Lindsey Vonn & International Olympic Committee

Lindsey Caroline Vonn (née Kildow; born October 18, 1984) is a World Cup alpine ski racer with the United States Ski Team. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) (French: le Comité international olympique) is an international corporation based in Lausanne, Switzerland, created by Pierre de Coubertin on 23 June 1894 with Demetrios Vikelas as its first president. 5.0/5

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According to NY Post Lindsey Vonn while was attending the Council of Fashion Designers of America event at the Lincoln Center representatives of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have appro...
Apparently nothing gets in the way of the International Olympic Committee and its drug-testing policy.
Sad Day for Skier Lindsey Vonn. The International Olympic Committee announced today that it has taken back the Gold Medal previously awarded to American skier Lindsey Vonn and given it to U.S. President Barack Obama. Olympic officials said Obama deserved the medal more than Vonn because no one has ever taken a country downhill faster than he has.
I just heard that the International Olympic Committee has revoked American skier Lindsey Vonn's Gold Medal and has given it to Nobel Prize winner Barack Obama. Stating that no one has ever led his country downhill faster.
Today American downhill ski champion Lindsey Vonn had to forfeit her Gold Medal. It was determined by The International Olympic Committee that nobody has gone downhill faster than President Obama. Thus he is the downhill Gold Medalist! Furthermore the Summer Olympic champions now must forfeit all medals earned because they would not have won them without the help of Obama and the Federal Government. Those medals will be given to foreign governments to melt down.
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