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Lindsay Czarniak

Lindsay Ann Czarniak (born November 7, 1977), is an American sports anchor and reporter. After spending 6 years with WRC-TV (usually dubbed NBC4), the local NBC television affiliate in Washington, D.C., Czarniak joined ESPN as a SportsCenter anchor in August 2011.

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We are SO impressed by anchor taking her kids on assignment, even to Austria…
Can anyone tell me where Lindsay Czarniak and Sara Walsh are.? Do they still work for ESPN?
whats going to happen with Lindsay Czarniak?
I wonder where Lindsay Czarniak goes in the ESPN Schedule now that 6pm is going to be SC6 with Michael and Jemele?
any chance Lindsay Czarniak is a part of Greenberg's new morning show?
Almost forgot! It's Day! 😉Hope every one is having a great Lindsay Czarniak day!!
ESPN's Lindsay Czarniak on the NYWIFT Muse Awards red carpet . 📸: me via
While nothing worth seeing on the field, maybe a little more Lindsay Czarniak on camera please?
Feel bad for Lindsay Czarniak having to work with these two yahoos tonight.
Is Lindsay Czarniak contractually obligated to refer to Chris Berman as "Boom"?
1/4 bc Lindsay Czarniak is still alive@
The only good thing about this game is Lindsay Czarniak. Can both teams be sent to London?
Ugh I gotta listen to Lindsay Czarniak on the sideline!!
Fans screaming @ Kaepernick as he was taking a knee during the National Anthem. "Kaepernick why dont you stand up". - Lindsay Czarniak.
ESPN's Lindsay Czarniak said she heard some fans heckle Kaepernick telling him to stand up
"Earlier today you would've thought Kaepernick was a starter, by the reception he got...". Lindsay Czarniak accidentally shading Kaep tho 😂
Lindsay Czarniak reporting 9ers fans were upset Kap disrupted the anthem by yelling at him in the middle of the anthem
Lindsay Czarniak does very good work, whether hosting SportsCenter, reporting from sidelines, etc.
you are right... Lindsay Czarniak as a MNF sideline reporter is a massive trainwreck! Now back to Boomer!
Lindsay Czarniak with dynamite reporting on the national anthem
and now we get Berman, but hey the positive is Lindsay Czarniak
Thank you Lindsay Czarniak for the in depth Colin Kaepernick news
Lindsay Czarniak noting some fans were screaming at Kap to stand up during anthem. Talking during the anthem is OK, but kneeling isn’t?
Lindsay Czarniak looking good. I'm a fan.
Here's a WILD idea. What if they let Lindsay Czarniak do the play-by-play? Everyone is going to complain about Berman anyway.
I definitely have a thing for Lindsay Czarniak
Lindsay czarniak looks like she's gonna cry when reporting on Kaepernick.
Sean McDonough is paired with Gruden. . Chris Berman, Steve Young, Lindsay Czarniak for Rams 49ers
Suzy Kolber just asked Lindsay Czarniak what to expect from Colin Kaepernick tonight. I can answer that.warming the bench much.
Lindsay Czarniak is pretty. That is all.
BTW Lindsay Czarniak wore a firesuit better than anyone had a right to wear one when she did racing coverage.
Lindsay Czarniak pregnant again? I don't blame whoever her boyfriend is because she'd be pregnant right now too if I was here boyfriend
I'm not sure that even Steve Young and Lindsay Czarniak can save a broadcast where Chris Berman does play-by-play.
Stephen A. reflects on Shaq's Hall of Fame career. Lindsay Czarniak and Stephen A. Smith look back at some...
NBC's Rebecca Lowe, MLB Network's Heidi Watney, and ESPN's Dana O'Neil and Lindsay Czarniak, just to name a few.
SportsCenter just had a segment featuring the best (Marty Smith) and worst (Lindsay Czarniak) of ESPN. SportsCenter is unwatchable with her
Is it possible Lindsay Czarniak has some sort of Cal Ripken streak going on SportsCenter? I'll feel like she's on there every single day
have a crush for Lindsay Czarniak..
Sager went shopping for Game 6 outfit: Craig Sager chats with Lindsay Czarniak prior to Game 6 of the NBA Fin...
Lindsay Czarniak running for MOY again in '17
Lindsay Czarniak welcomes Craig Sager to ESPN and the NBA Finals
Man I had no idea Lindsay Czarniak was almost 40.she look young *** *** compared to 40.
The wheels are totally off of Sportscaster right now between a wild Cavs crowd and a clearly addled Lindsay Czarniak
your girl Lindsay Czarniak pregnant again buck, Craig Melvin DA GAWD
Lindsay Czarniak is mad because the Etch-A-Sketch artist gave her some itis. I'd be too.
Michelle, lindsay czarniak AND Cassiday Hubbarth for meee
. Hey Lindsay czarniak do you have money on Golden State tonight? Go Cleveland.
looks like Lindsay czarniak and ESPN are already giving the trophy to the Golden State Warriors again. Great reporting guys
Lindsay Czarniak and Brian Show look back at the 10 best moments from the Oklahoma City Thunder a... - via App
Wow that Lindsay Czarniak chick from espn looks bad without the lights and makeup :(
Rob Gronkowski never balks at an opportunity to hit on Lindsay Czarniak
Is Gronk hitting on Lindsay Czarniak right now? lol
Gronk is hitting on Lindsay Czarniak mid-sportscenter interview "I like to cuddle and get tickled" 🐐
I feel like lindsay czarniak just wakes up saying "Steph Curry". Everytime I see her those are the first words that come out her mouth smh
lindsay czarniak married to a *** I've been watching her anchor sportscenter at 6pm since 2011 and I never knew that.👀
Lindsay Czarniak just described the upcoming sportscenter being completely dedicated to Steph Curry, then called it "Stephscenter"
Lindsay Czarniak. That's it. It's now just the network of Lindsay Czarniak. And I am okay with this.
I watch sportscenter so much I could probably guess Lindsay Czarniak, Jay Harris, Scott Van Pelt and Steve Levy air time schedules
Even got Lindsay Czarniak shedding a sympathetic tear in honor of the end of that reporter's career
Seth Greenberg's mom, Herbstreit's kid, Lindsay Czarniak's mom. I don't get it.
I saw Lindsay czarniak mom today on sportscenter, now I see where good ol Lindsay gets her looks from lol
I think would've cringed after hearing how ESPN's Lindsay Czarniak pronounced the word "Paladin" during the 6 PM SportsCenter.
Lindsay Czarniak Skyping in her mom to SportsCenter to get her Madness picks. What's your first thought?
please get Lindsay Czarniak's mom off the screen. This is worse than the emoji segment
You know it's a slow day in sports when Lindsay Czarniak's mom makes it on SC with her bracket picks.
Are we seriously listening to Lindsay Czarniak's mom's picks right now on ESPN? What the *** is going on?
Lindsay Czarniak just mentioned it before tossing to the broadcast.
ur hard wrk an dedication has made u tha best female sports anchor ever u represent espn well team Lindsay czarniak
Sportscenters with Lindsay Czarniak are the best sportscenters
Steph Curry joins Lindsay Czarniak on SportsCenter to discuss the Warriors having the potential t... - via App
[ESPN Video] Rally For Rhyan: . ESPN'S Lindsay Czarniak and Will Reeve share the story of young Rhyan...
I don't usually watch the 6pm SportsCenter, but wow, Lindsay Czarniak is a very attractive lady.
Lindsay Czarniak can really, really get it
That was REAL... just heard the segment Lindsay Czarniak and Ryan did on Cam and the emergence of the "NEW Black QB". PRICELESS
Linda Cohn must be trying to let Lindsay Czarniak know she was first.
Watching ESPN rn just so I can stare at Lindsay Czarniak. unf
I really respect Lindsay Czarniak on ESPN. She asks the right questions, & doesn't back down. She's not just eye candy like so many others.
Lindsay Czarniak look like a million 💵's on Sports Center right now
Tyler is playing weird because Lindsay Czarniak called him "Tyler Ellis" on SC right before the game started 😏
Lindsay Czarniak looking gorgeous as always
I would pay an ungodly amount of money for Lindsay Czarniak to sit on my face
Lindsay Czarniak is looking yummy today.
Lindsay Czarniak & I said “Full Gronk" at same time & I feel like it needs to be a real term. Like “We totally went ‘full gronk’ last night”
Lindsay Czarniak is what I look for in a future wife...Caucasian, knows sports, and is a lady.
Lindsay Czarniak cute af but she need to eat some more food & fill out that bird chest
It's only appropriate that Lindsay Czarniak opens the Jeff Gordon video essay
why is Lindsay Czarniak dressed like Margaret from Boardwalk Empire?
i gotta say, Lindsay Czarniak is awesome... Def one of the best SC anchors. And Ur SC interview w/her was gr8 2..
If Lindsay Czarniak knows she's going to be on national TV, why not brush her hair and not look like she just got out of soccer practice?
Breaking news, Kevin Durant is out 7 days!!! Lindsay Czarniak making it seem like the Thunder's season is over. Smh. 82 game season ha
Lindsay Czarniak has stalked at least one ex-boyfriend. At least. Just has that psycho ex type of look/personality.
Lindsay Czarniak will interview Bryce Harper and Kris Bryant live on ...
John Buccigross is the best Sports Center anchor, Lindsay Czarniak is the best interviewer, and neither are involved in MNF. slipping.
I thought leaving DC I wouldn't have to look at Lindsay Czarniak anymore--ugh--now she's on ESPN.
Chris Berman, Trent Dilfer, and Lindsay Czarniak will call the MNF opener on ESPN.
My first thought was, "Wow, Lindsay Czarniak has not aged well." But then I realized it was you.
you and Czarniak . are doing an awesome job at World Games!
Soon ESPN and Fox Sports 1 will be nothing but a year of women featuring Lindsay Czarniak, Sara Walsh, Molly McGrath, and Charissa Thompson.
Lindsay Czarniak is interviewing Max Scherzer on ESPN. This is the epitome of weird-feeling.
Lindsay Czarniak is scared to look Max Scherzer in the eyes
I see that lindsay czarniak still has no idea how to do her hair...
if Beadle had more of a sweet personality like Lindsay Czarniak oh man lol...
I love Polish women, but Lindsay Czarniak is terrible at her job.
Some nights Lindsay Czarniak looks like a dime, others not so much. Tonight is the former.
Lindsay Czarniak is bringing the heat tonight live from the Homerun Derby
Lindsay Czarniak is ok as a sidekick on SportsCenter but my God when she hosts, it is awful.
Lindsay Czarniak who is your pick tonight?
Lindsay Czarniak giving a tour of the tunnels under the stadium on her feed at thanks to tornado sirens.
I have the biggest crush on Lindsay Czarniak from sportscenter😍. She's no Yanet Garcia but she can get it
Love how neither Le Batard or Whitlock bothered to learn to pronounce Muguruza for PTI but Lindsay Czarniak does just fine on SportsCenter.
Lindsay Czarniak just called Jeff van Gundy "a gold mine of information"
I need to catch me a Lindsay Czarniak. Jussayin
Lindsay czarniak can melt my steel beams
The only thing better than the finals is Lindsay Czarniak.
Lindsay Czarniak(anchor from sportscenter hosting pregame coverage) could get it.
Lindsay Czarniak did not bring her A game today
I don't know how many times I've seen guys like Jeff Van Gundy trying to talk to girls like Lindsay Czarniak in a bar...
Lindsay Czarniak might have to be my next wcw
How about Lindsay Czarniak coming out of the wood work and throwing haymakers as of late
Lindsay Czarniak is not having a great broadcast. First game jitters?
Did Lindsay Czarniak really ask how important is this game for Klay? Idk, pretty important?
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Thank God ESPN put Wilbon beside Lindsay Czarniak for the pregame. Chauncey Billups was giving her absolutely nothing. Super awkward.
Lindsay czarniak looks like a fox fonight!
How in the world is Lindsay Czarniak 37 years old 🔥
Lindsay Czarniak is looking wonderful tonight. 😍
Lindsay Czarniak is a certified babe from news4 to working the NBA Finals
Switching to NBATV pregame. ESPN and Lindsay Czarniak is making me nauseous. Girl, is everything just so "unbelievable"?
I'm a fan of lindsay czarniak but these pre game questions are killing me.
It's basically how many different ways can Lindsay Czarniak ask Chauncy Billups about what's going through Steph Curry's head.
This Lindsay Czarniak segment on ESPN is just superfluous nothingness. Throw her a life-raft, give her a commercial break.
Lindsay Czarniak is my hero for visibly not being able to pay attention to Billups answering her questions because Curry is shooting.
Lindsay Czarniak is on my nerves... holy cow...
Too excited Lindsay Czarniak is covering the game
Really loves to show us Steph Curry dribbling and Lindsay Czarniak just can't believe he is able to dribble 2 balls at once
You're better than that, Lindsay Czarniak. Words like these can be attribuditeted to a lack of…
Lindsay Czarniak of Sportscenter is a dime 👌
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Lindsay Czarniak is 37 but still bangin'
Lindsay Czarniak just called Delly "Matthew Delladova". Show some respect, lady
Lindsay Czarniak is the hottest sports anchor oat
Why does Lindsay Czarniak look so nasty on SC? Barry Melrose needs to get his girl in line.
Lindsay Czarniak has been killing Sportscenter as of late.
O mylanta Lindsay Czarniak you are my woman!!
Lindsay Czarniak has become one of the best SportsCenter anchors. Really enjoy her work.
how many lines is Lindsay Czarniak having her forehead
Wish we could get Lindsay Czarniak back
Suddenly? I wouldn't say 2 years is 'sudden' I mean, Lindsay Czarniak left after 6 years for ESPN, Hakeem Dirmish left after 5
DC local sports stations are the plug for ESPN. They took Sage Steel, Lindsay Czarniak, and now Diana
LRT she's still 3rd behind the leader Lindsay Czarniak!!
I didn't like Lindsay Czarniak at first, but she's grown on me... 👍🔥😏
And Broussard. And Lindsay Czarniak. They can't say anything about any sport without saying his name or relating it to him
I love when Lindsay Czarniak is on sportscaster
I added a video to a playlist Lindsay Czarniak Crossed Legs (ESPN Sportscenter)
Lindsay Czarniak might be my new bae. No hard feelings Charissa Thompson..
Lindsay Czarniak is the hottest woman alive
"You guys act like the whole world of football is going to change." -Gronk to Lindsay Czarniak on Tom Brady's suspension. He's got a point.
Always amazed how fast-paced the 6 pm SportsCenter is -- and with one anchor. Said it before, but Lindsay Czarniak does such a good job.
I can't watch 6 o'clock (5 central) SportsCenter anymore bcuz of Lindsay Czarniak. Way too sexy
Or Len Baker, as Lindsay Czarniak called him on SportsCenter this afternoon.
SportsCenter anchor Lindsay Czarniak just recapped 7 UK hoops players set to enter "NFL draft." ... Personally, I like Towns over Winston
Lindsay Czarniak may wanna learn the difference between the NFL and the NBA
Lindsay Czarniak its Len Barker not Len Baker however you get a pass cause you're one of my favorite ESPN anchors
Thank goodness for baseball, Lindsay Czarniak is in midseason form. What a great anchor.
Will Lindsay Czarniak go to my prom with me
Can't get a read on Lindsay Czarniak. Leaning hot
Lindsay Czarniak speaks to me in my dreams.
Jameis Winston wasn't the only QB in action today, as Lindsay Czarniak shows off he... (Vine by
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I want the life of Lindsay Czarniak 😩
I'm low key in love with Lindsay Czarniak
But really flipping back and forth between molly and lindsay czarniak talking final 4 is heaven
Lindsay Czarniak just walked right past me😍😍😍
DC Sports Bog: Ludacris tells Lindsay Czarniak that he attended Centreville High School for a year
😂why everytime Lindsay Czarniak interview Michael Wilbon he b lookin' like a dirty old man. Yo Mike keep ur tongue in ya mouth
Do you get to work with Lindsay Czarniak?? If so. well... I need to re-evaluate my career decisions!
*** is espn Lindsay czarniak sexy she is just so incredibly hot
Lindsay Czarniak put on like 15 pounds & I'd beat.
Yet Lindsay Czarniak just gave birth about a year ago and looks fantastic.
Lindsay Czarniak is my favorite person on television
SportsCenter’s Lindsay Czarniak will anchor coverage from ESPN’s L.A. studio, ESPN's Teddy Atlas will be in L.A. providing analysis.
Lindsay Czarniak is 5'7 I just seen. Mind blown.
Lindsay Czarniak having a horrid hair day. I fear her child must have kept her up late last night
Although I can barely believe it, Lindsay Czarniak is slowly gaining ground on Erin Andrews in my legendary SC female anchor power rankings
2/ ESPN: Simmons, Czarniak, Bilas, who might go. Fox Sports 1 would love to steal Lindsay.
It appears the 6pm-8pm ET SportsCenter is now a solo shift with just Lindsay Czarniak. John Anderson was not been on with her.
Is it just me or did Lindsay Czarniak get hotter after she had a kid?
The 6:00 Sportscenter is turning into the Lindsay Czarniak show...and I approve.
Lindsay Czarniak doing by herself from now on?
can Lindsay Czarniak get any more wrinkles on her face
ESPN is super evil, but I did enjoy stumbling upon Michelle Beadle and Lindsay Czarniak just goofing around as filler. They are neat!
Lindsay Czarniak and Michelle Beadle on SportsCenter at the same time 😍😍
A segment on how much likes Sarah Walsh and Lindsay Czarniak
OMG Brent just told Lindsay Czarniak that he won some prop bets last night. Reign it in, dude. You're feeding your reputation.
Lindsay Czarniak breaking a little news as John Anderson is leaving 6 pm SportsCenter to be on 11 pm SportsCenter. Promotion for Anderson.
I've sort of flipped on Lindsay Czarniak. One of the few enjoyable Sportscenter anchors/reporters.
Lindsay Czarniak is really the only reason I watch the same hour of SportsCenter over and over again
Lindsay czarniak.. I kno ur looking into my eyes when u look at that camera. Luh u bae
Lindsay Czarniak is very hot. In turn I am not surprised one bit that she went to JMU.
Mom is convinced that Lindsay Czarniak from ESPN is not at all attractive. I'm also convinced my mom has lost her mind.
Which of these ESPN beautiful ladies is the better sports journalist? And who is better looking? A) Cari Champion, B) Lindsay Czarniak, C) Sage Steele
Lindsay Czarniak is like an adult version of your HS best friend's hyperactive little sister. Oddly enough, that's not really a bad thing.
Lindsay Czarniak looks cold AF and Todd McShay was just standing there like, "Whatever."
Great time at the museum today with ESPN SportsCenter! We had an amazing time playing dress up with John Anderson & Lindsay Czarniak!!!
A late-night outing for Lindsay Czarniak on Sportscenter tonight?
Lindsay Czarniak and I are going to prom together.
.Best actual anchor, yes. Afternoon tandem of Lindsay Czarniak and Linda Cohn is a win-win
Lindsay Czarniak looks so good this morning tho...
I would put it between Lindsay Czarniak's cheeks
Lindsay Czarniak looks painfully cold in the Arrowhead parking lot. I would like to offer to warm her up.
yeah, ESPN just went there. Lindsay Czarniak is there.
Lindsay Czarniak does it for me out of the new crew of ESPN anchors...really talented, think she will last
"Im laughing cause lake just went up my nose" that code Lindsay Czarniak?
Lindsay czarniak looking like she rather Be somewhere warmer
Did Lindsay Czarniak have a miscarriage or does she just neglect her child?
Lindsay Czarniak in town. Might need to swing by the stadium.
Lindsay Czarniak and Britt McHenry covering football? I could watch ESPN all day 😍
Lindsay Czarniak is the most perfect human on the planet.
Wow! Lindsay Czarniak just asked if Brian Hoyer's popularity could exceed LeBron's. I'll hope a know-nothing producer forced her to ask.
Lindsay Czarniak just asked on ESPN if Brian Hoyer could become more popular than LeBron James. What?
Nah, Beadle is the wrong one to come at Kim, because she unnecessarily went at Stephen A. If this was Lindsay Czarniak aka bae, then okay.
"beltway brains" -- ESPN's Lindsay Czarniak (miss you!) on AL Orioles & NL Nats skippers named managers of the year.
Lindsay Czarniak makes Sports Center that much better.
One year later, I still get a kick out of this... Thx, Pick 6 With Lindsay Czarniak - Luke Kuechly
Eliminator 8 media day is tomorrow at 1:30 ET. 3- 3:30 p.m.: Fan Q&A in the Great Hall, hosted by Lindsay Czarniak
I want a birthday message from you Lindsay czarniak
That's not what ironic means, Lindsay Czarniak.
Lindsay Czarniak on ESPN reports: Andy Dalton uses a flip phone. Sensational, incisive reporting. Get ready to add Pulitzer to your resume.
Bengals HC Marvin Lewis confirmed to ESPN's Lindsay Czarniak that WR A.J. Green (toe) will not play against the ...
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The difference in wit between John Anderson and Lindsay Czarniak is painful.
Lindsay Czarniak is definitely my favorite part about SportsCenter. What a babe.
Lindsay Czarniak put one of those ladies in her place tho.
I like Sportscenter. But Lindsay Czarniak looks like a parrot.
Some lady, wearing a Rice jersey, defended him saying "she hit him first". Lindsay Czarniak said "some people still haven't seen the video"
Lindsay Czarniak was mad cuz the ladies were supporting Ray Rice lol. You could tell she had an attitude
Is anyone else watching these women ravens fans on sportscenter? Absurd. Lindsay Czarniak summed it up: they must not have seen the video
Lindsay Czarniak is why I watch Sports Center 😻
Pretty face, great legs but needs to do something with that hair. It looks limp and/or oily.
I really wish they would stop pushing Russini on us. She's terrible. Lindsay Czarniak could talk circles around that girl.
What no postgame with the star of broadcast, Lindsay Czarniak?
Uhh ESPN, can we please not have Lindsay Czarniak in a cheerleader outfit. Also... why are we playing this game now?
Let's go down to the field w/ an over weight & dipping Doug and Lindsay Czarniak (Chris Berman voice)
Lindsay czarniak has more cracks on her face than Lamar odom has in his left pocket.
Struggling to figure out what's wrong w Lindsay Czarniak's hair featured in NBC s Science of Love
Lindsay Czarniak was the local sports reporter in DC a year or so ago. Class person.
The commentary here needs more Lindsay Czarniak and less Berman & Dilfer.
They need to show Lindsay Czarniak more 😍😍😍😍
it's been officially and permanently mutedgood to see my girl Lindsay Czarniak on the sidelines tho. great energy from that one.Stati...
Lindsay Czarniak on the sidelines, what a great broadcast!
Erin Andrews and Lindsay czarniak? Really? With a straight face you tell me they are the best sideline journalists? Really?
I wonder why Lindsay Czarniak turned down her proposed TV name.
If Lindsay Czarniak can come out Centreville graduate from JMU and become an ESPN reporter I can follow her footsteps
Lindsay Czarniak on MNF is the worst. I really wish ESPN would fire her
Lindsay Czarniak is the only bright spot of this crew
Wow Lindsay Czarniak looks a lot better on sportscenter.
Lindsay Czarniak, you're making this game watchable
Lindsay Czarniak is a tranny, right? ESPN hiring some beastly women
Lindsay Czarniak can get the whole D for sure
Why is Lindsay Czarniak on the sidelines?
If you feel bad for Lindsay Czarniak for having to work with Chris Berman just remember she used to work for George Michaels
It's probably Berman's announcing. At least I get to look at Lindsay Czarniak, though.
I thought Lindsay Czarniak was gonna save it. But nothing can save that.
Did Brittney Spears get a skinny face and change her name to Lindsay Czarniak?
Lindsay Czarniak is now trending in USA, ranking 10.
Sorry ESPN, you can't bring in Lindsay Czarniak and expect us to forgive you for Berman
Hey, Lindsay Czarniak is really good at reporting and treats sideline reporting like journalism. Let's do this more ESPN.
She can have my walrus sandwich Lindsay Czarniak needs to eat a sandwich."
Lindsay Czarniak surpassed Erin Andrews in my book breh
Back when I raced, Lindsay Czarniak covered ARCA, she asked me a question about our car and I was so tongue tied I could barely answer
Might watch the whole 2nd MNF game. If for nothing else than to get to know more about Lindsay Czarniak.
Lindsay Czarniak is 'way' hotter than Erin Andrews
Lindsay Czarniak is looking umm.. amazing.
Lindsay Czarniak was just on my television screen 😍
Lindsay Czarniak .with a shade of make up.
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Lindsay Czarniak is the sideline reporter? I approve
At least Lindsay Czarniak is on the sidelines. Like her. And Dilfer okay. Berman ruins everything.
Tom Jackson, Lindsay Czarniak, Mike Tirico have all pledged to either stop using name or restrict use of it.
That was nice, Howie. Lindsay Czarniak sends her love.
Lindsay Czarniak over Sara Walsh all day everyday. Am I right? I'm pretty sure I'm right.
Disney owns Star Wars, Marvel and ESPN which means that Leia, Thor, and Lindsay Czarniak are all Disney princesses
Lindsay Czarniak need to throw it back.
It's sad, really. But at least it's good to know Lindsay Czarniak thinks LeBron's son is adorbs, right?!
"We love talking about LeBron" -Lindsay Czarniak on Sportcenter. Yes. Yes, you do.
On Lindsay Czarniak just said "The hit a home run every night... with their sausages." Yep you read that right.
Lindsay czarniak from ESPN just melted my heart giggling while trying to talk about the brewers' sausage races
Breaking: Lindsay Czarniak just said the Brewers "hit a home run everyday with their sausages." Carry on.
Lindsay Czarniak of SportsCenter being done no favors today by the stylist or director.
Sports Center is so much better now that Lindsay Czarniak is back
Goodness gracious Lindsay czarniak looks beautiful on the new SC set
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Lindsay Czarniak - that dress is FAR TOO SHORT. I can see thigh muscle...
The new set looks like the set from WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Lindsay Czarniak looks like Vanna White. Just sayin'
Lindsay Czarniak from ESPN is a smokeshow.
and also Lindsay czarniak and hannah storm can suck my *** cuz der milfs and kevin neghandi is a dot head with a ***
VH1 did a great job in getting Lindsay Czarniak on this series
I liked a video Lindsay Czarniak Returns to SportsCenter
You are one of my favorite female sports reporters along with Hanna Storm, Erin Andrews and even Lindsay Czarniak.
anchor Lindsay Czarniak looks amazing after returning from maternity leave. 👏. Props to her
I really want to snuggle up with Lindsay czarniak
Lindsay Czarniak back on SC from maternity leave I see.
"Good God (snapping), Lindsay Czarniak nope she's not fat, she's got a baby bump, bah bump bah bump-
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