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Linkin Park

Linkin Park is an American rock band from Agoura Hills, California.

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Sad day for music and in life in general, RIP Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park.
Just saw a person I know struggled with alcohol and substance abuse make a Linkin Park joke. Weird and gross.
I get off work and first thing i hear is Chester from Linkin Park has died and i had to sit for a few minutes just to process that
I need someone who can go from Linkin Park to Katy Perry to Billy Currington then Mariah Carey w/ me
A proud moment was at the Linkin Park concert when Gareth Cliff came out to open the act and the crowd booed him. lol :P
*TRL*. Carson Daly: Coming in at Linkin Park with "Numb". Music Video: I've become so nu--. Carson Daly: Alright, your…
'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' opens in theaters 5 years ago! (June 20, 2012) Linkin Park's 'Powerless' is on...
When did Linkin Park go from being a rap-rock/nu metal fusion band to an electropop band? What a weird transition.
Jacob is making me listen to Linkin Park and Jay-Z in the car rn ? send help
Time flies so fasttt! Only 4 days left and tomorrow it will be 3 days left until Linkin Park, Simple Plan and Mallory Knox 💕
The world is so small! Chester knows David Brown who knows Johnnie Guilbert who knows Slipknot which knows Linkin Park which knows Chester!!
My playlist ranges from Lana Del Rey to Linkin Park to Kendrick Lamar to Bob Marley?,??,,??,?
Ross Mahoney's close personal friends Linkin Park are coming back to Las Vegas on September 2nd at MGM Grand...
I'm only going on the Friday... doing the tourist thing for the rest of the time 😀 Linkin Park should be fab though! x
I'd be okay with Linkin Park's album if Mike Shinoda had more than ONE RAP IN THE ENTIRE ALBUM. Worst one by far.
Fellow music snobs, is it just me or is this new Linkin Park just not it. Also, this new Bryson Tiller... 18 tracks and no hit? Nope
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Tae and jungkook lip syncing to Linkin Park
what songs makes u bring back your old memories of childhood? — MCR, Linkin Park, Baby Justin Bieber
And I am goin to see him and Linkin Park in Mansfield in July . Michael Roderick . Jonathan Roderick gotta here this
Looking at tickets on and it says "Fans Also Bought Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Linkin Park". Lol they really didn't
Invisible is for sure the best song on Linkin Park's new album.
Goodbye to the stereotypes. You can't tell my kings we can't. Mandem we're linking tings in parks. Now I got a tune with Linkin Park
Did you see FBE's video with Linkin Park reaction to Teens Reacting to Linking Park?
Ahora Linkin Park es Justin Bieber y Bring me the Horizon son Linkin Park...
Nah grime and Linkin Park linking up what even is this life so so sick
Linkin Park - In the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
You listen to Linkin Park once for your nu metal podcast and Spotify thinks you and Linkin Park wanna get hitched and buy a home together.
Linkin Park new album out and on Spotify
The wait is finally over for Linkin Park fans. The eagerly anticipated the release of their new album "One More...
I broke up with an ex over Linkin Park. Used to argue about the quality of their new stuff. But in th…
Linkin Park dedicated the title track from their new album 'One More Light' to Chris Cornell during an emotional...
Me while listening to the new Linkin Park album
wewww Linkin Park's new album is out
Happy to see a new Linkin Park album
how are you liking Linkin Park's new album
Linkin Park's new album is so chilling 😍😭
Papa Roach, Linkin Park, and Blink 182 have new albums out. It's a wonderful day!
New ATL, blink and Linkin Park all in one day?!
So yea Linkin Park came out with a new album today called "One More Light". Maximz Mugen
Really don't know how to feel about Linkin Park's new's good but i wish they remained more rock
The new Linkin Park album is making 10 year old me very upset. What on earth happened?
I don't know exactly what I was expecting with this new Linkin Park album... not that though.
This week's new albums: Linkin Park, The Kooks, Rammstein & more...
a telling sign that we are living in DJT's america: there are new Papa Roach, Blink 182, and Linkin Park songs out today.
Walking home, planned on listening to the new Linkin Park album, can't get past the first song as I keep replaying…
You know when you find a song that just HITS you? Linkin Park's new song "heavy" just did that.
Im so in love with the new Linkin Park album. It has landed at the perfect time. The lyrics…
Linkin Park's new album is so chilling i love it 😍
What band has fallen further from their roots than Linkin Park, new album is like a completely different band and it sounds terrible
The new Linkin Park album is disappointment, as someone who grew up on Hybrid Theory & meteora, there's no rock elements in it at all sadly
Man the legends Linkin Park threw Stormzy on their new album. That is a major look. Very dope
Papa Roach and Linkin Park release new albums today. In other news, I can't wait to go into Year 8 next year.
It's here in all its poppy glory! Jam the new Linkin Park record in full:.
Linkin Park released a new album 3 hours ago
I LOVE Linkin Park but their new album is so forgettable and boring. The lyrics are heartfelt but just not hitting the spot
Watch from react to Teens React to Linkin Park! So humbling to make this episode, we hope you enj…
All these people arguing about rappers and I'm over here like, "New Linkin Park album yay!"
Perfect weather for driving around with the windows down jamming to linkin park and fall out boy
Should I wait up for two hours and wait for the new Linkin Park album to drop?? 🤔🤔🤔. Life's difficult questions!!!
My go-to music critic said some very respectable things about the new Linkin Park album. He did say it's his least fav but he found good.
I didn't think Rolling In The Deep could sound more hurt. . I'm listening to a Linkin Park cover. These people born hurt.
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"This isn't linkin park" they made two albums with the same sound and switched it up from there when did they ever claim a certain sound
Set to the tune of "What I've Done," by Linkin Park. Jesus Christ has paid the price to atone for what we sinful human beings have done.
Linkin Park songs fills half of my 4gig. I can't stand "some" other songs so I stick 2 them. And recently they're converting to the ones...
Jay Z did a whole album with Linkin Park you got to be born in the 2000's
Fans from NYC are reporting Good Morning America will air tonight's Linkin Park subway performance on May 18th, same day as Jim…
I liked a video Linkin Park live at Rock am Ring 2004 (HD)
My playlist can go from Linkin Park to Charles Aznavour 😅 I'm such a disaster
Win tickets for Linkin Park: One More Light World Tour at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, August 14, 2017 with Do312
There's a Mark Fiore who shoots Linkin Park videos, one who's an ultimate fighter & then me. Isn't there one with a normal j…
Can't believe Linkin Park did a song with Stormzy and Pusha T, definitely an unexpected collab, track is dope though
Jurgen Klopp is like Linkin Park. Once played heavy metal, now plays ambient pop.
I liked a video Numb - Linkin Park (Road to Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes)
Linkin Park - In the End of the World, by Haruki Murakami
I'm hoping Ray Ramirez doesn't literally take the Linkin Park song "Bleed it Out" as a medical treatment remedy for the 40 man
Listening to music always helps, no matter what it is genre wise. Linkin Park - Castle Of Glass (lyrics)
Linkin Park — Rebellion (feat. Daron Malakian). this song makes me wanna listen to some soad stuff tbh
Linkin Park should finish the year with between 50-65 shows in 2017, on track to match 2012 (Living Things) & 2014 (The Hunting…
How I feel at my current age retrospectively about Garden State is the same way I feel about Linkin Park
Mike Kaplan, I'm an Asian dude who lives in OC and listens to Linkin Park and Nine Inch Nails, and LOVES
I hate that I kind of like the new Linkin Park.. It's only the fact that it's so different than the band I loved in High School
Details from the Linkin Park interview in the latest issue of Upset Magazine:.
You just made my night with your performance on the Comedy Jam with Linkin Park! All time favourite band for me!
Linkin Park have their own charity called Music For Relief. They do some really good work. Also Ar…
In LA with Linkin Park and Music For Relief! Join me at for a special Celebrity Coffee Chef dinner!
I added a video to a playlist Thane Krios Tribute - Castle of Glass - Linkin Park
Linkin Park is offering VIP tickets (meet & greet, side stage, backstage tour, & more) for England. Details:
Try Heavy by Linkin Park, Talk me down by Troye Sivan, I Need it by Johnny Balik, Overnight By Jake Miller
God bless us everyone, we are a broken people living under loaded gun. Catalyst - Linkin Park
Linkin Park's European tour in June and July for will be the band's largest headlining European tour of their car…
So all Kong: Skull Island was missing was King Kong dabbing at the end and then Linkin Park plays over the credits
Its so stupid hearing that Linkin Park release their first pop song. I dont understand why Chester Bennington wasting his voice on that?
Linkin Park: I tried so hard and got so far. Me: BUT IN THE END IT DOESNT EVEN MATTER
Why does that new Linkin Park song sound like an Australian Idol winners single tho
*** Linkin Park really sold out with their latest singles. Adult contemporary *** BS
Linkin Park drop lyric video for new song "Battle Symphony"
Sean Morgan shared a Linkin Park song on fb, and one hour later shared his own post of him sharing the Linkin Park song. Updates to follow.
Linkin Park - Heavy. "Heavy" (feat. Kiiara). Directed by Tim Mattia. The new album 'One More Light' out May 19.
Linkin Park and Kiiara will perform at the ECHO Awards in Berlin, Germany on April 6th.…
O Linkin Park tem cada videoclipe lindo: Lost in the Echo, Waiting for the End, Heavy...
Most of it seems to be influenced by Korn, Linkin Park, and Deftones, and I'm talking about bands like suicide silence, om&m, miw, etc...
I miss Linkin Park. That was some premium "I hate my parents because they make me eat vegetables" music
Anyone else think that the dude Chester from Linkin Park sounds like Montana Max from Tiny Toons when he'd get mad at Buster Bunny?
Lovin' the new Linkin Park and Kiiara -- listen for it on ENERGY 92.1!
What the frick is that new Linkin Park single what are they DOING
Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Linkin Park + many more play Get your tickets: https…
Here's on how Linkin Park, unlike some of their peers, have evolved and managed to stay relevant
The best you've never heard Daron Malakian - Linkin Park - Rebellion
Enjoy with the best Daron Malakian - Linkin Park - Rebellion
I added a video to a playlist Linkin Park- Lost In The Echo Lyrics
A lot of music is coming 2017. This week new songs from. -New Found Glory. -Linkin Park. -All time low
I need me a guy who could sing DNCE, Linkin Park and J Cole with me.
Big news - Linkin Park is in rehearsals! We might have a few promo performances for the new single this month.
I have some records to sell. Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory. Evanescence-Fallen (on purple). Alexisonfire-Watch Out!
Listener Supported - Commercial Free New Divide '2009' (from TRANSFORMERS 2 Revenge of the Fallen) by Linkin Park
will be the new home of Linkin Park fan activities, promotion, and more around the world. Bringing commun…
“Linkin Park has a deep tradition of engaging our dedicated fans." -
. Suggestion From Fans. How about . Linkin Park Feat.EMINEM. It could be the example of 21st Century
Nobody is more hyped for new Linkin Park music than Linkin Park
Stitches dead *** dropped a song that sounds like linkin park im done.
All it takes is one Linkin Park song to remind me how great they were.
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Linkin Park are done recording their new album!.
When you all make it through the wait for new Linkin Park (September 2015 - February 2017) and survive
I’m at the age where I think Nirvana’s and Linkin’ Park’s lyrics do make sense in life and I need a dietitian.
Replace weezer with linkin park or tame impala and you got me exact
One of Europe's best rock festivals, NOVA ROCK Festival in Austria will feature headliners Linkin Park, Fatboy...
Linkin Park's concert in Finland in 2011 was the best part of my life. 2015 was too, except my back hurt, I couldn't enjoy 100%
If you're ever feeling like a loser know that my freshman year of college I pinned a Linkin Park shirt to the wall and thought I was kool
my boyfriend and I Will go to linkin park concertar together ❤❤❤
Al momento in fissa con i Linkin Park
Remember all the sadness and frustration, and let it go . . Song for you : Linkin park // iridescent. Goodnight 😃
Green Day and Linkin Park were a big part of my childhood, maybe that's why I became this EdgyTeen69 thing lmao
If you can't go from Future to Nickelback to Kevin Gates to Creed to The Weeknd to Linkin Park to Migos then I can't ride in t…
"Wash the sorrow from off my skin, and show me how to be whole again." - Linkin Park
Just imagine: I used to be the kid playing Linkin Park thinking hip hop was garbage. (Irony!) I grew up and understood it a whole lot more.
Listening to some Hybrid Theory for my workout today. Old school Linkin Park. 💪📣
I would appreciate hearing at least 30 seconds of Al Michaels opining on Linkin Park.
I'm listening to Linkin Park's Meteora and Hybrid Theory. Dayum man, dayum.
I added a video to a playlist By Myself - Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory)
Linkin Park will forever be my favorite band. Have meteora and Hybrid Theory in full on my phone and never get sick of them.
One Step Closer by Linkin Park on Having one of those days
Stop kidding yourself, after their first album Hybrid Theory, Linkin Park is definition of super meh.
Jam with Linkin Park's Chester Bennington at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp -- on
My coworker just said "I listen to everything! One minute I'll listen to August Burns Red, then I'll turn around and listen to Linkin Park!"
New albums from August Burns Red, Linkin Park, Wage War and Volumes already on deck this year? Yeah, 2017 should be quite good.
Announcement that Linkin Park will perform at Rock Werchter 2017.
Axl Rose nendoroid when? Linkin Park got one for every member. I would KILL for a good 1/8 figure of Jareth or Thin White Duke tho
I thought I was so hardcore when I was younger because I listened to linkin park
Why does Dyllan like Linkin Park so much?
Apparently Matt doesn't appreciate me singing Linkin Park to him at this time of the morning
"We're building it up, to break it back down." -Linkin Park 'Burn It Down'
So give me reason to prove me wrong to wash this memory clean 【Linkin Park/New Divide
Own the stencil signed by Blaine Halvorson, and used to create the LP x collection https:…
Last night driving home a giant piece of ice hit our wind shield as we were collectively screaming along to Linkin Park's "In The End"
College years are always delusional. You believe that true love exists and Linkin Park is coming to India.
"Infinity goes up on trial, voices echo this is what salvation must be like after awhile" . -Linkin Park
Who's going to this Saturday! Chester from Linkin Park and Robert DeLeo from Stone Temple Pilots are going to be there!!
Linkin Park has been a band for such a long time, for me, in my ey...
New show announcement! Linkin Park will headline Download Madrid on June 22, 2017! First show in Spain since 2010!
Big into Audioslave, Rage Against The Machine, Mogwai, God Is An Astronaut, Foo Fighters and Linkin Park tonight for some reason. Nurses?
New show announcement! Linkin Park is returning to Belgium to headline Rock Werchter on July 1, 2017! h…
remember when Malta accidentally played Linkin Park's "Numb" instead of their national anthem?
My Song by Alessia Cara, In Between by Linkin Park, Machine by Scott Helman, Force of Nature by Bea Miller 👌🏻
Reminder that Mike Shinoda was such a good rapper that he left Linkin Park and created Fort Minor, and was actually successful for a while
and the film has to end with Linkin Park's "New Divide"
I added a video to a playlist New Divide (Official Video) - Linkin Park
"I saw Linkin Park open for Kottonmouth Kings there."
I added a video to a playlist Papercut (Official Video) - Linkin Park
I added a video to a playlist In The End (Official Video) - Linkin Park
Linkin Park: Record label tried to get rid of Mike Shinoda
nah, I prefer Linkin Park. It's incredible to me how Mike Shinoda changed his sound between Fort Minor and LP
I added a video to a playlist Castle of Glass (Official Video) - Linkin Park
I added a video to a playlist Eminem & Linkin Park - Dogs of War [After Collision 2]
Linkin Park is an American rock band from Agoura Hills, California. Formed in 1996, the band rose to international fame with
When the guy who made the vine thinks fat lip by Sum 41 is Linkin Park
1 : Me when listening to Arijit singh . 2 : Listening to Linkin Park
Jurassic Shark, starring Laurence Fishburne and Jennifer Lopez. Directed by Spike Lee, music by Linkin Park. Budget: $1 billion
20. Linkin Park - Bleed it Out (Live in Madrid, Europe Music Awards 2010... via
From Pentatonix & Dolly Parton to 5 Finger Death Punch & now Linkin Park. Having a very odd day in my noggin.
They almost played Jay-Z/Linkin Park instead of the national anthem .
Linkin Park and Ace diddled Green Hill Zone then banged Tupac because it made a really funny meme.
Waiting for a light that never comes - Linkin Park x Steve Aoki
Linkin Park's Joe Hahn sells home in Hidden Hills for $3.5M. - Woodruff Realty Group
Members of Tool, Linkin Park, The Black Crowes and more are coming together to battle the decision in Robin...
Saya suka video dari Linkin Park feat. Travis Barker - Bleed It Out @ Concert for the
Did you hear about the Linkin Park scandal? Apparently they memed Travis all because that's the true meaning of friendship.
MLTR one of my fav of all time, along with Ricky Martin, Bryan Adams, Linkin Park, Ronan Keating, robbie Williams, and
Did you know a figure skater at the last Olympics did a routine to a slowed down version of Linkin Park's 'Crawling In My Skin'?
I am going to RP Chester Bennington from Linkin Park
Chester Bennington from Linkin Park's voice is even more intriguing w/o the rock music 😭😭💕💕
I could go from Kendrick Lamar to Luke Bryan to Sam Smith and Linkin Park real quick when I'm on shuffle
Suho revealed that he's going to take Kyungsoo (not Linkin Park) to Central Park in NYC 💕
I saw Linkin Park open for Kottonmouth Kings lol
Typical white person: have you heard that Linkin Park cover of Jingle Bell Rock
was that Chester Bennington from Linkin Park in the hat?
My mom went to High School with Chester Bennington from Linkin Park
Me and Jin just living our lives until Papercut by Linkin Park plays. We slowly morph into Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda. Ari looks
Is Chester Bennington the whitest name ever?. I don't like Linkin Park
"*Walks over to you* Hey it's me Chester Bennington, lead singer of the hit band Linkin Park". *Raises an eyebrow* Hey dude……….Whats up
Wearing off black caused Chester Bennington of Linkin Park to become a fake goth.
Daily Viral: Almost 200 movie quotes are used in a recreation of Linkin Park's 'In The End'
Bad day... Bring on some of my fave music!! Listening to: Linkin Park, Slipknot, Lamb of God, Oasis, Third Eye Blind, Tool, System of a Down
Today has taken me through the stages of my mosher life from gateway band Linkin Park to being emo at 16 with Panic! At The Disco
Music therapy the live experience. New Divide - Live In Madrid by Linkin Park ♫
Linkin Park - Crawling. Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Evanescence - Bring Me to Life
I really like the actor Misha Collins, who played Cass in the TV series "Supernatural". My favorite band is Linkin Park.
huh its been awhile since i listened to Linkin Park... Hybrid Theory EMBRACE ME!
Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park will always be one of my go to albums. So good.
Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory album is the ultimate anger/sadness relief
Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park and Recovery by Eminem mis favoritos
In the End by Linkin Park from the album "Hybrid Theory" - Listen: - iTunes:
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Ohio radio stations play Linkin Park; Ohio confirmed for best state
I like upbeat songs, and I listen to a lot of Linkin Park and Green Da...
Blasting Hybrid Theory. I wasn’t listening to Linkin Park since I was 17een… They still sound fresh. It feels good 😂
To the guy walking down Valley Ave in Grand Rapids singing Breaking The Habit by Linkin Park: Not bad. Not bad at all.
I liked a video Timur Bekmambetov prank brothers from Linkin Park | Prank experiment
Ohio State's highlights were shown on the jumbotron to a song by Linkin Park. Fitting.
Tip: every time a coworker leaves their computer unlocked play Nickelback and Linkin Park on Spotify until their Discover Weekly is ruined.
Numb - Linkin Park. In the end - Linkin Park. Bring me to life -Evanescence . My immortal -Evanescence. Pampatulog. Pakinggan nyo maganda yan 😊
Any song by Linkin Park will always make me think of those presentations we had in middle school with the 3 big screens in the auditorium
I'm sorry Pandora Radio, but you just played a Linkin Park song on my Stevie Nicks radio station. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU.
Wow.. A piano version of a Linkin Park song. Love this!
Darton is running an awesome tourney. But they've played almost exclusively Luke Bryan and Linkin Park, unacceptable.
People always taking credit for 90s stuff but it's like be real we're the Paris Hilton/Von Dutch/Linkin Park generation 💔
I liked a video from The Messenger / In The End - Linkin Park (live in Dortmund 2010) HD
Encore by Jigga x Linkin Park, one of the greatest songs ever made.
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the Numb/Encore mix with Linkin Park and Jay Z is still legendary.
I miss the days listening to Linkin Park and playing Tony Hawk Underground
I liked a video The Catalyst - Vitamin String Quartet tribute to Linkin Park
It was confusing to hear Linkin Park - numb, in Cafe Stella
dude and that time Josh Groban covered Linkin Park. So 2004.
"Every step that I take, is another mistake to you.". --- Linkin Park, ("Numb")
My music taste is very strange. One minute I'm listening to Taylor Swift and then the next I'm listening to Linkin Park like ok
Kid Rock was once on a classic rock station, I seriously had that *** look on my face, Linkin Park shouldn't be classic yet either
The people that think Linkin Park is rock are the same people that think Xzibit is a real gangster.
Bach yesterday, Dave Brubeck and Oscar Peterson today, maybe some Linkin Park and David Crowder … hmm …
My girlfriend hates my Linkin Park jokes, but in the end it doesn't even matter.
My brother Trevor and I sing Linkin Park songs to my neice Savannah!
“playlist in my ipod is so high school. Linkin Park, Yellowcard, Vertical Horizon, The Fray, The Used, Switchfoot, Sum 41, Blink182, etc🎧
I added a video to a playlist Numb (Linkin Park) - Ninjago (Lloyd/Morro) Tribute
Ed Sheeran, Five Finger Death Punch, 5sos, Halsey, Nirvana, Metallica, Lordi, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Fall out boy and more..
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Need to put bands like Linkin Park and Sleigh Bells in a room with Tiesto or someone so that they can learn how to make longer songs.
Hey listen of XXI Century. Now playing Linkin Park - Castle Of Glass on.
yesss, linkin park, limb bizkit and dropkick murphys... Was an awesome day 😻
But no matter what I do, I always end up with Linkin Park songs
yo I still listen to Linkin Park, don't throw shade on them, they're still great
I'm bawling my eyes out listening to Linkin Park because I have nothing.
Linkin park and star wars the force awakens not a bad night
Listening to Linkin Park and I'm thinking "when did it become 2009?
The band of the day is WHEATUS. And today with Pink Floyd, Linkin Park and R.E.M.
When I was in middle school and I got angry I listened to Linkin Park
Just inject the marijuanas and snort coke off a strippers bosom cause from the wise words of Linkin Park, in the end it doesn't even matter.
Banging old school Linkin Park on loud all the way to work made me feel so gangster...totally weird, ain't it🙉🙊
Linkin Park in the gym.. . George Strait on the way home 👌🏽
A Linkin Park song popped in my head, so I killed myself.
Linkin Park have a 'mountain of material' for their new album via
The music that best describes what it feels like to have an anxiety disorder or depression is Linkin park's powerful!
Hit the Floor by LINKIN PARK is number 2 in Oman top 100 songs
And it was mixed together by none other than Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. Apparently. Just great.
Ha true. Plus, at least we just missed out on era of nu metal, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit
"I want to be in the energy, not with the enemy, a place for my head". Linkin Park
I can play the intro to Linkin Park - What I've Done, but I wanna play Ludovico Einaudi ya know???
Jon got to play poker tonight with Joe Hahn from Linkin Park! Cool guy, and fun times all around :)
ar you nikahoward.tumblr it's just a Russian text quote and Linkin Park. So maybe?
We caught up for round 3 with Joe Hahn of Linkin Park on the red carpet for Music For Relief
Only Joe Hahn will participate in the poker tournament or some other member of Linkin Park will play too?
I liked a video Linkin Park's Joe Hahn - Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?
Hero- Chad Kroger(sp) was the best Spiderman Soundtrack. Divide-Linkin Park for Transformers and Iris- Goo Goo Dolls for City of Angels
YouTube just recommended Linkin Park to me. *burns iPad*
Ever notice that every piano line in every metal/hardcore song in the last 10 years sounds just like In the End by Linkin Park?
My mother LOVES BABYMETAL. This is from the woman who thought Linkin Park was death metal & Evanescence worshipped the devil.
Raffle continues for our 15' x 15' stage banner used on the 2000 Kings of the Game tour with Linkin Park and POD. htt…
Nerdcore has this bizarre dichotomy between light video game-inspired music and sad outsider-inspired Linkin Park.
I wish people understood Linkin Park like I do.
The Simon and Garfunkel was from a Scott interview. Linkin Park was from someone at rehearsals today.
Tomorrow I will share the full version of my Linkin Park remix.
i was just saying but it will be cool if you have a song featuring Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park
Have you already heard my remix of Linkin Park - Castle Of Glass?
Intel Teams up with Open Labs, Lenovo and Linkin Park to Drive High-Performance Music Creation
I liked a video from Linkin Park - Step Up (Projekt Revolution Live in Camden 2004)
"Lets go sleep in a park where no one will judge us. Hey, how about Linkin Park?!" -Heather Bridge
The chemistry between Chester Bennington and Mark Shinoda Is just out of this world🙋... Mehn... I need me a new Linkin Park album...
The lead singer of Linkin Park is named Chester Bennington. This fact is forever etched into my brain.
Chester Bennington, co lead singer of Linkin Park, saved my life.
Support a great cause - Meet all the artists. STP, Linkin Park singer etc. More info here: htt…
Relive the year 2000, Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory is free:   10% Off
I only liked Linkin Park when I was a kid okay
Never overlook the cathartic value of Linkin Park
- Reminiscing college days while listening to the song "Numb" sung by "Linkin Park.". Listened gazillion times back in 2007! :")
Best Song Electro Rock ! I'm very Happy !! and the comment about Linkin Park influence is super :)
Recalling Nu-Metal times today. Lost Prophets, Korn, Disturbed, Linkin Park today.. who was your fav?
I like everything from Michael Jackson to Linkin mood determines what I'm listening to.
Listening to A Light That Never Comes (Rick Rubin Reboot) by Linkin Park, on the album: Recharged
My music taste is all over the place. I go from Jason Aldean to Ariel Camacho to Kevin Gates to Deorro to Linkin Park to The Script 😂😅
I tried so hard. And got so far. But in the end. It doesn't even matter. 【Linkin Park-『In The End』】
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