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Linux Mint

Linux Mint is a Linux-based computer operating system designed for usability and ease of installation, particularly for users with no previous Linux experience.

Linux Mint 17 Linux Help Linux Mint Debian Edition Arch Linux

How To Install JAVA (OpenJDK/JRE) 6 / 7 / 8 on Linux - JAVA is necessary to run most of the applications in Lin...
the reason I went with mint was for stability and ease of use during a crucial time developing my project..
Trump don't give a good day when you get Linux Mint installed finally
I will for now.. And eventually phase out my Mint 18 installation..
I had earlier installed but later replaced it with Mint 18 for improved experience & reliability.. But I feel no difference..
got 64-bit Linux Mint 18 MATE here if you want me to try it out?
Latest Firefox update breaks videos, had to revert to 49.0.2 from 50.0. Any idea when the required libavcodec update happens?
When this election is over I'll go back to trolling Ubuntu, Arch, BSD, Solaris, Mint, and other Linux users.
Linux Mint is working wonderfully yey~ the last I installed on my Vbox (which was Elementary) wasn't working as fast as Mint. Mint-o best
When you decide to switch from windows to or maybe or another there is lots of help available if you struggle
Just updated Firefox using the Linux Mint Update Manager & now I'm getting an error about "libvacodec". I thought updates mean less problems
I feel like it's more for beginners to UNIX... Is Linux mint any good?
Earned my "Tech Dad" badge today. 🤓 Refreshed 2 laptops for my kids by installing Mint OS. Works great!…
Legally download windows 10, 8, 7 and install from usb flash drive java install linux mint If you have a valid Windows product key, you ...
Clearly, the only good data on Linux Mint users...they can't even exploit their position for a few buc...
Moving to Linux :Hello i got a pc that runs an AMD Radeon HD4650, and i wanted to install linux mint 18 on it, but…
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How to install linux mint 18 alongside windows - easy linux tips project java install xp Now Windows will ask for a reboot, in order to ...
Fix Ubuntu/Linux Mint boot and grub issues with Boot-Repair
Just got confirmation from a kind reddit user that the cubical site "works like a charm on both linux mint and Solus OS", thanks ferdal!
I use Linux! Only Linux. Although Linux Mint 18, even the XFCE version is making me think twice about using Xubuntu again... :-)
Just delete your Linux Mint 18 install and go back to Ubuntu/Xubuntu YES!!!
Well after the recent Linux Mint I'm up for grabs in my Linux distro.
I use Linux Mint. Don't know if it's the best but it seems to do the job. What do you use? Mmmm...
.hi, I was wondering if you knew any tricks for getting rabbit to work on linux mint?
Linux Mint tip... Install the NVIDIA driver 352.30 on Linux Mint -
Linux Mint tip... 10 tips to avoid messing up your Linux Mint -
If this is an empty hard disk, or if you want to use the entire hard disk for Linux Mint, click "New Partition Table". You should skip to
[Linux Help] Want to know why Please help! Linux Mint 18 doesn't connect to WiFi after sleep!? Do you know? Figure…
Post at Add a Global Menu to Ubuntu Mate and Linux Mint 17
Tips and Tricks for Linux Mint after Installation [Mint 18 - MATE Edition]:
: Try another great audio player in Ubuntu/Linux Mint/other Ubuntu Derivatives
2) up my mind whether it'll be Zorin, Ubuntu, Mint Cinnamon, Mate, or Solus. That's the problem with Linux: Too many options!
Yep, I use Windows and OSX for Video creation and dev, Arch for linux dev and Mint for development and "daily driver" stuff
[Linux Help] Want to know why how can I download the 32-bit ISO torrent of Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon?? Do you know? F…
My current go-to is Linux Mint 17.3 XFCE. In a week or two Linux Mint 18 XFCE will be ready.
Linux Mint 18 KDE & Xfce Editions to Land in July, Along with 17.3 Upgrade Path
how do I by pass this nasty Input/output errno?also,how long does it takefor a badblocks scan to finish
It's old news- But many don't realize Linux Mint was hacked to the ISO level, Ubuntu hacked-not even requiring root!
How Linux Mint saved the day for an 16.04 user
I've moved from Windows to OS X, then to Linux Mint. Never looked back!
IDG Contributor Network: How Linux Mint saved the day for an Ubuntu 16.04…
I love Cinnamon, I currently use it on Linux Mint, it's really nice desktop environment.
any Linux nerd around that uses Linux mint?? I need your help?
hi mate have just begun using Linux mint. Help would be appreciated
Linux doesn't really have versions. We have distros. Mine is Mint 17.3 based on a 3.x version kernel.
Linux Mint 13 Support runs out April 2017, as long as your hardware supports it, all editions from 17 onwards are LTS. 18 Due
Done with linux mint, Cinnamon feels bloated now and xfce/mate feel way too familiar. I might try monjaro next or maybe even Slackware
Also, I don't regret ditching Ubuntu for Linux Mint. UI is brutally awful, unfixable left-handed window controls, half-assed…
I'm really going to try Linux Mint as windows is a pain in the but ! .
Linux Mint 18 beta ISO images will be released this month
Radio Tray - free Internet radio player on Linux Mint:
All major Linux distributions (Ubuntu and flavors, Linux Mint, LMDE, Debian Live, Fedora) on one ISO file.
Tomorrow I'll be looking at getting going on my Linux Mint thoughts and impressions. Until then.
yah - switching from Win 7 to Linux mint and right off the bat having to install Win 7 in a Virtualbox - F'it
I was gonna rebutt this but I get audio glitches on Linux Mint 17.3 on my laptop because PulseAudio is trash.
Linux Mint patches and updates, 06 June 2016: libxml2
Struggling to get Laravel Valet to run on my install. Doesn't like the PHP symlink, I think because I'm not on a Mac.
The only way for me to fix it now is to format the drive from within Linux Mint
because a good-looking working environment makes you more productive. Still needs more green plants though
Disappointed that Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Mandriva and Arch Linux all give users non-HTTPS links to download ISOs.
Beware of hacked ISOs if you downloaded Linux Mint on February 20th!
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Search on Net & Swr Mgr fruitless. Need /good/ PC prgrm that will input handwriting & import text to file for
because I was told that Linux Mint & Zorin were the 2 best choices for beginners who were jumping ship from Windows.
I'd love to use but it was constantly crashing on OS & wouldn't work properly.
Transferring application profiles around in Linux Mint is a pain, but possible as we've found today.
I liked a video from Install GNS3 1.3.7 and QEMU MikroTik on GNS3 in Linux Mint
Last thought for the night on Linux Mint. Yes! It seems to be a viable Windows/Mac alternative OS. Well done over
I'm really happy with the move from Linux Mint to Fedora. Been a few weeks, new has worn off, still find it better.
So from what I see ... Brasero + libdvdcss works FINE in Arch/Antergos, OpenSuse, Fedora, and Linux Mint (14.04 based) ...
I've got a machine downstairs that is a Penty II and 1 Gb of memory and it boots faster than my Linux laptop running Linux Mint.
I recently installed a "lite" Linux Mint on the netbook and it's definitely a lot more sluggish that version I installed in 2011.
Linux Action Show: Review of the Oryx Pro from System76, is Linux Mint rushing into a collapse,…
Linux Mint to go DIY for multimedia
My dad and sister are such closet nerds. My aunt said someone installed Linux Mint on her laptop, and you could just see their faces pale.
I will start documenting when Linux Mint pushes patches and updates. OpenSSH, today
Linux Mint to go DIY for multimedia via
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reformat or do the sensible thing and use a Linux distro. . Linux Mint should be cool for u
Linux Mint no longer installing media codecs by default. No codecs, no security. So why use Linux mint?
Linux Mint to go DIY for multimedia - The Register
Go for a Linux distribution like Linux Mint , Elementry Os if you are a new ... (2/2)
Fighting a custom built pc for the daughter - Windows 10 put me down - trying Linux Mint and Ubuntu now
This week in news: Microsoft opens up & Linux Mint tightens security-
Raspberry Pi 3, Linux Mint security breach, Google data processing for the Zika virus, and more via
Budgie Desktop Available for Ubuntu 16.04/15.10/14.04/Linux Mint: Budgie is default desktop environment of the...
Media Buttons Dell Studio in Ubuntu Studio 14.04: Hi I just moved to Ubuntu Studio from Linux Mint and it's re...
How do I uninstall the Copy app from my Linux Mint?
I made the switch from Windows 8 to Linux Mint: via
Apparently I couldn't find the best or better alternative software I use on Windows to be available on Linux Mint...
How much RAM? X220 should easily support the upcoming Ubuntu 16.04 (April release). Else go for Xubuntu 16.04 or Linux Mint.
[b0t]Linux Mint 18 Is Codenamed Sarah. It will be based on Ubuntu 16.04 and will be released in May/June 2016
Fun fact: Visual Studio 2015 w/ update 1 = 2.466.. * Linux Mint x64, when it comes to download size.
as I said in my previous review. you can always rely on Linux Mint.
PlayOnLinux Updated to 4.2.10, Install in Ubuntu/Linux Mint via PPA: PlayOnLinux is a piece of software which ...
How to find and terminate a process in Linux Mint:
Gimp - the free & open source image editor on Linux Mint:
Some commands in terminal - Linux Mint: Why can't I run this command in my terminal: "open index.html". It was...
My Mac alernate is a Lenovo X1 Carbon w/Linux Mint and Cinnamon. Check out the X1 Gen 3.
RIP Ian Murdock, founder of Debian Linux, bet his death will hit Ubuntu & Linux Mint hard too 😢
And if any of your computers run Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint or any number of other Debian-derived distributions, you have him to thank too.
How to dual boot Windows 8.1 and Linux Mint
Hmm, Linux Mint's site appears to be down. Guess I'll have to postpone playing with their new update.
'Folder Color' allows you to change color of folders for different File Managers in Ubuntu/Linux Mint.
HandBrake 0.10.2 is now available for all Ubuntu/Linux Mint versions -
Backup (System Restore Point) your Ubuntu/Linux Mint with SystemBack: Noobslab: Systemback makes it easy to cr...
Also i think i might've discovered a possible security bug in Linux Mint, but it's just a gut feel.
wish there was a desktop for Linux Mint that looked like Windows 95 for the aesthetic
Any grub menu experts out there? Moved dual booted ssd (OE/Linux Mint) from one htpc to other and grub is gone. Boots straight to OE now
Me gustó un video de How to install Oracle Java/JDK 8 on Linux Mint 17 with Synaptic
I've put kde on my old PC it works a treat. The only downside i can't get plasma to properly. :(
- Como instalar o Frostwire no Linux Mint 17.2
Tempted to just install Linux Mint on the new drive and copy files. Would have to reinstall programs, but cloning may be more trouble still
I'ved used Mint for a while, but stuck with Ubuntu. For pentesting, I use Kali Linux for the most part.
Switched to from Windows 10. The change was hard to get used to, but it was worth it.
Merged up with both in Windows 10 and Linux Mint. That's pretty flawless stuff! Wish I'd figure it out sooner :)
Linux Mint - had not used it before. My personal favorite after a week, by a long shot.
their are many types of Linux like red hat, Ubuntu, mint, and hundreds more
I considered using linux mint but from the research i have done, it seems mint is only good when it comes to the...
I guess you’d make the argument that Linux is a great OS and Mint is a great environment.
I have this old laptop sitting around. It’s been running Linux Mint for 2-3 years. (Runs like a champ still. Great OS.)
Your dad is a long time Linux Mint user.
I've got to say that for 99% of my computer uses, I love my Linux Mint OS the best. The only Windows program I miss is Scrapbook Factory.
SMaganaZook: Hardest part about switching to Linux_Mint from remembering my BIOS password :)
Hardest part about switching to from remembering my BIOS password :)
Made the switch from to on my Acer laptop today! Excited to see what the latest desktop environment offers
Unmet dependencies, when I try to install Android-Studio [on hold]: I have just installed a Linux Mint. First ...
I got so excited for a second - I just installing the new Linux Mint 17.2 on my PC...
Stuck with python 2.7 . I cannot update the ide on my Linux mint. After it says update completed, it remains 2.7. …
I have it on 3 computers running 3 diff OS s. Win Vista, Win8 & Linux Mint. Linux appears to be most stable. Vista seems the worst.
Need something fresh for your PC? Get a mint. . . Linux Mint. Lame? I don't care. You read it. Mission accomplished.
Finally, Linux is at a state where I feel like I don't need a second OS any more. Converted. Thankyou,
The S1s also make great Chromeboxes. Need to test if they can be GAFE managed, Linux Mi…
How to install typing turor on linux (ubuntu and linux mint).
I'm starting utilise Linux more-and-more, especially Linux Mint Rafaela for my offline computer activities. There...
omg I can't believe I'm seeing Linux mint on public machines ? ...oh and Tor browser lol.
I just installed Linux Mint. Works great. No more Windows for me.
17.2 (Rafaela) on and Optimus proprietary driver installed from the repo runs well.
[Linux Help] Want to know why How do I ensure that Linux Mint installs w/ GPT partition scheme?? Do you know? Figu…
Can't be rid of current Dell Inspiron 17/Linux Mint 17 Mate laptop soon enough. Now logs me out whenever I try to run xdvi. Time to GC Linux
I see. Had a bad time installing Nvidia driver on Linux Mint Debian too.
SO relieved to have successfully installed Linux Mint via VMware and get it to work! hopefully won't run into some other problem tomorrow...
I liked a video from Linux Mint 17.1 Best so far.
Install Joxi - very convenient screenshot service into Linux Mint:
[Linux Help] Want to know why Computer and VirtualBox not recognizing live USB... help? [Linux Mint 17.2]? Do you …
long ago, I has issues with ubuntu too and solve all of them (weird 'cause is based on ubuntu)
I was a user, than , now Sometimes I consider getting back to but I'm happy with LM.
Linux Mint crashes after installing nvidia driver. Can I use puppy lucid to
Some folks have abandoned Windows 10 for Linux Mint. Here are some tips to smooth the way. http:…
its Linux I'm using Linux Mint cinnamon 17.1 so no nothing will be pre installed but drivers triple boot wih win8 an steamOS
Stupid me: How can I remove the Linux Mint (17.2.) background picture, so that I have a solid black background?
I believe the issue with my time being off is that Linux Mint is set to like, Pacific Standard time, but I live in Central. FUG
How to Install and Run OrientDB on Linux Mint and Ubuntu 15.04
The laptop I got for $15 on arrived. Linux Mint pre-loaded, runs just fine. Bit of a bargain.
Yes, it works on Linux Mint. Download official Linux installers at or
How-to install VIRTUALBOX on Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian [HD] -
Besides I've got pretty good blacklist setup with Transmission on Linux Mint, to block bad peers and trackers.
After mostly using Linux in the server environment, I'd have to go with CentOS 7 or Debian 8. Interested to try Mint/Fedora :)
Running elementary OS on two of my four computers. Can't quite give up Linux Mint on the other two yet, but I'm pretty impressed by Freya!
Linux Mint is a slightly more newbie-friendly ubuntu.
We have Linux Mint on our computers at uni. At least the ones I'll be using. :3
Have you thought of trying Linux Mint? The Cinnamon edition is recommended by many.
How to Quickly Install WordPress On Ubuntu/Linux Mint: If you are tired of the long manual steps for installin...
yup, he uses linux mint. Looked like the menu boxes where coming out from the ship in the menu
And now some about Mint. I married the perfect man. (Ric)
Nope sry😕 but which version of Linux u using. Used to be a big fan of Ubuntu and Linux mint. 😂😂😂
Linux Mint is pretty much just Ubuntu but with a more "traditional" UI. Just as easy to setup.
Nearly a year old and still one of my most visited articles on Linux
Getting Linux Mint as the OS of choice. It has multimedia codec's baked in and Laharl loves watching his media.
How much hates linux. Look at, arch, mint and opensuse. And look at ubuntu :D
Slow boot and login for Linux Mint 17.2 cinnamon
Why not install a Linux distro? I liked Manjaro very much. Heard good things about Linux Mint.
Try uText: A Very Simple Editor for Markdown with Preview, Install in Ubuntu/Linux Mint via PPA
How to Watch Hulu Videos in Ubuntu / Linux Mint: . Due to the changes to incorporate Adobe Flash DRM technology...
I'm making Dual Boot work with Windows 10 and Linux Mint
So my new Linux escapades failed miserably because NVIDIA . LOL TIME FOR MINT
Not ubuntu, which sends search queries to canonical. So Linux mint would do.
Here's Some of the New Features That Are Coming in the Cinnamon 2.8 Desktop Enviornment via
I liked a video from Windows 10 vs Linux | Linux Mint 17.2 Impressions
I just really love Linux-based OSs XP. Ubuntu would be for games and work, Mint would be for experimenting with...
Computers are clean and the lab is running fresh installations of Linux Mint. Time for a pizza. Happy Monday!
My Linux Mint + Ubuntu Mate EFI dualboot on my pc. The ubuntu mate's grub is very nice! =D
I don't use Windows much. I test Windows on this laptop, but Linux Mint is my daily driver b/c privacy issues.
[r-Linux] I installed Linux Mint KDE but I decided I want to change to Ubuntu, how do I do that?:
I used Arch for awhile but got tired of maintaining it and switched back to Linux Mint c:. Ran OS X for awhile but linux>
Ubuntu and Linux Mint are most popular. Steam OS should be fine to test on cause it's Debian based as well.
How to use PPAs to install bleeding-edge software in Ubuntu and Linux Mint 01 Jul 15
Linux Mint as daily driver day 14 - Installing fonts for Libre office. Who would have thought I would be into type face etc...
For some reason, Linux Mint wouldn't let me format one of my flash drives.
Linux: Cinnamon randomly loses theming - Question: From time to time (quite randomly), Nemo on my Linux Mint 14 Ci...
after a week of fairly stable its crash city again fortunately KVM running a complete env in Linux Mint love you Betsy
How to compile and install wxWidgets on Ubuntu/Debian/Linux Mint
Install Nanny - a parental control into Linux Mint
Linux Mint !!! Both at work and at home after seeing IBM swear by it.
Install Cantata - free player for music and radio into Linux Mint
Install VeraCrypt - improved version of TrueCrypt on Linux Mint
VLC Broken on Linux Mint. (Not trashing Mint, just sharing help! Mint is wonderful)
Reset the password for ROOT or any user in Linux Mint
yeah. I had LXDE on Ubuntu. I wanted Cinnamon, but was unable to get it. So I switched to Linux Mint.
How to enable and configure desktop sharing on Linux Mint desktop
If u r nostalgic about Mario here is a knock off, I loved playing it. Very stable on Linux Mint, YMMV on other OSs.
getting flash to work while trying to watch is odd on Linux Mint. It is like no matter the version you have it is somehow always outdated.
New loading splash for my Linux Mint computer!
For anyone dissatisfied with Windows 8, I am offering a free upgrade to Linux Mint.
Linux Mint wasn't happy either. I think I'm just going to re-wipe it and install WinPOS '09 on it...
Once I get more money, I'll gladly donate money to Linux Mint.
I wouldn't expect Linux Mint to do advertising considering they only get about $10,000 of donations per month.
[Linux Help] Want to know why YouTube 1080p fails to run on my ~$350 laptop (Linux Mint atm). Had a long discussio…
Finally finished. I am happy that Linux Mint actually makes my laptop work.
Ill look for w10. if this fails ill just put Linux Mint, at least this makes everything works on my laptop immediately.
CompuLab MintBox Mini is a cute and diminutive Linux Mint computer by
I just got keyboard but I can't use it fully because I have Linux Mint, will there be a download for Linux? (Deathstalker)
It's not exactly rapid but its amazing the difference a light Linux install makes. Mint 13 XFCE on an old Dell Latitude D800!!
SMPlayer, a Qt graphical front-end for mplayer, added mpv support a couple of months ago however, because there are some missing bits, it will take a while until a new stable version with this new feature is released. But you can already install SMPlayer with mpv support in Ubuntu or Linux Mint, by…
I just noticed that Linux Mint 17.1 "Rebecca" KDE is already out and I really need to have a taste of this Rebecca :-)
Good news, My mother now is a user of Linux
Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca” KDE Released Posted on January 9, 2015January 9, 2015 by Vinodh Moodley Version 17.1 of Linux Mint KDE edition, codenamed “Rebecca” has been released. This is a Long Term Support (LTS) edition and will be supported till 2019. According, the new features are as…
My heart is Cinnamon but my brain says MATE!
Just learned how to recover files on mint... bad idea, but it feels
Linux Mint or Ubuntu...Fedora is nice to for experts.
Stay away from it. Use linux mint if you need to.
The future of Linux Mint Debian Edition and its derivatives
I've had good luck with Linux Mint XFCE.
Linux Mint screenshots aren't copied to the clipboard. *Switches back to Ubuntu*
Also, Linux Mint installer to actual working desktop in 5 days and drag race it tomorrow:
My webcam settings in Linux Mint are wonky, but I managed to produce a somewhat artsy selfie ✌
Mint Linux 17 or 13 or Ubuntu doesn't care if I replace it with another version. Nothing like that crybaby whiney Microsoft.
Updated to Linux Mint 17. But now gcc can't compile Spitbol. This confirms move from gcc to tcc/musl was the right thing to do.
Little Giant Ladders
Manually install Linux Mint on Disk [on hold]
What are some of the issues in switching home users from Windows to Linux Mint or Ubuntu?
distro-valombre 0.7: A French Linux distribution based on the Linux Mint operating system and using MATE
Making the shift from Ubuntu 14.04 to Linux Mint because my Kuya says it's better. Hope I don't regret this.
Hmm, time to decide whether I will install the new Linux Mint (Rebecca 17.1) or try another Arch build...
I think what I really like about Linux Mint is that you can make it work basically like Windows and it still looks aesthetically good.
I love material design! Will change Windows and Linux Mint!
Remobo - Your Own Private Network Across the Internet on Linux Mint: . Remobo a real alternative to Hamachi. Yo...
How to globally map a key to a string in Linux?: I'm using Linux mint and would like to know how to map a key ...
A long session with Linux Mint compiling patched drivers for USB WiFi as internal card seems incompatible. Band tweeking and now on 'N'.
I wanted to know "who maintains Linux mint?", I know that Ubuntu is maintained by Canonical, but what about mint, is it a community maintained distro?
Hope I can update my Linux Mint from Qiana to Rebecca before our electricity goes down.
I don't know what did, but 17.1 is screaming fast on my laptop. Good job!
After struggling with and using is a relief!
Got wireless working under Linux Mint on new Lenovo Thinkpad. Keyboard a bit clicky for my taste, but not bad so far.
Breast Cancer Awareness
and... I've a new fresh installation ^_^
AltYo - full-featured and easy drop-down terminal on Linux Mint: AltYo - full-featured and easy drop-down term...
When will the update manager be updated?
How to upgrade from Mint 17 to 17.1
How to upgrade from Linux Mint 17 to 17.1
Curious about Linux? Still use Windows 7? Dual boot Linux Mint and Windows 7 with this handy guide
Linux week this week in the household. Mint and Ubuntu flavours mainly.
Setting up Linux Mint 17.1 for the first time
Opera 26 released. Install it on Linux Mint 17.1 and Ubuntu 14.10:  LinuxBSDos:  I was surprised when I read t...
I am still testing Linux Mint. I like it. A lot! I am probably going to change to it at some point.
Close behind Linux Mint is Ubuntu. Ubuntu is pretty good but larger and slower than my needs.
My next favorite I guess is Linux Mint. Very good looking. Lil quirky re hanging sometimes - may because running from CD
I liked a video from How-to Easy Install Linux Mint 17 Qiana on Top of Windows 8
Guess what I dressed up as for Halloween.
have you tried the all new Calculator specially created on Linux for
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
tried to use a remote desktop connection to my laptop running Linux Mint, why?
Yes, mom, you can go to a sort of genius bar for Mint Linux. A very condescending and unkempt "genius" bar… Let me get the Yellow Pages.
Dear community: If someone is having issues with Cinnamon, the solution is NOT to install MATE.
Just Installed linux mint mate due to its low cpu usage and my 2 core laptop I think I will stick with this
Linux Ubuntu/Mint(Windows alternative O.S)make a move, graphical interface, faster/ not a resource hog/ you don't get viruses/ stable & FREE
i just fiddle with em now and use diff O/S's linux and stuff chop and change from time to time on Mint 15 at the mo.
KDE distro.. every major linux distro comes with a kde flavour. If I had to take one I guess I'd take linux mint on kde
Please help support an idea for the upcoming Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca:. You can help to make Mint even better!
Windows partition not appearing when I try install Linux Mint: I have a ~500gb hard drive that I intend to spl...
Linphone does not start any more on linux mint (ubuntu)
[Linux Mint] How to remove steam from "tab" panel?: So I reccently moved to Linux Mint after looking at the co...
I would rather use Linux Mint Mate than Ubuntu mate. What is your choice?
Insofar my primary OS is Mint Linux and it doesn't do a very reliable job of playing Windows games, probably not
First experience with Linux was years ago using Linux Mint such a confusing and beautiful moment for me in my life
your xpressconnect Linux edition supports Debian and Ubuntu, but doesn't work with the popular Ubuntu-derived Linux Mint.
IMO unless using MS tech like .NET, will need to learn so much infra anyway, might as well do Linux with a nice UI like Mint
-_- I'm aware. See: "if you want to stretch" are you aware that Linux mint is by no means ubiquitous?
.those axes sometimes don't go together, but a lower end Lenovo thinkpad T4__ with Linux Mint is a good start IMO
[Ubuntu/Linux Mint] Mirror local git folder to NAS drive - how to do it? Recommended software?
Just thought I'd switch on my windows machine. Usually use Linux mint and Mac. Windows... So slow and painful to use!
Speed Up Ubuntu and Linux Mint by changing the Swappiness
I should try updating my Linux Mint maybe
Kudos to Clem & the rest of the Mint team for the 2.4 release of Cinnamon.
I'm installing Linux Mint 17 XFCE on a Dell Optiplex GX270 desktop -- to deliver to a family that doesn't own a computer.
Freaking bored out of my mind again .. About to install Linux Mint on my laptop .. (currently downloading)
I’m installing Linux Mint. All the files are there, it just won’t boot. ;-; takes all day to get up and running on a fresh Win7 install. Linux Mint takes an hour.
Linux mint xfce is pretty nice and working well
I added a video to a playlist linux Mint xfce 17 am I home
suprised me with a major upgrade of Cinnamon.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Cinnamon 2.4 will be in Linux Mint 17.1 at the end of November.
thanks! For now, some of my HD folders are locked in There must be a way to unlock them in
Cinnamon 2.4 available for beta-testing in Linux Mint 17: A brand new version of Cinnamon is out and it will b...
Hello,Plz help me, I am unable to install package in on Mint. Shows . had non-zero exit packages
Linux Mint is BRILLIANT, at least when it works.
Trying to find a new music player for Linux Mint 17. Banshee doesn't behave very well with my NAS.
Have to say, as online communities go, the Linux Mint forums are some of the most helpful around. A shower of legends.
Re-evaluating and customizing Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon Edition. Thinking about switching later this month w/ ver. 17.1
The first step to make bots. is triple boot Windows 8.1 and Arch Linux/Linux Mint together.
Linux Mint 17 cockblocked me big time. Thanks a lot. Penguin.
finally made the jump to Trying Mint.
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