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Lisa Armstrong

Lisa Marie Armstrong (born 25 October 1976) is a former member of pop band Deuce and now make-up expert for ITV1's programme This Morning.

Ant McPartlin Cath Kidston

Ant McPartlin and wife Lisa Armstrong reportedly planning make or break Christmas: - Ant… UK New Entertainment
Ant McPartlin and wife Lisa Armstrong to spend Christmas together: ‘She doesn’t want to ruin what they had’
Ant McPartlin to spend 'one last Christmas' with wife Lisa Armstrong as pair hold off making a decision on their ma…
Ant McPartlin and wife Lisa Armstrong could reunite for their last Christmas
Ant McPartlin to reunite with wife Lisa Armstrong at Christmas as he prepares to return…
Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong to reunite at Christmas to boost marriage
Are Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong splitting up, when did they get married and do they…
Will Ant McPartlin be spending Christmas away from his wife Lisa Armstrong? .
Ant McPartlin 'won't be moving back to his marital home' after I'm A Celebrity
Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong 'haven't decided' on Christmas plans -
When did Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong get married, do they have children and what are…
Ant McPartlin 'not moving home' with wife Lisa after I'm A Celeb
Ant McPartlin and wife Lisa Armstrong relationship: Couple pulled apart AGAIN after rehab dramas as Ant ... -…
Lisa and Ant have already been forced to spend SO much time apart.
Hopefully distance will make the heart grow fonder .
Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong reportedly spending Christmas apart as the I’m A Celebrity host decides not t ...…
Ant McPartlin facing Christmas alone as he and wife Lisa Armstrong ‘undecided’ on living together when he returns…
Ant McPartlin faces Christmas alone after deciding not to move back in with wife Lisa Armstrong after I’m A Celebri…
Who is Lisa Armstrong? Ant McPartlin's wife, Strictly Come Dancing make-up artist and former Deuce b…
Lisa Armstrong steps out for Strictly Christmas special
Ant McPartlin shows off healthy figure as he frolicks in the ocean with female pal during I'm A Celebrity down time
A special thank you to Lisa Armstrong for featuring us in her amazing article in the Telegraph today.
Ant McPartlin’s wife, Lisa Armstrong, flawlessly explains why she didn’t take his surname via
A broken man... Brad Armstrong from LISA commissioned by
The inspiring and stylish bella_freud talking to lisa Armstrong Jumpers and…
A big thank you to Lisa Armstrong from 'Respect Me' how parents could help their children to stay safe when online - thanks also to parents!
"On the College Campus of the Future, Parking May Be a Relic" by LISA PREVOST via NYT
We really need to take more time to honor the pinnacles of Western art like Michelangelo's David, the Mona Lisa, and the Pi…
“I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don't intend to waste any of mine.”. -Neil Armstrong
Ant McPartlin's supportive wife Lisa Armstrong sports wedding ring-she seems twice the woman she use to be.
Everything you need to know about Ant and his wife
Ant McPartlin's wife Lisa Armstrong sports wedding ring in defiant show of support to embattled star... after he .……
Ant's wife Lisa sports wedding ring. via All this and she still with him, he can't catch a break!
Ant McPartlin's wife Lisa Armstrong is spotted with her wedding ring firmly on
Melting in the heat? Take your style cues from sleek TV show Riviera.
Out of all Lisa characters the ones I want to be my new fathers are. -Brad Armstrong. -Terry Hintz. -Carp
Sometimes TV's very educational, says Lisa Armstrong: these are lessons in Riviera sleek
Big jazz names tonight sitting in with Alvin Waddles. Ralph Armstrong and Djallo Djakate
Thanks for everything you have done for the Armstrong Pirates Lisa!
Urgent Prayer Request (Cancer). My sister-in-law Lisa is in very bad shape. I have asked prayer for her before. htt…
I thought for sure Lisa throw Zack off the stairs out of jealously if Sonia but now I realise it's was Armstrong
Ant McPartlin's wife Lisa Armstrong admits she's overwhelmed by support as husband checks into rehab
Ant McPartlin previously admitted to drug use but said he was a 'boozy person' – years before checking into rehab
'We just need him better' - Ant McPartlin's wife silence on rehab ...…
Who is Lisa Armstrong? Ant McPartlin&wife and former member of 90s band Deuce. Read more:…
Lisa Amstrong speaks out after husband Ant McPartlin checks into his rehab
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Ant McPartlin ‘banned from having phone or visitors’ as he heads to rehab for alcohol and……
More details of Ant McPartlin's rehab stay have been revealed as he aims to battle alcohol and drug problem
Ant McPartlin's and wife Lisa Armstrong's love story as she vows to support brave telly star through rehab
Ant McPartlin’s wife thank fans for their support as ‘the big fella’ checks in to rehab
Ant McPartlin's wife Lisa Armstrong ‘relieved he's receiving the help he needs’ as star heads to rehab.
March Open House Madness is in full swing! Week 1 Winner is Lisa Burnett Armstrong! Let us know if you will be...
On Armstrong Williams' radio show, HUD secretary Ben Carson defends describing slaves as immigrants. "You can be an involunt…
Lisa Armstrong describes her Ugogo Africa start up, investment winner in 2016 Great story.…
Up on stage to speak now is: Lisa Armstrong - Phillipe botteri - Accel Partners & Parcelly CEO Sebast…
Fashion month is a marathon, not a sprint - Lisa Armstrong reports from the front row
Winner of Purdys gift basket at Guelph firefighters rooftop camp out 2017 is . Lisa Armstrong of Orangeville…
Lisa Armstrong In Conversation With Clare via for well done
Lisa Armstrong stop living in the dinosaur era! Pull your head out of your *** ! Obama has his so called birth cert…
Do u Armstrong have proof that he wasn't born in Kenya?
Finding the perfect spring coat is no easy task, Lisa Armstrong is here to help .
National honor for athletic director Lisa Sweany
Lisa Sweany Named 2016-17 NACDA Under Armour AD of the Year - Home of the Armstrong Pirates:
Congratulations to our very own Lisa Sweany, named AD of the Year by NACDA and Under Armour today!
Looking for ways to make learning physical in middle and high school classrooms? shares 5:
Lisa Zeh - Hygienist. Lisa joined Dr. Armstrong's office in 2004, after receiving her degree in dental hygiene...
LISA brad armstrong just kinda reminds me of a way shorter and serious chang koehan
16 Small Business of the Year went to , director Lisa Armstrong said 'it's absolutely amazing…
Thank you to Valley Children's, Melanie Armstrong, Lisa Haynes-Scott and Dress for Success Fresno for supporting...
Getting the inside scope on the pros and cons of the LAT so far from Lisa Armstrong and
Well at last Debbie Animal Armstrong living up to her name. Even beating Coach Lisa in today's Wod. I must try...
Don't miss Annual Thanksgiving Gospel Concert with Vanessa Bell Armstrong and many others!
Insightful ep. on Belinda Earl plucky but blinded by ropey 'insight' 's Lisa Armstrong spot on
See Gospel artists Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Joshua Rogers and Lisa Knowles on this Saturday!
are you guys doing a puppy bowl on who wins the election? Lisa Armstrong is my favorite!
w/ Case Manager Jamie Armstrong staying in the ❤️ & helping women heal.
Leah Armstrong Rochelle Hayward Lisa Tassopoulos Emma Dunn Wendy Uphill Barton Sari Michelle and all of you my...
Champions of diversity, my sisters Tracy Copeland, Dwan Armstrong, Lisa Jones.
I love this picture of sweet reader, Lisa Armstrong reading the UK edition of Falling. And I want that chair!
Let's give a big Armstrong FBBC welcome to our new Fit Fam members!! Hiapo & Kim Poirier, Lisa Coombs, and Mary...
PB Lisa Armstrong Bad Manors Humorous romance teen child health farm new life
A collection of photos of Ant & Dec attending the from the last 3 years with Lisa Armstrong & Ali Astall https…
I got yelled at by Lisa Armstrong to get down, I was pretty happy up there
I loved Lisa, the last caller. Let's not act like it's not about black vs America IT IS Armstrong
Anthony McPartlin and wife Lisa Armstrong 'stopped by security' at BAFTA TV ... -
"A lot of cats copy the Mona Lisa, but people still line up to see the original." Louis Armstrong
Armstrong Williams: Can't Give In to Hate After Tragedies - look *** you put-down rabid beasts you don't hug'em.
I hear that Anthony "Ant" McPartlin now has a beard. Lisa Armstrong.
Lisa Armstrong's front row was the first cover Stewart Larking designed using photoshop
Woodlands Senior Carer Lisa Armstrong reveals why she is Proud to work for Hica
Ant McPartlin and wife Lisa Armstrong celebrate his RTS awards
Stop by and say Hello to Lisa Armstrong, our new Assistant Director! Welcome, Lisa!
I always thought Billie Joe Armstrong said," THAT'S the point of delirium." Instead of, "PASSED the point of delirium." . ehh..
Michael Armstrong & Lisa Davies - Fresh from his appearance as support to T'Pau and percussionist in the band,...
the Liberace, Dali, and Louis Armstrong eps are so fun
Thinking of you Mary Minnick, Davida Minnick and your bat poo enriched gardens! Happy spring gardening in...
Lisa Armstrong can read from an input stream.
Lisa X AMERICA a.k.a. Tina Armstrong from the Dead or Alive series.
"When you see Emma Watson, do you think of her speech on political and social equality or her new shade of lipstick?" asks Lisa Armstrong.
I like Lisa. Tayor *** Armstrong, if people remember right, was the one who started with the B.S,
Happy birthday this week to PCSC staff: Pam Minton, Tyla Whitfield, Rachel Armstrong and Lisa Tapp. Your commitme…
I want Nepgear and Buddy Armstrong from LISA the Joyful to team up and kill all of the CPUs and Candidates.
Zoolander 2: Has Planet Fashion got in on the joke? by Lisa Armstrong via Sydney Morning Herald RSS News Headlines
‘The Program’ Trailer: Lance Armstrong Has the Money and Power to Destroy You All - /Film News
de la the man the legend: Lisa Armstrong looks back at the life of America's most charm...
Enjoy! And huge congrats on the WTS shortlisting!
Update your maps at Navteq
Look Cindy Reagan-garrison they made day for you and lisa
Gents trims this Friday with Marcia! FREE of charge! Under the watchful eye of Lisa Armstrong. Come down and get...
My amazing friend Lisa Armstrong is for Donate to Lisa's page
Congratulations to Leonard Christon and Isiah Armstrong on their new 2014 Toyota Camry! All thanks to Lisa Fender :)
Congrats to the winner of our latest contest Lisa Armstrong
Yes, Lisa Armstrong - the costumes in War and Peace are awful but William Perkin discovered mauve in 1856, not the 1890s.
Mukwonago's Nick Armstrong won his first league title with a pin in 57 seconds at 126. He was ecstatic after the win, an…
Hi Lisa Armstrong : larmstrong463. Want to get iPh0ne 6 for FREE? Please go read my Bi0. Thx
Get all 25 Jim Armstrong releases available on Bandcamp and save 60%. Thats only £13.60 !! go on…
Lisa Armstrong, fashion director, the daily telegraph, in rome ؟؟؟؟
regarding LISA, i thought Brad Armstrong was a reference to Bradshaw due to appearance but it's named after the wrestler with the same name
Lisa Jones Newberry and Lara Armstrong birthday lunch — eating lunch at Esso Club
Also top on your list should be Jim Armstrong Happy Rocking !
Haute couture shopping and its cult customers (-
watching Lisa Rinna try to fill the giant lip shaped hole that the amazing Taylor Armstrong left is just sad.
I remember hearing a certain big name lper who liked LISA describe Brad Armstrong as "Oh No My Feels" kind of character
Recruitment tips from Lisa Armstrong on this week's show. Listen at
Taylor Swift out-Taylor Swift’d herself by performing on stage with Lisa Kudrow
Listening to Louis Armstrong at work, was he a cool 😎 cat, or what?
Everytime I see you 2 ladies together, u remind me of Tina Armstrong & Lisa Hamilton from DOA.
[LISA the Painful spoilers]. Brad "Sexy Boy" Armstrong refuses to sell. breaks "Death Queen's" streak. wins the title, and ruins wrestling :>
Neil Armstrong could've pulled the ultimate prank by leaving someone's keys on the moon
Lisa Pascale once challenged Lance Armstrong in a "Who has more *** " contest. Lisa Pascale won by 5.
Ninah (left) vs. ms. Armstrong (right) Ninah loses in the end... Ninah says she let her win...…
mood: when taylor armstrong points at lisa and goes "WHY DID YOU PHONE HER?"
California museum to screen Hoover documentary - AOPA Film opens with Neil Armstrong July 11.
in style with these tips. Head over to our website to view our travel products -
Amber Armstrong Thank you for joining my PLN! Look forward to learning with you!
How to assemble the perfect travel outfit:
Giorgio picks his best red carpet moments, just for us:
How can this hatred exist and where does it come from? I can't i just can't understand that it is true. Many tears tonigh…
Severe Thunderstorm Watch for Allegheny, Armstrong, Butler, Clarion and Fayette County in PA until 9:00pm.
Lisa Armstrong from recommends Sargossa heels as perfect travel outfit “If heels are non-negotiab…
How to assemble the perfect travel outfit: Is there such a thing as a perfect travel outfit? Lisa Armstrong th...
J.W. Anderson discusses the point of fashion: Telegraph via
J.W. Anderson discusses the point of fashion at resort show in Cambridge by
Trademark, are all on our list of brilliant, under-the-radar brands
15 secret go-to brands loved by fashion insiders - Telegraph Dull, dull and more dull!
Discover the 15 'secret' brands that are the fashion team's go-to labels
'How people learn & how people desist/ rebuild lives, have striking commonalities'. Dr. Ruth Armstrong from
today is the last day I will ever have lisa armstrong . I have mixed feelings right now
Hurray & their horsey inspiration for fall2015 . h…
Minimalism gives way to embroidery and crystals as Paris Fashion Week draws to a close, reports
This is the best thing that's happened at any Fashion Week, EVER
What a show!! Our beautiful model Lisa Armstrong of Pix and Hitched magazine wearing "Snow White" one of the...
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
From our special in today's paper: 5 wonderful things Brasserie Gabrielle reminded us about Paris
The ateliers produced dress after stunning dress - then happened
Zoolander and Hansel upstage Valentino's blockbuster show at Paris Fashion Week - Telegraph
My i/v with Frédéric Cheng, the director of on how he captured Raf Simons
"It's such an overblown world. Yet it's full of hard-working, humble people" - Dior & I director Frédéric Tcheng
Lisa Armstrong "on the touching story behind the Dior and I film" - Telegraph
Love this article! Just not feeling the urge to peacock this season. With such a huge transition in KKC and our...
Forget about anything else that happened at & are so hot right now.
Hey hey. Hope your day is going well. Lisa will be on Tv on the Dee Armstrong show wed and…
'Zoolander & Hansel upstage blockbuster show' - a fashion director's take on the spectacle
Hurray & their horsey inspiration for fall2015 .
Apple Watch launch: the fashion verdict - Telegraph
Can technology and fashion ever make a handsome pairing? I tried on the in September, here's my verdict:
Why kinky boots matter to the bottom line - my review of Raf Simons's supremely confident show
But would it work for walking the dog? Tattered glamour at Céline in Paris
Website Builder 728x90
Kimmy is one side of the equation - but Riccardo Tisci's autumn collection was a more lyrical one
Launch date and price of is out tomorrow - I was lucky enough to try it for size back in September:
Riccardo Tisci seduces with Victorian-inspired clothes at Givenchy - Telegraph
'In time for his 10th anniversary Tisci proved he can do poetry & longevity' writes
Cycling leaders slammed for letting doping, Lance Armstrong win.
Cèline's perfectly tattered glamour by
Celine's perfectly tattered glamour: It's true - they looked more like a very-insider fashion statement than a...
Raf Simons's kinky boots for autumn/winter 2015.
"'RHOBH' Taylor Armstrong has healed after Russell's suicide" .
Right - this is what fashion editors really wear:
What do fashion editors really wear to fashion week? We find out:
For all fellow . has written this beautiful piece... Read and share!!!
ATTENTION LA PUENTE AREA ARTISTS/ARTISANS!. Our friends and business supporters John and Lisa Armstrong over at...
Forget the look-at-me peacocks, here's what fashion editors really wear to the shows -
What the fashion editors really wear to the shows -
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Last night's show was demurely romantic says
There was something Anne Boleyn-esque about last night's couture show
Wolf Hall provided the fashion inspiration for at says
Beauty Bash will help send cancer patient, family to Florida: Beauty stylist Lisa Waldor is trying to turn a c...
Tomorrow we're in Truro for Make Democracy Better cc
Team has given the flares trend a test drive:
Elegant, classic and not too edgy: Prive is destined for the red carpet
"A stellar collection that blended Eastern references with Western pragmatism" reviews Prive
Now 10 years old, Prove is having a moment at
Giorgio is still experimenting at 80 with his SS15 Prive collection, writes
John Galliano's return to the front line of fashion for Maison Martin Margiela felt oddly like a healing moment for the disgraced designer, reports Lisa Armstrong
Emma Willis, Lisa Armstrong and I talk about our commitment to Style for Soldiers |
Please plan on gathering together on Sunday, October 26 as Lisa Armstrong of Fellow Man International.
We just studied this scripture in BSF! I love it! Sandhya Dasari Brenda Moore Barron Lisa Armstrong Begley
The collaboration we want: Simone Rocha x J Brand.
Use green construction 2 attract people 2 the industry so they can help the planet says Lisa Armstrong
fairytale fash or garden gnome grossness? Can't decide...
.x is one collaboration you NEED to invest in:
Goat described as 'timeless appeal for a woman of any age' in brands loved by fashion insiders feature
The brand that fashion insiders love, now open in
.on the "the most charmingly flamboyant and charismatic of America's designers"
Thank you Melanie and George Hincapie for making this years Granfondo the best its ever been... ~Lisa Christiansen
Oscar de la Renta: the man behind the legend - Telegraph
Thanks for mentioning in the article on stealth brands!
Great recommendation of by 6 Slingsby Place http:…
All-time best song associated with bond: Louis Armstrong's We Have All The Time In The World.
Oscar de la Renta's father was adamant his son should go into insurance. Guess who won?
"It’s not about what you wear, but about how you live your life" - RIP Oscar de la Renta:
Lisa Armstrong looks back at the charming life of
0-4 - Perez flicks for Campbell who slips the ball to Armstrong and he takes a touch inside before poking the ball home. Great fi…
The best vintage clothing destinations - Telegraph -
If it is good enough for the Beckhams!
Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon at 10:56 EST, so don't let West Coasters complain about any TV schedule…
Thanks to Grumman! MT:"45 yrs ago today, Armstrong and Aldrin set foot on the Moon:
Human beings first landed on moon 45 years ago today--Armstrong, Aldrin & flag:
Investment dresser on the practical, and now stylish, rash vest
Great article on how to source vintage jewellery here, no mention of William May though, which is strange -
How to hit the beach with style - to hit the beach with styleTelegra...
In case confirmation were needed that retail is overtaking culture see on Retail Value's Suzhou site
45 years ago today, Apollo 11 took off carrying Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins to the moon
Interesting article in on Bicester's expansion into China
Incredible, a piece of UK retail in China
Bicester Village goes to China - doors to open in October in Suzhou to fashion hungry consumers
Excellent piece of work, well done Nicola Armstrong, Lisa Matthews
Lisa Armstrong , Julie Henry, Olivia Cate Alana Bradford Vicki Martin , thank you for joining my page
Photo: Chanel Dallas The gang’s all here Antony Miles,Charlie Miller and the gorge Lisa Armstrong raising a...
"How did a food mixer become a glamorous lifestyle accessory?" You ASK!? I'll tell you : via
A day late but always inspired by Vic Brotherson + Scarlet&Violet 🌸 (via Lisa Armstrong/ Telegraph).
Lessons from the Stylish: Vic Brotherson - Telegraph via
Let the whirlwind begin: on packing for + everything else next month.
Counting down till + beyond. on what to pack for your fashion world tour:
One of the best and worst days of my life today. Had a fabulous time at my family's reunion today with Kim Ashton Evans ,Kathy Ashton Tobin, Nancy Umphres Eaton, Mindy Ensor Armstrong, Cindy Black Null, Ashley Mullock, Lauren Null, Michael Plez Lane, Mary Lane, Archie Black, Lisa Irving Black, and the rest of my wonderful family. However, it is going to be another year before we all get together again. Missed those that weren't able to make it this year. Hope more of us can get together next year. Love you all.
, , ChaRo , Home , Our mission is to entertain, educate and liberate young and old minds so that they may use their creative freedom to help others. ᅠIt is also our mission to bring awareness to the power that is within
BBC Radio Cumbria tomorrow morning at 10am...tune in to hear me chatting to Val Armstrong!
review up for powerful nonfiction ebook, VOICES OF HAITI by Lisa Armstrong:
VOICES OF HAITI by Lisa Armstrong. A multimedia book focused on how Haitians are coping after the 2010 earthquake.
“It appears that the DOD has serious problems with male-on-male sexual assaults that men are not reporting and the Pentagon doesn’t want to talk about.”
I am so happy Amy Crombie had the amazing idea to reach out and invite me in on this! Anyone else in???Heather Relph Jacquie Parker Heather Armstrong just to name a few. Anyone else I didn't mention feel free to let me kno. We are hoping to start next Monday. I dk if meeting will work or if we should just do an accountability thing let me kno.
Wow! I never thought I'd be so happy to receive a package from UPS in all my life! My modem arrived (actually I missed the delivery so I picked it up from their office), and I am finally back online with my computer! Thanks to my niece Tanya Armstrong and my sister Julie Trumble Armstrong for keeping my farms going :). Also thanks to my sister Deb Trumble Kelly for letting me use her computer a few times. I am so glad to be back and able to "see" everyone again.
Well today has been a good day. While we were at the dealer getting the new van Tanner Levi text me that he has been accepted to Armstrong University. I am so proud of him!
Gorkana PR covers the latest industry news for the PR community. You'll find people news, pitch wins, the latest PR campaigns and interviews with some of the foremost personalities within the industry.
It's Friday so I'm gonna spit it! Straight like this- Booboo Everyman don't want u and for the love of all is FBookers please stop posting all these *** pics using photo shop- we confused bcuz you're on FB trying to be Beyonce and when we see you in the street your *** looking like Trinidad James! We don't know what your *** look like or who for tht matter!!! Ijs-
Ooo look ladies just what we need. Hollie Armstrong Jodie Armstrong Lisa Armstrong
Thanks Taking bespoke seriously: You heard it here from
what time does VSU softball play tomorrow??
Cath Kidston being interviewed by Lisa Armstrong who keeps interrupting Cath. Obviously has her set of questions to ask
Well in a few hours ill be a married man.󾆐󾠥󾔠
Tomorrow on an early show of Being Aware we're rebroadcasting Lisa's interview with Alison Armstrong.
Next up, Cath Kidston talking to Lisa Armstrong. This one will be busy!
This is how Lisa Armstrong and I started her morning. Thank heavens we work at Lindsay Chevrolet.
Looking for an affordable but exacting dress alteration – check recommended by
On the first day of school we gave away free cupcakes to the kids. Now it's the teachers turn, if you are a Brevard county school teacher today is your day!! Free cupcake to all grade( K-12) school teachers!! Come and get it before they are all gone!!!
Schroon Lake Central School and Bolton Central school want to merge for sports causing us to change leagues and go hours out of our way for games and practices. We have been the Wildcats since the school was built and we don't want to be the WildEagles
♥Can we all share for help and donations for this poor mom i just found out she is in municipality pound in Nicosia Cyprus and has no interest at all for rescue or foster,my friend Elena is trying to gain time for them and help them find homes,whatever help is welcome from donations in food calcium or money donations for vet expenses and a foster home for her, anything is welcome,the paypal account is cypruscmwhere you can donate but please mention that it is for mummy in the pound. Also mention gift when you donate please...THANK YOU FOR SHARING .♥
talk about something biting you in the b_ _ _! Yesterday while doing a little gardening I received a chain of no less than 6 big bug bites on the hinter regions. What's my mommy mantra? "Don't scratch...don't!n't..." all very well when it's NOT me that's itching ;)
Update your maps at Navteq
“No way, my standards are way higher than that.”
Good morning they r voting for best salon for the neighborhood awards lets vote for TET Tabatha Exquisite Touch salon.. Consuelo Mackey-Perry..owner stylist. ..Jessica Bryant..stylist. .Tomekia Williams..stylist
Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, and Gesang are great and I adore them. But I have to say, I like their songs better when sung by Lisa Ono :)
In praise of the dressmaker... huge thanks to & fantastic article! Read it here:
With the Ascot, wedding and general strutting season almost upon us, it's time to give bespoke dressmaking some serious consideration.
A quiet night to me thanks to my gorgeous Mum!! Let's all say thanks Mumsy ❤ Comment here the number that comes to you when you think of what worries you in this moment and I will share from Angel Numbers 101. ❤ Here for 20mins ❤ Rowena
Morning everybody, from all of us... HAPPY BIG WEEKEND!
Can anyone on my friends list certify a passport photo for me? (legally of course)
Event of the day - one of Britain's most admired designers talks to Lisa Armstrong
The sun is definitely shining today for our lovely couple Tracy Anderson and John-Innes Arthur who marry today in Paphos. Here's hoping it makes an appearance for our other lovely couples who have their special day this weekend:- Laura Scott & Paul Roddy from Belfast; Adele Armstrong & Ryan Schiavone from Lumphinnans; Lisa Moir & Steven Pratt from Inverurie; Linda Muchmore & Jim Harper from Dunoon; Sarah-Jane Milne & Alasdair Hogg from Aberdeen; Michelle Halpin and Faz Ashraf from Glasgow and lastly (but by no means least) Julia McGuckin & Leon Hass from Glasgow. Our very best wishes to all for your wedding day. Thank you for allowing us to produce your stationery. Love all at Crafty Cards. x
I don't feel old enough to leave school!
Last day at work before the partying starts I got 400 pound in my pocket and I am going to.wax the lot the milky bars r on me lol
I remember sitting around "Old Man Brogan's" table drinking beer, and listening to the stories... and debating the current events of the day... I wrote this ...
Well... I had to bring Jack home... no surgery tomorrow... Apparently they forgot that he is a "Cryptorchid Cat" (a cat with only one *** down) and did not schedule enough time for his surgery which takes about 2 hours as oppose to a regular 15 minute neuter... He was re-scheduled for next week. Great news for Jack since he doesn't have to be scared for another week... Not so great news for me, because it means another trip to the vet and another attempt to trick him into getting inside the carrier, which I am sure will be much more difficult this time around because he is very smart and will not fall for the same trick again...
want to know just how frugal I am? I am on the list at the library to borrow Les Mis on DVD. yes I am that cheap and patient.
Can I get Minista Danielle Chipp Polite to the rescue for level 117 in Candy Crush? Seems like when she LOLS I BEAT THE
Song the night I graduated from Ranburne High School (1983) "Let's Dance. by: David Bowie... What was the Song in May of the year you graduated?
Happy born day to my kuzzzins love yall enjoy your day..Lisa Marshall, Michael Armstrong oxxxo
Im on my way to get my children with Pastor Bullet and Lisa Armstrong
Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace and without peace you will never be happy... Guilt, resentment, holding on to a past that has wronged you and those you blame will only destroy your peace and tranquility in the present and your future... When you look at how self destructive this emotional baggage is, one has to ask, without the self loathing of ones own character, and the bitterness towards others that you blame for your misery, would you lose that identity which defines who you are? Without the constant drama which you create on a daily basis blaming others continually, would your life lack purpose or reason??? One has to ask that, for I see it everywhere. People claim they want to change and want to be happy, yet the express themselves through a wounded ego which has become their true identity, and until you realize this, you will never be free from resentment, which is like drinking poison and then waiting for the object of your resentment to die... L ...
For the next Up On The Roof instalment we’ve invited the rather excellent World Unknown to taken control of the terrace…
On my way to Cayman...(squeal of girlish delight)...a surprise trip courtesy of Jeffrey D. Armstrong, who is also Batman!
Cleaning camper! One day away for camping season to officially begin, yippy cant wait to see Lisa Spillane Cipriano, Michelle Spillane Dowd, Mike Daniels, Robert Alley , Nini and all the kiddos!!! And Holly Armstrong-Cipriano, if she gets her butt there lol
Congratulations to our 4 winners, chosen at random. Each has won a can of Sex Siren Spray Tan, please let us know which salon you wish to collect your prize from. Lindsay Gray Chloe Armstrong Debbie Chillery Lisa Scott
Is looking for a bridal hair stylist to work with me on the 29th of June please pm me and of anyone is one or knows anyone x
Marks & Spencer's focus on outerwear could pay - especially if the weather stays like this! via
Lisa Evans adds her poetic vision to our ticktocktick series with this soft and mysterious found footage of a cosmic creature collecting the seeds of inspiration. Direction…
Interviews with with airing this Thursday at 6:00pm.
OK, we're considering another Poll for our website. This time the question is "which world-class trail runner would you most like to share a long run with?". actually, give us 2 names - one Male & one Female. This is purely the nominations round - once we have enough names we'll set it up as a proper poll & voting can begin in earnest.
Ok guys whoever can mention "EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE IN HALO" including those you cannot drive, wins!!! Something... ~Nightflash~~
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Beginning tomorrow (5/23/13) at 6:00 a.m. and until further notice, S. Western between SW 134th and 164th will be narrowed to one southbound lane and with no northbound traffic allowed. Furthermore, SW 149th between Santa Fe and May Ave. will be closed to all traffic. These closures are due to the installation of new utility lines. We will send out a news release advising when these roads have been reopened.
I am gonna be a Nana again! Super excited to bring another sweet baby into our family. Congratulations Sarah Beth and Brad Cobb!!!
HUMP DAY JOKES: _ Scottish Wedding At the Scottish wedding reception the D.J. Yelled... "Would all married men please stand next to the one person who has made your life worth living." The bartender was almost crushed to death. _ SEX Condoms don’t guarantee safe sex anymore... A friend of mine was wearing one when he was shot by the woman’s husband. _ Lance Armstrong I think it is just terrible and disgusting how everyone has treated Lance Armstrong, especially after what he achieved, winning 7 Tour de France races, whilst on drugs. When I was on drugs, I couldn't even find my friggin' bike. _ Pregnant Prostitute Doctor asks pregnant prostitute, "Do you know who the father is?" "For f*** sake, if you ate a tin of beans would you know which one made you fart?" _ Sex Research If sex with 3 people is called a threesome and sex with 2 people is a twosome, now I understand why they call you handsome! _ Thanks Mary Lisa Noyes for this.
You might want to know how and why Implicit Business Intelligence is your comparative advantage... and the next hot topic. Guest, Andrew Brewer, helps us build the case for Intuitive Business Analysis. Kick-Off & Celebrate our 2013 Launch Campaign 3~Experts Mastermind: "Intuitive Business Analysis i...
Finished my last final today in my law class, I know I Aced it. taking the summer off meeting with my adviser tomorrow and signing up for my fall classes!!
I can't believe what's happened today but there's mad men & woman all over the world these men can not say they have done this barbaric act due to their beliefs - just like the young man that went into a school & killed teachers & kids - you can't say every Muslim is a terrorist that's like saying every paddy is in the IRA - but what I'm mostly shocked at is the amount of racists on my newsfeed what's worse than a racist is a completely uneducated racist - that are so narrow minded it would be like trying to reason with a drunk man or woman.
Just three times in his presidency has Mr. Obama spoken to the crisis facing black America head-on.
Graduation of Darien Tomlinson and Sage Armstrong wit Lisa Hassett and Devin Tomlinson
Whew! Started school on May 13th. Man going back to school after 20 years (OMG, I'M OLD) isn't a joke. This Medical Terminology is NOTHING to be taken lightly. But after hard work, dedication, determination, and will power, my first week average is a high A, 98 to be exact. YAAYYY go lil OLD me.. PROUD OF MYSELF!
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