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Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Caroline Vonn (née Kildow; born October 18, 1984) is a World Cup alpine ski racer with the United States Ski Team.

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Lindsey Vonn is a skanky tramp. She doesn't deserve to be on the US Olympic team. She should go repre…
US skier Lindsey Vonn: "I hope to represent the people of the United States, not the president" at the Winter Olympics
Lindsey Vonn: I won't be representing US President at Winter Olympics - CNN
follow me - Lake Louise -- The slopes Lindsey Vonn has mastered: It might be nicknamed "Lake Lindsey" after US ski…
Lindsey Vonn targets Olympic glory after Sochi torment
Putting the pain behind her: Lindsey Vonn starts road to as alpine season starts in Soelden…
Vonn targets Olympic ski glory after Sochi torment. American star Lindsey Vonn begins her road to Olympic redemption as the alpine skiing s…
Let’s see ... Lindsey Vonn, US women’s hockey team, Katie Uhlander, Janet Evans ... and that was just last week.
In “Kneading Dough” (a video series on UNINTERRUPTED), Mav Carter will interview Lindsey Vonn, the most successful downhill skier ever.
Looks like Lindsey Vonn will be making her first World Cup appearance of the season at Lake Louise.…
In Finland, Nordic Walking is a popular and confusing thing. .
When you know you're hotter than Lindsey Vonn...
I love you a ridiculous amount more than the world-famous Lindsey Vonn coaxingly loves Jill Zarin
Half way there. Number 5 Lindsey Vonn Skiing USA. True blonde bombshell. This snow bunny is all speed and will race int…
BrikoUSA: Protect your head like lindseyvonn with a Briko Lindsey Vonn Red Bull Vulcano FIS helmet.… …
Get your limited Vonn helmet at Ski Shop ❄️⛷
Hi Mica, have people said to you that you and Lindsey Vonn look alike? A lot of people must have, haven't they?
Has anyone established why the Tiger Woods hacked pics are fine for Harr to saliv…
Come on put the World Cycling Championships on instead of replaying Lindsey Vonn, motor racing etc. HELP 😀
Lindsey Vonn's record bid on hold after Super-G crash
Mike Francesa wasn't clear on how nude photos of Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn ended up on "an internet"
Tough lesson. You never know where your photos will end up. I feel terrible for Lindsey Vonn.
.sets first race of Olympic season:
{Ski The Pros} from Explore Minnesota, a great read about those who hail from the great state of MN!
“Life changes very quickly in a very positive way if you let it.” –Lindsey Vonn
See the 10 exercises U.S. Ski Team superstar Lindsey Vonn plows through to get ready for her season:
September 16, 2017 at 01:00PM - Watch Lindsey Vonn show hot legs to Letterman
Lindsey Vonn Does Her Best Jerry Impression Navigating Icy New Zealand Resort Parking Lot Doesn’t matter if its your first day walking to
Check out Lindsey Vonn Strong is the New Beautiful Book New Free Shipping . via
Lindsey Vonn, Lee Schrager, Tyler Haney and Oak join the 2017 lineup
Why are stars so stupid? - Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn, Katharine McPhee and Kristen Stewart are among the latest...
Cloud hacked pics of Kristen and Stella, along with pics of Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn, Miley Cyrus, and Katharine McPhee.
Lindsey Vonn, Tiger Woods, Katharine McPhee Nude Photos Hacked and LEAKED Good for your Tiger... good for you.
The celebs just got hacked again, Lindsey Vonn, Tiger Woods, Miley Cyrus, Katharine McPhee, Kristen Stewart...
Lindsey Vonn wants justice after nude photos of her, Tiger leak
Lindsey Vonn returns to action with fractured knee, extends World Cup lead
Lindsey Vonn needs to get her curtains hemmed
Stop having sex with people you are not married to and don't take nude photos that can be hacked. Solved it.
Shame on the sicko who leaked Lindsey Vonn's nudes smh
U can tell that Lindsey Vonn puts a lot of work into her legs & butt. Unfortunately u can also tell she puts a lot of work in something else
Lindsey Vonn called the hacked nude photos of both her and Tiger Woods an "outrageous and despicable invasion."
Nude photos of Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn and others taken down after legal threats
Uh, Tiger Woods made the big mistake of letting ex GF Lindsey Vonn take nude pics of him. You just don't allow that…
Lindsey Vonn preparing for legal battle after nude photos of her, Tiger Woods leak online - New York Daily News
Yes, we need an outlet brave enough to post those Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn nudes. Would really save the republic. smh
"It is an outrageous and despicable invasion of privacy."
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Yawn. Would someone please wake me up when this is about .
Tiger Woods threatening to sue over posted nude photo hacked from Lindsey Vonn's phone, per
Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell were also victimized by the hacker. Watch TMZ at 6:30 p.m.
Here is yet another chance to show some empathy. . Don't look at the pictures. They were stolen not released...
More bad news for Tiger Woods, this time a nude photo leak including ex-girlfriend Lindsey Vonn.…
Pretty sad that in a celebrity photo hack immediately blames Lindsey Vonn wanting to set him up. Telling
Lindsey Vonn responds to leak of nude photos of herself and ex-boyfriend Tiger Woods
"Tiger Woods threatens to sue over ex-girlfriend Lindsey Vonn’s nude photo" - bizpacreview
A spokesman for Lindsey Vonn has released a statement about her hacked photos
Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn nude selfies 'leaked to site'. .
Summer love! Lindsey Vonn is pretty in patterns as she cuddles up to beau Kenan Smith at Red Bull...: via
Lindsey Vonn raves about her 'amazing' new boyfriend Kenan Smith via
Agreed. This has gone downhill faster than Bode Miller or Lindsey Vonn.
Get Stevie Williams to caddy, and start dating Lindsey Vonn
[Team USA]Including World Cup racing, it is the 14th podium on the slopes of St. Mo…
What do you get if you put & Roger Federer on the slopes of St Moritz? . Two mountain GOATs, of course…
.inspired everyone with his 18th Slam. Read what ski champ had to say about him.
Lindsey Vonn is all about black dudes and I'm for it
Lindsey Vonn: US skier wins first race since return from injury. An emotional Lindsey Vonn claimed the 77th Worl
Date night at the Opera Filed under: Hollywood Lindsey Vonn Date night at the…
Lindsey Vonn is officially the oldest female world championships medalist by
Lindsey Vonn in a Bikini on a Beach in Jupiter
"Lindsey Vonn finishes 13th in first race since February 2016, Lara Gut gains ground on Mikaela Shiffrin"
Lindsey Vonn says she's taking "a lot of risk of doing more damage to my arm" on her World Cup ski return.
Lindsey Vonn rebounds from injury, returns to the slopes this week -
3D recon of Lindsey Vonn's fracture that she posted. Now rehabing nerve damage. Which nerve(s) do you think?…
Beautiful and tough as nails Lindsey Vonn is back — but how?.
Vonn's "hardest recovery of career" from nerve damage. Guess what nerve from humerus fx?
Lindsey Vonn details journey back from broken arm in new video
WATCH: Lindsey Vonn talks about recovering from injury, hopes to race this weekend
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With Lindsey Vonn set to return, Mikaela Shiffrin happy to leave limelight -
Overnight sport wrap: Lindsey Vonn ready to shine again, as Manchester City fall foul… (News)
Lindsey Vonn discloses severity of her injuries while announcing return -
(Calgary Sun):recovers from nerve damage in broken right arm to race : Lindsey Vonn..
Breaking News Well, that was quick! Just 8 weeks after breaking her humerus bone, Lindsey Vonn says she's ready...
Lindsey Vonn to return to racing in Austria, where there's a World Cup downhill Saturday. --
Quite an amazing comeback for Lindsey Vonn to return to competition in this weekend mere months after s…
Hooray for Christmas break! Granddaughter Kyla Grace learns to ski! Look out Lindsey Vonn...
Mikaela Shiffrin is happy to have Lindsey Vonn take over spotlight
Lindsey Vonn returns to World Cup, boost to Mikaela Shiffrin via
Lindsey Vonn suffers arm fracture while training via Seems like every time she skis now she crashes. Stop
Lindsey Vonn breaks her arm on the slopes
Lindsey Vonn fractures arm before World Cup in Killington: Lindsey Vonn is a skiing Phenom and she's supposed to be…
Lindsey Vonn breaks her arm on the slopes - Fox News
Vonn has surgery on broken arm after crash - ESPN
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Upper arm injury for will keep her sidelined for an unknown amount of time.
Lindsey Vonn breaks her arm on the slopes |
. WQ: did you hear that Lindsey Vonn is now your twin? Broken humerus at Copper Mtn. Surgery and all.😖
'Never give up': Lindsey Vonn took to Instagram on Friday to share x-rays of her broken humerus
'THE RUMORS ARE TRUE' Skier Lindsey Vonn breaks arm on the slopes via
Lindsey Vonn breaks arm in crash while training in Colorado – Tulsa World
Lindsey Vonn reveals she 'severely fractured' her right arm while training in Vail
"I will never give up!" -promises a speedy recovery after surgery for a "severely fractured" arm. 📰
Lindsey Vonn is on a tear right now. Tiger, Watt, Lewis Hamilton. This is like Tom Cruise's run in the 90's.
DTN UK: Lindsey Vonn and Venus Williams among stars backing Lewis Hamilton at US GP... but why is skiing ace ...
Thanks, man. Now I can't stop thinking about Cannonball Run cars. Like Jason *** Lance Armstrong, and Lindsey Vonn.
Lindsey Vonn shares the hardest part about dating Tiger Woods:
Lindsey Vonn on mental toughness, decisions and getting to the next level...inspiring!
Lindsey Vonn bends over to show off the tattered leggings chewed up by her dog - Daily Mail…
Oh no! Lindsey Vonn suffered a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet
husband and wife answers: Jake Arrieta and Idris Elba; Lindsey Vonn and Rachel McAdams
UH OH! Guess which celeb has this EMBARRASSING
ICYMI: Lindsey Vonn has an EPIC upskirt moment on the red carpet -- no Spanx in sight!
Lindsey Vonn: Honorary Ambassador Lindsey Vonn: Speak for the Korean animals at the PyeongChang 2018!... via
Lindsey Vonn Flashes Underwear On Red Carpet — Pic: She's known for taking risks on both the ski slopes and t...
She has a body to die for, and Lindsey Vonn was on spectacular form showing off her impressive six-back on a night out.
SIGN PETITION✍ Honorary Ambassador Lindsey Vonn: Speak for the animals in at the
Embrace it JRR, I could have said u look like Lindsey Vonn.
Lindsey Vonn Accidentally Flashes Her Goods | Terez Owens she needs some bigger panties, that thang too swoll
Lindsey Vonn accidentally shows too much in daring dress
Lindsey Vonn on July 13, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. - The 2016 ESPYS - Arrivals
Things get awkward when gets hit on by in a very dirty way.
WATCH: Lindsey Vonn flirts with J.J. Watt on red carpet
VIDEO: Lindsey Vonn and J.J. Watt star in an awkward interview:
Lindsey Vonn says she helped JJ Watt recover from his groin injury, with, um, massages?   10% Off
Did Lindsey Vonn just keep it all the way 100???
Pogba gets over Euro 2016 heartbreak as he attends ESPY Awards
Lindsey Vonn flirted hard with JJ Watt during the ESPYS and it was very awkward
Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn on nutrition: "I hate the word diet" ▶️ by via
Lindsey Vonn has def stuck something up JJ Watt's butt unsuspectingly...and he wound up loving it
was jealous of Lindsey vonn getting to hit on jj watt?
ESPYs question: Why did Lindsey Vonn go as a Viking Sith lord?
Lindsey Vonn and J.J. Watt are having a blast backstage at the in the photo booth.
Lindsey Vonn just got way hotter in my book.
JJ Watt walking out like Lindsey Vonn didn't just give him one of her special "groin massages" backstage
Lindsey Vonn's 'groin' joke is too much for J.J. Watt via
Lindsey Vonn Knows a clean dancer that farts butts
Lindsey Vonn got very suggestive with J.J. Watt on ESPYs red carpet
Lindsey Vonn Jokes about J.J. Watt, 'groin' massages | The Proper Gentlemen of Sports |
•Hannah Storm: you had so many injuries last year J.J. . •Lindsey Vonn: yeah he gets a lot of groin massages. .
Lindsey Vonn really does it for me. Almost Jenny finch like
Lindsey Vonn swaps skis for wheels in Austria: Lindsey Vonn's need for speed never stops.
Tiger Woods' exes Lindsey Vonn and Elin Nordegren were together at Kentucky Derby
Jordan Spieth. Vanilla Ice. Lindsey Vonn. One epic photo. Photos of the Week:
Also skiing fans, Lindsey Vonn is there. Packers fans, Aaron Rodgers is at the Kentucky Derby as well.
My crazy training-and-competition schedule leaves very little time to focus...
It's hard to give tips to skiers if I don't know how they ski, but I think ...
Lindsey Vonn, Phelps, Kershaw.lots of impactful names. Let's get that $UA rally
Lucky us! We bumped into US Olympic Gold Medalist, Lindsey Vonn while at Sagamore Farm.
Jerking off and cumming to Lindsey Vonn
Does Lindsey Vonn have a new boyfriend? It certainly looks like she does.
memorial last year; breakup with Lindsey Vonn and Earl Wood's death
I don't know if I'll ever get used to the idea that strangers know who I am...
Everyone saw me on TV or read articles, and it was all about my great marri...
I have three cows, and I'm looking forward to more in the future, so I'll h...
I want to keep pushing the limits to see what's possible. That's the nice t...
Vail Resorts School of Shred program is a great way to help encourage kids ...
Lindsey Vonn on advice for young athletes: Trust your instincts.
if you are talking about Lindsey Vonn they are just friends. I don't think she wil date him.
Latest stuff from Lindsey "I try to get hurt in the most fantastic ways" Vonn: riding a horse while snapchatting 😂🙊
Oh Snap, Lindsey Vonn telling like it is!
I'd like to keep my personal life private. In reality, I know that's not po...
I can't picture myself being the people I always looked up to.
Raymond. In the end, it's a mental maturity to let your best come out. Lindsey Vonn
Medals are decided by hundredths of a second, so I need assurance that my v...
I feel like winning a world championship was a hurdle I had to get over.
I get up early, but it doesn't mean I like getting up early.
It seems kind of silly, but it's really nice to chill in the kitchen with a...
Checking out the "Verified Olympians" list now...pretty awesome. Yes, includes Lindsey Vonn and Gretchen Bleiler!
'She's the one who beat Lindsey Vonn -- Google her!': Her friend is the new queen of skiing, but Timea Bacsinszky…
- Lindsey Vonn: I'm excited to get ready for next year
Lindsey Vonn works out wearing nothing but body paint and high heels.
Injured Vonn shuts down her season: She may currently lead the overall World Cup standings, but Lindsey Vonn m...
Lindsey Vonn, Julia Mancuso, Bode Miller, Ted Ligety all sidelined from World Cup tour simultaneously for the first time in …
Photos - Lindsey Vonn transported off the hill on a rescue sled after crashing - World Cup super-G
You NEED to see Lindsey Vonn wearing nothing but body paint
Lindsey Vonn works out in body paint in Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition
Lindsey Vonn joins Caroline Wozniacki and UFC star Ronda Rousey in nothing but bodypaint for ...
Lindsey Vonn sets new World Cup downhill win record,...
Lindsey Vonn joins Wozniacki and Ronda Rousey in SI Swimsuit edition. via
Record breaking Lindsey Vonn at the double in Cortina
my mom says I'm like Lindsey Vonn bc when I was little, the only reason I went to ski lessons was for hot chocolate and so did she I guess
."We’re strong and powerful, and I think that’s the most beautiful part..."
The amazing talks about her role as a YOG Ambassador:
Lindsey Vonn revels in second YOG Ambassador stint
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Lindsey Vonn revels in second YOG Ambassador stint - Olympic
[Olympic]While continuing to rack up successes on the slopes, Alpine skiing star Lindsey Vonn has a…
25 Days till the in 😊 here is an article about being an ambassador
ALTENMARKT-ZAUCHENSEE, Austria (AP) — Lindsey Vonn built a commanding lead in the first run of a women's World Cup downhill on Saturday,
Lindsey Vonn crashes out in second run of giant slalom
Lindsey Vonn crashes out in run of giant slalom: FLACHAU, Austria — Viktoria…
How do people not like Lindsey Vonn? 😍
From NBC Sports Talk for Android:. Lindsey Vonn falls, DNFs in Flachau giant slalom. Download the app
Athletes in love: 2015's hookups, breakups and everything in between
Plenty of snow today at Lake Louise for the women's World Cup downhill (won by Lindsey Vonn)
Lindsey Vonn doesn't respond to my snap chats
Checked out this free ski movie from Red Bull?...
. "Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.". ~ Napoleon Bonaparte. The post Lindsey Vo…
Ana Drev of Slovenia leads after 1st run of giant slalom: Lindsey Vonn, of the United States, competes during ...
Lindsey Vonn in Mini Dress - At the Formula One British Grand Prix in Silverstone - July 2015
Lindsey Vonn airlifted to hospital after Austrian crash
Lindsey Vonn - BODY at ESPYs at Milk Studios in Hollywood, July 2015
You will be the new Lindsey Vonn soon... 😂
it's easy to learn ... A bit of practice and you can become the next Lindsey Vonn 😏
Nothing really compares to the original 'Law & Order.'...
It was a pleasure to meet the one and only - Lindsey Vonn! 😃🎿
Last day Buffalo Bill, Lindsey Vonn, and preparing for second round NFL new blog tomorrow.
Lindsey Vonn closes in on Ingemar Stenmark's record with 73rd career victory in World Cup super-G race in Austria
American Lindsey Vonn wins World Cup downhill to equal all-time record of 36 wins
Hope the recovery is going well for next year, can't let Lindsey Vonn get all her own way.
Lindsey Vonn wraps up fourth straight World Cup win -
You can join me in the action between: Lindsey Vonn - Frida Handsdotter: Frida Handsdotter @ 1.90 (3 units)
Previously: Tiger Woods is dating a friend's ex-wife he cheated with when he was with Lindsey Vonn
Lindsey Vonn - Barbie and CFDA Event in New York City - September 2015
I wish I woke up to Lindsey Vonn under my Christmas tree yesterday..
All purpose parts banner
"Lindsey Vonn Foundation, a nonprofit that helps girls empower themselves and begin to realize their dreams (...)"
Lara Gut of Switzerland beat Lindsey Vonn by 0.01 of a second on Friday to win a World Cup supercombined race in Val d’Isère, France, and
WSJ: "I don’t need to change anything. I am who I am." Skier LindseyVonn on the best advice she's received
Extreme Exposure: Kelly Slater's new wave, and Lindsey Vonn avoids disaster .
I look like the offspring of Bode Miller and Lindsey Vonn coming down to ski slopes. I wanna ski
Trying to choose between Amanda Dufner and Lindsey Vonn
Lindsey Vonn won the World Cup downhill for her 16th victory at Lake Louise:
Lindsey Vonn shows she’s still the queen of Lake Louise with World Cup downhill triumph via
Lindsey Vonn on Jeopardy questions, dress sizes, the single life, and shooting for World Cup glory north of 30:
Lindsey Vonn: 'I still love Tiger Woods': American skiing's golden girl was once part of sport's ultimate power…
Lindsey Vonn: Olympic gold medalist enjoying single life since breakup with Tiger Woods
Lindsey Vonn will not race World Cup season-opening GS in Soelden due to recent ankle fracture and icy conditions on the race hill.
Bode Miller out, Lindsey Vonn in as World Cup season begins: Bode Miller and Lindsey Vonn are ...
Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympic games ambassador Lindsey Vonn having fun for her birthday - Sledding of course!...
Looks like is up to her undercover tricks again at
Tiger Woods kisses Lindsey Vonn as she wins the Super-G
Federer on his way to the studio, a hallway full of people waiting for a hug. Mirka, Cooper, Mary-Jo, Lindsey Vonn
Ronda Rousey wins Best Female Athlete at the beating out Serena Williams, Lindsey Vonn and Breanna Stewart.
Best Female Athlete is a tough one, Breanna Stewart, Lindsey Vonn, Serena Williams, & Ronda Rousey are ALL so dominant and strong.
I added a video to a playlist Lindsey Vonn in Mini Dress at The Formula One British Grand Prix in
Lindsey Vonn + Lewis Hamilton rumors fly after kiss on the cheek ahead of British Grand Prix.
Tiger Woods allegedly banged Amanda Dufner and that's why Lindsey Vonn dumped him
Report: Tiger Woods admitted to affair prior to split with Lindsey Vonn (Florida Times-Union): Share With Frie...
Did Tiger Woods cheat on Lindsey Vonn? Newspaper says he did(Orlando news)
Shocked by the very surprising news that Tiger was cheating on Lindsey Vonn. The falcon cannot hear the falconer...the ce…
Lindsey Vonn allegedly broke up with Tiger Woods because he "relapsed" into sex addiction.
Always funny is now a teenage boy. BILL WILLIAMS says:. Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods have broken up because their…
Tiger Woods Talks “Brutal” Breakup with Lindsey Vonn: It’s never easy to say goodbye to a ...
Tiger Woods hasn't slept in 3 days since breaking up with Lindsey Vonn.
Lindsey Vonn says relationship with Tiger Woods is over(Orlando news)
RAT NEWS ONLINE: Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn split: Former world number one golfer Tiger...
General Mills puts Lindsey Vonn's hole-in-one on a Wheaties box: Lindsey Vonn has been on a Wheaties Box before: Back in 2010, it was...
7th wonder: Vonn claims downhill title again: Lindsey Vonn won the World Cup downhill title for the seventh ti...
Lindsey Vonn crashed over the weekend. Video:
I have had the same dream 4 nights in a row. It involves Lindsey Vonn, Tiger Woods, my loud mouth, a powder ski, Regan, and a curb.
Lindsey Vonn's advice for better videos:
Lindsey Vonn seeks redemption in super-G race.
Jerking off and cumming to Lindsey Vonn -
[CNN]She also took Olympic downhill gold and super-G bronze at the Vancouver 2010 G…
Joe Rogan: "There has never been a more dominant female athlete than Ronda Rousey." Nothing against RR, but, um...Lindsey Vonn?
No time for sleep, time to find Tina Maze and Lindsey Vonn
Forget about Lindsey Vonn & Bode Miller. Check out the one-legged skier at Awesome story of inspirat…
This picture and five other reasons will make you smile:
Lindsey wipes out on course, sustains injuries!!: lindsey vonn .hours ago Today I was winnin...
finally talk about someone other than Lindsey Vonn! This girl is on fire!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Lindsey Vonn out for WInter Olympics: knee surgery "shorlty" according to AP wires.
Lindsey Vonn's tough week at the skiing world championships in Colorado continued as boyfriend Tiger Woods, watched from th…
Lindsey Vonn should be there with tiger. get the interview
Shows there is more than one way to win -Mikaela Shiffrin & Lindsey Vonn From Same Slopes Take Different Tracks
Lindsey Vonn compared her crash today to hitting "a brick wall":
Great piece on and : Same Slopes, Different Tracks via
That was some exciting crash, Lindsey Vonn!
Anna Fenninger claimed her 2nd World Cup giant slalom win of the season:
crashed today in GS. Word is she's okay, but tough impact.
have you heard Lindsey Vonn speaking german? xD
Vonn retakes world's spotlight for downhill: Lindsey Vonn retakes the world championship spotlight on Friday w...
Tiger Woods at race to support Lindsey Vonn
Vail Daily column: Welcoming the world to Vail: Sometime around 11:45 a.m. Tuesday, Lindsey Vonn will step into the…
“In an update to Tiger Woods surprising Lindsey Vonn in Italy ... is he missing a tooth?
Tiger Woods sets smile to full beam after having missing tooth replaced PAUL HIGHAM IN PHOENIX: Tiger Woods was all smiles again as he prepared for his PGA Tour return as he spoke about the lost tooth he suffered while supporting skiing star girlfriend Lindsey Vonn.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
*After Tiger Woods finished a nine-hole practice round early Tuesday in Phoenix, he explained how he made worldwide headlines a week ago for his missing tooth. The golf star, who is playing in his first PGA Tour event of the year at this week's Waste Management Phoenix Open, was famously photographed at girlfriend Lindsey Vonn's ski race with a missing left front tooth on Jan. [ 387 more words. ]
There were some important non-golf matters to discuss when Tiger Woods held his first press conference of the year on Tuesday. Tiger Woods wore a creepy skeleton mask at Lindsey Vonn's event not to cover up some missing teeth but rather "to blend in, cause there's not a lot of brown dudes at ski races." Woods met the media for the first time this year on Tuesday, and the largest portion of his press conference revolved around his teeth and that mask. [ 495 more words. ]
By The Associated Press Tiger Woods says a videographer stood up and banged into his mouth when he was in Italy to celebrate girlfriend Lindsey Vonn breaking the World Cup ski record Source:: Sports – CBC
Tiger Woods showed off a shiny new smile after the golfer returned to action at the Phoenix Open on Tuesday. Woods lost one of his front teeth last week while cheering on his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn.
Vail Daily column: Lindsey Vonn relishes record alongside her family: As Lindsey Vonn stood atop the podium in the…
Tiger Woods uses skeleton mask as a disguise to support girlfriend Lindsey Vonn
Lindsey Vonn powers on with record 64th World Cup win: Home home Lara Gut, who won Saturday's downhill, crashe...
I don't think I've ever loved a celebrity like I love Lindsey Vonn.
WATCH: Lindsey Vonn's unbelievable run to break the World Cup record.
Vonn backs Tiger's account of missing tooth
“Lindsey Vonn: The Climb,” a one-hour special chronicling the 2010 Olympic downhill champion’s comeback from two major knee surgeries, will premiere on NBC on Jan. 25 at 3 p.m. ET. “This is the most inside look I’ve ever given to my world,” Lindsey Vonn said, “and I hope it inspires others who are going through challenges to keep getting back up when they are down.” Read more - and watch the video trailer here - Zaccardi /
Don't miss the documentary about this amazing athlete that is Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn if you get a chance to access NBC or the Red Bull Channel.
Picabo Street and Lindsey Vonn on the slopes.
"While Tiger Woods cheered on his girlfriend, skier Lindsey Vonn, in Italy, many people..." http:…
American Lindsey Vonn equals the record for World Cup wins in womens downhill skiing with her 62nd career victory.
From ESPN: ICYMI: Lindsey Vonn on her record win: Lindsey Vonn joined "SportsCenter" to discu...
Two days, two wins. takes the title of winningest women's World Cup skier!
Tiger Woods loses tooth at ceremony for girlfriend Lindsey Vo
Lindsey Vonn: T.V. Guide, February 15-28, 2010-Apolo Ohno, Lindsey Vonn and Rachael Flatt on cover of this Olympic Pr
The average adult human has 32 teeth, but leave it Tiger Woods to have one below par. [ Related: Tiger Woods' Record Is Broken… ] That's right, Tiger had just surprised his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn, who was competing at the Alpine skiing World Cup in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy on Monday, when a photographer accidentally knocked out his tooth. Here's how the Tiger's agent… [ 103 more words. ]
Tiger Woods was involved in a bit of an accident today. When the golfer arrived in Italy to support his girlfriend, skiier Lindsey Vonn at the 63rd World Cup title he never imagined leaving without a full set of teeth.
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