Linkin Park & Iron Maiden

Linkin Park is an American rock band from Agoura Hills, California. Iron Maiden are an English heavy metal band from Leyton in east London, formed in 1975 by bassist and primary songwriter Steve Harris. 5.0/5

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On the way to Rock im Park!! 4 days, 100 bands, with Metallica, Kings Of Leon, Linkin Park and Iron Maiden leading the way :)
I've been to Linkin Park, Incubus, Scorpions & Iron Maiden concerts. Today I just saw live in Stadium Merdeka, Malaysia.
A7X, Metallica, Alter Bridge, Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, Pantera, Billy Talent and a whole lot more :o you?
"Hey, favourite band/artist ? And when you at it favourite song ?" I keep telling myself to sit down someday, go on YouTube and search around on some artists I know and like so I can well... Like them more. I really like Iron Maiden, but I haven't heard all their songs. I have a few bands I like, such as LM.C, ScReW, Rammstein, Linkin Park, Versailles, the GazettE, and then there's bands I want to listen to like Ozzy Osbourne and Def Leppard and such. I love listening to VG music, especially remixes. So, my favourite composer/remixer is Theophany. My favourite songs... They often change, but the ones I always love are Pledge, No More lies, Oh My Juliet, Time's End, Vermin, Wasted Years, Tears of the Dragon, First, Highlight, The Invisible Wall, Alone in the Universe, Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg... Okay I have a lot of favorites, I'll stop there. Some of those are remixes some aren't. Uh... I left out most of the remixes I like. The list was long enough.
So here are the answers :) 1.Crush - I don't really have one at the moment xD 2.Full name - Raisa Sehovic 3.Top 5 bands - A7X, Iron Maiden, H.I.M., Linkin Park, AC/DC 4.Top 5 songs - Afterlife, Unholly Confessions, Wasted Years, Highway to *** Funeral of hearts 5.Favorite candy - Any form of chocolate xD 6.Age - 20 7.Orientation - What kind of orientation? Sexual, in time and space..? xD 8.Last song I heard - Thunderstruck - AC/DC 9.Last video/movie I watched - The Hobbit 10.Favorite Vocalist - Matt Shadows and Tarja Turunen 11.Number of band tees - 4 or 5 12.Secret dork trait - Huge fan of Star Wars, does this count? :D 13.Worst habit - Smoking (luckily I quit) 14.Nicknames - Isa 15.3 turn offs - When someone is stupid, when someone is annoying, and when someone doesn't have sense of humor. 16.Most prized possession - My pillow with FC Barcelona sign on it. :D De Gothico
Green Day, Shinedown, Kasabian, Rob Zombie, Bowling For Soup, Linkin Park, Iron Maiden and others like that:) You? :)
Iron Maiden-run to the hills, Billy Idol-Rebel Yell, a bit of Linkin Park and Motörhead thrown in for good measure
Linkin Park and Incubus are getting their "dragon pants" ready for the Honda Civic Tour, which Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd hopes will be an Iron Maiden-inspired show.
: Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park, System of a down (again) , Slipknot (again), Iron Maiden
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