Lindiwe Mazibuko & President Zuma

Lindiwe Mazibuko (born 9 April 1980) is a South African politician, and the Parliamentary Leader for the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA). Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma (born 12 April 1942) is the President of South Africa, elected by parliament following his party's victory in the 2009 general election. 5.0/5

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President Zuma’s comments on the Constitution an attack on our democracy Lindiwe Mazibuko MP Parliamentary Leader of the Democratic Alliance During the ANC’s 102nd year anniversary celebration yesterday, President Jacob Zuma launched yet another attack on our Constitution. Speaking to members of the community in Mbombela in Mpumalanga, he pleaded to South Africans to vote for the ANC so that the party can gain a two-thirds majority in order to change the Constitution. He also said that the ANC would be in power “forever and ever”. Given President Zuma’s track record of attacks against our constitutional democracy and his growing disregard for constitutional values, it is worrying that he wants complete control over its amendment. It also raises questions about what President Zuma is so eager to change in the Constitution. The South African Constitution is one of the most progressive documents of its kind. While it is a living document and should from time to time be amended to reflect the needs ...
After that contradicting report made by the Public Works minister,I think it's time for us to remind President Zuma and his clueless loyal members about the statement he made last year when he was responding to the issue of NKANDLA in parliament. I don't learn to forget. This was his response after he was challenged by DA leader concerning NKANDLA Nov 20th, 2012 by Pierre De Vos. Transcript of the reply by President Jacob Zuma to question for oral reply in the National Assembly, November 15 2012: 24. The Leader of the Opposition [Lindiwe Mazibuko] (DA) to ask the President of the Republic: (1) Whether he instructed his Minister of Public Works to cease all building on his Nkandla home pending the outcome of an investigation announced by the Public Protector; if not, why not; if so, when; (2) whether his instruction was carried out; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what are the relevant details? NO3849E Question 24: The PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC: Hon Speaker, hon member, let me make ...
Too many questions about Nkandla remain unanswered. - How was President Zuma not aware of the excessive extent of the upgrade, despite being resident there? - Why was President Zuma not interviewed and questioned by the Task Team? - Why was the former Minister of Public Works, Gwen Mahlangu-Nkabinde not questioned by the Task Team, when there is a letter from her to President Zuma setting out the details of the Nkandla upgrade as early as 2009? - Why, despite every effort to block the report over the last year, has it suddenly now been made public? - Lindiwe Mazibuko
After so much explanation by President Zuma, Lindiwe Mazibuko come up with lame understanding of justice.
SA has third lowest growth prospects in Africa - Lindiwe Mazibuko: DA PL says President Zuma continues to dith...
(Gordon) Nkandla security upgrades officially classified as top secret Wednesday 26 June 2013 Govt had spent R206 million on security upgrades and consultants at Zuma's private home in Nkandla. Public Works Minister Thulas Nxesi says the security upgrades at the private Nkandla home of President Jacob Zuma have been classified as Top Secret in terms of the apartheid-era Protection of Information Act of 1982. Last month, Parliament adopted The Protection of State Information Bill, which is to replace the Act under which the report into the security upgrade was classified. President Zuma is yet to sign the Bill into law. Responding to a written question by the Democratic Alliance's (DA) Chief Whip Watty Watson, Nxesi said the decision to classify the report as Top Secret, was also done in terms of the Minimum Information Security Standards, which are approved Cabinet policy on the Protection of Information. The DA recently asked the Public Works Department for clarification regarding its non-response to an ...
DA's Lindiwe Mazibuko dress code is, for a lack of a better word- undesirable. How could she attend parliament sessions wearing skimpy skirts? Her apple-like body shape and watermelon breast size do not match her style of pull-over tops. Who is she trying to seduce? Our president? Never! President Zuma has taste and class.
Lindiwe Mazibuko is afraid of Buti Manamela in public dialogue, because she refused to do that and prefer President Zuma
I hear that Lindiwe Mazibuko says "President Zuma wishes he was a king..." Much as I hate to disagree with her, I have to. Jacob Zuma does NOT "wish" he was king, he's CONVINCED HE IS KING. What's even worse is so many South Africans believe they are his peasants.
Lindiwe Mazibuko a disrespectful kid - SACP: Party says President Zuma is an elderly citizen and struggle hero...
'The opposition seems to blame President Zuma for everything thats going wrong in the country. When people accuse the DA's Lindiwe Mazibuko of not having a sense of fashion, it will propably be blamed on the President' - ANC MP Comrade Mamela in Presidency Budget Vote
Lindiwe Mazibuko had brazenly challenged President Zuma to public debate, something provided nowhere in our polity.
Lindiwe are you Chiefs or Pirates? Mazibuko: "I just want to say that both these clubs have absolutely no confidence in President Zuma"
D minister. Jst marched into Parliament it is indeed a critical moment 4 Minister Gordon as it is Election Year next.year I jst cannot wait 2 annalise de 2013 budget...Lindiwe Mazibuko and other political parties r present not 4getting President Zuma...U gotta love tax money
But Lindiwe Mazibuko has got no respect for President Zuma whatsoever.that can't be allowed!
"Oh my God Bheki, look at her butt.." - President Zuma to Bheki Cele when Lindiwe Mazibuko walked by.
Lindiwe Mazibuko must respect the elders in Parliament especially the President of the ANC and of the country Mr JOCOB ZUMA!
: I think Lindiwe Mazibuko has a crush on President Zuma , it is what we call "an appealing crush" unfortunately the President has not noticed that. Now she is being advised by Lekota and other political leaders on how to bring him down .
Lindiwe Mazibuko commenting on President Zuma's state of the nation address, "He chose rhetoric over action..." What are your thoughts?
President Zuma must sue DA, how can dey say he builded Inkndla tykoon residence with money emanating from public funds, that Swaziland born lady must get a life,Zuma must sue her one nice stand.
If Lindiwe Mazibuko is looking for answers from President Zuma-she must first get answers for us from the madam Helen "" Zille
Cape Town - President Jacob Zuma must retract his comments that businesses which support the ANC will prosper, DA Parliamentary Leader Lindiwe Mazibuko said on Monday. Mazibuko said she would be submitting parliamentary questions to Zuma so that he can explain whether the remarks were in fact government policy, if not he will have to issue a formal retraction. “These remarks, made during the ANC's birthday gala dinner, have the potential to severely compromise the principle of good governance, which our constitutional democracy fundamentally depends on. “They imply that by backing the ANC, businesses will be provided with financial reward, which can only be leveraged through state resources,” she said. Zuma told business people at the African National Congress gala dinner in Durban that businessmen who supported the ANC would see their business “multiply”. “This is further evidence of how President Zuma fundamentally confuses the role of the state and party, and how the government continues to ...
President Zuma must clarify and retract statement that businesses who support the ANC will prosper. ~ Lindiwe Mazibuko
President Zuma, answering a question from from DA Parliamentary Leader Lindiwe Mazibuko yesterday in front of the National Assembly, said ou have more rights because you're a majority; you have less rights because you're a minority. That's how democracy works.
Lindiwe Mazibuko today said that President Zuma is only worried about being re-elected. Do you agree?
President Zuma is obsessed with being re-elected because he has failed as president, the DA's Lindiwe Mazibuko said.
Lindiwe must shut her mouth. Every time I hear Lindiwe Mazibuko`s voice I realise just how weak this country has become. She was not even born in South Africa but in Swaziland. She was never involved in the Struggle but wants to dictate to South Africans!She is being used by Madam Zille who was living large in the apartheid era. It also shows that some people in this country hate our president. Lekota, Buthelezi and others are even prepared to join forces with racist Zille to fight Msholozi. They should be ashamed of themselves. Mazibuko has a big mouth and she abuses our freedom of expression to disrespect her elders. President Zuma fought for that freedom. She should just shut up or go back to Swaziland and libarate the poor people there.
thinks that Lekota has executed a very interesting plot to the current status quo. Imagine if Lindiwe Mazibuko were to win in her bit to have the motion of no confidence against President Zuma be tested in Parliament on a secret ballot passed urgently... I am sure the Malema/Motlanthe crew would oust Zuma out. certain fraction within the ruling Party could actually side with opposition on this one.
President Zuma has lost his mojo. I saw him shouting @ parliament ystd# abo Lindiwe Mazibuko bekhwela bezehlela
President Zuma has been given a vote of lack of confidance so says the speaker of paliarment "Lindiwe Mazibuko" Dis vote states dat da president & his cabinet must resign. We learn smthng new everyday neh bt lets hope paliarment does remove dem coz dey dnt desearve it.
Lindiwe Mazibuko in her back mind really believe the ANC MP's will pass the motion of no confidence against president Zuma, she's dreaming. We might have issues with the President but we don't need the DA to tell us if we should remove him but Manguang is for that .
Note: The following is an extract of a speech made by DA Parliamentary Leader, Lindiwe Mazibuko, at the DA’s Gauteng South Congress today.Colleagues, friends, and fellow democrats:It is wonderful to be here with you today, and to be witness to a great blue wave of change which is sweeping across the...
The DA's Lindiwe Mazibuko says education + health in SA is in crisis but President Zuma continues to build his Nkandla palace
Lindiwe Mazibuko MP. Parliamentary Leader of the DA - Parliament blocks question to President Zuma on Nkandlagate
" To date, president Zuma has shown himself incapable of satisfying these conditions. if he does not want to be remembered as the president who broke our economy, then he must get his head out of the sand and get on with the job of leading" - DA Parliamentary Leader Lindiwe Mazibuko.
Lindiwe Mazibuko,Fikile Mbalula and the big man himself Thabo Mbeki are on full attack on Msholozi yooor m scared n glad."President Zuma is out of touch"
President Zuma must cancel the upgrade to his Nkandla homestead, says DA Parliamentary Leader Lindiwe Mazibuko.
Lindiwe Mazibuko must sit down n stop equating herself to cde President Zuma, the President is not going to apologies for their interpretation of his remarks at Parliament during questions and answers session. uZuma uyabuya even DA can't do anything about it. Sihole Msholozi sihole!!!
I just love this footage : President Zuma giving Lindiwe Mazibuko (DA) a lesson in democracy, lol!
I never applauded President Zuma and I am not voting him for second term but I have to be honest I loved the way he handled Lindiwe Mazibuko - Big Ups Tata!
Lindiwe Mazibuko"4. Who called on President Zuma to declare a state of emergency in the mining sector?
"We hv more rights here becoz we are a majority and u hv less rights becoz u a minority" President Zuma to Lindiwe Mazibuko
President Zuma : you must accept that u are a minority and South Africa is ruled by majority, hope Lindiwe Mazibuko uzwe kahle lol
"That you(DA) are a small party defending a small union(AMCU) isn't our business," President Zuma tells Lindiwe Mazibuko in Parliament
Lol,Lindiwe Mazibuko must know her match coz President Zuma cannot be compared 2 those who ar in league of Mazibuko.sory gal,go nd polish dat pride of urz
President Zuma gave DA member Lindiwe Mazibuko a lesson in democracy in the parliament today lol yohh
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will love President Zuma's explanation of Democracy to Lindiwe Mazibuko,lol put her in her place,2012
Am not a fun of how President Zuma runs the country but I won't give tea girls like lindiwe Mazibuko and opportunity to attack Zuma, I will protect him against the opposition but he must go
Will the ANC support the NDP? - Lindiwe Mazibuko: DA MP calls on President Zuma to put his weight behind the plan
Lindiwe Mazibuko's address to President Zuma in parliament today was hectic. ***
Zuma passes the buck on Mdluli - Lindiwe Mazibuko Lindiwe Mazibuko 22 May 2012 DA PL says President trying to dodge responsibility on key issues of state Zuma's ‘Deurmekaar' Presidency: A President in office, but not in power Today, President Zuma came to Parliament to answer questions from Members of Parliament. This is an opportunity to not only for the President be held to account by the legislature, but also for him to provide leadership and vision for the country in dealing with the important issues of the day. The President failed dismally on both counts. South Africa, today, has a President in office, but not in power. In response to my question on the reinstatement of Richard Mdluli, the President denied all responsibility for his reinstatement, passing the buck to the ‘departmental officials' and the Minister of Police. He also failed to answer the question of whether Richard Mdluli is a fit and proper person to hold such a senior position in the SAPS. The President is the Head of the Execut ...
President Zuma must promise less and deliver more COMMENT by Lindiwe Mazibuko (
President Zuma must promise less and deliver more: Mazibuko
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