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Linnea Quigley

Linnea Barbara Quigley (born May 27, 1958) is an American Scream Queen, B movie actress, and film producer.

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The famous Linnea Quigley appearing at Buffalo Comicon. htt…
Stumbled across Starz showing Night of the Demons tonight. Linnea Quigley , I will always have a soft spot for you.
The great Linnea Quigley will be at HorrorHound next weekend in Indy!
Less than 7hrs until The Barn screens at Days Of The Dead with Linnea Quigley in Louisville, KY!
Check out the IMDb page for Linnea Quigley She's an amazing actress!
NW: Murder Weapon (1989) . Linnea Quigley take me home on this beautiful afternoon.
Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens, and Michelle Bauer are in it... and it's cheesy like h.g. lewis, but 80s to
"What's it like to be dead?" *** Who are you, Linnea Quigley, all of a sudden?
I added a video to a playlist Linnea_Quigley
Hmmm. To get any of these signed by Linnea Quigley at , or a pic from ROTLD or Night of the Demons?
Savage Streets (1984), you guessed it, more Linnea Quigley horror con research ha!
2 was so silly, it was awesome! Bonus points for having Kane Hodder and Linnea Quigley!
To all my UK fans...who am I going to see at Buy tickets and preorder photos here >>>
Linnea Quigley (Trash) from Return of the Living Dead, me and Brian Peck (Scuz) Return of the…
Getting in the mood for meeting Linnea Quigley?
was a great slasher. The whole setup/prologue was really cool. Also, Linnea Quigley is in it so, +1 point for it.
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Return of the Living Dead and Linnea Quigley is always a good call!
Why did no one tell me South Lamar is showing NIGHT OF THE DEMONS in 35mm with Linnea Quigley & Kevin Tenney in attendance tomorrow?
I wanna meet Linnea Quigley some day. She's my favorite Scream Queen!!! 👿💀🔪
Jamie Lee Curtis on Scream QueenS = smart. But I'd be more impressed if Murphy also cast Linnea Quigley, Tiffany Shepis, and Danielle Harris
You alone, make me wanna get this it's ROTLD.
"Do you wanna party?". Linnea Quigley is Trash, a punk girl who likes to dance nude in cemeteries who learns the...
Had a blast this weekend with the amazing Scream Queen Linnea Quigley! So many laughs, memorable…
Met B-movie actress and Scream Queen Linnea Quigley!
Linnea Quigley is speaking to fans NOW in Studio B.
YOU WERE NOT THE FINAL GIRL: Linnea Quigley as in Night of the Demons (1988)
The lovely Linnea Quigley came by the DG Booth to get Deadly Grounded and pick up some coffee.
Meet Scream Queen Linnea Quigley, signing today at Horror-Rama!
:( i have duly de-canonised Return of the Living Dead. I shall miss it, due to the fact that watching Linnea Quigley (1/2)
Linnea Quigley shows hall of fame boobs butt and beaver...
Me and Linnea Quigley from return of the walking dead
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Finally projected my signed copy of "Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout".
Ep33 We love Linnea Quigley ,Don't we all helluva episode👍👍.
And it's one of about 50 Linnea Quigley movies from last year
Linnea quigley the best female horror actress
Psychotic State, with yours truly Nurse Hatchet in cameo as well as Lloyd Kaufman, Linnea Quigley & many more
that's Linnea Quigley from the 80s movie Return of the Living Dead.
Robert Z'Dar and Linnea Quigley have starred in 7 movies together
more to the point why aren't Brinke Stevens, Michelle Bauer and Linnea Quigley in it?!
Nice makeup job! Linnea Quigley has a halloween to remember in Night Of The Demons (1988)
Let me know when Linnea Quigley starts dancing on the cement crypt. :)
Linnea Quigley See more pics and videos of her >>>
Suicide Squad = Return of the Living Dead with Margot Robbie as Linnea Quigley and Will Smith as Jay Pharaoh's Shaq from SNL
Wings Hauser, Linnea Quigley and William Smith star in THE DEED TO *** at least according to this '90s pitch film:
Hello friends and fans. My name Linnea Quigley - America's Scream Queen. I have been in over 100 movies including Return Of The Living Dead, Nightmare On Elm Street 4 and Night Of The Demons to name a few. Several years ago I put my career on hold and moved into my parents house to take care o...
Eighties In Witchboard, '80s music-video vixen Tawny Kitaen stars as Linda, a woman who becomes interested in using a Ouija board when her ex Brandon (soap-opera star Stephen Nichols) brings it to a party. Linda first starts communicating with a 10-year-old spirit connected to the board, but then things start getting crazy with weird incidences, unexplained deaths and possession. Tenney followed that up with Night of the Demons, an entry into the "teens doing dumb things" horror subgenre that stars Scream Queen Linnea Quigley and others as high schoolers who hold a Halloween party in a creepy old funeral home and unleash a demon that takes them over one by one in horrific fashion. Your job as a sissy is to comment:- "I love Tawny Kitaen." (In any language.) Share this item to your feed.
A night of the Demons Reunion with Amelia Kinkade, Linnea Quigley and director Kevin Texas Frightmare Weekend! PLUS! You're invited to "Angela's Party at Club 666", Friday night at the event! Costume contest, DJ, cash bar, a special appearance by Angela herself and more! Entertainment provided GGC Productions with guest DJ Twiggy Ramirez! More details TBA.
Do you know what is the 30th anniversary on October the 5th: Savage Streets, Linda Blair & Linnea Quigley appeared in it. and the 50th Anniversary is on 2034. Everyone i propose we must have savage streets to be on blu-ray. comment it below and click like of anyone accept it and know savage streets movie, vote for it, are you in?
Cleveland! have you told your friends about the Cleveland Pop Culture Expo? Special guests include James Marsters from Buffy, Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters, Linda Blair, Linnea Quigley and more! PLUS - Pop Culture Trivia Contest, Cosplay Championship with guest judge Meg Turney and our Ultimate Riff-Off Movie Challenge! Take a minute and SHARE -
Linnea Quigley and Beverly Randolph have made fifteen year old me gobstruck happy, and 33 year old me is pretty happy, too.
Now at there are downloadable wallpapers:
The day I met Linnea Quigley and she was really nice! And then saw her in the bathroom reapplying…
EpisodesEp: 45 A Chat With Linnea Quigley Posted by Idle Chatter Groupless than a minute ago About Idle Chatter Group No information is provided by the author.
is every bit as awesome as you ever could imagine! See for yourself in our interview with her!
Scream Queen Linnea Quigley standing by an original Return of the Living Dead poster!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ring in 2014 with our exclusive interview.
Photoset: excitingsounds: Scream Queens Illustrated ~ Fall 1993 (with Linnea Quigley on cvr, Brinke Stevens...
Ever dream of making out with Linnea Quigley? From Deadly Weapon
Finally got my music featured in a MOVIE! Post Mortem, America 2021 directed by Cameron Scott & starring my favorite actress Linnea Quigley!
Really fun interview with Scream Queen Linnea Quigley on John Cross' The Podcast from the After Movie Diner.
Listening to The Podcast from the After Movie Diner (EP 106 - Linnea Quigley Interview/Silent Night, Deadly Night)
NEW EPISODE: Horror icon joins andrew on this edition of Idle Chatter!
My interview with is now available here:
The most requested episode of Up All Night is here. Rhonda is joined by Scream Queen Linnea Quigley as they discuss this classic that also featured Brinke St...
Any problem can be solved watching Linnea Quigley dancing and bouncing on a bed.
A Podcast is not just for Christmas... take a listen to our Silent Night, Deadly Night episode with EXCLUSIVE...
Have you listened to my interview with yet? What are you waiting for? Check it out here:
If you liked out RETURN OF THE Living Dead, check out the literary side of Linnea Quigley with the horror novels: RETURN OF THE Scream Queen and NIGHT OF THE Scream Queen, both co-authored by Michael McCarty Available as a trade paperback, kindle and nook at Amazon and Barnes and Noble ... here are the Amazon links:
We talk & have the pleasure of talking to in an EXCLUSIVE interview! LISTEN! ht…
Watching Nightmare Sisters from 1987 with Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens, and Michelle Bauer, this was the only movie with all 3 Scream Queens together so of course it's great!!!
Caesar and Otto's Deadly Xmas (2013) has a few humorous moments but misses a good deal...perhaps I'm just getting old and don't get it. There are a lot of familiar faces such as Brinke Stevens, Robert D-zar, Linnea Quigley, Joe Estevez, Debbie Rochon and a few others but I wasn't stoked with this one. It's a spoof on Killer Santa movies, mainly Silent Night, Deadly Night, but I'm thinking this subgenre has been milked more than enough and there is no new ground to unearth or fresh snow to shovel. And that's the other thing: I associate Santa with snow (it's a Midwest thingy) and there's just no snow to be had.
Going back to work tomorrow and need something to keep the holiday spirit going in your head and heart? staying home and snoozing off your over indulgence of turkey and figs? Take a listen to our special Christmas episode on Silent Night, Deadly Night with an EXCLUSIVE and EXTENSIVE Linnea Quigley Interview!
HERE IT IS! Our Christmas Special featuring an EXCLUSIVE and EXTENSIVE Linnea Quigley Interview and a look at Silent Night, Deadly Night!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Another beautifully decomposed clip from Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout, featuring the Scream Queen and a bunch of out-of-shape, undead zombie slackers twis...
For the BOYLS- who would u do a sex scene in a horror movie with?- Sherri Moon Zombie, Linnea Quigley, Asia Argento, or Pamela Springsteen? For the GHOULS- Same question- Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, Robert Englund? ONLY THESE CHOICES APPLY!
So, tonight, it's too cool, I am interviewing Linnea Quigley for our Christmas Special and I thought I'd see if you guys had any questions or any messages for her. Please use in your responses so I can collate them from the different postings
Recently I posted the following multiple choice question on my page for the fun and entertainment of all... Which Scream Queen do you think has the best vaginal hygiene? (A) Jamie Lee Curtis (B) Barbara Steele (C) Debbie Rochon (D) Linnea Quigley (E) Linda Blair As a result, I received a personal email from one of the above objecting to her inclusion in the list and demanding an apology. I will say that it... was NOT Debbie Rochon of the Debbie Rochon Page... while Debbie did not win the competition for "best vaginal hygiene" she did receive several honorable mentions... besides she is totally secure about her hygiene and is way to busy with our new film together Model Hunger. To the bitter queen who DID email me... I regret NOTHING!!! ...get a sense of humor!'s show biz baby.
Another one from this silly movie I just watched with Linnea Quigley and Brinke Stevens called Nightmare Sisters.
Summer Girl (1983). One the best and creepiest of the lethal Lolitas. Diane Franklin was one those 80's hotties that had a few memorable roles (The Last American Virgin, Deadly Lessons, Amityville II: The Possession and Terrorvision) before she fell into that abyss over in Hollywood. Her lovely dark curls and round cheeks put her up in that category I created with her contemporaries Heather Locklear, Phoebe Cates, Linnea Quigley and Jennifer Cook, my ladies from the 80's (lol). Summer Girl was a TV movie that preceded all three of Drew Barrymore's Lolitas (Gun Crazy, Poison Ivy and The Amy Fisher Story). There were many of these films, both on TV and on the Big Screen in the 80's (The Babysitter with William Shatner, Baby Sister with Phoebe Cates and many more); not all of them involved murder but they did involve mentally disturbed Lolitas looking for Daddy in all the wrong places. Diane franklin was marvelous crazy in this one and it was a shame she fell out of darling status with Hollywood in mid-decad ...
hoping to go to the dawn of the dead convention in chicago on the 16th of this month. It would be cool to meet Sid Haig, Linnea Quigley, Heather Langencamp, Bill Moseley and other horror film heroes of mine. and yes, I'll say it, I would love to see twiztid live once in my life.
 ISSUE # 2: THE 10 SLAYS OF CHRISTMASSACRE AND A NEW YEARS EVIL           I hate to jump the gun for Christmas like the rest of corporate America but I'm asking for your suggestions for December's Agenda: The 10 Slays of Christmassacre (Christmas Horror Movie Review). You the people suggest it and I will watch and review it. I already have a few in mind, but I haven't seen them all, so get to it you FREAKS!   1. Silent Night, Deadly Night 2. Silent Night, Bloody Night  3. Santa's Slay 4. Christmas Evil 5. Black Christmas (original) 6. A Christmas Tale (aka Cuento de Navidad) 7. The Christmas Season Massacre 8. Satan Claus 9. Psycho Santa 10. Don't Open Til Christmas   and a   11. New Years Evil     Silent Night, DEADLY NIGHT (1984) Robert Brian Wilson, Linnea Quigley   PLOT: Traumatized by his parents Christmas Eve rape and murder, little Billy Chapman is brutalized by sadistic orphanage nuns. When a grown-up Billy is forced to dress as jolly St. Nick, he goes on a yuletide rampage to pu ...
Linnea Quigley was wearing a frontispiece in her cemetery dancing scene in Return of the Living Dead.
Silent Night DEADLY NIGHT MOVIE FACTS DID YOU KNOW - The release of this film was picketed by angry parents who were not happy to see Santa Claus depicted as an axe murderer, despite the fact that Tales From The Crypt had done the exact same thing twelve years earlier. As a result, box office sales plummeted and the film was shelved for another year where it saw new light in an uncut video form (which has since gone out of print). This film was planned to be a limited release but open wider by Christmas, but the protest canned the idea, and was pulled after two weeks of release. To protest the film, critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel read the credits out loud on their television show saying, "shame, shame, shame" after each name. This film was known as "Slayride" throughout its production. Tri-Star decided to change the title to "Silent Night, Deadly Night" at the last minute. The title "Slay Ride" actually ended up as a subplot in another film, the Disney holiday movie Ernest Saves Christmas. In the Ern ...
Linnea Quigley is one of my favorite Scream Queens too! I love her in Night of the Demons.
Our Toronto HALLOWEEN party is-a-comin'! Dress up and dance lots...oh and LINNEA QUIGLEY will be there signing her revealing photo spread in the new GOREZONE! Come meet her! Hang out! Have fun!
It's hard to believe this was almost one year ago today. Linnea Quigley, Michelle Bauer, and Brinke Stevens...
The OFFICIAL 2014 guest idea thread. Now remember, some guests are outside our budget (for now) and some just simply don't do Cons (Rob Zombie, Johnny Depp etc.) But fire off your ideas here! As a fan myself, here are my picks. after Ladies of Evil Dead I'd love Ladies of Return of the Living Dead. Beverly Randolph, Linnea Quigley and Jewel Shepard. The Stash' himself Tom Atkins, and Human Centipede 2's Laurence Harvey. Sci-Fi end Peter Mayhew, who wouldn't want to hang with Chewbacca?
Jack O (Special Edition) Deal 2013 CLICK HERE FOR OFFER from the dead by evil wizard Walter Machen (horror legend John Carradine), scythe-wielding Jack-O, a pumpkin-headed Halloween Demon, returns in modern times to haunt an average American family and their babysitter, Linnea Quigley (Return of the Liv
October begins! kicks off Halloween season with 1988's Night of the Demons with Linnea Quigley
Ran into Linnea Quigley while at AZA Saturday night, too!
pretty interesting how Danielle Harris has replaced Barbara Steele and Linnea Quigley as the Queen of Horror(and now being the top Scream Queen)
TWISTED FEARS HORROR WEEKEND snuck up on me. Good thing I could afford it. 'twas good to see Ari Lehman, Linnea Quigley, J. Larose, Jim O'Rear, and John Dugan again...and very good to meet Fred Williamson, Lynn Lowry, Barbara Steele, Camille Keaton, Miguel A. Nunez Jr., and director John Carl Buelcher mong others.
Jonathan Rej and Shane Morton (creators of with Scream Queens Linnea Quigley and Lynn…
Last night, Eddie Ray and I took Scream Queens Linnea Quigley and Lynn Lowry through the Curse of the…
I made Linnea Quigley jump tonight at the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse! Well at least it hope I did, I had a hood over my face.
Ah, Linnea Quigley. There was a time in the 80s & 90s when it seemed like you just could not pick up a 'direct to video' horror/exploitation film made in the USA that didn't feature the delecta...
Not sure when, but it looks like I will be interviewing legendary Scream Queen Linnea Quigley in the very near future. Exciting!!
My first introduction to Scream Queen Linnea Quigley.
We've already got a bunch of submissions for the Film Fest to be held at this year's Coast City Comicon! Hero Story, Acrylic Midnight and Stella Buio (which stars Linnea Quigley!) will all be part of the show! Got a film to submit? Shoot me a message!
Happy Friday! What better way to celebrate than watching Linnea Quigley and friends work out in lingerie!
I seem to be on bit of a roll down here in the Pit. More new goodies this weekend, with a Linnea Quigley 'Scream Queen Icons' page, and a new review upcoming.
Linnea Quigley will be the Grand Marshal for the 2013 Toronto Zombie Walk. The first and the original Zombie Walk!!!
Danny Trejo, Tom Savini, Bruce Campbell, Ozzy Osbourne, Linnea Quigley and other epicness. I think this qualifies as the Horror Avengers.
Cannot wait to read the Linnea Quigley interview Legendary Scream Queen! It's all kicking off bigtime- rivers of success!
..Linnea Quigley peeling & dancing in Return of the Living Dead = 10X hotter then anything found in this film
I interview the kooky Michael McCarty today on my blog! He's the funniest horror author I know and a 5-time Bram Stoker Award finalist. PLUS he's giving away 2 copies of, RETURN OF THE Scream Queen (co-written with Linnea Quigley and Stan Swanson). Check out an excerpt and enter to win! Also win an autographed copy of Writer’s Block magazine. Get the scoop on skinny dipping, horny teens, and vampires. It's all up for grabs!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
The upcoming GOREZONE features an all new, frank interview and photo shoot with RETURN OF THE Living Dead's Linnea Quigley. Get a NSFW sneak peek
If I were to assemble a "Dream Team" for NIGHT OF THE SCREAM, these would be my choices: Linnea Quigley as Desiree Starr Larry Blamire as Dr. Madden Jennifer Blaire as PJ Bottoms Don Calfa as Blake Smith Chris Pine as Martin Ripley (aka Gator Guy) Russell Brand as Sewer Rat Michele Bauer as Emerlinde I'm not sure for the role of Geoffrey Terronez: It is a toss up between Reggie Bannister or Tom Savini I'd like Kevin Tenney or *** Garris to direct it So why isn't Hollywood returning my calls? LOL
Alright, here's my list: Linnea Quigley, Jamie Lee Curtis, & Danielle Harris. Okay, I feel better now lol.
John Landis's Innocent Blood is great times. Especially since Sam Raimi, Tom Savini, Linnea Quigley and Dario Argento all have cameos in it
It doesn't take a lot of "Brains!" to order a copy of RETURN OF THE Scream Queen by Michael McCarty & Linnea Quigley. Just click the links below...
There is still one week left to take advantage of our “early bird ticket special” for April’s Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo. You can get $15 single day passes or a 3-Day Pass for only $35 until December 14th, 2012, and CW Show passes make great gifts for that Drive-In and Grindhouse movie lover on your gift list. And don’t forget that buying a 3-Day Pass now for $35 not only gets you all of the 60+ hours worth of Movies, Panels, and Programming we’ll deliver come show time, it also gets you into the show half an hour early on Friday without paying extra for early admission that other conventions charge their fans a premium for. If you didn’t see the December update, you may not have seen that we added actor and stuntman Gary Kent to the April Show. His bio can be found on the convention Guest Page. Brinke Stevens may have had to miss the last show (with Michelle Bauer and Linnea Quigley), but since it was her first feature film, she will now be joining the Slumber Party Massacre ...
Caesar and Otto's Deadly Xmas features a cast of some of all-time great B-movie stars including former CKY and current World Under Blood frontman Deron Miller, Sleepaway Camp star Felissa Rose, Brinke Stevens, Joe Estevez, Lloyd Kaufman, Debbie Rochon and Linnea Quigley in a role that lampoons her appearance in Silent Night, Deadly Night. These legends join a cast of up-and-coming talent which includes Paul Chomicki, Ken MacFarlane, Samantha Barrios and Summer Ferguson. “Caesar and Otto’s deadly Xmas” is playing at 7PM followed by an intermission and a presentation of “Young Blood: Evil Intentions” You can get your tickets now through Mat Smith and Myron Smith and will be available in some local businesses in the area to be announced soon. This is a double feature presentation, two movies for the price of one.
Trailer for one of my favorite movies EVER - the 1984 revenge/exploitation flick SAVAGE STREETS starring Linda Blair, Linnea Quigley, and John Vernon! As fea...
So Gary Busey, Gunner Hansen, Diamond Dallas Page, Jake "the Snake" Roberts, Sgt. Slaughter, Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, Mark Torgl, the Asian guy who played Godzilla, Linnea Quigley, David Naughton, and Jake Busey are all going to be at the Mad Monster Party next year. That will be my birthday weekend. Although I have been cutting back, I plan on pickling my liver that weekend. This will by far be the best birthday weekend ever.
Yes! The schedule is finally released, and everything I want to see is in consecutive order between 5 pm and 5am. I'm so excited to meet Jack Hill and especially Linnea Quigley!
Linnea Quigley from RETURN OF THE Living Dead was up there. Oh and Jennifer Connelly in THE ROCKETEER.
Bela Lugosi as created by my friend who also did the Linnea Quigley portrait
Latest teaser trailer for the Quattro Venti Scott release of Post Mortem, America 2021, currently being edited by Thomas Berdinski of The Cult of Moi and Vous Film Producioni Company LLC, written and directed by Cameron Scott and starring Michelle Shields and Linnea Quigley. COMING SOON!
The electrifying reunion of the original queens of scream! Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer! 1313: COUGAR CULT comes to DVD and VOD in Febru...
I spotted scream-queen Linnea Quigley in a scene when Cheech & Chong are dining with Paul Reubens (A.K.A. Pee-Wee Herman), only in America!
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Screaming in High Heels: The Rise & Fall of the Scream Queen Era is going to hit DVD on August 28 from Breaking Glass Pictures. The documentary looks at the queens of B-movies in the 80′s and 90′s: Brinke Stevens, Michelle Bauer and Linnea Quigley. Three girls living in Los Angeles,...
If you're in Louisville 6/29-7/1, check out at Fright Night Film Fest! Stars Deron Miller of Linnea Quigley,
More new vintage Fangoria magazines were listed today at: - Julian Sands, Linnea Quigley, Leatherface, etc
75) Nomads (1986) Pierce Brosnan with a less-than-stellar French accent. Mary Woronov basically playing the same role that Linnea Quigley in Return of the Living Dead. Direction and editing that make the film feel like Jacob's Ladder's older, dumber brother. A laugh-worthy ending that makes the whole movie sillier in retrospect. All of these things and more await you in Nomads, a thriller about a French anthropologist who starts following a group of urban nomads around LA. It is a very cool idea made much less awesome by the fact that the nomads in question look like extras from The Warriors mixed with cast-off design ideas from Mad Max. Really fun to watch, but not a good movie. C
A likeable but laughably inept 1981 cannibal film. Features the always awesome Linnea Quigley, and ditto Aldo Ray.
As usual its Halloween time and that means the return of my 13 trivia questions. These are meant for fun, and i hope some people learn some thing. enjoy and have a happy Halloween.   1. Q: At the Salem witch hangings, the Rev. Nicholas Noyes asked (who?) to confess. "I am no more a witch than you are a wizard, and if you take away my life God will give you blood to drink." was her reply to him. Twenty-five years later, the Rev. Nicholas Noyes died of a hemorrhage, choking on his own blood.   2 Q: What line was ad-libbed by Roddy Piper in They Live? According to director John Carpenter, Piper had taken the line from a list of ideas he had for his pro wrestling interviews?   3 Q: As the film Halloween was shot out of sequence, John Carpenter created what, so that Jamie Lee Curtis would know what level of terror she should be exhibiting.    4 Q: Jamie Lee Curtis was in Halloween 3, tho not credited who did she play?   5 Q: Roger Spottiswoode directed many movies like Turner and Hooch, Tomorrow never di ...
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