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Lindy West

Lindy West is an American writer and newspaper editor, originally from Seattle, Washington. In 2009, she began working as the film editor for Seattle's alternative weekly newspaper, The Stranger.

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It is with 100% professional certainty that I must inform you that Lindy West has never been sexually h…
Lindy West wrote an OP-Ed that's about as factually controversial as "the ocean is salty." . Naturally…
Is Lindy West supposed to just submit a blank piece of paper to her editor?
It's in her head. She's a self proclaimed "sexual harassment expert." This is nothing mo…
A feminist blogger with Trump Derangement Syndrome. . Here's her bio: Lindy West is the a…
Lindy West can’t move ten feet without getting winded and you expect her to move on? For shame, Kurt.
"I am so tired of participating in the collective national farce that things happening right in front of our eyes m…
Lindy West's oped post-election --> Her Loss --> is something I still pull up and read once…
I link to this every year, but this year in particular: it is time to reread the great Lindy West’s piece at abou…
Lindy West writes: "It is with 100 percent professional certainty that I must inform you our president, Donald Trump, is a…
Revisiting this great piece from Lindy West to avoid feeling despondent at how many men are truly terrible: . Yes, T…
It's really cool how the former managing editor of a "women's" vertical sicced Milo on Lindy West
Taking a break from watching every show on Netflix to listen to Lindy West's book while I color. 👌🖍️
What do the fans out there think of my new cover for book 2 then?
MY swing might interest fans of or CLICK HERE
Currently beating a few books, find out more here.
I've finally updated my new cover on Amazon... what do you think everyone?
Currently reading Shrill by Lindy West and I’ve honestly not felt so *seen* in a long time.
Finished Shrill by Lindy West yesterday. It was thought-provoking, inspiring and funny but also…
"If you were concerned about my health, you would also be concerned about my mental health." Lindy West calling out…
Hence why I wrote this, because there's nothing around nowadays quite like it
Hence why I wrote this... because there's sod all else on quite like it
Nope, Lindy West, Abortion Isn’t ‘Liberty,’ It’s Murder | Thoughts on culture, politics and more
I also liked "Shrill" by Lindy West, and anything by Joanna Russ is good, but "The Femal…
Apparently I'm now Amazon's highest ranked title for
Don't forget that time he tried to fire Lindy West for being too fat
Check out my review of by the brilliant Lindy West. And don't forget to join my book club!
It's been 7 years & I still laugh out loud whenever I re-read Lindy West's flamethrower attack on Sex and the City 2
Finishing Shrill by Lindy West. Funny, heart wrenching and eye opening all at once.
Mayhem is doing the Triple Lindy! Posted at West Side this morning, Pub Ruck tonight, and in…
The NYT has responded to the election by bringing on a pro-Clinton Never…
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On page 200 of 260 of Shrill, by Lindy West
Hugh Heffner, a better feminist than. - Jessica Valenti. - Anita Sarkeesian. - Lindy West. - Linda Sars…
The best companion to Reality Bites remains this piece by Lindy West.
I need to go back when the leaves change -Lindy Point Sunset, West Virginia [OC][1600x1068] from MilkyWayMike via P…
My spontaneous purchases of 'So you've been publicly shamed' by followed by Shrill (Lindy West) made for a themed weekend.
So authentic and real. It is hard to love your body in a world that tells women everything is wrong with it.
Jim Norton on His Debate with Lindy West (from Joe Rogan Experience via
Remember this? If your changes don't make it safe for Lindy & others to come back YOU'RE NOT LISTENING
On page 51 of 260 of Shrill, by Lindy West: It's LOL hilarious.
I think Lindy West's phrase "fetish for calamity" sums it up. He enjoys the chaos and deliberately st…
Jia Tolentino is awful. She's just a prettier version of Lindy West.
Lindy (I don’t have any footage of me dancing west coast)
Good morning! Start your business day with covering news from East, West & Southern Africa. Mon…
"The Trump Doctrine is to say whatever makes you feel good and do whatever makes you the most money." ~Lindy West
There was an interview with Lindy West's troll who said "You seemed so confident with who you were and it made…
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5 of 5 stars to Shrill by Lindy West
Hunger by Roxane *** Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari, and Shrill by Lindy West. All excellent (especially Hunger)
must-read piece by the great Lindy West on the "scarecrow stuffed with branding" that is
Ivanka Trump "is more a logo than a person, a scarecrow stuffed with branding...". - Lindy West. (Ouch.)
Lindy West's The Ivanka Trump Guarantee takes no prisoners. And no, zero people waiting for her to "come through." http…
Lindy West with the most savagely accurate description of Ivanka Trump:
Lindy West has a perfect description of the Ivanka Trump Guarantee. .
Read this whole Lindy West piece about Ivanka (Ivankcon?)
Donna Miscolta, named runner up for Best Author (after Sherman Alexie and Lindy West), by Seattle Weekly readers!
‘Abortion is liberty’: Lindy West, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand back pro-choice litmus test for Democrats
A scoop of George R. R. Martin with a sprinkling of Lindy West for me! Celebrate with…
Yes yes yes yes yes. Thank you as always Lindy West for saying all the things that need to be said.
Yes, yes, ALL THE YES. Lindy West is brilliant in this op-ed. Abortion IS freedom. Abortion IS a social good.
Yes. Lindy West absolutely nails it here re:Abortion and the Democratic Party.
"Democratic candidates are perfectly welcome to refrain from terminating their own pregnancies." -Lindy West EXACTLY
This is an excellent piece of rhetoric from Ms. Lindy West; bonus stars for the phrase "abattoir of clown meat"
YES. Also, it kinda brings a tear to my eye to see former film reviewer Lindy West's byline in the
Am delighted reading the A+ Lindy West piece from today led me to this one that I had missed that is also v good
Yes TY Lindy West. Bernie Sanders is willing to throw women's rights under the bus to pander to his oh-s…
All of which is to say, if you haven't yet read Lindy West's 🔥 op-ed about Democrats and abortion rights, get on it:
Abortion = economic liberty = erasing white supremacy. Read this superb, hits-you-in-the face piece by Lindy West.
My mom is a devout Catholic, and, until today, a lifelong (D). She's decided she's not welcome in Lindy…
Lindy West has this habit of burrowing into my brain and extracting everything I feel, but saying it so much better.
"What good is economic opportunity if large swaths of the population can't access it?" Lindy West
Well-argued piece by the wonderful Lindy West
"Nineteen hyenas and a broken vacuum cleaner control the White House." Lindy West
“Abortion is not a fringe issue. Abortion is liberty.” Lindy West nails it:
Abortion is normal. Democrats, come on, be something. Lindy West writes at the New York Times -
Opinion | Of Course Abortion Should Be a Litmus Test for Democrats Lindy West so good!
Thank you, Lindy West, for saying what so desperately needed to be said.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
There is no economic equality without the ability to terminate a pregnancy, writes Lindy West
I Have next week off so will be reading it and shrill from Lindy West.
Michael Chabon, Lindy West, Jim Shepard and more on how to be a writer: just fill up the pit!…
Really loved this interview. Shows how repetitive most questions asked to are.
I love this so much: "Only she lives in her body and only I live in my body and only you live in your body."
Respect for your brutal honesty about your life. "I am always uncomfortable or in pain,”
The right cannot lay claim to the First Amendment when its own president is actively hostile to it
I swear to God that everything does and says is So Right
"If I was conventionally hot I'd be president" - sent Lindy West to meet
My friend (and newest columnist) Lindy West wrote this brilliant column about free speech.
Roxane *** 'If I was conventionally hot and had a slammin' body, I would be president'
The Stephen Colbert *** joke row is a repulsively cynical ploy by far-right homophobes, writes Lindy West.
Satire? U must be big fan of Milo Y, Alex Jones, the guy who impersonated Lindy West's dead dad et…
We are excited to announce that the New York Times Bestseller SHRILL by Lindy West is now available in trade paperb…
I would advise Lindy West to actually study the exit polls but that would involve her reading statistics contradict…
PNW booksellers determine that Sherman Alexie, Lindy West, and Annie Proulx are good writers who deserve awards.…
HARD consign on your podcast audio recs this week. Tara Clancy, Aziz Ansari & Lindy West were amazing!
Lindy West left: "abuse was a grand-scale normalization project, disseminating libel and disinformation"
"What happened when I confronted my cruellest troll".
Russia hysteria infects Washington Post again as they publish false story about hacking of power grid
Lindy West had a troll use the image of her dead dad in order to torment her, but us whiny ladies should get over it
Who is Lindy West and should I care who she is?
'And I realised: eh, I’m done. I could be swimming right now. Or flossing. Or digging a big, pointless pit.'
I don't think Lindy West should be expected to tolerate this sort of thing as a consequence of having a public voice
We have been saying this for some time - as a platform is becoming toxic:
This is great as a gesture, & God bless Lindy, but also note: Many women with public-facing jobs can't afford it:
Explosive secret about hidden from the world for nearly 50 years by Britain and Nigeria Lind…
I agree wholeheartedly w this, which is why I abandoned this platform for anything other than self promotion in 2016
what if...the problem...was...Lindy West...
People can be when a woman shares a strong opinion. I've softened Lindy West's message so we can all feel better:
It's clear there's nothing reprehensible enough to get to improve the platform, maybe it's time for divestment
the only time I hear about her is when she's doing media stunts like this
This resonates. Even if you carefully curate who you follow and stay mostly passive, it's still tough going:
did you find Lindy West's contributions to feminism
Wordstock: Lindy West | Peter Ames Carlin on Paul Simon | Rivka Galchen: State of Wonder's sold-out Wordstock show…
BREAKING: Occidental College closes because of "crushing weight" of Lindy West's ego (and snack collection) Occide
Lindy West, LaShonda Barnett, and Rebecca Traister just started the last event of the day
Don't miss our interview with the wonderful Lindy West in our next newsletter. Sign up now!
Matt Bruenig getting fired for namecalling a sociopath is cool and good according to Lindy West
rivercityreadng: Lindy West's SHRILL is out now from HachetteBooks, so you should get on that.
Our weekend podcast is up! Interviews with Siddhartha Mukherjee, Lindy West, Jill Lepore
The Very Best of Lindy West! In Honor of the Publication of Her Memoir Shrill!: by Christopher Frizzelle. ...
Looking forward to reading Shrill by the hilarious and amazing Lindy West!
Sittin' in the sun reading Lindy West's Shrill while the girl next to me reads Caitlin Moran. Yay Capitol Hill.
We're super excited to see Lindy West at Town Hall Seattle on May 25th and read her new book SHRILL! Hope you...
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Got my ticket to see Lindy West at Town Hall Seattle! Any friends attending?
Despite what critics are saying, audiences aren't hating Batman vs Superman. Ben Affleck even went as far as to...
BATMAN V SUPERMAN - 153 mins of a grown man whacking 2 dolls together | Lindy West Funny even if you liked the film.
Just bought tix to see at fees&all, because I know that talk is going to sell out! Don't wait!
So excited to read Lindy West's memoir.
This review summed up my feelings about Dawn of Justice hilariously well:
Super excited to read Lindy West's funny memoir. I love funny women!
Shrill by Lindy West - thought provoking debut panel and galleys!
WTFrock_Comedy: Looking forward to seeing thelindywest talking about her book 'Shrill' with FestivalofIdeas in …
New thunderous supporters to our campaign include Lindy West, Matt McGorry, & Jennette McCurdy! Have u signed on?
Looking forward to seeing talking about her book 'Shrill' with in a few weeks.
"Unlike most of the movie, this latest superhero instalment is not a dream. It is really happening to you"
oh rats. I should have taken a screenshot. He deleted it. But he literally tried to tell Lindy West the definition. OMG, priceless
Every man should treat a woman with respect; we are not anyone's property!
Lindy West's BvS review is pure comedy gold to rival the NY Times review of Guy Fieri's restaurant.
Almost worth going to see batman vs superman just to read review of it afterwards and lol so hard
If my friends bad reviews hadn't already talked me out of seeing the movie, this sure would've
"Women deserve better than two clowns reducing the presidential race to a hottest wife contest." - Lindy West /
Stop by WB or Lindy ralphs to get your lokai!!
;-) Batman v Superman is 153 minutes of a grown man whacking two dolls together. Lindy West.
What I’ve learned about diets: punishing your body is not taking care of it | Lindy West
1. Lindy West pans BvS (hilarious, BTW!) & lots of dudes immediately jump down her throat. This is not unusual
Best Batman v Superman headline so far.
That Lindy West BvS review starts off entertaining but then just...peters out. It reads like she skipped out of the movie halfway through.
.review of Batman vs Superman has a hilariously furious comments section of fuming superhero zealots https:/…
Anyway, read my Batman v Superman review, everyone! Apparently it's just "kill all men" repeated 300 times.
The macabre truth of gun control in the US is that toddlers kill more people than terrorists do | Lindy West
Lindy West is a hypocrite. She supports women's freedom up to & no further than where it begins to inconvenie…
What happened when I confronted my cruellest troll. Lindy West, you're so awesome.
Public toilets – the new battleground for bigots wanting to legislate trans people out of existence | Lindy West
Website Builder 728x90
The case of serial rapist police officer Daniel Holtzclaw tells us so much about 2015 | Lindy West
"'I am not sorry' will echo through her [Lindy West's] ears throughout all of eternity." - Dr. James White
God bless you for fighting the good fight, Lindy West. Good luck with this one.
"The sexualization of women is only appealing if it's non consensual. Otherwise it's sluttiness.". - Lindy West.
. 1.Cuz he ain't get w/ no kawaii girls only sarcastic entitled Lindy West types. 2.the above fuk&regret constantly
I'm not saying I had to Google who Lindy West is, but
Cast your vote now to see Cosmo's Amy Odell, Lindy West, and Farrah Abraham at 💁
This is simply fantastic. Lindy West did not retreat from being trolled & discovered just how pathetic the haters are
Here's the amazing story about confronting her troll.
Article is referring too: What happened when I confronted my cruellest troll
lindy west is barely human. Ann coulter looks like a woman at least.
If she looked like Lindy West, no one would give her the time of day. She's there so conservatives can jerk it. 🍆💦
once again if I must accept Lindy West, I'm definitely accepting Ann.
how is that different than Lindy West? Oh I know, Ann makes me laugh.
Writer and comedian Lindy West shares her inspiring wedding dress designing process.
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I'm actually grateful mine are tame. Esp. when I see what Amanda Marcotte & Lindy West deal with daily!
thanks for sharing Lindy West, have a great Thursday :) (insight by
Black American lives are being erased. The victors still rewrite history | Lindy West
Lindy West managed to explain in 16 words what I've argued about for hours with people who despise trigger warnings
Any recommendations for great lessons in Los Angeles? Thinking West Coast/Lindy or combo. Nothing too...
My country is a racist country – built on the lie of freedom and opportunity | Lindy West
Did lindy, west islip , deer park n hicksville dirty 😂😂😂 beat the snot out of *** .. Good times
Somebody's heading toward Lindy West levels of girth. Can chopped hair be far off?
Wow would pay anything to attend this panel with Lindy West and FARRAH™
Post makes a reference to Lindy West who immediately used his quote to show her assertion. Trolling.
I 100% agreed with you until I read Lindy West's thoughts about her public proposal being publicly adored: I softened to idea
Behaviour of 's Lindy West makes Gregory Alan Elliott look like a saint.
👐Putting on for the west coast👐 . -. 👀Watch👀. -. 🎥 NEW music video Western Civilization🎥. -.
Dad filled Christmas with enthusiasm, music and tacky gifts. What’s the point of it without him? | Lindy West
Everything you need to know about wedding dress, which is gorgeous and destroying stereotypes:
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The last good debate I heard on "rape jokes" which was essentially free speech v. rape culture with Jim Norton and Lindy West.
Lindy West: Are we going to be arrested for doing this? . Ezra Zaid: Welcome to Malaysia. . Comedy in the Age of Offence panel,
Wow. This article shared by Marie Forleo has both amazed and appalled me. Appaled because Lindy West (who I had...
Another good debate is Jim Norton vs. Lindy West on whether or not rape jokes are funny.
Lindy West: Clint Eastwood’s film about Navy Seal Chris Kyle has hit a raw nerve in America, with right wingers calling for the rape or death of anyone ungrateful enough to criticise his actions
Pls RT: My defense of American Sniper Chris Kyle from Lindy West and the Guardian's attempt to tear down a good... http:/…
The real American Sniper was a hate-filled killer. Why are simplistic patriots treating him as a hero? | Lindy West
The reaction to Sony's pulling of 'The Interview' has been so harsh, you would have thought Seth Rogen posted a rape joke on Lindy West's Jezebel page.
"Things didn’t used to be better. And in the future they won’t have been better now. You know it’s true." Lindy West:
Why do old musicians always think the kids have lost their way? | Lindy West:
Now, a bunch of their high-profile staffers, including Lindy West & Dodai (who was passed over for EIC after 7 yrs w/site), are leaving.
Sex & The City 3 has been announced. A good time to revist this Lindy West review of SATC 2. Well played Miss West...
More changes at Jezzie: Dodai goes to Fusion (is it Florida's mysterious pull on NYers?) after Lindy West went to GQ.
what are you assembling? I thought we had child labor laws to abide by? Apparently West Allis is exempt.
You were my yesterday. My west. Of Tomorrow I can say this. I've turned south. I've battled a lonely madness. and I'll find m…
So for example the Catcalling article on Playboy or GQ hiring Lindy West. 2/2
I think the Stars will finish 4th in the West and Lindy Ruff will win the Jack Adams.
LEAVING. my PAST. &. ALL. its SORROW. East. of YESTERDAY. Keeping. my EYES. towards. The WEST. of TOMORROW. WALKING. The SLIPPERY. slop…
North of me you play. East of yesterday. South of us is sorrow. West of tomorrow. So say the compass points. Shared Destiny …
My directions askew. East of yesterday. West of tomorrow. My true north though. Will always be you. Helping me find. My way b…
She was. east of yesterday. and I was . west of tomorrow. lost. searching for each other. with a tattered map. and broken com…
East of yesterday. I found you. west of tomorrow. I'll be with you. but for today. we will love. like nothing . else matters.
One day. our life compasses. will be pointing to the. same direction~. the west. of tomorrow. in each other's hearts.
Leaving my sorrow. East of yesterday. heading. West of tomorrow . You're waiting for me. on the horizon. Maybe. http…
Green eyed lady. Unhappy,staring into space. Thinks her superhero of change. Is just west of tomorrow. (some ideas…
East of yesterday. You told me to wait for you. But west of tomorrow. Im done. It's time to move on.
His East of yesterday. empty,hollow. Yet to find. his West of tomorrow. Free,content. Led byHer,his guiding star. He navigates wi…
Take the right turn. Just west of tomorrow. And I'll be there.
East of yesterday. A temple stood. West of tomorrow. A ruined shrine. Neither god nor ghost. Today you're mine.
Oh baby. I've had such a rough day. Let's go for a long drive . Downtown. To the west of tomorrow. Just get away for awhile. From…
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Lindy West belongs as much at GQ as she does a Womens Fitness *** !?
At a glance: Callie Beusman, Lindy West, Tracey Egan Morrisey, Jessica Coen (Editor in Chief) have all left in the last 5 weeks or so.
Lindy West working for GQ shows you how useless these feminists are in normal society. Without their far left echo chamber, they're nothing.
Lindy West is getting too big for her britches.
"someone wrote something mean about me on the internet! This has never happened before and is a civil rights issue!" - lindy west
Good thing we got this free west lib t shirt bc I forgot a t shirt for insanity!
I ate everything in west libs cafeteria today
Maybe. She writes for GQ now! Super excited to see what that's gonna be like.
Ha ha, oh Lindy West, never stop being you, because you are literally the greatest thing that ever.
got by an MRA this morning who seemed to previously only @ Lindy West so y'all this is RARIFIED AIR. feels good.
That explains evrything. And is horrible Lindy west from Jez went to work at GQ. I'm gonna aske her about it.
Zumba on Mondays, Blues dancing on Tuesdays, West Coast swing on Wednesdays, Lindy Hop on Thursdays...think I'm good on cardio
Lindy West vs. the miracle of flight. Part 2. via
Lindy West on normcore: "on behalf of frumpy Americans everywhere, I have to say: MY CULTURE IS NOT A COSTUME."
"So why do publications have such a hard time writing about female politicians? After all, it doesn't seem THAT complicated. All you have to do is write about the stuff that the politician did without bringing their genitals and/or gender presentation into it. Here, I made a template (just fill in the blanks and your article is done!): NEWS REPORT: [Female Politician] did [politics] today. [Describe politics.] THE END" -- Lindy West
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Jim Norton justifies the rape jokes. Hope it's basis for tonight's episode? Law and Order
Jitterbug Swing classes tuaghty by Pattie Wells are still open tonight! Come by and check it out, read more:...
My wife and I learned to triple swing years ago. We keep talking about taking lessons to learn how to do lindy and west coast .
Lindy West & friends cooked a bunch of gross recipes from the '50s:
Imagine a world where the US gets hella isolationist; insists on "Assimilate or leave" amnesty policy. Hangs Lindy West.
If I have a favorite genre of schadenfreude, it's quaint food schadenfreude. I can almost forgive Lindy West for every other thing she writes when she does things like this.
Not a fan of Jezebel, but big fan of Lindy West. This article is amazing and hideous
gig in the USVI coming up this weekend! Thanks Giorgi and Jon Gazi of West Lindy!
$RIBT News: RiceBran Technologies Exhibiting at Natural Products Expo West - H&N Acquisition to Support Demand for Derivat...
When Lindy West was on Totally Biased, the comedian guy kept going on about how wrong it is to try to get someone fired for a rape joke.
Yet another picture of me Narramore and Derek! AkaSouth West Lindy Hoppers!
Jezebel and Lindy West fail at social justice via
Writing for, Lindy West mocked Caucasian Jeopardy contestants adding nothing to what could have been a productive discussion.
I'm not ugly, I'm beautiful on the inside lmao
It's not enough that is seeing Lindy West next week; she also is in Portland eating Salt n Straw
Also, Lindy West of Jezebel for Secretary of Defense. And a random grab bag of women of color for other cabinet appointments.
"Jezebel and Lindy West fail at social justice" -
Completely golden work from Lindy West. Teenage me really pined for Ethan Hawke. Grown hag me would hate him with a fiery passion.
At 13 I loved Reality Bites SO MUCH. By 23 it made me SO SAD. At 32 I can just laugh at it. Lindy West gets this:
on the Adult World gen-x-ennial tip, here is Lindy West on Reality Bites and maturing past your teenage favorites
And every point Lindy West makes it why this is one of my favorite movies. It's not about nice people. It's not...
Lindy West explaining different people in society, including those weird people who are afraid of clowns.
. Lucky me... I don't suppose I could gift my privilege to Lindy West? ..and if so would it get me a deduction?
The Stranger - The Killer Ideology of the American Loner - Lindy West at Jezebel:New research suggests that chroni...
it helped that Lindy West just absolutely kicked his *** over it multiple times
We are having a tap recital in May, learned new west coast & lindy hop moves tonight, plus there is an open gymnastics on sat.
I don't even know if we're learning lindy LOL I think she's gunna show us a little of west too but that's it :o
Dear Can I nominate Lindy West for the nobel peace prize for writing about fatshameing
Lindy West has published an article for the deplorable cultus Jezebel, called "Sex is Not an Economy and You Are Not Merchandise." Any regular reader of M,A (except gargantuan internet feminists) understand this to be false. Perhaps Lindy just doesn't realize men don't buy in bulk.
Lindy West: I Rewatched Love Actually and Am Here to Ruin It for All of You
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Sad to know that her fans are dissing her for falling for an asian boy. Even celebs like Tyler the Creator (rapper) and Lindy West (actress) expressed their "disgust", not the fans, but for her dating an ASIAN person. NOT COOL yo :( Ezra On The Radio
Fantastic debate on issue of rape jokes etc between Lindy West of Jezebel & comedian Jim Norton
W. Kamau Bell Says Goodbye to 'Totally Biased' - by Bradford Evans On Wednesday, FXX canceled its late night talk show, Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell in the middle of its second season. The final show was aired/taped yesterday, with guest Jim Norton returning and reflecting on one of the show&most memorable moments, his debate over rape jokes with Jezebel blogger Lindy West. Bell wrote a great piece on his blog, called &That Happened,&add...
Lindy West on "dirty old man" who told Marissa Mayer she was attractive during Yahoo shareholder meeting.
"This is what a feminist looks like. Lindy West is a fat *** She wants all women to be fat like her. Feminists call this promotion of an unhealthy lifestyle, 'the body acceptance movement.' Lindy West writes for the feminist site, she also can't resist a jumbo size bag of M&Ms." LOL
Someone named Lindy West is debating the entire Internet and I still can't get excited about PACIFIC RIM.
Lindy West fighting with Roseanne Barr is the equivalent of Cate Blanchett fighting with Judy Davis - it feels wrong and it bums me out.
That's ok, because that leaves Lindy West for me to crush on.
my mind is exploding from disappointment and sadness over the way Roseanne is treating Lindy West.
Why are you attacking Lindy West when creeps like are annihilating women's rights RIGHT NOW?
And the winner by not being a sensationalist logical fallacy is..LINDY WEST!
Lindy West vs. Roseanne is making my feminist soul weep.
I start a job tomra in west hordon, 2 wks temping so hopefully it turns out well! At least i havnt got to work wknds!.
I have been beaten down by Lindy West.I took the heat off of you, now she's attacking me for "thin privilege."
+Lindy West is all kinds of awesome, and I've only seen the first few minutes!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Comedian Jim Norton and "Jezebel" blogger Lindy West to debate misogyny in comedy: via
Done following Lindy West. Talking down on people constantly is no way to engage in any sort of conversation. And "thin privilege"? What?!
RIGHT?! had quite a few discussions on rape culture and ignorance/sexism...(mostly about Lindy West)
Funny how Lindy West has said nothing about the alleged Daniel Tosh video! IS often RAPE of males for laughs.
I liked a video Totally Biased: Extended Talk with Jim Norton and Lindy West
Latest Media Releases Police appeal after child approached - Cowra Monday, 24 June 2013 12:07:17 PM Police are appealing for information after a young boy was approached by a man in the state’s Central West. About 8.20am on Tuesday 11 June 2013, a nine-year-old boy was waiting for a bus on Fitzroy Street, Cowra, when a small silver hatchback drove past him slowly, before reversing and pulling up alongside him. The male driver had a conversation with the boy, and then drove off. On Thursday (20 June 2013), the matter was reported to Canobolas Police who are investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident. They would like to speak to a man who may be able to assist with inquiries. He is described as being 60-70 years of age, with dark brown hair that was greying and receding, and was wearing a brown chequered coat. Anyone with information about this incident should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page: Information you provide will be treated in the s ...
He chooses to block people, Lindy West chooses to be angry when anyone but a woman makes jokes about women, etc.
Didn't Lindy West strip the shelves bare of breathless outrage a coupla' weeks ago? Come up with your own act.
So, about 6 minutes into the Lindy West/Jim Norton "rape joke" argument, she gets a laugh from a rape joke! So *** are we arguing about?!!
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West naming their daughter North West is like Alicia Keys naming her child Car... Car Keys.
you made more sense. Lindy West wishes she was a relevant journalist.
Lindy West on people asking to be educated about issues of privilege and prejudice instead of educating themselves.
companion to your'not here for your inspiration' is 'not here for your explanation' Lindy West, Jezebel
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Lindy West, I am in love with your mind.
Lindy West has nearly made me a feminist.
I've never seen a woman more uncomfortable than when suggested he and Lindy West make out.
It is a VITAL distinction, though, that Lindy West is not being raped. She is receiving offensive comments/emails.
I am actually familiar with Lindy West's work on Jezebel.
“The sexualization of women is only appealing if it’s nonconsensual. Otherwise it’s “sluttiness” — Lindy West
In which Lindy West tastes celebrity liquor, and reveals to me that Eric Roberts is Julia Roberts' brother (?!?)
On Friday me and my girlfriend are leaving Norway for South England, and have rented a apartment just outside Brighton. Really no big plans yet, just visit places in the area and a couple of trips to London by train. Do any of you know some nice places to visit? We love small villages by the sea, lighthouses, castles and such, cliffs like "Beachy Head", yeah I could go on and on. Apart from photography we are just going to have a good time. Cheers to all of you, and stay tuned for some great shots from the lovely South England :)
5 new blissful meditators at the Somerset West TM centre.. one comment after someone's first meditation: "I feel like layers and layers of stress have just melted off me"...
We've had an awesome week so far over at SfSW. Today Nik's talking about the moments where he started realizing equality hadn't yet been achieved and how it's affected him. For me, the reminder lately has been how women are treated when they speak out (Lindy West, Ann Aguirre, Anita Sarkeesian). What's your reminder?
I just can't believe it.I am so saddened by the fires that have engulfed throughout Colorado today:( My hat off to all who will be fighting fires; emergency preparedness personnel; utility workers & the volunteers helping those who are now displaced.tears & prayers.
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