a participant July 19th, 2014 for of...
Barclays said to start cutting 100 Asia-Pacific region jobs via and
Author/Attorney Lisa Bloom with Pattie Simone at the Women’s Leadership Exchange “Go for Growth” Conference in NYC
One of my kids walked back into my room today after a small group work session with another teacher and said "Mrs Toulmin your earrings are beautiful, they are shimmering" I said thanks but I must have had a strange look on my face. She explained with a massive smile on her face "Mrs Cleary just taught me that word". Thanks Amelia Jane (and Lisa Bloom for the earrings) xx
I have prayed for a power like you, to seek deep down in my soul. Oh you make me bloom like a flower.
High-Speed Trading Perks Said to Be Focus of CFTC Review - Bloomberg via
If your worth is built on your looks, what happens when accident, disease, or age takes it away? . And how does...
Lisa is passed out thanks we had a great time! We're worn out!!
Hi Lisa, bank holiday here too! Hope u have a nice day too, I'm off to with Barb, you coming?! ;))
Better than walking into Disneyland. Such a gorgeous day up there and almost everything in bloom. Smelled delicious.
Want more new clients? Lisa Bloom of tells us how to use to get them!   10% Off
I interviewed Lisa Bloom of & here's more on using to get great clients.
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Primula beesiana and Primula bulleyana bloom near The Pond. Photo by Lisa Roper
2nd how to change the world story today. Let's do it. Love this. How to Talk to Little Girls via
Thanks for sharing Lisa ... hope you are enjoying a fabulous weekend!
great to meet you too Lisa. Hope to see you at another event soon :)
Listen to Lisa Bloom of on how to use for development.
No nothing like it. Not as pretty once the bloom falls.
Please RT. Stone's need your vote before midnight. Click here and vote -
About time! US Army to seek refunds for inflated labor rates from Northrop Grumman:.
People understand the world by the stories that are passed to them. Lisa Bloom. and
The real *** in Bloom didn't even get put on the page😂I'm done✋
😂People up Bloom making up lies about me like what y'all really weird
So the Bloom Pretty Girl page tryna follow me on IG😒when all they're doing is talking bad about people✌you gets no follow back!
That's awesome, Lisa! What sort of topics do you have set up for alerts? -Nicole
How to talk to little girls without relying on gender stereotypes - via
The new Blended Bloom with Coastal Cabana SU Blendabilities markers. Love them! Card made by Lisa Ma
The Mastery of Money Live! Listen to Lisa Bloom as she discusses the power of storytelling. Join here:
I love what did with my Bloom Cut Files on this gorgeous page!
Lisa Kennedy hard at work putting the final touches to our stand at
I miss Minneapolis, I miss my yogis, each and everyone of you, you made me the teacher I am today, I miss the teachers I practiced with Nora Byrne Christine Orient, Ellie Morgan Feldman, John Robert Shaw, Lisa Bloom, Sarah Goble. I miss my neighbors Gloria Lewis, my sisters, and specially my bestest kindest sweet Steven James Peloquin and Koleen Roach My ❤️ aches to have you back in my life.
Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday to you! Joining us for today's show, we have: Katty Kay, Mike Barnicle, Jim VandeHei, John Calipari, John Heilemann, Eugene Robinson, Rep. Peter King, Willem Marx, Lisa Bloom, Rachel Boynton, Brian Sullivan and Mary Thompson
Lisa Bloom: Case against Zimmerman 'off the rails'
Lisa Bloom: Case against Zimmerman ‘off the rails’ from the start
TODAY’s legal analyst Lisa Bloom says the revelation that Reeva Steenkamp sent texts saying that she was afraid of Pistorius could be...
Americans should all read Suspicion Nation, by Lisa Bloom. The fear of black men has been manufactured by the media.
Oscar Pistorius murder trial began today! Discussing it on tonight with Mark Eiglarsh, Lisa Bloom, and Jenny Hutt.
What went wrong behind the scenes in the Trayvon Martin case? Why does America endure so many tragic shootings like this one? These are the questions at the heart of Suspicion Nation.Bestselling author, trial attorney, and NBC News analyst Lisa Bloom covered the murder trial and was appalled by w...
This week ABC News reported that nearly half of all three- to six-year-old girls worry about being fat. In my book, Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World, I reveal that 15 to 18 percent of girls under 12 now wear mascara, eyeliner and lipstick regularly; eating disorders are up and self-esteem is down; and 25 percent of young American women would rather win America's Next Top Model than the Nobel Peace Prize. Even bright, successful college women say they'd rather be hot than smart. A Miami mom just died from cosmetic surgery, leaving behind two teenagers. This keeps happening, and it breaks my heart.- Lisa Bloom
To *** w/Rev Al when Lisa Bloom and Gloria Allred said Rachel Jeantel was uneducated,etc
Sunday morning on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, Joy Reid and guests discussed the nature of Stand Your Ground laws and how they affect how people act. Lisa Bloom answers this way: People know, they have the right to stand their ground. They don’t have to run away, they don’t have to...
I was looking at the news earlier concerning the Michael Dunn murder trial. Michael Dunn 47 is the guy who shot and kill unarmed 17 yr old Jordan Davis over loud music in that great state of Florida. The case is being prosecuted by the office of State Attorney Angela Cory. Angela Cory's office also handled the Trayvon Martin case. WE ALL KNOW HOW THAT WENT! Cory's office also filed (and refused to drop) charges against Marissa Alexander for firing a warning shot into a wall to warn off her abusive husband. Anyway, while looking at the news, Lisa Bloom (a legal analyst) said "It's extremely important that there be African Americans on this jury". "One of the key issues in this case is assessing the perceived dangerousness of Jordan Davis and his friends. And we know from a pile of sociological studies that whites consider African Americans males in particular to be dangerous in many situations when they are not". Wow!!! So there's a study out there on why killing us is justifiable. So in the cases of Trayv ...
Lisa Bloom and Faith Jenkins join Rev. Sharpton to discuss the latest developments in the George Zimmerman domestic violence story involving his girlfriend.
Reporter says is a loser..Lisa Bloom speaks..
Yeah, I'm pulling a Lisa Bloom! You go EVERYWHERE! Won't have internet access all the time, but will try to post photos.
Melissa Harris-Perry, Joy-Ann Reid, & Lisa Bloom on MSNBC are speaking the truth right now.
Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday to you. Hope you're having a great week so far. Joining us today we have: Mike Barnicle, Nicolle Wallace, Michael Steele, Harold Ford Jr., Jim VandeHei, Chuck Todd, Bob Bowman, Fmr. Sen. Byron Dorgan, Aisha Tyler, Scott Stringer, Brian Sullivan, Meredith Whitney, Jean Chatzky and Lisa Bloom
Good morning everyone! Hope all is well with you and we hope you have fun plans for the week. Joining us for our show before the Fourth we have: Mark Halperin, John Heilemann, Nicolle Wallace, Leigh Gallagher, Thomas Roberts, Ezra Klein, Patrick Gavin, Carl Bernstein, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Richard Engel, David Ignatius, Josh Tyrangiel, Jon Wertheim, David Axelrod, Kelly Evans, Usher and Lisa Bloom
So I'm laying here looking at the Trevon Martin case & this white lady Lisa Bloom is all for this *** George Zimmerman because every time evidence is brought forth or somebody testifying she goes back to this *** so called head injury that I clearly think he did himself & his nose I'm just saying just maybe if he would have just sat his stupid *** in his vehicle & listened to the *** police when they told him to just stay in his vehicle. I mean really who aint gone react to somebody following them at night. If this was the other way around if Zimmerman would got shot & killed Trevon Martin would definitely be in jail already this case would already be over. How would a white man or white woman feel if they were walking home at night from the store & a black person followed them so why keep making it seem like Zimmerman was in self defense when he caused the entire altercation.
Video on The fifth day of witness testimony about the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin continues. MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Bloom and’s Trymaine Lee join NOW guest host Joy Reid for more.
Don't like Lisa Bloom she too bias n have her mind up. I mute her.
Lisa Bloom is insufferable. She needs to go get a cone.
My fear is that Lisa bloom is the voice of the jury and the evident cultural dissonance, & mixed opportunities by prosecutor
Lisa Bloom on [msnbc], CONTRADICTION, “BUT” @ Strategic Verbal Position, helped who? justasking
I listened to Lisa Bloom a lot on HLN - She is one of the reasons I stopped watching that channel.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Can you please trade Lisa Bloom for another legal commentator?
Hey I am so sick of you putting on to "analyze" the case. YES! Lisa Bloom, NO!!
I don't like listening to Lisa Bloom. Thank you for correcting her.
I really want to watch your show but I really can't stomach Lisa Bloom with the lime green dress & defending Zimmerman
My second parenting related link is an article I wrote a blog post about - How to Talk to Little Girls
Lisa Bloom was pound and ground while describing MMA
Wow just wow. Even Lisa Bloom took notice of that martial arts statement.
- Lisa Bloom is a blood thirsty, biased, little mama, eager to help Zimmerman walk.
Said what I said about Lisa Bloom on & my live stream to the trial got cut off. That's censorship & a violation of free speech
Don't know who's WORST, Gloria Allred or her pro-Zimmerman daughter, Lisa Bloom!?
So Good is being labeled as clarifying but Rachel was labeled as lying, per Lisa Bloom
Preparing to host Dr Drew on HLN live tonight at 9 pm ET. Ignore what your TV cable guide says is on. It won't be Forensic Files or Nancy Grace Mysteries. We will be on instead, for sure...I promise. Huge developments in The George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial.
I REALLY hope Lisa Bloom's playing devils advocate, she's not very supportive.
Karen,ask Lisa Bloom,when she finishes emailing encomiums2t/defense,why&how did Geo"Z"get from his truck2,t/back of t/complex??
Lisa Bloom should go back to HLN. You will lose viewers with her on board
Update your maps at Navteq
In other news, Lisa Bloom irritates the *** out of me.
Y is Lisa Bloom so much for defense in the That's not right. We shouldn't have to listen to that.
Is lisa bloom neutral ... just asking
Loving Glastonbury.might go next year!
If I hear Lisa Bloom say one more time that Rachel Jeantel isn't believable.
I know I won't get a response but ask Lisa Bloom why she is so bias in Zimmerman's favor in her resp.
Here's Lisa Bloom commenting on the Kobe Bryant case on Court TV.LA Times said that the case was thrown out because of the accuser's inconsistencies.Given her animus toward black men, she should be dropped as court commentator for the media. LISA BLOOM, CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY: I think it's appalling and think these two gentlemen are doing their client a terrible disservice. I cannot believe that they are speaking publicly about her possible reconsidering of the charges, her possible filing of a civil suit, and that they are publicly saying that this judge should step down. Advertise | AdChoices I'm a victim's rights attorney myself. I have done for years what these men are doing, representing a powerless person against a celebrity in a sexual assault case.
When did Lisa Bloom become so condescending? She talks to everyone as though they are beneath her.
"Lisa Bloom, Atty & MSNBC Contributor is so "PRO-ZIMMERMAN" she reeks defense N every word she speaks."
No, let's not go back to Lisa Bloom.
Is it possible to have Faith Jenkins on instead of Lisa Bloom? Thank you
Ty Lisa Bloom-I'm a lay person and unlike Kerry I don 't think jury is scratching their heads at Prosecution putting Good on
Lisa Bloom thinks witness on the stand established who was screaming. That's just simply BS
Lisa Bloom the spokes person getting on my *** nerves! Zimmerman is guilty in my eyes! Justices for Travon Martin!
The Cycle has started this Friday afternoon! Are you watching?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Mr. Burris is great, calm and insightful...Lisa Bloom tends to be a little hyper, at times just speculative.
Lisa Bloom "clearly Zimmerman sustained injuries..." Poor George. Tamara has to chide her back into reality.
lisa bloom, who has been designated as the legal media expert on the Zimmerman trial is pro defense because she is a second generation black male basher.she's not the angry snarling barbie she was when she tried to send kobe bryant to jail. (the case failed because the accuser lied and the prosecutor knew that she'd lied). her mother Gloria Allred even went to las vegas to get mike tyson's boxing liscense removed.Having hit the live bros. Lisa now goes after a dead one.Digging him up and killing him again
Everything the defense does is great in Lisa Bloom's eyes:
And Ms. Lisa Bloom had a bias on for Rachel Jeantel during her testimony that was palpable & irritating
From the start on Lisa Bloom felt like she should be on She's that bad.
Lisa Bloom loves some Zimmerman |So obvious, too. Needs to at least seem a bit impartial. Just a tad.
Lisa Bloom's explanation of the two interpretations of Rachel Jeantel's testimony need not be mutually exclusive.
.That Lisa Bloom is a piece of work!!! I see right through her.
Don't know what it is, but that Lisa Bloom is rubbing me like she's a SE Cupp.
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