Lionel Messi & Emile Heskey

Lionel Andrés Messi (born 24 June 1987) is an Argentine footballer who plays in La Liga for FC Barcelona and captains the Argentina national team, mainly as a forward. Emile William Ivanhoe Heskey (born 11 January 1978) is an English footballer who plays for Aston Villa as a striker. 5.0/5

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Happy birthday to Emile Heskey who's was born in 1978. .. here's 5 reasons why he was better than Lionel Messi. h…
Demarai Gray had gone from playing against Emile Heskey to playing against Lionel Messi in the space of a year lol…
Blair offering advice to Labour is like Emile Heskey telling Lionel Messi how to score goals.
I thought Harry Kane was the new Lionel Messi, more like the next Emile Heskey.
5 reasons why Emile Heskey is better than Lionel Messi.
Lionel Messi have more career hattricks (16) than Emile Heskey have goals for Aston Villa (14).
Emile Heskey is now a Free Agent. Here is why he is better than Lionel Messi!
once on his wiki page it said 'he is a mix between Lionel Messi and Emile Heskey'
Emile Heskey has scored more World Cup goals than Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo. tip of the day
Tim Sherwood is in talks with Lionel Messi,.sorry that should be Emile Heskey.
From seeing Lionel Messi score in the Nou Camp, to Adrian Peterson running for 2 touchdowns at Wembley, I'm not doing too bad for superstar sportsmen recently. Just wish Emile Heskey was still playing in England to cap it off...
Reasons why Emile Heskey is better than Lionel Messi
It is a well known fact that both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have posters of Emile Heskey above their beds"
I wish Dave Moyes would just sign someone now. I don't care if its Lionel Messi or Emile Heskey just sign someone!!
Emile Heskey appeared on the Rod Hull & Emu Show more times than Diego Maradona, Pele and Lionel Messi combined.
Funny Player facts - Joe Hart, told he wasn't good enough by local under 12 manager. - Raheem Sterling, rejected by the Oldham Youth. - Robin Van Persie, played as a defender at a young age. - Neymar, joined Santos under 16s at the age of 9. - Falcao, got rejected by Aston Villa...for Emile Heskey. - Scott Sinclair, his father claimed Sinclair will be playing for Barcelona at the age of 20.. - Ashley Cole, claimed hetwo-footed tackle his trainer... - Lionel Messi, used to run under people legs to beat them... - Wayne Rooney, was told he'll never be a success by Brentford SUM
5 reasons Emile Heskey is better than Lionel Messi
'One of the most dangerous players I have ever played against.'- Lionel Messi guess who?
It's silly season.. I would like to see Fulham sign Lionel Messi or Emile Heskey. That's who we need otherwise we will fail.
Lionel Messi is good, but Emile Heskey is better...
Here are some amazing quotes from players, managers and even celebrities on Heskey... Lionel Messi - "I don't like to be known as the best player in the world, because for me, it has to be Emile Heskey, no doubt" Cristiano Ronaldo - "He was the player I looked up to early in my career, I like to think my style of play replicates his" "When I played against him for Manchester United a few seasons ago, I was just in awe, my idol" Jose Mourinho - "I tried to sign him for Real Madrid when I first joined, but he wasn't interested, I was ready to break the bank" Roy Hodgson - "My biggest regret as England manager was not taking Emile Heskey to the euro's, If i would have picked him, we would have won it, i'm sure of that" Sir Alex Ferguson - "Whenever my team played against Emile Heskey, I would put 2 defenders on him, maybe even 3 sometimes, he was that good" Cheryl Cole - "I don't like football much, but I like Emile Heskey in them shorts, why ayeee man" Hugh Hefner - "I've slept with a lot of women and I am ...
Emile Heskey has scored 5 goals in 6 games for Newcastle Jets. He's basically the Lionel Messi of Australian football.
Fecking ridiculous! Emile Heskey is better than Lionel Messi. Fact:
Funny to read through my timeline, shows how much goals changes games. Gervinho was Emile Heskey, now he's Lionel Messi.
when you realise Emile Heskey has commanded higher transfers than Lionel Messi.
People say Lionel Messi is a special player, because he can make something out of nothing. By that logic, Emile Heskey is unique, because he can make nothing out of something.
Emile Heskey has more Premier League goals than Lionel Messi
Emile Heskey is better than lionel messi.
"Emile Heskey graces the cover of FIFA 13." Move over Lionel Messi, it's my turn to take centre stage! RT
Emile Heskey has more Premier League appearances than Lionel Messi
Audley Harrison congratulating Anthony Joshua is the equivalent of Emile Heskey high fiving Lionel Messi.
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Emile Heskey, who gets laughed at for being so poor, has scored more goals at a World Cup than Lionel Messi and Kaka.
Lionel Messi = makes something out of nothing. Emile Heskey = makes nothing out of something.
Emile Heskey will score more goals than Lionel Messi in single season.
Emile Heskey has scored the same number of World Cup goals as Lionel Messi and Kaka. And he's scored more than Rooney!
Emile Heskey has as many goals in World Cups as Lionel Messi. Someone sign him up!
Emile Heskey has scored the same number of World Cup goals as Kaka and Lionel Messi, and more than Wayne Rooney.
Emile Heskey has scored the same amount of goals in the European Championships as Lionel Messi.
Lots of talk about Emile Heskey today. My favourite Heskey fact? He has scored as many World Cup goals as Lionel Messi...
Lionel Messi has scored more goals this season (70) than Emile Heskey has in the last 10 seasons (66).
Lionel Messi 76 goals this season. Emile Heskey 66 goals in d last 10 years.
Lionel Messi has scored 72 goals this season. It's took Emile Heskey 10 years to score the same amount.
you can keep your Kaka and Lionel Messi. 'cos we've got Michael Carrick and Emile Heskey.
Lionel Messi has never scored against Chelsea, while Emile Heskey has hit the back of the Blues' net seven times during his epic career.
I'm almost jealous of my mate's skill with the ladies. He's like Lionel Messi: he scores every time. I'm more like Emile Heskey. I rape them because I'm black.
Lionel Messi has scored as many hat tricks in this season as Emile Heskey has scored goals in his career at (9)
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