Lindiwe Mazibuko & Helen Zille

Lindiwe Mazibuko (born 9 April 1980) is a South African politician, and the Parliamentary Leader for the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA). Helen Zille (legal name Otta Helene Maree née Zille; born 9 March 1951) is the Premier of the Western Cape, a member of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament, leader of South Africa's opposition Democratic Alliance political party, and a former Mayor of Cape Town. 5.0/5

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Helen Zille when Lindiwe Mazibuko started questioning the lack of black people in employment at the DA
POLL: 57% say Mmusi Maimane should replace Helen Zille as DA leader; 18% give Lindiwe Mazibuko the thumbs up. Vote:
Helen Zille lost Mamphele Ramphele and Lindiwe Mazibuko. I'm with you on this one. Miami lost Lebron. Aich!
Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko must smoke peace weed
Helen Zille reversing all Lindiwe Mazibuko's gains. *sigh*
Mfundi Vundla claims he made Sophy Ndaba if that's the case then Helen Zille can safely say she made Lindiwe Mazibuko.
A lot has happened this year so far. The Oscar Pistorius trial and verdict, Thuli Madonsela vs Zuma show, the kiss between Helen Zille and then Agang Leader Ramphele Maphela. How can I forget the EFF disruption of parliamentary sittings? The resignation of Lindiwe Mazibuko as DA parliamentary leader. The firing of 16 Generation actors, Dalai Lama being denied visa by SA again. Who would you say deserves to be the news maker of the year???
Now we all know why Helen Zille made Lindiwe Mazibuko quit politics and Maimane rose to power, Musi is married to a white girl lol politics!
Helen Zille blocked me for expressing my views. Now can I see why Lindiwe Mazibuko left the DA to Harvard.
Helen Zille enjoys seeing our people in the cold,first it was Lindiwe Mazibuko now she has evicted people of Lwandle informal settlement in the Western Cape a la apartheid forced removals
ZILLE SHOULD LEAD FROM THE FRONT, NOT THE PROVINCE(printed Saturday Argus and Sunday Independent) Last November parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko and several members of the parties so-called black caucus threw their weight behind the governments Employment Equity policies. This resulted in leader Helen Zille publically ordering Mazibuko and the caucus to reverse their decision (and taking steps to clip Mazibuko’s wings by encouraging DA national spokesperson, Mmusi Maimane, to challenge Mazibuka for her position). Mazibuko decided to resign and hid her decision until the elections were over. It is abundantly clear that Zille’s eagerness to show that the DA is not a white party could result in the DA being saddled with leaders who upon Zille’s retirement turn the DA into a party that places black interests above white interests. The only feasible way to guard against such an eventuality would be to insist on a system in which black people start at the bottom, alongside white and coloured people, ...
Im glad Mmusi Maimane might be replacing Lindiwe Mazibuko instead of Helen Zille. She's old. If they're a progressive opposition as they claim, then a younger competent representative is what they need in that National Assembly.
Zapiro cartoon on Helen Zille Grows into her Caricature - Godzille. The falling-out between Helen Zille, leader of the Democratic Alliamce (DA) and its former leader in parliament Lindiwe Mazibuko has rocked the DA, which is embroiled in a bitter batt
ANC lives and ANC leads in Central Karoo!!! Wow I so like how Helen Zille showed us how she is using us Black people look now with Lindiwe Mazibuko. If u voted DA plz make sure u do not repeat that mistake by 2016 coz the DA is exploiting our poor people more often then we know. Young people should not be victims of that. Vote ANC on 2016.!
The Democratic Alliance Leader Umama Helen Zille remark against USisi Lindiwe Mazibuko that she made Lindiwe what she is, or promoted her as she claims that what she said, do you think that was necessary, I personally think that there is more to this story "Lindiwe's Resignation", than just going to study at Harvard, Lets talk, asikhulume
The cracks between Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko began showing themselves a while ago. Is a difference in opinion between members good for the DA?
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SA: A state of schitzophrenia OpinionTuesday 20 May 2014 - Fred Khumalo File: DA leader Helen Zille and DA parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko during a media briefing after the party's policy conference on November 24, 2013 in Cape Town. Picture: Gallo Images / Foto24 / Liza van Deventer The infighting within the DA – which has resulted in the departure of their parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko – is a sad indictment of a party that speaks through both sides of its mouth. It mouths platitudes about how it has changed from a single-race party to a more inclusive entity; it also speaks about promoting leaders to rightful positions, on merit and not on the colour of their skins. And yet every time a person of colour with clear leadership skills shows his head, she is cut down to size. Helen Zille’s reported assertion that she “made” Mazibuko is a sad case of paternalism (in this case maternalism) and the point of departure here is that a black person can’t pull herself by her own bootstraps ...
So, when a black leader promotes the rise of another black person within an organisation, it's called affirmative action and is applauded. .. but when a white leader (Helen Zille) promotes the rise of a black person (Lindiwe Mazibuko) within an organisation, it's called tokenism or fronting & is frowned upon... And guess who makes those calls, - other black people. . so, black people continue to look down on other black people. .
I had expected the FB-ANC, more specifically the FB-ANCWL to attack the ANC with the same venom they had reserved for Helen Zille (a woman) after hearing rumours about her having used Lindiwe Mazibuko (another woman) for using them as voting canon fodder and honey to attract other women of this country as voting canon fodder to keep the ANC in power and then flushing them like used condoms when it came to allocating positions of power. The women's meek reaction; "Much as we're disappointed that there is only one woman premier, we'll support those that the organisation has deployed to lead our provinces", is very disheartening to say the least. Look, the response to you from the real ANC (men) is this; "We are encouraged by the humility with which the ANCWL has embraced the decision of the movement to deploy our cadres and promise to improve on our efforts in the future", (microphones off); "Now vtsek! Go to the kitchen and prepare some hot home made meal. We'd like to discuss serious issues here". Baleka ...
Analysis of Madam Zille's subtle Rascim. I must say and admit that I took exception to the remarks made by Helen Zille in respect of Lindiwe Mazibuko not because I'm a fan of Mazibuko nor a DA supporter but a Black Man. It is my view that when one thoroughly unpack Zille's remarks you find a sickning patronizing if not racist undertones hidden underneath a great smile. Helen Zille is reported to have said she supported Mazibuko not because she believed she deserved her previous position in Parlament but she could not afford a situation that a black Leader lost an election to a white Leader when the DA needed to appear inclusive and attractive to the Black Majority. Now, one is left to wonder what the *** Zille was talking about?? Was Mazibuko elected on the basis of her abilities with the belief that she could best lead the DA in Parlament? Or was she a case of Affirmative action in the political Arena, a concept Zille so despised? Was she a case of window-dressing? It appears to me now that at least ac . ...
The real reasons Mazibuko left the DA parliamentary leadership by Gareth van Onselen ON SUNDAY Democratic Alliance (DA) parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko announced she would not be returning to Parliament post election. She set out her reasoning in an article for the Sunday Times newspaper, in which she argued she intended to study abroad in order to broaden her prospects. She suggested she might return to the DA at some point in the future. From that statement, a singular fact is significant: faced with the prospect of leading a growing party in the National Assembly as the constitutionally recognised leader of the opposition, Mazibuko chose instead to return to university. The loss to the DA and South Africa is profound. Mazibuko was a superstar. How is it that the DA has come to lose someone who embodied all its best qualities? To answer that question, one needs to better understand the current internal condition of the party. Elections, particularly those with that result in growth, are vital to a ...
In May 2011 the president of the ANC Youth League, Julius Malema, arrived at the studios at the Independent Electoral Commission's results centre in Pretoria. Lindiwe Mazibuko, at the time the DA's spokesman, had been waiting an hour for a televised debate with Malema. Malema refused to take part, saying he had not been asked to debate with her. "She's a nobody, she's a tea girl of the madam [DA leader Helen Zille]. I'm not debating with the service of the madam," he said. The wheel has turned since then. Malema is now headed for parliament to represent his new party, the Economic Freedom Fighters. Mazibuko is headed for an Ivy League university and is at the centre of one of the biggest firestorms to engulf the DA, with racial overtones that might shatter the party as it stands on the brink of significant power in Gauteng and urban centres elsewhere. And Helen Zille? Well, she is in trouble. She is in big, big trouble. Yesterday the Sunday Times reported that, at a DA federal executive meeting, Zill ...
Long before Helen Zille "made" Lindiwe Mazibuko, Mr and Mrs Caley made Robert Sobukwe. The missionary couple paid for the young Sobukwe's university fees, a sacrifice they made because they wanted to see "more educated leaders" amongst blacks. According to Benjamin Pogrund, author of Sobukwe's biography, "They also liked and respected Sobukwe's intellectual abilities but had little understanding of his thinking processes, or of the forces at work that were having an effect on him". As with Zille, disillusionment for the Caleys' would come unexpectedly in the autumn of 1949, May to be exact. Pogrund writes: According to Mathew Nkoana, a well-known journalist and a member of the Pan Africanist Congress, in a May 1949 article in Drum magazine, the Principal [sic] of Healdtown made a speech at Forth Hare about the brotherhood of man, suggesting it could be fostered between white and black by personal contact in homes and in informal meetings without changing the state's laws. Sobukwe addressed him: 'The momen ...
Monday, 19 May 2014 | Politicsweb Homepage FEATURE I made no public attack on Lindiwe Mazibuko - Helen Zille 18 May 2014 DA leader says Sunday Times' headline and introductory paras false, story distorted Read more » A FAMOUS GROUSE Julius Malema and the Effniks go to parliament 17 May 2014 Andrew Donaldson notes that practices such as the baring of buttocks tend to be frowned upon in the NA Read more » OPINION The plot to kill Helen Zille 18 May 2014 Kameel Premhid says there is a deliberate effort to push the DA leader to the brink Read more » OPINION Zimbabwe: Getting back to basics 17 May 2014 Eddie Cross on what the country needs to do if it is to attract investment again Read more » OPINION ZANU-PF arrogance continues to cost us 17 May 2014 Vince Musewe says the fate of Zimbabwe lies in the hands of the security chiefs Read more » BIZNEWS.COM DAILY TOP FIVE "Oscar Pistorius: I know what really happened" - BizNews 18 May 2014 And four other of the top stories on Alec Hogg's business news websit ...
Helen Zille did say she gave Mamphela the Universe & so it is hard to NOT believe she said she made Lindiwe Mazibuko LOL
I respected her. Still can't believe she said it "I am reminded of the song "true colours"! Helen Zille to Lind…
Helen Zille & the Democratic Alliance should be reminded that many voters of the in South Africa saw the face Lindiwe Mazibuko
These scathing attacks on Lindiwe Mazibuko are not merely attacks by a bitter and scorned Helen Zille who is "losing" one of her proteges to Harvard University. They are a reflection of exactly how Whites (both liberals and conservatives) see Black leaders. For Zille to say she "made" Mazibuko speaks volumes. It is in fact a long-held argument by Whites, who have arrogated themselves historic claims to our very own progress as a people. One of the arguments that forms part of the colonial narrative is that Afrika was a backwards "Dark Continent" of savages, rescued by colonialists. It is not acknowledged that long before the first settler set foot on our continent, we had progressive civilisations way ahead of most peoples of the world. We had cities in Afrika long before Britain underwent an Industrial Revolution. We had Mapungubwe, the Great Zimbabwe, the Kongo kingdom and many others, long before the Spinning Jenny revolutionarised the production process in Europe. Another popular narrative in colonial ...
DA leader Helen Zille has launched an extraordinary attack on Lindiwe Mazibuko, her party's former parliamentary leader, claiming she
Zille denies attacking outgoing Mazibuko - Helen Zille has rubbished claims she attacked Lindiwe Mazibuko at a rec...
I've always thought that Helen Zille lacks class and the graceless way she's handling Lindiwe Mazibuko's departure con…
Helen Zille criticizing Lindiwe Mazibuko for resigning to go do her Masters 😱
if claims by Helen Zille dt she 'made' Lindiwe Mazibuko r anythng 2 go by it clearly means dt Madam Zille is God.and if she is indeed God is clearly means that she created blacks.
Helen Zille' attack on Lindiwe Mazibuko is clear evidence of the DA's disregard for black people... black people must be 'made' by the white master. Once 'made' self opinion and thinking is out of the question. One is just expected to jump to the master's commands. That's why I will never vote DA.
Lindiwe Mazibuko was a science -lab project of Helen Zille gone wrong. The European clone wanted to be bigger than its creator, and thus, it had to be eliminated. Using every means.
Two weeks before the elections, the Sunday Times ran a front page story citing an "exclusive survey" about the ANC being on track to win a two thirds majority. The paper even ran a editorial comment on this story lambasting opposition parties for their failure to convince the voters that they're for real. The Sunday before elections, the Sunday Times ran another front page story, again citing an "exclusive survey", saying that the ANC was not going to get a two thirds majority after all. A casual glance at both survey results show that both stories are in fact quoting the same survey. There is nary an apology to the readers for having lied to them before. A the Sunday after elections, the Sunday Times published a story with a headline about Lindiwe Mazibuko quiting the DA after a fall-out with Helen Zille. When you read the story itself, you find that one, Mazibuko has not quit the DA at all, she very much still a member, two, while the story seeks to say she quit as parliamentary leader, that too is a li ...
Helen Zille seems to have forgotten that its Lindiwe Mazibuko's forefathers who fought and bled for the freedom that allows a racist old cow like her to even have a space to exist in politics. I detest the Democratic Alliance and all that it stands for, I detest the fact that our democracy allows for such an organisation to exist, the DA is an enemy of the African people and will continue to be. I don't care who says what but I loathe the existence of the DA with an unmatchable passion!
Helen Zille is now attacking Lindiwe Mazibuko, claiming that she "made" Lindiwe and that "Lindiwe is nothing without me". In other words, a Black person is a moron by default. It takes a White master to step in and make us. Truth is, it's actually Lindiwe Mazibuko's hardwork and intelligence that helped to make the DA, not the other way around. "Never trust anyone who says they do not see color. This means to them, you are invisible". -Nayyirah Waheed
What you have to say now about Helen Zille talking about Lindiwe Mazibuko like that. Just because she's leader of DA its ok with you to undermine black leaders
Do you think Lindiwe Mazibuko is being made sacrifixial lamb to hide Helen Zille's poor management of the DA.
I have been following Lindiwe Mazibuko and Helen Zille's cat-fight for sometime now and tried not to take side. But after what Madam Zille said recently it is pure jealousy and undermining of this young black woman. And if this is how black people are going to be treated in DA then this party is worse than I thought. I will be more worried with our black people in that party especially who thought DA was an alternative opposition. Julius Malema was right all along about Zille and how she treats our people.
Helen Zille's true colours a coming out. Now she want to rent another black. Mmusi Maimane will be the next victim after Lindiwe Mazibuko. Watch this space.
I am deeply saddened to read Helen Zille's remarks in the Sunday Times about Lindiwe Mazibuko. I think Lindiwe has acted like a true leader in not upsetting the applecart during the election campaigns - she sang and danced with Helen and all her recent statements have all been about her support for the DA - had she announced her departure early the DA might not have received as many votes. Please Helen cool it you - I get the feeling you are becoming like a Maggie Thatcher. You have done a great job over the years but now believe you are untouchable. This is a message from an ardent DA supporter. I am sure Lindiwe is also grateful for learning much from you, but remember we all have to start our careers from a starting point. I really did expect you to behave like a true leader in this situation. I daresay my friends would never have expected me to make a statement like this before, but maybe Helen it is time for you to throw in the towel.
Helen Zille reminds me of a pig. You see, a pig doesn't think twice about eating its own offspring during desperate times. The things she is saying about her former daughter, Lindiwe Mazibuko, are in a bad taste...disgusting, to say the least. If the newly minted son, Mmusi Maimane doesn't learn anything from this, then he will not learn anything in a very long time. As for Helen... She has a lot to learn from mother-hen about parenting.
Well done DA, well done Helen Zille. According to an article on news24 Helen Zille is now saying she "made" Lindiwe Mazibuko. So let me understand, by implication people like Mazibuko need people like Zille without whom they are nothing? So for me to become succesful I would similarly need a Gibson, Smith or van Rensburg? Interesting. Guess we aren't quite brilliant enough to make success stories of ourselves, sadly. Thanks DA... understood. (Can one of those advocates of racial predjudice/DA apologists on my timeline please help me understand, how they keep sending out such awful subliminal messages?) Full article here (It's short, read it).
Comoments by Helen Zille about Lindiwe Mazibuko clearly confirms long held views that She is a Racist full of hate and prejudice.On the other it shows you that this rent a black arrangements whether in business or politics are founded on false premises. Racism will always raise its head and no amount of subterfuge,smokes and mirrors will make most of us not to realise that.
Harvard is Lindiwe's 'Plan B': Zille Going to Harvard University was DA parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko's "Plan B", opposition leader Helen Zille was quoted as saying on Wednesday. In an interview with Beeld newspaper, Zille said Mazibuko would not have been re-elected as the Democratic Alliance's caucus leader. "She would have lost the election... She knew it and many other people knew it. "I am certain that [Harvard] was her Plan B," Zille was quoted as saying in the Afrikaans daily. Zille said last year she offered Mazibuko the position of Gauteng Premier candidate which she declined. Mmusi Maimane became the Gauteng candidate for the DA. Zille told SAfm on Wednesday morning that she had decided to stay on as premier of the Western Cape instead of going to parliament. "We decided I should finish the job I do as premier," said Zille. The DA won almost 60 percent of the provincial vote in the Western Cape in the general elections last week and significantly grew its support base in Gauteng. Mazibuk ...
DA leader Helen Zille dismissed rumours that the party's spokesperson Mmusi Maimane will be replacing Lindiwe Mazibuko as parliamentary leader. Zille said Mazibuko’s decision to take a year off to study at Harvard in the US did not mean she was leaving the party, but merely taking a sabbatical. \"Sh…
(Look out for implicit sexism and patriarchy- endorsement from the loud hailers of the Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko haters; sometimes barely perceptible, sometimes unmistakeable. Sexism is ageism is classism is racism is prejudice. The hypocrisy lurks just below the surface and is discernible in even the most radical circles.)
We thank you Helen Zille, Patricia De Lille, Lindiwe Mazibuko, Mmusi Maimane & all the DA team who've worked tirelessly for months to achieve this!! DA forever & a day, we believe in you, you will make history!
DA said if I vote for them I'll be a yellow bone like Helen Zille, be a full house like Lindiwe Mazibuko, and be tall like Mmusi Maimane...
DA Mitchell's Plain proudly hosted our Leader, Helen Zille, Mayor De Lille and Lindiwe Mazibuko in Rocklands and MPlain #
Cape Town - DA leaders were confident on Tuesday that the party would increase its majority in the Western Cape as they made a last-ditch attempt to sway voters. DA leader Helen Zille was joined by Cape Town mayor Patricia De Lille and parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko in Mitchells Plain, the province's biggest coloured area. "We are not white, we are blue. We don't look at colour. We look at values." Zille's comments were followed by songs echoing her sentiments. "Dis 'n blou vroutjie, dis 'n blou vroutjie. Dis 'n duidelike blou vroutjie," reverberated through speakers from a campaign bakkie following the leaders around in the area. Zille and De Lille left for Atlantis just after 17:00 where they were set to continue campaigning for the national and provincial elections on Wednesday. Mazibuko stayed behind to campaign at the town centre - close to the Mitchells Plain taxi and bus ranks where workers returned home from work. "The DA has worked very hard. It's the biggest election campaign we've ever m ...
Wooo but everytime i hear Dr Maphela Ramphele's voice i wanna slit my wrists and hang myself and eat halephirimi all at once (and im not suicidal at all). Hwr voice is nauseating id rather listen to T-Bo Touch, Lindiwe Mazibuko, Mo-G, Helen Zille, Julius Malema on loud speaker ( and i wouldnt ordinarily wanna hear thoae voices)...
 Menu Skip to primary content  Featured “Blacks Are Stupid! Let Them Do All The Barbaric Chanting For Us,” Laughed Off White DA Members (PIC) An influx of DA supporters marching for “real jobs” Johannesburg – It was petrol bombs, tear gas and bricks as DA’s attempt to march for “real” jobs came to a screeching halt. A sea of blue t-shirts confronted by a dash of red [copy cat] berets turned unpalatably sour, consequently wreaking havoc across the streets of downtown Jozi. Amidst all the drama and controversy, what was strikingly vivid was the absence of white DA comrades, although the ANC is still very adamant that DA is predominantly a “white” political party. Like a small drop of bleach stain on a black fabric, DA leader, Helen Zille, was the only white person in attendance, flanked by [her almost white] Lindiwe Mazibuko, alias “glorified tea girl”. While all media outlets took M1 South to capture stick-and-stone moments hovering Rissik street, a journalist working for a po ...
Comrades I still cannot Believe that Intelligent People like Helen Zille, Mmusi Maimane and Lindiwe Mazibuko really marched to ANC Head Quarters Demanding so called 6Million Real Jobs. A political party marching to Demand Jobs from another? This is like VW marching to BMW demanding that BMW produces cars with more Horsepower. Checkers marching to Pick 'n Pay demanding that Pick 'n Pay employ more people or make their temps permanent. *** what a dump chick! I say it again, all who are supporting the blue-t-shirts, U can see for yourself, better be with the ANC because the blue-t-shirts are just middle men/women, they are like brokers they will come talk to the ANC on your behalf. "Go Direct" the only way to go in politics. Come to the ANC
It is legal for DA to march to Anc as they got permission to do so,but Politicaly it's wrong for a political party to march to another political headquaters. I feel sorry for all those DA members who have to turn back without reaching their destination.The fact is they were mislead by Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko.
Get the latest updates as the DA, led by leaders Helen Zille, Lindiwe Mazibuko and others, marches in Johannesburg
The DA leader Helen Zille is here while parl leader Lindiwe Mazibuko on the truck as begins
Helen Zille nd her tea girl Lindiwe Mazibuko are busy misleading ppl...
Hehehe DA is gonna match close to Luthuli House...guys lets be simple its strategic, State of the nation address, there will be violence started by "the defenders of Luthuli House" I.e ANC members and that will be another case of "look your government the ruling party is killing its citizens" if you wanna hand in a memo to the president of S.A why not go to Pta the union buildings? Helen Zille is playing petty politics, good luck to Lindiwe Mazibuko, Mmusi Maimane and other black DA supporters, I hope their medical aids are up to date they're gonna get pelted with stones, come to my house and march I will defend my house...taking chances doesn't help guts for mere political parties?
You know whites think we don when Helen Zille tried to use Mamphele Ramphele when she noticed the Lindiwe Mazibuko card wasn't working anymore... But Mamphele saw through her schemes and used her for free publicity... Truth is, if DA won office under any black elected presidential candidate, a white person would become president, now it would be Zille and in 100yrs it will be a new version PW Botha... I don't trust people who can fake a smile that wide... VOTE ANC
If the DA were the EFF, the newspaper headlines would have read - Helen Zille dumps Lindiwe Mazibuko for the older Ramphele.
Lindiwe Mazibuko and Mamphele Ramphele are just black puppets used by Helen Zille
From Journalism to an emerging Strategist: One of the interesting political figures of our time and certainly a woman that strikes me the most is Helen Zille: I have made my own analysis and research about this politician: As an ANC loyal and disciplined member I am not sure that the ANC is ever going to understand this woman: Her strategy and tactics are well thought out and well conceived from a calculated trajectory plan to an execution of magnitude and adequate proportions: In her experience as a journalist – Helen has learned the three outmost striking leadership traits amongst many she has acquired over the years: As a leader it is always important to carry a bag of leading leadership attributes and lagging leadership attributes. The lagging attributes are those that do not make or shape your personality as a leader, but assist as and when you need them. Compassion for instance is the resultant leadership emotional attribute and feeling reacting to a situation or event .It is reactive in nature an ...
US & Europe still has race issues, even through their project called democracy.Why are we as SA pretending it's a none factor when even prominent people like Steve Hofmeyer or Julius Malema, Justice Malala,Lindiwe Mazibuko, Thabo Mbeki, Patricia De Lil, Nelson Mandela,Helen Zille and all others realise that the race issue is an issue, whether through proving that we can be equal, having black or white people amongst them, presidents etc.. Why would there be a need to prove equality and that race is not an issue,if it really is not an issue.Why sould someone who has never had sex take a pregnancy test to prove they are not pregnant? The issue is not solely based on bigotery or just prejudice.It's all up in our subconsciouss minds and what others call psyche, it's like that little demon we all want to kill and suppress that keeps on mocking us.Even in our sporting codes that are supposed to unite us it's there, I beleive our history cannot simply be erased through forgetting, revisionism of romanticising it ...
"Something struck me about the DA today: Helen Zille (party leader), Patricia De Lille (Cape Town mayor), Lindiwe Mazibuko (parliamentary leader) and Dr Mamphela Ramphele (presidential candidate) - all women!!" Konrad Rode. that's why they'll ALWAYS find them in the Kitchen at parties.
I was not a fan of Dr Ramphela when she started AGANG. Her move to join DA ddnt surprize me. She has no stance, no backbone, no vision. All she sees in South Africa is an opportunuty 2 flourish as a female politician, jst like her new boss Helen Zille. I dislike both of them. And yeah their cousin Patricia De Lille. Oh I almost 4got, I also dislike their maid Lindiwe Mazibuko. We r not going 2 leave our ANC. All we're gonna do is change and keep building our ANC. Viva ANC Viva.
Dr. Mamphela Ramphele joins the DA, Hooray!! In politics, realignments usually are rumored and then they are discounted, but when the two respective leaders announce that they are now on the same page, invariably that shocks everyone! This has happened many times. Just recently the FF plus, COPE and the ACDP announced out of the blue that they were forming an electoral coalition , the CD ( Collective for Democracy ) So it was not a surprise to me when I heard the news this morning about Dr. Mamphela Ramphele. This was something that was gonna happen anyway. I thought that it would happen right after the elections, but hey, it's better to strike when the iron is hot! Some people are discounting her role in the DA, they could not be more wrong!! Helen Zille has passed the baton on now to Mamphela. Helen could not finish the race, Mamhela has what it takes to finish the race, to go head to head with the ruling party in the upcoming elections. Zille helped to transform the DA from a former white and mixed rac ...
So err am I the only one who remembers the Goldfields scandal where random people were made BEE partners including Mamphela? Only after she stepped down as chairperson did she run to the tabloids...she sounds like a sell out, an opportunist.Perfect combination with Helen Zille then, she associates herself with sell outs: Patrica De Lille and Lindiwe Mazibuko.You put strong women's name to shame.
Is this where the problem started?" It's war in the DA - how Lindiwe Mazibuko stopped Helen Zille from firing the Chief Whip 3 months ago."
Just saw Helen Zille, Patricia De Lille and Lindiwe Mazibuko at the Kimberley air port. They had zero body guards.
After all is said and done, Dr Ramphele will not be the president of South Africa after the elections - Helen Zille will still be the leader of DA and possibly the Premier of the Western Cape; Lindiwe Mazibuko will be the leader of the DA in parliament and the good Dr an ordinary member of parliament under the leadership of Zille and Mazibuko. So, isn't the presidential candidature a token position?
Is This a Sign of a Dying Party? White men can’t lead; black women to the rescue. Zille: This is the end of one journey and the beginning of another. Racism is a form of discrimination that characterise each race as inferior or superior to other races. A look on the DA candidate list for parliament, one realises the brutal attack on democracy. Like many South Africans I believe sending young inexperienced people to parliament undermine the gains of our democracy and a unfortunate political stunt. The Democratic Alliance leader, Helen Zille knows how to kill opposition parties. She started it with Independent Democrats (ID) now it’s Agang SA. In 2003, Patricia De Lille left Pan Africanist Congress to form and lead ID in order to make a positive contribution to democratic practices and political competition in the country. Zille, after 2009 election viewed ID as a threat and an opportunity for to prove that in her understanding and belief, black women cannot lead. Dr Mamphela Ramphela leader of Agang S ...
Lindiwe Mazibuko must be on some, Helen Zille never loved me. :-)
Where is Lindiwe Mazibuko the former parliamentary leader of DA? How can Helen Zille do this to this young girl?
It is tym for Lindiwe Mazibuko to go black nd join EFF or ANC cos she nd Mamphele Ramphela will forever be Helen Zille's puppets
It has again become clear that the Democratic Alliance has always been a one man's party, hence the DA will always be adhering to what the leader says. Even local structures can comment on decisions but cannot influence decisions. Helen Zille has once again demonstrated her lack of capacity to lead and take responsibility. She has been scared as the leader of the DA to take up her position as leader in Parliament after the 2009 elections. She has paraded Lindiwe Mazibuko as the future leader of the DA and even parachuted the inexperienced Mazibuko to parliament, which goes to show that a Black face is the ticket to draw votes for the DA. This is the same way that the now defunct Agang leader, Dr. Mamphela Ramphela, another Black face to draw votes and being parachuted to parliament only to be dictated to on what policy proposals to vote for and against. Another chance to eradicate the DA. VIVA ANC!! VIVA
Where is Patricia de Lile and Lindiwe Mazibuko,? Now is Mamphele Ramphele, Helen Zille is playing monopoly with them
I the Lindiwe Mazibuko is beginning to outperform not only her own party leader Helen Zille, but also leaders...
I wonder where is Lindiwe Mazibuko and Mosi Moimane when Helen Zille say that the must be the investigation to the out come of matric results, since there is a lot of black people who have passed. That is the insult to our people...
I have just lost respect for Helen Zille for thinking that only children from white schools that can pass with distinctions, That puppet *disfigured Fat Coconut Lindiwe mazibuko all she say is that She is Hungry, no wonder she is not attractive to men.
Things that politicians must not do: Helen Zille can't speak transformation. Lindiwe Mazibuko can't speak affirmative action. Mamphela Ramphele can't criticise BEE policy. Julius Malema can't speak economic freedom. He failed in Limpopo, only his family and friends were empowered. Malema and friends spent money like it was coming out of their ears. Can never get over a purple suit in Mauritius. Today he claims to be friend of the poor. He can only fool ***
Christmas * Fake interpreter Jantjie – Another state gig. * ANC spin doctor Jackson Mthembu – Jantjie as his full-time interpreter. * Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema – A new speedometer and an all-expenses paid holiday with Steve Hofmeyr. * Public Works Minister Thulas Nxesi – The Book of Lies by Aleister Crowley. * Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele – New headgear to replace the pharoan doek. * Numsa general secretary Irvin Jim – Dental work to avoid a leadership gap in Numsa. * Zwelinzima Vavi – a pack of Lover’s Plus condoms. * President Jacob Zuma – Swimming lessons and a life jacket for his fire pool baptism. * Inkatha Freedom Party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi – A mini statue of freedom, for when Madiba was asked, “Who is this man?” apparently (according to the prince) he said: “A true freedom fighter in his own right.” * DA parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko – Braai packs and alcohol for the black caucus’s Black Christmas. * DA Helen Zille ...
Do we think that Lindiwe Mazibuko will nail Helen Zille? Floyd will nail Julius??? So the Ministerial Report!
Where is Helen Zille, Patricia Delilli and Lindiwe Mazibuko? Don't tell me u love DA ungumntu omnyama
I hope u mama Helen Zille no cc Lindiwe Mazibuko are taking note of where the ANC and Mandela comes from. because of Apartheid regime. To Democratic South Africa. It wasn't bought from Pick n pay or Spar
Qunu - A number of Cabinet ministers arrived at a purple-themed arena where the state funeral of former president Nelson Mandela is set to take place in Qunu in the Eastern Cape on Sunday. Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa, Transport Minister Dipuo Peters, Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson, and Home Affairs Minister Naledi Pandor were among the earliest arrivals at the dome-shaped venue which had been specially constructed for the event. Smartly-dressed guests took their seats on purple chairs in front of a stage lined with two rows of candles and a portrait of Mandela. Black seats have been designated for international delegates and special guests. Western Cape premier Helen Zille said she had not been to Qunu before. “It looks very beautiful,” she said. Both Zille, and Democratic Alliance parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko, said it was an honour to be at the funeral. “It's an amazing moment. It's a privilege to be here alongside his family,” said Mazibuko. Gues ...
If you ctiticize Malema or Kenny Kunene and even take on Lindiwe Mazibuko's dress sense you are considered 'objective', speak about the ANC or something one of their leaders is doing.oh! You are out of line. Really? We have done Malema' watches, he didnt threaten us, we did Helen Zille's toe incident, she didn't threaten us, we even went through Mbazima Shilowa's red sox, we survived Cope. ANC?
On the DA's efforts at damage control RW Johnson says the party's response to liberal critics raises three serious questions Since the debacle of the DA's support and then opposition to the Equity Employment Amendment Bill and the accompanying and equally crazy new BEE Bill, the party has come to its senses enough to launch a large damage limitation exercise. Helen Zille, Wilmot James, Lindiwe Mazibuko and others have all been frantically busy in the media. Lindiwe Mazibuko's response struck me as the most honest in that she admitted (Sunday Times, 17.Nov. 2013) that the DA has changed its stance on affirmative action since Tony Leon vociferously opposed the original Equity Employment Act of 1998 - a change which has never been explained to voters or even party members. And she also admits that it is a problem that Helen Zille is trying to perform her DA leadership role only as a day job while putting in the main hours at another job altogether. The DA leadership has pressed the panic button really hard o ...
Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko left reeling from the political fallout of a clumsy flip-flop
If Lindiwe Mazibuko led a coup against Helen Zille, I would consider telling people to Vote DA. There IS someone better for the job, so Zille needs to keep her promise and sit down.
2015 Lindiwe Mazibuko will unseat Helen Zille. Very ambitious that one.
Are we going to see DA-A head by Helen Zille and DA-B head by Lindiwe Mazibuko leading to election?
DA's U-turn B-BBEE and EE not surprising - ANC Moloto Mothapo12 November 2013Office of the Chief Whip says opposition has revealed itself to be anti-transformation, anti-redress and anti social justiceDA'S U-TURN ON BBBEE AND EE UNSURPRISING12 November 2013By withdrawing its support for Employment Equity and broad based black economic empowerment (BBBE), the DA has effectively sent an unequivocal message to its Black supporters, including people living with disabilities and women, that they are on their own.Helen Zille's bombshell at the weekend, which castigated the party's black parliamentary leaders (Lindiwe Mazibuko and Sejamothopo Motau) for leading the support for these pieces of legislation designed to empower black people, is a candid confirmation of what we have always known: that the DA is anti transformation; anti redress and anti social justice. It was the most brutal reminder to the black folks in the party to know their place or else.It is clear that there have been internal racial tensions ...
If white South Africans thought they were sold out and betrayed by FW De Klerk they have not seen anything yet with what the Democratic Alliance (DA) under the leadership of Helen Zille has in store for them. Like any other political party around the world the DA is power hungry and tired of playing second after the ANC. The DA is desperately trying to position itself as the new ANC-lite in order to attract the lucrative so called “black African vote.” It is out to get black votes but at what cost to white South Africans? The DA has reached a ceiling with the traditional support base of white liberals. They have learned that in order to attract black Africans they need more than a madam dancing to Brenda Fassies songs; learning to toy-toy and giving away free T-shirts. The DA has learned that they need tangible redress policies and practical programmes that mirror those of the ANC. Last month the opposition party voted in favour of the Employment Equity Bill, the draft law that aims to regulate demogr ...
DA's Helen Zille & Lindiwe Mazibuko voted "Loser Of The Week" on 4 the confusion. Deservedly so, no?
Defend this democracy and all the policies that favour us njengabantu like Employment Equity, affirmative action, BBBEE. Asenjenjalo singakhohliswa o Helen Zille no Lindiwe Mazibuko.
I say the poo protesters in the Western Cape must go and pour poo on Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko's heads. No bucket toilets in 2013!
The greatst Politicians in SA r all women at the Moment.Helen Zille,Mme Ramphele,Lindiwe Mazibuko,NKK Zuma,Thuli Madonsela
Julius Malema says:"Lindiwe Mazibuko she's a Tea-Girl, she must work for Madam (Helen Zille). Lindiwe Mazibuko she is a domestic worker".
And is Lindiwe Mazibuko really a madam's maid who is used by Helen Zille to bring blacks to the DA?If given a chance can't she bring change?
First, Helen Zille called her an elephant that should take up cycling, now DA Dep leader in WP, Theuns Botha, in responding to Zodwa Magwaza's during a debate on Employment Equity in the legislature responded: "n bobbejaan se *** "a baboon says how". He has also called her a hippo. He has been forced to apologise for his remark but he says he didnt say a baboon says but a "baboon makes hoh" - whatever that means. Just the racist undertones to the word baboon should have made headlines & similar outcry, if not worse, to the Lindiwe Mazibuko's weight issue. But not in SA.
Khaya Gasela Yozi wrote: Good Morning Friends on politics... Remember when President Jacob Zuma said the African National Congress (ANC) will rule South Africa till Jesus Christ comes back again? Yeah, do you ne? So the Democratic could not help but be terrified about this bold assertion by President Jacob Zuma. I always thought that Helen Zille was clever but now she proved to me beyond reasonable doubt that she is dumb!!! Helen and her boys and girls had a meeting and decided to challenge the ANC through his coming up National and Provincial Elections. How? Let me tell you. Helen thought that the only way the ANC would lose elections and her subsequent take is when who? Right. When Jesus comes again. So the Botox lady looked around and about and found a Zulu man in KZN. They took this man and trained him to be an eloquent speaker like Lindiwe Mazibuko and sent him to go and convinced people that he is the Messiah *Chuckles*. How desperate and dumb if Helen hey. They thought we would believe this trick. ...
Chester Missing wrote: Leon Schuster is doing a movie about Helen Zille. It's called 'There's a Poep on my Stoep'.
Today we're off to join with Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko in Phoenix at 10am to celebrate Freedom day, this is exciting...
At this rate of falsification, it wont be long before DA refers to Helen Zille as Comrade Helen & Lindiwe Mazibuko as Chief.
Rewind: DAove White with Helen and Lindiwe: Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko of the Democratic Alliance dem...
Helen Zille and her pet Lindiwe Mazibuko must just *** off now...
Oh so Lindiwe Mazibuko is DA's parliamentary leader? I just thought she was the black & fatter version of Helen Zille(sp)
I predict that in 10 years, Lindiwe Mazibuko will be the first female president of SA after she succeeds Helen Zille as DA president.✗
The only thing wrong with Helen Zille's participation on the upcoming Cape Argus is that she didn't invite Lindiwe Mazibuko..why Hellen why?
This country has Helen Zille, Lindiwe Mazibuko, Mamphela Ramphele & Patricia De Lille. You'll can change the sad state we in.
Where is Helen Zille & Lindiwe Mazibuko in the Oscar Pistorious it because he's white. in Margate there was a taxi driver accident. where the driver killed a cyclist, & Hellen Zille & them were very vocal then, why not now, is it because the driver was black ?
I'd kill for a comment from Helen Zille or Lindiwe Mazibuko on the Pistorius and Steenkamp court case.
I love u my Mother City../V'V\_.. Hello to Helen Zille keep up ur gud work n next year after votes Western Cape kuzokukhala esakho iscathulo for the nxt 5 yrs Ta Ncesh n Ma- E
Helen Zille, Particia De Lille, Lindiwe Mazibuko and now Mamphela Jacob Zuma has got so many ladies after him.
Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko women of power and influence!! whether you like them or not the fact is they're going to be around for quiet a while!!
pic of Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko at the State of the Nation Address last night...
Opposition, groups uninspired by State of the Nation address Sapa | 15 February, 2013 08:02 South African President Jacob Zuma laughs as he delivers his State of the Nation Address after the formal opening of Parliament in Cape Town February 14, 2013. Image by: POOL / REUTERS Opposition parties were unimpressed with President Jacob Zuma's state-of-the-nation speech on Thursday. SAVE & SHARE 0 inShare EMAILPRINT Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille said it had been a "wasted opportunity". "The president focused on the right issues -- jobs, especially youth unemployment, education, health, crime, and rural development. "All the right issues, but he hardly came up with a single new plan." Zille said he had mentioned a lot of old projects, but had failed to detail anything about involving young people in the economy. He had fudged the whole issue of the youth wage subsidy, focusing on old things such as the expanded public works programme and learnerships in state-owned enterprises. "This won't go near to a ...
Oh the fashions.. great to see people really dressing up for a change.. see article and some photos here: litz and glamour at SONA Town – Dignitaries have started streaming in to the National Assembly where President Jacob Zuma is expected to arrive shortly to deliver his State of the Nation Address. The fashion on the red carpet this year has been varied with much aquamarine, red to mark Valentines Day and the usual African attire. The DA's Lindiwe Mazibuko was dressed by Stefania Morland – sporting a black number sinched at the waist, with a tulle bodice with flower detail. The outfit was paired with gold glitter shies and her signature red lips. A large diamante clip finished off her hair. “I went for something a bit different this year – all black. I feel fabulous, I feel cool,” she said. She said she was looking forward to the speech and a “good evening with colleagues” before tackling the year ahead. DA leader Helen Zille was fashion forward in her aquamarine off-the-shoulder Johan Smi ...
The most interesting part abt today's State of the nation adress is fashion. And it's gona be more interesting since it's valentines. Can't wait to see Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko. Those two bayakumangaza ngendwangu
Helen Zille sounds black n Lindiwe Mazibuko sounds white... What's happening?
DA leader Helen Zille and DA Parliamentary leader,Lindiwe Mazibuko, say they will take part in a Stop Rape peotest outside Parliament today
Thuli Madonsela,Helen Zille,Lindiwe Mazibuko and Dr Mamphele Ramphele should rather unite and make things a little great for
Helen Zille forgets that you cannot 'madam' a Gupta. You can do that to an unsuspecting Mmusi Maimane and Lindiwe Mazibuko.
So is Helen Zille finally admiting that the DA received funding from the Guptas??? "it wasnt from the Guptas but from an employee of the Guptas handed over at the Gupta compound in Saxonwold"
The DA did not receive money directly from the Guptas but rather from an individual employed by the controversial family, says Helen Zille.
Helen Zille says the DA will not bring back apartheid. Let's take a look at the numerical composition of the DA and then let the numbers speak for themselves if it's true or not. • 95% - old National Party and the homeless AWB-types • 1% - old PFP (think Frederik van Zyl Slabert) • 2% - secured with the Fight Blacks campaign • 0.5% - abo Lindiwe Mazibuko (i.e. "clever blacks") 1.5% - Rhodesian expatriates (these are the vulgar ones. You will recognise them with the choice words they use to describe black people) NOW TELL ME THE DA WILL NOT BRING BACK APARTHEID. Anyone?
What do you think of a person like Lindiwe Mazibuko , she sounds exctly like a spoilt African Child adopted from an orphanage by a " mississ " Helen Zille , umfazi ka " nkosana " Zille . Same like a Matatiele Hlubi man like Mandla Galo who wants a home KZN
If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life get Lindiwe Mazibuko to be your wife. So from a DA point of view, get a member of parliment to marry you. But Malema says we'll have Helen Zille's tea girl to answer to.
That time Helen Zille&Lindiwe Mazibuko's TLs are a buzz like they just had their conference :'D I'm not sure I'd want disgruntled ANCers tho
May our Lord Jesus Christ Bless the Democratic Alliance, including Lindiwe Mazibuko, Helen Zille and Patricia Delille. May they rule this country until ignorance is deemed an irregularity.
ZANews: Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko as'Thelma and Louise. Even pinko, DA neo-liberal madams should crack up ..
Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko take to the theatre stage - Jack and the Beanstalk Pantomime
I follow Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko but it is a closely guarded secret, please don't tell anyone.
And in the other succession contest, congratulations to Mmusi Maimane & Makashule Gana for their election to DA deputy federal chairs. It is clear that these are the real riasing stars of the DA and not Ms. Mazibuko as Ms. Zille would have hoped. In fact had what happened in the DA, happened in the ANC everyone would have cried cadre deployment. Lindiwe Mazibuko got a job in Helen Zille's office after writing her honours dissertation on Ms. Zille.This was really nothing more than 75 plus pages of praise singing and in return she got a parliamentary seat and was fast tracked into the young achiever's programme. No wonder people like Masizole Mnqasela are feeling so aggrieved.
If you want to Change and Guarantees in South Africa vote DA and follow Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko.
Part one of thedone and dusted. Great speeches delivered by Helen Zille, Musi Maimane and Lindiwe Mazibuko. success stories on DA run municipalities including the WC province presented by leaders of the municipalities. Lastly, vigorous and robust campaign to be continued as delegate will be casting their vote tomorrow morning. May the best Candidates emerged!
Democratic Alliance (DA). in itself is a womans league...its Lindiwe Mazibuko, Patricia De Lille and that Helen Zille always in the front...akuna madoda nah?.nxxx hai suka!
Ivor Price wrote: Anything you'd like to ask the DA's Helen Zille or Lindiwe Mazibuko? Got them live on air on Saturday. Feel free to suggest some really tough questions.
Does anybody know where Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko live?
ZANews: Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko are 'Thelma and Louise': via
I wish they made Lindiwe Mazibuko and Helen Zille action figures! I'd totally buy a set for Christmas!
I wonder what would happen if Lindiwe Mazibuko challenges Helen Zille for DA leadership.
I think we don't have enough respect for our President, Lindiwe Mazibuko and Helen Zille.!
*searches for new politician to look up to* Walter Sisulu seems like a great start! Followed by Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko!!
That awkward moment when Lindiwe Mazibuko realizes that Helen Zille has been using her to get blacks to vote 4 DA
Jacob Zuma finally conceded that he is going to give both Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko a D!
Surely Lindiwe Mazibuko is smart enough to know that she's Helen Zille's *** .or not
Locally only Trevor Manuel and Pravin Gordhan (I think) oh and Helen Zille wait there's Lindiwe Mazibuko, use teleprompters.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
The Wedding of the President Jacob Zuma and Helen Zille is @ Inkandla the Groom side DA is attending to witness the Zuma's Palace where the White lady will be accommodated as a Princess, since she proposed the President to be his wife. DA is concern about the safety of the Lady, Lindiwe Mazibuko is the Metroon of honour and Musieu Maimane is the Priest to tie the knot. Goodluck Helen hope you will mentain Makhumalo as the First Lady.
People(members) of DA including their leaders Helen Zille,Lindiwe Mazibuko,Musi Maimane etc are realy crazy! since when DA are representing poor people? Since when Jacob Zuma and ANC became a enemies of poor people in South Africa ???
Guys did u knw that Lindiwe Mazibuko and Helen Zille are after President J.Zuma.WHO MUST HE married next time madam or tea lady
I'm watching Sunday Live and it's quiet clear that Maimane n Lindiwe Mazibuko will only appeal to middle class n rich people, poor and illiterate people won't understand half of what they talking bout no matter how much sense they utter. Helen Zille really knows how to pick the private education accent.
Politicians who say things like "political witch Helen Zille and her fat suitcase Lindiwe Mazibuko" strip their arguments of all credibility
Helen Zille has started to dream,it is unfortunate that some dreams are harmful and detrimental to ones life. To dream is accepteble but night mares are not good for anyone with her included as well as her motto mouth girl Lindiwe Mazibuko, this propaganda she is spreading like wild fires of her dreaming da leading three more provinces and finally running the country. Her frendz needs to warn her that she is a threat to her own life. She is inviting unending stress,sleepless nights for no apparent reasons. Some of these ailments stays with the person for the better part of one's life so if she is propper upstairs she would not invite trouble in her life like that. Unless she is talking to people suffering from the same madness as she does therefor I wont have any further problem.
Malema can handle Deborah Patta, insult Helen Zille &Call Lindiwe Mazibuko Fat but he's NOT Gonna lie abt &get away with it
Mbali Ntuli shared the following link and had this to say about it: DA’s Lindiwe Mazibuko and Helen Zille are to have starring roles in - Janice Honeyman's Xmas pantomime.
Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko to star in Jack and the Beanstalk. amped?
so sisi Helen Zille and Bootylicious Lindiwe Mazibuko work better with money than Legal Player J Zuma
Helen Zille. Patricia Delile and Lindiwe Mazibuko. - God's gift to man(kind)
Shame i dnt like that Lindiwe Mazibuko woman... I think shes allowing Helen Zille 2 exploit her
The DA is serious about gaining control a campus at a time. NMMU has seen Helen Zille, Mmusi Maimane and now Lindiwe Mazibuko w/in a week.
And all I hear when Lindiwe Mazibuko speaks is "blah blah blah blah", the next thing she's dancing hlokoloza with Helen Zille.
Famous words"You are a maid to the Madam"Juju referring to DA's Lindiwe Mazibuko's relationship to Helen Zille.
Update your maps at Navteq
do you think Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko will still eat the amazing Malva Pudding from Woolies?
lol Lindiwe Mazibuko looks like they sucked all the fat out of Helen Zille nd injected it into her.
Lindiwe Mazibuko and Helen Zille live in glass houses, they are about to close schools in WC and a news report on 702 just had a story of how textbooks have not been delivered to a schools in Athlone on the Cape Flats.
you are a liberal and me thinks you are a closet supporter of Helen Zille and you twang like Lindiwe Mazibuko.
will be bringing you Lindiwe Mazibuko and Helen Zille this semester. Keep it locked
Even Helen Zille , DA leader & her tea lady Lindiwe Mazibuko when it comes to Zuma they both say 'MY PRESIDENT'
Helen zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko they thank South Africa believes to them, ANC will rule until jesus comes back to take over from the juju
Helen Zille's domestic servant(Lindiwe Mazibuko) has urged President Jacob Zuma not to stand for a 2nd term elections. Lindiwe Mazibuko
If a part-time domestic worker of Helen Zille, Lindiwe Mazibuko can't apply her tool of analysis correctly, anytime soon her private part will be publictly demonstrated
watching the news @ sabc 1 Helen Zille feeding Lindiwe Mazibuko cake just like in the French Revolution whn the masses were hungry for food & her respond was "give them the cake"pathetic!
Lindiwe Mazibuko.Helen Zille is using you,if not mis-using you!You are a mouth-piece of Zille.Sometimes i'm confused because those who used to oppress our parents regard themselves as greatest democrats- jo
U can see that Lindiwe Mazibuko has been instructed on what to say to make sure that she delivers her bosses' messages across without caring whether it's her turn to talk or not. She must learn to shut up and listen or ask madam to buy her her own talk show where she can just keep gaaning aan about how much Helen Zille is such a gift to South Africa
ANC Women's Council criticized COSATU for racist and sexist remarks on the DA's president Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko. SA politics getting interesting and mature. A true friend is one that tells you when you are wrong. Lessons for our politicians
Things that are happening today: 1. The Olympic flame is handed over by Greek Hellenic Olympic Committee officials to the British on Thursday to get it across the continent in time for the Olympics. If the Greeks are wise they’ll charge forit. 2. It’s International Day Against Homophobia 3. Helen Zille will launch her party’s plan to unite all South Africans behind the Youth WageSubsidy at Parliament 13:00. Lindiwe Mazibuko will be handing out shields and helmets from 12:30. Have a wonderful Thursday everybody!
The hostility displayed by Cosatu members during a DA march in the Johannesburg city centre on Tuesday was justified, the Trade Union federation said. "DA policies... will create no new jobs... and [will] lead to the impoverishment and enslavement of workers and [an] economic meltdown for South Africa," spokesperson Patrick Craven said in a statement. "That is why workers are so hostile towards [DA leader] Helen Zille's party and want to express their justified anger, most especially when there are confronted on the street outside their federation's head office," he said. Earlier on Tuesday, police used teargas and water cannons to disperse Congress of SA Trade Union members who stopped the Democratic Alliance from protesting outside its headquarters. The DA wanted Cosatu to stop stonewalling a government youth wage subsidy which it believes will create thousands of new jobs for young people. The DA march, headed by Zille, youth leader Makashule Gana, parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko and national spo ...
Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko making fools of themselves and the clueless.
There's any1 can explain 2 me if how it happen dat d DA leaders Lindiwe Mazibuko&Helen Zille were not beaten by stones on yesterday's March at JHB but they were at d front of their supporters?Or they,re testing loyalty on their youth supporters?Or it's lyk If you luv ur party,u should die fighting 4 it& I'll stay behind & b a guest speaker on ur funeral/send u flowers at the hospital.
More mense! Helen Zille is at again starting a Black on Black war just for cheap polital points scoring, the likes of Lindiwe Mazibuko and Maimane are just too blind 2c that they are being used. Can we all discuss this youth wage subsidy today gd ppl...
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