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Lion King

The Lion King is a 1994 American animated musical adventure film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

Donald Glover James Earl Jones Jon Favreau Hakuna Matata Elton John Seth Rogen Billy Eichner Eric Andre Childish Gambino Star Wars Rowan Atkinson Jungle Book

Beyoncé joins Donald Glover, and James Earl Jones in the Lion King remake.
And OMG, Elton John celebrated the Lion King on Broadway anniversary... My dad JUST saw him, hehe!!
So Elton John was in the house and performed at the Lion King 20th Anniversary Broadway show…
I added a video to a playlist Rumor Report: Tamar Reconciles? Beyonce in Lion King & more hot topics
I was really nervous about the new Lion King movie but then I heard Jon Favreau is directing it so I feel a little bit better
how can help with hair for the Lion King ?
My wife said because Lion King is a musical and she can sing, so I do get that angle, still though.…
This is not a drill: will star in the Lion King remake.
*sees the they are making a live action Lion King*. *gets angry*. *sees beyonce is playing Nala*. *feels less awkward about turned on by Nala*
Everyone else is excited about Beyoncé, James Earl Jones and Keegan Michael-Key in the "Lion King" and I'm over here like "John Oliver!"
- No Rowan Atkinson, Nathan Lane or Ernie Sabelle ?!! Sorry but I'd rather rewatch the og Lion King , this 2019 remake is a pass for me.
My fave part of the Lion King announcement is that James Earl Jones is still Mufasa
I’ll see it, because Lion King. But it won’t be same. Gonna miss the above and Rowan Atkinson. Thank god J…
With James Earl Jones recast as Mufasa in the new Lion King movie, it's like the circle of life. And people aren't talking enough about it.
Live action Lion King with Nala voiced by Queen B is coming! I almost cried. 🙀The only thing more fantastic than th…
I'm still not sure how I feel about this live action Lion King movie, but, yes to James Earl Jones voicing Mufasa 💃…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
There are 6 total comedy stars in the upcoming Lion King
Eric Andre is playing Azizi in the new Lion King remake, that movie is going to be hilarious.
So. . Eric Andre is in that new Lion King remake.
As awesome as it would be, it’s NOT Danny Glover playing Simba in the new Lion King movie, sorry HuffPo… .
Disney has announced the Lion King cast with Donald Glover, Beyoncé, Seth Rogan, & more!
LOOK: "Lion King" all-star cast unveiled. Donald Glover to play Simba and Beyoncé will be Nala in 2019 remake of
Roar! Beyonce, Donald Glover to star in 'Lion King' remake - CNET
Black Panther 2018. Beyoncé in The Lion King 2019. Done with Trump In 2020. We gone be aite!
Lol no way is Eric Andre in the lion king
still unconvinced about live-action Lion King, but looking forward to the inevitable fan-edit of the original to have the remake's voices
Yeah, i remember the lion king thing, but that was when i checked in here earlier for a minute or so and just saw that
Just learned a new Lion King is being made. Already hype.
Billy Eichner is gonna be Timon in the live action Lion King
Me when I heard that Beyoncé, Donald Glover, and all other amazing actors will be in the Lion King remake 😍👌🏾…
Disney announced the cast for its live-action ‘Lion King’ remake, and it includes Beyoncé (yes, that one) as Nala
In honor of the Lion King casting,. here’s a song for you… Terrified by Childish Gambino. Both Simba's on one track.
Beyoncé has officially been cast in the live-action "Lion King" movie and people are so freakin' excited
Donald Glover and Beyoncé as Simba and Nala in The Lion King..
Whatever the record is for movie soundtrack sales, I’m pretty sure Disney’s new ‘The Lion King’ just broke it by casting Bey…
.confirms role as Nala in Disney's live-action
Disney's Lion King cast has been announced & you know what that means—It means no worries for the rest of your days:
I love that is playing the voice of Pumba in the Lion King 🙌🏻😋
How the Disney exec that closed Beyonce's Lion King deal was greeted when they came into work today
Beyoncé is going to be releasing B7 and she’s doing Lion King. Release your music while you can cause when she comes you…
I'm BEYOND excited to be joining Donald Glover, Beyoncé and more in Disney's THE LION KING. With me and Seth Rogen as Tim…
disney gotta let mero and I voice the crows in the dumbo remake in order to correct this lion king snub
Beyonce is set to voice Nala in the live-action remake of Disney's "The Lion King."
Seeing as that Beyoncé got the role of Nala for the new Lion King, does that mean she finally auditioned for a role?
The Beyhive on the way to see Lion King in 2019.
Hold up: Disney just announced Beyoncé will play Nala in The Lion King
Order Miche Bag Online!
.unveils full cast with confirmed as Nala
Our dog Sam has been rehearsing the title song of the Lion King in the style of Elton John. Play it again, Sam.
In Disney's official cast press release of the Lion King remake, they avoid the word "voice.". We know it's not live-action, Disney. Come on
Check out the cast of Walt Disney Studios upcoming live-action Lion King! It’s wild 👏🙊🦁
Actor Robert Guillaume, best known for 'Benson' and as the voice of 'Rafiki' from Lion King has died at age 89.
Hamilton, Lion King, Avenue Q (if they’re 21+), or Phantom. Those are all great first timer musicals
When I got the message 'Ticket for Dorothy Abellegah', I was overwhelmed, though the airport was more than 4hrs away, I went halfway on the first leg. I was 2hrs early for my flight for the wonderful TEF Entrepreneurship Forum 2017. Great outing. Press briefing on the Tony Elumelu Hall 15th floor of UBA Hdqtrs. I saw in person Tony Elumelu, the Lion King, and the GMD/CEO UBA, Kennedy Uzoka. Not forgetting my friend Bola Attah. We took off as if we had been friends for 10years. Nice lass. Then the mother of all cocktails, on the 18th floor. Wonderful ? awesome, and brilliant idea.
"Remember who you are." The Black Panther and Lion King parallel: a amazing aesthetic.
music just went from Michael Jackson to the Lion King to Justin Bieber.. I’m crying😂😂
Disney's the Lion King is a ripoff of Kimba the White Lion look it up
This is like the scene in the Lion King when all the hyenas turn on Scar.
my CSE lead is currently playing the Lion King soundtrack and i'm in heaven
the raptors in Jurrasic Park. the stampede in Lion King. the green letters in the Matrix. niagra falls. solo bukkake
Michael helped Elton John with writing of the text of songs to an animated cartoon Lion King
Our EXCLUSIVE on the $25 million final negotiations for Disney's Lion King & an African-inspired soundtrack produced en…
Sadly, rats from Kogi State declared pub holidays to celebrate the return of the Lion King. When their mates were f…
Heart followed by the original Broadway cast recording of the Lion King musical soundtrack? No thanks.
I feel like Miles Brown from Black-ish should play young Simba in the Lion King remake 🤔
Ay where my middle school bae, Jason Weaver at? 😍. I ain't heard from him since Lion King (Akuna Matata) and...
I want to watch Lion King with you and fall in love!
Disney reveal Scar and Mufasa aren't brothers and people are losing it...
Don't forget Daniel who was thrown into the Lion's den for continuing his pr…
if you also didn't know that Seth Rogen is gonna be playing Pumbaa in the new remake of the Lion King
The Lion King. The version has the best music out of all versions of this game. No question about it. Hakuna…
SHAVING PUPPY INTO LION PRANK!! (ADORABLE) . It's what you all have been waiting for 😈 .
So now ppl are saying Lion King is racist??? What how lmao
Anyone else watch Lion King this week and get spooked?
Win a copy of Signature Collection from
*Feels an urge to reference Lion King 1/2*
Just recreate the lion king, what could go wrong?
domain names
The Boy is watching Lion King for the first time. Five minutes in and he is already diabetic with excitement. It's an…
The lion king is my favorite character from the lion king
Everything is a lie: Mufasa and Scar from 'The Lion King' aren't actually brothers
Confirmed. Still can't get through Lion King without crying over Mufasa 😭
// You're lying right now. Lying so badly, you could replace Cersei as the Lyin Queen. (Lion King joke)
Mufasa and Scar from 'The Lion King' aren't really brothers 😱
Petition to remake The Lion King but instead of lions they're dinosaurs
Lion King makers need to shut tf up and not ruin a classic!
I liked a video The Circle of Life (Disney's the Lion King) // Jonathan Young Cover
Best cats in baseball history - Andres Gallaraga and Jim Catfish Hunter. Best big cat movie ever - Lion King.
Our very own Dr John Kani in the remake of Lion King. Alongside thee finest cast to make one of my favorite of all tim…
Instead of rebooting the lion king with animals, they should just do a live action version of the epic of Sundiata Keita, Lion King of Mali.
We were there and it was Hans amazing! Crimson Tide, Lion King, Dark Knight, and m…
Chiwetel Ejiofor in Talks to Voice Scar in Disney's 'Lion King' - The Hollywood Reporter
Lion King show at the west end booked for our Anniversary 🦁👑🎭
.hoists a fan's baby in the air, mimicking the classic "Lion King" scene.
This dad who recreated a Lion King scene with his newborn son wins at fatherhood
Every time I hear about a live Disney remake, I get mad but The Lion King has been making it really really hard lat…
Oh yes, the past can hurt. But, you can either run from it or learn from it.- Rafiki (The Lion King)
Lion King has always been a classic. It's one of my most favorite Disney movies as a child. Always watch it on road trips
Me freaking out over The Lion King and The Last of Us: Part II will be a continuous thing for the next couple of years. Be pr…
Jon Favreau's live action version of 'The Lion King' is scheduled for a July 19, 2019 release.
I just need lion king and all will be well
Hugh Jackman will play Scar in Disney's live-action 'The Lion King' 🦁
Toy Story 4, Incredibles 2, a live-action Lion King,& a live action Aladdin are coming out *** they really tryna revive…
What will it take to get a sneak peak of lion king
I can support this hot take as long as you support my hot take that The Lion King is bad
I'm with the lion king RP. I don't do crossovers.
Loved the new lion king footage. This movie is gonna be special.
When it comes to The Lion King, two words immediately come to mind: Hakuna Matata!. It means no worries for the...
No matter How Loud Dogs🐕 Bark . Lion will still remain the King! Period 💪. . .
It's always Monster Inc on Thursday and Lion King on Friday
Don't mess with me I see the lion king hiding in the corner there 😬
I watch lion king every Friday at work
ohhh I forgot about the lion king. I need that.
I didn't cry watching The Lion King, y'hear? W-whatever my brothers say it's a lie, y'know!? Don't listen to them!
'Lion King': Disney unveils jaw-dropping first footage of Jon Favreau's remake
They need to release snippet of the Live-action Lion King scene they showed yesterday 😩
They really showed a sneak peek to the new Lion King movie at and it's still nowhere to be found on the internet ht…
Hearing that the new Live Action Lion King footage looked great! Maybe...just maybe they won't ruin one of my favourite childhood films
More than 20 years after its release, The Lion King remains a Disney classic:
Really can't believe what I saw yesterday! The lion king live action movie is honestly going to be beautiful.
Live action Lion King footage is coming! Infinity War footage is coming! The Last Jedi footage is coming!
Why would anyone thing remaking the lion king was a good idea
Today’s African Even the lion, the king of the forest, protects himself against flies. Sent by Jude Chiedozie in E…
*Hears about the new Lion King live-action move *. *thinks to myself*: James Earl Jones better be voicing Mufasa😒
yes. He was casted as Scar in Lion King
Mashable story about upcoming live-action Lion King film. Ummm. cartoon Simba had brown eyes, why are they appar…
Lion King is in my top 5 movies of all time. I can't wait for the live-action version.
As if Lion King came out 23 years ago today! Don't I feel old!!
When our presidential villa is Aso ROCK...much like the pride rock from Lion King
Im catching up on We Hate Movies and I died at "Yes David Berkowitz is directing the live action Lion King" "Who else sees talking animals!"
/ Shawn as the Lion King / I promise my video edits will get better!
I don't remember the Lion King and I was pretty meh on Star Wars but I'd probably rewatch just cause cultural impact
There's a certain haircut that says "I was born after the theatrical release of Lion King." I call it The Advanced Odell…
The British cast for Lion King is so good, everything was amazing. The band, the lighting, costumes, casting, acting. So amazing
*visions of the pair of yous holding hands and swaying to the Lion King soundtrack*
Lion King must have been playing in the background
The Fact that people say Frozen is a better Movie Then Lion King
I want to see lion king on broadway but guess who's doesn't have a date
Catch us in pitch perfect 3, the lion king edition HMU if you want to hear us live.
I think the first big word I learned was "deliberately" s/o lion king 💯
Videos or reflections on Performances (Here is me as Timon in the Lion King!)
If you ever say frozen is better than the lion King you deserved you're chest caved in word to mother
Cmon that's LeBron James. "The king" he had a *** lion on his shoes I don't see any other explanation.
God I want to see The Lion King in London again so bad so I can bawl my eyes out through the whole thing...again
Disney releasing a new ANTZ and Lion King spinoff!!
I'm finna smack Malcolm if he don't quit asking me questions while we watching lion king
why is there nowhere to watch the lion king... I'm about to riot
Tbh why is it always Lion King fandom people... ur making us look bad
King of the World by First Aid Kit from The Lion's Roar
I liked a video Crosswalk the Musical: The Lion King
I love the Lion King so much but it makes me miss my cat when I watch it now cos whenever either of us were sad we would watch it together.
Idk why the lion reminds me of King Neptune with that receding hairline
I liked a video Mufasa Death scene in Disney presents the Lion King
Yeah like who doesn't like the lion king?
Chil tf out, No kids movie is better than Lion King. 💯💯
I mean frozen was cool lil story about sisters, but Lion King taught you about loyalty and how even your own family can tur…
Let's discuss how males of every species are trash and how that lion has a receding hairline
Unpopular Opinion: I don't really like the Lion King ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I have never seen the Lion King and I refuse to. Fight me. 🖕
So is no one going to say anything about the Lion King characters
Wow you just filmed the ant Lion King
Don't bother seeing that movie Dear Evan Hansen. Unlike what people are saying it's nothing like the Lion King
Links first time watching Lion King tonight we have our ice cream, pizza has been ordered. Today is legendary she's watching a classic 😌
When starts the with the Lion King 😂 already fire tho 🔥
Barrett is in the shower listening to the Disney radio and Can You Feel The Love Tonight from the Lion King just came on..he loves it.
Seeing team dad Matt Cullen go down was worse than when Mufasa died in Lion King.
Top 3 Disney movie music for me. Other 2 are Beauty and the Beast and Lion King.
My level of drunk last night reached an all time high the moment I started singing Lion King songs at the bar.
Next week on Sean Hannity. Sean breaks down how Hillary is responsible for the death of Mufassa in the Lion King. Sta…
Lion King - Can You Feel The Love Tonight. you probably have better Intel than . Jaja coping
"Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba!". Come see the Lion King this Friday at IAL, 433 West 204th Street at 6pm.
Donald Glover is starring in Star Wars, Lion King, and bringing Deadpool to TV. Hottest streak in Hollywood.
"My mate's septic tank looks like Rafiki from Lion King"
"My friend's septic tank looks like Rafiki from Lion King"
On the blog -- . The Cowardly Lion becomes the Lion King .
This septic tank looks like Rafiki from Lion King
Remembering Ranjit Singh: the 'Lion King' of via dawn_com
dawn_com "Remembering Ranjit Singh: the 'Lion King' of
Chan- Hakuna Matata: The Lion King. -cute n happy song. -sung as simba grows older, which reminds me of his growth since h…
Hakuna Matata! Seth Rogen & Billy Eichner are in talks to play Pumbaa and Timon in the live-action Lion King:…
Why don't you come over and Hakuna my Matata?. -Lion King sext
Garett Bolles melting me right now. "He brought a baby to the draft." and awesome Lion King reference
The first four notes of Also Sprach Zarathustra? Of Carmina Burana? Even of the Lion King opening? Not to knock Britney tho 👌
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
FAV-RAWR!!!. Jon Favreau to direct Disney's live action Lion King movie. It's good to be king!.
Jon Favreau’s new Lion King recruits Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner as Timon and Pumbaa:
With Jon Favreau's Lion King being released in 2019, what do you think this means for The Jungle Book 2?
.and to Play Pumbaa and Timon in 'Lion King' (Exclusive)
Fascinating: Lion King for Mega Drive had a nightmarishly hard 2nd level because Disney didn't like game rentals.
Then Aristocats, Lion King, Robin Hood, Fox and the Hound, Mulan, Hercules, and the underrated Atlantis.
I wonder what my dog thinks when I randomly pick him up and hold him out like the Lion King
watching live Lion King music is the biggest distraction of my life. The Lion King: Circle of Life by LEBO M.
Why am I only now just watching Hans Zimmer's Coachella set? Actual tears during the Lion King 😭😭😭
The Lyceum Theatre, built in 1834 by Samuel Beazley - and showing the Lion King (almost) ever since... This was sk……
They just played shark tale's Car Wash and the Lion King's opening song at the mets game... white people are LOSING IT
Is the live action Lion King movie out yet? No? Alright cool, just wake me up then
When your dog was suppose to be a cat in another life... Or role playing Simba in Lion King... 😂
it was really Obama that killed simba's father in the Lion King
Simba will be *** in upcoming live-action Lion King remake, Disney confirms.
"Lion King" video of new pup gets millions of views
they are trying to make Simba *** in the new Lion King remake lool wow a homosexual Lion...okay what happens to Nala then?🤔
It's not Beyoncé it's the Lion King remake we don't need
Beyonce to voice Nela in upcoming Lion King remake: According to reports, Beyonce is the…
Beyoncé is reportedly the first choice to play Nala in live-action remake
Lion King Director: Beyoncé has declined the role of Nala due to scheduling conflicts. . Gaga:
I already love The but this makes me even more excited!!
EXCLU: Beyonce top choice to voice Nala in Disney's live-action THE LION KING remake
VIDEO: We asked some to describe what they like most about the “Festival of the Lion King”:
.It, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and Lilo & Stitch are my favorite Disney films. Cinderella, Aladdin and P…
Disney reportedly want to voice Nala in remake.
My obsession with lion king is amazing watching it again
With James Earl Jones coming back for Mufasa, Gambino as Simba and now Beyoncé as Nala I'm already in love with the new Lion King 👑 🦁
The Lion King is the Beyoncé of Disney movies; it's not overrated, the others are just under-performing
I've just posted a new blog: Beyonce to do voice Nala in The Lion King live-action remake
Whilst you rewatch The Lion King with we're starting today's GIF party…
watch Disney write a tonne of new songs for Beyonce in the Lion King remake
I want Beyoncé on the lion king soundtrack and then the black panther soundtrack
"Look inside yourself. You are more than what you have become." – The Lion King.
eh idk how I feel about this... they're gonna make her "royalty" overshadow Simba's which kinda defeats the poi…
This is a dream casting - might join the 'Lion King' reboot as Nala's voice-over
Beyonce is being eyed to play Nala in the upcoming remake. Are you here for it?
me: live-action Lion King should be KEPT. no thank you. director: we want Beyoncé as Na–. me: NANTSS IIINGONY…
Jon Favreau wants Beyoncé in his live action 'Lion King' movie. This must happen.
Beyoncé is reportedly top pick to play Nala in Disney's "The Lion King" remake. IMAGINE THE SOUNDTRACK
I just wrote 400 words comparing North Korea to the Lion King on a discussion board post in my English class! 😂😂😂
Get Soweto Gospel choir or some of the former Lion King cast members to perform this Circle of life song? Lebo M shouting at us
You can't not expect me to make a Lion King reference when the majority of my childhood was me caught up & obsessed with it 😂
uses puppy to recreate iconic Lion King scene
I dunno, live action Lion King with real lions would be worth watching
So no Wilhelm Scream in the new Lion King when Mufasa falls into the stampede?
highlights: Sunny Pawar's 'Lion King' moment, Jimmy Kimmel's de-tour and more
Jafar from Aladdin or Scar from Lion King - so much fun
since the new Lion King will star Donald Glover and James Earl Jones, i think this should be the remaining cast
Live action Lion King, Migos as the Hyenas, Idris Alba as Scar, Zoey Kravitz as Nala, Faizon Love and Katt Williams as Timón and Pumba
Bc I went to animal kingdom last week and saw Festival of Lion King. And I came home this week…
Donald Glover will be the voice of Simba in the upcoming Lion King remake.
is playing Simba in live action Lion King. With attached I think it will b CGI like Jungle Book
Yeah. Ever since that live action remake of The Jungle Book became a success, they wanted to do the same concept with Lion King.
The first official performance of The Lion King Jr. tonight was amazing! Be sure to catch the second performance... h…
Donald Glover signs on as Simba for "The Lion King" reboot
When tf are they gonna make a new lion king
Donald Glover and a James Earl Jones staring in a live action The Lion King! I'm excited for that movie.
Donald Glover will play Simba in the live-action remake by via
jugle book had a human ... where do we get humans in lion king. Maybe i aint seen that version yet.
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Love the original Lion King though, it'll always have a special place in mah heart :')
Childish Gambino will play Simba in ’The Lion King’ remake
Lion King used to make me cry when I was a youngin
Probably gone see Beauty & The Beast. I'm excited about this Lion King remake ft Gambino and of course James Earl Jones.
This lion king movie is cute but I've been waiting ages for a live action Lil mermaid with 40 inch bundles & a chocolate princ…
Donald Glover is now Simba and James Earl Jones has been recast as Mufasa for the live-action 'The Lion King'.
The live-action ‘Lion King’ film will star Donald Glover as Simba and James Earl Jones as Mufasa: http…
❤. Donald Glover and James Earl Jones Are Coming to the New Live-Action Lion King - TIME
My level of excitement can't be put into 140 characters:.
Modder does best thing possible, brings Lion King to GTA V - GameZone
yes I'm so excited about my dad doing Simba in the new lion king 😌
Can't wait for them to do this new lion king😭🙌🏾
Donald Glover has been cast as Simba in a remake of Disney's "The Lion King" 🦁
This behind the scenes VFX featurette from Jungle Book set is insane. Look at this and tell me Lion King…
MOVIES: - Donald Glover Cast as and James Earl Jones Cast as
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I'm glad they brought back James Earl Jones to voice Mufasa in the new Lion King, but I think Keith David would have been a good choice too.
Used all coins to buy THIRTEEN Premium Boxes DURING the Lucky Time period and NONE was Lion King series tsum. RIDICULOU…
Why does Disney think it's a good idea to make a live action Lion King? The movie is GOAT don't kill it.
If you're a Lion King & Meghan Trainor fan, then this Acapella Group from Hindu College, is meant for you!. Content…
Lion King and Donald Glover were trending so I googled Donald... 1st thing on his wiki "Not to be confused with Danny Glove…
Donald Glover in the Lion King? I am honestly so hype for this. Anything that man does is golden
Donald Glover cast as Simba in Disney’s Lion King remake.. Related Articles:
Donald Glover and James Earl Jones have joined the cast of Disney's live-action "Lion King"
The "live-action" Lion King movie directed by is going to have as Simba and hang onto for Mufasa.
If the live action Lion King is anything like Jungle Book, give the championship.
Donald Glover and James Earl Jones will star in Jon Favreau's Lion King remake
you have to try Dole Whip and if you go to Animal Kingdom watch the Lion King show, have fun!
Donald Glover will reportedly voice Simba in the upcoming Lion King remake.
James Earl Jones will reprise his role of Mufasa in the live action Lion King remake!
Donald Glover will star as Simba in Disney's 'Lion King' remake
James Earl Jones as Mufasa and Donald Glover as Simba will join the cast of the live-action 'Lion King'
Mentored by "Lion King" animator, T. Dan Hofstedt, check out AM student Stephen Moran's clever acting for his
After all, is basically the Lion King ...
Mini Disney movie marathon with my sister today. Lion King was first. Now we're on The Emperor's New Groove. Next? Maybe Mulan!
Someone take me to see the Lion King at the Detroit Opera House
.no, I won't be seeing Lion King if there are no discount options available. No rush or lotto for the last two shows?
Lion King isn't even top 10 non-pixar American animation movies of the 90s. Flat characters telling an elemental story is not great cinema.
for my American film studies module I get to study the Lion King one week??? I mean...I am DOWN!
Dear Mr. James Earl Jones,. You killed it in Lion King as Mufasa. That is all. Thanks,. Harry Farber.
8: Hmmm... this is a tough one. Either Homeward Bound (1 or 2), the Lion King, or the Land Before Time (even the sequels with Chomper!)
yo Steve Gleason is at the Lion King
We you look up the English Lyrics on Lion King's Rhythm of the Pride lands songs and discover the majority of them…
How nice to hit us with Dr, figured Lion King was used up. Love Michelle, Malkin.
Movies that should've never had sequels: HighSchool Musical, Nut Job, Kung Fu Panda, Lion King, Grease, Hangover, Hot Tub Time Machine, Mask
"What makes you say that?". Strokes Taco's head before lifting her up like how Rafiki did in Lion King. "Aren't you a mighty--
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Saenger Theater shut down Lion King for "technical difficulties." Says only a few minutes .. but I've got one unhappy grandmother with me! 😬
Check out our exclusive review on the Lion King at Saenger theater.
I had this maroon 'Lion King' tracksuit that my mum couldn't tak...
In a time where rap songs are only about drugs and *** here comes Lil Dicky made a rap song about the Lion King lol
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