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Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Olin Graham (born July 9, 1955) is the senior United States Senator from South Carolina and a member of the Republican Party.

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Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Susan Collins just killed one of Donald Trump’s favorite bills
Lindsey Graham & John McCain are traitors. They aren't Reps, they'r Cant believe they keep getting re-elected…
Okay, White House press corps, I'll help: Lindsey Graham just said his Senate committee might ask for the president's tax…
Lindsey Graham just threw some shade at Donnie. "We all know it was the Russians and not some 400 lb guy in abasement o…
Lindsey Graham, who Ruth Bader Ginsburg called one of the "women of the Senate", throwing shade at 45
Ruth Bader Ginsburg thinks Lindsey Graham is a "woman of the senate". Time to hang up the robe.
is sucking the marrow from Lindsey Graham's necktie as the collected works of George Orwell turn to ash.
i don't think lindsey graham at least has ever styled himself as a moderate but he DOES talk like he'…
No wonder McCain has been so quiet about What is Lindsey Graham getting?
Also Lindsey Graham's bright idea is that Trump should make the health care system worse to increase GOP "leverage."
I'm sure Lindsey Graham can help you out! 😱😁
The one the most surprised me was Lindsey Graham. I really did not expect th…
I can't believe Lindsey Graham is the voice of common sense and reason.. Thus agree with him. This must be in bizzaro world
You know~I both can't tolerate and admire Lindsey Graham at times...It's always this strange juxtaposition-. This time is…
Guys I agree with Lindsey Graham all the time now, how weird is that
But the committee didn't invite her! Only Lindsey Graham invited her which she accepted unt…
Lindsey Graham: House GOP health care bill "should be viewed with caution"
McCain is all talk. He's gonna cave to trump by his actions everytime. Same w/ Lindsey Graham. The…
That awkward moment when Lindsey Graham makes sense...
.I assume Lindsey Graham had a change of heart for POTUS! POTUS is the greatest thing…
In 2016 Soros Fund Execs Funded Ryan, Rubio, Bush, McCain, Kasich and Graham, now it all makes sense🤔 ht…
Lindsey Graham flippantly said he didn't know what was in the bill and he was "waiting to see if it w…
Since the 2016 campaign Lindsey graham has consistently been the voice of reason in the GOP. Good job
I guess that's a good way to get him out of the Senate. Maybe he needs an assistant, like Lindsey Graham?
Where in the *** is chit chattin Lindsey Graham & I dont support Trump unless I its a vote in the Senate John McCain?
Lindsey Graham on health care: "If you know how this movie ends, you're better off than I am."
When *EVEN* LINDSEY GRAHAM is warning people, you know it's bad.
You have a very loose grasp on the definition of "victory".
Trump claims victory on repealing Obamacare, but he still has a long way to go
Always a sad day when Lindsey Graham is the voice of reason.
Lindsey Graham- again- as the voice of reason who may save everything. As a wise man once said, "I'M LIVING INA CUC…
I never thought I'd enjoy an article that starts by quoting Lindsey Graham.
Because she doesn't want to be a distraction for Lindsey Graham. The request, as you know, came from R's…
That's right after Lindsey Graham made that co…
"I'm waiting to see if it's a boy or a girl," Sen Lindsey Graham said of the House bill. "Because if it's a girl, w…
Lindsey Graham already said they use the subpoena if they had to!
So basically we shouldn't expect too much more resistance from John McCain or Lindsey Graham.
Lindsey Graham is a champion of talking about caution and reason when he's got nothing on the line, then folding. Don't…
Lindsey Graham imposes gender binary on newborn bill 🙉
Graham on House GOP's ObamaCare repeal bill "should be viewed with caution":
When did Lindsey Graham become a voice of reason?? via
▶️'Any bill that has been posted less than 24 hours ... needs to be viewed with suspicion,' Sen. Lindsey Graham says. http…
Shocker: Senate GOP dislikes this bill. "I’m still waiting to see if it’s a boy or a girl,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham
Oops: Lindsey Graham didn’t have the ranking member’s approval when he asked Susan Rice to testify
Lindsey Graham with a not-so-subtle nudge to the Intelligence Committee to get moving or get left behind.
Yeah how about the people supporting the strike. -Hillary Clinton . -John McCain. -Lindsey Graham. -Nancy Pelosy. - CNN,…
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I'm sure John McCain and Lindsey Graham will be there.
Will it be attended by his new supporters? Illegal alien dreamers, John McCain, & Lindsey Graham?.
Yes! Two perfect of examples are John McCain and Lindsey Graham.
If John McCain and Lindsey Graham can keep getting reelected you know our country is in for a great fall .
Where did John McCain and Lindsey Graham go? Haven't heard from them lately. Has Russia connections got to them too?
And John McCain and Lindsey Graham loudly supported it. We have to face the neocon menace in the GOP.
I dislike smug Evan McMullin even more than John McCain, but a little less than McCain and Lindsey Graham combined.
Hey Lee Zeldin, how about following Lindsey Graham and have at least one town hall m…
I thought that was a portrait of Lindsey Graham and John McCain
Don't get excited until he ACTUALLY DOES SOMETHING. Right now all talk just like John McCain and Lindsey Graham.
Have you noticed, since Pres. Trump dropped the 1st Tomahawks on Syria, both John McCain and Lindsey Graham have stopp…
Why has Adam Schiff, John McCain and Lindsey Graham gone silent ? Could it be fear of the truth about who started the false…
Justice Ginsburg is so senile she thinks Lindsey Graham is a woman—she shouldn't be defining the law. https…
Shootin from the lip Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton & Peter King follow the Commander-in-Chief out the window... Free Susan Ric…
Wouldn't it be even better not to have Senators like Lindsey Graham and John McCain who vowed to oppose Kris Kobach?
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Justice Ginsburg calls Lindsey Graham a "woman of the senate". . Did she just assume Graham's gender?🤔
Sen. Lindsey Graham: 'I Want More American Troops, 5000 or 6000' on the Ground in Syria - Of course!
Lindsey Graham thanks Pratte for her Republican primary vote.
Sen. Lindsey Graham: ‘I Want More American Troops, 5,000 or 6,000’ on the Ground in Syria
Alex Jones - Posts | Lindsey Graham appeared on Meet the Press and...
Lindsey Graham: 'ISIS and Assad Symbolize Germany and Japan' » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
"It's the Great Pivot, Charlie Brown!". Is there a bigger *** in Senate than Lindsey Graham? I mean beside…
Lindsey Graham plays with troops like they’re little green army men in sick ‘if I were president’ game…
Lindsey Graham: "I think there's a side to President Trump that's very much like Ronald Reagan."
Lindsey Graham should read this before he says any more stupid things about Trump’s heart for kids.
Tim Kaine.Jeff Flake, JohnMcCain and Lindsey Graham---How much do they profit from War? Those missiles are going to have to be replaced $
John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi all praise Trump's attack on Syria. Think about that for…
So too does folk like Lisa Murkowski & Lindsey Graham (to a certain extent).
Dear Jesus or Buddha or the psycho God from the Old Testament - please give John McCain AIDS via Lindsey Graham's anal fissures. Thank you.
Lindsey Graham: Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes have a history of 'political manipulation' of NATSEC information. https:/…
Tonight on The Factor - Sen. Lindsey Graham updates us on the Susan Rice situation.
Dear goddess worst than agreeing with Bill Kristol, Lindsey Graham, Darth Cheney & Glenn Beck, now Isis is the voic…
Lindsey Graham: Susan Rice has history of 'political manipulation' of national security information ht…
Lindsey Graham just said when you win the White House, you have the right to appoint Supreme Court Justices. Tell this to…
With a straight face. Lindsey Graham has proven he has no backbone at all. If I ever have hear Chuck g…
Sen. Lindsey Graham: "Hamilton is rolling over in his grave; I'm sorry we got here, but we are where we are"
Lindsey Graham: Chuck Schumer has been a destructive force. Trey Gowdy is also displeased with him.
Worse: Chuck's searching for Nancy's brain, but that's Lindsey Graham.
Sen. Lindsey Graham gets booed while speaking at a town hall in Charleston, SC over his support for Neil Gorsuch
John Mc Cain, Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham the faces of the new democratic party.
Has there ever been a slimier politician than Adam Schiff?. He makes Lindsey Graham look personable.
Lindsey Graham sounds like he's making a threat, not a statement. Similar to Chuck Schumer's "Six ways from Sunday" threat.
Well, they're just icky girls. Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham think he's all reet, and that's good enough for hi…
Birds of a feather: John McCain, Chuck Schumer, & Lindsey Graham. Can't you picture them in a baby oil pile on a DC…
. Lindsey Graham wouldn't surprise me at all.. nor would Chuck Schumer. Both look like creeps.
In which Lindsey Graham says Nunes has “lost his ability to lead” and compares him to Inspector Clouseau
Issa and Steve Kevin need to go. Sodas McConnell and Lindsey Graham
"You're every bit as qualified as Justices [Sonia] Sotomayor and [Elena] Kagan," Sen. Lindsey Graham tells nominee Ne…
Stop being traitors and start acting like the patriots John McCain and Lindsey Graham are.
Lindsey Graham to NBC on Manafort report: If true, "that's basically taking money to stop the spread of democracy." https…
Lindsey Graham should apologize to Trump instead.. what a joke
Fake Repub, clown Lindsey Graham, threatens Trump via Gorsuch w/impeachment if he doesn't obey him http…
Sen. Lindsey Graham is just beginning to explore the configurations of human relationships in all their wonderful,…
. PROBLEM istrump.He is an ignorant reckless elitist narcissistic arrogant *** As Lindsey Graham said" no man above LAW"
Dress like your life depends on it at Lindsey Graham's town hall this Saturday. ht…
didn't jack Kingston go to Russia after the election on behalf of Trump and give a speech?
"Is it possible three people could fall in love and want to marry?" - Sen. Lindsey Graham
"I think most people in America would appreciate if [Trump] had the ability to say, I made a mistake, I'm sorry." —Sen. L…
Lindsey Graham is a Democrat hiding behind a badge of a Republican Senate seat. He needs to be impeached
Lindsey Graham on Nunes briefing the White House before the intel committee: "I certainly wouldn't have done that" https:/…
you understand what being on the same side as John McCain and Lindsey Graham makes you? What info does the deep state have on you?
Lindsey Graham: Manafort taking millions from one of Putin's closest oligarchs 2 further Kremlin interests means he work…
So sick and tired of seeing headlines about Lindsey Graham, like his opinion is so important. Loser couldn't even get 2% of…
Sen. Lindsey Graham on Nunes' claims: "Incidental collection is not equivalent to government-directed surveillance of an Am…
Lindsey Graham ponders "disturbing" prospect of his conversations being spied on by US intelligence
Lindsey Graham used Neil Gorsuch's hearing to plug his 20-week abortion ban:
Enough - It Is Time to Lock Up John McCain and Lindsey Graham. The Senators' latest attempt to set off WWIII...
TONIGHT ON THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW ... will announce that she has found what's left of John McCain's brain. Lindsey Graham co-hosts.
Sen. Lindsey Graham to FBI: You're about to screw up big time
Who is the deep state? CNN, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham.
Lindsey Graham on GOP health bill: “The House bill, in my view, will have a hard time getting through the Senate”
Lindsey Graham to Just let the ACA collapse and reap the electoral benefits.
Now you've really done it. That's going to make globalists Paul/Janna Ryan, Lindsey Graham and John/Meghan McCain really mad.
Dozens of former presidential candidates John McCain & Lindsey Graham and Jeb crashed, then John Kasich and that didn't work.
Lindsey Graham hides in elevator from pesky journalists
Paul Ryan is an *** if he fights Trump on jobs. No better than Lindsey Graham! Wake up, boy!
Lindsey Graham: My meeting with Trump went so well, "I gave him my NEW cellphone number"
We are proud of Trey Gowdy, Tim Scott and Joe Wilson. We are ashamed of Lindsey Graham.
Sean Hannity trolls Lindsey Graham, suggests a betting pool after his telling town hall -
Sure, just as soon as you get to publish an apology to Lindsey Graham for making public his cell no.
Lindsey Graham is a pathetic little man. Even his fellow snow flakes at his town hall mtg were bashing him!
Lindsey Graham town hall gets rowdy over wiretapping comments
Lindsey Graham on John McCain: 'I love him to death': It's perhaps the most famous friendship on Capitol Hill. How…
Claire McCaskill and Lindsey Graham are the actual liars!!. . . h…
"I love him to death": Lindsey Graham and John McCain get emotional about their friendship during the
Sen. Lindsey Graham says he will continue to work on immigration reform amid Trump's shifting stance – Charleston…
Lindsey Graham ready to get back to work on immigration reform – Charleston Post Courier
55% of South Carolina voted for President Trump. So who is this *** Lindsey Graham really representing?
Sen. Lindsey Graham says he will hold town hall in Clemson this Saturday – Charleston Post Courier
Why is John McCain and Lindsey Graham holding a town hall on any subject a day after Trump's Congress speech?.
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Lindsey Graham & Diane Feinstein highly involved in our national security, SCARY!!!
Moments after Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos resigned Lindsey Graham hired him as his new pool boy!
John McCain:senile or just stuck on stupid?And this is more evidence Lindsey Graham needs to be sent home next year http:…
.Despite his friendship with Lindsey Graham, I really think Jay Sekelow is a sharp guy.
John McCain & Lindsey Graham should change to the Democrat party. They both vote with democr…
John McCain, Lindsey Graham & Marco Rubio all would have been executed if they lived in 1776 and George Washington…
Lindsey Graham, John McCain to name a couple !
Insane McCain, Lindsey Graham & Chuck Schumer have been partnered with Swamp Thing for a VERY long time. Kick ALL of the trai…
Democrats didn't read out Lindsey Graham's cell number to the public on live TV.
Good luck with a good time but facts on Rubio,McCain,Lindsey Graham
Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Rubio are Soros-funded DEMOCRATS who call themselves Republicans while trying to u…
Needs to retire and take Lindsey Graham with him!!!
What do these people have in common? . Barney Frank . Tim Kaine . Lindsey Graham . Diane Feinstein . John McCain. Chuck Schumer . Nancy Pelosi
“Lindsey Graham jokes about how to get away with murdering Ted Cruz
U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham attends Shadow Gov Bilderberg conference in Germany likely in violation of the Logan Act ». ht…
Paul Ryan, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham & John McCain funded by to stop Trump + much more
Lindsey Graham and John McCain are part of the globalist ideology, posing as conservatives
John McCain and Lindsey Graham are both piles of Horse Manure
Check into John Mc Cain or Lindsey Graham. Them 2 give me a funny feeling...
Trump has me so mad I find myself rooting for Lindsey Graham, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Iran.
Nice to John Mc Cain and Lindsey Graham holding hands.
Jamie it's so nice to know we have independent thinkers like Lindsey Graham and John McCain that have no use…
To all my SC people: Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott voted for her. Let hold them accountable
Any conservative politician who repeats the same liberal talking points needs to go. John Mc Cain and Lindsey Graham *** Two rats.
Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham both voted for Sally Yates. Carry on.
Lindsey Graham and John McCain can you clowns just zip if for awhile and let Trump do his job.
Will John McCain and Lindsey Graham ever support anything you do? I would bet against it. Turn Republicans against them!
I wonder if John McCain and Lindsey Graham were for it then since…
Donald Trump is right: John McCain and Lindsey Graham really are always trying to start World War III
Schmuck Schumer,John McCain,Patrick Leahy,Bernie Sanders,Lindsey Graham all prove why we need
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I never thought I'd post this, but way to go Lindsey Graham and John McCain!
Trump says John McCain and Lindsey Graham are “weak on immigration” and “always looking to start World War III.”
It only took 9 days as president before Trump completely destroyed warmomgers Lindsey Graham and John McCain is a preci…
John McCain & Lindsey Graham have been in the Swamp for a long time! We need to drain Swamp of them first! I hate traitor…
Are John McCain n Lindsey Graham married to each other or just both stupid?
I called John McCain and Lindsey Graham piles of Horse Manure. . I would like to apologize. .to. The Horse and…
John McCain and Lindsey Graham are standing up to Donald Trump’s Muslim ban
John McCain and Lindsey Graham must be financed by George Soros and his open Society somebody please find out the truth
I also think John Mc Cain and Lindsey Graham ,and Ben Sasse need to shut up and let President Trump do his job.
Can someone tell John Mc Cain and loser Lindsey Graham lost there run as president.Its Trump`s presidency
Top Republicans? What a joke by McCain & Lindsey Graham are NeverTrumpers. They should hang heads in shame htt…
John McCain & Lindsey Graham. You never see one without the other. Freddy & Flossy.👫.
John McCain and Lindsey Graham make me want to Puke!
John McCain and Lindsey Graham are poster boys for Term Limits!
Republican Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham lead in GOP criticism of Trump ban, but many others stay mum
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Full statement of John McCain and Lindsey Graham on Trump's EO on Immigration: reckless, ill-considered, irresponsible, coun…
Evil John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Clinton & Soros - they all must be investigated and Soros extradited to Russia. ht…
John McCain and Lindsey Graham seem to care more about Muslim Refugees than the Safety of American Citizens.
President Trump calls both Lindsey Graham and John McCain weak and accuses them of trying to start World War III https:/…
And here I find myself again agreeing with Lindsey Graham. There are still some sane members of the GOP.
Time to jail John McCain,Lindsey Graham, Charles E. Schumer,Jack Reed and CIA bosses of illegal secret wars in Mideast and A…
Everyone give Lindsey Graham a round of applause on this.
Ann Barnhardt speaks on the evil of Islam, and she is my hero!. BTW she mentions Lindsey Graham...
That's why you'll never be President, kiddo. . Lindsey Graham: 'I Don't Know What America First Means' - Breitbart
Meanwhile both John McCain and Lindsey Graham say they now back Rex Tillerson for secretary of state?…
Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham have decided to back Rex Tillerson's bid for secretary of state.
John McCain and Lindsey Graham say they will support Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State. No word on Marco Rubio.
RUSSIAN Conflict of Interest means nothing to Does that tell you that Putin hacked RNC?Kompromised?.
If you're not disgusted, you're not paying attention: Tillerson receives backing from key senators. Screw u, McCain.
Liberals who RT'ed Trump hater Lindsey Graham, thinking he was a ally (lol), are now shocked that he's supporting Tillerson. 😂
Lindsey Graham on Face The Nation stutters for a sec, then this comes outa his mouth; "Tootin Putin" I like it. Like it a lot.
Lindsey Graham always plays both sides of the coin saying yes to Tillerson. Yet had concerns on Russian hack. Can't trust him o…
Again: “Though we still have concerns about his dealings with the Russian government & Putin”… we will vote for him.
is going to be known as the appeasment Secretary of State. .
Schumer, Cardin to introduce legislation on Russia sanctions | TheHill
Rex Tillerson is so pro-Russia and pro-Putin even Lindsey Graham is going to vote for him.
John McCain and Lindsey Graham have fallen into line. Guess they decided working for Putin isn't such a big deal. Won't b…
Lindsey Graham would sell his children.
Lindsey Graham will interview on the Lindsey Graham full interview on bread Face the Nation.…
John McCain, Lindsey Graham Will Support Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State: The two GOP senators have taken a…
Lindsey Graham and John McCain will support Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State
Rex Tillerson receives backing to be secretary of state from key senators
Lindsey Graham gets passed over for Russian hacking panel
"If you cut the State Dept budget you'll need to buy me more bullets" -Sen. Lindsey Graham quoting Gen. Mattis in ref to…
Senator Graham says he's supporting Rex Tillerson nomination
Sen. Lindsey Graham says he will vote for Rex Tillerson; cautions against President Trump cutting State Dept. budget htt…
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) => is he is she => a naturally born woman turned into tranny senator? => isn't her real name is: LI…
We are in a Strange New World indeed when Sen. Lindsey Graham has become a *** hero! .
Sen. Lindsey Graham on the latest Trump-Russia revelations via
Then we have this meeting in September 2012 between Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Saudi Prince Bandar in Istanbul .
Sen. Lindsey Graham to CNN: Don't Listen to Julian Assange on Any Thing, Thank You [full interview]
Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz team up to defund UN over Israel vote
Clean the swamp! Jeb Bush, David Kramer, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham. That is just a few.
Lindsey Graham! Why are you still around? Fig Newton Gingrich, failed Speaker, spouting off forever? Get f'ing lost.
and take scumbag Lindsey Graham with you.
Lindsey Graham & RAFAEL EDUARDO Cruz, JR. need to be Primaried in 2018.
And the role of Eddie Haskell will now be played senator. Lindsey Graham.
South Carolina and Arizona owes the Republican party an apology for . Lindsey Graham and . John McCain
Senator Jeff Flake,Arizona,Lindsey Graham,Lisa Murkowski of Alaska are drafting with Demo leader *** Durbin of Illinois,…
Here's Lindsey Graham joking about the concerns of 1,424 law professors from across the US that Jeff Sessions won't protec…
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Sen. Lindsey Graham calls on Trump to "acknowledge that Russia interfered, and push back"
Love the sheriff and I'm beyond embarrassed that Lindsey Graham is our senator, SC is better than him
Read for the Lindsey Graham statement: --> Obama: I didn't underestimate the threats from Vladimir Putin
WATCH: Senators John McCain & Lindsey Graham say that they view Obama's legacy as a landmark, but disagree strongly with…
Y'all know moderates like Collins lack the spine, right? You need hardliners like Mike Lee, Lindsey Graham and Ben Sasse to block Sessions.
Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain urge Trump to sanction Russia over election hacks
I am farther left than Bernie Sanders in some of my political views but Lindsey Graham is one of my favorite people…
Just one freakin Senator needs to sign the objections. Where the *** is John McCain and Lindsey Graham??
CRUZ on Hannity standing up for ISRAEL. Then said working on defund UN with LINDSEY GRAHAM who is working with MCCA…
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said last month that Congress should defund the U.N. unless it repeals the resolution…
And Lindsey Graham is actually a democrat posing as a republican
Lindsey Graham SC Great job today at the Senate committee hearing. You were the star!!
Are Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator John McCain laying the groundwork to
Hannity: and the democrats and John McCain and Lindsey Graham did nothing about it!
Sen. Lindsey Graham: "If it were up to me we'd all live in peace, but Putin is up to no good"
and we have to hold Pres Trump acoountable and keep an eye on The Rinos such as Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Paul Ryan as well as Dems!😀
Lindsey Graham on sanctioning Russia for interfering with US election: "what Obama did was throw a pebble. I want to thro…
Rumor has it McCain & Lindsey Graham were involved with Benghazi & war profiteering with Hillary.Cheney & Rumsfeld
Woman at US Senate hearings trolls John McCain & Lindsey Graham with WikiLeaks shirt and "Free Assange" bag
Lindsey Graham RETIRE You dissed bill Or'eilly for CNN. LINDSEY Graham is a TRADER but typical baby
Lindsey Graham: 'You know where Donald Trump can go? He can go to *** ..'
no not at all! Like Lindsey Graham and John McCain said this concerns everybody! If you're at American you're concerned!
. Lindsey Graham?! And he's here to talk about draining the swamp?!. Still waiting Mr. Cruz to trust you.
Sen. Lindsey Graham at cyberattack hearing: "I think what Obama did was throw a pebble. I'm ready to throw a rock."
Sen.Lindsey Graham 'Putin is up to know good,and president elect better listen to our intelligence b/c they are the best among us'
Where were 'Sanctimonious' John McCain, Lindsey Graham & the Democrats when this happened? Good po…
Lindsey Graham/John McCain seem to have a real obsession with Russia. Protest too much! What are they hidi…
how John McCain and Lindsey Graham keep getting re-elected.
Because I don't like John McCain and Lindsey Graham I never did and never will
John McCain and Lindsey Graham are Democrats trying to self identify as Republicans. Don't fall for it.
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This is why we the people want term limits and President elect Trump knows that start with Lindsey Graham!
Lindsey Graham's rhetoric toward Russia is more unhinged than any other Senator that has spoken today, including democrats.
Julian Assange provided America with 100% legit information. Lindsey Graham is trying to get America into WW3. Which is th…
If you love Lindsey Graham so well, spell his name right. He isn't Lindsay Wagner.
Donald Trump laughs about intel findings that Russia hacked DNC. Ninety-nine senators say he's wrong.
Lindsey Graham has a record of undermining American voters; No American should be duped by Lindsey. https:…
This is me👇🏻every time I see John McCan't or Lindsey Graham *** intentionally misleading public bc they don't want…
This article claims "bipartisan" consensus on Russian hacking yet cites only one GOP Senator, Miss Lindsey Graham https:/…
MCCAIN should be taken out as a Senator along with Jeff Flake and squeaky Lindsey Graham all treasonous traitors terrorist supporters !
Sen Jeff Flake. Sen Lindsey Graham. Sen Lisa Murkowski. These three are fighting for ILLEGALS to remain, and tryig to Stop the Wall!!
You're a fool if you believe what John McCain or Lindsey Graham say about Russia. Stop trusting the warmongers that are wro…
Lindsey Graham another poster child for Time to go so others can
Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz: Defund the UN unless it repeals its anti-Israel vote
Sen. Lindsey Graham says he will propose a measure to pull US funding for the UN after the Israeli settlement vote https:/…
Jim Webb, Joe Manchin, John McCain, Lindsey Graham. Have these four men ended up in the wrong political party? Time to switch, guys?
.Want to know who sponsored it in the senate? Cruz, Rubio, Lindsey Graham, Pat Roberts, Jeff Sessions, Ben…
Although I have never met Lindsey Graham or McCain my spider sense says keep an eye on those 2.SITG to the max.
Out of the two who's the biggest horses as John McCain or Lindsey Graham
4 senators, including John McCain and Lindsey Graham, call for a select committee to investigate Russian hacking
Obama's dream team, Rubio,Lindsey Graham, John McCain all RINO's pic. ISIS.Hillary installed ISIS with fall of Libya!Globalist
Lindsey Graham is a traitor, he would rather have a establishment POTUS even if it means Hillary
we know he hates Hillary.why hack Lindsey Graham?
Hillary Dems now love Lindsey Graham, John McCain and war fantasies. Brilliant. 😂
0bama, Hillary, McCain, Lindsey Graham, et al started the war in Syria as proxies for Saudi Arabia.
I truly believe that Hillary Clinton, like Obama, is a puppet of Islamic radicals in Saudi Arabia. McCain and Lindsey Graham too.
Lindsey Graham worry about Hillary her emails scandals Obama's treason 150 billion to Iran Trump's doing fine
*Sigh* Lindsey Graham, in a desperate bid to seem relevant, has announced that the Russians hacked his "very own...
Julian Assange just mentioned Lindsey Graham and Hillary Clinton>
I can see why John McCain and Lindsey Graham and prominent Hillary supporters love him.
There are career politician clowns like Lindsey Graham that would switch over to Hillary, I'm guessing.
if Russia were involved its bc Hillary had an unseceured server that was an open diary. Lindsey Graham needs to shut up. FBI found zero
John McCain is a cry baby so is Lindsey Graham along with the bushes I'm sure they voted for Hillary
Obama did the same thing to Trump... so did Michelle Obama, Hillary, Jill Stein, Harry Reid, Lindsey Graham, Eliz Warren
Lindsey Graham asking Trump for "crippling sanctions" against Russia. Trump CANNOT be President. Hillary is rightful President of the US.
Petraeus should be indicted for treason along with Obama, Hillary, McCain, Lindsey Graham & others for arming…
Error in your story here. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, not Kentucky.
thankful for men like Lindsey Graham...and I voted for Hillary! Not about party...
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